i'm a cyber bully

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i'm a cyber bully
Cody Ko



22 May 2019

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Noah Howard
Noah Howard 20 dakika önce
Your so funny bruh love “ go off “
Jeff Boyardee
Jeff Boyardee Saatler önce
I haven’t heard about Cody before Jake’s video. When I watched clips of it I was just thinking to myself man these clips are terrible examples. He’s clearly just making harmless jokes. Seemed like Jake was just pissed and didn’t wanna admit it was about him so he threw cyber bullying into it in a bad attempt to pretend he’s taking the high road. Like dude don’t try to make it seem you’re above people. We all know it’s horse shit
FireMaster007 Saatler önce
When i saw logans fan base... Oh boy that's why you use condoms...
Jaxon Taisey
Jaxon Taisey 4 saatler önce
Ok jake is a lil bitch he takes this way to seriously it’s all just a joke Cody u r the funniest youtuber plz don’t stop the content u make cuz some little a-hole can’t take a joke
Switch Roo
Switch Roo 6 saatler önce
Sorry, but you said it wrong... Ur a CyberBooly (This is a joke, I love your content)
Rosie Bellamy
Rosie Bellamy 7 saatler önce
5:13 the time i died tho lmao
kewl Boi
kewl Boi 13 saatler önce
NO YOU ARE A BAD PERSON...YOU ARE VERY BAD. *every 8 year old child.*
Jacob Bellingham
Jacob Bellingham 14 saatler önce
props to dre drexler for taking the video on him light heartedly
Axel Sharpshire
Axel Sharpshire 18 saatler önce
Intelligence wins the day. Meaning You and your audience is sticking with you. I don't subscribe to either of you... because your content makes my brain melt. But all the best!
Kr0ll3x Gaming
Kr0ll3x Gaming 13 saatler önce
Your comment made my brant melt
Shizuka Yoshiko
Shizuka Yoshiko 20 saatler önce
Cody: I don’t like min-“ Jake: hOw CoUlD sOmOnE hAvE tHiS mUcH HATRED?!?
Mariyam Nasira
Mariyam Nasira 21 saatler önce
I don't support you
sh0rtaznant 21 saatler önce
It's ridiculous that Jake talks and moves like he's constantly drunk but he's completely sober. He's just so stupid he's functioning at the level of a drunk person so it looks the same. How can anyone walk around in that sort of stupid haze and still be so privileged
glory sagala
glory sagala 23 saatler önce
i lowkey wish noel was there omg-
Erika Styles
Erika Styles Gün önce
Jake: “He bullies kids” Cody: “You’re an adult”
Levi Carey
Levi Carey Gün önce
i love how Cody's response video has more views than the confrontation video has
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez Gün önce
4:30 is a strong point
Lauren Way
Lauren Way Gün önce
Are you mad at Jeff a/b bringing Jake in on the show?
Sailor Sparkle
Sailor Sparkle Gün önce
if Noel was there.... oh boy
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez Gün önce
Jake stfu , Cody ko keep roasting the kid lmao
LaZe Weber
LaZe Weber Gün önce
knock it off
Lekh Raj
Lekh Raj Gün önce
You r great man keep it up
Mia Ables
Mia Ables 2 gün önce
He mad bc you funny and he act like a damn child 😂😂💀
Short Shots
Short Shots 2 gün önce
I just saw Jarvis' video so... Here I am.
Perts- 2 gün önce
Everybody fucking hates minions u roght
Louis Moh
Louis Moh 2 gün önce
I like how he says he doesn't like bullying but literally that motherfucker terrorizes team 10 such as Martinez twins and others i forgot. Jake is such a hypocrite.
eliza brewer
eliza brewer 2 gün önce
the thumb nail my god
The Teapot
The Teapot 2 gün önce
Claire Mantey
Claire Mantey 2 gün önce
You’re a million times better then any of those guys are lmao. I didn’t even know who you were until I saw someone say something about his video lol & so then I looked you up lmao. He made you even more famous and helped you out 😂
mewtwo 2 gün önce
Hehe james Charles is easy to roast, and I would rather call him a retard.
big brain
big brain 2 gün önce
Jake: (says awkwardly)he bully's kids Cody:what kids Jake:(still awkward)be bully's kids and I don't like that. I don't like bully's Jake literally 2 years ago: (fat shames his friends)
GalaxyProductions 2 gün önce
I love minions :(
brennan hair
brennan hair 3 gün önce
you're garbage bro 😂😂😂😂
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 2 gün önce
Braindead jake pauler
A Dose Of Skits
A Dose Of Skits 3 gün önce
Who the hell are you?
Alejandra Cuevas
Alejandra Cuevas 3 gün önce
Love u
azian cheezecake
azian cheezecake 3 gün önce
Jesus Cody how can you be so cruel??? #MinionsLivesMatter
hubjubdub 3 gün önce
We love you Cody ko!!!
MiotaLee 3 gün önce
Frog: You're a frikken amphibian! Fish: dafaq are you on about? Frog: I don't like 'em!
Mr. Knuckmuff
Mr. Knuckmuff 3 gün önce
I like how a week before he made that video he drugged a bunch of girls at a party
David Kendig
David Kendig 3 gün önce
I'm on your side cody
Dustin Dingler
Dustin Dingler 3 gün önce
I will never stop watching Cody
Sean Daniels
Sean Daniels 4 gün önce
Just saw that cringey encounter. I don’t know what to say
Isabelle Benson
Isabelle Benson 4 gün önce
jake: "i dont understand how someone can have so much hatred inside." jake 15 minutes later: abuses house members, cheats on women and treats them like shit, and makes distracks
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus 4 gün önce
Jake: he bullies kids and is full of hatred Cody: huh..?
Cynthia Contreras
Cynthia Contreras 4 gün önce
everyone can laugh at themselves except for jake , hes a softy
Cynthia Contreras
Cynthia Contreras 4 gün önce
jake is just .... uhmm like he's there . and it's weird like hes a litte off soooooo...lol
Z2ZProductions 4 gün önce
Lmao boomer
shem 4 gün önce
Cody: why dress up as a minion? everyone hates minions. Jake: i CAN'T IMAGINE HOW SOMEONE COULD BE SO AWWWFULLLLLLL
Othon Welsh
Othon Welsh 4 gün önce
Barbie Boy
Barbie Boy 4 gün önce
You are a ball of hate. Stop being so negative it’s not good for yourself and others
Healeon 23 saatler önce
Have you been paying attention at all? You can't just ignore logic in favor of the "stop being mean!!!" approach.
A Dose Of Skits
A Dose Of Skits 3 gün önce
Cody : “Everyone hates minions” Jake and you : “HOW CAN YOU BE SO HATEFUL”
Amanda Sadler
Amanda Sadler 4 gün önce
When Kody brought up Matty Smokes and about the 50 nic I SCREAMED
Macy Alred
Macy Alred 4 gün önce
backlash didn’t seem to help make paul’s thought processes change ./
PineApple 4 gün önce
i think he made him look bad instead of u and now i know that ur channel exists u probaly got some subs from that
Leah Vogel
Leah Vogel 4 gün önce
Did you make fun of his lisp? That would've been bullying. Good lord kid!
Ryuu Senpai
Ryuu Senpai 4 gün önce
That right after a hair part got me crying 😂😂😂
Jerkin ur gerkin
Jerkin ur gerkin 5 gün önce
Big evil Cody co 😂
Shagwell Fc104
Shagwell Fc104 5 gün önce
Jakes a fucking nuance
Noah Evans
Noah Evans 5 gün önce
cody: minion bad jake: HeS jUst a BIg bALL of hATreD
Can Yılmaz
Can Yılmaz 5 gün önce
He s like a retarted kid
zak madrane
zak madrane 5 gün önce
@Can Yılmaz good
Can Yılmaz
Can Yılmaz 5 gün önce
Talking about jake of course
Baked Patato
Baked Patato 5 gün önce
streetvemp swag
streetvemp swag 6 gün önce
lol take my sub! keep bullying the shit out of him
Vanessa Leyva
Vanessa Leyva 6 gün önce
Was watching my TRvidr Stephanie Harlowe video about this so it lead me here ..Jake is a idiot so far what I have seen he made himself looks so stupid & doesn’t understand just take the Roast and laugh dude ...I will definitely follow you now that jake hates your guts 👍🏼
Remmy Sterkin
Remmy Sterkin 6 gün önce
No offense but when he walked into the room you kinda looked nervous and sorta like a puss BUT NO OFFENSE
BASITH PH 6 gün önce
Here comes the memes
Bree 6 gün önce
Cody is just so chill and relaxed. Drama? Cody just gives it a simply 'hey I came out looking good'
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson 6 gün önce
Long live Unser Führer Cody
drygen 6 gün önce
dude lmfao jake walks in like such a fckin p*ssy hahahah it’s so cringe
DietPotato388 YT
DietPotato388 YT 6 gün önce
I saw a video about this whole thing, and this is why i watch this channel lol
jermain pawiroredjo
jermain pawiroredjo 6 gün önce
I feel the struggle man . Youve gotten my support . Subscribing .
NewGroundsGamingHD 6 gün önce
Jake 2:27 : " I can’t imagine being a human and having this much hatred inside" Jake: * Also Makes a cringy music video dissing teachers who spend 4 years getting a degree to teach kids for minimum wage .*
riley arruda
riley arruda 6 gün önce
A Dose Of Skits
A Dose Of Skits 3 gün önce
Did you have a stroke?
grace payne
grace payne 7 gün önce
bro when jake just likes to start drama HAHAHA
curry in the house
curry in the house 7 gün önce
4:23 Thank you Cody. 🙏🏽
Afonso Mota
Afonso Mota 7 gün önce
Jake: I'm about to ruin this man's career Cody: Im going to do what is called a pro gamer move
Kaboom 7 gün önce
Minions be like
Stella Thayer
Stella Thayer 7 gün önce
this is amazing in every way
jesus christ is my gender
he sworded in his video swear face swear face
Slippery Apple
Slippery Apple 7 gün önce
You look clapped in the thumbnail no offence
jacob hawkesworth
jacob hawkesworth 7 gün önce
+10 Respect to Cody
Willis McGillis
Willis McGillis 7 gün önce
Oh shiit i just started watching this dude about a week ago and he has immediately gained my respect. Jake/logan paul is such a goo goo gaga baby back bitch
Frijole Queen
Frijole Queen 7 gün önce
Love you over them all 😂😂😂 lmao he tried to cancel you
Melevelant 7 gün önce
I love coby ko
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