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27 Kas 2021




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Grace Aylar önce
this looks so cozy, the other one was sick but this one feels a lot more comforting and a bit more personal in a way
Charlie Norwood
Charlie Norwood Aylar önce
Jelly Itz_Gracie 🎗
The Bastion
The Bastion Aylar önce
s u s
Redsus978 Aylar önce
Same profile
Samuel Leo G Quililan
Ikr, I even felt it was so spaceous and nothing to put with.
Shouta Aylar önce
I feel so old now! That mic has great memories with it! I remember when you broke your hand and play a map on minecraft that involved you trying not to break your hand. It has been so much fun watching you and I cant wait to see you progress even further! Been here since the story of how you met Dr. Trayaurus! I hope you and your family do well!
CorruptedRust Aylar önce
He just had his little arm in a cast the whole time lol
Echo Aylar önce
Actually stop making me smile so much LOL!
Orourke family
Orourke family Aylar önce
I remember too!
Endigo Aylar önce
Gimme those 3090s lol
Lorenzo Paolo Garcia
Lorenzo Paolo Garcia 17 gün önce
Me too lol
brayden gussler
brayden gussler 29 gün önce
Hi ranboo
Kaihe Tabafunda
Kaihe Tabafunda Aylar önce
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich Aylar önce
Whip Aylar önce
This office looks like the really old one,the memories 🥲, thanks Dan for my childhood memories
The Loz
The Loz Aylar önce
wait it's not?
W3!rd0B0! Aylar önce
berry bear
berry bear Aylar önce
I love the new house and I love the set up Dan, I can’t wait for more videos and streams in the new house💙
Frost Aylar önce
Must've been a pain knowing how many things Dan has in his room.
Spencer The Garfield Fanboy
@Spongebobit says that tho
Jelly Itz_Gracie 🎗
ehethan Aylar önce
* fucking dies *
RandomWaffleBoi Aylar önce
Must've been a pain knowing how many toys your mom has in her closet...
Jorel Gooco
Jorel Gooco Aylar önce
@The Falcons Google Translate: URGENT
InHuman Bot
InHuman Bot Aylar önce
The light shines in his eyes when he looks at cam because he is an amazing gamer
Cactus Snake
Cactus Snake Aylar önce
The start of a new gaming era
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Aylar önce
You must be insane to not be jealous of that amazing setup, whether it’s interesting or not it probably runs so smoothly
Sabrina Tarvin
Sabrina Tarvin Aylar önce
You copied another comment :/
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
You must be insane to not be jealous of that amazing setup, whether it’s interesting or not it probably runs so smoothly
Sabrina Tarvin
Sabrina Tarvin Aylar önce
You copied another comment :/
Epic Buildz Garage
Epic Buildz Garage Aylar önce
I’ve watched this guy since like 2011 and it’s pretty cool to see he’s still around doing stuff like this
Mark O'Neil
Mark O'Neil Aylar önce
@Released shhhhh lol I forgot about his old channel 🙃
Released Aylar önce
@Mark O'Neil if you search for his first channel, pokemandanlv45, you'll see that he joined TRvid on August 22, 2010
Epic Buildz Garage
Epic Buildz Garage Aylar önce
@Mark O'Neil I didn’t remember the exact date I meant just been watching since I was little. Thanks though
ThatVeganTeacher's Husband
@Mark O'Neil pokemondan level 45
Mark O'Neil
Mark O'Neil Aylar önce
He joined 2012 July 14th though
Not Bily
Not Bily Aylar önce
I remember watching mod reviews as soon as I could.. ah good times..
Kita’s Randomness
Gives me older memories, keep it up Dan.
SandySprite Aylar önce
ẞlinky Aylar önce
Dan, I missed you...a week without your vid is not fulfilling
Happy Days
Happy Days Aylar önce
Congrats Dan, hope you enjoy ur time in the office!! XD
Peter Drew
Peter Drew Aylar önce
Congratulations and stay safe out on the mountains.
Daw The D
Daw The D Aylar önce
What a sick room! Well done Dan!
JLennarSFM Aylar önce
It seems so chill and cozy, excited to see things in here
Everything Sans
Everything Sans Aylar önce
Happy for you Dan!
GooBearBoy 101
GooBearBoy 101 Aylar önce
this man jumped from a crane. respect him.
BeKind Aylar önce
Yes! He did it first too!
MidasPlaying Aylar önce
Gr1ff1n -_-
Gr1ff1n -_- Aylar önce
@stephen Singh go to the channel “Tom Simons” it isn’t family friendly
Blesmol Aylar önce
@SilverSprint12 I had to read it 4 times to understand if it was a hate comment or not i did just wake up tho
Kids Snyder
Kids Snyder Aylar önce
@Cali so
Selym Aylar önce
This feels like his old office but modern. I love it!
TheFloopy1 Aylar önce
Wow! This looks amazing Dan!😀
Hasspoken Aylar önce
This makes me feel broke, Dan. :(
Royal Blue
Royal Blue Aylar önce
can't wait for more hardcore gameplay
KILLACAMX1 Aylar önce
Can we just agree that Dan is a legend?
Aleks HD
Aleks HD 14 gün önce
@pasta yes
Fotini Konaxi
Fotini Konaxi Aylar önce
Exact the opposite of wat i said
CCDuo Aylar önce
Wait we haven’t already?
Fotini Konaxi
Fotini Konaxi Aylar önce
He is not a saint, a hero he ain't.
I would say 1000000000000000000000%
Mellisa Ackerman
Mellisa Ackerman Aylar önce
we all dont realize a game that is literallly amazing on his first pc
Balion Boys
Balion Boys Aylar önce
Hey Dan I’ve been watching since 7mill subs so glad to see you hit TWENTY SIX MILL such a massive figure so just congrats
GatoradeCap Aylar önce
I can now proudly say that i have the same exact mouse as DanTDM, a glorious model 0 for those wondering which one
W3!rd0B0! Aylar önce
I'm happy for you, but I'm gonna miss the old setup 🤧 bit it looks good!
RinRee `
RinRee ` Aylar önce
oooh so that's why your voice gives off a nostalgic feel! The mic you mainly use now has a very chrisp quality that you sound.. lower? But this one makes you sound cheerful and light like your old vids :D both are good but I absolutely prefer this one
CherishedGamer Aylar önce
appreciate dan for still using windows 10 despite windows 11 being out
its sarah
its sarah Aylar önce
this feels more personal and i like the camera angle not being just your face, it adds a different element to the vibes
Cora Brown
Cora Brown Aylar önce
*i moved* dan: “beams, that we can swing from” thank you dan. we love seeing the beams that you can swing from
Christmas Cinnamon Roll
I’m gonna miss the old setup but I love the new office!
I will steal your toes
@DVD thank christ
Ash Aylar önce
i still miss the one in the very beginning around 2015
Aurora Animates
Aurora Animates Aylar önce
VlogWithAaron 2021
VlogWithAaron 2021 Aylar önce
The og, og room
[ Billey ] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
this man jumped from a crane. respect him.
Dis dude
Dis dude Aylar önce
Sick setup Dan rly lovin the content keep it up
zinx Aylar önce
this gives me nostalgia from Ur old gaming setup with the posters in the back I love it 😊
NotPixelCat Aylar önce
I remember when you moved into your current house. I also remember the house you broke your hand in the first house when you started your channel. It’s been awesome watching you over the years!
Kenny Aylar önce
Looking forward to more videos Dan! Speaking of old school, I really miss the times where you used to showcase Minecraft mods with Dr. Trayaurus in the old lab... Those were very happy memories.
Kids Snyder
Kids Snyder Aylar önce
I miss those days
Andrew Soap
Andrew Soap Aylar önce
I think he said that those kind of vids would take so long to make back in the old days where the audience and everything was different, and I think he himself has moved away from making that kind of content but who knows he might bring it back
Third Horizon
Third Horizon Aylar önce
That would not go over well now
Leeroy Jett Pawid
Leeroy Jett Pawid Aylar önce
Dan:and the og mic is back! Everyone who watched him since 2012: friends! We now have a relic of time!
ChimpGameZ Aylar önce
Remember one of your videos many years ago when (in minecraft) you moved from that tiny house into a nicer house, but next to a lab and Trayaurus was making tons of noise then yeah. Good days. Cool house, cool setup, have a good day.
RamxHorn Aylar önce
And here we have Danny Potter in his natural habitat, streaming from the Cupboard Under the Stairs.
JMtheMemeGod Aylar önce
This looks amazing, I remember when u filmed at the brown wood dinner table when u first started making videos!!
Hello Me
Hello Me Aylar önce
the audio quality is a blast. that silence went away so quickly by that beautiful voice he have
UwU Aylar önce
Ummmm ok
PositivePyro_ Aylar önce
This reminds me of his room in 2016 when he had that one room (kind of like this 1, just a bit bigger), such memories then.
PokeWhale Aylar önce
That microphone makes him very nostalgic and you know it 😂
LEGO Lord Aylar önce
I was honestly scared that he moved for real. I kept thinking about Asher’s little hobbit home and everything else
Blxey Aylar önce
You literally have my dream pc, the white Corsair case, white 3090, white cpu cooler with rgb and 2 rgb fans on the radiator. (+ the motherboard and stuff it just looks absolutely amazing)
Hockey Mouse
Hockey Mouse Aylar önce
It's a nice place for your 2nd office. We all know you will find a way to make it work great and look insane in no time Dan! :)
naya Aylar önce
@KERYGMA - Alexis D. Gojar oh okay thank you!
naya Aylar önce
Do you know why he has a second office now? Im kinda lost..
Hockey Mouse
Hockey Mouse Aylar önce
@Dude With Cookies I suppose so, if you count the very first office (In his old house way back).
Dude With Cookies
Dude With Cookies Aylar önce
I think its 3rd
Anél Aylar önce
Dan's thumbnail is the best thumbnail I ever seen 😂 so simple and yet super attractive
Squidz Aylar önce
Can we all take a moment to say R.I.P to More TDM
Rebecca Dale
Rebecca Dale Aylar önce
Dan, the mess is quite noticeable especially the Amazon prime boxes
Herosunset101 Aylar önce
//yes dan, that indeed was particularly threatening if I do happen to say so myself//
ImNotStealth Aylar önce
Dan: "I'll put everything in the description below anyways" Also Dan: adds nothing in the description and instead just threatens us to follow him on Twitter
RealNeonPlayz Aylar önce
@Its ya boy Shanjay eh
Its ya boy Shanjay
Its ya boy Shanjay Aylar önce
@DaGasterYT cool, 👍
DaGasterYT Aylar önce
@Its ya boy Shanjay even i do that
Its ya boy Shanjay
Its ya boy Shanjay Aylar önce
@DaGasterYT ??
Its ya boy Shanjay
Its ya boy Shanjay Aylar önce
@Bryce calm down, I'm a fan and don't care if someone begging for subs or something Edit: yeah I meant OTHER videos
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Aylar önce
Dan is practically flexing on us
SplattyFatty Aylar önce
This is a very moving story 10/10!!!
ego-lay_atman-bay Aylar önce
"I haven't been kidnapped... yet..." Should we be worried?
LilCreeperMC Aylar önce
“Beams that you can swing from” -Legendary DanTDM
Phoenix Feathers
Phoenix Feathers Aylar önce
Now we need some epic beam-swinging montage
ErockTheMiner Aylar önce
I’m sure when he adds some stuff it’s gonna look sick
Fav Aylar önce
still miss the OG Dan setup, but this look lit
Clouds Aylar önce
this is the only time i have seen him with a sense of humor
AnimatedYT Aylar önce
Glad big things are happening Dan, I’m in a sling :)
LitoMikeM1 YT
LitoMikeM1 YT Aylar önce
@War Veteran bruh
War Veteran
War Veteran Aylar önce
Leaf Aylar önce
oh my god, those pcs that dan has is so sick
Enegort Aylar önce
Thank you for being in my childhood :)
Orourke family
Orourke family Aylar önce
Looks so different but I think it's cool ur my idol Dan
YouTube Aylar önce
set up of DREAMS 🔥
lupddup1 28 gün önce
Notshadowbonnie Aylar önce
sup youtube
geoduhgoat Aylar önce
hi youtube 😘
ayeKaden Aylar önce
oh hi youtube
Bottle cap bob 😃
30th reply
ArcticFox Aylar önce
You must be insane to not be jealous of that amazing setup, whether it’s interesting or not it probably runs so smoothly
qubitz Aylar önce
Makes me happy to see Dan using a model O :D
AlphaCat Aylar önce
I hope Dan is enjoying his new room!!
AusAreMyFantasy Aylar önce
I’m expecting some major beam-swingage.
Monkeee739 Aylar önce
I honestly like his new office way more than his old one.
Footballers Aylar önce
gonna miss the 9ther office being here with dan since 2013 or beginning of 2014 being 4 and now being 12 makes me miss all the offices and the fact I've been watching him for a 1/3 of my life is just crazy
@Christian Cindy i watched him when i was 3 or 4 lmao
ThouCuteSkittle Aylar önce
@realbil ツ 2021 - 12 = 2009, he said he was 12 (JOKE NOT INTENDED). And if he was watching him in 2013, that means he would've been watching him 2/3 of his life. (12 ÷ 3) × 2 = answer. 12 ÷ 3 is 4, 4 × 2 is 8. You divide his age by 3 since the denominater is a third. After that, since 2021 - 2013 is 8, you'd times 4 however many times to get to 8. Then however many times you multiplied it is the numerator. In this case, it would be 2.
Marcos dosil
Marcos dosil Aylar önce
I had a heart attack trying to read this
Sunny The Great
Sunny The Great Aylar önce
Also, I've been watching him since most likely 2017 & I was your age at that time
realbil ツ
realbil ツ Aylar önce
2021 - 2013 = 8 1/3 = 33% 8/0.33 = 24 You are 24 years old.
Koawaii Aylar önce
dantdm is my entire childhood :)
icebanna Aylar önce
looks like the classic office nostalgia is back
Daneen Ariana
Daneen Ariana Aylar önce
He's keeping the real Dan in that closet-
Jamin Rockethead
Jamin Rockethead Aylar önce
Now those... Those are the SICKEST looking PCs... I think I've ever seen.
Elizabeth Barely
Elizabeth Barely Aylar önce
Hey Dan, thanks for uploading videos. Keep up the good work!
AikoIsGonnaGetYou Aylar önce
Dan is the only person who I'd thank for clickbaiting me
Tom Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how much effort Dan puts into his videos
Kim Family
Kim Family Aylar önce
dan's second office is legit made of gold
PotatoChip >:3
PotatoChip >:3 Aylar önce
For some reason this new office reminds me of the office he had back in 2016
Trinity Redman
Trinity Redman Aylar önce
"No, I haven't been kidnapped yet." That's the key word. Yet.
JfizzleBSG Aylar önce
the whole video I was just like "𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐞𝐚..."
Evan Carlos
Evan Carlos Aylar önce
Dan is just like me always in the dark
sikelela ngewu
sikelela ngewu Aylar önce
I'm going to miss Dan's old office
JV animations
JV animations Aylar önce
Old dan got back well... cause of the small office
CanadaBricks Aylar önce
OG viewers: *Hey, I’ve seen this one!* New viewers: *What are you talking about? It’s brand new!*
Robert Howard
Robert Howard Aylar önce
Omg nostalga
Inkela Gamer
Inkela Gamer Aylar önce
Me understands
Shadow Fury
Shadow Fury Aylar önce
This man is packed with green💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
Remember the old office? The go’s will know. The childhood thing is over I guess.
Meepmeep119 Aylar önce
Those PCs look cool with the spinning circles!
z3ke Aylar önce
dantdm flexin his setup while I lag on my laptop lol. lovin the content
BackYard Shenanagins
I'm going to call if the Think Tank, as if we count the home office as the lab, this can be the place where Dan goes to crunch out the good ideas.
XmanTheGamerMan Aylar önce
Dang, I need a setup like that
Tracey S
Tracey S Aylar önce
NOOOOO, I really liked what Dan's old room looked like, I also liked that we could see his pugs every so often
GoldHollowStudios Aylar önce
I Like the new Office Not as much as the old one but I Would love to see him Stream in this Office :))
Madison Bolger
Madison Bolger Aylar önce
only the ogs remember when he moved the first time
lolmayor101 Aylar önce
dan: moves into a new office with better setups also dan: u can see my legs, u dont want to see my legs
mattdoot Aylar önce
Thats a dream setup for me right there
Mr.Spoon025 Aylar önce
this reminds me from the early days of his youtube channel
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