I'm worried about humanity's future.

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How Technology and companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, are changing our world, and why I'm worried about what lies ahead.
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0:00 Social Media
2:12 Echo Chambers
5:43 Negativity
6:35 Confidence
8:47 Isolation
15:24 Chaos
18:50 Surveillance
23:15 Hope

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16 Eki 2021




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Mrwhosetheboss Aylar önce
This idea has been brewing in my mind for the last 2 years now, and so I've finally decided to talk about it - I'd love to know if you guys see things the same way, or if you have other ways of looking at it / dealing with these ideas 🙏 To check out 25 Inventions that genuinely blew my mind: trvid.com/video/video-suT82AdWfTU.html
Marco Calizzi
Marco Calizzi 2 gün önce
Never thought you would make a video like this. That's great, congrats.
Tierney Rose
Tierney Rose 10 gün önce
@Humanity yes! Sorry humanity. You are obsolete.
Ghryst VanGhod
Ghryst VanGhod 10 gün önce
the reason we have to worry about the future, is because of people sitting around worrying about the future all the time. and another dictatorial authoritarian with plans to "change the world" is born.
We both think exactly alike....as if we had a discussion over this point. I appreciate your genuine effort! Keep it up brother...let's stay as much human as we can.... I have only one clear view..."technology shall complement and enhance human ability...
Vanky 23 gün önce
Thanks for talking about this. I personally limit my screen on time on apps to control me being influenced by these apps
R Mac
R Mac 4 saatler önce
It's funny. I am listening to this video at 1.5x speed
Aba Dibi
Aba Dibi 5 saatler önce
Choose open source software people. The work behind them is amazing
Xtopia97 6 saatler önce
this video is the work of genius. Good job.
Milo Bentley
Milo Bentley 7 saatler önce
what future ?
:DDD 8 saatler önce
Everything said in this video I can resonate with. It's also a matter of holding attachment to things. Having a structured way of life from religion is something that aids in reducing depression and is associated with more positive mental health outcomes, at least this is what is written in scientific literature. From the perspective of Muslims, holding attachment to your creator is something that is better for you than holding onto material or finite things. That and the importance of regular prayer, which we see as the ultimate form of gratitude, again associated with good mental health. Many Islamic sermons often touch on the topic of social media and the potential harms it does to one's psychological well being over time as well as their spirituality.
Абрахам Рыжий
Guy says things that everybody has been talking about for years, gets 3.5 million views. Nothing new, just shower thoughts.
Raphael Rocha
Raphael Rocha 8 saatler önce
Minority report in a nutshell
Night Light
Night Light 11 saatler önce
Everything is going according to plan.The New Satanic Order is being Implemented more and more as time goes.Soon the World will fall appart and the Anti-Christ will appear.Only God can help us, Repent now before it is too late.
Edgar Mkhitaryan
Edgar Mkhitaryan 16 saatler önce
Great video. Excelent summary of things you need be careful in your online life.
Mutaz Anani
Mutaz Anani 17 saatler önce
This video must be played/taught in schools & homes over and over. Must be translated to as many languages as possible. You did a splendid and yet scary video.
Mr Human
Mr Human 17 saatler önce
One Word: wow...
Tortuga Almuerzo
Tortuga Almuerzo 17 saatler önce
haha social media is not my problem, good luck if it is yours.
942 942
942 942 21 saatler önce
you guy make me feel hope
pd 23 saatler önce
I think your primary objective in this video was to prevent me from sleeping for a couple of days
Volfra 23 saatler önce
Like, if you don't use Instagram and TikTok.
The Flip Side
The Flip Side Gün önce
Why do I feel like he snuck a Nike ad in there on us🤔🤔😂😂
Jamila Salem
Jamila Salem Gün önce
Plz I got a question please answer it so don't the developers do this for the money if they do then what's the point of money when the world only focuses on tech we won't need it anymore or any products and family we won't go to school because tech already has that covered but then we won't have any chance to make friends the world is becoming blind and unaware of what's happening we r just putting the next generations in a world where everyone is blind we r all causing the end of humanity and it needs to stop omg I've never typed this much thanks for reading tho
Jamila Salem
Jamila Salem Gün önce
Im so scared I watched this vid to know my future cuz im only 10 and there is so much ahead but I will rlly miss when tech is not controlling us
CHGOfficial Behind The Scenes
What humanity? i have not seen that much of it since a year ago Ofcourse i am not that serious
Acyl Gün önce
I think your thumbnail of this video is the worst I have ever seen from you
roent gen
roent gen Gün önce
man i just wanna go somewhere and chill 😭😭
Jamila Salem
Jamila Salem Gün önce
All of us do
hz0ffline Gün önce
if surveilance is going to get real in the future i dont want to live in the future we will all feel insecure, privacy is gone
Drin Krasniqi
Drin Krasniqi Gün önce
its so ironic how he says "looking at how rich other people are" while looking at his own pictures.
Renee S
Renee S Gün önce
I'm worried about your future.
Sofia Harchich
Sofia Harchich Gün önce
Arun, you have to write a book of your future predictions, it can and will inspire people and experts to search for solutions for our future from now . I do share your way of thinking about all what is going to be an excisting reality that no one can deny. I'll do it myself (the book of predictions 😉). A great hug from Morocco to England 🙇‍♀️ (THAT can't virtual reality replace haha). I'm in love your pronunciation though 😍
Sofia Harchich
Sofia Harchich Saatler önce
@Абрахам Рыжий You will never be mean by expressing a logic point of view 😊. What I was meaning by predictions is not exactly the ideas that he shared but that kind of critisicm and this way of thinking leads to other things and other sights. Thank u for your sharing though 😊
Абрахам Рыжий
Not to be mean, but these aren't predictions. People have been saying these exact things for years in much more fleshed out ways.
Jamila Salem
Jamila Salem Gün önce
Yes please aron
Mastered Business
This is very true.. people need to find balance between social media and real life
Maymays Gün önce
"I'm worried about humanity's future" - Consumes tech products on a living basis and supports companies like Google that steal your information and sell it to other corporation. Fuck out of here, you are part of the problem lmao.
American Book Dragon
Dude, everyone does that. It's not limited to google. Anything with terms and conditions is suspect.
Aman Thomas
Aman Thomas Gün önce
U r talks are soo inspiring keep up the good work
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Gün önce
with a generic thumbnail like that, I would be too! haha
Delilah Mast
Delilah Mast Gün önce
THANK YOU for making this video!!! This is an invaluable video for these times
Delilah Mast
Delilah Mast Gün önce
Wow. You put words to what I've been feeling and experiencing lately!!! The only hope I have is in God, He has a plan:)
the wise from west
Tennis Replay
Tennis Replay Gün önce
the problem is the older generation is 100% participating
Joona Räty
Joona Räty 2 gün önce
Thank you!
Alessa Dolan
Alessa Dolan 2 gün önce
20:30 are they a number? Wtf
MrHypo Giga
MrHypo Giga 2 gün önce
Exactly ... I don't understand why nobody else had the idea of just spreading the truth about Marketing and Business... Even my school has its own merchandise and they also have their own ads for TRvid and other social media and they're already making a lot of money. But just that once that you actually realise that the worlds Marketing System is put on a chain reaction, which anybody can change at home just by being amused by something on Amazon etc. , I'm not sure if this is called Blockchain, if you know please reply if this would be called Blockchain if it's wrong then please explain what Blockchain is to me because I'm not sure.
Grandmaster Smile
Grandmaster Smile 2 gün önce
Just uninstall all of that bullshit and just live your life, it's that simple!
joe papa
joe papa 2 gün önce
*i can already see the people who spam "boomer" in chat*
Wawancraftia Plays
Wawancraftia Plays 2 gün önce
There is always one thing in my mind, and that is: "For every step i take, somebody made money out of it" That is how messed up our current system is
t0n0k0 2 gün önce
Another reason I don't like that YT is taking down the dislike button. I also never noticed they changed trending to explore. It's like being funneled to only one direction, it's kind of messed up.
Jessica 2 gün önce
One of my co-worker's , legit is on his phone every few mins. Til Management scouled him about it.
Latias :3
Latias :3 2 gün önce
I didn't know that Virtual influencers existed :| How are people even liking this stuff
Rensius 2 gün önce
its like we become just a flying souls and we dont have to do anything anymore just sit down in a chair and look at screens cause its just easier personally i have a struggle to keep myself entertaint and social media isnt really helping either i just watch social medias everyday and i am satisfyed even tho i am not able to feel that way without like i need to watch something always like everyone cause the minute you just sit in a group of people and say nothing its boring
indigokat 2 gün önce
THIS IS GOLD. I gave up FB long ago and Instagram only a few months I deleted the app because it made me think things that without it I would not. So I thought, why should an app influence what I think about. I DONT WANT TO BE A ALGORITHM SLAVE!!!
Star Oceans
Star Oceans 2 gün önce
You're pure genius. I find it interesting that there are that many people that dislike your videos, obviously they're not deep thinkers. Amusingly the only salvation to this probable future is an EMP, which of course would put an end to most of it and confuse the world in a way that would place Humanity back to the days of caveman. If they truly want this future to have plausibility, they had better start upgrading our antiquated grid.
Farhan Wakil
Farhan Wakil 2 gün önce
TRvid is the worst out of them all is a productive killer
Ava 2 gün önce
I feel like we are the same person! Everything you said right down to being grateful (Gratitude). I thought you were a psychologist, but you answered that for me. Thank you so much for this video! I am glad to know someone like yourself has the same interest in human behavior and social media. I would like to see more videos like this.
Nate 2 gün önce
thats not conspiracy thats fact
Melanie Dias
Melanie Dias 2 gün önce
I found you when looking for phone reviews and subscribed soon after. Now this one and your meta video have gotten me hooked. You’re not alone in these views! Excellent video. 👍🏼
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie 2 gün önce
Look around, we're already at an insanely ridiculous point of political correctness. People need to grow thicker skins if you ask me. Many of us had no choice but to grow a thick skin. Too many snowflakes in our world are calling the shots.
Sunflxwerava 2 gün önce
I don’t really care about what happens in others life I like mine and I have everything I need.
Is this the departure lounge?
This is so spot on it's scary!!!
Dreamer 2 gün önce
Industrial Revolution And It's Concequences
Ben Hilland
Ben Hilland 2 gün önce
its Minority Report
Shitanya Dixon
Shitanya Dixon 2 gün önce
You're so amazing
ThatTieDyeGuy 2 gün önce
Notice no matter how hard mankind runs away from their ability to directly shape reality; you turn around and there it is. This tech is breaking the symentry between personal reality, local reality, and consensus reality and that is what is causing the chaos you are seeing.
Silvercellar869 2 gün önce
Umm can you pls explain if we should get a chrome book or no I’m thinking of buying one
Tony Breaux
Tony Breaux 3 gün önce
These videos are really good and thought provoking. I couldn’t agree more. Technology has not only made our lives easier to some degree but also has isolated us and not made us better people but worse. Keep making videos like this as they are really good and insightful. We need more videos like this. I also really liked your videos about the Metaverse and how it will change our lives not necessarily for the better.
Zach Matthews
Zach Matthews 3 gün önce
You can see this example without doing much of anything just take your content creators who post weekly and you only receive videos from a month to month basis it's not that they're not creating content weekly it's that you're not being recommended content based on your preference you may like the content creator that you're subscribed to but you're not getting everything they post because you might not like it on the basis that doesn't align with your preference and view
SolonSaturn Gaming
SolonSaturn Gaming 3 gün önce
tbh i agree with you on all these points cause i noticed in my own friends they changed since they been scrolling on FB, Twitter, Reddit etc. now they have a hard time self-thinking and willing to jump to whatever is on there screen. it's scaring me and giving me huge choices to never have a kid and closer to a nomadic life away from people...
Piyush Mankad
Piyush Mankad 3 gün önce
While Watching this Video I realised that TRvid has successfully kept me on its platform for hours. The takeaway is that I did learn about some new perspectives and topics
TheFinagle 3 gün önce
Everything you mention in this video is actually historical already. Recent history of only a few years, but it IS too late to prevent or stop this reality you describe, we can only try to manage its future directions (if we can).
xPUNiSH3R 3 gün önce
Thank you for this video.🚩❣️
Robi Wagner
Robi Wagner 3 gün önce
Great video. Thanks for spreading awareness!
VitalieTM 3 gün önce
I'm worried about the length of your videos
ReptilianOverlord 3 gün önce
Getting so many vibes of the Netflix series “Black Mirror” form this video
danis k
danis k 3 gün önce
Wait... hold on... people still use the internet? I thought it died out years ago 🤨
Raynew72 Rayz
Raynew72 Rayz 3 gün önce
There are many insecure TRvidrs stuck in their own eco chambers too
Ali H.A
Ali H.A 3 gün önce
I thought this video is about metavers
BVM 3 gün önce
Ha! I listened to this at 1.5x speed. Thanks TRvid. Got a 25 min. video in 15 min.
Dante Toshiro64
Dante Toshiro64 3 gün önce
Good, you should be
Udi Assaf
Udi Assaf 3 gün önce
One of the most important videos ever made in my opinion! Great stuff! Your conclusion is also spot on but I want to offer some more tools for us: 1) Awareness: Be aware of the time you spend online and with your mobile phone and limit yourself so that you have more time for real-life stuff: social interactions, enjoying nature and sunlight, good, nutritious food and more. 2) Self-criticism: Take some time off to remind yourself that your opinion is just that - your opinion - not worth more than others. If you are an expert in some field - sure - your expert opinion is more valuable than someone else's who has little knowledge about it - but that doesn't mean they don't have a right to express their opinion. We all have strong opinions on many issues where we are not experts in - it's only natural - but we have to be open to discussion and criticism - even if we are experts. 3) Discipline: It takes discipline to know when to stop. When to stop checking our social media feed, when to stop arguing over something and move on to more productive tasks, when to stop sitting on our butts watching a Tv show or scrolling through our mobile device - and get up and (literally) smell the roses. Because real roses actually smell great and no software can replicate that. Self-discipline is usually not something you acquire over night. But it is so important in order to lead a healthy meaningful life without getting caught within this strangling spiderweb of tech. You can start by deciding to limit yourself to only several hours of online presence. There are even apps which help you realize you need to get up and leave your computer screen in order to get your blood circulation flowing and breath some fresh air (preferably in the company of friends out in the sun - for your daily intake of Vitamin D). When you have family meals and/or meals with friends, kindly ask everyone to leave their mobile devices off the table, even turn them off (drastic huh?!) You will enjoy the company (and the food) much more that way. My 2 cents...
Wind 3 gün önce
love the vid but what was the thumbnail
elektrokatzer 3 gün önce
Very very very good points! 🙏
Mary Hernandez
Mary Hernandez 3 gün önce
Very insightful. Tech should not become the center of someone's life. It's sad that people refuse to acknowledge this is a real and very destructive addiction.
Alexander Cheong
Alexander Cheong 3 gün önce
Extroverts: Oh no! No more Social interactions future! Introverts: Finally, I can live in peace.
AFR Dzul
AFR Dzul 3 gün önce
"You probably heard of cancel culture" *Vietnam War Flashbacks*
ghost seeker XIII
ghost seeker XIII 4 gün önce
Sweetie we are in the final generation
Guilherme marques
Guilherme marques 4 gün önce
I have had an idea, there were two world wars and now we have the united nations to stop/ease certain conflicts. Maybe in a while there could be the same for the internet where after a certain event the countries unite to create a internet united nations of sorts, imagine what said organization would do, everything open source? No spying? Every web company advertising internet safety and health? I can dream right?
Cobinasaur 4 gün önce
Sometimes I want to punch a billionaire in the face.
Hima Sekiwari
Hima Sekiwari 4 gün önce
This video is really well made, thank you for making this.
Jaskarvin makal
Jaskarvin makal 4 gün önce
As someone who pays attention to this stuff, this is already here. There are already programs that track and score you off your app/browser/communication usage, that have back doors into your information, deep fakes in the form of email or dm's, usage of your camera and microphones when you don't even turn them on, apps that collect whole system data even from other apps, and a whole host of things malware and features that we don't even know exist.
MarkaN 4 gün önce
It all depends on people. I rarely browse social media. I just jump in to post something and jump out. I still buy physical books and comics because I simply cannot have every goddamn thing on the screen all the time. My eyes would fall. So, that being said, I do believe there is hope, as long as people choose to be smart about it.
Sean Kearns
Sean Kearns 4 gün önce
You mis pronounce Adidas.
louis T
louis T 4 gün önce
Has anyone ever considered that most of these things are in fact good things? Like, surveillance is good because it allows us to experience life as if we are in a video game, as a long time gamer myself and a RPG fan I can appreciate companies going into the efforts to help us out, imagine google glass with HUD XD, Isolation is also awesome because it means I don't have to deal with people I disagree with anymore, i can just sit and take in my echo chamber, assuring me I'm correct.
ViaTec 4 gün önce
Great video. We share practically the same views.
XFares 4 gün önce
Just don't worry bro its ok
The Burk
The Burk 4 gün önce
Imagine how fucked up the Faceverse is going to be...
Örs Schubert
Örs Schubert 4 gün önce
I love the way you say but :'D
Jack Of Hearts
Jack Of Hearts 4 gün önce
Motivational speaker ?
James Harris
James Harris 4 gün önce
Wow - randomly came across this video - I love how factoid dense it is!
Unbiased Tobias
Unbiased Tobias 4 gün önce
Oculus & meta verse is amazing. Imagine watching mtv cribs/Instagram and famous ppl showing off their game rooms and indoor gym etc etc and rather than feeling depressed wishing I could find a way to be rich and achieve those same things I can do all of it from home without being in danger and I can travel anywhere in the world 360 view without dealing with the too cold or hot weather especially if you have a medical condition that stops you. I can travel I can have my own game room I can have my own theater exotic pets custom avatar. Yes it’s all virtual but it’s temporary happiness that keeps you content while you try to figure out how to achieve your success
devang gupta
devang gupta 4 gün önce
man i just want space travel
G 9
G 9 4 gün önce
This creation of yours reflect the amazing potential you possess, rather than unboxing shit. This is of another level. Congratulations !
devang gupta
devang gupta 4 gün önce
im using this for ib tok u cant coppy now i called dibs
Schwift26 4 gün önce
I think anything but shoes can be bought online. Shoes just have too many variables, you need to try them out first
mighty no 9 is a good game
How do I leave the echo chamber?
Toni 4 gün önce
Adidas shoes > nike shoes
The Metaverse could be a problem.
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