I Made 100 Players Simulate Medieval Civilization in Minecraft... 

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I Made 100 Players Simulate Medieval Civilization in Minecraft...
This video was inspired by @ish and @MagicGum, check out their civilization videos below if you haven't already!
• MagicGum: • 100 Players Simulate C...
• Ish: • 1000 Players Simulate ...
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This is a Minecraft Social Experiment where 100 Players Simulate Medieval Civilization and are divided into three kingdoms. They will have to face different challenges like the plague, orcs, and eventually go to war!
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9 Haz 2022




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@SpeedSilver Yıl önce
Download Dragon City for free, become a Dragon Master and claim the exclusive rewards: dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/june22 Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! Another one will be coming really soon :DDD
@Omar-nf5qz Yıl önce
@bennyboey7614 Yıl önce
How do I join the discord
@lajonplayz1733 Yıl önce
The eils deserve losing all there players
@WildSid_ Yıl önce
LETS GO Dwarves
@astrxo2 Yıl önce
Giants: conflict Elfs : peace was never an option Dwarfs: anyways this coal taste amazing
@derpyduck5207 Yıl önce
If they hadn't killed Starkiller, peace could have been an option
Dwarfs: Good morning Vietnam
@mr.krinkle8173 Yıl önce
@@derpyduck5207 yeah. tbh tho peace would be my option because combat will lead to less resources, eventually killing everyone off. but when you have no real live consequences for violence, then rip and tear mothafoka
@ForeStorm Yıl önce
@@heinzguderian628 YOOOO I LOVE THAT MOVIE
Haha evil number
@pajorion 8 aylar önce
Ize being a traitor just because he doesnt get his way and still not winning brings a warmth to my heart
@xarbiter173x 7 aylar önce
Me to. When he doesn’t get his way, then he starts back stabbing everyone and he still lose, really warms my heart and makes he smile
@apolloeggo3677 6 aylar önce
Eh.. the giants just werent likeminded at all, they didn’t really try much when it came to their events and all kept doing their own things. I’d feel pretty annoyed too being in their race.
@uberlord983 6 aylar önce
I vaguely remember Ize from another Minecraft Civilization video. If he's the one I'm remembering, he basically spent the first 2-ish days grinding out diamond gear, then spent the rest of the event holding the rest of his team at sword-point, forcing them to be batshit aggressive. Was NOT a fun experience for any of that team. And he gets away with it because "its content."
@Terrashell 6 aylar önce
Ize is easily the worst part of these videos. I remember in the skyblock video while everyone was trying to build up their bases and form communities he would just rush them with his goons and burst them down. He's such an asshole and makes the videos difficult to enjoy.
I think Ize has the role of being a heel as well as stirring up trouble in Silver’s videos.
@lena24xxpotato20 8 aylar önce
The dwarf queen is one of the best leaders ive seen in these civilization videos. She was quick witted, organized, and brave for her people, but she wasnt blood thirsty and she was able to pick up that the elfs were eventually going to come after them too and tried to help the giants without any material gain. Major respect.
@splaat239 7 aylar önce
The first queen and the best ruler I've seen in these vids
@pancakemon 7 aylar önce
​​@@splaat239in my opinion I think it's ize as the best leader ever
​@@pancakemonhes definitely not the best leader💀
@JixMC 6 aylar önce
@@pancakemon In my opinion, he only gets invited to mess up his team because, if you've seen the newer videos in the civilization series, he literally always starts a revolution and gets half of his team killed.
@Lanetgm 6 aylar önce
@uberlord983 6 aylar önce
Shoutout to that one specific Dwarf at the end who killed Ize. Even though it was only for a few minutes, the server finally got to feel the feeling when he shuts the fuck up. If I had a dollar for every time Ize, in these Civilization videos, brought his own team to ruin because he wasn't 100% getting his way, I'd have at least 2 dollars. Which isn't a lot, but its weird that it happened at least twice.
@creativenam3-ns8ci 2 aylar önce
@ree4238 Aylar önce
That was actually squidkidd who had the great potato war with technoblade xD
@greez6424 Aylar önce
Squid kid
@green5701 24 gün önce
I just think Ize likes to RP really hard into being a villain
@Forge17 11 aylar önce
Ironic that the teams which murdered so many of their own teammates, got a dragon and best equipment, teamed up and still lost to the smart wholesome dwarves
@blurryahmira1392 8 aylar önce
Elves were favortizes that's why
@TheNerdWhoLikesMoths 8 aylar önce
@@blurryahmira1392that’s why what? That’s why they lost? That doesn’t make much sense
Well that's what they get for being backstabers
@inccogniti3491 6 aylar önce
​@@TheNerdWhoLikesMothsNo, they kinda lost because they betrayed themselves too much... even though they got the best equipment and powers overall
@@TheNerdWhoLikesMoths that’s why they got all that overpowered weapons and shit while the dwarves got a pat on the back and a hand shake.
@chadcamus3993 7 aylar önce
crazy how the elfs had favoritism towards them but still lost😂😂,btw dwarf queen was the best ruler her wits and decision making made it the reason for them to win especially thanks to her distracting 6 of their enemies so her allies would recover
I feel like the most well-known people always get chosen for ruler, and all of the people who actually have a good ideas never get chosen because they aren’t TRvid famous. But the reason they’re famous is because they are known to bring their entire kingdoms to ruin or become fucking dictators but somehow they always get chosen because ”he killed this amount of people” even though he lost the game. My point is, people with anger issues and terrible ideas always get chosen because they’re TRvid famous and this is why 16-year-olds aren’t allowed to vote.
@justinb3609 Aylar önce
“What did you just eat?” “A piece of coal.” “WHAT?!?” This is a masterpiece lol
@Loca_Llama Yıl önce
yeah. I literally almost fell over laughing🤣
@wolfgaming499 Yıl önce
@absanntonio7157 Yıl önce
I died on this one
@aluqvs Yıl önce
I was about to comment how funny that was-
@averyisblack 11 aylar önce
Sad that the Dwarf Queen died, but i’m proud that it wasn’t in vain and the Dwarves managed to pull through and catch the dub, was rooting for them because of how they were more about being together and peaceful rather than being in control, and hostile
@Randomsass 9 aylar önce
Mein Kampf.
@Mingu_hao 4 aylar önce
She was a real warrior fr, great leadership
Honestly, I’m pretty sure not having a TRvidr on their team helped, TRvidr is love causing drama because it makes better content and they start an argument over the smallest things because they have big heads. Who starts a mutiny because they didn’t get their way?
@itsmattq 5 aylar önce
a moment of silence for the dwarf queen, she fought well and led her team to victory. I was really rooting for her as she was the first queen. major respect. also the dwarf guy yelling we got him we got him is such a team player major props for you man 🏆🏆
@davidlindgren8043 11 aylar önce
Ive never been so nervous before the big fight! The dwarves really deserved this win, showing how teamwork prevails over violence
@Randomsass 9 aylar önce
Mein kampf
@logeyperogi1805 6 aylar önce
In the end, nations, kingdoms and empires aren’t built by just the strong, they’re built by the unified Ize, Invictible and Saitama were powerful, but they refused to work with their races, they only worked with each other due to their strength But there’s more to leadership than just strength and logic, there’s also compassion, and respect The elves and giants were a strong group of individuals, the dwarves were a truly united nation, built upon respect, compassion, love and trust
@@logeyperogi1805 it’s really sad how that guy who actually deserve to be leader got killed because he was weak, this is what a weak bond does to people.
@thumbtack8133 4 aylar önce
I don't know that I've ever wanted a civilization to win more than I wanted the dwarves to win in this video. Little drama, no backstabbing, just a bunch of brave, wholesome folks willing to fight and die for one another.
@apollo1694 17 gün önce
Watch Sesame street if you want 0 drama
@dead_sponge Yıl önce
Elves: Social distancing Giants: Creating a infected zone Dwarfs: Running into other dwarfs saying I don’t have food
Duhhhh you have food 😗
@jacobwipf1651 Yıl önce
3:54 most annoying shit ever
@gamer546lg5 Yıl önce
I hate the whole comment section are making the dwarves seem like the best Why the fuck do dwarves have the same hp as a normal size elf it doesnt make any sense specially considering the face that giants are double stronger than a elf If they had less that would make way more sense This video is so stupid
@shadowbird5594 Yıl önce
Bruh the 2 smart teams during the infection both were teams wanting to assinate their own team lol
@ankursahoo3607 Yıl önce
Yeah dwarves shares allbe itpain or pleasure
@dalV_Studio 9 aylar önce
I highly respect Starkiller, he is a great person in every video, wish him luck in future civilization videos
@DralonIsBack 8 aylar önce
I really hate ize, typical bully, i guess he's a shitty ass person in real life
@user-rt2em2ks6g 4 aylar önce
Star killer was born into the wrong race he deserved to be part of the dwarves.
@kim_rhean9179 2 aylar önce
If Starkiller actually became king and was not assassinated I think they could've made an alliance with the dwarves
@gamercat8 2 aylar önce
​@@user-rt2em2ks6gthat was what i was thinking too when saw him got Assassinated i'm back rooting to the dwarves
@juliepenoyer3062 11 aylar önce
I think the only reason the dwarfs survived and won was because of there small size, they could easily go through very small spaces and could easily get away from the tall giants in this clip: 36:05. The dwarf queen was also selfless enough to bravely distract several enemies by herself so that her people could take on the rest of the giants and elves, what a legend.
@splaat239 7 aylar önce
And the fact elves and giants were still overpowered to them and they won is still amazing, they were never against eachother and had companionship and chemistry so that contributed a lot to their win
@IrishEyes1994 8 aylar önce
Man, those dwarves fought really smart, I'm genuinely impressed. Plus I love tactics that focus on pissing an enemy off.
@ManlyGamer 8 aylar önce
I've never rooted for a team this hard before (the Dwarves). I mean literally, they were organised, loyal, and they had superior military tactics. While all the the Elves had separatists and the Giants were on the brink of Civil war, the dwarves just stayed put and were just being amazing. Me and my sister were so tense at the last battle just screaming for the Dwarves.
@Wilsontripplets 8 aylar önce
Dig a dig a diggity dig!
@nneibeam6922 8 aylar önce
This made me teared up out of joy. I'm so glad that the one I'm rooting In at the beginning was the one who have won. Their peaceful ruling, selflessness and care for their teammates becomes their advantage to other civilization. Despite of disadvantages of size and powerful enemies, nothing beats a tactical strategic fight. They have a great leader! You slay 👑 Queen 👑
I fucking love how the dwarves basically pulled a Vietnam with the elves and giants, they were out numbered and outgeared but won by being literal fucking rats using gorilla tactics and tunneling. Honestly the greatest comeback I’ve seen in a while.
@roboxgames5158 Yıl önce
Stop just stop
@thepenguinpilot Yıl önce
Guerilla* Hey the Thirteen colonies militia did it too.
@sphereyahya Yıl önce
@@nicholasreyna2164 yeah but they did it to an oversees empire wich almost put down the rebellion exept that France and Spain helped
@@nicholasreyna2164 I have no idea what the thirteen colonies Militia is.
@khorvair 10 aylar önce
There was definitely favouritism on the elves. First, they were normal size. Second, they literally had ranged magic. THIRD, when the other kingdoms got nerfed, the elves got buffed. Fourth, the dwarves buildings fit the theme of winter dwarf style and their village actually had PERSONALITY AND LOOKED GOOD, and the elves just had lifeless plank and log buildings. Half of the buildings didn't even have log outline, the SHOPS didn't even sell anything, and there was no decoration. The dwarves deserved to win the kingdom building competition and definitely got that win fairly, against the overpowered elves, and the giants just existed Edit: fixed me for some reason saying the giants were overpowered aswell, pointed out by @sammoore2082
@e.corellius4495 8 aylar önce
thats how it always goes though, most people overly favor the "noble glorious and superior elves" to the "short greedy fallen dwarf kingdoms" ive been angry about that favoritism for years. glad the dwaves finally got a win here despite the favoritism.
@-.friendships.-5834 8 aylar önce
Well Atleast they won . It’s not too bad
@snowpools8498 8 aylar önce
Exactly, although I would say dwarves had the best height. But yeah the elf's nuke was just straight up unfair, I mean why can their king get something like that while the others get nothing? And the elves buildings aside from some clearly being unfinished, they were literally ALL completely empty.. Plus it barely even looked medieval 😂
@blurryahmira1392 8 aylar önce
​@E. Corellius this time I believe the favoritism was base on the expert PvP and non-expert PvP, or People that silver has more connections with. Notice how Ize always get's screen time? Because he has great PvP skills and close relationship to Silver.
@sammoore2082 8 aylar önce
And the giants were just there... I guess.
@isaacstamper 11 aylar önce
It made me so happy to listen to Ize complaining and whining at the very end 😂
@nxtpasteI 10 aylar önce
The dwarf civilization was honestly the best, it was peaceful and just the best one
@mr.aloevera9070 7 aylar önce
I find it kind of poetic that the dwarf queen sacrificed herself for the very few dwarfs that were left, trusting them to finish the fight while the elf king was the last one standing and his last words were "I lied" showing how much corruption was in his kingdom. Like damn, this could be such an amazing fatasy novel
@browneyeofsauron1244 9 aylar önce
The Dwarves earned that victory hard. That was all skill, so much stacked against them, props to them.
@connorkuziemko215 7 aylar önce
I absolutely love the dwarves during this. Their battle strategy and chemistry was beyond beautiful
Dude the dwarves were menacing like "I'm coming for your toes" and " I eat peace of coal" and just disappearing mid combat and hitting harder loved them man
@Ddobby221 Yıl önce
tbh the one where they can just dig one block tunnels is too op
The dwarf had home field advantage, and they used that leverage amazingly.
@ldemain Yıl önce
Dwarves: "I'M COMING FOR YOUR TOES!" Me: *literally dying of laughter*
@yoshuatree8538 Yıl önce
I laughed so hard when the giant asked what he just ate....uh coal
@@ldemain thats what happened to me
@_-Al-_ 11 aylar önce
I love how the dwarves just vibe for most of it and then win. absolutely iconic
@DaaGrizzlyBear 10 aylar önce
This is so accurate to forklore as the players began picking up the characteristics and natures of these mythical races. Giants were ruthless and lawless as the elves were liberated and independent thinkers and the dwarfs were wholesome and unified. Kind poetic😅 ggs
@bshepp2majorgame67 9 aylar önce
Dwarves are unruly and bloodthirsty. Not unified or wholesome
@DaaGrizzlyBear 9 aylar önce
@@bshepp2majorgame67 oh damn I didn’t do good enough research
@bshepp2majorgame67 9 aylar önce
@@DaaGrizzlyBear nah your good they do seem like they’d be the most welcoming mythical creature
@cirosspirit 8 aylar önce
@@DaaGrizzlyBearit actually depends. But they are pretty commonly described as nice as long as your nice to them while ruthless if you’re ruthless. They’re kinda karmic lol.
@nitromiyazaki 7 aylar önce
Dwarves, at least in Tolkien’s stories, are very loyal and trustworthy warriors to one another. While they tend to do their own thing and are fairly wary against outsiders, they’re also capable of working together and fighting as one against their enemies through vicious tactics and strategies. Especially in the mountains, where they are the masters.
@rue_the_act 8 aylar önce
Personally I like how the Elf civilization had a puppet master kinda situation, while the giants were just blood thirsty with their elections. The dwarves were actually the purest people.
@stratidemic 8 aylar önce
Glory to the Dwarves! I feel like Ize goes out of his way to make himself the villain in these, great for a story but damn it'd be infuriating to be on his team as a peaceful player (though combat focused players certainly benefit)
@Mingu_hao 4 aylar önce
The dwarf civilization was by far the most wholesome and cooperating group of players I've ever seen
@mrmittens8141 Yıl önce
The lore between the species here are so accurate lmao, Giants being problematic and headstrong, elves with their arrogance & selfishness and dwarves being dwarves, just minding their own interests and being the leading in all the factions
@AVSplays Yıl önce
I guess you could say they were *mining* their own business
Ah yes, the idiots, the racists and the chills
@@AVSplays that made me laugh so hard for some reason 🤣
Yeah the dwarves seems to be the best at peace, I liked them, good on them for winning!
@legalza0843 Yıl önce
Dwarves would be greedy wouldn’t they?
@Random_croissant 9 aylar önce
Ize has to be one of the most ruthless players in silvers 100 player civilisation events felt so good to see him lose to the dwarves lol Best quote in the video: CAN WE MILK REINDEERS?! THERES A SOMEONE WITH A NUKE!
@NoahKrass 4 aylar önce
You forgot: IS THAT A FURRY? Love that quote
@Random_croissant 4 aylar önce
@@NoahKrass thanks for that
The dwarf queen's sacrafise wasn't in vain, i'm honestly touched and crying because of her heroic deed
All the other leaders would have never done what she did, they would much rather use their fists than think of what she was actually trying to do and how much she turned the tide by leading them away.
@thetexancrus2036 8 aylar önce
I will be 100% honest, Dwarves totally deserved #1 build, the Elves weren't bad but the Dwarves had uniqueness and played with their new race mechanics, 1 block doors, winter homes, very stumpy, (Even if I wish they did an underground city type build, that would have been instant winner) meanwhile the Elves town I could see being made in ANY competition. Maybe if they made like Tree houses or played more with foliage, that sorta stuff
@stephanieedgar6308 10 aylar önce
I am going to say my favorite part of each kingdom. I like that the Dwarves had reindeer mounts. I like that the Giants were smart enough to start a milk farm to get rid of the plague. I like that the Elves made an entire religion around a crab. Oh and I love the mounts! They are so pretty and I like how each one contributed to their civilization! Over all great video!
@andysportal9658 8 aylar önce
Ize:Wheat can keep us alive. Giant Perk:Can only eat meat.
@tnty1561 Yıl önce
Seeing the dwarves not only tactically retreat, but also adapt to their enemy's recklessness and use their own abilities to their advantage was extremely satisfying to say the LEAST
@3nok Yıl önce
@Himynamejason Yıl önce
@kv4648 Yıl önce
Finally some people who know how to do strategy
@crabnebula1816 Yıl önce
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome
@zhichart7888 Yıl önce
A lot of these challenges can be won with some basic strategy
@CrimsonQueen478 8 aylar önce
Don't you love how the elves and giants where just so politically unstable, but the dwarves sang songs at the campfire while killing an orc.
@lorenzoboccia4113 9 aylar önce
The dwarf queen is the best strategist in the match, she fought like a true heroine and brought the victory to the end with her sacrifice, long live the queen!
@frogamation4946 4 aylar önce
I cheered for the dwarfs, Not because were the same the height, but because of their team work.
@CrabVR69 10 aylar önce
“Can we milk reindeers?” Had me dying 😂
@tbaaxx3 7 aylar önce
I do feel that the elves were favorited and given incredible benefits… that sucks. The dwarves deserved the win. So wholesome and tactful.
@remveel2443 Yıl önce
The dwarves honestly deserved it. Peaceful start, had great chemistry overall, no one opposed heavily and just made a good story arc
@gonkdroid4112 Yıl önce
Also how stupidly overpowered the solar airstrike tactical nuke thing that the elf king had made the win even more honorable
@@gonkdroid4112 Elf dude had that evil overlord powers, set and shits, but raw power, unity, and guerilla tactics made his reign of oppressive power come to an end by the peace loving dwarves whose Queen died for their sake.
@florians9949 Yıl önce
@@gonkdroid4112 Yeah the balancing of the races was awfull. The dwarves and giants were okay but the elves were so OP.
@gonkdroid4112 Yıl önce
@@florians9949 yea what did the dwarves get? Eating coal and more pickaxe damage. Meanwhile they are slower and can’t get to structures as fast. And the royal mount literally just balanced th- one of them to be balanced to other races.
@Nekoszowa Yıl önce
The main reason they won was because they had no in-fighting
@TheInsaneHurricane 8 aylar önce
Love how the Dwarfs won this. They deserve it for being teamed up against, selflessness and great teamwork and dedication
@TheLostSheep578 8 aylar önce
The dwarf queen was a true queen. She created a Unified Society and sacrificed herself to ensure victory. She will be forever remembered
@marebbpc 7 aylar önce
the dwarfs really earned this one, they were routed and beaten but pulled together used their strenghts and epicly fought back
@liliflower1376 10 aylar önce
The dwarves should've won the building competition for sure, their builds had love!!
@greez6424 Aylar önce
@pancake_boy32 3 aylar önce
I love how the dwarfs are like the main character, and having great leadership. I was also rooting for that team aswell!
This actually tells two sides of being a king and leader. One was a wish of just power, like the elf king who just literally kill one member of his team just because he used his mount for a moment. Meanwhile, the dwarf queen when she saw her people being destroy and killed, didnt think twice and decides to sacrifice herserlf gaving her people a chance of winning. Total respect for her
Literally Ize did the exact same thing in the previous video, teamed up with his friends to betray and take control by force, then go on a warmongering path that results in their loss. Once again Starkiller was betrayed, killed, and forgotten about. Starkiller would be rightly be very angry at this happening twice. People should VERY be aware of who Ize is and his friends are and target them out first so they don't try anything.
@@cassettecobra3848 I think next time this happens, Ize should be left out so others can have a chance. Seriously....
@Rooster4Grain Yıl önce
@@CrimsonDawn-ou4og agreed he always does extra shit not to mention just bully's others to do what he wants
@@CrimsonDawn-ou4og From what I've been reading from the chat, Ize was putting on an act and he was acting like a villain for content. This actually makes it worse, because he's intentionally staging the events just so the video maker has something to show. Much less creditability can be given to the video maker for allowing this to be a thing. Why not just let the civs develop naturally? We haven't even seen what all the events the admins planned for the players anyway. I rather have a standard, but authentic, simulation video where one team suffers the consequences of not taking event seriously, then having a simulation where one player planned with the video maker to stage artificial drama and tension just for content.
Dwarf queen was my fave but really, I did enjoy these little lusts of power and dirty politics in these civilization series', I couldn't find anything exciting like these ones on other minecraft videos.
@pamew 8 aylar önce
The fact that they built a little pad for the goblin trader to chill in is just so wholesome.
@wonniethesheep 10 aylar önce
the first time watching something and smile so happily at the end, dwarf really have the best queen and un given up team, even when half of them died, they can still handle and replan everything, and won at the end! the queen herself sacrifices herself for the team’s success 🎉
@BLAZEgaming19790100 6 aylar önce
The satisfaction after ize's end was sooooo amazing
@daisy_17x 4 aylar önce
I love watching ize lose against the dwarves especially after he sabotaged his own team and how much he says “bro ur gonna get 1 hit” like you had the best gear and still lost 💀😭
@jamesyuen-ij2tl 2 aylar önce
11:55 Hahaha love the giants reaction to the dwarf eating coal 😂keep it up silver, big fan
@Khobotov Yıl önce
Imagine digging a tunnel and hearing : *"I'm coming for your toes, boy."* in the dark.
Oh screw that
@sixtenfrid6895 Yıl önce
Toe fetish moment
@thisskrub2936 Yıl önce
Imagine the mental damage that player sustain
Vietnam flashback
@aYtto 11 aylar önce
Really wanted to see the Dwarves win, and thankfully i got what i wished for, other civilizations were unorganized, rebelling, backstabing, scheming, their foundations were set for their fall, the Dwarves built their society up perfectly and were able to secure their win, it was hella satisfying to see the end.
@anthonyking5563 11 aylar önce
I was rooting for the dwarves all the way from start to finish. What a rollercoaster!
@Mason-sl1ti Aylar önce
4:15 He's just standing there, MENACINGLY!
@Ragness10 9 aylar önce
Really nice tactics from the dwarves. Definitely deserved that win
@_A.v.x_ 8 aylar önce
"Coming for your toes boy" now that's a true dwarf
@somechonker368 Yıl önce
Ize was a dick and I'm so happy the dwarfs won, they were so coordinated peaceful and kind. Especially the Queen who gave her life for the people, and then the rest of the dwarfs using their brain against the brawn was absolutly AMAZING!!!
@RIPno4m3 Yıl önce
ye i hated ize
@dr.stronk9857 Yıl önce
Ize is always a dick but at least we know we’ll always have him as a villain lol
@olivertate8841 Yıl önce
the guy sounded like an angry child towards the end
@amderamder7347 Yıl önce
Is wish we could have seen his reaction when he died
@Cheese13734 Yıl önce
True very true
@lalalilian2482 11 aylar önce
i was so happy for the dwarves 😭😭 they kept cheering every single kill they got it was so wholesome
@edujose9635 6 aylar önce
Very entertaining video! The different races with different attributes made it much more intricate! I'd be cool if this was done again with more people.
@imnotblitzgaming Aylar önce
Ize in Battle Royale: 😊 Ize in civilization:💀
@johnclark222 11 aylar önce
The elves definitely did not deserve to win the build battle when compared to the dwarves.
@Dunedan2 7 gün önce
Man, if I'd been on the giant team, I'd NEVER have teamed up with Ize at the end lol. He wiped out most of their team then just wanted to use them for his muscle after realizing his unprovoked attack was a dumb move leaving him with lower numbers. XD
@ace1x177 Yıl önce
I was rooting for team dwarf. They're so organised They don't betray eachother They fight for their dead ones The queens sacrifice proves it all
@Gnar05 Yıl önce
If you dont Rock and Stone! You ain't comming home!
@FrostedIron75 Yıl önce
@@Gnar05 R&S! Or yee ain't c'ming home!.
@StillNightss Yıl önce
Squid kid was there so that’s why I rooted for them as well
@TurnaboutAkamia Yıl önce
The queen was an absolute badass and died a hero. The dwarves as a whole were quite amazing as a team. I'm impressed they were all able to cooperate at that scale. The other two teams sabotaged themselves way too much. lol
@Gnar05 Yıl önce
@@FrostedIron75 Rock and Stone forever!!
@manthebat 8 aylar önce
The Giants Voting ws the best for me:) "The one's with diamonds stays on, the one's with iron come off! " "What about the one with ideas?!"
@ShitpostingJoJo 8 aylar önce
I love how LORE-ACCURATE it is that this ended up being a Dwarfs vs Elfs battle 😂😂😂
@6epy140 9 aylar önce
sadly i dont have a gaming laptop so i dont think ill ever be able to play in one these events but the thrill your videos bring is incredible and its amazing to see this all. brings tears to my eyes !!! keep it up
@k.o.m.f Aylar önce
The dwarves’ final campaign was the most glorious thing I have ever witnessed
@billtie6052 Yıl önce
The dwarven Queen gave her life to give her people a chance. That’s literally the make of ancient dwarvish history right there. The dwarves deserved that win
@jalter9479 Yıl önce
Glory to the Queen!
Long live the queen
@tuna3873 Yıl önce
That's a story that would be told generations after
organize, strategize, and sacrifice, a true leader indeed
@Tbmih7668 Yıl önce
i hate this
@dorvalaguiar1536 4 aylar önce
38:05 Dude imagine an animation of the dwarf queen vs 6 giants/elfs, it would be ao BADASS
@sandmonsterdude7921 8 aylar önce
I loved how all the unique perks turned out, that was awesome and I’d love to see it again
@remimiraz3170 8 aylar önce
ize being insufferable always makes for some good plot points but god seeing him die never gets old
@liamoleary4641 Yıl önce
The dwarves were so wholesome, all the last elves and giants just wanted greed and fame, but the dwarves won by outsmarting and outplaying them. Literally a cinematic masterpiece.
@gamer546lg5 Yıl önce
@Noah-eo9qj Yıl önce
@@gamer546lg5 Yes
@gamer546lg5 Yıl önce
@@Noah-eo9qj No
@Noah-eo9qj Yıl önce
@@gamer546lg5 Yes
@aoyuki1409 Yıl önce
@@gamer546lg5 look an ize fanboy
@kuzokuro727 10 aylar önce
while the dwarves were smarter with tactics, thier race was alot better for pvp, they deal more damage with pics, theyre small making them harder to hit and can easily escape because they can fit in 1 block spaces
@hvrmz_1778 10 aylar önce
i loved the dwarfs 😭😭😭 so cute theyre so tiny i love the clips of them running around
@mustafaf.6459 8 aylar önce
38:00 “I’m coming for your toes boy” best quote in the battle 😂😂😂 Amazing team 🎉🎉🎉
@widejeff8993 7 aylar önce
Dwarfs were amazing, they were organized and were a great team, they would do anything for eachother. The queens sacrifice proves that.
@galbert117 3 aylar önce
I don't blame Ize. Also, turtling, a classic Dwarven strategy when backed into a corner.
@IshalNizam Yıl önce
I was rooting for the dwarves from the beginning. They had strategic players, proper organization and they used their advantages to the fullest. They had a more peaceful civilization and politics. The other races were voted based on gear. They didn't have any players who just gave up and ran away. They had courage. They had peace. Wow. Didn't expect any likes.
@dashamold1985 Yıl önce
@boylan8984 Yıl önce
And may the queen rest for her scarface leading the dwarfs to win
@Bpking12 Yıl önce
@Vassilinia Yıl önce
I was rooting for them because they were cute little potato people. 😂
@e.corellius4495 8 aylar önce
by the rock and stone! really gave it to those topsiders! true dwarves, every one of them. showed that no matter how much favoritism those damn elgi get in every fantasy setting ever that the raw determination and unity of dwarves, sturdy like the stone, can still win through.
@addisontaylor1798 7 aylar önce
38:01 The Dwarf just yelling “I’m coming for your toes boy!” At the giant caught me off guard but it is hilarious 😂
@Jace69696 7 aylar önce
26:44 the dog has jesus hacks, im dying of laughter lmao
@pokemonpokemon7246 2 aylar önce
The dwarfs used their intelligence to track them down one by one. That's an amazing way to win!
@gwyneth339 8 aylar önce
I was rooting for the Dwarves the whole time, and I'm so glad they won!!! Long live the Dwarf Queen!! SquidKid as the general was really cool!!!!
@milkman4640 Yıl önce
I like how the Elfs and Giants were literally killing their own, while the dwarves of all people had a proper system.
@alphanoodle1877 Yıl önce
Like it should be
@santhinal7767 Yıl önce
Well Dwarves are always portrayed as some of the most steadfast and least prone to betrayal of the 3 races and the tactics shown by them and good leadership winning out is VERY much the Dwarven way.
@kevin2714 Yıl önce
Legit, Elves boned themselves since Giants were just terrible in fighting against Dwarves and thinning out their own numbers when they had arguably the best traits with magic.
@santhinal7767 Yıl önce
@@kevin2714 ehhh I mean yes and no the Elves traits were strong yes but I viewed that whole thing as a triangle counter. Dwarves beat Giants, Elves beat dwarves and Giants beat Elves trait-wise anyway. Giants could easily have won that if they got their shit together. Elves could have won too but they played harder not smarter. Dwarves played smart and so they won in the end.
@nilaykocaoglu Yıl önce
Yep Its weird
@ItsMorzuYT 5 aylar önce
the dwarfs were so funny fighting like little gremlins.Honestly i think squid was so funny taunting the giants with only a pickaxe at like 100 durability constantly throughout the video
@user-eu7bq4xt7e 9 aylar önce
People we have to remember: Star Killer almiti Seawatt and The guy who said "THERES A LOT OF THEM, AAAAAAA-" truly one of the best last words.
@jon-dj4cl 8 aylar önce
Those 5 dwarfs achieved one of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen
@Photon198 9 aylar önce
Everything in this video is so exciting! The tactical thinking of the dwarves, The brute force of giants and the betrayal of the elves. The queen of the dwarve was a real G, distracting the highest ranks of the elves while her army singled out the rest. And bruh, SQUIDKID literally was the 5 star general, killing most of the elves. He’s dedication and warfare skill shall always be remembered. Truly a remarkable story.
@zamut_zari 24 gün önce
Not that one dwarf screaming "IM COMING FOR YOUR TOES MAN!" iz soo real
It's crazy how much respect SquidKid and the dwarven queen had for each other. She trusted him to finish the fight after sacrificing herself. It's like he was her top general, loyal to his queen to the end
Plus Colin. The 3 of them were heroes for the dwarves
@drnexel Yıl önce
Is this SquidKid the same as in the old Hypixel Skyblock Potato war videos from Technoblade and himself? If so, then he’s a legend. No wonder he pulled this off.
@anwd8646 Yıl önce
@@drnexel Who else would be squidkid?
@ghostdog9921 Yıl önce
@@drnexel I expected Techno to be a leader of the Orcs, just to jump Squid kid and beat him once again :D
@yuritm8120 Yıl önce
@@ghostdog9921 techno is still fighting again cancer right now so sadly hard for him to be there , it would have be so cool tho !
@Chaos_clan532 11 aylar önce
“CaNN wE MlKe RainDear???” Had me cracking up 😂😂
@dawsobpuls6015 9 aylar önce
This guy deserves a like and a sub for what he does and how he sets these massive events for us
@thanoskgamer6730 4 aylar önce
I liked the dwarfs from the start of how small they were and they were peaceful too
@hishtroymemequez840 6 aylar önce
very glad the dwarf players won, respectful to each to each other
@newguy3588 7 aylar önce
That's a shame we didn't get to hear ize absolutely rage when he died. You know he flipped his shit. What a mad little boy.
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