I let Twitch Chat decorate my new room

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I gave them a bunch of money, here's how they spent it

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23 May 2022




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DougDoug Aylar önce
in case you missed my update video yesterday, this is an example of a more discussion-focused video in the "Dorm Room" format which I'll be uploading to this channel going forward, look for the #DormRoom tag below the title if you're interested in this kind of vid. On an unrelated note, is anyone in the market for balls
SlickNickP Gün önce
Are they used?
King_Kirbo21 3 gün önce
@DougDoug how much?
MeatballMan-BotW 5 gün önce
Dane 18 gün önce
@dougdoug you bought and advocated art theft with bootlegs
ooo 18 gün önce
@Seraph peppertuber*
Will Cook
Will Cook Aylar önce
the reveal of the Fat Albert wallpaper was so horrifying. The room looks like something someone custom textured in Gmod as a joke. incredible
uhhhhh yeet
uhhhhh yeet 3 gün önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Your dad is troubled knowing that even the slimmest chance anybody finds out that your his child
Dionysian Cryptid
Dionysian Cryptid 22 gün önce
The Fat Albert poster honestly were *WAY* funnier to me than the ball pit, which I wasn't expecting at all
RedMist 25 gün önce
1:16 no head? ight bet
RJ Plays
RJ Plays 25 gün önce
@Zyrone Jude Biglang-awa uncommon insults-
The Posh Ninja
The Posh Ninja 28 gün önce
That’s was my first thought 🤣🤣
KuraCara Aylar önce
for the ball removal: check with local animal shelters! at mine, we have a kiddie pool we fill with ball pit balls; then we toss in toys or treats for puppies to jump in and find. the shelters will either be confused or very happy to take them off your hands
L.FrozenFox 25 gün önce
Ferrets absolutely LOVEEEEE ball pits as well, its great enrichment for them. Ive seen people fill up kiddie pools or even entire rooms of them. Animal shelters or even just people who own a lotta animals can appreciate it as well
Lykia Ookami
Lykia Ookami Aylar önce
@KuraCara that's good to know, was really worried about the choking hazard :)
KuraCara Aylar önce
​@Lykia Ookami yeah totally fair, that's why I said to check with a shelter, I didn't mean just drop them off lol. that goes for a school or anywhere else as well to ease your concerns, at my shelter it's supervised playtime only and only with puppies. since the balls are about the same size as a tennis ball most can't even fit it in their mouths let alone get stuck in their throats. worst that happens is they bite and crush them, and then we promptly take it away. large pups, toy destroyers, & pups that resource guard don't get ball pit time, for their safety and ours ✌
Lykia Ookami
Lykia Ookami Aylar önce
our animal shelter I work at wouldnt take them. Too much of a choking hazard for the dogs or they might swallow plastic, I think donating all the balls to a kindergarden is a better idea
Ellie Bee
Ellie Bee Aylar önce
Giving Twitch Chat the power to affect the real world is terrifying, imagine what they’ll be able to do with their new found powers.
IDK 29 gün önce
@Caitlin 👇 💀
No Name Sorry
No Name Sorry Aylar önce
I desperately need a friend who would spend 500 dollars just to decorate my room with fat albert posters and buy me a cat with nuts out plushie I'd kiss them on the lips for that genuinely
the_great_ cow
the_great_ cow 17 gün önce
Jelery Aylar önce
He spent like 1500 with all the extra donations.
Falkuzrules Aylar önce
Doug is almost exactly like Jerma when it comes to chat interaction, except that he only does what they're demanding about 40% of the time, but he *never* stops acknowledging them no matter how annoying they get. Anyway nice balls dude
Reid LeBlanc
Reid LeBlanc 25 gün önce
you're so right doug always reacting makes his reactions less entertaining but the rest of chat makes up for it, meanwhile jerma saying nothing for minutes then being completely confused at a message is very funny but his chat could not be entertaining by itself
Chase Johnson
Chase Johnson Aylar önce
Now just take a moment to realize that Doug's friend is LIVING in a ball pit - currently. Twitch chat really outdid themselves this time.
Bubbly Dragon
Bubbly Dragon 25 gün önce
@TheLocomono9 about five hundred dollars to spend on balls
TheLocomono9 Aylar önce
What’s stopping you from doing that?
AJ Scholl
AJ Scholl Aylar önce
Doug:”he’s not living in like ball room” Chat:”no he’s living in a ball pit”
InquisitorWaffles Aylar önce
7:01 "He's not living in, like, a ball room" Ominous foreshadowing right there
kajj Aylar önce
This might actually be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Like, it isn't "laugh until I cry and my sides hurt" it's more like "this is the most absurd thing I've seen in my life, and the fact that some poor dude has to spend TWO MONTHS in this room is just insane." The timer on the door is peak comedy, good job twitch chat
Cassandra Brill
Cassandra Brill Aylar önce
Doug is 100% that parent that tries to out their foot down but always caves to their children begging them some more 🥰
coke Aylar önce
i think my favorite part about chat obsessing over something random is how doug always starts at denial but inevitably joins them halfway through the stream
Makoa Atlas
Makoa Atlas Aylar önce
@Sqqr untrue, twitch chat is all divorced, so they could have had the seggs
Dillan Foltz
Dillan Foltz Aylar önce
hahaha everytime. like 100 people make a point about why its a good idea and he picks out one like....."actually....i could see this now"
Kirb Aylar önce
Misty Aylar önce
@Aidyn Christiansen the five stages of Garfield
Sussycatcat Aylar önce
1:17 he slurped you up bro
Risu Aylar önce
This genuinely is incredibly well decorated, I have no idea how you managed to make that look good.
LikeAPro42 16 gün önce
7:00 “He’s not living in, like, a ballroom”. Little did Doug know, Cherry would be living in a *ball* room
Phobos Aylar önce
I love that Doug slowly convinced himself how funny the idea of a ball pit is
DoQmentz Aylar önce
"Y'know I'm gonna reinstall Tinder tomorrow?" Perfect. B*tches *love* Fat Albert.
Benjamin Mendez
Benjamin Mendez Aylar önce
"We need the essentials" immediately looks at cardboard cutouts.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Aylar önce
Oh hell naw this means that I now watch a v tuber
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man Aylar önce
Well it’s essential for streamers ☺️
Benjamin Kim
Benjamin Kim Aylar önce
You know, just the essentials
Finally its here trvid.com/video/video-fSKvh0rAWQQ.html
Scorpious Krimson
Scorpious Krimson 28 gün önce
Doug: He's not living in a ballroom. Chat: Yes, but actually no.
Evan Kauffman
Evan Kauffman 25 gün önce
I'm not kidding when I say that my body had a physical reaction when the final room was revealed. It was like every nerve ending on my body lit up and I ascended from this mortal coil for one minute.
firerulezz116 Aylar önce
I adore this. This is horrifying. In the future, if you can't get rid of the balls quickly enough, I suggest trying to fill that room's closet with them and telling people to not open it. Just seems like a decent storage space for them. I am horrified by fat albert.
Zoe Renner
Zoe Renner Aylar önce
I remember watching this stream and really wanting to see how the room turned out. And dear god its better than I expected. So much better This reveal was actually the funniest shit I've seen in so long The fat alberts really make the room
Piboiindahouse Aylar önce
About half way through the video, I was excited to see how the room would look, the reaction may as well have been an extra. Gotta say, the room is amazing and everything is perfect for someone inferior to dougdoug in many ways.
Crazy Chocolate Monkey
I genuinely think giving the balls out to Twitch subs in some sort of event or using them as some sort of running gag currency in some capacity would be the most DougDoug way possible to handle getting rid of the balls
Menitta Aylar önce
Doug yesterday: I dunno if people are gonna like the sort of different videos that'll be coming to this channel. Doug today: I am buying 21 Fat Albert posters Me: yeah that's good
Russ Aylar önce
I would love to be a fly on the wall when who ever was selling the Fat Albert posters got the order in that they needed to supply that many of them. The reveal of it literally papering the walls was incredible.
WaffelzOplenty Aylar önce
Aside from the ball pit idea, I think buying the dog cage and locking the Garfield plush in it would have been hilarious
RedMist 25 gün önce
hey 5'8 isnt kinda short thats average
Isaac Clodfelter
Isaac Clodfelter 25 gün önce
In general i think a cage for ambience is wonderful decoration.
Vergil Obama
Vergil Obama 29 gün önce
@R R D
R R 29 gün önce
@Vergil Obama l
Vergil Obama
Vergil Obama 29 gün önce
LastSurprise822 Aylar önce
I love how Doug goes from hating the ball pit to loving it
Deku Kitty
Deku Kitty Aylar önce
I love how this feels like what would happen if a 5 year old was told to decorate their room and given access to an Amazon Prime account. Probably because the Twitch Chat hivemind has the collective mental capacity of a 5 year old.
Player0 Aylar önce
it's cool that Doug let Carl take a break for this stream.
P_Ttown Aylar önce
once twitch chat gets an idea in their heads, there’s no changing their minds
Abdul Tarsha
Abdul Tarsha Aylar önce
Twitch chat not understanding the idea of a landlord kicking someone out is probably one of the funniest things ever
rolypoly.gif 15 saatler önce
@High Definition hi
Account PC
Account PC Gün önce
@High Definition hi
Ballsquid 2 gün önce
@High Definition hi
Day 9 gün önce
@High Definition hi
Austin Cothran
Austin Cothran 9 gün önce
@High Definition hi
Adam Atomic Apple
Adam Atomic Apple 25 gün önce
"He's not gonna be living in a ballroom" _-Doug, a _*_fool_*
Varia XI
Varia XI 2 gün önce
Shoulda got him one of those fabulous "live laugh love" decorations
TheFlyingBiscuitBirb 12 gün önce
I nearly started crying when I saw the room. It's beautiful. 10/10.
Orange Piano
Orange Piano 21 gün önce
i really do respect dougdoug's dedication to making content. this is hilarious lmao
Charlie Aylar önce
This is like a social experiment on how much someone is willing to put up with for a free place to live
Fer Reaf
Fer Reaf Aylar önce
cherry's honestly missing out by only staying for 60 days; this is a great deal for free
Supertron Aylar önce
Stargazer 199
Stargazer 199 Aylar önce
I want a ball pit floor.
Santos Chavez
Santos Chavez Aylar önce
I definitely wouldn't complain about a room like this if I was living rent free in it haha, gimme all the Fat Albert posters... and balls xD
HelloThereDiesel Aylar önce
Doug: **talking normally** Chat: DOUG. IS DEAD PANIC
Mike Volume
Mike Volume 4 gün önce
The room reveal is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my entire life.
Faolan Grey
Faolan Grey 29 gün önce
I wish I had this room so I could invite tinder dates to it. I feel like if I found a girl who fucking loved the room then I would have found the one.
Khaisz Aylar önce
DougDoug is an amazing friend to have, I wish I had a friend like DougDoug so I could sleep in a room full of balls.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Aylar önce
I love that Doug was briefly worried about not having any floor decorations
just some guy with a Mustache
As new Vegas was freed from the tyranny of Mr.House, anarchy ruled the streets of New Vegas and eventually the ring of fire ended and New Vegas went in to independence.
Heruhcane Dean
Heruhcane Dean Aylar önce
The bathmat really brings the room together
Dig Bickus
Dig Bickus Aylar önce
Yes man.
Ajao Debbie
Ajao Debbie Aylar önce
As it turns out, he should have been worried about having too many.
Dillon Schickel
Dillon Schickel 25 gün önce
Absolutely love the idea of his friend telling people on tinder his room layout "Yeah I live in a Chuck E Cheese nightmare. Can I crash at your place?"
Zengjia Chen
Zengjia Chen Aylar önce
I see Doug has cast aside his human puppet and finally revealed his true form.
Imma_gamin Aylar önce
This is glorious. Twitch chat really knows how to decorate a room
Rob Riley
Rob Riley Aylar önce
legitimately one of the funniest videos you've ever made, crying laughing from start to finish
No1OfConsequence Aylar önce
The room assembled has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
kawai nessa
kawai nessa Aylar önce
the fat albert posters were 10 times better than i thought they would be
MultiNonymous Aylar önce
Finally it's here (link I'll never follow)
Finally its here trvid.com/video/video-fSKvh0rAWQQ.html
beyond your imagination
*trvid.com/video/video-lE5U2d1shBM.html* Finally it's here.
Garbo the Trash Can
Garbo the Trash Can 11 gün önce
the room literally feels like someone making a room in GMoD with the wall textures being a fat albert poster
AbyssalHare Aylar önce
I love how your community is able to keep up multiple complicated long-running bits
J. Victor
J. Victor Aylar önce
love the content variety! honestly you're one of the few channels i watch that can actually make me laugh consistently (and not just exhaling air out of my nose)
Matt I.
Matt I. 28 gün önce
Love how the Twitch chat is SO desperate to throw their money away, and Doug is begging them to make reasonable financial decisions.
Boop Aylar önce
Little does cherry know, there are miniature cameras places in the eyes of all 22 Fat Albert. Also, the timer is rigged to explode if any of the Fat Alberts detect that any decorations have been removed.
bredman0704 29 gün önce
Aidan Busing
Aidan Busing Aylar önce
Nothing could have prepared me for the reality of what the room actually looked like
Pizza Parker
Pizza Parker Aylar önce
I am in tears from how fucking beautiful that room is please redecorate my whole house twich chat thank you
Suffering Incorporated TM
i am so proud of this community that we managed to create a substancial ball pit
Firock Finion
Firock Finion Aylar önce
"I'm not going to charge him rent, but I will charge him his mental health. I will drink it like a milkshake." Good lord, what a power move. XD
lupusgirl64 Aylar önce
Having watched the livestream you wouldn't believe how cathartic it was to finally see the Fat Albert posters and ball pit
Some One
Some One Aylar önce
Kain Yusanagi >:)
agr0nianTV Aylar önce
@Some One Yeah I was wondering were it went. Did he not buy it?
Finally its here trvid.com/video/video-fSKvh0rAWQQ.html
Harrison O.
Harrison O. 29 gün önce
It’s been months since I laughed this hard. The ending was great!
Faolan Grey
Faolan Grey 29 gün önce
11:08 I laughed my ass off to this for way too long.
YuTopia Aylar önce
oh my god this is probably the funniest video I've seen in a long time, I'm in tears. I wish I had a friend who'd troll me to this degree, absolutely beautiful
HickorySmoked Aylar önce
I love how Twitch chat just seems like a school full of children giving a spending budget. Just no bedroom necessities right off the bat lol
Galactic Ruler
Galactic Ruler Aylar önce
DougDoug made the terrible, terrible mistake of scaling his purchases with donations without any limit. If you give people the ability to make a streamer buy funny things just by donating, they WILL donate.
StrawberryBlueFox 7 gün önce
I think he made a pretty good choice honestly lol
Game World
Game World 26 gün önce
@SpongyTrout74 it's funny when you waste your effort to completely obliterate someone knowing that it won't affect anyone
Haze 27 gün önce
@Just your friendly neighborhood ender dragon It’s A Nugget Roll. You Know: One Of Those Fake “It’s Finally Here” Comments That Make Fun Of The Actual Bots (Funni).
Tayler Robinson
Tayler Robinson Aylar önce
@SpongyTrout74 I feel like it's worth doing when the bot isn't obvious so other people know it's a bot. In this case tho? Report and move on.
Tayler Robinson
Tayler Robinson Aylar önce
@Tanzil Chowdhury don't feed the bots. Just report.
Jason Duncan
Jason Duncan Aylar önce
I should not have been laughing as hard as I was at 5 in the morning watching this. Bless you, Twitch chat. Thank you, Doug.
EndronDrago _
EndronDrago _ Aylar önce
I'm so glad he showed the results of the room
PerrinSedai Aylar önce
Absolute hilarity as always! Thanks Doug!
HatGuy Aylar önce
*"I don't think the daycare will accept used **_balls_** from some guy"* -Doug Doug
Tyler feichthaler
Tyler feichthaler Aylar önce
Cannot believe that Dog has finally turned himself into a bell pepper.
Joshua Britain
Joshua Britain 25 gün önce
Funniest shit I've ever seen
Deku Kitty
Deku Kitty Aylar önce
"Cherry, look! I turned myself into a bell pepper! I'm Pepper Doug!"
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Aylar önce
I hate it
TeshinThai Aylar önce
Adewin Aylar önce
Loving the Dorm Room videos being on the main channel, please keep putting them here!
GalaxyWisp Aylar önce
Doug and Cherry tripping on the ball pit all the time for two months makes for quite the scene I'm sure :)
Sam Balmer
Sam Balmer Aylar önce
This was pure chaos and I loved every minute of it 🤣😂
Captain Eevee
Captain Eevee 15 gün önce
"He's not gonna be living a ballroom" Oh the foreshadowing
Novaduck _iv
Novaduck _iv Aylar önce
When cherry leaves, Dougdoug should do a ball cleaning stream in a maid outfit
Magnustopheles 12 gün önce
I regularly watch VTubers, and Doug's model is unironically pretty good
Llunadere Aylar önce
I genuinely have never laughed so hard at anything in my entire life
Irish Potato
Irish Potato Aylar önce
Doug took a play out of his brothers playbook by committing WAY too hard at a bit, so much so that it becomes not funny and then funny again. The fat Albert posters are extremely hilarious. Good job.
Leo TheHuman
Leo TheHuman Aylar önce
“This is like, the worst way to pay for Fat Albert posters” brand new sentence right there
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 24 gün önce
@x x Bots be like: Finally it's here! trvid.com/video/video-hZms3n_qvc0.html (don't worry it's literally just the link to this video, not an ad or a rick roll)
x x
x x 29 gün önce
Bots be like:
Patio Aylar önce
I'm so glad we could make Cherry his dream room. Twitch chat is truly a miracle worker.
Duke_DoggyDogg Aylar önce
I'm glad I found you bro I haven't laughed this hard in so long. I'm crying😂😂😂
Deric Medley
Deric Medley Aylar önce
Dude honestly these last few videos have been so fucking awesome and I love them so much, keep up the good work doug and twitch chat 😗
Lexie Nonemaker
Lexie Nonemaker Aylar önce
This is the greatest video I haver ever seen. I have never laughed as hard as I did watching this. Doug, thank you for creating this, and thank you twitch chat too. Balls
Mark Super
Mark Super Gün önce
"The fat albert posters stay up when i'm bringing a girl over."
V0xEL Aylar önce
This was such a fun stream :D
Ka Aylar önce
I love Doug’s ideas for stream. So good
ThuggishCone 13
ThuggishCone 13 Aylar önce
I honestly almost had an asthma attack with how much I was laughing and weezing😂
berr21able Aylar önce
DougDoug as a VTuber was a great idea for an April Fools gag.
Valdis Aylar önce
@TychoPanda I did not say anything about unsubbing, and if you think as a viewer you don't have the right to voice your opinion, then I'm sorry for you I guess.
TychoPanda Aylar önce
@Valdis it's still his channel at the end of the day, like you said. Losing your one sub would mean nothing to him.
chip Aylar önce
@UnassignedVar also I agree with your first message
chip Aylar önce
UnassignedVar Aylar önce
@chip hell yeah. We need to sell our souls to transfer Doug into an immortal bell pepper shell.
collin allison
collin allison Aylar önce
I think my fave part is *90% of situations being a roommate with your best friend would be awesome. And that clock on the door would genuinely be depressing constantly seeing a timer before you are shooed away.* but in this case cherry is living in the 8th (ball) of hell and that counter is the counter top his freedom
StamX 28 gün önce
I laugh at dougdoug videos so hard, thanks
Teya Aelita Hopper
Teya Aelita Hopper Aylar önce
Honestly, it ended up looking more cozy than I thought.
Kumori_Sora 28 gün önce
"The daycare won't accept some guy's used balls" DougDoug May 2022
Matthew Grundy
Matthew Grundy Aylar önce
I like the fact that you’ve combined the two channels and are using hashtags instead. I think it’s a bit easier to find stuff and I’m glad it means less hassle for you.
Prilly Priscilla
Prilly Priscilla Aylar önce
@I am a PERSON lol
I am a PERSON Aylar önce
@Prilly Priscilla BEGONE BOT
I am a PERSON Aylar önce
@Average Consumer hacked channel
CoolDoge Aylar önce
Great Video! *I love it when twitch chat helps*
The Lazy Trickster
The Lazy Trickster Aylar önce
I sleep with my mattress on the floor. DougDough has diagnosed me as clinically insane thank you
Gabe The Babe
Gabe The Babe Aylar önce
Doug all you did was make it easier for me to catch all your videos. There was no need to clarify what kind of content you're making. It's all gold. Keep up the good work. Fat Albert would be proud.
Sick Cicada
Sick Cicada Aylar önce
I loved watching this so much can we redecorate Doug’s entire place lmao
Sync Aylar önce
Since he’s combining both channels shouldn’t we call this one DougDougDougDougDoug?
Annissic 0
Annissic 0 25 gün önce
@Butterfly123 I mean yeah this comment is from a bot but atleast it's not a false advertisement
el atrocidad
el atrocidad Aylar önce
@RIP Gilvasunner only if he promises to play the theme of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo before every stream.
RIP Gilvasunner
RIP Gilvasunner Aylar önce
DougDougDougDougDougDougDougDougDoug(He also adds DougDougDougDoug)
thescaredshadow Aylar önce
Doug Squared
anon. Aylar önce
Call it Doug^5
Aydeniswise Aylar önce
The fact Doug Doug has a community to spend over 300 dollars of their hard earned money for a ball pit that in no way benefits them is crazy to me
Jeffrey Halvorsen
Jeffrey Halvorsen Aylar önce
Doug's body language is so magnificently expressive that I feel like we're missing out on part of the magic with a face rig.
Chimera Photography
Whenever asked “Are we going ALL IN on balls??” The answer is always yes! 😂
Mach 21
Mach 21 23 gün önce
Random off topic thing: I always see the word rigged appear in chat randomly at least a couple times per stream. I like to just pretend it's some random kid whose sitting in the audience, who just stands up on his chair during every show to yell that at full volume.
NJ Aylar önce
I love how chat goes from "Where is Doug?!" to "Hell yeah, chair stream!" to "*OH GOD WHERE IS DOUG?!*"
beyond your imagination
*trvid.com/video/video-lE5U2d1shBM.html* Finally it's here.
Arandomcommenter Aylar önce
You have peeped the horror.
BananaBuns Aylar önce
NJ Aylar önce
Victor 24 gün önce
So I have Amazon Prime and sometimes I get requests by friends and family, so now Amazon thinks I'm a middle aged, pregnant man who enjoys wonderful skin treatments, uses a wheelchair and rides a bike. I can't imagine what's DougDoug's customer profile...
I Made a Board Game to Torture People
görünümler 106 873
Minecraft ama BÜYÜK EŞYALAR var..