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The day has finally come for Linus and Yvonne to move into their new house. It was challenging...
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Thanks to Eaton for sending over their Enterprise 9PX UPS for Linus' house! Learn more about it here: lmg.gg/zVMlb
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Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE
0:00 Intro
1:19 Assignments
3:06 The Cat Wall
3:39 The Theater Room
12:10 Can I see the screen?
13:57 Ceiling Speakers
15:59 Riser how high??
17:19 Look at my UPS
19:27 Who's right?
20:45 Heating Zones
22:04 This is Mangled
23:45 Paint Trouble, again
24:55 TV Trouble
25:08 Outro

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21 Şub 2024




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@cdbtheclaw Yıl önce
"I was quoted $11,000 to move the furniture. Thank god I remembered I have employees and filming this technically makes it work related!"
@chloethepug Yıl önce
"One old trick that the tax office hates"
@HRM.H Yıl önce
Free tax baby
@Xyfi Yıl önce
@@chloethepug All you need is a multi-million dollar media company at your disposal.
@mirrorline1 Yıl önce
In my experience whn my boss does something like this, he said he'd rather give the money to his employees instead. So he splitted the cost that he would've to pay to the mover to us evenly instead. Maybe Linus did the same thing? I dont know if he did, but im sure the employees get something by helping.
@verrigo Yıl önce
@@mirrorline1 From what I can gather from the WAN show, this is exactly what Linus did. In every WAN show, Linus says how he cares about his employees and how much he wants to do right by them. I REALLY doubt he went: alright boys and girls, help me move for free :D
@klaxoncow Yıl önce
Of course the "love seat" seats three. You've got to have room for Linus, his wife Yvonne and his boyfriend Jake.
wheres luke gonna fit?
@ninjashuriken Yıl önce
@@aussiescotsman4145 luke is gonna listen in from the ceiling
@XxXnonameAsDXxX Yıl önce
@@ninjashuriken I thought Dennis had his bed in the attic!
@Unknown_Ooh Yıl önce
You mean Yvonnes boyfriend from Ashley Madison
@dadabler8714 Yıl önce
@@Unknown_Ooh what lol is there some sorta context to this joke?
@drottle Yıl önce
The amount of concern from Yvonne when Linus was carrying that box with his boy in it. Total difference between mother and father
@Marsson90 Yıl önce
Plus Linus is infamous for dropping things, no matter how expensive the thing is...
@grn1 Yıl önce
@@Marsson90 Fortunately kids are darn near indestructible.
@Marsson90 Yıl önce
@@grn1 Haha, it kinda depends on how you drop them 😂
@adityapatil325 Yıl önce
@@Marsson90 Kids are cheap to make though. The maintenance can be costly however.
@SoCloseToToast Yıl önce
Watching this I forgot all meaning of my "left" & "right" 😂
@leakingamps2050 Yıl önce
You could say you left the right definitions of right and left, right at the door, and no longer have them, since you never left?
@IamLegendAnon Yıl önce
As usual Linus’s kids are adorable It’s so cute when his daughter hits the bed frame lol Also Linus calls his son “boy” like kratos lol
@deelirious Yıl önce
I believe he calls his son boy in the video for privacy reasons we don’t know any of his children’s names and that’s OK
@IamLegendAnon Yıl önce
@@deelirious I’m pretty sure he’s said some of their names before Edit: actually nvm i looked it up and you’re right Yeah keeping it private is ofc a good thing
@Chris-hw4mq Yıl önce
Imagine them in 10 years demanding Linus buys them a Maserati or Porsche
@IamLegendAnon Yıl önce
@@Chris-hw4mq I don’t think he’s that sort of parent
@@Chris-hw4mq DId you know that linus actually makes a fund with percentages of earnings for every video his children shows up in. Apparently that fund will go to them when they come of age
@phydeux Yıl önce
Carpenters: Measure twice, cut once. Engineers: Find every failure mode and eliminate them, then consider that you too are a failure mode and ask someone else. Linus: It'll be fine!!!
@JamieKitchens6 Yıl önce
Well put.
For a second I thought "...consider that you too are a failure node _and eliminate it"_
@robertt9342 Yıl önce
That an unrealistic and overinflated view of engineers
@phydeux Yıl önce
@@robertt9342 - Which is how many engineers see themselves, so it fits. 😉 There's a bit of sarcasm in there you missed.
Painters: close enough
@jon_franklin Yıl önce
Massive props to post production for editing together this mess.
@Ladioz Yıl önce
Massive props to Linus for doing the video. its his channel
@litewate982 Yıl önce
@@Ladioz yes but his editors stich it for him, it's a big job
@jdfmovil Yıl önce
That's why Taran left. 😁
@freman Yıl önce
and blurring out the outside.
@Ladioz Yıl önce
@@litewate982 nobody ever tells linus, hey linus great video and thanks for the content. everyone either says good job to anthony or the unknown people behind the scenes
@EposVox Yıl önce
Dan eyeballing the knife waving was hilarious
@Bedwyr7 Yıl önce
And I think we all still had a "will Linus or won't Linus" moment as well.
@EnsignLovell Yıl önce
It's how I feel near my father, knowing how much he's cut himself by accident doing something silly when he could be using safer tools to do that job....
@Darknator Yıl önce
One of the best episodes of LTT ever, and Dan is quickly becoming one of my favorite on-screen personalities in the company.
@akacitizen6776 Yıl önce
why? he is just putting out he makes money
@curtheisler1200 Yıl önce
Dan's a cool dude. Hope to see more of the logistics folks more often
@seldoon_nemar Yıl önce
Dan is amazing, he pairs so perfect with Linus. His reaction to Linus clearly not having thought about audio channels is amazing 😂😂 With all the new hire's I think LTT might be big enough for a dedicated "meet the crew of '22" video in a few months the dent in the fridge at 14:04 is driving me crazy. nice clean crisp reflection them BAM! HERE I AM not to be confused with the... other fridge at 19:27 also, please unwrap the nice stainless steel in the mechanical room at some point. as someone who makes things with laser guard on them, it's so disappointing when someone leaves it on. and you can 3d print housings for those thermostat PCB's pretty easily. your trades will love you for it. you can tell they put some work in on that system
I love Yvonne. Shes so wonderfully patient and loving towards Linus' shenanigans. And shes feeling more and more comfortable on camera. WE LOVE YOU YVONNE!!!!!!
@OhSoGamer Yıl önce
Of course she is, he turned paying $11,000 for moving into a video that's going to make them more than that.
@Merovingian1882 she has been like that LONG before LTT became what it is today.
11 aylar önce
@Merovingian1882 she's the reason ltt exists goofy put some respect on her name
Yvonne: Its a loveseat right so it's a loveseat and an extra seat Linus: So it's a couch? Aprox. 5 minutes later Linus: So we've figured out what a loveseat right is, it's a loveseat with an extra seat. So is there another channel where Yvonne does all of the tech tips first and Linus just repeats them later?
@fukkitful Yıl önce
She does seem like the brains of the operation...
@kaldo8907 Yıl önce
I mean I still don't quite get what it is, is it a loveseat + an extra seat to the right, or is it a set of seats with a loveseat on the right?
@@fukkitful not surprised at that.
@seanmcclune6526 Yıl önce
@@fukkitful Her and Jake.
@fukkitful Yıl önce
@@kaldo8907 Its L-shaped I guess. Only way it could be a loveseat with an extra seat and not be a couch.
It’s comforting and at the same time frustrating to see the amount of METICULOUS planning that absolutely went into this house, and they start setting things up for the first time and it’s like “ok yep, that’s wrong, that’s wrong, this is wrong, idk WHAT happened here, that’s wrong, that’s wrong.”
My family has their construction company and their could be multiple causes for that. Either the way it was asked was not specific enough "we need power to connect powered couches in the center of the room" vs "we need 3 sets of outlets centered in the room on the floor at this and this distance covered by a trap that hides it if needed". OR it could've been well established but the construction company had some issues with time since when you're giving your price to the client, you anticipate costs and if you break something / need to redo something on the way, it can skew the real time / cost of the project but the customer might not be ready to front up more money for that, so you're left to cut corners.
@naxwit Yıl önce
Props to Linus for being able to create content out of him moving houses, monetising everything and making it entertainin
@EagleMitch Yıl önce
Gotta help offset the cost of the house LOL
@mpresto15 Yıl önce
He learned when moving from house office to real office. Had some really great content.
@siic Yıl önce
I love the logistic team. Have them on camera more often!! Better yet have a LMG team competition, the winner will spend a night in Linus new house!
My favorite LTT episode. The crew behind the scenes is hilarious!
@kurousenmeh8283 Yıl önce
When your boss power is "droping things", the employee needs to have the power of "yeeting things uncontrolably".
@veryboringname. Yıl önce
The painters did a great job. The window suppliers screwed Linus though, they're all blurry.
@achmadb2707 Yıl önce
I know he should get a refund or something
@defiantgg1831 Yıl önce
How dare you get me with that
@allengomez026 Yıl önce
The windows are made in Japan
@svengal97 Yıl önce
@@allengomez026 WOW
@switchdeck9164 Yıl önce
Your house can't be deducted as an expense
@maxstevens9643 Yıl önce
I love how when Yvonne says "don't touch the walls" at 2:03 her request is immediately violated
@BuzzedtheTower Yıl önce
I mean, as soon as you are told not to do something, you must do it
@20rpmo64 6 aylar önce
Fr lol
@desupernoodle Yıl önce
18:57 Glad to see Jake is getting his stuff moved over.
@Jamoca5020 Yıl önce
LTT - a company where you can show your boss the middle finger while sitting in his movie theater XD. This goes down in history for sure haha
@TripalYT Yıl önce
The "that's not going anywhere" part at 19:20 was so cute haha
@CollinTheBlind Yıl önce
23:37 I don't know if it's standard, but that is actually how every set of bunk beds I've slept in was connected. My sisters had a different set up, but lower bunk was a larger bed, so the frame was set up differently. Me and my brother have used something like four different bunk beds with this exact same set up.
@selectstriker2 Yıl önce
Yep, this is how a lot of bunk beds are stacked and have been for decades
@jcassidy13 Yıl önce
Dan's presence in these videos feels like a self-insert character by a sarcastic narrator, and I'm very here for it.
@buhdan Yıl önce
"Stanley walked up to the table, holding a pre-release GPU with an estimated value of over six thousand dollars. To the suprise of no one but Stanley himself, he drops it onto the floor. Effortlessly, it smashes into a thousand pieces. Which coincidently, is only twelve shy of the number of times this has happened before."
@motobmurray Yıl önce
He has Taran vibes but in a completely different way, hope to see more of him.
@Mediaright Yıl önce
@@motobmurray I mean, someone had to fill the spot.
@jenconvertibles Yıl önce
Charles Marlow vibes
@HearMeLearn Yıl önce
@@motobmurray Taran but without the annoying vibes
@DreamerrSlays Yıl önce
His son saying Hi to all of us is the most wholesome thing I've seen in awhile, he was so excited to say hi!!
@watercrust Yıl önce
This house is insanely techy and we love it.
@HyperSuperBothi Yıl önce
15:35 phasing occurs with correlated sounds (the more of the same sound, the more phasy it can get), so basically running in stereo does not increase, but may decrease phasing a bit. Also, having stereo summed acoustically in a room might sound better than having it summed electronically (you can get at least some stereo separation in the space versus not having it at all)
My childhood channel. Always coming back to it. Unfortunately due to this phase of worklife its hard to keep myself updated about this channel but love to see it growing every day. Hope to see it here when I buy my kid his or her first PC
Gotta say its been kinda neat seeing your kids grow up through the years through your guys vid.
@TheStig827 Yıl önce
Linus: "I need help moving." Taran: "I quit."
@hungrynapps Yıl önce
@bleach7773 Yıl önce
That makes sense now🤣
@psychorabbitt Yıl önce
I love that Taran got his $5000 upgrade on Intel's dime, THEN quit.
@Chris-hw4mq Yıl önce
@@psychorabbitt they shoot the videos for example in january and release them in february or march they dont edit and release in the same week
@pixelgandalf Yıl önce
@@Chris-hw4mq Yes, but there is a notice period between an employee announcing his leave and the actual last day of work. I don't know the specific laws in Canada, but here in Germany that period is at least three months. So they probably knew he would leave and let him jump the queue.
@kstarler Yıl önce
Okay, your son waving exuberantly at the camera made me reflexively wave at my monitor, because it was adorable. Great job Yvonne! Oh, and I'm sure Linus did something too.
@jameslewis2635 Yıl önce
Massively successful tech-tuber with years of understanding and commenting on high tech items and corporate shenanigans gets his brain melted by the prospect of building up a couch.
@dude11579 Yıl önce
Dan is honestly my favorite of the "new guard" employees that have been on camera. He's an entire vibe
@PewPewMonkey69 Yıl önce
Everything led up to this moment. Using all the culminated talent for LTT towards building Linus' ultimate tech house.
i Love linus House stuff... sooo cool house upgrade and like this Smarthome things too! Thank you for all Linus!
@verzocktes Yıl önce
Linus: "videos are hard to skim through to go to the good parts" Linus's kid: "... You make Videos" lol love that
@Bremend Yıl önce
His son called him out
@rw0su Yıl önce
@m-umar-amir Yıl önce
Lot of Grain in the Footage!
@yea3603 Yıl önce
Then he replies like Kratos “I know Boy”
Glad someone saved me the time to post this lmaooo
@MH-bv9kk Yıl önce
I just wanna say thank you for posting that house video a while back that showed HomeAssistant with a GUI. I had tried it when it was still CLI, and ended up going back to the previous controller system (Universal Devices ISY = suckage). I'm running HA with all manner of Insteon, Z-Wave, Lutron, Hue, and other crap absolutely seamlessly, and love it. MASSIVE thanks for the tip!
@jimmyzhao2673 Yıl önce
11:39 okay, moving that box genuinely made me smile. It is the classic case of parents buying expensive toys for their kids and they end up playing with the box the toy came in.
@bloodbond3 Yıl önce
10:21 Jamie wins the prize for best LLTStore segue
@MatykaCZ Yıl önce
I did not know Dan up until now, but now I need him in more videos for some reason, such a cool vibe that he brings
@iPhone5244 Yıl önce
Check out the game gear upgrade video
@MatykaCZ Yıl önce
@@iPhone5244 thanks for the tip, will definitely do!
@keiz_ Yıl önce
I had that exact Ugreen charger, and whenever I plugged in a new device, or unplugged another, evething connected would stop charging, and I'd have to plug them all in again, so I ended up returning it. Sucks cause would've been great for the price I got it at. Ugreen has some decent stuff, but a lot of misses too tbh. I've stuck with Ravpower and Anker, both have served me well.
@beta-jp8707 Yıl önce
The "making my employees build my house and getting payed for it" series is really nice to watch tbh
@erichall090909 Yıl önce
They get paid as well
@howigotin Yıl önce
@@erichall090909 yeah with 🍕 🤣
@wuokawuoka Yıl önce
It is rather a gigantic ltt home improvement video.
@eliminat Yıl önce
And with tax credits too boot.
@TRK--xk7bb Yıl önce
Getting paid by our views.
@casper75559 Yıl önce
Love watching this. Makes me think at this rate, lot's of us are gonna want smart houses so these types of houses will start getting built more. Cant wait to see the finished product!
@TheStaflin Yıl önce
Love these crazy old style moving vlogs ❤
@YellowYT Yıl önce
Reminds me of the Organisation Vlogs you did back in 2017, already love the series!
@noname-mw7oy Yıl önce
This brings me back to the days of binge watching the office moving vlogs non stop lmao. Love it.
@costafilh0 Yıl önce
Can't express how much we are thankfull you are sharing all this! We know it's content! But you could just not do it! We don't mind the blurry stuff, just keep sharing! Thank you!
@ShadowFox10587O Yıl önce
I love how linus has managed to turn everyday things into a business expense it's actually brilliant
@MarcTurnbull1 Yıl önce
Linus is the most American Canadian
@jamespae7019 Yıl önce
Linus is a true Sigma
and boring AF
@user-op8fg3ny3j Yıl önce
He probably made more money from filming it then from the tax savings
What an awesome house. I bet he never imagined being here back in the early days or when he worked at the previous company I’m spacing the name of right now. Good for you Linus. You stuck to it and now you’re accomplishments have afforded an amazing home for the fam. Kudos!
@JR-kn6rs Yıl önce
Lulz I used to go to ncix all the time in the early 00s and was probably one of their most frustrating customers 👉😎👉
@zigi1337 Yıl önce
Investing top dollar for tech around the house but kids get a crappy bunk bed from IKEA. I like the fact he has his priorities straight
@BURN447 Yıl önce
This is such quality content. Reminds me a lot of the office moving vlogs, and I can't wait to see more of it
@EnsignLovell Yıl önce
Damn, hope you get the right paint colour at some point. Thanks for sharing your moving journey with us, appreciate it.
@kitsurei_yune Yıl önce
This intro with "old LTT" house times vibes. Love it.
@DrVagax Yıl önce
I love the subtitles read "Dad" at 13:55 instead of Dan. Oh and also, more Dan please. I love everything about him
@krisdphillips Yıl önce
Dan is seriously my favorite new LTT member. His deadpan sarcasm and jack of all trades capability is awesome.
@SornDP Yıl önce
Yes! I already love the guy and I've only seen him in this and the retro-repair 🕹️ video
@jaydmorales23 Yıl önce
He seemed confused the whole time
He reminds me of Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley. Hopefully he doesn't replace all IT systems with AI.
@buhdan Yıl önce
@@jaydmorales23 Linus is a scary man.
@travislee4550 Yıl önce
I like him and Sarah, she has an infectious nervous laughter.
@Dan-Simms Yıl önce
I hope after you're all finished renos and moved in we have a video going over everything, I'd love to show my dad who used to build houses how much technology is involved in a smart home to blow his mind.
@clintk4691 Yıl önce
🤣🤣🤣 It's no surprise but still hilarious that Linus found sponsors for a moving video. Monetize everything!
@jgames01 Yıl önce
My roommate in college had a 65" DLP TV, which for '09 was giant. We set up two couches in a theater style, and you would be surprised how much you have to lift up a back row in order to see over the front. I loved my giant lifted couch in the corner of our apartment. Was the best space to sit and watch everyone enjoying themselves at a party.
I’d recommend a sanus 4d tilt tv mount for the G1. Unlike the frame tv, you’ll have more availability pushing it back against the wall without having a OneConnect box
@jabuki2 Yıl önce
I love the home upgrade videos. Thank you for labeling this video so that I could decide if it was something I wanted to watch.
we've not known Dan for long, but he's already becoming my favourite LTT member
@Amy_A. Yıl önce
Right? The first video he seemed kinda reserved, this one he's much more confident and it's awesome. I'm glad we're seeing more of him :)
@randomdude7386 Yıl önce
@@Amy_A. Yeah probably because he had that first shot at it to see it was not as bad as he thought, and also the fact that this is way more chilling with Linus might help
@TheROOTminus1 Yıl önce
A worthy successor to Taran's chaotic neutral energy
@TheGameBench Yıl önce
Me and my brother grew up with bunk beds back in the 80's and the top one was held on via wooden pegs on the posts. So, at least yours are metal and for times as long.
@jsizzle2k6 Yıl önce
for theater room. just make a 2x12 truss platform to sit the rear seats on and carpet it. by time u add the plywood on top u will be about 13 inches anyway. and for the 3rd svs sub duh put it in the theater room either do front left and right or front left rear right ( vice versa) i run a front right and rear left in mine and it definitely helps keep the bass damn near dead even throughout the entire room. oh and thanks for building my dream house !!! A truly epic build !
@ihartwaffle Yıl önce
Lol at 14:00 it was hilarious, his eyes follow that knife until he closes it. Question, do clips like that increase your company insurance premiums lolololol
@flexnix Yıl önce
14:10 Good luck with that LG refrigerator. I have the same one. Forums just talk about their horrible ice dispenser always getting stuck. I would recommend not using the crush option to lessen the chance of it getting stuck.
Oh I have those seats in my theatre room.. they are amazing!! You'll love that they our powered once you start using them. And is that Peppercorn grey on the walls? Because then it is basically identical to my room haha. I love home theaters!
@MarkBerberoglu Yıl önce
Dan knows his stuff. Like REALLY knows his stuff. Where the hell did you guys find this guy?!?!
@buhdan Yıl önce
I have approximate knowledge of many things.
@Rucolastico Yıl önce
@@buhdan yo about that Mr. Krabs video...
@helplmchoking Yıl önce
@@Rucolastico Better not to question that, I think
Dan definitely gives me serial killer vibes. Sorry Dan.
@jojosworlds1208 Yıl önce
@@helplmchoking But there are so many questions
@pitsnipe5559 Yıl önce
Nothing like moving into a house that’s not finished yet, almost as much fun as living in a house while it’s being remodeled (just ask my wife). Best of luck in your new home, looks beautiful. May God bless this home with love, peace, and joy.
@mattbreidenbach Yıl önce
I had a bunk bed as a kid and also had bunks at college. both used that same method for securing the top bunk to the bottom. Never had any issues, you guys should be fine :)
@Shudnawz Yıl önce
Having your move to a new house being sponsored. True life goals.
@nikukettu Yıl önce
3:56 Phillips hue bulbs, you can dim them too with app, no need extra dimmers :)
@tosh_is_me942 Yıl önce
Nice work Linus! Dropping a solid Futurama reference within the first 4 minutes! BAM!
Linus, shouldn't you have been coordinating with Jake as co-owner of the home about the final setup?
@davenz000 Yıl önce
Jake's room above the master suite with a hatch and firepole down to the master will be unveiled in an upcoming episode.
@@davenz000 it also have its own thermals and night vision periscope along with 2 remote controlled M2 Browning .50 cal with 500 round belt in each gun. It's also able to control the house main gun by pressing a button on the right side of the bed. Obviously it has an escape hatch for himself.
@@davenz000 Jake's more of a slide kind of guy. It's a slide that terminates at the head of Linus's bed. So when he comes barreling down the slide, he slips right in-between the sheets, right on the inboard side of Linus; between Linus and Yvonne.
@davenz000 Yıl önce
@@littlejackalo5326 That's scarily well thought through.
You know you've come a long way when you go from unboxing phones to unboxing an entire house. Congrats Yvonne and Linus!
@isocuda Yıl önce
So a note about home theaters, typically you want to just build a platform and put the same carpet on that. It doesn't have to be fixed to the floor, but you can just place it in the room once the main carpet is down, with a large overlay and you just fill the front/sides where you walk with expanding foam before you flip it over. Plus you stick some flaps in the back for cable management or even more subwoofers lol.
@SoulSojourner Yıl önce
Yvonne talking about the bunk beds and how they "just rest on here" and "aren't that secure" - - - Sigh.. yes, I'm pretty sure that was my exact thought process every single time I've dealt with kids' bunk beds.
Holy smokes.... The logistics guys are so funny.! 🤣🤣 I've laughed so much during this video
@daylen577 Yıl önce
Can't wait for the full rundown of all the tech you have installed, like all the little screens on the wall
@jonnomolenaar Yıl önce
Logistics guys are great, lots of banter and manlyness "this ain't going nowhere". Also Dan is great, seems like a fun guy.
Takes me back to the moving into the new office vlogs, just with a completely different crew. Man, time flys.
@SimplyNotReally Yıl önce
i have a home theater thats roughly the same shape and layout as yours, and our solution was to build a stage for the back row. we designed it to have lights on the inside with long rounded windows with red paper in the windows so that it looks like the stairs in the carbon freezing chamber. turned out pretty awesome! you get used to tue step, just make sure you have smooth rounded corners because they are terrible to brush your leg against
@mikewolf8437 Yıl önce
After every thing you guys have gone through. Do you have any regrets? or wish you did something different then how you wound up doing it? Also, do you think it would have been easier/better if you had just built a house from scratch?
@Eremon1 Yıl önce
All jokes aside about Linus, it's nice to see all the years of his hard work come to fruition. Kudos to him and all the team at LMG.
@ToniWoTxD 3 aylar önce
this is like an episode from the office but its LTT i need more of this in my life
@SharpBritannia Yıl önce
Kudos to Emily, the editor for compiling this... thing
Jamie's comedic timing is on-point!
@blakecarr3544 Yıl önce
to cover the bare PCBs cut a piece of plate out ur using the same size as the black board and use bits of rod to lift it off the board b4 making it a cover that way you get the look, the PCBs stay where they are and everything is still serviceable
@officialblimp 7 aylar önce
3:05 love it when the editors make the edits come to life
@OfficialSamuelC Yıl önce
Dan is a freaking legend. I hope he’s on screen more!!
@gerowen Yıl önce
23:35 My kids' bunk beds went together that way, so I ran down to True Value and got some steel brackets and wood screws and screwed them both to one another, and into the wall studs on the back side to solid them up.
@OG.Baklava Yıl önce
Yvonne: Don't touch the walls. Dan: Touches wall with 2 hands immediately 2:01
@ranzera Yıl önce
Now we know it's actually because of Linus that they needed eggshell so badly.
@DrewDvorak Yıl önce
I saw that too.
@JD-ub5ic Yıl önce
21:10 Bare PCB's right under water lines, may want to consider adding a little splash shield above them at least just in case. Also those lines never have chilled water in them do they? If so condensation drips would also be a concern from the cold lines onto the electronics.
@webluke Yıl önce
I was worried that Jake wouldn't be in the video about moving into his new house Linus is paying for, but he showed up just for the sponsor read. Looks like the house could use another month with contractors.
@jrdg Yıl önce
Loved this video, i really want to see the whole smartify of the house!
@rusinsr Yıl önce
This video was freaking awesome, love seeing all these expensive house things :D
@skunkling Yıl önce
Linus, this is IMPORTANT!! In your server/utility room, you have combo AC/heater... There is a bit of pvc that goes up.. it's capped. You need to uncap that. It prevents any kind of vacuum. It allows water and condensation to actually move.. that's what that drain is for. It also tells you if the drain is clogged because it will overflow without the cap. The drain should never be under a self vacuum. You NEED THIS KNOWLEDGE. Goto @17:50 in the vid, and you'll understand. This is serious. Love the new home btw
@sorak185 Yıl önce
Linus is like the "Real Fake Doors" guy. You think he's going home, but *it's still part of the show*.
@NoorSkullz Yıl önce
i just watched rick and morty as well
@SweatyGamer123 Yıl önce
Really looking forward to this series! for some reason these videos do be so funny!
@karter61 Yıl önce
I could watch this for hours. Please make a longer one!
@adabujiki Yıl önce
So good to watch Linus and his crew grow. Very inspiring.
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