I invested $225K in Framework Laptop - 1 Year Update and 12th Gen Upgrade

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29 Oca 2023




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Simalacrum 6 aylar önce
I love how Linus made sure to protect his $220k investment in the company and showed the laptop repair/replace process in the best light possible, by... Not reading the instruction manuals and fumbling through the entire thing without even using a parts tray, thus making the entire process look a lot more painful than it actually probably is? 😂😂😂
CatONfire 17 saatler önce
Keep in mind he is a pro, I doubt it would take me any shorter
Peter Whitey
Peter Whitey 7 gün önce
Who the heck reads manuals? Manuals are something you use as a last resort. Parts tray? I doubt many people use that.
Aayaan 7 gün önce
Wise man
Will M
Will M 11 gün önce
@Thiccboi Chungo I think this is to show that even if you're clumsy (like me) or don't want to read the instructions you can still assemble one of the laptops. Compared to say, Apple with their lack of upgradability/rediculous repair processes and parts supply. Plus, Linus' appeal as a youtuber is that hes quite clumsy and goofy- wouldn't be as entertaining if he just assembled it imo haha
Thiccboi Chungo
Thiccboi Chungo 12 gün önce
He went on about how it has QR codes everywhere for instructions and makes everything very clear in the original video and then proceeded to completely ignore all of that helpful stuff
Mech Aylar önce
Wait, you can use the beast with the Framework laptop? Why was that quickly glazed over, that is a very important point on getting one of these! This PC doesn't have a GPU available on the Framework website. Being able to add a feature to an already incredible laptop needs to be explored further!
daris 2 gün önce
@GuiGuiTo for now,i think because igpu have become a better grapic card than before (example intel have iris, amd have zen 2 and zen 3). Other benefits: long battery time, weightless, more easy to build.
Wilberstarz 3 gün önce
@GuiGuiTo not everyone needs one.....
GuiGuiTo 6 gün önce
@cal derra Why would you not have a gpu in your laptop? It's not like thunderbolt comes with a free external gpu anyway.
cal derra
cal derra 11 gün önce
This laptop literally can't fit a graphics card. It has Thunderbolt, which means it can use external cards. This has been a standard feature on laptops for years, it's just not advertised much.
Roger S
Roger S Aylar önce
No Ryzen processor options? Why does designing a drop-in motherboard require AMD to cooperate?
Victor Kreig
Victor Kreig Aylar önce
coegj Aylar önce
As soon as I find out that Framework laptop plays nice with MX Linux, I will have one. Sure wish I could think of someone who would actually try MX Linux OS on a Framework laptop and let me know. I been a distro hopper for a decade until I found MX Linux and have never look at another ever again. Good video, thanks.
ExtremeTech Aylar önce
Why not order the laptop without a hard drive, grab an inexpensive M.2 disk, install that a then install your OS? If that fails then sell the laptop along with the M.2 drive and recoup the investment.
Alice Gorgonia
Alice Gorgonia Aylar önce
Bruh, you bein' paid to shill for mx or something? It's just a debian-based distro, not some weird exotic creature. The framework will work with it just the same as any other distro, possibly plus some configuring based on which features you care about and what default stuff the distro comes with.
Philippe Zevenberg
Philippe Zevenberg Aylar önce
Have you ever heard of Uwuntu?
Johnny Burley
Johnny Burley 5 aylar önce
19:18 Not to mention, if you didn’t have a use for your old one, you could sell your old main board to someone who needs a repair but not an upgrade, recouping some of your upgrade costs, saving that person more money and reducing waste.
Willster Johnson
Willster Johnson 12 gün önce
if Framework don't already have a marketplace like this, they should definitely make one. Having a first party aftermarket would be a huge selling point
Gregor7008 14 gün önce
The Giga Brain:
Blazon Paradox
Blazon Paradox Aylar önce
Framework could even implement a future discount if you sold your old boards or components back to them, and they could sell those at a discount for more ease of access and less waste. People wouldn't have to mess with ebay or craigslist, it would be great for a more rural market where you maybe couldn't unload your older parts easily.
TechFan101 2 aylar önce
Exactly, I really hope they do well and that more companies get on board to partner
TheYoutuber 4 aylar önce
In the future, the second market will be really awesome especially for those who are low in cash but want faster cpu
Juice Goose
Juice Goose 6 aylar önce
“You can make it repairable but you can’t make it idiot proof” Such a good line
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna 5 aylar önce
Lol... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👌👌👌
Chris Kwakernaat
Chris Kwakernaat 5 aylar önce
"You can make it repairable but you can't make it Linus proof" would have been more accurate , lol
Lemon Sanders
Lemon Sanders 5 aylar önce
@francis northwood software is more troublesome than hardware most of the time.
pandemicNEETbux 5 aylar önce
Yeah I mean let's be honest, all of us have worked in some company or something before. We all know the customer isn't always right. Sometimes the customer is just a fucking asshole and an imbecile who doesn't deserve a dime from the company. Just because corpos are often wrong, doesn't somehow make someone right to sue them for something incredibly stupid that's the customer's own fault.
Platon 5 aylar önce
Only thing missing is expandable batteries
WHEELZ Aylar önce
my macbook is a mid 2015 macbook pro. i cant remember what crapped out, but apple said since the laptop is no longer covered, it would cost $750 to replace it.
Dom_ The
Dom_ The 5 aylar önce
The old motherboard would make an extremely good home server, a specifically designed NAS case would make it perfect.
Zoetje 21 gün önce
@Dani Walmsley Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation.
Dani Walmsley
Dani Walmsley 21 gün önce
@Zoetje I love RPis they're great for tinkering but you can't use em for routers and you can't really use em for anything else, just the one project. What I'm talking about is using a framework mainboard as a quiet affordable mini PC with 3-4 things running on it that need more computational power or require x86(like routers). Most Mini PCs are either very expensive or lacking IO or very underpowered. This is a nice middle ground from a sustainable company. If you have something that'll run on a RPi and you can get your hands on one definitely go with that even if you end up using 3 or 4 it'll still be cheaper than doing this, if you have space use on old pc but for me neither is true
Zoetje 21 gün önce
@Dani Walmsley Wouldn’t a simple Raspberry Pi be more efficient? They’re cheap and, I have to imagine, a lot more power-efficient.
Dani Walmsley
Dani Walmsley 2 aylar önce
@Markos Verdhi even if you don't have it lying around, the 11th gen boards are discounted, if you want something small, power efficient, and quiet it's hard to beat. I manage the IT for my whole family and i'd love nothing more than a server rack in every home but its just not practical. If you want to take advantage of the extra cpu power, use VMs turn it into a PFSense or OPNsense router and a nas all in one, you could add an ARC a320 in a thunderbolt dock and turn it into a media server. Maybe add another mainboard to use for your firewall. You could also host game servers using. You can build a pretty amazing home server setup with these things over time and they don't have to be loud bulky or draw a lot of power (the last is definitely a big deal to us europeans)
Markos Verdhi
Markos Verdhi 2 aylar önce
@zerocal76 but you already have it lying around. If I had a framework laptop and a PC that I use, and I upgraded my motherboard, there is no point in using it as yet another desktop. I'd rather make it something like a server or give it to someone who needs one
Vanilla Waluigi
Vanilla Waluigi Aylar önce
Framework is kinda hard to recommend when they ONLY offer Intel CPUs. Who wants worse battery life, worse perf per $ and worse product support from a company who only just decided being Anti-Consumer wasn’t a great business move. The cognitive dissonance in the PC market is astounding at times.
André Daniel da SIlva Leite
They probably didn't get support from AMD
Seth Tucker
Seth Tucker Aylar önce
Yeah, it's hard to love a laptop with a CPU that's not power efficient, AND doesn't offer dedicated graphics.
FunnyMemez Aylar önce
would be cool if you could custom order one of these to come without a certain part like the camera or microphone, you would save money and e-waste
FunnyMemez 22 gün önce
@André Daniel da SIlva Leite right you do have a point there, although if you could change more in the laptop like having this specific chassis and this resolution screen with this refresh rate that would maybe work out
André Daniel da SIlva Leite
Problem is, customization at that level would add a lot of work for the company. I don't think it'd make it cheaper, rather the opposite
Jacob Leeson
Jacob Leeson Aylar önce
@Geckedes but he means removed in advance. Right now you can select parts you want but you have to either buy individual parts, select bundles, or an entire computer. They want a assembled computer minus a few parts. It’s more economical than buying individual and more ecological and economical than removing parts. However it is difficult for the company. Adds a lot of logistics both on the software end for making a website that can do that and for assembly lines. Also it would be hard to put a price on a partially made laptop. People would expect it to be cheaper than a full laptop and cheaper than buying individual parts which makes pricing complex. Plus you have to factor in assembly cost.
Gecked Aylar önce
You can remove things like RAM and Storage
Banks2Legit 6 aylar önce
The mini desktop option is neat, it really highlights the utility of the swappable modules
madnut666 6 aylar önce
great stuff is it wrong I am more interested in the desktop conversion than the laptop ;P
MyEconomics101 6 aylar önce
You could flock the mini-pc with 3D printed chassi on ebay.
Stefan Post
Stefan Post 6 aylar önce
What I think is great too is that you can just use it as your own mini server to store your data and etc
Kushagra Nayyar
Kushagra Nayyar 6 aylar önce
Yup, its an idea everyone has for their older device but either doesn't go through with a proper build or does a jank setup with motherboard exposed to the elements
Seeker Rild
Seeker Rild 6 aylar önce
Back in my day, we called that a halftop.
Kai Christensen
Kai Christensen 5 aylar önce
This video tripled my confidence in Framework. I love that Linus takes such a pragmatic, level-headed approach to reviewing their products honestly -- it honestly makes me *more* likely to buy them because I feel like there's zero chance of getting something I wasn't expecting. With framework, I know what I'm buying and I know the company's values are aligned with mine. Awesome company and awesome video. I hope framework sees many years of success to come.
Traderhut Games
Traderhut Games Aylar önce
I was so in love with the concept, that in spite of not really needing a laptop at the time, I rushed out and got one... as for not getting what I expected? Well, touch pad was junk, they replaced it, but new one was junk too, (I'm a software architect of 35+ years in the industry, so I've used a LOT of touch pads (50+), never one this bad), other issues made me put it aside and not use it for a year, I go to use it and it is bricked now and won't charge.. Or power on (is that because of the idiot thing they mentioned in the video won't boot without a battery? and if the battery is bricked.. so goes the laptop? Nice.. F- for a grade for that one) Hard to express my level of disappointment in the product I got.. I've since gone out and bought both a Mac Studio (for $6,800), and a Macbook Pro M1, and love both of them... Yeah, NOT a Mac Fan, but these products really DO blow me away... Fully loaded, at 100% CPU my Studio is running 'hot' at 56C, but it takes a LOT of work to get it that hot, that is running it fully loaded with 8 VMs 24/7 with each one using 100% of their CPU.. 35C is what my laptop runs.. (not 80-90C like the Intel stuff.. Oh, and brother worked for Intel for years.. So, I have always bought Intel and I do all my work on Windows..) I can't service the M1 laptops.. but Can't service a lot of things.. Ever try to service a modern watch? or 100's of other things? I LOVE the idea, and would like to see this company produce something that can be useable, but it will be YEARS before I trust that I get something good. (Btw: Macbook: Solid build, Framework: Floppy toy in comparison)
Michael Westman
Michael Westman 2 aylar önce
Try calling them. You'll lose your confidence.
EULAL1A 2 aylar önce
Well said, Kai
Leslie Savage
Leslie Savage 2 aylar önce
@James Clarke That is just not true. The difference between a full size Ethernet port and a USB port is less than a quarter inch (5.4 mm .213 inches). Size isn't an issue, since they reduce the size of the Ethernet port by making it hinged, so it can go on thin laptops, which I have in my possession on my laptop. It takes up less space than a full size Ethernet connector. It's a bit of a pain to use, but it is there on thin laptops.
Leslie Savage
Leslie Savage 2 aylar önce
@James Clarke I have 8 laptops in this room, and only 2 of them don't have either net ports. It's more the cost of the laptop than the size. You're more likely to not have an either net port at the price range below $400, which is not the bulk of the laptops out there by any stretch of the imagination. In the Framework price range almost all laptops by other makers have either net ports, it's in the 90% or higher range.
Nick Olberding
Nick Olberding 5 aylar önce
Just last week I convinced my boss to let me pitch Framework laptops to a client and they signed off! Can't wait to show my boss this new update on your interactions with being an investor and end user of Framework products to further instill some confidence in the brand and ultimately the environmental benefits they strive for. So excited to start ordering some of these bad boys!
Braiam 14 gün önce
Almost 6 month update, how did it go @nolberding ?
Max! 15 gün önce
@MtnNerd honestly never considered how great the repairability of framework would be for businesses in this way. so many refuse to upgrade old hardware for far too long, meaning frustrated employees and less efficient work. if they pay for just the components that are getting out of date they keep their productivity with minimal cost 🤔
Traderhut Games
Traderhut Games Aylar önce
I hope you have better luck that I did with mine, if they work as poorly as mine, you could seriously damage our client relationship.. (mine is bricked right now, I expect I have to go buy a new battery, although it seemed OK last week), total time on laptop: about 5 hours over the last year or so...
Jesse Lioce
Jesse Lioce 2 aylar önce
How did it go
Rudy 3 aylar önce
Sick keep doing the good work brother!
ASFR&FlagCommunity 🇺🇦
So are you saying that old Framework laptops can be upgraded to look and act like newer models
Dr Peter jones
Dr Peter jones Aylar önce
Please can you make a workstation laptop for enterprise,it should be 15 inches like a mac pro, run linux or unix,have a case you can design yourself if thats your thing? most people will end up with a mac pro design but better...
Traderhut Games
Traderhut Games Aylar önce
Make a big screen 16 or 17", so it is actually usable... putting super high resolution on a tiny screen only works well with OSX, Windows doesn't handle 'large fonts' well, so many apps screw up when you do that. (as a Software Architect, I've had to deal with it in our apps in Windows as well as apps we use)... I regret buying the puny sized screen that this thing has... Should have waited
Elosity - Elo Gaming
Elosity - Elo Gaming 6 aylar önce
We all love Linus’s style of doing stuff on his own but a part of these videos really should be analyzing the documentation that these companies provide for these repairs and mods that you do. Bad documentation vs good documentation can make a really big difference between a friendly user experience and a frustrating user experience. Hope you guys consider this for future videos
Lateral Aylar önce
Documentation matters
Elosity - Elo Gaming
Elosity - Elo Gaming 5 aylar önce
@Hack Jealousy instruction manuals, repair guides, etc
Beryesa 5 aylar önce
They are just so used to no documentation, they don't expect it to be available and don't checkout I guess
ShiP wReCk
ShiP wReCk 6 aylar önce
@Zelda Amis That would be a really cool idea for a second channel. "LTT Detailed" Have a few of their higher level engineers doing in-depth explanations of all the "winging it" videos that Linus has on their main channel.
Hack Jealousy
Hack Jealousy 6 aylar önce
Please explain this “documentation” technology you speak of.
Archon 5 aylar önce
If / When they finally have a ryzen and discrete GPU option i will get one. Love the idea and principals behind it.
Leslie Savage
Leslie Savage 3 aylar önce
@Eric Wu Modular design is always more expensive, which is going to keep it in the area of a play thing, an expensive toy, like a Corvette or Mustang. Look at Linus in the video, who looks like my father playing with his Corvette, his a toy. You can go around and around on this not being a toy, but they have other serious problems as well, when they can't even make hinges like the laptops that came out of 2004. I am not going to argue any further on this because it is a waste of my time, and go do something more productive. It's still a toy, and they need to bring this out of a gimmick laptop only a few would want to play with.
Eric Wu
Eric Wu 3 aylar önce
@Leslie Savage The demand supply curve is static for a certain kind of product. It's the pricing that captures the demand. The price shifting too high on the curve doesn't make a product categorically different. Cheaper modularity result in even more tech hobbyists buying the laptop, and hence more people buying it as a toy. And of course, it would also result in regular users buying it.
Eric Wu
Eric Wu 3 aylar önce
@Leslie Savage A lack of market demand doesn't mean "toy." It's a strange word that makes a simple issue more complex: this laptop won't have enough buyers, and it won't have enough buyers because of its high price tags (expensive -> not enough buyers). People don't buy it not because it's modular but because it's too expensive. This doesn't have anything to do with it being "toy" or catering to tech hobbyists.
Leslie Savage
Leslie Savage 3 aylar önce
@Eric Wu The only people who are going to take this laptop seriously are people who will play with it, which makes it a toy. I've fixed and sold computers, including laptops, and people bring in computers to get the p--- off it after they went where they shouldn't of, which is how un-savy your general public is. Case in point, Linus is excited about this, and he is a tech nerd that plays with technology. Most people who use laptop don't. Even some gamers bring in their machines to have them upgraded and repaired. I had one rig come in that cost more than all the computers in my shop combined, and we fixed it for a gamer. This Framework would like to be something, but it is for the person who plays with his computer, not talking about a gamer. Also you said, "There's no reason that the chasis can't be bigger to accomodate different motherboards." There goes their business model with a bigger laptop to except bigger boards. It's a toy for computer nerds to play with, when a computer should be a means to an end, and not the end in and of itself.
Eric Wu
Eric Wu 3 aylar önce
@Leslie Savage The premium with swappable parts is steep, similar as all the Alienware laptops with modular GPUs. I wouldn't say it's "overpriced" because it is the cost of that feature, which incurs costs like opening additional factory lines for the modular parts and maintaining respective inventories. It's not really a "toy" either because it's duly executed in its own design. It might be an unsuccessful product, but I don't see how it's a toy. The chasis is small because that particular product was not made for gaming. There's no reason that the chasis can't be bigger to accomodate different motherboards.
Andrew Sheldrick
Andrew Sheldrick 5 aylar önce
honestly linus personally investing in framework is one of my favorite moves he's made because nothing makes me trust and enjoy this channel more than seeing that the guy i'm coming here for directly supports and is willing to throw his wallet behind the technological future that I want to see.
Lateral Aylar önce
@Doge Multiverse - Billionaire Wisdom Money Glitch example? I’m just curious
Doge Multiverse - Billionaire Wisdom Money Glitch
He did get burnt a couple of times before
mazkas 5 aylar önce
I feel like once graphics cards are somehow integrated into the framework, it’ll be a much more tempting buy.
cal derra
cal derra 11 gün önce
Thunderbolt means external cards work fine.
Lukas Nel
Lukas Nel Aylar önce
Agree, as an AI researcher graphics cards are important
Spencer Howard
Spencer Howard 5 aylar önce
The fact that they've engaged with Louis Rossman in good faith discussions about schematics is a very good sign to me. There are only a handful of companies that are this open with system 76 being the only other that comes to mind.
Vitahoe 6 aylar önce
Really love what Framework is doing here! Its such an important step towards a world where anti-consumer practices are hopefully less common assuming Framework can make it big.
Rul Vra
Rul Vra Aylar önce
@John If you really need to upgrade every 3 years or so with a laptop you should definitely think twice about your computing needs. Crying about a 12th gen out scoring a 9th gen Intel on Cinebench or newer models having thunderbolt support aren't really a valid reasons to upgrade.
User 2C47
User 2C47 4 aylar önce
@Sargon Also, their business model does not seem to be compatible with government contracts.
Sargon 5 aylar önce
@Jay - And businesses will not spend time upgrading thousands of motherboards one by one. Unless Framework offers laptop swap/upgrade/repair functionality, businesses will see no point in these.
Théophile D
Théophile D 5 aylar önce
@John I have a MSI "gaming" pc with a broken keyboard that I'm unable to fix because it needs special tools to repair, and now I'm stuck with a bluetooth keyboard. I would happily buy a framework laptop just for the repairability alone.
shifted n' rifted
shifted n' rifted 5 aylar önce
@John the gamer i mean they need to be made out of some kind of semiconductor, just by the very nature of what they do. There's only so many semiconductor elements and all pretty rare, none as effective as silicon. The process nodes and architecture can change but i dont see silicon going away any time soon
computerfan107 5 aylar önce
Like Linus says: as a Linux user an AMD option would make this one of the best Linux laptops, so I hope the option will be there once my current laptop breaks/gets too old
Rafał Sobczyk
Rafał Sobczyk 3 aylar önce
@J A Linux is a great OS for programmers who are tired of writing code and would rather troubleshoot their workstation for most of the day
J A 4 aylar önce
@pandemicNEETbux lol DW, I started as a web dev, now niche programmer mastering weird languages, never used Linux once in my life. From my understanding Linux is a net code/server based OS. Understanding windows is just as important as language learning.
User 2C47
User 2C47 4 aylar önce
@Zephyrius Can concur. Do it on old hardware or a server first, so you can ease into it. For example, I still run Windows on my main machine and will likely continue to do so until it's EOL, but I run Linux on my old laptop.
Zephyrius 5 aylar önce
@pandemicNEETbux That depends on the games you want to play. It's a hit or miss atm, but many games are well supported. Just try it out in a VM or on some old hardware you might have laying around. The switch from Windows has been a life changer for me. Linux can be nearly anything you want making it super efficient if you take the time customizing it to your needs. It has never been easier to install and use Linux. Just go for it. You have nothing to lose and at the minimum, there is some knowledge to gain.
pandemicNEETbux 5 aylar önce
..I really need to stop being lazy and learn to use Linux it's a deep shame (then again idk how easy it'll be getting games working)
boy deploy
boy deploy Aylar önce
Maybe we can call this "Mechanical Laptop"
rayjaymor 5 aylar önce
As a homelabber, that framework motherboard would make an amazing mini-server or NUC replacement... so you'd probably get cash selling it on eBay as well. I'd buy one.
Benuscore 5 aylar önce
@sylvia m Really it's just like any other motherboard, someone just needs to make a nice case
sylvia m
sylvia m 5 aylar önce
The form factor is awkward, though.
John S
John S Aylar önce
The IBM Thinkpad is an awesome buy (I got one off Craigslist for $150, it seems brand new), I thought it might be stolen but it was a man selling a whole lot of them out of his convenience store, I think they were laptops that were leased by companies. I just cannot believe some people are spending $1500 or more on laptops (Apple laptops or Windows Gaming Laptops), I would have to be a professional gamer making thousands a year to consider spending that kind of money on a laptop. With the IBM Thinkpad I can run all the programs I need just find (including business related work programs).
Arden Sinclair
Arden Sinclair 2 gün önce
some people want actually fast hardware. just because you only use it for web browsing doesn’t mean that’s the only use case. A $150 thinkpad wont run ANY modern game
The Rat King
The Rat King Aylar önce
@semz lmao yeah i have been, i am having an issue where i cannot right click or scroll. i tried some shit to fix it and it didnt work
semz Aylar önce
@The Rat King Also be prepared to use a mouse on it most of the time, as the trackpads are pure trash compared to other laptops
The Rat King
The Rat King Aylar önce
thinkpads are great but when you want to do things like 3d modeling they just dont hold up. most people will be fine with those but sometimes you just beed something better.
Marcus Borderlands
Marcus Borderlands Aylar önce
1500 on a laptop isn't a ton when you plan to use it for the next 3-4 years, need the performance for hobbies or work, and plan on relying on the factory warranty and customer support. Old thinkpads are great devices, but aren't perfect for everybody. Also be sure to throw some more ram and an ssd in that puppy, should keep it running well for years.
MrCommodorebob 6 aylar önce
The fact that they made a hinge upgrade to fix design flaws is nuts. It really reassures you that they will support the machine years into the future.
Warren Puckett
Warren Puckett 4 aylar önce
@Leslie Savage That is how my uncle went bankrupt. Contracted out casings for hydraulics. He got supplied with porous castings. 90% failure rate after 6 months. The casting supplier bought him out. 10 cents per dollar of worth. Mostly just for the patent rights possession.
Leslie Savage
Leslie Savage 4 aylar önce
Or go broke trying to guarantee it. Don't laugh, that has happened in the Solar industry.
Warren Puckett
Warren Puckett 5 aylar önce
@Bishal Bhandari If it is in the warranty period you may get lucky. You may get a exchange replacement with the production changes. Kinda like looking for Ford parts with 9 year vehicle. Not in stock. Only portables have a much shorter production span. In both instances the idea is. If you want that part it comes wrapped up the rest. For an auto a $35,000 plus part and a new license plate. Same marketing think for laps.
sylvia m
sylvia m 5 aylar önce
@jemborg - Yes. Given that Framework only supports iGPUs, AMD would provide better performance than Intel.
jemborg 5 aylar önce
@sylvia m yeah, I gathered. That's why I mentioned a thicker variant (for gaming). It would be nice if AMD supported Framework.
Zona Gilreath
Zona Gilreath 4 aylar önce
I've been trying to be better about e-waste (and $-waste) so I'm planning ride my current laptop as long as I can, but whenever it does finally die I'm absolutely going for one of these. This kind of modularity and real hardware ownership of a laptop is something the world has needed for so long.
King Dozlex
King Dozlex 20 gün önce
@Lateral Lenovo E5440
Lateral Aylar önce
What’s your current laptop?
Steven7 5 aylar önce
I'm really hoping for a 15"-16" model. Current one is too small for me.
Gabriele Nitti
Gabriele Nitti 4 aylar önce
having access to schematic and 1st party replacement parts is awesome. As a a marketing and growth strategy, I believe offering easy upgrades of motherboards will flood the used market with "older" but still extremely worthy hardware that will let newcomers join the framework boat at a lower price point. I think it would be optimal if they offered this "in-house" with the option for trade-ins when upgrading and the possibility of buying laptops with used hardware on their own website (even if delivered in a to-be-assembled format and no warranty whatsoever)
Austine Declan
Austine Declan 3 aylar önce
This is brilliant. I hope linus see your comment
Sagir Aylar önce
Linus. As an investor, could you recommend that they “buy back” old parts? This would be more ecological than users destroying / throwing away their old parts. This would also help with the economical costs.
Jacob Leeson
Jacob Leeson Aylar önce
@BenediktI don’t think they should have to buy them back. Computer parts lose value over time and they would never be able to sell them all. It wouldn’t be profitable and would put a huge strain on them. Not to mention it is less ecological to ship parts to them opposed to buying directly. What they could do that would take minimal cost would be to setup a peer to peer platform like eBay or Facebook marketplace for selling used parts that would be easy to find parts on and without the ridiculous costs of eBay fees. However those sites take a lot of investment to setup and get bug free which is also a huge burden on a small company. They already have online forums so I think the most reasonable thing to do would be to add a dedicated part to their forum and let them community help make it.
Sagir Aylar önce
@HowThereYou framework literally says part of their mission statement is to be environmentally friendly and to cut back on E-waste. This would literally be in line with their mission statement. They could test and re-sell the working ones or even only apply the discount after they test the returned parts (kind of like when you turn in phones).
HowThereYou Aylar önce
too much logistics work for a part you dont even know works, its very hard to keep tabs and have an entire branch dedicated to sorting and refurbishing them, so direct user to user selling would be better
Benedikt Aylar önce
@GAMING BUOY I don’t think this burden should be placed on them
Meleter Aylar önce
@Benedikt well, having an official outlet to sell the parts back would allow Framework to easier sell refurbished equipment. It would also be useful for a lot of customers who don't like dealing with used items.
A t m o
A t m o 6 aylar önce
I love how most of the pain in upgrading his laptop comes from him not reading the manual and not being organized, lol That's the Linus we love
pandemicNEETbux 5 aylar önce
I also like the "fuck it I'm goin for it and powering off" while he's singing "in, the, danga zone" in the background after updating the firmware
Little Jackalo
Little Jackalo 6 aylar önce
@Darin Delegal he specifically DIDN'T criticize the complexity. He clearly said it wasn't complex.
A t m o
A t m o 6 aylar önce
@Jorge Torres Can only agree
A t m o
A t m o 6 aylar önce
@Darin Delegal Yeah it's pretty bad there lmao
Darin Delegal
Darin Delegal 6 aylar önce
I don't mind him being a goofball but do have an issue with him criticizing Framework on the complexity when he's not following the provided guide.
Gaius 5 aylar önce
Very very cool to see the old mobo literally turn into a mini PC. That is such a cool use that is endorsed by the company. Honestly if this were more matured I would have been able to convince my org to replace our fleet of machines with these. Being able to swap components is awesome and old hardware could get recycled. It's so great
transatlant1c 5 aylar önce
As someone that runs a small homelab, I LOVE the reusable motherboard into mini pc theme. I know you can do that already with any laptop but the motherboards are generally weird shapes etc. That makes it an accessible gateway into hobbyist homelab projects which is cool.
Lateral Aylar önce
What is a homelab?
Robbie Bay
Robbie Bay 4 aylar önce
I think Framework’s next mission is to build a modular tablet computer, except one where users can build it.
boy deploy
boy deploy Aylar önce
Awesome!!!! I hope it will be available here in the Philippines soon.
Gabriel 6 aylar önce
With miniaturized components and a recycling mindset, I'd love a crossover with DIY perks even though he's across the ocean. Would be glorious if it could happen, I mean the guy made a PS5 slim and the best invisible PC/integrated desk PC I've ever seen.
Beyondo 5 aylar önce
His PS5 slim is a junk. Look at his power supply.
Haroon Saleem
Haroon Saleem 5 aylar önce
L0W_K3Y 6 aylar önce
🔥 yt vid if U ❤️ gaming: trvid.com/video/video-1qfzIAWds9E.html
Mindgamesnl 6 aylar önce
Oh my god yes
Nick D
Nick D 6 aylar önce
Jimmy Tod
Jimmy Tod 5 aylar önce
Glad to hear that framework is building a stable foundation by continuing to support, troubleshoot and upgrade their first laptop. Hope their partnership with AMD soon:tm: is going to get their foot in the door for gpu access since Intel is dragging their feet with alchemist
Charles Russella
Charles Russella 5 aylar önce
As a suggestion: Providing that case schematic makes the motherboard itself a competitor to devboards like the rasp pi and jetson nano - definitely market that more!
Christian Monteiro
Christian Monteiro 2 aylar önce
This design is awesome, I’d love to see modularity come to the camera/microphone and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chipsets for users/companies that want to disable these features for security vulnerabilities.
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname 5 aylar önce
This is a really nice concept. Love it. Especially that you are still able to use the older motherboard as a secondary mini Desktop. And the 3D printing aspect gives users the power to design their own case, if they want. So they even can level up the new life cycle of older hardware with their design wishes.
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 6 aylar önce
At the end that spare motherboard could even become a DIY Steam Deck. Yes, it could be very expensive, but it could be a funny project, too
bob lablaw
bob lablaw 5 aylar önce
@S Ya I don't mean to imply the intel one would be good. Linus mentioned amd in the future would be nice and I agree. I can emulate ps3 and switch on my 5825u laptop so they are great. That isn't even rdna2, but vega still!
S 5 aylar önce
The iGPU on the Intel CPU on that motherboard is pretty poor. Struggles with anything much more than hearthstone, and there's no way to swap it out or add an AMD APU like the Steam Deck has, so you'd have to find a compact dedicated GPU that's actually worth the space and power draw.
adriano sousa
adriano sousa 5 aylar önce
​@AusSkiller this makes sense. Maybe the ideal scenario is to make a plataform that you can chose to buy as a phone or a console, like same motherbord, screen, battery, etc. whith compatible hi quality aluminium cases. Then you can reporpose as you wish... But anyways. Great hope for the future of Framework.
bob lablaw
bob lablaw 5 aylar önce
@AusSkiller I don't think so. I'm currently playing ps2 on my phone, and this is on a galaxy s10. Flagship socs are crazy powerful these days. Far more powerful than anyone needs for a phone. But a steam deck however...
Mr TeaThyme
Mr TeaThyme 6 aylar önce
@Why Not low key you should do build logs on that if you don’t already. Can guarantee you that’d generate views out the ass and gives you a platform to kickstarter it once you have an acceptable prototype I know I know “don’t turn hobbies into business” but this is just one of those no brainer ideas
RenormalizedAdvait 5 aylar önce
This is revolutionary given how much anti-repair sentiment is there among the manufacturers. Teething problems are expected of a start-up but it has immense possibilities of growth.
Lateral Aylar önce
I’m fascinated by you. And I want more
Christopher Burtraw
I love this concept so much that I want to buy a mainboard and epu setup simply to restore my full desktop. I don't need a new laptop anytime soon since I barely use one outside of work.
Azriel 5 aylar önce
if I ever need a new laptop, this is pretty insane, I'm probably gonna go with framework! they have the potential to revolutionize the laptop industry and I am excited!
1 5 aylar önce
Really happy with this company. VERY cool concept, and glad to see they're continuing to support their user base. GOOD JOB, Framework!
DesTr0 6 aylar önce
This will be the only laptop where you can start with an Intel CPU one gen, then decide to swap out for an AMD one after, potentially. Imagine how crazy that is!
SiisKolkytEuroo 5 aylar önce
Just hoping for an ARM based one...
Dux Galt
Dux Galt 6 aylar önce
@Kermit DA Phrogge I am not a profesional reviewer However I'd say im very happy with it. My PC is hooked to LG C1 OLED TV's but when I am on the road(truck driver) I used the framework lap top to watch netflix and I found the image quality to be really good. for the size the resolution seems fine. I have not used in super bright areas but id say that it would not do well as the brightness does not get as high as id like. The audio also does not get very loud. It also gets pretty hot if suffocate the bottom of it by laying it on your chest while in bed which was my use case. However I used it in dark areas primarily and liked using my headset for audio anyway. Those are the only issues I have with it. I have an older TUF gaming laptop that has better audio that was around the same price, though it has a GPU. But the screen is better on the laptop id say. The brightness thing might be me just being used to HDR content. Also the fact that in the future I will likely be able to upgrade the screen is a big plus.
Jorge C. M.
Jorge C. M. 6 aylar önce
@null void Not if some year the material or tech changes
Kektaro Kujo
Kektaro Kujo 6 aylar önce
@null void as long as cpu tdps stay the same as manufacturers go for power efficiency on mobile devices, thermals shouldn't be too different among different cpus. heatsinks have a max tdp rating and so as long as cpus stay under that it shouldn't overheat.
wnxdafriz 6 aylar önce
@null void well, technically speaking... going from intel 11th to a current gen AMD yea.... and its an ultra portable with no big emphasis on crazy graphics so pretty sure if just using integrated graphics potentially you will just get cooler laptops overall, with that 14 core one they put in??? hmmm
Wilberstarz 3 gün önce
Looking forward to seeing if they start doing graphics cards as well!
Ryan Lerigo-Jones
Ryan Lerigo-Jones 5 aylar önce
I'm really interested in framework, honestly the only thing that's stopped me so far is simply screen size.
Timothy Chang
Timothy Chang 5 aylar önce
Ok, that idea diary that Linus kind of teased framework for giving him looks like an MD paper notebook made by Midori. It's a super high quality personal notebook, and I love that framework is supporting another amazing high quality brand. Even if that brand is just paper notebooks
a 5 aylar önce
Perhaps it's time to find an upgrade to the cable connections. This being a "modular" pc, you shouldn't have to run the risk of destroying the cables or connectors. Magnetic connectors? I don't think they've come far enough as of it, but it's something to consider for the future.
Aida Khydyrova
Aida Khydyrova 6 aylar önce
I'm all for this framework laptop. However for the average user once they replace a part (say what Linus did there to replace a motherboard) they wouldn't know what to do with it. Why not have an option on their website that says if u want to send the old part back to us and knock off some price of the new purchased board. They'd be able to repurpose the old part and sell it again no?
KillingTimeItself 6 aylar önce
@Aashil R. sell them, repurpose them, or keep them as backup hardware.
Ham24brand 6 aylar önce
@Money Billa / DJ Murdaa yes they do, Auto Zone, O' Rieley's, and advanced auto parts. they have a refundable core charge if you bring your old part to them.
Slaytronic 6 aylar önce
@Eric D. framework will sadly just help to throw even more e - waste into land fills companies should really have some kind of morals it getting stupid at this point
Aida Khydyrova
Aida Khydyrova 6 aylar önce
@Aashil R. I believe it goes to the trash
Aashil R.
Aashil R. 6 aylar önce
Wait, so what do people normally do with their old parts that have been replaced?
Phillip Batz
Phillip Batz 5 aylar önce
Watching Linus struggle more with his own confusion than any real problem with the process... makes me feel so much better about my own experiences with IT. I felt WAY too much joy along with him when the update screen popped up!
Tom Huff
Tom Huff 5 aylar önce
I really hope this company will make a two in one design with active pen support. I really depend on those kinds of laptops designs. I personally like the designs that have a single hinge that swivels so you don't even need to pick up the laptop to make it into a tablet or to show the screen to some else
OmniFrost 3 aylar önce
It would be amazing if Framework could eventually figure out a good way of recycling old components. That way, when people eventually have parts that they don't want to use for anything, they could send them back and maybe Framework could reuse some of the materials.
MilitaryFool 5 aylar önce
I really want to see Alex make an aftermarket cooler for the mini pc to have higher boost clocks. Like what you did for the steam deck, have it hotrod style sticking out of the case. Or water cooled with an integrated water cooled eGPU.
Lateral Aylar önce
I like your pfp 😊
Max Stevens
Max Stevens 5 aylar önce
I love the idea of a framework laptop. My only worry is that, when I upgrade my main board every few years, I’m also gonna want more memory, storage, better IO, and a better display. At that point I should just buy a whole new laptop, so why would I buy a framework?
Degru 5 aylar önce
If your use case doesn't change significantly, you probably won't need to do the upgrade in the first place. You still get the repairability in case anything breaks tho.
Thomas 4 gün önce
the important thing with this modular design and right to repair, you don't have to suffer through like Linus yourself and just get the local shop or friend to do this for you.
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat Aylar önce
Maybe now you can start convincing Framework to ship them globally.
Johndeere167 TV
Johndeere167 TV 5 aylar önce
While I love the modular and easy serviceability design of Framework laptops, I keep having this sinking feeling they will end up like laptop GPU docks. Really great innovation, but they were just too late to the party.
Derek Held
Derek Held 6 aylar önce
Can’t wait for them to eventually have an AMD option. Hopefully with Zen 4!
sylvia m
sylvia m 5 aylar önce
@Gosera - - Once USB 4 becomes the norm, Thunderbolt will become very niche. Those cables cost a fortune.
sylvia m
sylvia m 5 aylar önce
And replaceable CPUs, and discrete GPUs and two screen sizes (14 and 17?).
KB 6 aylar önce
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ThighSucker69 6 aylar önce
@Voyajer timestamp?
LazyEngineer 6 aylar önce
@Gilad Barlev what is the use case of expensive e-GPU limited by only 4 Pcie lanes of thunderbolt standard?
Afsar Hassan
Afsar Hassan 5 aylar önce
A humble suggestion. Truly Framework is unique and changes the laptop game to whole new level. As a well wisher I would suggest to give customers a very good reason to maintain the same laptop for years to come. Maybe like really built really really well so that people want to keep maintaining the same laptop or provide upgrades with different built materials rather than colors.
Don Boczini
Don Boczini 3 gün önce
This is the most excited I've been for a laptop... probably ever. They're not cheap but goddamn it I need one !
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 5 aylar önce
This got me excited for Frameworks and the idea the company is going.
Nikko A.
Nikko A. 5 aylar önce
A comment I read in another video about the framework laptop feels very fitting for this video, "we're gonna need to train the anti-consumer habits of companies out of our system." In devices such as laptops, when we usually hear that a hinge is broken we either begrudgingly send it in to a repair shop (wherever that could be) for a long stretch of time or we just bite our tongue and live with the issue. However with this machine, you yourself can change out the components in record time without fumbling too hard on the replacement. It's absurd how much companies trained us to be complicit in their greedy practices and move us to just buy the new thing whenever your current thing will die. Not this time. This company would surely help regain a new bar for excellence in terms of support, service and excellence.
Jukkade 6 aylar önce
This video really made me realize how frustrating it must be to plan videos only to have Linus make it complete chaos 😂
Alexander Radev
Alexander Radev 6 aylar önce
That's part of the plan man. ;)
Austin 6 aylar önce
@Alcoholic Nerd "Something that doesn't seem to exist anymore." Yeah you definitely are a boomer
Alcoholic Nerd
Alcoholic Nerd 6 aylar önce
@Brandon Page Don't know how many times I can say it was never an issue.... I guess people doing it these days are just stupider.... I donno but also I'm done repeating myself here. I won't be reading more comments but feel free to type them anyway like I know you will....
Brandon Page
Brandon Page 6 aylar önce
@Alcoholic Nerd I get that basic common sense is you shtick here. But I feel like basic common sense would be also figuring out an efficient method to make your repair process easier and quicker.
Alcoholic Nerd
Alcoholic Nerd 6 aylar önce
@Jeff Just being alive and human doesn't automatically mean you deserve courtesy or respect....
chuckles de clown
chuckles de clown 5 aylar önce
framework is actually looking more and more shall we say better by the video and better by the customer, this is gonna be a huge win for consumers in the long run if this keeps up
Jonathan de Villiers
Jonathan de Villiers 5 aylar önce
Framework well done, please keep research and development going. The international public wants and needs "Lego block" upgradeability module solutions more than ever. To quote Linus, please get AMD into this program and give us gaming-grade graphics motherboard upgrades. Audiophile-grade module for audio people, high grade (photo/video editing /Gaming grade)screen panels. Maybe even a 3d printable housing for the old or spare screen panel to go in with that spare motherboard ( like an all in one pc monitor) or i/o module for monitor only or raspberry pi 4 kit setup for desktop or wall mount functions etc. I can see a lot of DIY/developers writing and creating more uses from your module system and more compatible OS options. Oh and one more thing "Please expand international supply."
User 2C47
User 2C47 4 aylar önce
For general public to be able to use it, it would have to use an idiot-proof cartridge system, and even then they'd rather just buy a new Mac because they "ain't got time for that."
Alovon 5 aylar önce
I want them to add support for a 6800U just so I can make myself a true switch-like custom tablet/laptop config (Especially with USB4 support hopefully, so I can encorporate a eGPU as part of docked mode)
Always Falling Short
Always Falling Short 5 aylar önce
This really is what I EXPECTED from laptops when they first became consumer-grade. I LOVE the second PC using the old motherboard. So much. When I buy my next laptop, if they do a high end touch panel for drawing I'll buy one.
Musik847 6 aylar önce
Framework: "Thanks for backing us! We are making sure to create detailed document---" Linus: "WHY IS IT BLINKING?!" Framework: 😭
Matthew Kershner
Matthew Kershner 5 aylar önce
This type of stuff deserves absolutely all of the support in the world. With computers becoming more and more integrated this at least mitigates the ewaste problem that practically no other company is acknowledging because that would mean they'd have to change. Absolutely love this and I hope it inspires more companies to do the same.
sylvia m
sylvia m 5 aylar önce
@Matthew Kershner - The idea of laptops being basically one big custom motherboard precedes even Apple. There have been some attempts to make things modular (both laptops and phones) and they have never succeeded. I hope Framework does.
Matthew Kershner
Matthew Kershner 5 aylar önce
@sylvia m You would think so, but Apple pioneered the culture of "just throw it away and buy a new one" attitude and sadly it's worked incredibly well for them. And as such everyone copied it even tho its a terrible practice. Just like the newer samsung flagships lacking an SD card slot when they could have very easily had them. It's sad honestly.
sylvia m
sylvia m 5 aylar önce
I find it strange that this ability to upgrade is unusual. You would think it would be the norm.
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 2 aylar önce
Id love to see a little more customization. The upgradability is amazing but the choices are super limited for now
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 5 aylar önce
This is really really cool. I'm not in need of a laptop right now, but I will absolutely consider Framework next time I am.
Steven Neiman
Steven Neiman 5 aylar önce
I'll be honest, I'm not very happy with my Framework laptop as a product. I generally hate ultralight designs, as I think they trade far too much in terms of heat management and other things for a small gain in convenience. Also, I'm not happy with the scrunched keyboard and wonky screen. However, I am happy so far with the company, which genuinely seems to be doing all they can to improve their design, and their tech support has been helpful every time I've needed it. I hope they succeed, and grow, and expand their product lineup, and finally make the current big players at least a little accountable for their anti-consumer bullshit.
Enthusiastic Gamer
Enthusiastic Gamer 6 aylar önce
This modular repairable design idea is really up my alley. I really hope this becomes a more competitive market in the future for all types of electronics, not just laptops.
InfernosReaper 5 aylar önce
@AJ Hauter which is why a laptop manufacturer will have to do their own modifications to chips to do swappable CPUs. Even then, they'd still be at the mercy of CPU manufacturers when they change up pin layouts. I guess they could adjust the PCB layer per chip, to a degree, but even that will have limits.
AJ Hauter
AJ Hauter 5 aylar önce
@InfernosReaper It wouldn't be completely impossible to use desktop CPUs in a laptop, but there are problems with that. You're probably right about it being difficult to get them to use an LGA or PGA CPU in a laptop ever again.
InfernosReaper 5 aylar önce
@AJ Hauter at some point AMD & Intel decided to not do their laptop CPUs to where they could be in a socket and swappable. Most manufacturers just build within that limitation. Thus, unless you want to try to run desktop CPUs in a laptop, you're gonna have to do some kind of addon(s) to the CPU to make it work right in a socket... or design a special socket and heatsink setup to accommodate laptop CPUs. *Maybe* if enough orders are made AMD and/or Intel would comply, but that's a huge maybe.
AJ Hauter
AJ Hauter 5 aylar önce
@InfernosReaper They don't even need to do a seperate PCB and socket for the CPU. I have a Dell Latitude from 2011 which is completely user serviceable. The CPU is an i5-2540m on socket G2, and is incredibly easy to remove. It's definitely possible to design laptop CPUs to be user-removable (LGA/PGA instead if BGA). The GPU would still be difficult.
InfernosReaper 6 aylar önce
it is my hope they'll eventually work out swappable GPUs and a CPUs. Admittedly CPUs is easy, since that is "put middleman PCB on and put a socket on the board" while GPUs are a bit more difficult because that will require some kind of daughter board and a good data and power link
Rikorage 4 aylar önce
Honestly, I think I might make a desktop build using the board and getting an eGPU as my next build. That smaller footprint with potentially upgradable modules is actually really awesome, and that gives you so much more flexibility than being locked down to one motherboard and one set up for x amount of years.
Chris Randle
Chris Randle 2 aylar önce
This is an amazing product. To think of reducing waste components is what we've been waiting for - for years now.
l o l
l o l 3 aylar önce
15:52 Actually it's substantially LESS flexible when you still consider the option of selling your old laptop. Which... you can't just find a quick buyer for a used Framework MB with any reasonable timeframe. There are a TON of reasons why Framework laptops just don't quite work out. They're serviceable and open source which is great, but I feel like the benefits really end at the right-to-repair argument. The upgrades that you did in itself would have been half a Framework laptop in the trash if you didn't have a desire or need to repurpose the old components into a different PC. Most people probably wouldn't bother with that. Now, if there was some kind of recycling service where you could send your old Framework components FOR CREDIT INCENTIVE towards NEW modules and parts for your machine, that would be absolutely freaking amazing.
Leslie Savage
Leslie Savage 3 aylar önce
That is my point exactly, in the post I've left.
OYUN KANALI 5 aylar önce
What a great video! I love how Linus always pretends to know what he's doing. He's like a little kid trying to figure out a new toy. I was able to see some of the most beautiful places on earth thanks to Mighty 😖 Travels 🤞🏽 Premium.
L33TBEANS 6 aylar önce
That mini-PC print-out thingy is actually the coolest thing I've ever seen for these kind of parts. Would be very easy to resell them later down the line as office PCs.
Drakkar Calethiel
Drakkar Calethiel 6 aylar önce
Would make an amazing emulator station for sure!
gobee 6 aylar önce
@Zsolt Péter Dániel That's actually a benefit I never though of, I've wanted a framework laptop for a while now, just never had the funds for it.
Zsolt Péter Dániel
Zsolt Péter Dániel 6 aylar önce
@gobee really cheap way to get ups levels of protection for it
Darth Nox
Darth Nox 6 aylar önce
@InSomnia DrEvil Now there's a great idea.
Captian Fail
Captian Fail 6 aylar önce
Thing could still be a thin client 10 years later
4akat 5 aylar önce
oh my oh my oh my i want this company to go to the moon so bad... actually i want this whole design concept to be mainstream. the idea that hardware is kept, and tweaked over time just makes it more emotionally valuable.
Reibi James
Reibi James 3 aylar önce
I would recommend to framework company to buy *replaced parts* (e.g. back panel) of the users laptop for half or quarter of the price so they can recycle it (much more environmental friendly).
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
Watching this made me realize how important on-board assembly diagnostics are for a user-serviceable device. Being able to quickly identify missing screws/components would go a long way towards ensuring that all users (regardless of their organizational skills) can complete repairs/replacements.
leaveamarc 4 aylar önce
man, i really wish they gave amd options when i was shopping for a laptop. i’d love for them to cater more to the gaming/enthusiast crowd in the near future
ForboJack 6 aylar önce
I really hope they'll make a future version with a dedicated GPU that is gaming capable. Upgrading your GPU down the line is far more interesting to me than upgrading your CPU.
tv321123 5 aylar önce
@Waralo1 Great so what connection standard is this 'socket board' going to be? How is the thing being cooled in a notebook? What happens when inevitably after 1-3 generations the graphics chip needs to change size to match a new architected and your 'socket chip' design is now defunct........ It's a horribly complex thing that your simplifying to idiot levels. It's been done plenty of times in the past...there is a reason why it's not done anymore....why it's not happening anytime soon...why no company is going to invest the massive amount of money needed to make it happen, only for all of it to go out the window after 1-3 generations.... Went so well with the Area 51... And because of the aforementioned problem's the old MXM standard never made it past 1-2 'upgrades' before the standards had to be updated and there was no 'update' that could be made anymore...
Waralo1 5 aylar önce
@tv321123 I mean one should be able to just take the chips and put it on a socket board instead of a mainboard.
ForboJack 6 aylar önce
@Matthew Trebs I would be OK with a 15 inch version with better thermal design. 15" makes more sense with gaming anyway.
Matthew Trebs
Matthew Trebs 6 aylar önce
I think thats a tall order on a 13 inch thin and light. Your battery and thermals would be awful. An egpu solves both these problems. Then your laptop stays portablr for small on the go tasks but get full performance for big jobs when youre plugged in anyway. And framework has a battery disconnect mode
ForboJack 6 aylar önce
@walkin mn That's a good point. Maybe one day they'll have the power and money to create their own mobile GPUs based on nvidia or amd chips. That would be the dream to switch your laptop GPU, like you switch your desktop GPU.
Know Art
Know Art 5 aylar önce
freaking love it. Maybe with an external GPU it might actually be a viable option as an animator? Would have to look into it once I'm ready for a new laptop
James Grego
James Grego 4 aylar önce
framework will definitely be my next laptop. i would have got one this last go around, but i was in dire need of an upgrade and couldn't wait for framework to get the 12th gen boards.
Tyson Koch
Tyson Koch 3 aylar önce
I just received my 12th gen framework. Aside from slight battery concerns - the pros outweigh the cons. Absolutely great product and company.
Amos Yeo
Amos Yeo 5 aylar önce
Curious, based on this video, can we just buy the framework motherboard with the chip and just build a super slim desktop with it? Just curious about it. Had always tried to repurpose old laptops, but some company's has hardware compatibility issues that makes upgrading a nightmare.
Sakara123 6 aylar önce
I can't even count the amount of times that I've handled a laptop and said "I'd buy this if only they didn't fuck up this one feature" being able to retroactively swap simple parts (and even in the future had a catalogue of parts for one component) Really could feasibly make this the last laptop you need to buy.
Adzetko 6 aylar önce
@John DoDo Doe is there even an industry standard for laptop parts?
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 6 aylar önce
@Adzetko They really need to make more parts industry standard, such that most screens of particular size will fit, just like RAM and SSD. At the other end of the spectrum, their module bays need an extra connector providing stuff like PCIe lanes and non-USB power. This would allow the aftermarket to create modules with non-USB chips, such as 10Gb Ethernet and 8Gb SAS.
Adzetko 6 aylar önce
@Allan Shpeley I think the biggest problem you mentioned is screen size options, it is a problem hardly solvable without changing the whole chassis, which would mean splitting your production in two and outputting more waste. But for the refresh rate/glare issues, well I'm pretty confident saying it's just a matter of time before they'll release a matte 120 Hz panel. Maybe some out of the shelf screens like these already exist compatible with the Framework though?
Allan Shpeley
Allan Shpeley 6 aylar önce
@Elias Kruse Hope so
Allan Shpeley
Allan Shpeley 6 aylar önce
Already a step ahead of you
ACEGAMER120 4 aylar önce
Glad I came across this video! Was just thinking about researching good laptops that are still repairable after my HP has started to show signs of reaching the end of its life and being far less DIY friendly than they were in the past.
COVRTDESIGN 5 aylar önce
Super impressed with this. I am a mac user but have been very interested in the Framework laptop. Now to see that I can upgrade just the motherboard and make it a PC, I JUST might have to finally make the switch, (but keep my Macbook Pro for my design work). SO TEMPTING.
Rémi Fasolla
Rémi Fasolla Aylar önce
These framework laptops seem to be a great idea. Now, they're a little on the expensive side, they don't have AMD CPUs and they "don't accept pre-orders in my country". So, I guess I'm gonna wait a little bit?
korone609 5 aylar önce
absolutely love the concept behind this company! Hope to see an EGPU module that fits the modular system. My thought is that you could make it take up all the slots on a side to give more bandwidth than the average EGPU then have it stick out a few inches past the laptop to give you the real-estate for a good, maybe even desktop grade card, admittedly this would require one heck of a cooling solution...
User 2C47
User 2C47 4 aylar önce
Probably not enough power for a desktop GPU.
aarocka11 5 aylar önce
I love how he advocates for right to repair except when it’s his own backpack
Anthony SWM Gillette
Anthony SWM Gillette 5 aylar önce
This laptop looks like so much fun. It’s like a fender strat, it’s a classic style with endless customizability. Going forward, I truly hope we see third party mods to change the game
Dimitri Dias Moreira
Dimitri Dias Moreira 4 aylar önce
The repurpose of the old motherboard to a mini pc instantly made me happy as hell. This with a nice iGPU (meaning Ryzen 6000 or Ryzen 7000 notebook APUs) would really shine so bright. Amazing!
DeinonychusCowboy 5 aylar önce
I look forward to buying a framework as soon as an alternate touchpad module with physical buttons exists (although I'd like a chassis option supporting six ports and a larger battery)
Lovy Peas
Lovy Peas Aylar önce
I like the concept of modular and the right to repair. This will reduce the cost and other unnecessary things. With further innovation it may be a much more practical and efficient system. I agree with this product.
Philip Wells
Philip Wells 3 aylar önce
I would love to see the framework motherboard turned into portable pc gaming console, similar to a steam deck.
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