Explosive powered nut cracker vs. metal nuts

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I've been waiting for the crossover episode between my explosive bat and a nut cracker for over a year. It was totally worth the wait. Hope you enjoy it!

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4 Ara 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here Aylar önce
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DaKermitFrog 3 gün önce
i dont know, even thinking about it my mind goes into a too large / cost ... make a gyroscopic vehicle. make the bubble car from jurrasic world D;
howard baxter
howard baxter 3 gün önce
@DaKermitFrog what do you have in mind?
DaKermitFrog 3 gün önce
Can you do something with tracks/Omni wheels?
Salvador Santos
Salvador Santos 6 gün önce
@Filgaming 770p
Rozelkyia 7 gün önce
Could have added a whoopie cushion to the end of the venting chamber instead of the muffler so it would fart every time you crack a nut.
SmarterEveryDay Aylar önce
This is not a nut cracker. This is a nut buster.
Yeahhh Boyyy
Yeahhh Boyyy 2 gün önce
One Handed Sharp Shooter
Just commented the same thing without seeing your post. Great minds think alike lol
howard baxter
howard baxter 20 gün önce
Good to see Destin commenting on a fellow engineer’s channel. Looking forward to future colabs between the two of y’all.
Finnix133 27 gün önce
That is a nut annihilator, even
candlish 27 gün önce
No its a nut destroyer
I did a thing
I did a thing Aylar önce
I cant help but feel that the warning of not playing with blanks was direct at me..........
Komrade BigTex sucks
Komrade BigTex sucks 14 gün önce
definitely not. youve never been one to listen to warning anyway.
Potato Boi
Potato Boi 22 gün önce
ayo the engineers are here
james smith
james smith Aylar önce
@Jonathan Davies thats called a gun.
I did a thing
I did a thing Aylar önce
@meh ahahahaha
meh Aylar önce
it was directed at Alec Baldwin
Charlotte Stang
Charlotte Stang Aylar önce
one of my favorite build montages ever. the music, the timing, the repetition, everything was perfect. had to watch it a couple times just for fun
good anytime j
good anytime j 22 gün önce
I absolutely love this channel, I'm a CNC machinist, changed careers in my late 20's and went back to school for CNC and still now that I've been working in the field for almost 3 years feel like a rookie sometimes. Every video you make I either learn something new or learn a different way of solving a problem. And it's fun having a channel to talk to a bunch of old shop monkeys about (I'm by far the youngest guy at my job) thanks for all you do man and have a happy holiday!
Trumpatier Aylar önce
I'm so glad I found this channel long enough ago to see the constant progression of Shane's video quality, presentation skills, and everything else. This channel is moving from amazing to world changing!
A Mere Creator
A Mere Creator Aylar önce
Ah yes, not the 200 caliber nut buster we deserved, but the 200 caliber nut buster we needed
FrozenGamerMan 19 gün önce
Let's castrate pedophiles with it!
Chad Henderson
Chad Henderson Aylar önce
Also, as far as the mm measurement stands when asking about ammo or a firearm that uses said ammo, the word "chambered" sometimes is used when referring to the firearm. For example; The Desert Eagle Full size handgun was available in three different calibers. The customer had the option of choosing their Desert Eagle chambered in .357, .44 Magnum, or .50 caliber. The total empty weight of the pistol remained at 8.5 lbs regardless of caliber chosen. The smaller and much less expensive version called, "Baby Eagle", was also a available in three different calibers as well, chambered in 9mm, .40 cal, or . 41 caliber. I found the .40 and .41 caliber options very odd back in the early 1990's when I first discovered the Baby Eagle. It was so much lighter and easier to handle than the full size of course, but just how drastic the difference was between them is night and day. I preferred the smaller version then and I still prefer now rather than the full size.
Jay Russell - '02, LB7 Duramax
@e-zeeTV Yeah. This brought out some interesting research, too! Honestly, classifying firearms by caliber is almost meaningless since we stopped using spherical bullets. Nowadays, multiple rounds with the same bullet diameter can be WILDLY different in powder charge, such as the .50 GI and .50 BMG. Thank you! The same to you and yours!
e-zeeTV Aylar önce
@Jay Russell - '02, LB7 Duramax what about a 5.56 calibre? Anyway i was only trying to correct the persons maths (1/2 × 4 =2) i do understand what you are saying though. Its confusing because when people say .50 cal, the inch is dropped but when they say 9mm, calibre is dropped . Good chat anyway hope you & your loved have a good Christmas .
Jay Russell - '02, LB7 Duramax
@e-zeeTV That's fair. Again, I admit that, at its most general, caliber just means the inside diameter of a firearm, and does not specify a unit. However, as is the case with many words, the meaning of it can vary from place to place. So, in the US - where this video was made and where I'm commenting from - caliber refers to 1/100th of an inch. That's how it's virtually always used. Also, I've never heard anyone refer to a metric round as "9 mm caliber". Caliber is virtually always dropped when describing a metric cartridge. Culture has a strange way of overriding the dictionary, doesn't it? I hear so many words get used by the kids at my church in a way that's radically different from the definition. Yet, if I comment on it, they look at me like I'm an alien or something. Haha!
Tevin Eddy
Tevin Eddy Aylar önce
Shane: "Don't try this at home." Me (overengineering the imperative): "Let's explore the meaning of the word 'try'..."
Matheus Dias
Matheus Dias Aylar önce
The way he has fun doing the voiceovers always makes me smile
Paul Schatz
Paul Schatz 18 saatler önce
You have the coolest channel on this platform by far! Seriously my favorite channel! I wish I understood science and engineering as well as you to create fun things like this!!!!! Keep up your awesome work man!
7. Nguyễn Anh Hải
Man, him being so good at these kinds of stuff is one thing, but his sense of humor and the editing. Wow!
Karl Wünsche
Karl Wünsche Aylar önce
"The big question." "I already married you." Was probably one of the most underrated jokes in this video.
Chiron Aylar önce
They're honestly perfect together and it's amazing
uwe majestijn
uwe majestijn Aylar önce
I liked the video after this
Faisal Aylar önce
EverClouds Aylar önce
Simply Thimble
Simply Thimble Aylar önce
@Bert Mortino same
Evan Schubert
Evan Schubert 21 gün önce
I loved this video! This was an awesome project and I appreciate how well you showed the engineering process. Love Jaws!
nick00less Aylar önce
Thankful for you and your wife. You two remind me of my wife and I. I’m thankful she puts up with my shenanigans and allows me to purchase items, even though I already purchased it and received shipping info days prior to me asking 🙂
connor y
connor y Aylar önce
This is awesome! I would make the flash hole larger. You're getting a lot of head losses due to small diameter, and right angles
Serial Procrastinator
Learning while being entertained to no end. Your videos are absolutely gold. Imagine the neighbors constantly hearing the bangs from the tests haha. And love the wife doing the Kilroy was here imitation lol
Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell Aylar önce
The editing, jokes, and storytelling, along with all the science, just keeps getting better!
greentjmtl 15 gün önce
@Bill Sorrell Of course you find it funny, like the guys in pointy white hats love each other's joke too.
Bill Sorrell
Bill Sorrell 15 gün önce
@greentjmtl - Nothing funnier than some butthurt troll who maxed out their race card.
Adam Aylar önce
That’s why we’re here
Polydull Memes
Polydull Memes Aylar önce
Nut cracker lore
Commander AMG
Commander AMG Aylar önce
Ben , Umbrardor
Ben , Umbrardor Gün önce
I love how extra educational this felt. Really made it all understandable
Donald Gillespie
Donald Gillespie Aylar önce
You should be proud of how well your videos have progressed in quality and humour even in the past year, well done
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood 19 gün önce
That's awesome, absolutely think you and your wife are very clever making interesting projects with great details. Keep up the good work guys .👍 All the way from Australia 👍
benjammin2929 Aylar önce
Probably my favorite video of yours yet. Your description of Yield Strength was very well put.
Wesley Koewing
Wesley Koewing Aylar önce
“Time for the big question” “I already married you” Your wife is hilarious
Warblebeast Aylar önce
And the beeeg smiles, very entertaining
Wesley Koewing
Wesley Koewing Aylar önce
@ameyarocks yes, to him
Ya Boi Rogers
Ya Boi Rogers Aylar önce
She was so fun this time, it was a pleasure to watch them both
St0RM33 Aylar önce
savage 😂🤣
𝕵 𝕾 Aylar önce
Eaoke3 Aylar önce
Your videos are super inspirational. I really love all of your content, its creative, entertaining, and I always learn something.
CrewmanDerek Aylar önce
I’m a relatively newer viewer and this channel has skyrocketed into my top 5 in all of TRvid! Amazing stuff man! I went back and watched all of your stuff and it’s fantastic
Encysted Aylar önce
Hey, I really appreciated the explanation of yield strength in this, especially tying it into the maths, as an explanation of the components that go into sizing. I was missing that from the previous projects.
absollnk 18 gün önce
I love that you show failed attempts, it's very interesting to see what goes wrong initially
Greg Green
Greg Green Aylar önce
Shane: *Makes a nutcracker with 80k pounds of force* Shane’s Explanation: “If I put a piston over these blanks, the expanding gas will shoot it up and crush deez nuts.”
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
@João Cunha and now its popular
B. Aylar önce
Remember... It's all powered by shell-farts
Alumorus Aylar önce
@alex39082 I was using voice to text, I said it in a voice that would let you know I was amused, but reading it in text it makes me sound like what my profile picture talks like.
alex39082 Aylar önce
@Alumorus Did it really though? You didn’t even ROFL or LMAO… not even a simple LOL.
Charlie Sipple
Charlie Sipple Aylar önce
Ollanius_papyrus 12 gün önce
“If a friend asks you if you want to make something powder-actuated, just say no,” Words to live by.
Mikkel Pedersen
Mikkel Pedersen 4 gün önce
Personally i feel like you are doing what we all have wanted to or thought about doing. All i can say is . you are awesome, keep it up
I just finished my strengths of materials class and really enjoy seeing the topics I’m learning about applied! Keep up the great work!
Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott Aylar önce
I love this style of video. The editing is getting alot better. lol, great work!
SRFriso94 Aylar önce
"The big question..." "I already married you." She's definitely a keeper.
Idiot Buster
Idiot Buster Aylar önce
@Kyzen I mean, who doesn't like a greasy salty snack now and then? Especially when you've drunk a bit too much
Shubhendu katiyar
Shubhendu katiyar Aylar önce
She is kept.
KDC Krusia
KDC Krusia Aylar önce
They look like siblings
Blox117 Aylar önce
@MixMin i agree, these people are not intelligent enough to go beyond insults
MixMin Aylar önce
@Blox117 so do you have an actual argument or are you just gonna throw low-tier insults
Chris O'Farrell
Chris O'Farrell Aylar önce
More of the comedic writing of Mrs Stuff Made Here please. A welcome addition to the channel ☺️
dario dal cin
dario dal cin 9 gün önce
Hi stuff, I'm a big fan of yours from the beginning! Please never stop including the technical stuff and the actual engineering. Don't turn the channel into "science explained to kids" like mark rober
__Mxd__ 27 gün önce
i have so much respect for youtubers like you because they will spend days and days sometimes even weeks to make stuff like this , it’s truly inspiring.
Elis Grahn
Elis Grahn Aylar önce
I've watched this three times... It is just as entertaining every time, this dude has mastered TRvid.
cam Aylar önce
This man is literally a god tier engineer, he only sees two outcomes: 1. It works 2. Try again The sheer force of will in this man is commendable
Harold Seah
Harold Seah Aylar önce
@Patrick Herke Thank you for your considered reply. I will readily admit that complexity in and of itself cannot prove the existence of God. But I would also point out that the present model of chemical evolution/abiogenesis cannot account for the complexity of life. The chemistry involved cannot even be replicated with pure ingredients in lab conditions let alone in a pre-biotic earth. As such, to accept evolution as fact is frankly absurd in my view and the idea that we were created by an eternal God does seem on balance far more plausible.
Patrick Herke
Patrick Herke Aylar önce
@Harold Seah Complexity really has very little to do with likelihood of intelligent design. Instead if you said that, I'd suggest that there are no known natural processes that would shape metal in such a way, however, there are many ways that and similar things are actively being made by people. (the second half with evidence for the human made explanation is really important) Thus making unlikely to happen by chance. And then ask if you had evidence suggesting such processes did exist. As for the existence of life, the broad strokes of how it propagates and evolves are reasonably well understood. And there are a number of reasonable hypotheses for how it first came to be on Earth. One of these includes the fact that amino acids have been shown to be able to form from chemicals present on Earth and atmospheric electricity. Some others center around the formation of proteins, RNA, proto-cells (which have been replicated), and metabolism first hypotheses. However, if you suggest life is complex therefore something (in your case, God) made life, you run into a problem. The assumption that something must have made life seems to indicate that complexity is necessary to create complexity. As such God must be complex. But if God is complex, how did God come to be? Thus, in introducing God to the equation, we haven't actually gotten any closer to an answer. We've just added a layer of abstraction to the problem. Most religions stop around here and say well, God's beyond our understanding, or you need to have faith, or something like that. Because most people are more comfortable with the idea that even if they don't understand how this world works, someone does and that entity can help them. Because you can pray to God, you can make sacrifices, you can persuade another intelligent being. But you can't argue with the temperature or the atmospheric pressure. You can't argue with gravity.
Harold Seah
Harold Seah Aylar önce
@hjalar I hear you, and I used to think that as well. But consider if I said that the Nutcracker in Shane's video was made by accident even if it is clearly designed with purpose, function and intent. You would laugh at me, and point to the clear evidence of design to say someone must have made it. Surely we are more complex than a shotgun-shell actuated nutcraker, and someone must have made us. Someone who is actually God-tier for He is God.
Double Dare Fan
Double Dare Fan Aylar önce
@Geddy V "He hits a wall" Next thing on his mind? Jackhammer! He will demolish that wall so he can move on!
chris carew
chris carew Aylar önce
@Geddy V he doesn’t rush his videos he puts them out when they are done
Eaoke3 Aylar önce
The style of montage was different! Loved to see all of the new aspects, and new video creativity
Cilleyperson Aylar önce
This… is fantastic. How have I not been subbed to your channel before now? Keep up the amazing work!
Chad Henderson
Chad Henderson Aylar önce
This was a cool project and glad to see you work through all of the issues that came about unexpectedly. I am wondering though, what would have happened if you were to have increased the diameter of the gas tube/chamber when the alignment was off? Would this have made any discernable difference? Either way, you successfully completed your build and had the extra bonus of spousel support and perfectly timed one liners just crushing it! Lol. Cheers
Jarnick Ramm
Jarnick Ramm Aylar önce
You are an engineering legend, definitely a inspiration for studying engineering
Craig Bush
Craig Bush Aylar önce
"If I waste material, it's a tragedy." Spoken like a true engineer. Man, I love this guy.
James Trebillcock
James Trebillcock Aylar önce
Says that then scraps 5 parts off because he can't get some holes to line up lol
Christian G
Christian G Aylar önce
while designing a maschine to waste material for no reason
O Albuquerque
O Albuquerque Aylar önce
Said the Guy making a thermonuclear nutcracker
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
@ticklord well i meant engineering obviously requires material cost and planning and some tests after its made.
ticklord Aylar önce
@John Wayne It's more of a self deprecating joke towards engineers in general. The goal is always to engineer the most efficient thing, but often with engineering, tiny mistakes cause material loss etc.
Spandan Kumar
Spandan Kumar Aylar önce
Really appreciate the fact how you, not only explained how the project works but also gave an insight into how engineering works. Great vid as usual man. Loved it
Fighter178 Aylar önce
Question: could you maybe do 5 shells in something else?? I would understand that may be too expensive in metal & higher safety risk.
Simon 6 gün önce
Hey, great stuff! I’d like to take the chance to pitch to you a cool idea: remote tennis harness; two air walls with smoke in the middle and a backside projector project the adversary in front of you; the ball vel and angvel are tracked via software and a ball shooter replicates the adversary balls arriving from the other half of the field. Automatic ball boy would be a plus! Wouldn’t it be such a cool idea??
Tsung Hung Shen
Tsung Hung Shen 22 gün önce
I’m impressed you are explaining your process for the design vs guesstimate. Awesome job
David James Henry
David James Henry Aylar önce
"The Big Question--" "I already married you" I know she plays a grump on this channel but every now and again she lets her love for you show and it's unironically so wholesome
tiki en de marie's
tiki en de marie's Aylar önce
Bruh just as I started reading this comment they said that line
Flashhed Aylar önce
@CS Hobo you can clearly see her smiling when she is
Pietro Cavicchioli
Pietro Cavicchioli Aylar önce
@CS Hobo she is acting
CS Hobo
CS Hobo Aylar önce
idk she just always looks like she really doesn't want to be here but he's paying the bills so meh.
Wigglyjiggly Aylar önce
@Ashten Nicolas That is the look of someone truly in love. Sadly that is a look most of us will never receive.
Talha Han
Talha Han 38 dakika önce
This is so f*cking awesome! I'm an mechanical engineering student and I can't study my finals because of your videos. I wasn't gonna study anyway, thanks Shane!
Mirralis Dias
Mirralis Dias Aylar önce
It would be awesome seeing Shane get into Battlebots. I wonder what kind of destructive bot he would make
Marshall White
Marshall White Aylar önce
The way you assembled this really reminds me of the little hydraulic motors I use at work
MountainMan Aylar önce
Love the calculations, and the design/testing cycle! Warms this engineers heart.
AHappyKid Aylar önce
Like they say: Physics is math with the universe’s limitations, and engineering is physics with a budget.
Avram42 Aylar önce
@MsKitt The budget is approximated as a sphere with a radius of $; Unfortunately it was a cube with a wall length of $, misestimating the total volume by a factor of ~2.
Brandon I
Brandon I Aylar önce
@doe maeries I see you shop on Amazon!
doe maeries
doe maeries Aylar önce
@Serban C. Musca Security factor 0.9
lacaulac Aylar önce
@Dio Brando Mostly error, maybe
MsKitt Aylar önce
@B3 Dubbs assumptions are the only thing that fit in the budget
o_sch Aylar önce
Ive noticed a lot of new editing in this video. Your videos are just getting better and better
H Todd
H Todd Aylar önce
Having cams and rails on a moving part helps stabilize mass moving abruptly and can make moving parts last longer, think of a slide on a handgun or a log splitter shaft.
Larry Brandt
Larry Brandt Aylar önce
I loved this project! Re safety though, would that chipboard that you were hiding behind really help at all if something went wrong??
omniwing 4 gün önce
Powder actuation is now my new favorite thing! Omgosh keep making stuff like this!
David Saska
David Saska Aylar önce
This guy is one of the most impressive engineers I’ve ever seen. The breadth of knowledge is ridiculous, and his ability to distill that into something accurate but understandable for us TRvid plebes is unmatched.
placidesulfurik Aylar önce
@Azmi Maulana Hamdani I can, but that's beside the point.
Doot•1 year ago
Doot•1 year ago Aylar önce
This guy and styropyro
RUBE Aylar önce
@OperatorSenko YOOOO XD
OperatorSenko Aylar önce
@𝕵 𝕾 "ignorami" lol. If I ever wanna kill myself I'll jump off your ego
BOB Fake
BOB Fake Aylar önce
@𝕵 𝕾 How arrogant can u get holy hell. Not only doesnt the youtuber you like to watch neccessarily correlate to your intelligence but applied science isnt even on the level of advanced undergrad experimental courses in physics lol
John Rhose
John Rhose Aylar önce
Love it. It's so badass. I'm also hoping to see a mechanical vehicle or bike powered by those shells.
ColdWheels Aylar önce
I love this channel man you make REALLY good videos
B-Dank Lynrel
B-Dank Lynrel Aylar önce
Ahhh firearms engineering. You've discovered why modern rifles moved to rotating bolt faces with locking lugs! Really cool to see these concepts in a new light!
Cheems Gün önce
Chamber pressure is too high. Problem also may be dwell time between the piston being pushed up and gas being let out through the gasport before it has pushed the piston with enough power
JL2579 Aylar önce
This nut buster probably has more crushes than anyone else in the world. I am in love with it, too! Brilliant video as always!
JL2579 Aylar önce
@Raúl Albañil thanks :)
Jakson Duimstra
Jakson Duimstra Aylar önce
YOOOO i havent seen you active in ages, glad to see ur alive -one of ur viewers, active mc redstoner
Juanit0Tackit0 Tackito
Trust in Jesus Christ
the dot giver
the dot giver Aylar önce
MegaTurtle27 Aylar önce
Nut buster
WrathMachine Aylar önce
With the .22 blanks they're tapered to a 5mm neck to avoid the body splitting away from the rim. The .25, .27 and .32 cals are not tapered but I'm sure that the chamber is to avoid splittings. So if the shell is 6.35mm in dia the bore of the chamber is going to be smaller so 6mm or even lower.
Martin IV
Martin IV Aylar önce
Could, harder, or composite material help reduce thickness of the wall of nutcracker from steel? :)
PurpleNinja 82802
PurpleNinja 82802 Aylar önce
This reminds me of when I built a cannon/mortar out of some scrap aluminum using only a drill press and some vice grips. Shot golf balls using M-80 charges, possibly the stupidest thing I ever did and I’m lucky no one got hurt :)
Amaroq Starwind
Amaroq Starwind Aylar önce
You should use triangular / hexagonal packing. You might get more even distribution of force that way.
Cristian D63
Cristian D63 Aylar önce
Really enjoying the increase of Wife's dialogue in these episodes she seems to have a lot of character development since the last offspring DLC
Max Goldstein
Max Goldstein Aylar önce
@yochillll Honestly.. the devs really nailed every aspect
yochillll Aylar önce
Honestly its the mocap for me. Its so amazing, human like movement and words seem to be more articulative.
Max Goldstein
Max Goldstein Aylar önce
This dialog patch is really hype tbh, honestly surprised it wasn't a micro transaction
Electric_Bagpipes Aylar önce
Any death flags or betrayal flags yet?
Bram Aylar önce
Stuffmadehere V2021.12 Last Offspring Patch Notes: - Added character models for armor vest wife and hard hat wife - Fixed a bug where the wife would always use the same set of dialoges
Zafaraa Aylar önce
The editing shocked me, very nice and upgraded from previous episodes
Julius Mason
Julius Mason Aylar önce
Since you’re using blank cartridges with a muffler (essentially a suppressor), were you afraid someone would think it was an NFA item and report you to the police/ATF?
larrybud 29 gün önce
I would think there's an issue with each shell firing at slightly different times which is also reducing performance. Also, that OSB isn't protecting you from anything. lol
Ryan Berry
Ryan Berry 28 gün önce
I am so unreasonably jealous of the fact that you just casually have a machine shop to rival my college (tech focused college, and i'm in the engineering school) machine shop.
Switch & Lever
Switch & Lever Aylar önce
You could easily make a whole new TRvid series with this, "Will it crush!?", maybe dress it up with bunny ears around Easter!
Shaggy7258 Aylar önce
@Riley Sinclair this guy isnt suggesting he stop the content he does now he's just saying it could be a successful side venture...you know like when he says its hard to pay for these projects sometimes? Bam. Diversified
Switch & Lever
Switch & Lever Aylar önce
Shina because being negative and putting people down for what they watch isn’t virtue signaling? 😂 If you think making comments on other people’s videos gets you subscribers then you have fundamentally misunderstood how TRvid works. Still can’t understand why someone would choose to be negative about everything though. Does it make anything in your, or other’s, life better?
Shina Aylar önce
@Switch & Lever Stop virtue signalling to get subscribers.
Switch & Lever
Switch & Lever Aylar önce
@Shina aww, imagine coming to TRvid and the first thing you think about is to put others down for what they choose to watch. I don't know about you, but I prefer to support and build people up than to be negative and put them down 🤷‍♂️
Shina Aylar önce
yes for the brain dead tisms to sit there and digest mindless content while they rot away
Miss Informed
Miss Informed 23 gün önce
The bridges in Germany were very well engineered by those standards. Then the amount of haulers vastly exceeded the long term estimates.
Tim Desmond
Tim Desmond Aylar önce
I'd love to see you make something to send objects at or above super sonic speeds.....
TheOpticalFreak Aylar önce
Your wife actually has a really good sense of humor! 🤣👍😆
r.e.l ariel shabat
r.e.l ariel shabat Aylar önce
You’re awesome man i think you are too smart for this project’s you need to solve some of the world bigger problems haha keep it up
smartpig555119 Aylar önce
Shane really is out here showing us exactly what youtube was made for every month, quickly becoming my favourite engineering channel by far! Thanks so much Shane! Happy holidays!
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
I thknk we all should call him stuff since its alot more easier.
alex39082 Aylar önce
Pretty sure his name is “Stuff”… not sure where you got Shane from.
B3 Dubbs
B3 Dubbs Aylar önce
@Lil Driz i love it. It’s pretty much practical problem solving and you can do so much with it. Very math intensive, but I did poorly in math before I got into it and pretty much brute forced from college algebra to cal 2 with TRvid videos and made all A’s. If I can do you, you can do it too!
Lil Driz
Lil Driz Aylar önce
@B3 Dubbs how do you like it? 15 and it really interests me but idk if that's what I'd want to spend the rest of my life on
B3 Dubbs
B3 Dubbs Aylar önce
As an engineering student I love how into detail he goes. Better than some of my teachers lol
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne Aylar önce
I thought this was gonna be a .50 cal nutcracker gun. Either way I'm impressed
T C - Blade Of Grass
So, I had an idea the other day for something I think you could make. An umbrella drone..... It could have a camera that tracks your head position and remains centred above your head as you walk along, but keeping your hands dry in your pockets. Other features, it could sense on coming objects and people and raises it's height to clear other people bit still keeping you dry. Also it would be cool if it could detect 2 people walking side by side and then centre it's self between the pair to keep 2 people dry. Feels like it has all of the engineering and software challenges which you love
Somewhat Obsessed with Gaming
Was sonic choke flow an issue in designing this? Your math to model certainly met your expectations, but I am curious about the whole four shells one flow chamber to piston thing.
oldschoolman 144
oldschoolman 144 7 gün önce
It will be interesting to ask your children in twenty years what it was like growing up with a mad scientist father. =)
PNW Perspective
PNW Perspective Aylar önce
Shane: “alright, the big question.” The wife: “I already married you.” Shane: *rolls eyes*
Matt Raerth
Matt Raerth Aylar önce
This is up there with: Shane: "This might be my favourite thing I've ever created" Wife: "We have a daughter..."
romxxii Aylar önce
He doesn't even roll his eyes. His immediate response is rapid eye-blinking, which is more like "I want to say something clever in response but I don't want to sleep on the couch tonight"
Samuel Gabura
Samuel Gabura Aylar önce
A Christmas sweater with metal nuts could be nice, just ideas to keep it festive. But I understand it's too late for such an awesome idea.
Victoria Anabella Hernández Canela
The hexagon shape is the most resisting shape used in big constructions , so that would have help that the nut doesn’t crack
Something Pickles
Something Pickles Aylar önce
I guess there are two kinds of people, those who do calculations, and those that make it 3x thicker than they think it needs and test it from 100 feet away.
Josh Haughton
Josh Haughton Aylar önce
I'd love to be your apprentice just to learn how to use all those cool toys.
Ben Gallaty
Ben Gallaty Aylar önce
"The big question..." "I already married you." She's absolutely a keeper, both the wife and I got a laugh out of her joke.
Selection 10 gün önce
@theunprofessionals should be at 18:59
UEE Hurston Security
UEE Hurston Security 24 gün önce
@Nunya Beeswax check in the video, i think that part was in this video, wait no it might have been the lock picking one. nvm its this one. yea its this video
Nunya Beeswax
Nunya Beeswax 29 gün önce
@theunprofessionals it's probably around 19:00
RandomImpluses Aylar önce
Best joke of the video!
BurgerBurglar Aylar önce
@theunprofessionals It should be at 19:08
MrSlimshady649 22 gün önce
Your wife is a good sport! Your a lucky man. Keep her happy
Chintam Aylar önce
I would watch videos of you machining a part from start to finish and nothing else.
Declan Ryle
Declan Ryle Aylar önce
found this dude at around 300k and now he’s already tenfold that, WILD!
larrybud 29 gün önce
4:50, re yield strength. What role do the threads have to play in the yield strength? Are they the weak link, or are they designed so they are stronger than the bolt in general?
Bigg Mack The Wack Slack
"Now for the big question..." *"I already married you. :P"* MY GOD your wife has good comedic timing.
Bill B
Bill B Aylar önce
I have a theory she's the brains of the operation.
ArticticcBlu Aylar önce
@Finn Eh thanks
Finn Eh
Finn Eh Aylar önce
19:10 for anyone who missed it. Pure gold
Philip Horger
Philip Horger Aylar önce
Honestly, 2 deadpan geniuses sounds like it shouldn't work, but they play off each other so well, and find other axes of contrast. Effin' brilliant.
PikaDJ Aylar önce
he stuttered a bunch its adorable
Jsp 3 gün önce
Next make an guitar/bass pedal box that has all the effects in one. Or a circuit bending box that makes interesting sounds.
Is it wrong To question
Smartest TRvidr ever! This man is a master of so many different fields.
Rik Vermeer
Rik Vermeer Aylar önce
TRvid hero, there should be a grand prix for you, and others. So amazing.
Ayden Nuula
Ayden Nuula Aylar önce
This is way more educational and layman friendly than your usually explody high jnks. I love it.
Our Zoe
Our Zoe Aylar önce
Him: “The big question” Wife: “I already married you” This had me dying!!🤣
Crab Spriteberry
Crab Spriteberry Aylar önce
@Nautilus Guitars B A N G E R
Taiyana Aylar önce
@ABHAY KUMAR 71 thank
ABHAY KUMAR 71 Aylar önce
Nautilus Guitars
Nautilus Guitars Aylar önce
Yeah, that was a banger line haha. Those two are adorable. I love it.
Kurt Eugenie
Kurt Eugenie Aylar önce
its so cuteeeee
Alexander Howard
Alexander Howard Aylar önce
For anyone interested the method of looking at tiny parts in that way to gain insight into the larger system it is called finite element analysis
Skely Aylar önce
I like how it’s just a gun strapped to a piston we just don’t wanna call it that 😂
Flamangone 29 gün önce
I would like to see this against a prince ruberts drop ( those hard glass drops that can resist a bullet)
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