I'm STARTING OVER in Minecraft Hardcore...

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Today I'm Starting over in my 3,500 Days Minecraft Hardcore World. I've played in this world for 2 years now, and with the release of the Minecraft 1.18 Update, I think it's time to Start Over in Hardcore Minecraft... but this isn't goodbye...

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


▸I Built a COPPER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#55)

▸I Built a COPPER GOLEM Statue in Minecraft Hardcore (#54)

▸ Second Channel: trvid.com/u-Wad2ee
▸ Twitch: twitch.tv/wadzee​​
▸ Twitter: twitter.com/WadZeeYT​​
▸ Instagram: instagram.com/wadzeeyt/​​
▸ TikTok: @wadzee
▸ Discord: discord.gg/wadzee

▸ Email for business enquiries:
📧 - wadzeeyt@gmail.com

All music by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. creativecommons.org/licenses/​​ ...

Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-​​ ...

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4 Ara 2021




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PaulGG Aylar önce
Props to you man, Ive wanted to do this for a while but never had the courage LOL
Liana Meazzo
Liana Meazzo Aylar önce
just do it!!! It'll be fun!!
VermillionCap Aylar önce
Why is that funny PaulGG? What’s so humerous about not having the courage to start a new minecraft world PaulGG?
Karthik Jois
Karthik Jois Aylar önce
Elephant in the room, you duped netherite blocks...
AmyyyBabyyy Aylar önce
Honestly, *same*
Jackopoulos Aylar önce
Samay Upadhyaya
Samay Upadhyaya Aylar önce
The only goal WadZee didn't complete: clearing the desert
Bartek Mostek
Bartek Mostek 27 gün önce
@Polish Patriot 🇵🇱 polak?
SmamitPro 29 gün önce
yes yes yes
Polish Patriot 🇵🇱
@Justice a piece of gold pls stop
Mathyou28 YT
Mathyou28 YT Aylar önce
@Justice a piece of gold shut
Mohammad's fun time school
This man is indian
A potato o
A potato o Aylar önce
As a wise man once said “all good things must come to an end”
Chris gamer anime
Chris gamer anime 2 gün önce
But it was a great world 😭
ITSINC 2 gün önce
who was it that said that again?
LieutenantDark 5 gün önce
and start a new beginning
Crik3y M8
Crik3y M8 Aylar önce
It only has just begun
HyperFox Aylar önce
Except it hasn’t come to an end
D3gaming tirth
D3gaming tirth Aylar önce
Why do I imagine wadzee in full netherite again with many things built in his new home just casually flying in nether and sees his nether build and we get that og feeling 😌
Justice a piece of gold
Justice a piece of gold
Tommyinnit secret channel
FastPots Aylar önce
It's always an amazing day when WadZee uploads a video
Fain Aylar önce
just to make things clear this is a botted channel and copies other ppls comments and this channel is bought :////
Leandro Sanchez
Leandro Sanchez Aylar önce
just the truth
Water Aylar önce
Water Aylar önce
OwO Aylar önce
I'm somehow shocked that Wadzee still has a soul left, even after spending 6 hours mining blue ice.
Kpop Scenario
Kpop Scenario Aylar önce
Aasome Aylar önce
He even said it only took 6 hours
depressed stressed
depressed stressed Aylar önce
You seem to have forgotten that this is the same guy who mined for a period of 6 months to make a useless netherite beacon. He never had a soul.
gachakid chip fried
Hina Fazil
Hina Fazil Aylar önce
wait what is it doing here
Masift Aylar önce
"And it's brought everything we've been waiting for" Me: No, no it hasn't. *silently waiting for the warden*
Johnno Dwarf
Johnno Dwarf 25 gün önce
@Rylie Chalice god damn it give copper a purpose
Rylie Chalice
Rylie Chalice Aylar önce
I dunno... the copper golemn wouldve been nice too... :
Leo Santos
Leo Santos Aylar önce
dude, from the melon farm part onwards, this was actually so emotional.... congratulations on being the one of the best, Wadzee!
Unknown as they
Unknown as they Aylar önce
Unknown as they
Unknown as they Aylar önce
XxOxygenxX07 Aylar önce
Most OP world and player I’ve ever seen in my 8 years of playing and watching minecraft. So much commitment!!! Well done bro!
TheSteamEngineer Aylar önce
So this is probably good info for future projects, but by using a stonecutter, you can get a 1:1 ratio of cobble to walls. That would have made the material collection faster.
SB737 Aylar önce
A new era begins
Moosa Tayyab
Moosa Tayyab 7 gün önce
Where 3000 days?
Laila Mohamed
Laila Mohamed 16 gün önce
AstroZach Aylar önce
Hi sb737
CynamothCyclops Aylar önce
Henry Aylar önce
Hi Sb
eigow ou
eigow ou Aylar önce
Leaving everything behind to start a new adventure in the newly generated blocks is a really big leap, Good luck and may this new era be even better!
MysticSage Aylar önce
First episode of yours I have ever watched and it blew me away! Definitely subbing to keep up on the journey!
Spicy Aylar önce
been here since day 1 of the hardcore world, we have gone through a long journey together, thank you for the happiness through the series, from the cold rainy days of winter, to the hot summer, thank you wadzee.
Saleh Mroue
Saleh Mroue Aylar önce
Justice a piece of gold
Justice a piece of gold
Tommyinnit secret
mistciara Aylar önce
i recently found your channel and i’m so excited to be here for the new adventure!
King Kay Wicked
King Kay Wicked Aylar önce
Wadzee's son: dad, what's in that obsidian box we never talk about? Wadzee: *wiping a tear* Son I have a story to tell....
Rylie Chalice
Rylie Chalice Aylar önce
@The Guy :/
Oof Aylar önce
@Jase Ahlers oh
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yarin1111 Aylar önce
@Igot Mcdemshoulders this make me cry too
LokyLolly Games
LokyLolly Games Aylar önce
Best hollywood movie plot ever
Pankaj Kumar Srivastava
14:09 "lets put everything away" his levels: im still here kid
Naruto fan
Naruto fan Aylar önce
Yeah I thought the same 😂
Biggai_Chis Aylar önce
@Nosees lmao why is it always tommyinnit with these bots
Nosees Aylar önce
Nosees Aylar önce
Tommyinnit new channel
DeeSeeEss Aylar önce
This was your most compelling episode ever. Well done. I'm excited to see what comes next.
Donovan Grover
Donovan Grover Aylar önce
For the drowned farm starting zombies you would have to replace them each time as zombies can only spawn 1 set of reinforcements
Captain SamDG
Captain SamDG Aylar önce
Man you almost brought me to tears it made me realize how long I've been playing minecraft Since 1.8 Thank you man really thank you
Timely Aylar önce
Be honest, we saw this coming. He had literally done everything possible in his world. But a world tour would be great.
Kalavathy Nagisetti
Kpop Scenario
Kpop Scenario Aylar önce
Nonagon, Nonagon ,nonagon infinity yup
That's not time for a world tour because of the pandemic.
PleasantGinge Aylar önce
Water Aylar önce
boli milda
boli milda Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how much effort wadzee puts into his videos
Yellow flash
Yellow flash Aylar önce
TBH I felt sad watching this It's the foreshadowing that makes it feel so memorable and I know we will all feel nostalgic after seeing the old builds again I hope he will some day fly over his old base and remember his past Good luck mate
DemonLunaBean Aylar önce
The moment you've all been waiting for. What will happen when WadZee completely restarts in the new update? What will happen to the melon farm? Will he ever find his way home again? You'll find out, on WadZee's Hardcore adventure, season two. *HOW DARE YOU LEAVE US ON A CLIFFHANGER AHHH **good job man, this is awesome ***remember water checkpoints and the shoutout machine?
Towel_23 Aylar önce
Towel_23 Aylar önce
Reviews N Gaming
Reviews N Gaming Aylar önce
The end of an era, sad to see this world end but excited for a new one!
Spyder Aylar önce
Melon farm will be missed! 😢
Penelope Phelan
Penelope Phelan Aylar önce
Yes it will be missed
Salam Talukder
Salam Talukder Aylar önce
play time
play time Aylar önce
R.I.P Melon farm 😭😢
Banna The Gamer
Banna The Gamer Aylar önce
@Happy gamer For The YEar its a bot
Banna The Gamer
Banna The Gamer Aylar önce
@Ronnie Morales it's a bot
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Aylar önce
First episode of yours I have ever watched and it blew me away! Definitely subbing to keep up on the journey!
Woogie Aylar önce
The old hardcore will forever remain in our hearts
Kayla Iorio
Kayla Iorio Aylar önce
very excited for you!! it’ll be really awesome to see what you do!
Actually A Fungus
Actually A Fungus Aylar önce
An amazing revival of the series and you don't even have to lose the world! (yet)
Minecraft Curios
Minecraft Curios Aylar önce
Lets go wadzee! Don't worry too much, you'll be fine.
Blockflow Animation
@Mr Beast ur fake
Asser Renaud 2068
Asser Renaud 2068 Aylar önce
Maia Jimenez
Maia Jimenez Aylar önce
I am subscribed😀
Minetoby Aylar önce
Collab when?
MobileGamer3973 Aylar önce
@Water im not clicking that link its youtu.be, has a period in the link so dont click it guys
Echs Dee
Echs Dee Aylar önce
Crazy to think you can even do this sort of thing in the first place. Says a lot about just how big minecraft's worlds get.
aliss liou
aliss liou Aylar önce
I actually cried...this era has gotten me through some of my darkest times, but I’m so glad you are starting anew!
Kat Aylar önce
I've seen like three of these comments from the same pfp
Alastair Forbes
Alastair Forbes Aylar önce
thank you sooo much you have helped me all through lockdown other wise i would have been really bored and im exited to see this new adventure CHEERS
Johnica 22 gün önce
Imagine Finally having so much Things built in his new home, And then when he comes back in his old one and then He plants the 200 melons, We get that OG feeling 😭
Debo Gaming
Debo Gaming Aylar önce
Hope that it works out for you👏
Lee Burk
Lee Burk Aylar önce
@Water Thats a rick-roll 100%
Doraemon Aylar önce
Kayy18 Aylar önce
Hello culers Hahahahhaha 😁🔵🔴
Water Aylar önce
Water Aylar önce
Tommyinnit secret channel
Big Jig
Big Jig Aylar önce
You can find lush caves in the chunks you have already loaded because they made the world lower. This happened in my world I noticed the bedrock was replaced by deep slate or something
Vasilooo Aylar önce
Ive been watching these series from the beggining :) good job!
Belieber !
Belieber ! Aylar önce
I'm excited to see which big projects we will see this time. They are always interesting 😁
Uhh Aylar önce
Uhh Aylar önce
Anthony Feliciano
Anthony Feliciano 24 gün önce
I haven't been paying attention to your vids man because life, this new years break gave me a chance ti catch up and boy, was not expecting this Anyways, as a last count, including this episode, you have 11,200 melons, in your melon farm, still a far cry from the largest, but an impressive feat for 1 man in Hardcore Kudos to you Wadzee, Kudos
MagiKarpMan Aylar önce
Imagine how nostalgic it'll be when he goes back to the old part of his world a year from now
Foose Aylar önce
@Simon Ghost Riley fr fr
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley Aylar önce
@Foose yh when i had kfc ice-cream yesterday... ahhh those were the days. Hits me in the feels
Doraemon Aylar önce
Patriot Aylar önce
The nostalgia will hit hard
Water Aylar önce
AmyyyBabyyy Aylar önce
aaaaa! When I saw the title of this video, I thought you were gonna delete the world! I’m so glad you kept all your hard work!
SAS Aylar önce
Props to u man I'm surprised u are still sane after mining Ice for 6 hours
Julek XD
Julek XD Aylar önce
I would never risk it all, my respekt dude Ill hope you will make a perfect new adventure and one day come back to the og. Wish luck
skizzles ツ
skizzles ツ Aylar önce
Never thought I’d say this but this man has too much commitment
ecksdee Aylar önce
Wadzee: Starts over Literally everything he’s ever done so far: *Here we go again*
ecksdee Aylar önce
@Korosov☭ dammit
Korosov☭ Aylar önce
Dude look at how many bots are following you...
Sharon Sheerin
Sharon Sheerin Aylar önce
@Melc Sv 🔞👇 wtf
Bedwars God Gamer
Bedwars God Gamer Aylar önce
True lol
Chinh4thepro Aylar önce
the melon farm 😭 lmao
Teddy Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how much wadzee puts so much into his videos 😥😥
outspaced Aylar önce
Uncountable time and effort at risk right from the get-go. Bold. To abandon everything you’ve worked for and accept that one mistake means never seeing it again… I respect it.
goldknight101yo Aylar önce
like a wiseman once said "the end of one journey is the beginning of another"
Hareedran Hari
Hareedran Hari Aylar önce
Imagine if u grind everything u need and u find ur portal and the items that u kept there afterwards while just walking around
Just_im397 Aylar önce
Maybe he will go back sometimes for his melon farm and to see his old base once every while :)
Corrupted•Error Aylar önce
There are 2 things missing in his videos (maybe 3) That I want him to bring back 1. He used to have a shoutout in the near start, he used to pick up some *things* related to his videos from Instagram, Tictok, TRvid or Twitter 2. He used to have the water checkpoint and sometimes exercise checkpoints
Dani C
Dani C Aylar önce
All those hours of grinding for all of his projects and builds left behind to commence a new era.
pog royale
pog royale Aylar önce
This was as good as a movie! One of your best vids yet wadzee
ChiBi Nguyen
ChiBi Nguyen Aylar önce
Wadzee: Starts over in his hardcore Netherite Beacon: Ah sh*t here we go again
WowweCrafter Gaming
WowweCrafter Gaming 20 gün önce
mysterious Aylar önce
@Anakin Skywalker who asked you to comment
Hoàng An Đỗ
Hoàng An Đỗ Aylar önce
imagine wadzee build the nether portal and it let him to the old netherite mine
Jack aboo
Jack aboo Aylar önce
Someone else said the same thing
Andy Moore
Andy Moore Aylar önce
Dragon Master
Dragon Master Aylar önce
What farm has this man not built? He is a legend.
Hello There
Hello There 14 gün önce
How does wadzee just walk away from that? I was just watching and I got kinda emotional and that genuinely rare for me? Sad to see wadded walk away from such a massive world of achievements I hope one day everyone can look back on this and remember how great wadzee is and how great his world has become after hours upon hours of work and mental challenges from constant clicking and focus. Wadded is a god in short form. Let’s not forget…
Hello There
Hello There 14 gün önce
To all readers auto correct change it from wadzdee to wadded
Subzero Aylar önce
That's a lot to lose. Overtime, he should reconnect all his new buildings and stuff with his old stuff.
CM4_ Aylar önce
I respect the grind my man
Akshat Kumar
Akshat Kumar Aylar önce
I can't imagine the courage it took for you to do this. Most playthroughs would just be interesting at the start and then there would be no life when new updates drop but you took the risk of leaving it all before it became stale. Hats off man.
hi9580 Aylar önce
Alot of minecraft youtubers are starting new worlds for 1.18
Andy? Aylar önce
@Alex Rangkuti thank you for this useless information
Géronimo Bruler
Géronimo Bruler Aylar önce
Y’a I’m akchely gonna cry so bad
MrBakedDaily Aylar önce
Sonix711 Aylar önce
MAKE A FRICKIN BACKUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Sloo Aylar önce
This should be a Netflix series
Platform Player
Platform Player Aylar önce
Just saying, if you upgrade your world to 1.18, there will be new caves underneath where the bedrock used to be
Ashurii X
Ashurii X Aylar önce
Oh man I actually teared up at the end with all the flashbacks of his builds :'(
LovaEm Aylar önce
This man is the pinnacle of minecraft content creators
;Vıckyreø_ Aylar önce
the next episode be like: by the way, for every episode we plant another 200 pumpkins to THIS pumpkin farm. If you want to see how big this pumpkin farm gets, make sure to subscribe.
Minecraft moments
Minecraft moments Aylar önce
- L O V E L Y -
- L O V E L Y - Aylar önce
Yup xD
idk who's my friends 👀(Codm gamr :/)
@Johnny Tightlips just unsub dont report ._.
Yves Kourieh
Yves Kourieh Aylar önce
Yep and after Wadzee season 3 : 200 beetroot seeds
opblaas kroket
opblaas kroket Aylar önce
@Johnny Tightlips shut
t1mmy Aylar önce
The greatest episode of all the time wadzee 🤩
JakesterGD Aylar önce
I've watched this whole series 3 times over, so i know everything. And if he does in the new saga. I will literally leave the face of the planet. He shouldve just created a new world and not risked this one that's hes had for so long. If this is how it end. I am actually going to cry because of how much work he did is just gone. If he dies, he better make a super super long memorial video of his world for us.
Uhh Aylar önce
Uhh Aylar önce
Galaxy Aylar önce
This feels like one of those games where you put so much work into and then it says "Chapter 2 Unlocked."
Colton Wardrop
Colton Wardrop Aylar önce
Been a fan since the beginning of this world and still excited for new episodes
Nosees Aylar önce
Nosees Aylar önce
BanterM Aylar önce
Wadzee next episode be like: “Okay now that we restarted, I’m rebuilding the Netherite Beacon!”
Doraemon Aylar önce
Water Aylar önce
Water Aylar önce
Tommyinnit secret channel
Mark Anthony Abellar
He still has his levels tho, he could have enchanted a lot of random stuff to make the character as fresh as possible but ok
nclg100811 Aylar önce
Everything started 3 years ago and now a new era had just begun, what a legend
Towel_23 Aylar önce
Towel_23 Aylar önce
Marcellin ;
Marcellin ; Aylar önce
Good luck on your new journey man! But you know that if you die you can just gamemode survival and keep playing right
Lonely Wout
Lonely Wout Aylar önce
About the blue ice, I’m not sure but i think you can craft it by putting 6 packet ice a crafting table. Same for packet ice by putting 9 normal ice in a crafting table
fulampgaming Aylar önce
It's a shame that he had to leave after more than 2 years.I hope he could plant 200 melons again...
Uknown 563
Uknown 563 Aylar önce
Wadzee: Starts over in his hardcore Netherite Beacon: Ah sh*t here we go again
Doraemon Aylar önce
Gary 108
Gary 108 Aylar önce
Melon Farm: Why do I hear boss music?
Amy Andersen ™💘
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 aishite.tokyo/shinigami 💜 MY PRIVATE S*X 💜 #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾;
drag Aylar önce
Neither mobs : ah shi* here we go again
Ashachu2121 Aylar önce
Sad and happy
Dalton Wayne Jumilla
The "How did we get here?" Achievement Is Increased the Hard, Because there are new Effects 1.Lucky 2.Unlucky 3.Darkness
Play bottom or yes
Play bottom or yes Aylar önce
Play bottom or yes
Play bottom or yes Aylar önce
than lone
than lone Aylar önce
How sad that WadZee has to lose all of his progress , but the happy thing is now he can build new stuff again!!!
Warrior Joshi
Warrior Joshi Aylar önce
Excited for the 1 st episode of the new series😁😁 hope it comes out soon
Whillm Aylar önce
forgot about you for a year and your subcount has multiplied by ten. keep doing what you are doing WadZee
That Randompug
That Randompug Aylar önce
This is so emotional because he's making a massive risk sealing away all his gear like that, if he dies here he'll not only lose the new adventure but an entire world filled with history he made.
Aldee Martin
Aldee Martin Aylar önce
RIP alllll of those hard work for making a netherite beacon
orangeberries Aylar önce
@GhastVids yeah as long as you dont use it to cheat its fine
Power of twostroke
Power of twostroke Aylar önce
Im sure he has a backup
GhastVids Aylar önce
@orangeberries but it doesn’t kill you, it just corrupts everything so you can have a backup, if you don’t use it for cheating
Amrit Kar
Amrit Kar Aylar önce
But he is not gonna die because he is a pro he survived from all the history but his beutiful world he left why you can just do an adunture but you got so far that we will not see his world for 1 month
Mr.Smiley 22 gün önce
Great job with your videos and now something new begins
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Aylar önce
13:51 "So this is it huh?" "Is it terrifying inside?" "No no i don't think so" "See you in the otherwise I guess" "Oh no bojack there is no other side , the drip finally ends"
ITSINC 2 gün önce
i feel like such an OG, ive known wadzee before hes 1m subs, i discovered his channel through an among us vid, time flies
Rocket Gaming
Rocket Gaming Aylar önce
A zombie spawner is usually needed for a copper farm
Eack_ Jeptic
Eack_ Jeptic Aylar önce
Everyone take a moment of appreciation for WadZee and all the time he’s put into everything he’s made for this series. He truly is a legend.
Crispy Pillow6
Crispy Pillow6 Aylar önce
eliXkenshin Aylar önce
@Ja what's your problem? if they want attention just dont give it to them🤷‍♂️
Dekkers Power
Dekkers Power Aylar önce
No there are people with less subs that put in double the effort
Hai Voai
Hai Voai Aylar önce
Drake Baldwin
Drake Baldwin Aylar önce
@Luz Gracilla good point
saso yan
saso yan Aylar önce
This is so sad, because if you've seen this series since day one, you'll know everything that he's built and done on this world and it's so sad seeing him leave it all behind
Towel_23 Aylar önce
Towel_23 Aylar önce
Hey511 Aylar önce
The fact that he could die to a stray and loose literally everything becuz it’s hardcore is insane the risk he’s takin I would never do
Nosees Aylar önce
Nosees Aylar önce
TestSubject6 Aylar önce
When I saw the "risking it all" my first thought was "Just don't start running across the land... You don't have wings anymore..."
habs 123
habs 123 Aylar önce
This is like a movie series at this point it’s amazing
Meredith Bauer
Meredith Bauer Aylar önce
I didn’t expect a TRvid video to get me feeling nostalgic, but I’ve been watching this world since Hardcore Day 1. I hope Mellony enjoys her solo reign on the Melon Farm.
ArshleenVT Maheru
ArshleenVT Maheru Aylar önce
Couldn't forget melony, or the melon mansion
Cryptedz Aylar önce
@Smaze ok
Vlademar BHJ
Vlademar BHJ Aylar önce
@Cryptedz 😂
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cryptedz Aylar önce
well he technically didnt leave wadzee is still their atleast a "picture" of him is
Zuzu Kuzu
Zuzu Kuzu Aylar önce
I cried whie wacthing WadZee planting his melon farm for the one last time, I've been in this series for so long WadZee. Thank U for everything U've done, we'll never forget U and UR world. By the way one last thing to note, after 40 episodes get past, go back to that obsidian box, break it up, travel back and remember how U used to live, tears come to eyes and memories revive. Thank U WadZee for this epic series.
-Miss Boppy-
-Miss Boppy- Aylar önce
For the cobblestone walls, you would have used a stonecutter
cedlol Aylar önce
This should be a second season of Wadzee Hardcore Minecraft :D
Sheriff • 21 years ago
"It's always painful to sacrifice something you love, even if it's for the best"
Mirage Aylar önce
I’m glad that you’re doing a soft reset instead of starting a new world, Good luck on your adventures Melon Man!
Divicarpe Aylar önce
@Craig Baker you don't lose the world, you just go in spectator mode... So he could still watch it back.
Colton Sweet
Colton Sweet Aylar önce
Ikr but if he does he will lose it "All"
Craig Baker
Craig Baker Aylar önce
@Silver Angry birds 2 well he would but ok bro
Silver Angry birds 2
@Craig Baker nah
TheodorCork Aylar önce
yes, i like more soft reset's
Samuel Meindl
Samuel Meindl Aylar önce
Are you going to go back your first base when you earn all your equipment back, or is that base staying lost forever?
Alejandro J. Figueroa Vega
Using you as a distraction from NWH spoilers. So far its working. Keep uploading, man. I love your videos.
Chapin Nolen
Chapin Nolen Aylar önce
so happy but so sad!! cant wait for this world to go further!😁😢
Kati Berry
Kati Berry Aylar önce
WadZee, Dang it! Ya made me teary eyed. I say that you are a Minecraft legend. I dare anyone to argue with me on this.
NobodyHere Aylar önce
The end of the Wadzee lore, and the beginning of another legend.
HJ Tube
HJ Tube Aylar önce
Oh my its a sad moment
Vardhmaan Jain
Vardhmaan Jain Aylar önce
@Nandu Krishna this is common in comment section now :(
Water Aylar önce
Water Aylar önce
Tommyinnit new channel
Tanner White
Tanner White Aylar önce
I've been here for the start and the finish so this is sad to see
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