I Made 100 Players Simulate Medieval Civilization in Minecraft... 

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I Made 100 Players Simulate Medieval Civilization in Minecraft...
This video was inspired by @ish and @MagicGum, check out their civilization videos below if you haven't already!
• MagicGum: • 100 Players Simul...
• Ish: • 1000 Players Simu...
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This is a Minecraft Social Experiment where 100 Players Simulate Medieval Civilization and are divided into three kingdoms. They will have to face different challenges like the plague, orcs, and eventually go to war!
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9 Haz 2022




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SpeedSilver Yıl önce
Download Dragon City for free, become a Dragon Master and claim the exclusive rewards: dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/june22 Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! Another one will be coming really soon :DDD
Omar Yıl önce
Benny Boey
Benny Boey Yıl önce
How do I join the discord
Lajon playz
Lajon playz Yıl önce
The eils deserve losing all there players
WildSid_ Yıl önce
LETS GO Dwarves
flxwergxrdxn Yıl önce
Rem Veel
Rem Veel 11 aylar önce
The dwarves honestly deserved it. Peaceful start, had great chemistry overall, no one opposed heavily and just made a good story arc
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid 11 aylar önce
Also how stupidly overpowered the solar airstrike tactical nuke thing that the elf king had made the win even more honorable
CK's Video Cloud Storage
@Gonk Droid Elf dude had that evil overlord powers, set and shits, but raw power, unity, and guerilla tactics made his reign of oppressive power come to an end by the peace loving dwarves whose Queen died for their sake.
Florian S
Florian S 11 aylar önce
@Gonk Droid Yeah the balancing of the races was awfull. The dwarves and giants were okay but the elves were so OP.
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid 11 aylar önce
@Florian S yea what did the dwarves get? Eating coal and more pickaxe damage. Meanwhile they are slower and can’t get to structures as fast. And the royal mount literally just balanced th- one of them to be balanced to other races.
Nekoszowa 11 aylar önce
The main reason they won was because they had no in-fighting
RowBoat222 3 aylar önce
I liked the dwarf civilization from the start because of how civilized they were. They weren’t slaughtering each other over disagreements. Definitely deserved the W.
JukesDTJ 4 aylar önce
It really seemed like the Elves were getting some favoritism. Starting at normal size, with magic, eeking out the Dwarves in the building competition despite their soulless builds compared to the dwarves very heart felt creations, and getting a god damn nuke for their king along with the mount while every other king just got a mount. Fortunately, the Dwarves through sheer ingenuity, battle tactics, and being the most glorious ankle biters imaginable pulled out a win.
Kikyou Xie
Kikyou Xie 3 aylar önce
Yeahh Brooo The Creator Is Bias!!!
Quelqu'un Parlà
Quelqu'un Parlà 2 aylar önce
Yeah, the nuke seemed pretty unfair to go against
Harken Sikesk
Harken Sikesk 2 aylar önce
they were 100% getting favortism most of the things that the other factions got were weaknesses while the elves could cast magic and the nuke could insta kill someone with full diamond the dwarfs also argubly got the worst mount
Predator 20357
Predator 20357 Aylar önce
Sounds rather fitting, the Dwarfs won not through the creator giving them everything, but by actually being tactical and being able to shove the Elfs and the whiny giants into their place
Logan melton
Logan melton Aylar önce
Shiny ralts
country rat
country rat 2 aylar önce
There was definitely favouritism on the elves. First, they were normal size. Second, they literally had ranged magic. THIRD, when the other kingdoms got nerfed, the elves got buffed. Fourth, the dwarves buildings fit the theme of winter dwarf style and their village actually had PERSONALITY AND LOOKED GOOD, and the elves just had lifeless plank and log buildings. Half of the buildings didn't even have log outline, the SHOPS didn't even sell anything, and there was no decoration. The dwarves deserved to win the kingdom building competition and definitely got that win fairly, against the overpowered elves and giants.
E. Corellius
E. Corellius 6 gün önce
thats how it always goes though, most people overly favor the "noble glorious and superior elves" to the "short greedy fallen dwarf kingdoms" ive been angry about that favoritism for years. glad the dwaves finally got a win here despite the favoritism.
-.friendships.- 6 gün önce
Well Atleast they won . It’s not too bad
snowpools 3 gün önce
Exactly, although I would say dwarves had the best height. But yeah the elf's nuke was just straight up unfair, I mean why can their king get something like that while the others get nothing? And the elves buildings aside from some clearly being unfinished, they were literally ALL completely empty.. Plus it barely even looked medieval 😂
sidDBS 5 aylar önce
Dwarf Queen a selfless,strategic and strong women who sacrificed herself for her people,truly one of the most moments in MC history
Carolyn Gonsalves
Carolyn Gonsalves 3 aylar önce
She was soooo underrated.
ICE🧊🧊 3 aylar önce
@Carolyn GonsalvesI know
checklist 3 aylar önce
@Carolyn Gonsalves name her channel or twitch?
Ryan Figueroa
Ryan Figueroa 3 aylar önce
The only queen and the best royalty
Steven M Attrell
Steven M Attrell 3 aylar önce
Orc: “You can’t defeat me.” Dwarves: “We know, but he can.” Mr. Floosh:
-.friendships.- 6 gün önce
Ace1X 10 aylar önce
I was rooting for team dwarf. They're so organised They don't betray eachother They fight for their dead ones The queens sacrifice proves it all
Gnar 10 aylar önce
If you dont Rock and Stone! You ain't comming home!
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez 10 aylar önce
@Gnar R&S! Or yee ain't c'ming home!.
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 10 aylar önce
Squid kid was there so that’s why I rooted for them as well
Akamia 10 aylar önce
The queen was an absolute badass and died a hero. The dwarves as a whole were quite amazing as a team. I'm impressed they were all able to cooperate at that scale. The other two teams sabotaged themselves way too much. lol
Gnar 10 aylar önce
@Juan Mendez Rock and Stone forever!!
Matilda Frances
Matilda Frances 5 aylar önce
i love how in mythology, elves are supposed to be the peaceful ones and dwarves are the more bloodthirsty type, but it was the other way around
warden 3 aylar önce
This is literaly lord of the rings
Ryan Figueroa
Ryan Figueroa 3 aylar önce
Omg wtf y r u right
Abdullah Matti
Abdullah Matti 3 aylar önce
in solo leveling there is some sort of frost elves that would literally kill any thing that they see. like their born to be agressive
fr xeno
fr xeno 3 aylar önce
Very ture
shiv shankar
shiv shankar Aylar önce
@warden i commented the same thing lol🤣🤣
MIDSLAM 4 aylar önce
Watching Ize go down was and always will be the highlight of this video.
randoms Aylar önce
Mein kampf
z20man 11 gün önce
@randoms excuse me?
phrog man
phrog man 10 gün önce
fr he annoying af
dock leaves
dock leaves 9 gün önce
Yeah he is annoying
AveryIsBlack 3 aylar önce
Sad that the Dwarf Queen died, but i’m proud that it wasn’t in vain and the Dwarves managed to pull through and catch the dub, was rooting for them because of how they were more about being together and peaceful rather than being in control, and hostile
J 4 aylar önce
"The ones with diamonds stay on, the ones with iron come off" "Ok what about the ones with the ideas" I died lmao
KingBoo Aylar önce
U too was there??
Abhishek Shrestha
Abhishek Shrestha 8 gün önce
Reblaze444 Gün önce
Fr that was funny lmao
Lumiri 3 aylar önce
Funny how Ize always telling people they'll get 2 hit but had the best gear and still loses every time lmao 😂
FlakoMC Yıl önce
i like the dwarf civilization, because they were the faction with the most peace among themselfs and less betrayal,
Raqus Zaue
Raqus Zaue Yıl önce
plus no wars until the elfs started coming to them
Desmond Bromwich
Desmond Bromwich Yıl önce
also they had SQUIDKID
Jack Of All Trades
Less content
SleepyKirbo Yıl önce
Yes i agree
Mason Master
Mason Master Yıl önce
Sam-I-Am 3 aylar önce
I was rooting for the dwarves from the moment the video started to the very end and I'm so happy to see that they won. Since even in the beginning they seemed to be the most peaceful and kind spirited out of the 3 kingdoms and remained so until the very end. :)
Strawberry Master
Strawberry Master 3 aylar önce
Really dude you just spoiled it
Sam-I-Am 3 aylar önce
@Strawberry Master Why read the comment section before watching the video then?
bear :3
bear :3 3 aylar önce
@Sam-I-Am it was the top comment and came up above any others i didnt read them so dont spoil it
Sam-I-Am 3 aylar önce
@kol I can't control what comment is above the others unfortunately. The comment section is dedicated to talking about the video, I'm sorry that is unfortunate placement but isn't really within my control and I didn't really expect anyone to read my comment let alone show up at the top. Sorry though.
koby walker
koby walker 5 aylar önce
Love how ize turned his back on his people killed most of them then proceeded to team with them and still lost.
David Lindgren
David Lindgren 2 aylar önce
Ive never been so nervous before the big fight! The dwarves really deserved this win, showing how teamwork prevails over violence
randoms Aylar önce
Mein kampf
Al 2 aylar önce
I love how the dwarves just vibe for most of it and then win. absolutely iconic
Isaac Stamper
Isaac Stamper 2 aylar önce
It made me so happy to listen to Ize complaining and whining at the very end 😂
Bill Tie
Bill Tie 11 aylar önce
The dwarven Queen gave her life to give her people a chance. That’s literally the make of ancient dwarvish history right there. The dwarves deserved that win
J Alter
J Alter 11 aylar önce
Glory to the Queen!
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez 11 aylar önce
Long live the queen
Tuna 11 aylar önce
That's a story that would be told generations after
PewPewDragon 11 aylar önce
organize, strategize, and sacrifice, a true leader indeed
Tbmih7 11 aylar önce
i hate this
pastel♡ Aylar önce
The dwarf civilization was honestly the best, it was peaceful and just the best one
Z N 2 aylar önce
Ironic that the teams which murdered so many of their own teammates, got a dragon and best equipment, teamed up and still lost to the smart wholesome dwarves
Julie Penoyer
Julie Penoyer 3 aylar önce
I think the only reason the dwarfs survived and won was because of there small size, they could easily go through very small spaces and could easily get away from the tall giants in this clip: 36:05. The dwarf queen was also selfless enough to bravely distract several enemies by herself so that her people could take on the rest of the giants and elves, what a legend.
Evan Sun
Evan Sun 4 aylar önce
I loved when the dude was like "WHAT DID YOU JUST EAT" and the other dudes like "coal" and bros like "WHATTTTT!?!?"
Cheesiestman Aylar önce
Ize has to be one of the most ruthless players in silvers 100 player civilisation events felt so good to him lose to the dwarves lol Best quote in the video: CAN WE MILK REINDEERS?! THERES A SOMEONE WITH A NUKE!
Sakiru 6 aylar önce
The dwarf civilization is actually insane, turned the tables so well. Gave me real goosebumps
ehe Kokodaio
ehe Kokodaio 5 aylar önce
Bro its Just me or i hear genshin miusic in THIS video
kokomrade 4 aylar önce
@ehe Kokodaio yeah there is
checklist 3 aylar önce
Because of the size don't care what op item u had on the opposite team, but size is way op than all of that
William Schoenleber V
What are you talking about to get away all they have to do is dig a hole
William Schoenleber V
Heart 5 aylar önce
Its just like one of those great stories about civilization. Almiti the queen sacrificing herself so her trusted general Squid and his partner/sidekick Colin together with the other dwarves can shift the tides of the war. The last few minutes woke me up more than the coffee I was drinking. XD ps. Squid wearing the crown at the end is lore fulfilled.
speedy01247 4 aylar önce
The dwarfs definitely were my favorite group, both peaceful yet tenacious and unlike the others who went with a purely might based culture (after the the elf coup and implanting a corrupt leader) actually had a positive culture of their own.
TheGrizzlyBear Aylar önce
This is so accurate to forklore as the players began picking up the characteristics and natures of these mythical races. Giants were ruthless and lawless as the elves were liberated and independent thinkers and the dwarfs were wholesome and unified. Kind poetic😅 ggs
Bshepp2majorGame Aylar önce
Dwarves are unruly and bloodthirsty. Not unified or wholesome
TheGrizzlyBear Aylar önce
@Bshepp2majorGame oh damn I didn’t do good enough research
Bshepp2majorGame Aylar önce
@TheGrizzlyBear nah your good they do seem like they’d be the most welcoming mythical creature
Umi 4 aylar önce
I was rooting for the dwarves so badly, i can't be prouder lmao, and that dwarf just going like "AIM FOR THE FEET" That's one of the civilization i enjoyed the most watching
Stephanie Edgar
Stephanie Edgar Aylar önce
I am going to say my favorite part of each kingdom. I like that the Dwarves had reindeer mounts. I like that the Giants were smart enough to start a milk farm to get rid of the plague. I like that the Elves made an entire religion around a crab. Oh and I love the mounts! They are so pretty and I like how each one contributed to their civilization! Over all great video!
TNTY 11 aylar önce
Seeing the dwarves not only tactically retreat, but also adapt to their enemy's recklessness and use their own abilities to their advantage was extremely satisfying to say the LEAST
3NoK 11 aylar önce
Himynamejason12345 11 aylar önce
KV 11 aylar önce
Finally some people who know how to do strategy
Crab Nebula
Crab Nebula 11 aylar önce
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome
Zhichart 10 aylar önce
A lot of these challenges can be won with some basic strategy
Brown Eye of Sauron
The Dwarves earned that victory hard. That was all skill, so much stacked against them, props to them.
Anthony Phan
Anthony Phan 5 aylar önce
just discovered these civ videos recently and this has got to be the one of the funniest ones with the most epic ending.
dalV_Studio Aylar önce
I highly respect Starkiller, he is a great person in every video, wish him luck in future civilization videos
ggsjags 5 aylar önce
I love how those Dwarfs showed Greenskins, Giants and Knifeears why you don´t fight dwarfs in the mountains. For the Mountains Language is dwarfish. Also it is pretty funny how the Giants immediately splintered and later on rallied with the one Giant that was constantly angry but also the only one smart enough to start a coup. The "Why do you always have some weird underground stuff?!" and 36:30 is probably the best roleplay for a strong but rather dumb Giant i have ever seen. You can actually pin point the moment he boils over with frustration since the dwarfs don´t adhere to the Giants code of combat.
kuzo kuro
kuzo kuro 2 aylar önce
while the dwarves were smarter with tactics, thier race was alot better for pvp, they deal more damage with pics, theyre small making them harder to hit and can easily escape because they can fit in 1 block spaces
Avron The Corrupted
Avron The Corrupted 11 aylar önce
I fucking love how the dwarves basically pulled a Vietnam with the elves and giants, they were out numbered and outgeared but won by being literal fucking rats using gorilla tactics and tunneling. Honestly the greatest comeback I’ve seen in a while.
Robox Games
Robox Games 11 aylar önce
Stop just stop
the ok artist
the ok artist 11 aylar önce
Nicholas Reyna
Nicholas Reyna 11 aylar önce
Guerilla* Hey the Thirteen colonies militia did it too.
sphere yahya
sphere yahya 11 aylar önce
@Nicholas Reyna yeah but they did it to an oversees empire wich almost put down the rebellion exept that France and Spain helped
Avron The Corrupted
Avron The Corrupted 11 aylar önce
@Nicholas Reyna I have no idea what the thirteen colonies Militia is.
IRON TYGER 4 aylar önce
Reasons why the dwarves won: 1. They were very organised 2. They were smart and strategic 3. They were peaceful and wholesome I rest my case😎
Skrilla Ghost
Skrilla Ghost 2 aylar önce
4. their class allowing for stupid overpowered pvp, being able to trap players with 0 effort cuz they're 1 block tall
Certified Rambler
@Skrilla Ghost This is a bit late so I apologize, this is more of a writing exercise for me than actual anger at your response and is more me using you as a catalyst to list everything wrong with the class power gaps lmao The elves had a tactical nuke and easy ranged combat. Dwarves only had over-powered PvP when their enemies were fools who were too confident. The smart choice would be to wait for the dwarves to come out, or flush them out. The Dwarves were given the short end of the stick several times, with the elves winning when their builds were under-furnished and soulless, with the Dwarves' base fitting their character nicely and matching their area, as well as the Elves having great ranged combat capabilities with their magic, average height, and the only debuff that I can remember being limited access to food, something the Giants struggled with twice as hard. The Elves had average height which caused them to need less time to adjust as well. Almost all their problems were self-inflicted. At every turn, the Elves were given opportunities to easily win and they squandered each one with overconfidence and foolishness. The Elves are capable of just sitting still and knocking out enemies with long ranged attacks with their magic. Coming over to the giants in hand to hand combat was stupid. They threw away men charging the Giants, killing their peaceful candidate for ruler, and their fatal mistake was going into he tunnels after the Dwarves, with their Giant allies who obviously couldn't mine for the life of them. They didn't value their manpower, and got too cocky. The Giants could've had half a chance at an attempt to win, but with Ize and other Giants who took nothing seriously, it became hopeless. They could have at least tried to wait for the Elves and Dwarves to start something up and clean up the scraps after, but nope. They fell prey the the useless wasting of manpower and killed their own candidates for leader on the basis of armor. The Giants were right to try kill off Ize, he was dangerous and defected at the first sign of trouble he made no attempt to stop. The final battle would've gone to the Elves if not for their utter lack of strategy and foresight. They would've won with the flying mount and the nuke, but they got too cocky and fell to the first half-assed attempt at strategy the Dwarves attempted. They fought in the environment they were designed to win in: small spaces. If the Elves had waited for a resurfacing or used the obvious idea of flushing out the Dwarves, they could have brought them back to the places Elves and Giants were designed to win in: From a ways away on higher ground, and hand to hand combat, respectively. The fault was to the Elves and Giants alone. TL;DR: The Elves had every amount of favoritism but they along with the Giants, didn't value their teammates. The win of the Dwarves was only because their enemies were stupid.
lalalilian 2 aylar önce
i was so happy for the dwarves 😭😭 they kept cheering every single kill they got it was so wholesome
Wonniethesheep 2 aylar önce
the first time watching something and smile so happily at the end, dwarf really have the best queen and un given up team, even when half of them died, they can still handle and replan everything, and won at the end! the queen herself sacrifices herself for the team’s success 🎉
CrabVR Aylar önce
“Can we milk reindeers?” Had me dying 😂
Dawsob Puls
Dawsob Puls Aylar önce
This guy deserves a like and a sub for what he does and how he sets these massive events for us
mondongo loco
mondongo loco 11 aylar önce
This actually tells two sides of being a king and leader. One was a wish of just power, like the elf king who just literally kill one member of his team just because he used his mount for a moment. Meanwhile, the dwarf queen when she saw her people being destroy and killed, didnt think twice and decides to sacrifice herserlf gaving her people a chance of winning. Total respect for her
CassetteCobra 11 aylar önce
Literally Ize did the exact same thing in the previous video, teamed up with his friends to betray and take control by force, then go on a warmongering path that results in their loss. Once again Starkiller was betrayed, killed, and forgotten about. Starkiller would be rightly be very angry at this happening twice. People should VERY be aware of who Ize is and his friends are and target them out first so they don't try anything.
CrimsonDawn1586 11 aylar önce
@CassetteCobra I think next time this happens, Ize should be left out so others can have a chance. Seriously....
Rooster 11 aylar önce
@CrimsonDawn1586 agreed he always does extra shit not to mention just bully's others to do what he wants
CassetteCobra 11 aylar önce
@CrimsonDawn1586 From what I've been reading from the chat, Ize was putting on an act and he was acting like a villain for content. This actually makes it worse, because he's intentionally staging the events just so the video maker has something to show. Much less creditability can be given to the video maker for allowing this to be a thing. Why not just let the civs develop naturally? We haven't even seen what all the events the admins planned for the players anyway. I rather have a standard, but authentic, simulation video where one team suffers the consequences of not taking event seriously, then having a simulation where one player planned with the video maker to stage artificial drama and tension just for content.
Enola Gay
Enola Gay 11 aylar önce
those who desire power should never be granted it, and those don't want to lead tend to make for the best leaders
Orx1901 3 aylar önce
No ones talking about squid kid rallying and carrying the dwarven kingdom what an absolute legend . Loved the guy through the whole video 😊
Ragness10 23 gün önce
Really nice tactics from the dwarves. Definitely deserved that win
Anthony King
Anthony King 3 aylar önce
I was rooting for the dwarves all the way from start to finish. What a rollercoaster!
Peyton Reyes
Peyton Reyes 4 aylar önce
SquidKid doing TechnoBlade proud by absolutely annihilating the other players in PvP. My hats off to you SquidKid, my hat is off to you.
6epy Aylar önce
sadly i dont have a gaming laptop so i dont think ill ever be able to play in one these events but the thrill your videos bring is incredible and its amazing to see this all. brings tears to my eyes !!! keep it up
Mr Mittens
Mr Mittens 11 aylar önce
The lore between the species here are so accurate lmao, Giants being problematic and headstrong, elves with their arrogance & selfishness and dwarves being dwarves, just minding their own interests and being the leading in all the factions
AVS PlaysROBLOX 11 aylar önce
I guess you could say they were *mining* their own business
Moonfire Light
Moonfire Light 11 aylar önce
@AVS PlaysROBLOX that made me laugh so hard for some reason 🤣
Ultron the Technological tyrant
Yeah the dwarves seems to be the best at peace, I liked them, good on them for winning!
Legal ZA0
Legal ZA0 11 aylar önce
Dwarves would be greedy wouldn’t they?
xTRIPv 5 aylar önce
Epic video! It was like watching a movie packed full of story, strategy, and seat gripping action!
Stratidemic 6 gün önce
Glory to the Dwarves! I feel like Ize goes out of his way to make himself the villain in these, great for a story but damn it'd be infuriating to be on his team as a peaceful player (though combat focused players certainly benefit)
ZAAK 3 aylar önce
I CAN NOT put in words how much I loved that ending
A Random Anime Enjoyer
The dwarf queen's sacrafise wasn't in vain, i'm honestly touched and crying because of her heroic deed
Warrior of Bepisland
Warrior of Bepisland 3 aylar önce
The magic mod that the elves used is actually available, and there are 9 different spells including a dash, and it's been so long since I played it that I don't remember any of the others.
MrEggy 11 aylar önce
The dwarves definitely should of won the building comp, it actually looked good
Aadn 11 aylar önce
It was way better
octopus venice
octopus venice 11 aylar önce
but the crab religion is better
Evan Boyd
Evan Boyd 11 aylar önce
@octopus venice thats not building tho...
TOX 11 aylar önce
The dwarf kingdom was clearly the best… the elf kingdom was… it was um it was different
rexxybro 11 aylar önce
They didn't need the drop anyway
Drekhgsgw 5 aylar önce
I was rooting for the dwarves and knew they would win they had great strategy and had a organized civilization but the last battle was very intense, i loved this video!
David Hussey
David Hussey 3 aylar önce
i respect the dwarves they took "size does not matter" to a whole differant level
Rhythm 3 aylar önce
i cant get enough of these video, thank you silver for creating such a masterpiece
Andiswa Sidwaba
Andiswa Sidwaba 4 aylar önce
Honestly the dwarfs are so wholesome and they’re my favourite race! I even made a campfire sing for them, when winter comes again
Hiro SK
Hiro SK 3 aylar önce
seeing all the minecraft civilizations videos i can definitely say this specific one is the best out of all others
Milk man
Milk man 10 aylar önce
I like how the Elfs and Giants were literally killing their own, while the dwarves of all people had a proper system.
Alpha Noodle
Alpha Noodle 9 aylar önce
Like it should be
santhinal 9 aylar önce
Well Dwarves are always portrayed as some of the most steadfast and least prone to betrayal of the 3 races and the tactics shown by them and good leadership winning out is VERY much the Dwarven way.
Kevin 9 aylar önce
Legit, Elves boned themselves since Giants were just terrible in fighting against Dwarves and thinning out their own numbers when they had arguably the best traits with magic.
santhinal 9 aylar önce
@Kevin ehhh I mean yes and no the Elves traits were strong yes but I viewed that whole thing as a triangle counter. Dwarves beat Giants, Elves beat dwarves and Giants beat Elves trait-wise anyway. Giants could easily have won that if they got their shit together. Elves could have won too but they played harder not smarter. Dwarves played smart and so they won in the end.
nilay kocaoglu
nilay kocaoglu 9 aylar önce
Yep Its weird
Marcus Charbonneau
Marcus Charbonneau 4 aylar önce
The dwarves were great they used there size to there advantage there moves were so smart the sacrifice was worth it
ArJay 4 aylar önce
Squid carried on the Will of Techno with that W. That legend.
Manly Gamer
Manly Gamer 7 gün önce
I've never rooted for a team this hard before (the Dwarves). I mean literally, they were organised, loyal, and they had superior military tactics. While all the the Elves had separatists and the Giants were on the brink of Civil war, the dwarves just stayed put and were just being amazing. Me and my sister were so tense at the last battle just screaming for the Dwarves.
Rain 2 aylar önce
The best thing about the whole vid is the giants and elves getting irritated by the dwarves' tactics lmao it was hilarious
Liliflower137 2 aylar önce
The dwarves should've won the building competition for sure, their builds had love!!
Benjamin Richards
Benjamin Richards 11 aylar önce
It's crazy how much respect SquidKid and the dwarven queen had for each other. She trusted him to finish the fight after sacrificing herself. It's like he was her top general, loyal to his queen to the end
WibbleWobble 11 aylar önce
Plus Colin. The 3 of them were heroes for the dwarves
ANEXUS & CO. 11 aylar önce
Is this SquidKid the same as in the old Hypixel Skyblock Potato war videos from Technoblade and himself? If so, then he’s a legend. No wonder he pulled this off.
An Wd
An Wd 11 aylar önce
@ANEXUS & CO. Who else would be squidkid?
GhostDog 11 aylar önce
@ANEXUS & CO. I expected Techno to be a leader of the Orcs, just to jump Squid kid and beat him once again :D
Yuri Tm81
Yuri Tm81 11 aylar önce
@GhostDog techno is still fighting again cancer right now so sadly hard for him to be there , it would have be so cool tho !
Kizi 5 aylar önce
I wanted the dwarves to win so bad, that comeback was insane!
Dan 5 aylar önce
Silver, i just came across your channel. I love what you have put together here. The Dwarves rocked! Unfortunately, Ize was killed 94 players too late. Toxic little kids like him shouldn't even be featured like this, but hey not my call. Any ways cool videos and keep it going! Looking forward to more videos, maybe Ize will rage quit forever :D
Yatto 2 aylar önce
Really wanted to see the Dwarves win, and thankfully i got what i wished for, other civilizations were unorganized, rebelling, backstabing, scheming, their foundations were set for their fall, the Dwarves built their society up perfectly and were able to secure their win, it was hella satisfying to see the end.
Rayan boom
Rayan boom 5 aylar önce
it’s amazing how the dwarf queen sacrificed herself just for the dwarves
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 9 gün önce
So happy when the betrayed giant got in with the elfs. Really thought the alliance with both mounts would destroy the dwarves, but the dwarves were good at trapping them underground.
Justin Quiring
Justin Quiring 11 aylar önce
Ooh it was so satisfying to see Ize get progressively angrier and finally fall to a team with actual companionship and teamwork. He had it coming so much it was so relieving.
SG 11 aylar önce
So true lol
JustaSadCat 11 aylar önce
Yes it really was lmao
JetJunkie 11 aylar önce
I was rooting for the Dwarves the entire time and Ize felt like such an amazing villain for them. Ironically Ize lost to the people with very like "s"ize
Ok Bud
Ok Bud 11 aylar önce
So true
Makel Coombs
Makel Coombs 5 aylar önce
so happy the dwarves won, only team that didn’t seem annoying to be on
NuclearUK 3 aylar önce
no matter what civilization he's in, Ize always seems to diss people of their armour compared to him...
Patrick Halim
Patrick Halim 3 aylar önce
I love how in the middle of the chaos the dwarves were so cozy together
Kyle giducls
Kyle giducls 4 aylar önce
I like how the dwarves annoy the elf and giants by digging down 😂😂
Crookchalk 5 gün önce
Starkiller comes in a lot in different series. Pretty cool having a recurring character across channels.
belacile 10 aylar önce
It was immensely satisfying to see the toxic players lose to the based dwarves.
Averon god of fire
Averon god of fire 10 aylar önce
The dwarves were just the best with the sweetest people who just wanted good vibes in their stone halls
Damjan Kovacevic
Damjan Kovacevic 10 aylar önce
Elves and giants are beta Dwarves are sigma
The noob to pro experience
@Damjan Kovacevic so facts
Damjan Kovacevic
Damjan Kovacevic 10 aylar önce
@The noob to pro experience thanks
Toothlessgames Aylar önce
Feel like the dwarves had a lot more power than they should've
Jayne XmainX
Jayne XmainX 4 aylar önce
I knew the dwarfs were going to win, small enemies are hard to destroyXD They're so adorable.
isaks tutorials
isaks tutorials 3 aylar önce
i would love to be in events like these but most events like these are in completely different time zones
The Texan Crus
The Texan Crus 5 gün önce
I will be 100% honest, Dwarves totally deserved #1 build, the Elves weren't bad but the Dwarves had uniqueness and played with their new race mechanics, 1 block doors, winter homes, very stumpy, (Even if I wish they did an underground city type build, that would have been instant winner) meanwhile the Elves town I could see being made in ANY competition. Maybe if they made like Tree houses or played more with foliage, that sorta stuff
Benjamin Stillman
Benjamin Stillman 3 aylar önce
As a short pacifist, I loved the dwarves.
Jordan Martin
Jordan Martin 10 aylar önce
Dwarves deserved that win for sure. They stuck by each other and to their weapons and were brilliant in using escape tunnels and lure tactics to turn the tides. They perfectly used their advantages for that win
Neville133 10 aylar önce
The sheer loyalty of the Dwarves is what saved them. Truly they built a community.
Enigmatic 2
Enigmatic 2 9 aylar önce
Yeah, the tunnels were just too good against the giants. It must've been frustrating for the giants.
5h4d0w_K1n6 9 aylar önce
thats dwarves for ya, clever bunch
I luv milk tea
I luv milk tea 9 aylar önce
@Enigmatic 2 Did ya not hear ize complaining?
Enigmatic 2
Enigmatic 2 9 aylar önce
@I luv milk tea must've been the wind
John Frade
John Frade 4 aylar önce
damn how different the outcome would be if the assignation plot against ize went through
mercadona 4 aylar önce
i cant express how good this things are they feel like a movie
Jacob Patlogar
Jacob Patlogar Aylar önce
To be honest the dwarfs were kinda set to win from the start because they can eat anything and coal and iron and they are smaller so they are harder to hit and its easy to flee and they had the perfect biome!
FireFoxie1345 8 gün önce
The biome was where dwarves lived, and dwarves have to eat stuff near the ground because of their size
E. Corellius
E. Corellius 6 gün önce
by the rock and stone! really gave it to those topsiders! true dwarves, every one of them. showed that no matter how much favoritism those damn elgi get in every fantasy setting ever that the raw determination and unity of dwarves, sturdy like the stone, can still win through.
Legacy 11 aylar önce
The dwarves are the most bonded team from the start and are the smartest, knowing how to coordinate their attacks using teamwork and tunnelling advantage. Not surprised that they won.
bro biden
bro biden 11 aylar önce
they are the weakest so they are forced to work together in order to survive.
ErMacflai 11 aylar önce
For real bro the other teams were just so cringe. Just a bunch of arrogant tryhards
SupremeTeen 19
SupremeTeen 19 11 aylar önce
@ErMacflai Facts. Lol
Ranoutofideas 11 aylar önce
It’s like trying to hit a baby zombie they weren’t the weakest
craft 4 aylar önce
It’s always Seawatt who’s starting revolutions.
One Menacing Shitpost
I love how LORE-ACCURATE it is that this ended up being a Dwarfs vs Elfs battle 😂😂😂
Zanido 4 aylar önce
This... is the most epic thing I've ever seen. Holy shit this looks like so much fun
Evelyn Farfellwooosh
One of the best videos I've watched on "xxx players on scenario Z," It's like a movie and props to the dwarves despite the bias.
xSharpW1107 11 aylar önce
I like how the Dwarfs went from stacked, to the underdog, to winning through using the key dwarf advantage. Honestly incredible ending.
_Haenye 11 aylar önce
@Z̶a̶i̶-N̶a̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ strategic planning, you all watch civilization without putting the fact that strategic planning is the best move, you think it's lame but in reality it is the BEST move for a civilization to move forward and conquer their weaknesses.
Melvyn Cardenas
Melvyn Cardenas 11 aylar önce
Yeah biting the other teams ankles was the best strategy
《 Woozee 》
《 Woozee 》 11 aylar önce
Idk why 36:06 was my fav moment because it short how something as short as a dwarf which would be seen as a disadvantage turn into an advantage since they litterally had a whole escape route plan that was so easy and accessible to them but so hard to maneuver for elf’s and ESPECIALLY giants
Pong Angelo
Pong Angelo 11 aylar önce
Their small hitbox is OP enough.
Cassius 11 aylar önce
They were always OP, they were basically rigged to win
Jonathan Derby
Jonathan Derby 4 gün önce
Man, those dwarves fought really smart, I'm genuinely impressed. Plus I love tactics that focus on pissing an enemy off.
ZWH10 3 aylar önce
I laughed so hard when one of the dwarfs said “can we milk reindeer”
TheLostSheep 10 gün önce
The dwarf queen was a true queen. She created a Unified Society and sacrificed herself to ensure victory. She will be forever remembered
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