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This was a difficult video for me to post. But it's real life.



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27 Eyl 2021




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Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill 27 gün önce
As you can see, I “cheated” ALOT! I’m really struggling but it’s getting easier & easier.
AlitaArtistry Gün önce
It's super easy to fall off. I lost 20lbs last year and gained it all back. I can't fit into any of my jeans and I refuse to go buy new ones. It's a muthafckn struggle!!! Being disciplined sucks!!! But its also so rewarding. You got this Jac. And just to echo Jordan. One of the fiest thing I said when seeing you in this video. Was yayy she's happy again. I've missed seeing you happy and after the lipsticks I definitely felt how hard hit that you mentally/emotionally. Your passion makes you, you!! It makes me happy to see you passionate about your life again ❤❤
Mitchelle Fiola-Falu
Concerning the tuna the chunky light and skipjack has less mercury because it’s a younger tuna.
Reine Marie Mitri
Reine Marie Mitri 4 gün önce
Its a new technique that gets away from all diet culture because this culture is so hard and isn’t healthy for your mental health so you should be abl to eat what ever you want whenever you want depending on how your body wants it of course at first youll eat everything because of the deprivation but one you start hearing your body and be in a connection you won’t eat pizza unless your body needs it like your hungry so it will work on regaining the connection with your stomach that you lost through diet industry so you’ll be able to recognize when your hungry and when you’re full and you won’t eat and won’t feel the urge to eat if your not hungry
Reine Marie Mitri
Reine Marie Mitri 4 gün önce
Babe you’re to hard on yourself i know you think its the right way but you should try intuitive eating if you want i can tell you more about it
Christina Rivera
Christina Rivera 11 gün önce
Wat helped me lose weight was telling myself that a snickers bar will always taste the same, I'm not missing out bc I've had snickers a million times.... once I lose the weight I can treat myself to a snickers bar if I want but it's not as if I've never gotten the chance to eat a snickers bar b4 in my life.. if that makes any sense at all Good luck hun u got this
Angela 5 saatler önce
Because jaclyn is trying to eat healthy people are calling it a “disorder” when it IS NOT. People wanna eat better and people call it a disorder or unhealthy. No, eating junk all day everyday is unhealthy. We can all do better and treat our bodies better.
Francesca Kirk
Francesca Kirk 17 saatler önce
Just Me
Just Me 17 saatler önce
I know exactly how you feel. This is a real struggle 😔
Jessica Mitrea
Jessica Mitrea 17 saatler önce
Well done Jaclyn! It takes great courage to keep yourself accountable 👏🏼👍🏼🙌🏼
Glitter Nails
Glitter Nails Gün önce
You might consider a life coach to help you get in the mindset to achieve your goals. What you’re doing is binging and it is not worth it because you don’t seem to like the outcome later. I’ve been there. It’s hard. Fix the mindset, everything else falls into place.
Swavey AR
Swavey AR Gün önce
I need a husband like him 💓
Divine Mystic 444
She ate way too much. It wasn't just the quality of the food (or lack thereof) but the sheer volume. I'd consider this to be binging. People don't need to eat that much food in a day.
Angela 5 saatler önce
Too much of anything is not good.
Gabi Akkari
Gabi Akkari 2 gün önce
i relate to you so much right now 😞 im watching myself and is encouraging, frightening, sad. i feel you girl. im with you. lets do this. also... thank you so much for showing me that i am not alone. love you ❤️
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 2 gün önce
No shade, but I have never followed or really watched any Jaclyn hill videos, but know who you are because duh who doesn’t! Girl! This series has me hook line and sinker! The first two have literally captured what it’s like starting for me. It’s literally a tug of war game with yourself. Hating yourself for getting to this point but learning to love yourself enough to give yourself grace and the encouragement to keep pushing forward. I’m so here for it and cheering you on! You have definitely encouraged me!!!!!
Kiran 3 gün önce
This is literally my exact struggle with weight loss and food. It's something no one really talks about or experiences. When you love food this much, it's so difficult to change your habits around food and go for healthy options... especially when everyone around you is perfectly fine eating whatever they want whenever they want. This is so inspirational and motivating and makes me feel like I'm not alone. Thank you for this series Jaclyn!!
natalie 3 gün önce
17:57 i’m gonna cry 😭
Amanda Stevenson
Amanda Stevenson 3 gün önce
I’m not gonna lie this is the kind of content Jacklyn is made for. Like I feel like I’m actually getting to know her so much better, and I fucking love it.
Cathy Castillo
Cathy Castillo 3 gün önce
Jorden saying the sweet comment to you is everything 💕. I love that for you!!! You deserve it!!!
mustang hijabi
mustang hijabi 4 gün önce
Kris H
Kris H 4 gün önce
It’s understandable when on your period. I started saving my cravings/cheat day for the end of my period. Because when I would eat my cravings at the beginning of my period, I would wake up feeling like crap and cramping. So I eat how I usually eat, healthy (salads, especially a lot of spinach. Grilled chicken), on my periods and they’ve been so much better. You’re beautiful and I’m proud of you! 😊🤍
Shelby Tavarez
Shelby Tavarez 4 gün önce
I really enjoy watching this journey of yours. I absolutely love following everything you do. Please keep the content coming!! I just wish i could do my make up as well as yours! Haha. I can’t even do my make up at all, you are beautiful Jac! Keep up the hard work! I’m cheering for you!
Paula Isabel Núñez García
Love this vídeos
delilahFL 4 gün önce
Jaclyn, think of food as fuel. It's not a pacifier. It's not a reward. It's. just. fuel. Not that fun food isn't a good thing. But, for me, 95% of it is fuel. The rest? Fun.
Marcella Carvalho
Marcella Carvalho 4 gün önce
Watching this is making me feel like I’m not alone honestly
Amanda Hartman
Amanda Hartman 4 gün önce
Jaclyn, I mean this from a place of so much love, I can see you being so hard on yourself for having cravings. I know it doesn’t feel good to be obsessed with food, trust me I’ve been there. But this IS what dieting does to us. Restricting ourselves of food makes us obsesses over food. When we restrict we think about food constantly. We dream about it. And when we finally indulge our cravings we completely become out of control because our body is trying to survive. When we diet, it’s like holding our breath. Eventually your body is going to take over and make you gasp, and you cannot control it. I know this journey is for health reasons, but what about your mental well being? I know deep down it doesn’t feel good.
indigo n
indigo n 4 gün önce
Also on a journey to feel better about myself. I gained quite a bit of weight after having my daughter. I think it’s ok to treat yourself once in a while but gotta remember in the moment what you’re working towards when you have cravings. IMO
Marilyn Rose
Marilyn Rose 4 gün önce
i’m a HUGE snacked - hard boiled eggs are great for snacking bc protein, cottage cheese with sea salt and pepper or everything bagel seasoning is great to snack as well sometimes i dip those thin pretzels in it. trader joe’s has a “guiltless” guac made with greek yogurt that’s super low cal
Alyssa Greenberg
Alyssa Greenberg 4 gün önce
Jordan is adorable ! Love you guys together this relationship is awesome
Kazoua Xiong
Kazoua Xiong 5 gün önce
I started my health journey too. Food is the hardest part, I agree. I used to pack my own food when I go to gatherings where I know there will be food, just so I don’t get off track. You can do this! You’re beautiful, babe.
BeebsBB86 5 gün önce
I relate to this so much. I’m so glad you aren’t afraid to include both the ups and the downs and that you’re showing us you’re human too…
Mary Ellie
Mary Ellie 5 gün önce
Is it toxic to just buy a size bigger pants while you work on losing weight??? Idk that’s what I would do 😕😕
Angela 3 gün önce
That’s not normal…
Louise 22 y.o - check my vidéó
Don´t mean to be rude, but why don´t you hire a dietitian and a personal trainer that can actually be guiding you through the process?? I feel like having someone actually supervising you and giving you actual goals to achive might help you to teach yourself how to really have a healthy lifestyle. Learning from professionals is the best way to do things but I can also understand everyone has their own path and ways of doing things, but you should consider it, doing such big changes in your life by your own its extremely challenging! wishing you the best during your journey xx
Hazel Perez
Hazel Perez 5 gün önce
Pamela - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥
Carbs are not the enemy. You mentioned how eating rice and beans was bad while those are incredibly healthy and filling foods. The cheese and dairy and toppings is what adds an incredible amount of calories to meals while not being filling at all. I’m rooting for you and have been there and know how hard it can be! You should see a nutritionist and get a professional opinion and help through this.
Victoria Strong
Victoria Strong 5 gün önce
I loved Jordan in every part of this video lol
Samimua Mentalhealth
Cheating on a diet is ok as long as your not doing it all day everyday
Krystle Nicole
Krystle Nicole 5 gün önce
Get a satin pillowcase!!! Your hair will thank you ❤ Also..salt is NOT bad for you. It's a mineral that our body needs in order to function. If you're drinking a LOT or water, you need to have a lot of salt because water depletes it. Get pink Himalayan sea salt. Way better than bleached, white salt.
Angela 3 gün önce
Too much of it is not good
•••[S]EX-Vlog Go to My Channel
Consistency over perfection.
Kimberly Holzerland
Kimberly Holzerland 6 gün önce
This is how people live I guess who have an abundant cash flow. You're doing yourself an injustice living a rich lifestyle irresponsibly by eating and doing anything you want. If you keep up on this path you're going to end up with a terrible diagnosis. You need to make home cooked meals made from whole foods and organic ingredients. You need to stop eating unhealthy vegetable and soy oils. They're highly inflammatory to the body. Most restaurant food is an arm and a leg made with low quality ingredients. Have organic oats in the morning made with freshly ground flax, cinnamon, berries, and walnuts. Or try an apple in it. Have a high quality salad with protein for lunch. If you crave a sandwich try those cauliflower thins from Outer Isle. Put organic turkey or tuna on them with veggies. Use better quality mayo like the one from Chosen Foods. Have homemade soup. Stick to protein, veggies, and wild rice for dinner. Maybe incorporate sweet potatoes or quinoa. Omg.. watching you eat this crap turns my own stomach. I'm a breast cancer patient who learned how to eat properly from reading and working with holistic cancer coaches and doctors. Hire someone to cook for you if you have to. Lose the suger as well. Smoothies can be ok but they can also be a sugar bomb. I don't find I stay full for long drinking those. Also if you're going to have a " cheat" day make what you're craving yourself, and use better ingredients. Limit restaurants to once or twice a month. If you have to eat out make better choices. Hopefully you take this as constructive criticism and not hate.
Angela 3 gün önce
Her money is none of your business. People that are jealous like yourself always point out money.
Tay K
Tay K 6 gün önce
I reffuusseeeee to wear anything nice since I’ve gained weight for the past 5 years I’ve been wearing sweatpants yoga pants baggy sleep pants and long baggy shirts and that’s it
Tammy 23 y.o - check my vidéó
this actually makes me so so sad and concerned about how her relationship to food will be going forward , anyone that has struggled with restrictive work eating disorders can clearly see all the signs of what this type of mentality / behavior can lead to down the road… food doesn’t dictate your morality jaclyn and it never will, you are good because you have a good heart, not because you ate a salad and you denied yourself a burger please work with a dietician and even better if they are against diet culture and the damage it does to people you need carbs, protein, fats and even fun foods. there’s room for everything and you’ll have a beautiful life without so much importance around food. i hope she gets out before it spirals into something a lot more life threatening
Tay K
Tay K 6 gün önce
Wear a sleep cap that’ll help!
Saskia 6 gün önce
I watched all your new videos related to #jaclynsjourney and I think you're taking this weight issue of yours the wrong way. If you change your diet overnight, it will just NEVER work. Your body will switch on a survival mode and save all calories and you might very likely feel upset, moody and frustrated because of this new diet. The best approach would be to keep eating and drinking as you do BUT to change your habits bit by bit, weeks after weeks so your body (and your mind) can slowly adjust. Like instead of eating pizza or burgers every single day, just 3 times a week then 2. Try to alternate pasta and salad. And very important, try to decrease as well your drinking (bad calories are vodka - not sugar in your cocktail) like just during weekends. About sport, try to exercise about 20 mins per session (not two hours) 2 or 3 times a week. Nothing crazy as you will be discouraged very quickly. You can try to walk 30 mins a day. Forget your car and go to cleanse your mind. This is as simple as that. A lot of people need coaching or at least to be accompanied to exercice. You can ask someone around you to train with you if you don't feel motivated enough to be by yourself. Last but not least, your schedule is not realistic AT ALL. You need to plan on 6 months minimum or you will keep failing and relapsing all the time. The target here is to improve your lifestyle for something healthier - not to lose 10 pounds then regain 15 as soon as you will be triggered by a negative event in your life. Think about it. You do not need to quit everything overnight. Just eat in a more sensible way and modify your habits SLOWLY. Consider your diet as your TRvid channel: it took time before being successful and reliable. Good luck to you !
Just For Fun
Just For Fun 6 gün önce
I so agree w the huge cheat vs the mediocre cheese and crackers cheat!! Omg loved how u articulated this concept!!
Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor 7 gün önce
This sounds like me.
Misses Hair
Misses Hair 8 gün önce
Your relationship with your boyfriend is so honest and sweet. That is so special.
CrystalHammond 9 gün önce
I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was aware of my weight. It is a constant battle. This is so wonderful what you are doing because you are being so honest! I know what has truly helped me over the years when you get into your head like you do try try try to remember you WHY. WHY are you doing this? I have my WHY written everywhere, I even made a damn tshirt with it plastered on there. The other thing that is crucial is your support system (which you have your man is amazing!!) and accountability. Who is your accountability partner? I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before but I want to say thank you for being you! 😊💜
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
As someone who loves snacking at times, maybe a healthier option would be like an apple with almond butter or I love frozen grapes or some chips with hummus even is delicious
Meli 9 gün önce
this is a disordered eating mindset. not a good relationship to have with food
Angela 3 gün önce
It’s not though… if someone tries to eat healthy you people say it’s a disorder
Chels&Jer B
Chels&Jer B 10 gün önce
Hey Jaclyn! You probably won't see this but in the case that you do this may change your life! You may have a tape worm or other kind of parasite. Some kinds are not picked up on regular tests you should go on a worm cleanse.. Most people have jo idea this is what they have and they are having skin issues, bowel issues, tiredness, aczema etc, roseca, not able to be full or feeling too full. The symptoms go on! Go see a holistic doctor and they can help!!!
Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
When you break a diet, never get in that mindset of “now I have to start over.” Think about it like this- when you go on a road trip and you miss a turn, do you drive allll the way back home and start over? No! You keep going because it’s a JOURNEY. You’ve got this, we all know you do.
Chels&Jer B
Chels&Jer B 10 gün önce
*no idea lmfao I'm typing too fast!
Addison Remick
Addison Remick 10 gün önce
I understand this struggle. progress is not linear. Don’t be so mean to yourself, you can’t be perfect, no one can! Food is fuel for our bodies. There are foods that aren’t necessarily going to fuel us the best but that doesn’t mean that we have to swear them off completely. I also noticed how you approach things that aren’t as fun as they can be in a negative way. This is a technique that we use in psychology that basically flips the script from I “have” to - to I “get” to. Maybe when you are getting ready to walk on the treadmill or be around others with foods that you used to eat you could change the phrasing! “I get to walk for 20 minutes today!” Or while my friends get to eat their food, I get to eat my food! Their food fuels them the same way it fuels you. It’s hard, it’s not easy, you are going to do great, you are doing great Jac! It takes time! Trust the process and be kind to yourself while you go through this amazing lifestyle change. You deserve to feel happy I’m your own body, and you are absolutely beautiful and I hope you see that!! Sending so much love and much support your way! 🤍
Carbs are not the enemy. You mentioned how eating rice and beans was bad while those are incredibly healthy and filling foods. The cheese and dairy and toppings is what adds an incredible amount of calories to meals while not being filling at all. I’m rooting for you and have been there and know how hard it can be! You should see a nutritionist and get a professional opinion and help through this.
SarahLee 10 gün önce
You’re doing absolutely amazing! Little steps make such a difference and you are being so strong and realistic 🤍 so inspiring!! Thank you for these videos 🤍🤍
Erin Wannop
Erin Wannop 10 gün önce
Adhd!!!! When im not treating my adhd I reach for food for dopamine. It's something worth getting asseset for.
TIffany De Alwis
TIffany De Alwis 10 gün önce
I love Jordan’s kind words. However it’s the doggie snorts for me during that whole sweet speech.
Slice of Joy
Slice of Joy 10 gün önce
That avocado dip that you made would be good with dill and ate as a lettuce wrap 🥬 🥑
Katie O Sull
Katie O Sull 10 gün önce
Love this series
grace valencia
grace valencia 11 gün önce
Try omad fasting is great
[L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
When you break a diet, never get in that mindset of “now I have to start over.” Think about it like this- when you go on a road trip and you miss a turn, do you drive allll the way back home and start over? No! You keep going because it’s a JOURNEY. You’ve got this, we all know you do.
Christina Rivera
Christina Rivera 11 gün önce
Jordan is such an amazing man for u Jacq
YaGirl Cherry
YaGirl Cherry 11 gün önce
Are there videos out there like this but for ladies who are struggling on the opposite end, like those of us who struggle every day just to EAT… I have always wanted to gain weight but find it just as hard as this. I remember how happy I was when I finally met my “goal weight” when I was pregnant, then lost it all within months postpartum. Anyone who knows about channels for people like me who have ideas to get a better appetite/gain weight I would appreciate the recommendations🙂
Rebekka 11 gün önce
They have salt free lemon pepper.
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee 11 gün önce
You have the money to have someone meal prep, have a trainer….. yet you’re doing this Nickacado crap… like what? Your first video was enjoyable but this one seems extra on purpose.
TXgirl6389 11 gün önce
Have you looked into Keto? I’ve lost 50lbs and started in march. Easiest diet I’ve ever done.
Hope 11 gün önce
This video just made me hungry the whole time lol
Katie LaFollette
Katie LaFollette 11 gün önce
If you calculated the amount of calories you need to stay under in a day you could essentially eat whatever food you want to as long as you stay under that amount of calories. This makes things easier because you can have any food as long as you can fit it in, and this causes less binges and no “cheating”. Just something I’ve learned from my own struggles!
Mirella Yosselin
Mirella Yosselin 11 gün önce
Jordan must be protected at all cost! Lol
Heather Snowdon
Heather Snowdon 11 gün önce
Eat Your Heart Out
Kimberly Sue
Kimberly Sue 11 gün önce
It’s harder when you’re older to loose weight when I was younger in my 20s I could eat anything and wouldn’t effect me, since I’ve turned 30 now 31 I have struggle. The pandemic didn’t help either. I have noticed can’t just eat anything and everything I want to. I know have gained prolly 20 pounds and makes me feel so bad I don’t get pretty anymore I have no one to walk my neighborhood with me and help me motivate myself but if I don’t start exercising I will be over weight and I don’t want that. Jack you can do this, you got this!! Yay 😁
Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE
17:57 Jaclyn, Momma, this man is a fucking keeper.
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 11 gün önce
Anyone who hit thumbs down is not only bitter and miserable, they’re ridiculous (eye roll). How absolutely absurd. Jaclyn is doing something that we ALL struggle with or have in our past. Good LAWD! Jaclyn has never given up and that says so much. Good for you Jaclyn! You’re awesome!
Cassy Alexander
Cassy Alexander 12 gün önce
You can do this! It is very hard, but you have the best support system, especially with Jordan. You guys are so cute. Olives are great when you need something savory, and popcorn that has a little sweetness is great for the sweet tooth. Good luck!!
Leshaun's Life
Leshaun's Life 12 gün önce
Wear a bonnet to bed
MsWine86 12 gün önce
Some advice is pre made meal prep. Find somebody good in Florida and buy a couple every week for those days you dont have time to cook. That will make things so much easier.
Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Mindset is everything & I would not refer to meals as “cheats”, but just meals w no restrictions. That is a healthier mindset to have overall bc you won’t feel like you failed when u have one of those meals. Calling it a cheat can make it more desirable bc you’re doing something you’ve deemed as “bad”. I did lose 70 lbs w this mindset so it did work for me!
Makenzie Dow
Makenzie Dow 12 gün önce
I don’t feel like you “cheated”. You can still have a cupcake and stay within your goals for the day. The mindset that there is good food and bad food is not healthy and can really take a toll mentally. I use to think that way and when I realized I can still have my sweets for the day I just had to adjust what I ate so I could fit it in and stay within my macros was so dang helpful and made me feel better.
Angela 5 saatler önce
She did cheat though. In n out, Mexican food, etc all in one day. Eating like that all the time not good.
angelica mendez
angelica mendez 12 gün önce
Have you looked at intermittent fasting? It really work for me .
Elle M
Elle M 12 gün önce
babeeee life hack: healthy life buns are 1 net carb per bun and like 70 calories
Alexandra Wolf
Alexandra Wolf 12 gün önce
Did I just see you eat a cupcake the way I do. Taking the bottom half and putting it on top to make a sandwich???? If so that is the kind of innovation we love.
Diana Gonzalez
Diana Gonzalez 12 gün önce
Thank you for sharing your journey. It is a constant struggle especially in LA having In n Out and Salsa and Beer but you got this! 💕
Briana Davis
Briana Davis 12 gün önce
The Mrs. Dash lemon pepper is salt free as well as their other seasonings 💕 so yummy and full of flavor but good for you! Proud of you! You’re encouraging me to go take a walk with my foster baby after his nap! 💪🏼
Jennifer Dubay
Jennifer Dubay 13 gün önce
My recent weightloss mantra that has been helping me is: The Reason people FAIL is because they give up what they want MOST for what they want NOW. For me this is so spot on. I keep trying to repeat this in my head every time i want to cave in and just indulge. I allow small indulgences but have been able to stay on the wagon for 9 weeks so far and I'm hopeful I can keep going. I hope you are able to find your inner strength and pull through. You've got this, and you clearly have an incredible support system.
Ashley H
Ashley H 13 gün önce
Thank you for filming this and sharing your journey with us!!! I’m struggling with some of the same things right now so it’s really nice to not be alone in the journey. I’m trying to make small changes that I can carry into the long run! ❤️
Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥
this actually makes me so so sad and concerned about how her relationship to food will be going forward , anyone that has struggled with restrictive work eating disorders can clearly see all the signs of what this type of mentality / behavior can lead to down the road… food doesn’t dictate your morality jaclyn and it never will, you are good because you have a good heart, not because you ate a salad and you denied yourself a burger please work with a dietician and even better if they are against diet culture and the damage it does to people you need carbs, protein, fats and even fun foods. there’s room for everything and you’ll have a beautiful life without so much importance around food. i hope she gets out before it spirals into something a lot more life threatening
Marissa Solomon
Marissa Solomon 13 gün önce
Jordan is YOUR PERSON🥺 Gosh, I love you two so much and how much he supports you!
Hannah Travis
Hannah Travis 13 gün önce
So proud of you Jaclyn for being real and raw!!! You’re doing awesome.
L Younginer
L Younginer 14 gün önce
Good Lord, this video is depressing. I can't watch.......
Angela 3 gün önce
Eating healthy is depressing?
Sabrina Alaniz
Sabrina Alaniz 14 gün önce
Awww, Jaclyn you have such an amazing man by your side through this All! We love you girly💛
C Fit
C Fit 14 gün önce
I think 80/20 rule is best! And maybe counting calories so you can fit what you like in and still lose weight. It would be so hard for me to eat clean all the time all day everyday forever lol 😆 80/20 rule is the best!! Balance 😄
ashyv21 14 gün önce
You can do this!!! I’m so rooting for you!! 💕
Julia - 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE
I love that you have a partner that genuinely loves and respects you. He supports you so much and I love the dynamic y’all have. I’m so happy for you Jaclyn.
Laura Pruden
Laura Pruden 15 gün önce
Okay that’s was sweet.. having a supportive partner .. and how’s he’s happy for u that’s really awesome
Shaghayegh Kabiri
Shaghayegh Kabiri 15 gün önce
It’s okay jaclyn the amount you eat is what matters not just what you eat,you can eat sweets and other stuff too,I’m starting over again with you😍
Angela 3 gün önce
But you shouldn’t eat it on a daily basis
TheWindyout 15 gün önce
Make changes where you can have the same things in a healthier way if they eat pizza you make a home made cauliflower pizza ! Or make a healthy mock tail if you feel left out drinking :) I’m proud of you !!!
TheWindyout 15 gün önce
Cucumber with tajin and lime juice ! Great snack Egg salad bell pepper boats with Valentina use a light Mayo
Sharde Hollis
Sharde Hollis 15 gün önce
I love these and I love that encouraging talk from your man 😻😻😻😻😻
samar elias
samar elias 15 gün önce
Can you put the link to that light Jordan was using at the beach?? Please and thank you ❤️
Jessa Lee
Jessa Lee 15 gün önce
Binge eating is the HARDEST habit to kick, no joke. I kicked meth and heroine but can’t kick binge eating 😭
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez 15 gün önce
Tuna recipe- Tomatoe Cucumber White onion or red onion Lemon Avocado Cut bell peppers into strips to use as "chips" Salt/pepper to taste. Amount depends on how much you're making. 🔥🔥❣
Lauren S
Lauren S 15 gün önce
Thank you for being so open & honest in this process. I have been struggling with my weight for a long time, and go through phases of crash dieting & binge eating. Recently started back trying to eat clean & get in more daily physical activity. It's hard to change your relationship with food & your mindset about food, but it's a work in progress. Keep going! I'm rooting for you!
Jasmine Jonlija
Jasmine Jonlija 15 gün önce
I honestly thought it was my stomach gurgling that when she turned the camera to Georgie I died 😂😂😂
seydamazing 16 gün önce
I recommend to keep it simple. Eat the same food everyday. Something you can tolerate eating daily like a yummy salmon, brown rice, veggies daily. Bone broth, breast chicken, and veggie soup daily for lunch is good with a side salad. Make tofu summer rolls with veggies inside. Move for 20 mins daily or just 4 times a week and lift heavy girl! You’ll see a change. 2 lbs a week.
Angela 5 saatler önce
I knew a girl who had an eating disorder so she was put on a strict diet like that. Same meals everyday. Her dessert was an English muffin with some honey on it and her dinner was usually steamed veggies and meat.
jennifer lavicka
jennifer lavicka 16 gün önce
love your journey but off subject omg where did you get that cardigan that you were wearing on the beach 😱 I’m in love
Dr. Logic
Dr. Logic 16 gün önce
I’m loving seeing this side of you! 🥰 This reality, day in the life-style video is bomb!!
Karina L
Karina L 16 gün önce
This is so inspiring!😭
April Carnes
April Carnes 16 gün önce
The key is loving yourself all the way through the process. No food is good or bad if you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied.
Valeria Bailey
Valeria Bailey 16 gün önce
Are they shih tzu?
Megan Webb
Megan Webb 16 gün önce
Quest Nutrition has snacks that's been making my health journey so easy :)
Lorena Miranda
Lorena Miranda 16 gün önce
I've honestly been dealing that sucky mentality where I wanna be so skinny I look sick but hey at least I can feel my hip bones, til this day I still have those moments and thoughts, I've done diets and workouts to achieve this look and to look acceptable for who? Idk lol I guess myself and people around me. Now I am just eating well and exercising but not to look a certain way but just to keep up with my health :) it's still a process but I do feel better not stressing about how I need to reach a goal to look a certain way or weigh a certain weight, now it's alot being healthy and being healthy no matter if i got some love handles :) cause love handles don't mean your over weight or unhealthy, you can be healthy and still have some beautiful curves ♥
Re 16 gün önce
I hope you get better and healthy ❤️‍🩹 im struggling with the same issue with hard cramps my legs hurt i did test but nothing wrong with me but because I gained weight too fast during pandemic so im trying to back on track again.. you’re not alone ♥️💪🏻
Torri Kunkelman
Torri Kunkelman 16 gün önce
I completely relate. Thank you for this.
Farta A
Farta A 16 gün önce
You should try intermittent fasting, especially the 16:8 rule you can eat for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours and I would recommend to eat 3 times a day for the 8 hour window so you only spoke your insulin 3 times and slowly reduce it to 2 meals for faster weight loss .
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
trvid.com/video/video-mTMyM7BQXlQ.html As you can see, I “cheated” ALOT! I’m really struggling but it’s getting easier & easier.
Beauty Folse'
Beauty Folse' 17 gün önce
Can I just say. I am loving this content!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I am literally watching this while on the elliptical machine.
Jessica Grimes
Jessica Grimes 17 gün önce
We all need a Jordan in our lives ❤️
Mariam S
Mariam S 17 gün önce
It is not about environment .it Is you .you are not displine and no respect to your decision
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