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Michelle Khare
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12 Ağu 2022




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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare Aylar önce
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Ricky Andrews
Ricky Andrews 9 gün önce
@𝕀𝕥’𝕫 𝐀_𝐒𝐚𝐧- oh yeah
𝕀𝕥’𝕫  𝐀_𝐒𝐚𝐧-
can’t wait ❤also you should try to be a bail enforcement agent (bounty hunter) i think it would make a great vid❣️
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GoForLaunch13 11 gün önce
Ah yes I bet you will go to Death Valley In California
Ricky Andrews
Ricky Andrews 14 gün önce
@Ginger Thomason I dont know
Garrett van Adams
Garrett van Adams Aylar önce
As a former cheerleader, Michelle made this look insanely easy she is athletic as hell! All the cheerleaders being shocked were genuine reactions most people can’t do the stuff Michelle did even a few months in!
Amol Khobaragade
Amol Khobaragade 9 gün önce
@Andrea Sanchez Well, you have to get rid of fear very slowly. Keep growing slowly.
hivemind 10 gün önce
so r u gay or a perv?
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez 12 gün önce
@Garrett van Adams I would of done cheer past elementary school but stunts scare me. How did you do it? Getting past the fear of falling or getting hurt?
Kat 24 gün önce
I was shook just from seeing the full down.. and then I was double shocked seeing the 4 back handsprings! Imagine how good she would be in months of practice
Chloe 29 gün önce
Bro I’ve been cheering for almost a decade. I’m 16 and I couldn’t dream of doing some of the stuff she did in this video. Granted, I don’t have to often as a backspot, but still. It was very very impressive. It was kind of inspiring, since I’m going into my first year on Varsity and it’s very nerve wracking, since, much like her, I don’t have very good tumbling skills. But, we’ve gotta try :)
oreo Aylar önce
Only 10 days of training, yet it felt like you had the most spirit out of everyone. You were literally the light and joy out of all of this and it’s AMAZING AND STUNNING. Sure you couldn’t do all the stunts the professional and more experienced cheerleaders could do, but it was still so beautiful and amazing Michelle!!
thehuney56 Aylar önce
Yeah I feel like after doing the sport for a while the fun and joy of it gets....muddled. It becomes a job of sorts with how much work and money goes into it...easy to forget to bring the joy to all moments.
Jillian M
Jillian M Aylar önce
As a cheerleader I'm beyond SHOCKED at the skills Michelle was able to do in a bit over a week. Most cheerleaders practice for a decade before doing these stunts. It definitely helps a ton to have expert bases under you to learn, but still, this is extremely impressive.
hay day daily
hay day daily 5 gün önce
To be honest its not very difficult skills base(tumbling) if u have the proper instructors and u are already more or less fit
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez 9 gün önce
I would of done cheer back in high school ( the most I did was elementary school cheerleading) but I lacked self confidence in myself and I was scared of injury . If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to at least try the worst that could happen was I didn’t make it
Amol Khobaragade
Amol Khobaragade 9 gün önce
She was athletic before so that helped too.
Chinmayee Prabhakar
Chinmayee Prabhakar 21 gün önce
If I was in Michelle's position, I would have just cried and wet my pants...like Michelle doesn't realize how much of an inspiration she is ...looking at her trying new things and putting herself out of her comfort zone over and again is just amazing 👏
Dallace Brown
Dallace Brown 7 gün önce
me too... esp with how intense that coach was omg
Micah Cate
Micah Cate 27 gün önce
This episode was so awesome, one of my favorites for sure! I'm literally so impressed with your athleticism and quick learning like WHAT THE HECK You should try to edit a feature film from scratch for one of these challenges!
RockinDocs Aylar önce
I love how supportive your cheer partner was. he seems like such a nice guy
rosirus Gün önce
He was so cute!
hivemind 10 gün önce
@Lilo is the baddest🏳️‍🌈⃠ he's obviously ghey
JustMiley 22
JustMiley 22 11 gün önce
@Serenity W SAME!
Jesus Is our Savior
Jesus Is our Savior 12 gün önce
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Serenity W
Serenity W 15 gün önce
Why do I ship them
Alpha King
Alpha King Aylar önce
After Marine, SWAT, Police and Flight intensive training, I'm not surprised she is athletic for cheer squad. Well done MK....... I'm always here to watch and support you. Keep up the good work.
yo face
yo face 17 gün önce
Those are about endurance, a passive trait you can build over time, tumbling is an actual skill. To get to the level to actually compete you need to be not only extremely talented at learning but also doing it for a minimum of at least 3 years every single day because most of the top cheerleaders start from childhood so they easily have 6-10 years on you
Glen Coco
Glen Coco Aylar önce
it’s so satisfying watching people realise how incredible and determined michelle is like at 15:30 and 21:50
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
coaches that graded her fairly according to what she did and kudos to Michelle for kicking ass at such a competitive sport. Congrats again Michelle!
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
am a dance teacher and there are some things that are very hard to teach, like charisma and personality on stage/mat. You have it. Great job!
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews 9 gün önce
I’d like to take just a second to point out how great of a cheerleader Daniel is. I hope that he doesn’t think of himself solely as “Gabi’s stunt partner,” because he is simply remarkable. I cheered in high school and college, and if I could have been even a tenth as good of a cheerleader as Daniel, I would have never given it up.
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez Aylar önce
I wouldn’t have minded a documentary style day by day video of this challenge. I hope Michelle knows a lot of us love longer format videos!
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez 3 gün önce
@viceb7 I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed! I saw her recent video was under 20 minutes.
viceb7 3 gün önce
Yea alot of these newer videos seem almost rushed? I miss the process!
JoieOlivier Aylar önce
The genuine surprise on their faces when she did the 4 back handsprings and other moments when they were so impressed by how quickly Michelle was able to learn just made my day. They seem like really nice people to allow you to film while making these crucial decisions and it was obvious they were being as supportive and nice to you as possible.
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
As a lifelong cheerleader and coach, GIRL, what you did in 10 days and the tryout was UNBELIEVABLE and nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!! WAY TO GO SISTER!!!
Leia James
Leia James Aylar önce
This is so impressive and as a former cheerleader I was in awe of your skills having never done this before. Honestly I believe if you worked more on your tumbling and stunts and did like a redemption video and tried out next year you would definitely make the team. I was rooting for you and really think you would make an awesome cheerleader ❤️.
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
motivated to push myself to go after my dreams even harder. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to do something you’ve always wanted to, I will too.
AD Aylar önce
I CRIED when you got out there for the fight song. You committed to it and gave it everything you had and I loved watching you. It takes guts to step out there with those athletes. I am a dance teacher and there are some things that are very hard to teach, like charisma and personality on stage/mat. You have it. Great job!
Jay Me
Jay Me Aylar önce
I really loved how the coaches graded her on a different scale (obviously) or else she would of not made the cut from day one. Not because she is bad but because she went to tryout against athletes that have been doing this their whole lives since they were kids. She had to learn a brand new skill in a couple of minutes, hours, and days! Kudos to the coaches that graded her fairly according to what she did and kudos to Michelle for kicking ass at such a competitive sport. Congrats again Michelle!
shipstalia.x Aylar önce
This was the cutest thing ever. I criedddd. I love how her partner supported her through the whole thing! Such a great guy.
HopeScope Aylar önce
You did SO good 😭 and your partner was the sweetest. This was really inspiring
Isabella Evens
Isabella Evens 27 gün önce
DJ Kreigline
DJ Kreigline 28 gün önce
Djk34💘😘🥰 you single how long you are
Maggie-May Johnston
Analise Hernandez
Analise Hernandez Aylar önce
hiii Hope!!!
David Aylar önce
Hopeee what are you doing here 😂
julia szwabowski
julia szwabowski Aylar önce
I would literally love if Michelle learned to be a competitive dancer for a month, as a dancer myself it was really give people into a look of the athletisicm and work it takes to be a dancer since so many people do not understand that it is a sport.
Aurora Allaby-Déziel
Aurora Allaby-Déziel 22 saatler önce
As a fellow competitive dancer
Aurora Allaby-Déziel
Aurora Allaby-Déziel 22 saatler önce
EarlGreyMilkTae 24 gün önce
as a fellow competitive dancer… this!!!
joyy z
joyy z Aylar önce
I was so shocked at Michelle’s cheerleading skills. When I first clicked on the video I thought she didn’t know how to cheer and stuff but omg she’s so good!!! She’s also such a fast learner!
Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety 16 gün önce
Honestly miss girl was SO inspiring this episode! She trained for 10 days and managed to do ALL of that! The fact that she exuded such confidence in herself really put the cheer in cheerleading and that’s so beautiful to watch. I enjoyed this episode so much, and you have inspired me! You’re so cool Michelle!!!!!
Airsoft Alfonse
Airsoft Alfonse Aylar önce
It was really nice to see all the positive energy from the other athletes towards you, great video!
Isabella Evens
Isabella Evens 27 gün önce
Arch Angel
Arch Angel Aylar önce
As an extreme introvert I can’t imagine how much confidence it takes to try new things and potentially fail, not only in front of the people in the room but in front of the whole internet. I struggle walking into Muay Thai each week and it’s a medium sized class and here Meesh is trying new things in front of millions of people on the internet.
Kitten Mimi
Kitten Mimi Aylar önce
@Little Wolf Taima that's extreme social anxiety Just social anxiety is not that bad
Kitten Mimi
Kitten Mimi Aylar önce
@Gracie true lol introvert doesn't have problems socializing they just need a bit of alone time to recharge. They have social anxiety like I do XD
Little Wolf Taima
Little Wolf Taima Aylar önce
@Gracie Social anxiety is not leaving the house since Christmas like myself. They can walk into a class!
Haroon Attareb
Haroon Attareb Aylar önce
We are so proud of you 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anime Pizza Rolls
Anime Pizza Rolls Aylar önce
As a introvert and someone with social anxiety… yeah I can’t imagine. I have a hard time just speaking INFRONT of people 💀
May Aylar önce
I would love to see Michelle do a recap video of all her one off experiences. Rank certain tasks and overall reflect on all fun, difficult and most exciting memories!
Ashlyn W
Ashlyn W 14 gün önce
What a great coach! No wonder they’re so successful. Honest feedback, straightforward, and you can tell she doesn’t put up with bs!
erica whitchurch
erica whitchurch Aylar önce
Girl this one genuinely had me smiling the whole way through!!!
shibbyxoxo 12 gün önce
As a former cheerleader, this was INSANE Michelle! Honestly I smiled every time you were on screen. Your attitude and perseverance was inspiring to watch 💜
soshiangel90 Aylar önce
I was..."happy" that you didn't make the team. NOT because I thought you were bad or because i was rooting against you...only because it keeps the stakes and skill level really real. They didn't hand you anything just because of your vlogger status. This was a real audition and they were grading you just like they were grading everyone else. You learned and improved so much in what was probably a total of 2 weeks and that is TRULY amazing! Honestly, I think if you went at it full time you could absolutely make a cheer squad within a year if you kept up this level of intense training. You always show us that anything can be achieved with maximum efforts and that is priceless.
QueenStix 10 gün önce
I loved this video! But it definitely wasn't a "real audition", she wouldn't have made it past the first round. Actually, I don't think she would have even made it TO the first round. Cheer tryouts generally require a minimum of a certain skill to even tryout (like a standing tuck or more).
jenifer baltazar
jenifer baltazar 15 gün önce
Sade M
Sade M 18 gün önce
The people in this thread are so dang mean. She did a great job. Why can't we just be happy for her?
Sade M
Sade M 18 gün önce
@TVtrio101 Her skills were not as polished as the seasoned cheerleaders but she still did much better than most of us would have, that's for sure.
Sade M
Sade M 18 gün önce
@Sam She's had experience with cheerleading, she's in great shape, and she had a lot of trust in her partner. The fact that she nearly made the team says more about her than it does about "real" cheerleaders.
ShadyyNess 4 gün önce
As a former cheerleader who couldn’t compete well due to weak ass wrists, your spirit alone is what cheering is all about. We were always taught to smile when you mess up and keep going and no one will notice and you seriously smiled through everything that you outshined so many of the other teammates just from your spirit! You made everything look so effortless and you were having fun while doing it.
Kenzie Lai
Kenzie Lai Aylar önce
The amount of respect I have for cheerleading now is amazing, not only for the sport and its athletes, but to Michelle and her cheer partner as well. This video has been a huge eyeopener for me, like the girl said at the beginning, a lot of people have a misconception of what cheer is, and omg, it's such a tough sport (saying that is an understatement). Also, Michelle, IM SO PROUD OF U, thank you for sharing the hard parts and everything and making it so real.
Irena Garcia
Irena Garcia Aylar önce
I kept catching myself smiling so much throughout this whole video! Everyone was so kind and supportive and it was so cool to watch how fast you progressed, just reminded me how awesome we are as humans, what our bodies can do and the things we can accomplish if we just put our minds to it and give it all we got. It was super inspiring! I feel motivated to push myself to go after my dreams even harder. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to do something you’ve always wanted to, I will too.
madelinehixon Aylar önce
as a former cheerleader this was so impressive and inspiring to watch! honestly the way michelle went into this so fearless and so full of energy had me smiling and crying the entire time. it’s truly a lesson in how to go about all things in life. congrats michelle, you ARE a cheerleader girl!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Emma Dictator
Emma Dictator Aylar önce
Michelle pushes herself every single day. Her videos are a true inspiration to boys and girls wanting to achieve their goals. We love you Michelle!
charlotte Aylar önce
Memes shorts
Memes shorts Aylar önce
@Eselcool 100
BAAV 20 Aylar önce
@fwabe 13 yep
Eselcool Aylar önce
@fwabe 13 i'm 99% sure that's a bot 😭
fwabe 13
fwabe 13 Aylar önce
so we gonna ignore the pfp😭
nekopii Aylar önce
I love how Michelle's cheer partner was so motivating. Bruh I need a spotter like that.
Emily Jane
Emily Jane 2 gün önce
I’ve been doing cheer for 9 years and can’t do half the things Michelle managed to do, this is genuinely so impressive
Kristine Cranford
Kristine Cranford Aylar önce
The amount that you learned in 10 days is much more than I learned in my 4 years of cheerleading. So impressive and super inspired by your energy!!!
David Hoho
David Hoho 21 gün önce
Hello Kristine how are you doing today How's everything going?
Carolyn Wren
Carolyn Wren 22 gün önce
you're one of the most naturally athletic people I've ever seen. I'm still in shock from when you qualified for Boston on your first marathon and now this!!!
Maddy Aylar önce
I did competition cheer, cheer, and gymnastics and she WAS IMPRESSIVE!!!! Learning to fly and go up in the air isn’t just a physical thing it’s mental too. And ALOT of trust
Yuuki no Yuki
Yuuki no Yuki Aylar önce
Agreed. The backhandsprings alone. Like, it takes a healthy amount of mental strength to jump backwards. Most tumblers (gymnastics or cheer) build up the confidence in their bodies over time. But here she was just doing 4 in a row after learning how to do 2 *that day!* And she also performed it all in front of a crowd which is its own mental hurdle
Philosophy_Bot Aylar önce
Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "Know thyself" ~ Socrates
Christin Cavanaugh
Christin Cavanaugh Aylar önce
Absolutely!!! It’s so mind over matter and not everyone can do that. She did! It was fantastic! Especially since she had never done it before. She did great!
ZiNgOaPpELsIN Aylar önce
I have ony done gymnastics (Borrowing my husbands YT haha) and the teust you need to have in the person learing you everything and yourself is crazy!! Si did AMAZING!!
Erika Antunez
Erika Antunez 5 gün önce
I am sorry but I have done cheer for 9 years and the fact that she pulled this BEAUTIFUL performance in 10 DAYS!?!?!?!?!?!?? I am send SPEECHLESS right now and I definitely sharing thi video with my fellow cheer members!
Vicky Castillo
Vicky Castillo 22 gün önce
I swear Michelle, I was nervous for you during this entire video. I think everyone should be SUPER proud of you and deserve all the praise for the accomplishments. You’re such an inspiration uwu
The Comorbidity Curator
I would LOVE to see you go through a college dance team audition like you did here with UK Cheer. University of Minnesota and University of Tennessee have phenomenal dance teams with nationals winning histories. They're very competitive. Minnesota actually has a brand deal with Rhinestone Unlimited. It would also be cool to see you go through audition/try out processes for any and all collegiate and/or pro sports.
alexis fisher
alexis fisher Aylar önce
I love that you tried so hard and never doubted yourself even when you were nervous. Proud of you!!!!
Nadiah Perez
Nadiah Perez Aylar önce
As a past cheerleader and flyer, the skills you learned took me years to get down, this is very impressive. You should be extremely proud of yourself and thank you for giving a REAL glimpse of the mental/physical preparation cheerleaders experiences.
Gummy 20 gün önce
I’m sure half the battle for you was gaining the physical fitness to be able to do the skills in the first place. Michelle is crazy fit; she works out regularly and does a lot of fitness-based challenges for this channel, but I’m sure you can tell just based on her physique.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Aylar önce
internet. I struggle walking into Muay Thai each week and it’s a medium sized class and here Meesh is trying new things in front of millions of people on the internet.
Maeghen McCutchen
Maeghen McCutchen 3 gün önce
Michelle, you did PHENOMENAL with such a short time frame. As a former allstar cheerleader, I was AMAZED at the confidence you had at not only attempting but performing these skills. It takes months and years to solidify these skills and you were just attacking them. Your energy and determination was so wonderful to watch. Thank you for trying our sport and congratulations on doing a wonderful job! 🧡
Sara Carpenter
Sara Carpenter 12 gün önce
WOW!!! I was a former cheerleader for 11 years and I watched this video with my jaw on the floor! You were AMAZING!! You have all the skills needed to be one of the best on a team. Your smile and energy! Your adaptability, it’s all perfection! YOU KILLED IT! BE PROUD!!!!!!
Kayla Aylar önce
I smiled this entire video. Just her energy and positivity lights people up!
Ashley Bondy
Ashley Bondy Aylar önce
As a former cheerleader myself, I’m genuinely shocked! You picked up those skills so quickly and even picked up some things I had never done during my time in cheer! You should be extremely proud of yourself.
Nichelle Oakley
Nichelle Oakley Aylar önce
As someone who did competitive cheer for 10 years I AM BEYOND impressed. You did amazing and you gave me so much nostalgia seeing you give it your all and having a fun time. Great great video.
DJ Kreigline
DJ Kreigline Aylar önce
Djk34💘💝🥰🥰 are you single how old you are
Lillie Huett
Lillie Huett Aylar önce
beyond your imagination
*trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here *YES*
Chrissy Beaver
Chrissy Beaver 22 saatler önce
Michelle you did absolutely AMAZING!! I was a cheerleader since I was 10 years old and coached Varsity at my Alma mater! It took bravery and skill! You outshined a lot of those girls with your smile, your spirit and your energy!!! I’m proud of how far you made it and how quick you learned those very difficult skills! Go Michelle 🎉🎉
Patti Jo Hamilton
Patti Jo Hamilton 3 gün önce
I felt every bit of emotion with you! I smiled when you smiled and cried tears for you at the end. You did amazing! Your energy is what every cheer coach hopes for! I coached for 10 years and loved it. Your teammates were amazing teachers! 👏 Thank you for doing this challenge!
momjack012 16 dakika önce
YOU ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION TO MANY MICHELLE! You are the epitome of “you can do anything you put your mind to” 👏 👏
Brooke Barquero
Brooke Barquero 29 gün önce
I would love to see her compete in a full out comp routine. With the dance jumps stunts everything!
Danae ***
Danae *** 25 gün önce
Michelle, you are so talented and athletically - socially intelligent. I am very impressed, thank you for doing this inspiring series. I know you weren't always this go - getter, so it's very moving to see this, makes me wanna get more out of my life.
Kira Does Life
Kira Does Life 4 gün önce
Wow, I'm so impressed by this. This was incredible and you came out with the most spirit, and genuinely were having fun!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Lana_Is_Sus 8 gün önce
I’ve been watching you since I was like 8 and it’s amazing to see how much you’ve done. Keep going! Stay pround❤️
Laura Townley
Laura Townley 19 gün önce
From one cheerleader to another, GREAT JOB! It was impossible to watch you and not smile. Your next episode should be "I tried being an ICU nurse"
Reece Graham
Reece Graham Aylar önce
Daniel seems like a lovely guy and a good teacher too. Not overbearing and just super chill but encouraging
Little Wolf Taima
Little Wolf Taima Aylar önce
IKR he’s just amazing.
miumiuchanel 4 gün önce
Seriously Michelle, you are so amazing. I'm at a loss for words. Keep killing it!!!
Nina Danielle
Nina Danielle 13 gün önce
You’re really amazing Michelle! I enjoyed watching this.
Ariana Schuler
Ariana Schuler Aylar önce
Michelle! You absolutely crushed it!! You learned skills in days that cheerleaders who have been doing it there whole lives can't even do! Great job! It was so fun watching you!!
Kelly Grace
Kelly Grace Aylar önce
I cheered from 4 years old to 20 years old.. practiced every day for hours on end.. and literally could do maybe 10 percent of what you did in that short time. You should be SO proud.
Song lover
Song lover Aylar önce
It's crazy how Michelle does all this stuff. She's so strong.
notcoolatall 11 gün önce
@Åce The Åłien elaborate
Alexandra Ramirez
Alexandra Ramirez Aylar önce
@Åce The Åłien I think that her efforts on building the channel and getting herself physically stronger has allowed for that privilege, the privilege of partnering with these renowned companies/teams. I don’t think she was given this without effort.
Philosophy_Bot Aylar önce
Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "He who had a Why to live, can bear almost any How" ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
happystar happystar
​@Åce The Åłien pretty girls work at it < advice
xgaoeyx Aylar önce
Michelle, I just want to say that I felt all the feelings for you. I am so proud of your braveness to every challenge. I have been watching and following you for some time. Out of all the videos I have ever felt this nervous and excitement for you. I felt so proud as a subscriber to have followed you during this video. Thank you so much for showing us your brave and work of love.
Dhanhyaa 12 gün önce
Truly impressive and inspirational work, Michelle! Thank you for this video.💝
Swipe's Wife Jess
Swipe's Wife Jess Aylar önce
IM SO PROUD OF YOU. Jessa Wooten is a KY cheerleader and I danced with her as a kid. She's been doing this her whole life, and you KILLED IT
MakeupandDance 15
MakeupandDance 15 14 gün önce
As a former cheerleader I’m very impressed by Michelle’s ability to learn skills especially so quickly under so much pressure. A lot of the skills she did take most people years to learn. I struggled to learn some of those skills for years and never even perfected them. Her determination and confidence is honestly so inspirational.
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey 18 gün önce
I loved every second of this video!! I teared up with you when the final day tryout was completed. Your dedication to doing your best out there was phenomenal!!
Kristin Hall
Kristin Hall 28 gün önce
As a prior collegiate cheerleader, I am SO IMPRESSED with your positive attitude, determination, and how quickly you gained difficult skills. Cheerleaders who have been cheering their whole lives have something to learn from you!
Winter Gem
Winter Gem 2 gün önce
This is very inspiring. A lot of us have this fixed mindset that sometimes prevents us from achieving our goals.
sharpaycutie2 8 gün önce
Very happy that they still care about energy and smiling and the “cheer” part of cheerleading. I was begging to think all they cared about was stunts and acrobats stuff but glad to see that the “cheer” still matters😊
Rachel Akong Fisher
As a former cheerleader, I have to commend you Michelle, on all of your hard work, dedication AND skill. It's not easy to pull of what you did. Your energy was absolutely amazing. You must be so insanely proud of yourself and your performance.
Erin Low
Erin Low Aylar önce
Her partner for training and tryouts where both genuinely nice guys
Kitten Mimi
Kitten Mimi Aylar önce
Yas she better be she is amazing
Flower Castle
Flower Castle 6 gün önce
michelle you should be SO PROUD of yourself, this is insane ♥
Skylar Tang
Skylar Tang Aylar önce
Michelle is amazing!! The cheer partner and the head coach are both so cool and so warm at the same time!
chaibiscuits Aylar önce
these videos are beyond inspiring, especially since i am in a place where i am doubting my own capabilities. the pure charisma, determination and confidence you have while doing cheerleading moves that otherwise take a long time to learn is just so amazing. thank you for spreading such positivity and strength in your videos
King Ace
King Ace 11 gün önce
When it comes to fitness, Michelle kept up with Marines, SEALs, Army instructors, firefighters, and professional NFL athletes. But Cheer takes fitness to a whole other level and it shows; never underestimate Cheerleaders. I am so proud of Michelle for her resilience and grit, and for pushing herself like never before.
Loki 2 gün önce
I am actually felt cheered for real seeing you do all this and your smile
Jo Show
Jo Show 16 gün önce
So good! I was rooting for you and was impressed at how well you did! I wanted to be a cheerleader too, and my school actually started a cheer club (at the request of myself and my friend). We didn't get very far with it, being a UK school and the teachers not being cheer coaches, but it was fun. This video reminded of that, and of course all the cheer movies I've seen! The risk of injury definitely put me off many sports, but it was awesome watching you do your best with the stunts and you were great! 😁
Sandro Orjuela
Sandro Orjuela Aylar önce
You’re confidence was insane that was crazy impressive I mean with the stunts but also just going up there as a complete rookie with the fear of being judged-lmao I honestly wanted to cry from second hand anxiety, congrats that was seriously inspiring
Kayla Dean
Kayla Dean 18 gün önce
I loved this it was so impressive and I’m loving the support in the comments for Michelle 🫶🏽 ; Michelle you literally did AMAZINGGGG !!
NothingButTech Aylar önce
This is wild You’re so amazing From concept to execution wow ALSO I feel like you made me appreciate this sport so much more than I had before
Matthew The Gamer 2.0
So many popular people getting like one comment max
Sethorite Aylar önce
Hey Mariah Anne
Hey Mariah Anne Aylar önce
this was so emotional to watch & brought back so many memories, thank you for sharing this! I'm so curious about how you made this happen - did everyone know you weren't going to be part of the team all throughout tryouts? Was it a surprise to some people? Either way you did an incredible job!
Ehryl O'Rourke
Ehryl O'Rourke Aylar önce
As a former cheerleader, Michelle did amazing. It's not easy to learn those types of skills in that amount of days. Bravo!
I Like Minecraft Gaming
You did amazing!My mom was a cheerleader in college,I can’t Imagine the time and skill you need to learn that stuff!(:
Maryanna Dill
Maryanna Dill Aylar önce
Since you’ve done cheerleading it would be super awesome to see you try color guard (like from marching band). It’s typically made fun of but genuinely is a really hard activity that takes lots of practice and training
Apoetsbrain Aylar önce
I love how human her experiences are. She struggles too but breaks past all the same human emotions and awkwardness we all go through when faced with something new or self-doubt. It sure is inspiring.
Laisahh Aylar önce
I know id be atleast a little hurt
Joshua Cheng
Joshua Cheng Aylar önce
Hot Ones breaks-in celebrities, but Michelle Khare shows us what it takes to be one 👍
pvic Aylar önce
she trained for 10 days. imagine all the people got cut before her LOL. that must HURT
Paulina Aylar önce
Michelle!!! I'm so proud of you!! Cheerleading is somthing that freaks me out cause social anxiety and lack of athletics, so seen you do this brought tears of joy. Been following you since Buzzfeed and I can't belive how far you´ve come. You are an amazing person and you motivate me to push past my limits. Can´t wait to see what you'll do next.
Raymond Villaverde
Raymond Villaverde 25 gün önce
I binged watched your videos!!! You are one of the most inspiring creators on this platform!!! More success to you!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Alex Bautista
Alex Bautista 11 gün önce
The way she only trained a week and a half prior to the tryouts and almost made it is insane!
Shari- Ann
Shari- Ann Aylar önce
This makes me smile. I absolutely love that she tries so many things!!! Michelle girl you're an inspiration
Brian’s Video blog & more
I love how the whole team was so supportive of you Michelle! You did great! 💙
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 19 gün önce
From the pov of a dancer you always impress me with your charisma and dedication to whatever challenge you do and this challenge really showed your dedication to the sport at it's finest
Liliana Roman
Liliana Roman Aylar önce
Omg, my heart was beating so fast the whole time! I was so excited and nervous for you! Your dedication is so refreshing and an amazing reminder to us at home to always keep trying.
Pat Bailey
Pat Bailey 18 gün önce
Congrats on 3m subs Michelle! You deserve it and so much more. Your content always is so raw and in-depth! Love seeing your uploads. ♥
Paige M
Paige M Aylar önce
I literally CRIED so hard seeing how dedicated and hard you tried. Made me cry multiple times! It just reminds me of how hard I’m trying to train before leaving for my Air Force BMT on September 6th. You go Michelle. I’ve been a big fan of you since the beginning of buzzfeed, and following you since you’ve been solo on TRvid and I’m just amazed at all the challenges you push yourself to do. You go girl.
Isabel Warner
Isabel Warner Aylar önce
Good luck with BMT, im planning on leaving the same time you are, but next year.
Beastyistics Aylar önce
Good luck with your BMT hope you pass!!!
End Of Age
End Of Age Aylar önce
God Bless You Paige
HangWithSteph Aylar önce
Girl!!! You did amazing!!! I was smiling the whole time watching this video! Thank you for bringing your positive energy!
Kristy Joy
Kristy Joy 36 dakika önce
This is so inspiring!! You worked so hard.
Lesley Lansdowne
Lesley Lansdowne Aylar önce
That was awesome Michelle. You did so well! Honestly, amazing. You should be so proud of yourself, honestly, amazing. You are so brave.
Mya Eichenlaub
Mya Eichenlaub Aylar önce
this was INSANELY impressive. What you accomplished in 10 days takes people 10 YEARS to learn. coming from a 15 year competitive cheerleader
Bubbly Aylar önce
As a cheerleader she did really good her facial expressions were so good and for only a few days practing her stunts were great it is unfortunate she didn’t get the team but she did great this video showed me that even if I’m not confident trying is better then not doing enough I’m going to a new gym and have to try out again and this video helped so much
Bubbly 22 gün önce
@Emily awww but that’s pretty close still
Emily 22 gün önce
@Bubbly andddd now we aren’t going to the game at all because there’s not enough football players for the jamboree but there’s enough for normal season so now our first game is September 21 😭😭
Bubbly 24 gün önce
@Emily 🤦🏼‍♀️
Emily 24 gün önce
@Bubbly BRUH we have to wait until THE ACTUAL DAY OF OUR FIRST GAME to practice bc people didn’t turn in all their forms 🤦‍♀️
Bubbly 25 gün önce
@Emily ooo sounds fun!!
penny nelkin
penny nelkin 23 gün önce
She is literally gonna brake a record for most things done, ever.
AHHH yes, long videos are back in! I was so impressed by your determination and sheer energy, honestly extremely inspiring. Can't wait until the next video!
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