I Made a $10,000 Redstone Competition!

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World's best Minecraft redstone player competition, and the best redstone invention wins $10,000!


My Twitter: twitter.com/Sipover

My Instagram: instagram.com/sipovers/

My Twitch: SipoverS

My Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb

My Reddit: r/Sipover

Credits, more in depth look at builds:

Credit to tank: www.planetminecraft.com/proje...



19 Mar 2022




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Sipover 3 aylar önce
LETS HIT 1.5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS AND WE'LL GO TO THE SECRET ISLANDS TO FIND THE SECRET BUILD! also tank and wither blast chamber also got prizes for 2nd and 3rd place :) You pressed read more, now you have to subscribe
TheHeicat 20 saatler önce
seems unfair that hangman won :/
Dxd_Cxnan 12 gün önce
Unfair scores. Well ig you don't care since all you do is fly and judge
Crixalis Adam
Crixalis Adam 21 gün önce
shamsher singh
shamsher singh 24 gün önce
Zego stggguggggggg
The Pokémon Pirate
The Pokémon Pirate 3 aylar önce
The machines were awesome. But I think some were given unfair scores
Raul Vella
Raul Vella 12 gün önce
Gilbert Thomas
Gilbert Thomas 13 gün önce
Zwxyer 17 gün önce
@cheese mongering is it more complicated than the wither farm? I think not. Feels like something I could make, especially when space isn't a concern. It's still a great build but there were just better ones
Axen King
Axen King 19 gün önce
i liked the wither basalt farm
ren goodmen
ren goodmen 21 gün önce
Shaurya Yadav
Shaurya Yadav Aylar önce
I feel bad for all those people who put their heart and soul into the competition, but got such low scores.
DOGWITHABEARD26 11 gün önce
What about the people who didn’t even get their builds shown…
Ryan 18 gün önce
MichaelPlayBedwars 25 gün önce
@Ryan hey at least they tried
Ryan 27 gün önce
Yeah, same, all the effort wasted lol
Weeping Demon
Weeping Demon 29 gün önce
As technically impressive as hangman is, I really don’t believe it was as deserving of the win as a couple others
Weeping Demon
Weeping Demon 19 saatler önce
Matias Gün önce
Yeah, it wasn't as good as the one where the sheep got railed and the beams changed colors.
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer 16 gün önce
Well „computer“ as it really just was a cool looking seven segment clock, but even with that little knowledge I can 100% confirm that the tower and the tank take way more time and effort for a good redstoner than hangman
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer 16 gün önce
Yes, it’s just basically a WAY less complex variant of the computers out there. Even I did make a computer some time ago.
Kyphura Aylar önce
I have no idea how Hangman of all things won. You had an invention that farmed lighting, basalt, and wither stars using nothing but TNT and one singular arrow. You had a tank that shot nuke lmao. Hangman winning is the equivalent of a baking soda volcano winning.
Apollo1 5 gün önce
@light°rift Anyone can make flying machines that are that simple. Look up minecraft missile and you'll find even more impressive designs than in the tank
light°rift 5 gün önce
@Apollo1 its not just a single flying machine....
Apollo1 20 gün önce
the only really impressive thing about the tank is the build itself, not the redstone, you can find tnt flying machines on youtube
SuninOrJakc 25 gün önce
@Kyphura Yeah no one should. But everywhere in the comments are downplaying the hangman. Behind the scenes who knows what happened, maybe the other bugged more or single use or something. So we shouldn’t say the judging was bad knowing basically nothing
Kyphura 25 gün önce
@SuninOrJakc It shouldn't get hate, but we can break it down to just being a combination lock with a fancy design, just as the tank was a TNT duper + flying machine w/ a fancy design. I just think at the end of the day, while hangman was cool, the other shit got scored very unfairly. No hate to any creator nor sip, but in general? Hangman was maybe top 5- and even that's not fair cause half of the machines were skipped.
Typhon Aylar önce
You should look at every build first before rating. Don’t rate them individualy. This way you can compare them with other ones.
MysticalSky 2 aylar önce
this is like going to a science fair and you invent a quantum computer but the judges are so stupid they don't understand how amazing it is and the soda volcano thing wins
light°rift 5 gün önce
@Big man I mean it's pure redstone I guess
Big man
Big man 21 gün önce
@Hitbox And yet the tank was still more impressive.
Hitbox 26 gün önce
i think you dont really understand how f insane that hangman machine is my friend :-D iv'e studied computerscience and working as a developer, hardcoding that many variables into ROM-blocks in that small amount of space is crazy. he basically build an advanced calculator
Dev Aylar önce
That's the story of Dr.Doof from phineas & ferb
Corban Moore
Corban Moore 23 gün önce
I love how they gave hangman a higher score than a literal giant rocket launching working tank.
Gianni Henderson
Gianni Henderson 20 gün önce
i think in the future, there should be a poll for the viewers to vote, so there's a more diverse understanding of what's actually the more impressive build, so that the winner is rightfully selected, and not just based on an impulsive, random metric dictated by in the moment emotions. Big up all the people that put their hearts into their builds, the scores given don't define your capabilities.
DaMzHn 29 gün önce
So most of the builds got a very unfair score, for example the wither farm and the tank, bro those 2 are 20x better then the Hangman.
Liam 25 gün önce
The fact that everyone in this video is this talented with redstone is just jaw dropping.
Corruptions Curse
Corruptions Curse 2 aylar önce
As someone who does Redstone, most of the machines were given way less credit then they deserved and in my opinion the tank should've won in terms of looks and complexity
federico fiordelli
federico fiordelli 12 gün önce
@Kake Kellopeli Ik im late Art is an explosion - deidara aka Japanese Osama bin laden
Raul Vella
Raul Vella 12 gün önce
Leonard Spacek
Leonard Spacek 13 gün önce
Corruptions Curse
Corruptions Curse 13 gün önce
@Max first, yes I do Redstone for fun when I play minecraft I find it satisfying to make complex and satisfying builds. Either way I didn't post that comment to start an pointless agruement and I won't Try to make you agree with me. But if you want to here my opinion here it is: the tank yes was made out pre-made parts but that doesn't mean it isn't complex Saying that a red stone build that uses alot of the same parts is basically saying most Redstone flying machines or piston doors arnt impressive since most use multiple of the same parts to make the machine move/open. Just because a machine uses alot of the same parts doesn't mean it's any less complex, complexity isn't just a variety of variables it's the amount of parts or processes to reach something.
Max 13 gün önce
Do you actually do redstone? Or do you just watch tutorials and call yourself a redstoner. The tank was impressive, but it lacked complexity and innovation. It combined a bunch of premade parts in a simple way.
Jehriko 24 gün önce
dude your content is so interesting keep this kinda stuff up where you gather people together and have contests it's awesome! Might be expensive though lol
Kee K
Kee K Aylar önce
This man will never go on a week without making a banger for us
Cervzz_RL 28 gün önce
The tank and the wither farm would definitely be a win for me but I'm happy Sloi's machine won so he could donate some money to his friend who has cancer
Navden 2 aylar önce
Upload that map, so players can inspire themselves and build even crazier systems :)
redstoneguru 3 aylar önce
i personally think the one hit wither farm is way better. such an incredible invention!!
DOGWITHABEARD26 11 gün önce
^^^^ All of this. Tank was cool but 100% showboat-y. I think final score was pretty accurate.
Undead Werewolves
Undead Werewolves 15 gün önce
The blast chamber is the best imo because it’s actually extremely original. Yes creating hang man in minecraft seems like an impossible feat that’s astounding to see but holy god was that blast chamber the most mad maniacal scientist shit that functions in a way I never could have imagined to be possible!!… and it looks badass!
Alan Montes de oca
Alan Montes de oca 16 gün önce
Alex Maier
Alex Maier 21 gün önce
Dude like the hangman wadnt even close to tank or wither farm.
MrВeast Aylar önce
The machines were awesome. But I think some were given unfair scores
I am the protagonist
The one hit wither farm should’ve definitely won. And if not, then the tank should’ve definitely come in at 2nd place.
Sheeshplayer89 Aylar önce
Keep up the good work!
Eddie Layton
Eddie Layton 2 aylar önce
Id give the tank a 10/10
the gaterguy4
the gaterguy4 2 aylar önce
The tank should've won, it requires so many moving parts, and yeah the hangman needs some computing, but the wither chamber required pinpoint accuracy due to arrow physics
Muhredin Myftarallari
coolest: tank ( panzer 3.c) most not coolest: other redstone sttuff
Ushk 12 gün önce
@Skill_Issue that’s not what I’m saying, he won 15k and said he wanted to use it for his friend who had cancer but he will only give him 1k, I feel like if he actually cared and that was the main reason it should have been higher
Skill_Issue 12 gün önce
@Ushk no hate on cancer or anything, but if you care about cancer would you donate half of your life savings and earnings and stocks? no people that care would only donate less than that. its suposed to be a collaberative like what do you feel if i get mad that you didnt donate 15,000 dollars to cancer?
Ushk 18 gün önce
@ratatouille he lowballed his own friend who had cancer he should have at least payed 5k max or used it all if he genuinely cared. You can tell him having cancer isn’t a top priority if he’s only donating 1k
These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone' spirits ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
cheese mongering
cheese mongering 23 gün önce
the tanks really cool, i think thats incredibly creative but that hangman game took some real talent to pull off. ive tried to make a small computer and failed, that games insanely complicated lol.
These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone' spirits ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tao_Taoster 18 gün önce
Someone built an entire ass railgun and I can respect that.
LegitPlays 3 aylar önce
The tank not getting a 27 or higher was just wrong...
sussy baka
sussy baka 22 saatler önce
FbmgKoby 3 gün önce
And I think flappy bird should have gotten higher too
koa franke
koa franke 3 gün önce
light°rift 5 gün önce
This comments are making my blood boils
Mike Pereira
Mike Pereira 5 gün önce
@il tiZZi0 33 yk how hard os is to make a hangman thing😭
santy 24 gün önce
the wither machine is the coolest thing ive ever seen, the tank is one of the most technically impressive things ive ever seen. then hangman won...?
LamaSuppe 27 gün önce
This actually the best Minecraft Video i have seen so far. Good Job really entertaining!
kraang Aylar önce
i love how theese are mad impressive and they give it like a 16/30
Shiny Cyndaquil
Shiny Cyndaquil 20 gün önce
If they can do all this in a day imagine what they can do for more time
YTuser45 4 gün önce
How the hell did hangman score higher than a completely functional tank and a lightning arrow rail gun
lasergamer9110 Aylar önce
bro the judges are so bad smh. lots of them deserved WAY MORE than they got. get some pro redstoners to judge too bro
Nazmi Ishak
Nazmi Ishak 10 gün önce
Ah yes the judge got overly excited, and give a 9 on the hangman. Good job
Prussian_Enjoyer Aylar önce
I like how at least a few percentage of comments keep saying. The tank was a winner or the wither farm was a winner. I just say Hangman was a super cool thing.
devon 3 aylar önce
actually upset for this giant tank and wither farm, they deserved win as for me
Gamer Central
Gamer Central 25 gün önce
Nah wither farm does not
Destin Akpasubi
Destin Akpasubi Aylar önce
thaiduong duong
thaiduong duong 2 aylar önce
I like wither and wither farm too.
JobsJob 2 aylar önce
I kinda feel the voting was rigid so they wouldn't lose any money
BellatorBacon 2 aylar önce
@Glen N. Davis yes, that is what I think there, farming nether stars like that if given the supplies is amazing
Alt 25 gün önce
I love sipover he makes my day.
Explodingbomb2 2 aylar önce
This video made me realize how cool red stone is
Issac Oh
Issac Oh 15 gün önce
the tank requires so much more redstone engineering than the rest. i don't understand why it was ranked so low
Matthew Weitzner
Matthew Weitzner Aylar önce
When you build an actual working AI using redstone and don't win
Edito's Variety Show
Edito's Variety Show 3 aylar önce
I can't believe they chose a hangman machine over a giant wither-basalt farm, a functioning flappy bird game, a nuke-tank... thing, and thousands of other inventions that were, in my opinion, far better *edit 3: I'm contemplating on deleting this comment man.
Duque 22 gün önce
@ALiar Source: voices in my head M8 McYum literally picked the word by typing it in...
BigC 10000
BigC 10000 28 gün önce
@ALiar Yes, Being someone Who does tones of redstone I agree.
Melvin Ethan Wijaya
Melvin Ethan Wijaya 28 gün önce
I think that hang man pay for the win
D 28 gün önce
Don’t delete the comment, don’t let them make you do that
Sareme13 18 gün önce
the tank and some other builds deserve a 10+
AlbinoFuzWolf 24 gün önce
I've built a few redstone mini games, but I dont think I could ever manage a tank like that.
Typical Pro Gamer
Typical Pro Gamer 2 aylar önce
can we just agree that the tank was underrated
Devils advocate
Devils advocate 24 gün önce
A fully functioning tank with a warhead lost to a hangman simulation
That humungous tank and the wither farm looks sick!
Zunaira Chaudhry
Zunaira Chaudhry 22 gün önce
Someone literally created a cool looking wither farm with lightning striking it. They used so much TNT and was able to not only one hit a wither, but it actually hit. That takes a lot to be that accurate. And in the end you chose a hangman game.
Loturzel Restaurant
Loturzel Restaurant 25 gün önce
All this supports Creativity so much; i love it. In an ideal world, this Prizemoney would ome from the Rich and Powerful...
Exstacc 28 gün önce
the wither farm was the most practical and useful one of them all
enZo 2 aylar önce
My favorite one was the Redstone Blast Farm 8:02
Glitchy Koopa
Glitchy Koopa 23 gün önce
Hero: Its gonna take a long time to find the villains lair The villains lair: 8:03
Legacy Aylar önce
Everything built was ridiculous and unbelievable ! Especially that one hit wither farm and the tank
SkateLeaf 21 gün önce
I love the flappy bird machine, hope someday i can do redstone and make a game out of it
CraftyMasterman 3 aylar önce
mans brought every redstoner together for one video! was a blast to be a part of it :D
Billy Porka
Billy Porka 2 aylar önce
ItsUnpug 2 aylar önce
Isuapig 2 aylar önce
Without mumbo
Jelly Matsu Ryuka
Jelly Matsu Ryuka 2 aylar önce
@Water Biscuit I don't really think Mumbo would have a chance of winning tho
Cloaker 2 aylar önce
Mumbo jumbo doesnt exist I guess
MUSSA ED1TZ 20 gün önce
I honestly think the tank gets 29/30 its the best one
Liam Davidson
Liam Davidson 28 gün önce
The instant I saw the thumbnail my brain literally said SHORT BARREL PANZER 4 without hesitation lmao
Tim Maemura
Tim Maemura 24 gün önce
“Imagine that just going towards your base” 🤣🤣🤣
PhenThohn 17 gün önce
evaluating be like... buildings actually insane - "woah, oh my god, this is actual redstone art, this is insane, this is mad dude... lets give it a 6, a 5 and a 7..." (30 / 18) buildings actually sucks - "well, this is not bad, i liked it... lets give it a 8, an 8 and a 10..." (30 / 26)
Ishraq Areeb
Ishraq Areeb 2 aylar önce
The tank deserved a 30/30. It was so cool and probably the hardest to build.
Max 13 gün önce
@Vxtyaz Aliazy If you bothered to even know basic slimestone, you would realize that the tank is impressive, but not innovative at all.
Palea 20 gün önce
@Shitty pampers hate people who say people can't judge unless they can also do it. Dude, you also just contradicted Sipover, as I assume he is not good enough at redstone to build ANY of these, which means, according to you, he is totally unqualified to be the judge of this event, the same goes for McYum and the other guy. Do you think the judge has to be better than the best players on the team in order to do his fucking job? No, he doesn't. He just has to have the required knowledge to be able to determine their judgement.
Apollo1 20 gün önce
@Shitty pampers sure, it's literally just a few flying machines lmao
Monster Topics
Monster Topics 23 gün önce
It was as good as the Wither Farm probably
GuyWithNoName Aylar önce
i don’t think anybody knows the meaning as “not as complex” He’s simply stating that it is complex, but not as complex as the other builds lmao
Hampster 2 aylar önce
i could build just as good as this i just have to watch a LOT of reds time tutorials
Overlord 2 aylar önce
The Wither/Basalt farm should have won in my opinion. It had complexity, presentation, and "practicality". The tank would have to get second place by a razor-thin margin.
Artisan Artisan
Artisan Artisan 21 gün önce
The Wither Farm is just Insane I didn't even know arrows could in a faster speed
CubingTwisted Aylar önce
the glass chamber must be 100/100
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 3 aylar önce
actually upset for this giant tank and wither farm, they deserved win as for me
TheBrandog 2 aylar önce
Which one bro? The tank or the wither farm?
Zwas 2 aylar önce
@Lil baby fortnite gamer They are all quite different, but hangman is the most simple.
Lil baby fortnite gamer
Yeah i know. If theyre gonna let the hangman game win, they may as well make the flappy bird and tic tac toe win too because theyre the exact same fucking thing.
Roderick Spencer Jr.
Roderick Spencer Jr. 21 saatler önce
It shouldve been a tie breaker between the tank and the blast chamber or whatever that one was called that had lightning strike it
RobSwipe 14 gün önce
7:03 Hey Sip, ask Mythrodak if he can escape it!
Artisan Artisan
Artisan Artisan 21 gün önce
These creations Are just Amazing the way we do things us humans we really push things are we
ProlManDaBeast 28 gün önce
I honestly think that the rating system with the judges is kinda bad imo. Instead of choosing the winner after having seen all the builds, they directly give them scores even if they don't know what they'll give the next, and probably think of a same score so in order to shake it up a bit they give them a lower, or higher score than they thought instead of debating whether the winner actually deserves it after the effort and complexity compared to other builds.
Kaji_Union 26 gün önce
the tank is AMAZING
TechnoWin Aylar önce
For those of you who thought these were assume builds. There were a lot of builds that got unjust ratings and were not even seen In the video. Cube hamster build a self assembling middle factory all with flying machines. The build which was used build by a mod also belonged to cube hamster. He still didn’t get a mention.
Brandon Aylar önce
For me the tank was above everything
Apo11o 2 aylar önce
I think the tank should have won personally, but still a great vid!
ZannyGamer3261 2 aylar önce
For me I think the tank won, I think you should put judges that are knowledgeable about redstone so it would have been a fair competition, they did they're best after all so I think it's good to say they needed a fair judging of their builds.
Tale 16 gün önce
@Zwxyer That's a fair point to be given. Of course one would value things based on one's actual knowledge about it, and i understand that for someone who doesn't get how a Flying machine works the tank is a prowess of engineering. But the thing is, that i wouldn't be surprised if they graded the machine based on the fact that even more elaborated and complex creations have been done before. As an example, mumbo jumbo did literally make an entire house that can walk using the mechanic, and he's the worst possible example, as there are entire mechas out there. If we take that in consideration, the build loses points on originality. Now, that by no means mean that you're wrong if you think that they should have given a higher score, because they builds were amazing on their own rights. So, I'll agree with you that their scoring system was flawed, and they should have done better. I think scoring the builds after seeing them all would have been a better way.
Zwxyer 16 gün önce
@Tale I could program hangman especially considering there isn't a big space limitation. You just need to set filters at each letter position, then letter each guess get filtered through and put letters there. The actual redstone will take more work, but once you have the logic down it's just a matter of translating it. I don't really know enough about the tank or slimestone tech in general so it would seem very complex to me. I think it's down to an individual's skillset so because you could make something doesn't mean I could and vice versa. Whether or not the others should have won, you could still agree they were scored pretty unfairly. It seems they rated it based on their enjoyment, not on the prowess displayed by the creators.
ajbat626 21 gün önce
@Tale Yeah the tank is (to my knowledge) just a flying machine and a tnt launcher. Even a red stone noob could build that.
MTF SU-1 27 gün önce
@Abdal Samad Babar LOAD THE H.E SHELL!
Abdal Samad Babar
Abdal Samad Babar 27 gün önce
Михаил Иванов
If I were at this competition, I would build a simple flying car from blocks of honey, pistons and observers.
Brandon Tan
Brandon Tan 18 gün önce
7:09 "impossible to excape" Mythrodak's video on escaping poseidon's vault which had the same inf cobble gen
Noah Lozano
Noah Lozano Aylar önce
Redstone pros: “guys, ever heard of sleep? I haven’t.”
BROS TUBE 2 aylar önce
Damn! The competition ended when it started🤔
Connor Pugs
Connor Pugs 3 aylar önce
Honestly people who do redstone like this impress me so much, I can barely do anything with redstone
Shulkerkiste 2 aylar önce
Because you don't try.
Bibek Das
Bibek Das 2 aylar önce
@Herobrine_15 can he not?
Bibek Das
Bibek Das 2 aylar önce
Why hello there!
Nisa Klinbua
Nisa Klinbua 2 aylar önce
Me too
Jovan 2 aylar önce
Me too
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 aylar önce
for videos like these i wish youtube hadnt turn dislikes off
Kris Cabal
Kris Cabal 16 gün önce
The ratings should've been out of 100 and been some more "mature" sounding judges, ones that aren't biased, and you prolly should have rated all of them first.
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