I Metal Detected 100 Miles of Beach 

Ryan Trahan
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iron man's crotch will be conquered
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28 Eki 2021




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The diamond ring at the beach in the intro was me snd my hands lmao. The treasure community welcomes you 😂🔥👊🏼
sy2 Yıl önce
cool videos tho
who you calling pinhead
here before this reaches a fricking 1k likes. I know nobody cares but.. first question is.. who is nobody?
Vinayak K
Vinayak K Yıl önce
am i the only one encountering these kinds of pages on yt lately, like the one above me? edit: AND one below me
Deadly PG3D
Deadly PG3D Yıl önce
ShineOrSomething Yıl önce
Yooooo I watch ur vids at DALLMYD
MaxCraft ‌‌
im honestly astonished with the amount of work and dedication ryan puts into his videos.. & it's helping the environment.. yikes
fushikizefu Yıl önce
FIRST!! I love ur videos Magic!!
Trainrek Yıl önce
@fushikizefu you like is 14 videos? From a couple of weeks ago? And he joined years ago? Clearly bought account
Mega Bannete
Mega Bannete Yıl önce
@Trainrek dont gotta hate
Nathan Yıl önce
@Trainrek what does this even mean?
Stan Yıl önce
This guy sub botted apparently
Melt Yıl önce
Amazing video as always
Sammyboi22x #roadto300
First and hi and ur late
Sammyboi22x #roadto300
@Blzeon ok man sry why would you reply that there is no point
Sammyboi22x #roadto300
@Blzeon ok it’s fine 😔 idk why I say stuff like that
Sammyboi22x #roadto300
@Blzeon I play all except for fortnite
Renil Fardheen
Renil Fardheen Yıl önce
@Blzeon hi I'm i of
J Gallardo
J Gallardo 11 aylar önce
I love the part where you said “What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh” and then jumped in the water 😂 ( 2:35 )
AWKARBI01 4 aylar önce
i went laghing like crazy that part
Alonso Beltran
Alonso Beltran 2 aylar önce
Alonso Beltran
Alonso Beltran 2 aylar önce
Alonso Beltran
Alonso Beltran 2 aylar önce
Ahmed Scores
Ahmed Scores Yıl önce
Ryan: “Why do people just lose 1 shoe and not the other on beaches?” Also Ryan: *proceeds to nearly lose 1 flip flop*
DayTwoFilms Yıl önce
Andreas Verwoerd
Andreas Verwoerd 10 aylar önce
Ramsey fang
Ramsey fang 4 aylar önce
nooby 3 aylar önce
Bumble BeeYaj
Bumble BeeYaj 11 aylar önce
I was actually cheering for you Ryan. What a epic finale.
Haley Pham
Haley Pham Yıl önce
I’ve been trying to think about a joke related to the biggest holes you’ve seen but…
I dont know
I dont know Yıl önce
Marci Dekany
Marci Dekany Yıl önce
Championz0 Yıl önce
Nerd Yıl önce
@Byz Ayo did you just say random verified person? I don't think you've heard of the legend of the microwave oven, then you'll understand oh yeah the legend somewhere down there
astr0 Yıl önce
Lauryn Riker
Lauryn Riker Yıl önce
I love how awkward Ryan is, like if a guy came up to me just tryna tell me a joke and jumped into the ocean, oh yeah, that's my new best friend
Jessie Vecchio
Jessie Vecchio Yıl önce
Bruh literally
Phone Kinney
Phone Kinney 11 aylar önce
Penguin Yıl önce
Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort Ryan puts into his content for us. Great job
D'LISSA Zarco 3 aylar önce
I love penguins
The Ravenclaw Potter
The Ravenclaw Potter 2 aylar önce
every youtube comment ever be like:
Bunny Asmr
Bunny Asmr Aylar önce
I can’t say many videos have made me genuinely laugh out loud to myself. Such good work
Sophia Kirby
Sophia Kirby Yıl önce
I respect all the work Ryan puts into these videos and it’s usually stuff that are just crazy to think about but he somehow makes it work
iamxzavier 11 aylar önce
Ryan you’re one of the best TRvidr’s on the planet thanks for being such an inspiration to me 🔥🔥🔥
Paddy Galloway
Paddy Galloway Yıl önce
This is such a brilliant idea. It has huge viral potential while bringing so much awareness to team seas.
TKthepenguin Yıl önce
Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan Yıl önce
Thank u paddy! Love ya lad
volkar Yıl önce
@Ryan Trahan omg hi Ryan
JaseTWR Yıl önce
@Ryan Trahan howdy, DR PHIL ADOPT YOU
Paddy Galloway
Paddy Galloway Yıl önce
@Ryan Trahan catch up soon x
♡Cønfused Creatør♡
Thank you for doing this! So many people forget about our oceans and throw trash in recycling *the amount of times I’ve put plastic in the recycling bin because somebody didn’t is honestly annoying but I’ve been trying to keep our ocean clean and trying to clean up after others, it is my dream to one day know that it’s just animals in the water and they have no chance of getting killed by trash. Love your videos by the way!
alida flus
alida flus Yıl önce
can we talk about how well ryan is doing, these videos are hits after hits
woycaching 9 aylar önce
Can we agree how your comments ruin our days
someones.here. 9 aylar önce
we can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content 👌👌
Andrew Logan
Andrew Logan 9 aylar önce
I agree
Floofs_catYT 8 aylar önce
Myomyat Thiri
Myomyat Thiri Aylar önce
​@Floofs_catYT account
Myomyat Thiri
Myomyat Thiri Aylar önce
quantity 😅
Myomyat Thiri
Myomyat Thiri Aylar önce
how to good
ct miana♡
ct miana♡ Yıl önce
The fact that he spend all his time just to make this video is amazing and worth watching it 🤗✨
Scary Teacher 3D Gaming
Wow it great i love it ❤❤❤❤
pressy Yıl önce
I’m Yıl önce
I love you 😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
ttocs Yıl önce
Alpharidge Yıl önce
@I’m sus
Kanux_RBX Yıl önce
@Alpharidge 😐
kippert Yıl önce
To everyone else who has donated, you're a legend. Thank you so much.
can't spell ARMY without RM
his contents are always so enjoyable to watch yet raising awareness at the same time
Sir Wabaloo
Sir Wabaloo 3 aylar önce
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much effort goes into watching these videos
Dolgion Erdenechuluun
Dolgion Erdenechuluun 11 aylar önce
im almost cried❤️ thank you ryan for this amazing journey we love you❤️❤️❤️
Andreas Verwoerd
Andreas Verwoerd 10 aylar önce
Do you have a crush on him or something?
Andreas Verwoerd
Andreas Verwoerd 10 aylar önce
All those harts
VEE3RDEYE Yıl önce
i love that you connected with the other metal detector over bottle caps
~ ᴍᴀᴜʀɪᴄᴇ ~ (sᴏɴɪᴄ)
First (I'm actually second but the person above me is a bot so I'm basically first kinda
Deadly PG3D
Deadly PG3D Yıl önce
Ballz Yıl önce
Dabr Yıl önce
@~ ᴍᴀᴜʀɪᴄᴇ ~ (sᴏɴɪᴄ) they're not a bot they typed a normal comment
The Fortnite Quest Guy
This comment had me thinking he switched metal detectors until he met the metal detector 🤣
baen Yıl önce
Ryan: How do people lose shoes here? Also Ryan not even 5 minutes later: **loses flip flop**
Katharina Fremlin
Same name
Alex4optimus Yıl önce
Anu radha
Anu radha Yıl önce
It's called chapal not flip flop
Valorland Videos
Valorland Videos Yıl önce
@Anu radha It has many names
Pujita Shukla
Pujita Shukla Yıl önce
idk what it is but Ryan's reactions and the editing of his videos are just pleasing to watch
Heat Pete
Heat Pete 10 aylar önce
Got a friend who use to do this where we live in 🇨🇦 and he found a Canadian quarter from 1915 which was a key date since they didn't mint many that year. Apparently because it was in such good shape being stuck in the ground for over 100 years it was worth $500
Trippyplayz 451
Trippyplayz 451 Yıl önce
It's amazing how most video ryan does is fundraising to help other people ❤️
A PM 11 aylar önce
That’s how you can get hundreds of dollars like Ryan did with a penny he found on the beach
AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
It’s always those “other guys” who find the good stuff 💍🤔
إسحاق Ishaq
إسحاق Ishaq Yıl önce
Hey babe
Chickage Yıl önce
Hey babe
v1sual Yıl önce
ebab yeH
Jana kabagz
Jana kabagz Yıl önce
Hye beba
Get on the cross and don’t look back
Repent to Jesus Christ! “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”” ‭‭John‬ ‭14:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Domino Bust
Domino Bust Yıl önce
Fun fact, Dwane is a meteorite, he's metallic. So Dwaine is actually worth a lot 💀
mattwashere Yıl önce
Rohin Sharma
Rohin Sharma Yıl önce
Hehe sewage Aten srockwsjispahz msksk
Christopher Emmanuel
Where is the fun?
hhh hhh
hhh hhh Yıl önce
no way
British_Mantis Yıl önce
he could just be iron, nickel or copper and they are very common
Cookie Cutter
Cookie Cutter Yıl önce
Thanks for joining save the seas!
MagicalMayhem Yıl önce
Yea true
Northrop YF-23
Northrop YF-23 Yıl önce
@x8 same
FoodPlayzGames and BlahThing
Yeah. And hi cookie cutter I'm a fan
joe evan
joe evan Yıl önce
Hello Cookie guy who drew a black frost dragon
ttocs Yıl önce
Mikaela Grahn
Mikaela Grahn 2 aylar önce
Hi, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH!! thank you so much for the great vids!🥰
Albert Yıl önce
I love your Person, Probably never gonna see this Ryan, but I must say I appreciate your Personality, to see how you live with this ease its making me smile. I feel very good letting you influence me. Thank you and hopefully these words will come to you :)
The gaming lad
The gaming lad 8 aylar önce
I love you journeys I think you are a hardworking person who always is a kind human keep up the great work
Fish Booot
Fish Booot Yıl önce
This is crazy how all these TRvidrs are all just coming out with teamSeas. You have my 100% support!
rosalyn 💗
rosalyn 💗 Yıl önce
Me too!
Emu Lemoo
Emu Lemoo Yıl önce
Same here
Mallory Jane
Mallory Jane Yıl önce
He puts so much work into his videos! Respect!
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Yıl önce
I would love to see Ryan do a paranormal investigation or go to an abandoned place.
raw beanz
raw beanz 7 aylar önce
Let's all appreciate how much Ryan has spent on his videos(and support to get dr.phil to be his grandfather)
Walmart Tarzan
Walmart Tarzan Yıl önce
It’s awesome how so many big youtubers are plugging team seas. Even if it’s for a split second, I consider donating again.
Аркадий Фурника
11 months ago u had 4.8 mil subs and now you have 10.8 mil , that’s craaazyyy good man , you grew up huge in a year
moose Yıl önce
Ryan: how do people only lose 1 shoe at a time Also Ryan: loses only 1 flip flop
VDX Yıl önce
Also, if you lose two, they'll probably end up in different places.
Cody Keddie
Cody Keddie Yıl önce
VibinJesus Yıl önce
@VDX thats not how current works
Andreas Verwoerd
Andreas Verwoerd 10 aylar önce
Ok mr amogus
The Seasonal Station
Ryan out here saving the environment, one bottle cap at a time.
Deeeyn PPop Stan Edits
What I love about Ryan’s video is that he always put 101% of his efforts to it plus his humor.
kewlkidsklub420 11 aylar önce
The fact that he found a disposable and a dab pen just in the sand is wild.
Jonas Yıl önce
Great video as always Ryan, keep delivering!
Stavan 8 aylar önce
Little did we know what that penny Ryan found would be worth one year later
ImMASI Yıl önce
You talking to the older guy who was also metel detecting was super wholesome.
Team Larry
Team Larry Yıl önce
Can we just appreciate the work of Ryan? keep it up dummyyyyy
dashmeltedgd. Yıl önce
da firk?
Mr. Factual
Mr. Factual Yıl önce
@dashmeltedgd. I agree
100K Subs With No Vids?
He never fails to make the best content. He is always so consistent. One of the best youtubers out there.
ThinHaxYT 8 aylar önce
s1ole 6 aylar önce
Bot reported
Genet Harris
Genet Harris 6 aylar önce
𐐪 𝕖𝕞𝕞𝕚𝕖 𐑂
it’s so great that you guys are doing this :)
Sad cat :c
Sad cat :c 8 aylar önce
If only Ryan was in the world of fallout all these caps could be some good bank
Pihros Yıl önce
ryan: wondering why there is always only one shoe left on the beach ryan (literally the same day): almost loses one shoe
fred smith
fred smith Yıl önce
Zech Otte
Zech Otte Yıl önce
What sucks is that those shoes are from people jumping off of bridges from committing suicide
Grant Ingria
Grant Ingria Yıl önce
@Zech Otte um. No thats completely wrong.
VHS Yıl önce
@Zech Otte damn dude what are you smoking I want some
[soup²] Yıl önce
...is a flip flop considered a shoe?
AYOOO MY MAN!!!! Yıl önce
Ok so I'm not going to lie at first I was skeptical but I gave it a chance and then "Subscribed". Ppl genuine like u deserve the world. Just keep doing u buddy. Your Awesome 😊
Swampy Jock 1996
Swampy Jock 1996 Yıl önce
I dunno why you still haven't reach like 100 million subscriber. All your videos are educational, inspirational, adventurous and funny. Its great to have a vlogger like you in this world full of famous vlogger that can only produce trash content.
Cody Phillips
Cody Phillips 11 aylar önce
Dwane could have actually been worth over 1000 dollars due to the fact he could be from space and hit the ocean then washing up on the shore
SMLParodies Yıl önce
Ryan: there’s no way I would be that much of a freak to pick it up and wear it Also Ryan: wears it
Episk Armo
Episk Armo 3 aylar önce
The genuine joy I saw when he found 2 bottle caps.
Kenna Yıl önce
The fact that every single TRvidr is uploading a team seas video at the same time is amazing!!!
Amy Crawford
Amy Crawford Yıl önce
I know right! I came on and there was like 100 vids of famous TRvidrs joining with team seas! I am so confused!
M1K3Y_M0SS Yıl önce
Love you Ryan, ur videos 👌 so inspiring!!
JustStick Yıl önce
ryan really made like 3.5 bucks from 100 miles what a legend
ProShayaanTV 9 aylar önce
Ryan: *Says the worst joke* also him: *Deep depressed falling into sea intensifies*
Pujita Shukla
Pujita Shukla Yıl önce
i love how awkward but bold this man is💀
Peggy Doering
Peggy Doering 5 aylar önce
lucky you ive always wanted a metal detecter
Diego Lomeli-Katen
It makes my day seeing all of these creators coming together to help clean up our oceans and beaches
SmacklePackle Yıl önce
Really went above and beyond with this video. Well done!
Luz 11 aylar önce
no he didn't
TK Naturals
TK Naturals Yıl önce
One thing about Ryan is he will see every challenge to the end 👏🏽
Ryder Yıl önce
He never stops the good content keep up the great work
Ashraf Rashed
Ashraf Rashed 9 aylar önce
TNice tutorials was so detailed! Great video for beginners. Thank you!
Itachì不 Yıl önce
Ryan’s Videos Are so Enjoynous! Ryan Makes our Day All The Time.
Lanmans Gamery And More!
It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece🌠
Piano man 2.0
Piano man 2.0 7 aylar önce
If you find a rock that says it’s metal then it is a meteorite 😮
dead poooooo
dead poooooo Yıl önce
This man is funny as heck love u brudah for the entertaining videos and also I wish you the best of luck with passing Dr.phil's subscribers
Kelli Rebant
Kelli Rebant 5 aylar önce
Ryan: would I really pick up a hat I found on the beach and wear it No I would not. End of the video: wearing the hat
Six Yıl önce
This video makes me want to buy a metal detector and just wander around and find useless stuff I might find cool
PL_Skelly Yıl önce
First epikkkkkkk
Lane’s Aviation
X.Andrea.X Yıl önce
If I ever find a diamond ring I’m trading it in for thousands of bucks
-koolleaves- ⭐️
Omg same
Welp same but i like to use useless things and glue them and make them to something
Moofy Yıl önce
Haha I love this! This is the reality of metal detecting 😂
True Crime Queen™
Love your content! Everyone be safe out there 💛💛❤️
Krol09 11 aylar önce
Can't believe metal detecting is illegal in Ireland...
TheCasualGuy Yıl önce
2:37 the fact that he just flopped into the water after that made me start laughing and milk came out of my nose
Evanz111 Yıl önce
Muay Cock
Muay Cock 7 aylar önce
@Evanz111 It's actually possible, I once laughed so hard my chips came up my nose.
JazBerry 6 aylar önce
Ryan: what do you call a fish with no eyes? Lady: i don’t know. Ryan: a “fsh” Lady: *nods silently* Ryan: *drowns*
Sped Yıl önce
Ryan: "There's no way i'd be a that much of a freak to pick it up and wear it: Also Ryan: Wears the hat
Sol4r Yıl önce
thats the point
A Think
A Think Yıl önce
To get a reaction, maybe?
TooFamousAmelia 𓆉
👏🏽 I’m impressed you did this but I wasn’t surprised u always have the greatest videos
Shaileshwar Suresh
Shaileshwar Suresh 11 aylar önce
someone give this man a hug he doesn't care being weird
ShreyDGamer 6 aylar önce
Yo bro Ryan love the cool videos man Keep it up.
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming Yıl önce
“I found what looks to be a medieval baby bottle pop” -Ryan Trahan 2021
Justice Corona
Justice Corona Yıl önce
It's the inside of an inhaler I think
Shiny Lugia
Shiny Lugia 8 aylar önce
I have that same metal detector lol. And all I ever find are bottle caps... also those “metal worms” are tent pegs, i find those all the time too
Brick Science
Brick Science Yıl önce
Awesome!! Let’s go TeamSeas!!
Just A Guy
Just A Guy Yıl önce
Matty Matty
Matty Matty Yıl önce
Cinquin Yıl önce
Ryan Guy
Ryan Guy Yıl önce
hamid faizi
hamid faizi Yıl önce
Yeaaa teams was less goooo
Luke Riney
Luke Riney Yıl önce
I love that he’s wearing the hat he found after he said he wouldn’t
Rina Sadalani
Rina Sadalani Yıl önce
WHITE Yıl önce
Basically here's a summary of the story (with timestamps) One day the power went out in a city. 0:00 A mute boy (Johnson, Nicknamed Jonny) went into his basement to try to find flashlights 1:36 His mother (Eden) went into the basement and tried to slap his son but accidentally slapped a plant 4:12 His dad (Harry) went into the basement and tried to slap his son but accidentally slapped Eden 9:28 His sister (Ella) went into the basement and tried to slap Eden and Harry but accidentally slapped Johnson 19:54 Johnson found a flashlight but a evil monster stole it from him before he could turn it on 23:16 Unikitty (their cat) went into the basement and killed the monster 27:19 Ella decides she would look for a flashlight with Johnson for 40 minutes 28:43 Unikitty dies from Ella because the monster was actually her BFF that tried to check on Ella 1:00:01 Harry tried to call 911 on Ella but he forgot the power was out and he forgot to charge his phone 1:03:12 Ella kills Harry in anger for trying to call 911 1:04:05 Eden slaps Ella 1:06:06 Johnson facepalms and calls 911 with his phone with full battery but forgets HE CAN'T TALK so he records Ella laughing and talking about the dead bodies 1:12:54 Ella gets arrested 1:14:32 Johnson looks for the flashlight the monster dropped but fails 1:15:34 Ella breaks out of jail 1:21:57 Ella dabs and goes back to the basement to attack Johnson 1:22:08 Ella makes a agreement that she wont kill him if Johnson finds a flashlight in the next hour 1:36:53 Ella notices the time ran out 2:36:53 Johnson attacks Ella for being a crazy psychopath 2:37:16 Ella runs away and gives up 2:47:19 Johnson finally finds his flashlight 2:59:58 Power turns back on and Johnson explodes 3:00:00
TheMagicEra 8 aylar önce
5:21 this part killed me sooo hard😂😂😂
Dan Batton
Dan Batton Yıl önce
Thanks for you're content you are really what I look forward to watching at the end of the day thanks dude
-Lolbit- 11 aylar önce
Ryan: no way I’d be that much of a freak to pick it up and wear it. Me, knowing ryan, be like: He put it on, didn’t he?
TheQuickChef Yıl önce
Great video!! Amazing editing Ryan and you tell a really good story with an amazing end goal, to help save the world... Good luck, I'll do my part to help!!
l Yıl önce
He’s so underrated like all the things he does for his fans is crazy and nobody recognizes it
Avyn Kelly
Avyn Kelly Yıl önce
Ryan:I found a random hat on the ground but there is no way I would that much of a freak to pick it up and wear it. Also Ryan:Proceeds to wear hat.
Codebreaker785 8 aylar önce
Little did Ryan know that mini mediaeval baby pop is a ventolin container (the thing in the asthma inhalers)
Troy Fitzgerald
Troy Fitzgerald Yıl önce
Had a great time watching this! Awesome video dude.
DaN tHe MaN He KnOwS yOuR pLaN
Is no one gonna talk about how he walked 4 matothons and didn’t talk about his feet hurting once what a legend this man is
kiiturii Yıl önce
he did once
kelsey Yıl önce
hazelnut Yıl önce
Ryan: *kisses up into sky* Also Ryan: “oh no he’s still alive😄”
Coconut Pete
Coconut Pete Yıl önce
I would love to be able to metal detect 100 miles of beach... maybe someday. Side note: the metal detector Ryan is using isn't a very good brand/model
Bryn Fitch
Bryn Fitch 8 aylar önce
How has he grown so this much in 10 months!!!!
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