I Jumped 59,100 Blocks High In Minecraft Survival

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Minecraft is very exploitable. This is shown in this "experiment" where I farmed 1 thousand end crystals to basically reach low orbit in a single jump.

Music List: pastebin.com/YzPvspAF




27 Kas 2021




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Connor Rugg
Connor Rugg Aylar önce
This guy mixes 21st century humor with documentary and makes it funny
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just something 19 gün önce
Connor Rugg
Connor Rugg 21 gün önce
@Ricky Rosay your welcome
Radsteve 22 gün önce
Baggerz 28 gün önce
repent g
Petko Brunak
Petko Brunak Aylar önce
​@Guy ZHow tf did he die?
Yahiamice Aylar önce
love it when igobylotsofnames uses the funny steve smash render in his explanations :)
Gabriel Castulo
Gabriel Castulo Aylar önce
Do a Minecraft hardcore episodes
I am a printer
I am a printer Aylar önce
@Evandbrown he's busy editing for big youtubers
Warpy_ Aylar önce
Jamii Ibrahim
Jamii Ibrahim Aylar önce
@Evandbrown damn
Evandbrown Aylar önce
why haven't you made a video in 10 months
Dan Aylar önce
this is definitely my fav mc youtuber now
Pramod Poddar
Pramod Poddar Aylar önce
Fun fact Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down
person914 Aylar önce
Update: he has 5 likes now
person914 Aylar önce
verified youtuber gets 2 likes
Animagician Aylar önce
dude, these videos are fucking insane, literally the best minecraft content on youtube at the moment. if you ever wanted someone to do a voiceover so you're not limited by the text-to-speech thing, feel free to hit me up! :D
Wollve Aylar önce
@Gabriel Navarro he did some hypixel stream on yt a while back
Creative Aylar önce
He has revealed his voice before he just sticks with tts for the style tbh iglon the only guy that can make tts work
jackposiedon forever
Eliseu Lucena Barros
man i love the text-to-speech thing. sorry
betagam4523p Aylar önce
I see you're tryna leach of his sucsess
TimeBucks Aylar önce
these are so good
faze potato
faze potato 24 gün önce
Roosell Aylar önce
"I was going to do the 59 kilometer water bucket MLG, basically doing the clutch from low orbit" that sounded so badass. shame it didn't succeed tho
Luke Ilderton
Luke Ilderton 11 gün önce
Worst part was that he respawned in 1.11, corrupting igblon town. It wouldn't have been bad if he had exited the world after dying then loaded it in 1.16 then respawned, or reloaded the world in 1.16 after the jump but before the landing
Baggerz 28 gün önce
byJose23 Aylar önce
@vrikxoo 100km*
Mikael slezak
Mikael slezak Aylar önce
David Davis
David Davis Aylar önce
@vrikxoo not necessarily. You can orbit at 100km probably. Just need lots of propellant to stay up
Smug Bab
Smug Bab Aylar önce
This guy genuinly makes my day, love him and his content.
Lightning _11
Lightning _11 Aylar önce
By the way, those ghasts died without a killing system because they suffocated in the nether portal on the overworld side. Hope this helps you make more amazing content in the future! :)
namAehT Aylar önce
Either that or entity cramming.
Adam Ettlich
Adam Ettlich Aylar önce
I love the Interstellar reference when they show the tier list... jumping with a black hole! :) Also, as an amateur editor, this editing must take SO long! The amount of stuff id incredible!
Maxwell Li
Maxwell Li Aylar önce
This is a very well made video, but just do be aware that Shulkercraft is kind of well-known in the technical/farming community of Minecraft for copying and sometimes outright stealing other people's farm ideas and simply posting tutorials for them (for example I noticed that the obsidian farm in this video is from an older Gnembon video). He does give credit most of the time, but the links are burried in the descriptions and he rarely mentions them in videos. Its a common tale in the TRvid and espectially the Minecraft TRvid space, but I think it would be better to not give this "creator" more attention than he already has.
Mad Mike Follower 69
This guys editing and humour is better than modern day noahsnoah.
Im Nashes
Im Nashes 24 gün önce
@ً believe me or not but i remember it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ً 26 gün önce
@Im Nashes yes and we know this because the internet never lies
Baggerz 28 gün önce
yoel Moreno Expósito
Anka 103
Anka 103 Aylar önce
PLOT TWIST: he IS noahsnoah
ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)
Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us☺
MrDoughnut99 Aylar önce
This video was so enthralling! Also, just a note for anyone wondering about the red arrow representing jump height, I’d say it’s depicted magnitude was exaggerated by at least a factor of 10 (probably on purpose for epicness, which I loved), judging by the 500 block pixels, the base of the arrow was 27,000 blocks wide, so the arrow should have been about twice as tall as it was wide for a to-scale representation. The arrow as it was seemed to represent a jump of more than half a million blocks.
Laura weinsberg
Laura weinsberg Aylar önce
Gotta love this guy’s editing! Keep the work up man.
xXHyphenXx Aylar önce
"Making videos intentionally good is hard, but making videos intentionally bad is harder" Sun tzu - Art of war
pizzalover Aylar önce
This guy’s dedication is incredible
El Dando
El Dando Aylar önce
This is the type of channel that really confuses the audience but it’s entertaining at the same time, mlg like for you 👍🏼.
WC4 Studios
WC4 Studios Aylar önce
this man worked hours to die from fall damage, i've gotta subscribe to show respect you deserve it man
Jellynight Aylar önce
Your dedication that you put in your videos and your challenges are immeasurable!
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan Aylar önce
Man, I fucking loved this video. It's just like the surviving in the void one and the best mod pack I never heard of. The best fucking content any Minecraft TRvidr has ever made.
JELLYOfGaming Aylar önce
He made it entertaining aswell with all the funny editing tweaks
62bumperbrush Aylar önce
lolgod16 Aylar önce
genghis khan, I am your descendant my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather asked why did you go get milk?
Uberleph Rad
Uberleph Rad Aylar önce
These videos fill me with a sense of wonder I needed in my life.
Saella Taning19
Saella Taning19 Aylar önce
Flame THUG
Flame THUG Aylar önce
This dude deserves a lot more, his effort is too much compared to other big youtubers
YoYoSwift 27 gün önce
love these types of videos! great work as always!
Rime Prime
Rime Prime Aylar önce
The creativity and the patience to this challenge is just so amazing. You deserve million more subscriberss mann
oetaurqo Aylar önce
your editing skills and timings are spot on 🔥
Dolphin was orange
Dolphin was orange Aylar önce
Gotta love this guy’s editing! Keep the work up man.
StevyumIsntFound Aylar önce
@Projit why don't u help me get 1k
RL Playz
RL Playz Aylar önce
honestly same
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
Classyonion Aylar önce
Godspeed you magnificent legend, normally I instantly turn off AI voice vids, but this one was beautifully done!
Cameron Epp
Cameron Epp Aylar önce
I love your work man, keep it up! Looking forward to the next video.
absolutely not
absolutely not Aylar önce
I can't wait to see what's next! you're the most patient person I ever know.
Simp CODM Aylar önce
Let just appreciate the fact he sacrificed 1632 levels with no second thoughts for our entertainment
CosmicWasteXD Aylar önce
the reasons ghasts were dieing was because of entity cramming. when there are more than 24 entities in one spot, the game will start killing them. this might be useful for you in later vids.
Good Boy Milo
Good Boy Milo 8 gün önce
@Jorsche this man reslly just said IGLOB
Steve Dude Man
Steve Dude Man 26 gün önce
@IGoByLotsOfNames else your video game would have morphed into a controllable slideshow
Commander Aylar önce
RNX Aylar önce
@ScorbyAnimations beluga's dp doesn't own the pic so everyone can stole it from Google
ScorbyAnimations Aylar önce
Why u use begula channel profile
aldiinfinity Aylar önce
This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! True dedication.
Ricky Rosay
Ricky Rosay Aylar önce
Man I was cheering for you so hard at the end, truly wanted you to land that water bucket, but all and all, gg on the video
JwFalcon Aylar önce
The fact that he did all this is just incredible
Czvx [GD]
Czvx [GD] Aylar önce
This is by far, one of the best channels today.
Vitamin Luke
Vitamin Luke Aylar önce
I like how IGBLON's videos have kept getting better while still somehow keeping the original quality I signed up for back when he was at 50k.
Remling Pertin
Remling Pertin Aylar önce
He worked so hard for our entertainment. I appreciate him
Beanny Aylar önce
It would be cool if he or she gave themselves 1,000 hearts before they fell, to see how much damage you would take from that fall lol
xXLarryTFVWXx Aylar önce
The reason why some of the ghasts were dying without you killing them, is because of entity cramming. Minecraft has a limit on how many entities can be in a block at a time, once that limit is crossed, any new entities in that space get dealt damage until they die.
Tront Aylar önce
I like the idea of you having a Minecraft world where you continuously accomplish ridiculous feats
Raffi Molero
Raffi Molero Aylar önce
try removing your elytra as soon as the explosion happens, maybe it causes more drag?
koyoshi 7 gün önce
Best MC channel, all my respect for you!
XIndependent77 Aylar önce
This dudes amazing! Have my sub! First video I watched was the surviving in the void from 24 August. And today 5 December I watched this one because I got it in my recommended section. Decided to subscribe!
I love how he is making a cool video documentary but he makes it hilarious at the same time
100 subs without any video challenge !!
he is literally questionning his existence at this point.
TsuTsu Aylar önce
@Projit ok and
Commensalism Aylar önce
@Projit ok and
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
Dar and Deg
Dar and Deg Aylar önce
lool myy next
Frogelpe 23 gün önce
Damn this has to be the penultimate survival challenge for sure
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
duper works in 1.11. This is still one of the best minecraft videos out there and you are still easily my favourite minecraft youtuber.
Bubba eats bread
Bubba eats bread Aylar önce
Igblon: I basicly had to excavate and entire desert. Grian: First time?
Royal_legend Aylar önce
the effort is so crazy this man is so insane
Munch0ni Aylar önce
He finally achieved social distancing
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
KrakenKrafted Aylar önce
+15 social credit
TR1BE_PANTHER Aylar önce
another great challange style video these ones seem to be your best uploads and make the channel grow! keep up the great work!
bayu leksono
bayu leksono Aylar önce
I have no doubt that this will go viral. This man has a great humour and the weirdest editing and horribly great dedication.
RIvaldo Caga
RIvaldo Caga 7 gün önce
I tried this when I was bored, I used this next to my friend while he was building than he freaked out and left the game 😂😂
Pigeon Aylar önce
i love watching your vanilla playthroughs they are muy buen
Luffy Aylar önce
Crazy that he only reached the 3rd level of the atmosphere still really impressive though
Shrk Nan0
Shrk Nan0 12 gün önce
all u had to do was to just place blocks on the out side of the portals like a portal trap and they’d die of suffocation. the items might go in the portals but that makes afk rates faster bc all u need to do is place a hopper mine cart under the portal all the items go in and you can afk in the nether so u have no overworld mobs clogging rates
suzi russell
suzi russell Aylar önce
I never thought about doing this in survival but I love to blast my friend thousands of blocks in the sky in creative mode using command blocks summoning end crystals. It is literally the most painful thing you’ll ever experience. After about an hour in the sky and an added 2 hours to the amount of lag u will be considered certifiably insane.
Emmett Nelson
Emmett Nelson Aylar önce
You should try this with tnt minecarts. It might be hard to keep yourself alive but it is worth trying.
Bluinn Aylar önce
yay! another vanilla challenge! honestly these are so good, the modded ones just confuse me with the different items
Commander Aylar önce
honestly igblon is the one that explains it the simplest lol, and also the funniest def
RDPlatinum Aylar önce
skill issue :/
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
Mqgic Yeti
Mqgic Yeti Aylar önce
@Bluinn hypixel skyblock isn’t modded at all. Or atleast I would consider. The things I’d say you need to know at least is Fluxduct/Energy Conduit = Power transfer/RF transfer/Redstone flux transfer. Fluiduct/Fluid Conduit =Fluid transfer. Did you think there was a “duct” for gas? No lol, or atleast I don’t think so/Gas Conduit = gas transfer.
Bluinn Aylar önce
@Wolfrost yeah, I just have never really played modded minecraft, unless hypixel skyblock counts, so im kinda unfamiliar with it
mark error 404
mark error 404 Aylar önce
so would it be possible to do this diagonally to see how far you could go?
Caleb Leh
Caleb Leh Aylar önce
this guy should get more subs for this amazing stuff
Benny Yu
Benny Yu Aylar önce
You could have save time by buying some of the glass from villagers. Great video nonetheless
Robert 12 gün önce
With that much power you may be able to break bedrock ( I believe their is a explosive cap to it along with obsidian
Lhf G
Lhf G Aylar önce
I LOVE these kind of (insane challenge) survival no mod videos. They are very funny and informative at the same time! you are one of the best minecraft content creators on the platform. keep up the good work.
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
Xicad Aylar önce
You should use the "Item shadowing" glitch for a video. It would be really cool
Clydoscope Aylar önce
I got even higher, and it took me two days in real life to land on the surface. But this guys really makes me laugh even though I just discovered his channel.
computer Aylar önce
I got to 1 million blocks up. How? Using the tp command. Get rekt, Pwned, trolled. ROFL!111!1!1!1!1!!!!
Sir Chicken Man
Sir Chicken Man Aylar önce
As someone who creates videos myself, editing is a pretty long and annoying process. This guy has like 100x the amount of editing that I do. It must have taken a really long time to edit all of this. On top of that, it's not over-edited either. Sometimes you see people who put way too many edits in that are unnecessary and don't do anything, but this video has the perfect balance. Plus I actually found the video funny unlike a lot of "similar" videos. Honestly really good video. Very funny. Definitely underrated channel
박지혁 -  Park Jin-hyuk
so technically if you played 2b2t and there is no duping plugin Just imagine how hard it is gonna be to obtaining an end crystals or even making it this just mind explosion' right there
AlkindiX Aylar önce
Yes interesting So you will need to obtain at least 5 shulcerbox of end crystal This is just crazy Not only that 2b2t is crazy place god apple are gonna be the hardest to obtain without 1.8.9 because 2b is running 1.12.2 And the lag And the spawn area is complete anarchy
Spirytx Aylar önce
My guy literally gets 21st century humour that will make no sense in 100 years and combines it with documentaries and ✨magical✨ editing to make this catastrophic masterpiece *and then proceeds to break minecraft*
Vibe cat
Vibe cat 11 gün önce
@Projit shut up
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
Dar and Deg
Dar and Deg Aylar önce
Hayden Wilson
Hayden Wilson Aylar önce
If this man used his real voice he would be like the best mc TRvidr.
Porpoise Aylar önce
I think you couldve used suffocation or berry bushed for the ghast farm
SquishyPeanut42 Aylar önce
Fun fact: if you look slightly under strait up with an elytra, you will go way higher
Anupama Patil
Anupama Patil Aylar önce
"Imagine flying to world border from that height."
- Spiker -
- Spiker - Aylar önce
But can you glide from one border to the opposite border? Or fly without touching the ground?
Xuan Hong Low
Xuan Hong Low Aylar önce
Imagine how long it took to get all the things and just to see the mlg failed
LoopzyWasTaken Aylar önce
For the glass, you could have traded with villagers using the pillager farm leftovers
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
Gotta love this guy’s editing! Keep the work up man.
Squidboy Aylar önce
“Hey, I can see my house from up here.” I wanted to make a comment about how he combines modern humor with documentary-type content to make a beautiful conglomerate, but that’s overdone so instead I’m going to instead use an over-used trope with an over-used quote.
Flooku987 Aylar önce
@spook bag same bruh
spook bag
spook bag Aylar önce
@Projit marked as spam
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
Azzam Arwae
Azzam Arwae 18 gün önce
this shows how strong steve is literally call him god
Flxdow Aylar önce
I went 100k blocks up in pocket edition. What I did was use repeating command blocks, I used 5 repeating command blocks and then summoned end crystals all at 0, 0 and then waited for a while and then jump on top and then blew it. I’m went so high up that it stopped letting me go higher at 100,427. I was just stuck there.
Not_ Annoyed
Not_ Annoyed Aylar önce
ROLANDO Aylar önce
The editing is just next level 💯 every nanosecond he had done editing 👍🏻 This video is so messed up
Harrison Karn
Harrison Karn Aylar önce
The ghasts were being killed by entity cramming. If too many mobs are on one block at the same time, they will all take damage and die until 24 (default entity cramming limit) are left standing. This is to reduce lag and can actually kill you if you fall in.
ಠ_ಠ Heng ಠ_ಠ
3:30 ah yes, the dead bush, one of the fundamental resources for survival.
Laura Clark
Laura Clark Aylar önce
@Kevin Holzer i feel like at this point we'd be well past that lol, but yeah sticks would be important if this were a fresh world
Projit Aylar önce
Whoever sees this I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay safe My goal is to hit 10k I hope y'all can help me accomplish my dream tysm.
Kevin Holzer
Kevin Holzer Aylar önce
@STRAY MC I just did this so no one else had to
STRAY MC Aylar önce
the one who can't take a joke:
Kevin Holzer
Kevin Holzer Aylar önce
@Deion Alexei Gonzales I was saying that this is the rare case when the dead bush would be one of the fundamental resources for survival where you just need sticks to get iron tools. r/woosh since it seems like I didn’t get the joke
nika andriadze
nika andriadze Aylar önce
*1:34* Keep in mind that Red Orbs exist in GD That effectively quintuple your jump height. So it's not measly one or two blocks.
kitsu Aylar önce
gravity portal
Lucas Patrick8
Lucas Patrick8 22 gün önce
It probably took him forever to do all of this, and it only bought him 15 minutes worth of content
golden budgie
golden budgie Aylar önce
With the ghast farm it would have been more effective if u just got full blast Prot Netherite with a looting 3 sword and got a hacked client or farmed manually
TheViralMelon Aylar önce
Ding sound effect count: 77 There weren't nearly as many as usual but this was a hard one to do. Pretty sure the ghasts die to entitycramming by the way. I wouldn't think there would be that many at once but I can't think of anything else it would be.
A frog
A frog Aylar önce
In bedrock edition If you just use a repeating command block that summons end crystal and hit it while in creative it literally sends you to the shadow realm, where even if you try to tp it will continue to send you up at 100,000 blocks per second, and also causes a unstoppable explosion that pushes anything away from it(including creative mode flying) and destroys all projectiles
Klaudia Kuczyńska
Klaudia Kuczyńska Aylar önce
This is just soo epic!! This guy is a legend!!
itsyaboimikeyyy Aylar önce
Bro I love your content so much, I can't wait until the algorithm makes you pop off into a multi-million subscriber channel.
cocon't 27 gün önce
Why did he flick a lever with his end crystals when he could have made a redstone chain?
Shivshankar Mishra
Shivshankar Mishra Aylar önce
You are an hard working guy. Love your vids. Mr. Beast also said in his beast react vid that he also loves them who dedicates their time on this stupid things. This was a compliment.
Confidency Aylar önce
Watching pyros 8 hour video while placing end crystals seems so funny to me dunno why *maybe because i watched it like 3 times*
Ant Aylar önce
The random Shutterstock images and pure chaos in his videos are just ...too *noice* ✨
Daniel Pirkl
Daniel Pirkl Aylar önce
We can calculate the escape velocity with he was traveling when doing the MLG
Sachu Sk
Sachu Sk 9 gün önce
What if he succeded the low orbit water bucket mlg Dream: 😢
alex lol
alex lol Aylar önce
this man needs an award
Bluu Aylar önce
Probably my most favorite channel, surprised he isnt close to 1 mil yet
Persy Di Angelo
Persy Di Angelo Aylar önce
I like how you watched Pyros longest video while you waited... as someone who also watched it, I love both your channels.
Justa53%er Aylar önce
I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to edit all of this you definitely deserve more subscribers for the time you spend on these videos
o_o Aylar önce
13:08 imagine if he accidentally touch the crystal
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