I packed Beef Pho for my Husband’s Lunch | MyHealthyDish

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18 Eki 2021




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Meher 11 gün önce
Her pouting in the end tho... CUTE
Ayyappakumar Pusarla
Ayyappakumar Pusarla 19 gün önce
I India v treated as a evening snacks 😂😂
shailah world
shailah world 23 gün önce
Does he eat it at work or home because I see no fork
Killmonize Productions
Where do I get those containers
Rachel Steedley
Rachel Steedley 27 gün önce
Where can I buy one of those containers
Lady Lili
Lady Lili Aylar önce
I’ve got the same container but for some reason the food doesn’t get hot
Henny tears
Henny tears Aylar önce
Why r u making videos of u packing take out food for ur husband
Sssnazy Aylar önce
Alora Lor
Alora Lor Aylar önce
I like pho
The Ashley Zentz
The Ashley Zentz Aylar önce
And whats the link for the cool stackable container!?
The Ashley Zentz
The Ashley Zentz Aylar önce
How do u slice your beef so thin
A Triangle
A Triangle Aylar önce
He needs to eat more meat
Theuq Girl
Theuq Girl Aylar önce
If my husband left home without a kiss he knows he is in trouble 😒 I’ll never allow it 😌 yes I am super clingy 😌 sometimes he mess with me and open the door and close it to see me running to the door to kill him 👿🤣
poopoo head
poopoo head Aylar önce
ive always pronounced it ph oh not ph uh
Queen Onyx's World
Queen Onyx's World Aylar önce
I love these containers! Where can I get them from?
Gina Macdougall
Gina Macdougall Aylar önce
They made stackable containers eons ago that could carry enough for an entire family the same way. I wish I could find one of those again. Love the videos.
Bug Aylar önce
Herbs. Not erbz
Brad Burchnell
Brad Burchnell Aylar önce
My ex never in the 32 years we were married ever made my lunch. I made hers so bud you better give her a kiss goodbye
jabok Aylar önce
Poison sauce
amkow89 Aylar önce
Am I high or was that a lime and not a lemon?
Kennedy Orangc
Kennedy Orangc Aylar önce
Wait no kiss goodbye* Me* give me my food back
Mz. Visha D
Mz. Visha D Aylar önce
This is dope. 👌
弹爹 Aylar önce
I don't think it would be filling enough for me ... Such a huge container for little food
Tewhawhai Aylar önce
But he be eating the container afterwards coz those portions hella small! 😂
Chris Lai
Chris Lai Aylar önce
He didn’t want to be on screen?
THOT Aylar önce
No kiss goodbye; no life goodbye 😈
Nhân Lê Cát Trọng
Are u Vietnamese?!
Paula Doucette
Paula Doucette Aylar önce
Your husband is very lucky to have such a good wife that takes care of him
Mirabelle Coffey
Mirabelle Coffey Aylar önce
Pourriez vous mettre le tout dans une assiette pour voir si c'est suffisant please ?
AshlyRxyalty Aylar önce
Wait I always thought it was goodbye kiss?😂
ronnette harvey
ronnette harvey Aylar önce
Don't hold enough for me
petnzme01 Aylar önce
What's erbs?
Gwar Richmond
Gwar Richmond Aylar önce
If I was handed that for lunch, it would get thrown at the wall !!!! 👎🏼🤮👎🏼
Jonniequest Aylar önce
If your wife/girlfriend cooks for you consider yourself a lucky man and don’t take it for granted. I do all the cooking and it’s a lot of work when you work full time and have child/children
Adri Banana
Adri Banana Aylar önce
I have these containers, and they're a bitch to heat up. I spent upwards of 5 minutes heating up food and then, just for the metal part to be hot
the vindictive
the vindictive Aylar önce
The reason I like stackable container so I can stuff in 4x the food. Instead I get water (soup), rice noodles (half of it is air), a single piece of sliced beef (OMG), and finally the most water filled vege. Kill me please, before I starve.
the vindictive
the vindictive Aylar önce
@dolita windo I don't doubt the taste but a man needs to eat.
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
That actually looks REALLY good
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
Hello from Alaska! I just saw this video & I'm obsessing about how/where to get the container you use. Love it!
Antoinette aka WonderTwin
Same here. Did you find it?
Miyuki Naomi
Miyuki Naomi Aylar önce
Lol no telling us how to make it
nico Aylar önce
Cows are such beautiful creatures though… animal flesh is abuse and it’s harming our health and our planet. Not to mention it’s horrifically cruel ( watch “dominion documentary” here on TRvid for a glimpse of animal farming). Hope u get some more vegan dishes going soon 🙏🏽☘️
nico Aylar önce
@Farina7 Thats ok I probably will :) it just popped up as “healthydish” or something which it’s not really…but anyway please watch the documentary I suggested to see what ur doing to animals 🙏🏽
Farina7 Aylar önce
That family likes meat, if you want a vegan channel then go watch a vegan channel instead of harassing others.
This kid.
This kid. Aylar önce
That actually looks REALLY good
drtash21 Aylar önce
Does it heat up the food???Cause then...
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. love you
stacey smith
stacey smith Aylar önce
I waant
Diana Rhodes
Diana Rhodes Aylar önce
Hello from Alaska! I just saw this video & I'm obsessing about how/where to get the container you use. Love it!
gina yang
gina yang Aylar önce
You ordered take out. Just give him the whole take out container and pack him a glass bowl
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson Aylar önce
That is called a tiffin
Pablo Farias
Pablo Farias Aylar önce
Best wife award goes to you!!!
clip012 Aylar önce
Noodles look too soft, too hydrated.
Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper Aylar önce
There’s a reason this woman is a wife and many are not. This one thing right here means so much to men.
Танюшка Нгуен
Sợi phở nó khác mà.. đây là bún (
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
Have always wanted to try this looks yum.
Kyrah Love
Kyrah Love Aylar önce
I want this food bottle
Katina Lane
Katina Lane Aylar önce
Where did you get that at hun and how much
Είμαι ότι είμαι
Wait we use sriracha on beef pho?
Mick Lovin
Mick Lovin Aylar önce
Thanks for the lunch waifu.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Aylar önce
Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. love you
MrBobnokious Aylar önce
Truly the Good wife💋
garebear ferguson
garebear ferguson Aylar önce
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
that looks just like the type my mom makes 🙃
}{Hope_Death}{ Aylar önce
Omg yes pho
Justincase008 Aylar önce
That looks great!!
Ian Godshall
Ian Godshall Aylar önce
Look, I need to know how to make traditional pho. Can you please share your recipe. Please, please, please, with a thousand extra pleases. Please
Ian Godshall
Ian Godshall Aylar önce
I promise you I just subscribed to your thing or whatever it is I'm sorry I'm new to the whole TRvid thing but I Love pho and I need to know how to make it traditionally
Mary Van Deusen
Mary Van Deusen Aylar önce
Sorry. Too much work.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Aylar önce
What’s he packing?
Hone Tonga
Hone Tonga Aylar önce
My mom mad ethat today!
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Aylar önce
He's like, but ill give you the D later hahaha
NNOYED 1 224
NNOYED 1 224 Aylar önce
No kiss coz you’re meal kak
Charles lego
Charles lego Aylar önce
U best know he got something else at a gas station
Pam Walker
Pam Walker Aylar önce
"No kiss goodbye" How dare he >:0
💗Beanie💗 Aylar önce
Good soup
Dabi Aylar önce
that looks just like the type my mom makes 🙃
kp n
kp n Aylar önce
where to buy the container?
mike p
mike p Aylar önce
Yummy make my lunch tell your husband to give you a big kiss
Mike hawk long
Mike hawk long Aylar önce
This the wife you gotta blow out her back
Amber M
Amber M Aylar önce
Oh that container is amazing I need one for my husband's lunch then I can be super wife too ☺️
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Aylar önce
What’s he packing?
Mark Castro
Mark Castro Aylar önce
I would eat your pho
Dragon Aylar önce
NGL that lunch looks annoying
Michaela DeBiase
Michaela DeBiase Aylar önce
That ain’t enough for lunch. Bad wife
xo :troll:
xo :troll: Aylar önce
Your man should leave you
Arnold Nguyen
Arnold Nguyen Aylar önce
Now I’m wondering how he’d put it together w/o overfilling
Brandi Cook
Brandi Cook Aylar önce
Dip the noodles in broth, instead of pouring
Brady Petersen
Brady Petersen Aylar önce
I was just thinking about that too but he could pour half the broth into another container
momma V
momma V Aylar önce
What is that thermo tho?
Vivian L
Vivian L Aylar önce
This is literally my favourite food
Your Name
Your Name Aylar önce
Yeah......... he's definitely gonna cheat on you. He white he wants a steak maybe a burger let's just keep it real nobody wants that.
XAiman Halid
XAiman Halid Aylar önce
Damn.. i just put em in plastics and rubber band em
Hi-STATE of-MiNd
Hi-STATE of-MiNd Aylar önce
Where can I find another woman with a mindset like hers....shoot I would love a bowl of pho on my lunch break. He's a lucky man.🤣🤙🏽
Farina7 Aylar önce
Just be the kind of guy her husband is and you will apparently
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
Looks disgusting. Sorry.
Lochness-Nessie Aylar önce
I’m so hungry omg
TrillieDon Aylar önce
U can tell he doesn’t want to be on camera
Tass Aylar önce
Do you remind him how lucky he is every single day ?????😆😆😆😆😘😘😘😋😋😋
Romone Jones
Romone Jones Aylar önce
I can't help but dislike this lady.... sue me
Dolores Umbridge
Dolores Umbridge Aylar önce
Too little thats why u dont have a kiss
Marcial Flores
Marcial Flores Aylar önce
Would eat that five minutes before work as a snack
Sam Mcdonnell
Sam Mcdonnell Aylar önce
Don’t you also need a bowl to dump all that shit in? Lol quit trying to be cute
Josh Lovely
Josh Lovely Aylar önce
That is definitely a snack sweetheart
I literally don’t know
How hot does the broth stay? Looks cool :)
El Paw
El Paw Aylar önce
I eat this it’s good but I hate the bean sprout it give me a headache
Davey J
Davey J Aylar önce
Kids meal
msckt Aylar önce
Oh man, my lunch boutta be my breakfast if that's the amount I'm packing. Lol
eddie mendoza
eddie mendoza Aylar önce
That's so sexy!
Z F Aylar önce
My husband needs about 10 jalapeños, he loves his spice. This is an excellent idea. I’m going to try it for him :) it keeps it hot? Where to purchase? Thank you!
Z F Aylar önce
Also, recipe?
Sheila C
Sheila C Aylar önce
What’s the link for that container ??
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