I Mined a Fossil Site 

Ryan Trahan
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digging for dinosaurs is fun
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30 Oca 2023




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@StevenHe Yıl önce
My dad fought that dinosaur on his way to school
@memefly10000 Yıl önce
Wasoup my Steven He love the vids man
I didn't know Steven like ryan
@bobojo6447 Yıl önce
How does this only have 6 likes lol.
@GriffinMagleby Yıl önce
the fact that bro did this all just for ms. mccain 😭
@-jaydengaming- Yıl önce
Only 1 comment?
@colorfulconch7745 28 gün önce
3 now
@lilliantaylor5719 23 gün önce
@naushadshahid9550 20 gün önce
@JordanWelch Yıl önce
ryan can make anything in to an incredibly entertaining story
@plaguebirdlmao Yıl önce
wait what
@Rarehandlelol Yıl önce
@HavingaSHOCKER Yıl önce
i love u ryan i also I make videos like ryan , super & fun vids weekly ❤
@hellenic_goat Yıl önce
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@constellash 11 aylar önce
As a teacher, this is all I want in life. Not the $10,000 (though it wouldn’t hurt lol ), but to have a student tell me I was there for them when they felt like no one else was. How beautiful.
@boobies8998 11 aylar önce
I’m sure you’ve been very impactful on many young peoples lives, i personally want to thank you for being a teacher, you guys are where everything begins
@subornahasan1366 11 aylar önce
@cherriemccain8573 10 aylar önce
​@boobies Thank you for this comment. To leave a positive impact on students has been my goal from the beginning. I hope you have fond memories of at least one teacher who was great to you.
@cherriemccain8573 10 aylar önce
It was unbelievably special. I wish this for you and all teachers. Blessings to you.
@orealfrajola 10 aylar önce
and a foss-
Ryan’s talent is finding things everyone always hoped they’d do as a kid and making it into a shared experience
@HavingaSHOCKER Yıl önce
i love u ryan i also I make videos like ryan , super & fun vids weekly ❤
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@CorbinShean 9 aylar önce
@Jesus_is_king1234 2 aylar önce
Jesus loves you he died for you and rose again repent and believe in the gospel he loves you so much
@jipvanleyenhorst4834 2 aylar önce
@@Jesus_is_king1234 lesbian
@bellablanchard7605 8 aylar önce
Ryan is such a sweet genuine person his videos always make me so happy.
@YouTube Yıl önce
ryan in his excavation era 🦖
@Nerolate Yıl önce
@condyshares Yıl önce
@dagold2142 Yıl önce
Can I quickly say that, as of right now, TRvid has less comments on it than Steven He's comment. 🙃 But it's still awesome that you support Ryan like this!
to whichever youtube employee checks their notifications, please get rid of youtube shorts
@Inds Yıl önce
HI TRvid
@TomyyCanSkate Yıl önce
Ryan seems to be the meaning of Joy, he's kind of goofy, but that somehow brings us some laughs, he acts like he has no tomorrow and in such a positive way, even if there are people who don't like him, that doesn't change the fact that he manages to put a smile on your face every time.
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@Spl1nters08 10 aylar önce
Great comment 😊😊
@spidertink8170 Yıl önce
Ryan isn’t socially awkward, he’s awkwardly social
@cat587 Yıl önce
I saw that joke on the penny to mr beats series
@sleepy4UI Yıl önce
I saw this joke on tommyinnit Anthony padilla video
@peachseob94 Yıl önce
are yall not tired of repeating the same things like some parrot
@builderdude9488 Yıl önce
Maybe the jokes we found were the friends and brothers we made along the way
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@Vilhelm-nq8cm 3 aylar önce
Ryan really enjoys what he does.we enjoy watching what he does. It’s a win win
@Xavierpng Yıl önce
I really love how all of Ryan’s videos don’t feel forced
@kattakopi6446 10 aylar önce
@peppergobnon 5 aylar önce
God damn
@thechubster3423 5 aylar önce
i hate you xavier
@Red_AceOfSpades 7 aylar önce
I cried at the end of this, the storytelling really gets one emotional. (,:
@hopescope Yıl önce
I’m not kidding I could have watched 6 hours of this 🦖
Yoo I'm a big fan
@Fond_ Yıl önce
Same lol
@whatif..._ Yıl önce
Ayyy. I wasn’t expecting you here lol.
@susymadrid5903 Yıl önce
You can tell Ms. McCain absolutely loves her job and is one of those teachers that no one forgets. She’s worked hard for many years and is definitely deserving of your generous gift. Great video, Ryan! They never disappoint.
Thank you Susy. I had a 5th grade teacher that I adored. I prayed that I would be able to have that effect on some of my students. I am really the lucky one in this situation.
@tortl9720 Yıl önce
when excavating fossils weren't enough for Ryan, Ryan started excavating fossil sites instead. huge respec for this mad lad
I'm the first not bot comment and yeah took me like an bit to understand but yeah respect for this mad lad too
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
If you can make a video where someone laughs, you're talented. If you can make a video that moves someone to tears, you're awesome. But you're a next level genius if you can do both in one video and simultaneously create a feeling that everything's going to be ok. Thanks Ryan for putting out content that makes a difference.
@chickenception Yıl önce
watching this in a coffee shop and fighting back tears - I did not expect that when I clicked on this video! LOL! I had a hard time being involved with christians in my life, but to see the way your teacher took the time to write you that incredibly kind note is so lovely and healing
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@cherriemccain8573 10 aylar önce
Your words and experience humble me.
@orealfrajola 10 aylar önce
@chickenception 10 aylar önce
@@orealfrajola lol yes, it hit me in a really sweet way.
@JW0411 Yıl önce
Who else just loves Ryan’s wholesomeness and positivity 👍🏻
Put Ryan in the next Jurassic World.
@GDFistful Yıl önce
verified and 0 comments, nice
@fatblacknutsack Yıl önce
@@GDFistful verified and 1 comment, nice
@chuckcze Yıl önce
@@fatblacknutsack verified and 2 comments, nice
@@chuckcze verified and 3 comments nice
@Void-yr8km Yıl önce
@@tengshenfoong958 verified and 4 comments, nice
@rainymay1679 Yıl önce
The way that Ryan’s videos are actual art that makes me tear up every time, so genuine
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@fudgel3mon640 Yıl önce
How is this guy so magical. I started watching him a week ago and I can’t stop watching
@shelby255 Yıl önce
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@ThatFunnyTortoise 10 aylar önce
Honestly this is easily my favorite Ryan Trahan video with the ecosystem video behind it.
@allthatsol6426 Yıl önce
Ryan’s content and editing and humor is just yes
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@CHEFLESGO2.0 5 aylar önce
Ryan's breakfast: McDonalds or coffee Ryan's lunch: McDonalds
@LEVI-8 Yıl önce
I feel like Ryan actually makes videos he enjoys, like it’s so random with a 10 minute video about fossils, but he makes it so interesting and entertaining
@garradon7602 Yıl önce
Bro you havent even watched the video
@ThadudeJack Yıl önce
@MercyYes Yıl önce
@@garradon7602 💀all these people wanna get the top comments💀
@@garradon7602 lmaooo
@atticx8214 Yıl önce
What a teacher. After a decade with 0 communication she wanted to talk to you at least one more time to encourage you. God bless this amazing soul.
@yisroel5556 Yıl önce
Love how Ryan said “I added the bird sound effect. There’s no birds out here” 😂😂😂
@Mochi56210 10 aylar önce
0 replays? Let me fix that
@onurerbiluygur 11 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing storytelling technique. Everything is so well planned. Well done indeed!
@jamiehall1460 Yıl önce
At 7:22, I've had that same smile on my face before. Finding something in the field like a skull or something else rare is one of the best feelings. Just last year I managed to re-find a site I found in 2019 but never managed to tag it which is not something that normally happens and I have a picture of me sitting besides my newly (re)found site with the same grin that Andre has. This year I'm hoping to get back out there are start excavating since there are a lot of fresh fragments so the lead Paleontologists is pretty sure it's going to lead to more bones.
I hope u find alot of good things out there D̶O̶N̶T̶ ̶R̶E̶A̶D̶ ̶M̶Y̶ ̶N̶A̶M̶E̶
@genius6225 11 aylar önce
This video is so amazing and so wholesome, you really deserve coming so far, please keep doing what you love and explore. Love you and your videos 😉 greetings from Germany ☺️ PS you are a huge inspiration. Especially being so humble and coming from the bottom
@shnazzydan Yıl önce
The level of wholesomeness Ryan projects in one video is enough to cure any depression in this world.
@uhvoid8433 Yıl önce
@Kalmanfire way to ruin the vibe
@PorterStats Yıl önce
@@uhvoid8433 way to be honest*
I know he’s a vibe 🥺❤️❤️❤️
@Kalmanfire 😐😐😐😐
@Trash_YV Yıl önce
@Kalmanfire lmao imagine having no bitches?
@adrianrubin8435 Yıl önce
I’m not joking the story at the end legitimately made me cry this is so frickin amazing I really just want Ryan to make these videos forever there so entertaining and it feels like they come straight from the heart
@adverticuk Yıl önce
*Genuinely the best TRvidr to date, Ryan you deserve to be titles the king of this platform. Insane video, I legit smiled from start to finish. Thank you for dropping this legendary content as per usual*
@KingFloppa13 10 aylar önce
0:06 bro should be a science teacher
@emmag.7731 Yıl önce
As someone who is going to school for archeology and anthropology, I really appreciate this video. Especially from one of my favorite youtubers.
@Cloudy_Canoodle 11 aylar önce
Ryan genuinely makes my day better
@WallieTube Yıl önce
Petition For Ryan To Do A Pennies Series Around The World! 🌎
@aditip6695 7 aylar önce
@@Jtbrooks09 ikr
@anasfamfum3644 Yıl önce
Ryan trahan, you're a legend. I started following you 2 years ago and you're still not boring. Wow
@Pokizack 8 aylar önce
i have always dreamed of being a palaeontologist when i grow up and seeing the joy of ryan doing it is wanting me to do it even more
@whitedove6496 Yıl önce
Ryan is literally like a ball of sunshine, he is THE VIBE 🥰
@deakonclark8430 8 aylar önce
Thank you Ryan for doing this because I'm in love with paleontoligy so this video means a lot so also can we appreciate how he does so much for us to make this content so once again a big Thank you
Andre must've really trusted Ryan to let him do this
@obsigamer5439 Yıl önce
I want an Andre who'll let me dig up dinosaurs
was that an area that you could enter only with a special permission? my eng is not that good, i couldnt catch that part.
@potthethird Yıl önce
@@finrodfelagund3968 he owns that land
@@potthethird Oh, in my country, if the area has fossils, you can't dig there. Only goverment officials can do that. That's interesting.
@potthethird Yıl önce
@@finrodfelagund3968 America bro, if u find oil u keep it
It seems like Ryan is doing things he’s genuinely interested in the past couple videos And I love it!!!
@meh3722 Yıl önce
Love you ms. mcCain teachers like you are so important for us during our upbringing. Thanks for being awesome!❤
@zekezooms454 8 aylar önce
This man makes me emotional every video he makes.
@rhysnew7282 Yıl önce
I was expecting a content quality drop-off after the penny series but... Ryan is just built for this, he's great at every part of the process
@soficarod00 23 gün önce
The more I watched his videos, the more I wish to meet him and Haley. They are genuine beautiful, funny and kind people
@aishie2000 Yıl önce
I don't understand how ryan can make anything entertaining and fun to watch
@higuhuh Yıl önce
But u haven't watched the video yet🤦
@higuhuh Yıl önce
@Jack Wrath nice one😂🤣
@filip7823 Yıl önce
Because he is genuinely entertained himself, u can tell he is having fun in the making of his content
@Unus.Incredibox Yıl önce
He Could Do The Most Boring Thing And Make It Entertaining
@@higuhuh you have no idea what anyone has done so stay quiet
@l-ana Yıl önce
I’m happy to see Ryan doing so much just for a nine minute vid. ❤❤
such a kind soul❤keep doing great things Ryan! don't give up:)
@olliesgamingworld297 9 aylar önce
@Blikxy- 3 aylar önce
5:56 Ryan is like doing some stuff to make us happy and he dose❤
Hey! I just wanted to say I love your videos and you have really inspired me to get outside and spend time with friends (bc I am a kid that will stay inside a lot) and how in one of your videos you were saying you were the luckiest man alive and yeah I honestly agree ☺
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
He’s so awkward so funny at the same time keep making videos. This is amazing.
@onetwothree9892 Yıl önce
The way Ryan always has a backstory along with proper storytelling makes all of his videos absolute bangers.
@relic4948 Yıl önce
I wonder how he makes his storytelling so entertaining. Like does he use a Three Act Structure or a Harmon Circle as story telling formats when making his videos? Plus the videos are always linked to some really wholesome thing like how Ryan in this video was finding a fossil to impress his teacher. idk just curious
@owengallino9202 Yıl önce
Ryan is so funny and unexpected. He's helped me though rough times. You have made me laugh every time I watch your videos. Keep being you
Me too he helped me alot D̶O̶N̶T̶ ̶R̶E̶A̶D̶ ̶M̶Y̶ ̶N̶A̶M̶E̶
This was so precious. I am so happy you ended up with an actual fossil for your teacher! Fun video.
@adirocks8027 8 aylar önce
I though Ryan was actually "'bout to hit the sack." Lucky it didn't, it saved my life mentally and his life physically🤣🤣🤣
@kalcy9987 Yıl önce
Ryan’s the type of guy to hold memories and good people closer than a penny tattoo.
@Airview1006 8 aylar önce
9:42 dude i nearly cried😭😭
@Just_Some_Gal Yıl önce
I absolutely love Ryan's spirit, his confidence, and joy he brings to us in every video
@q_p-q_p Yıl önce
I love Morris
@sepoy5346 Yıl önce
Woman mustache are cool Cope or take training from a chad
You should meet up with Just Some Guy Without A Mustache
@TwentyOneSocks Yıl önce
@mariedales1686 Yıl önce
rn you have 666 likes
@josiahhook1535 Yıl önce
Love how you’re not afraid to show messages of faith. Would LOVE to see more that! :)
@MinecraftMase Yıl önce
ryan commented on my last video lmao
@DodfordYT Yıl önce
The best thing about Ryan's vdeos is you can tell he has so much FUN making them. The energy is contagious
@zackadamec9332 11 aylar önce
The message from the teacher choked me up. What an amazing woman and a perfect role model to be in a teaching position
@cherriemccain8573 10 aylar önce
Thank you Zack. Ryan was a great student. It was easy to watch him grow into the great person he is today. I appreciate your words.
@masamerch Yıl önce
@tiffbu00 19 gün önce
Ryan’s videos are so comforting to me
The teacher is so precious. Imagine you're having a bad time, someone you almost forgot about lifts you up. Dang
@acegrantson Yıl önce
I love morris! he seems like such a fun guy to be around!
@xavierboi2363 Yıl önce
I admire dinosaurs and I’ve always loved em so you doing this really encourages me to become a palaeontologist one day. Thank you very much Ryan.
@AAR9AV 11 aylar önce
Props to Ryan for mining ancient debris without a pickaxe.
@immilkyy Yıl önce
ryan just does what makes him and ppl around him happy which is just amazing
@adragol_cabaret Yıl önce
@@cristoerisorto4363 If you take this comment as rude, I'm sorry. But, with that said, why? Why did you comment this? This has nothing to do with anything.
@-Ash_Ketchup- Yıl önce
@@adragol_cabaret legit and how is jesus gods son if it says he doesn't give birth or have any children in the bible this is off from it im reading.
@troycorpuz8529 Yıl önce
@@-Ash_Ketchup- Its a bot
@troycorpuz8529 Yıl önce
@@adragol_cabaret Its a bot
@-Ash_Ketchup- Yıl önce
@@troycorpuz8529 it's not a bot🙃😀😃😀😃😀
I love Morris! Keep up the great work, Ryan!
@samarasonik Yıl önce
I need to know some of morris' story!! Dude I just helped a friend unwrap hundreds of fossils, crystals, and other fun mineraly rocks the other day and I'm still going off the excitement!! I def want to play in the field and find my own goodies:3
@ssneeze 9 aylar önce
ryan really kept his word "my favourite teacher"
The sound of Ryan drinking coffee is undoubtedly the most satisfying ASMR that ever ASMRd
@advxam 10 aylar önce
Not me checking this video to find broncosfan14 💀
@ytgbazza 10 aylar önce
Lmao same
@Kit-moeW-alt 10 aylar önce
@advxam 10 aylar önce
Guess we're all the same
@-Sun-SAMS- 10 aylar önce
@smileseth Yıl önce
How does Andre manage to be so happy all of the time? I love it
@nateb1685 Yıl önce
bro found his passion
He's on camera
@zacchvilla4008 Yıl önce
@@nateb1685 so true
@SCPguy Yıl önce
As someone who loves dinosaurs more than anything, I can safely say that when your in a piece of land that’s filled with dinosaur fossils and your helping someone who has a genuine interest in them, it’s pretty easy to be happy
@Annoying_vr Yıl önce
@Hannahlytics Yıl önce
Aww that was so sweet that you did this for her. Let’s give some ❤to Ms McCain
@misswubbles5185 9 aylar önce
Love that you made your unsuspecting teacher happy and filled with joy by gifting her $10k…so kind!❤
@anthonykyk Yıl önce
Usually stuff like this is boring to me but Ryan makes it 100 times better! I love fossils an dinosaurs now!
@hankster1597 10 aylar önce
The end was just so amazing my heart just melted.
@mariokartasmr Yıl önce
the way you come up with these seemingly random videos but incorporate storytelling and your actual life experiences into it,, great work ryan :]
@shelby8101 Yıl önce
This is so amazing! Paleontologist was my dream job when I was a kid
@Story_player Yıl önce
Your teacher is so sweet, God bless her and you ❤
@crbsoup6315 10 aylar önce
broncosfan14 out here making ryan do the most extreme stuff
@TrishtianBuckner 10 aylar önce
@SoccerHub24 Yıl önce
Admire your passion for paleontology and expertise shown in excavating a fossil site. Impressed by your educational and fascinating videos. Supporting and eagerly awaiting future content.
@ariebby-heart Yıl önce
why is the “grrr sorry im just having fun with this edit” sound so happy 😂❤
Ryaaaannnnn, way to make me cry!!! I'm a teacher in Houston! We absolutely love to get visited by our kids and see what they are up to in life. Keep up the awesome work.
@tiffanymf Yıl önce
u just have a way of putting a smile on my face. u are always smiling and goofy and make friends with everyone you meet. ur amazing
@cassymarlo153 Yıl önce
Dang like every well known youtuber ever including youtube has commented on this video! Ryan you are going places! Thank you for bringing a spark of simple beauty to my day.
@Blahify Yıl önce
Ive been watching u since you posted how to use a neptune bottle and now you are killing it out here you're going to carry 2023 much love and support keep up the grind
@rivercat26 Yıl önce
How does Ryan do this stuff??? Like. Wow. He just does the things we all want to do but think will never happen, and he makes it look easy
@NowherewithNate 9 aylar önce
Morris is a swell guy, one time he saved my cat from a ferocious glyptodon, If he wasn't there I don't know what would have happened to my saber cat. 👏
@broncosfan14 Yıl önce
I am from colarado and just went camping below freezin
@s8ulmiracle813 10 aylar önce
Yooo Im first
@pieegg 10 aylar önce
@@s8ulmiracle813 lol?
@zerreat 10 aylar önce
ngl I used vidIQ extention just to find this comment please pin it so people can find it easily
@igor_ostrovski 10 aylar önce
@dudebro1234 10 aylar önce
How did your camping compare with Ryan’s?
Who here agrees that Ms. McCain is the type of teacher we all need? Love hearing that, while facing trials, you are often met with unexpected support if you are willing to accept it.
@carolinebegala Yıl önce
The effort he put into this is amazing I love Ryan’s videos!
@sergiomci12 10 aylar önce
8:46 😭 wow what an incredible message
@sarah.vamp.20 Yıl önce
Your videos r always over the top. U r an Amazing soul. Thanks for spreading so much positivity in this depressing world.
@gavinwilliams9193 9 aylar önce
Ryan is the youtuber that never disappoints
@iWinttv Yıl önce
As a preschool teacher (going on 12 years of working with kids), you just added a motivation factor for me. Be a teacher the kids will remember because you were there for them. I needed a reminder today that what I do for/with the kiddos matters. It means something. Thanks for that reminder.
@puteqx Yıl önce
With that username dude? Nah utter chad you are
@lucasgaperez Yıl önce
All minecraft. All the winning.
@KM-vz9df 10 aylar önce
I still remember my preschool teachers! Those were some good times. Keep being an awesome teacher! 😊
@desiraye128 Yıl önce
This made my day! Watching you dig out fossil fuels made me smile. Keep up the good content and stay positive, always, like there’s no tomorrow! 😊
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