I invested $225K in Framework Laptop - 1 Year Update and 12th Gen Upgrade 

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A year after investing, has Framework upheld their end of the bargain? We take a look at how the company has grown over the past year, and how the repairable, upgradable laptop manufacturer is fairing. We also upgrade Linus' personal laptop with a brand new 12th-Gen Intel Processor.
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa / mbarek_abdel
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Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE
0:00 Intro
1:38 Motherboard Upgrade
2:58 Growing Pains
5:54 Back Panel & Hinge Upgrade
8:17 Hopes for the Future
9:20 Reassembly
10:27 The Framework "Desktop"
15:06 Finishing the Upgrade
16:43 Environmentalism and RTR
18:21 What's Next?
20:22 Outro

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30 Kas 2023




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@Simalacrum Yıl önce
I love how Linus made sure to protect his $220k investment in the company and showed the laptop repair/replace process in the best light possible, by... Not reading the instruction manuals and fumbling through the entire thing without even using a parts tray, thus making the entire process look a lot more painful than it actually probably is? 😂😂😂
@dylankatz9395 Yıl önce
Or he showed the hardest way to do it so we all know it will be easier if we fo
@mzy10511 Yıl önce
I think its also important to note that even if something is easy with instructions. Easy-Medium WITHOUT instructions, is imporant too. (Ignoring how much experience Linus has with putting PC parts together) If you can easily do it without instructions, that goes a long way towards proving the easily modular design is effective
@TheFrantic5 Yıl önce
He made this as difficult as possible and still got it done, that's got to be worth something for how easy it is.
@FlyboyHelosim Yıl önce
Yeah he made the whole process look more difficult than regular laptops.
@nathanddrews Yıl önce
To be honest, this is the exact way that I disassemble all my stuff too. Manuals? Who needs 'em!
19:18 Not to mention, if you didn’t have a use for your old one, you could sell your old main board to someone who needs a repair but not an upgrade, recouping some of your upgrade costs, saving that person more money and reducing waste.
@theyoutuber273 Yıl önce
In the future, the second market will be really awesome especially for those who are low in cash but want faster cpu
@techfan1017 Yıl önce
Exactly, I really hope they do well and that more companies get on board to partner
@BlazonParadox 11 aylar önce
Framework could even implement a future discount if you sold your old boards or components back to them, and they could sell those at a discount for more ease of access and less waste. People wouldn't have to mess with ebay or craigslist, it would be great for a more rural market where you maybe couldn't unload your older parts easily.
@xdev_henry 10 aylar önce
The Giga Brain:
@willsterjohnson 10 aylar önce
if Framework don't already have a marketplace like this, they should definitely make one. Having a first party aftermarket would be a huge selling point
This video tripled my confidence in Framework. I love that Linus takes such a pragmatic, level-headed approach to reviewing their products honestly -- it honestly makes me *more* likely to buy them because I feel like there's zero chance of getting something I wasn't expecting. With framework, I know what I'm buying and I know the company's values are aligned with mine. Awesome company and awesome video. I hope framework sees many years of success to come.
@ReyNico Yıl önce
I know nothing about framework, but let's hope they never become publicly traded unless they already are. That always takes companies away from their morals and makes them care about nothing but profit, cost cutting, taking advantage of customers, etc. I'll keep an eye on framework for the next time I need a laptop, 4-5 years from now
@jemborg Yıl önce
Ah lol, I first read, "crippled" your confidence. 😁
Poorly designed hinges, which other laptop companies figured out how to make back in 2004. What else did they goof up? Linus' laptop came without Ethernet, which is included on today's laptops. If you are going to design something, get people in there that know laptops.
@RemziCavdar Yıl önce
I'm waiting till Framework offers AMD CPU's and it's rumoured that they will eventually offer this in the coming years.
@zerocal76 Yıl önce
@@lesliesavage9229 very few laptops come w an ethernet port today bud. Hinges def should have never been a problem
@dom_the3166 Yıl önce
The old motherboard would make an extremely good home server, a specifically designed NAS case would make it perfect.
@da_pawz Yıl önce
or compact htpc
@dibu28 Yıl önce
@@da_pawz Or both) using Proxmox and 3d printed nas/htpc case. We just need to add hdd cases at the bottom of existing case)
@da_pawz Yıl önce
@@dibu28 of course. Nowadays, 3D printing is an easy task. There's room to do it.
@clouddcloud Yıl önce
For nas it is a bit too powerful and less cost effective depend on your use case.
@@clouddcloud Agree, and there is the problem the PI has for being a NAS as well, no place to attach NAS drives.
honestly linus personally investing in framework is one of my favorite moves he's made because nothing makes me trust and enjoy this channel more than seeing that the guy i'm coming here for directly supports and is willing to throw his wallet behind the technological future that I want to see.
@DogeMultiverse Yıl önce
He did get burnt a couple of times before
@lateral1385 11 aylar önce
@@DogeMultiverse example? I’m just curious
@mazkas1476 Yıl önce
I feel like once graphics cards are somehow integrated into the framework, it’ll be a much more tempting buy.
@lukasnel4828 Yıl önce
Agree, as an AI researcher graphics cards are important
@KevinJDildonik 10 aylar önce
Thunderbolt means external cards work fine.
@JohnSmith-iy7rc 9 aylar önce
I mean they do have thunderbolt, not to mention all they would need to do really is incorporate amd ryzen components. The new rdna3 gpu is pretty beefy for an igpu.
@thebcwonder4850 8 aylar önce
is it even big enough for a GPU?
@hojjat5000 8 aylar önce
Now that we established that whatever you say comes true, can you also wish 1 million dollars for me?
@bakuv10 Yıl önce
Really love what Framework is doing here! Its such an important step towards a world where anti-consumer practices are hopefully less common assuming Framework can make it big.
@Q-nt-Tf Yıl önce
No you don't.
@@Q-nt-Tf pov: apple
@jay-5061 Yıl önce
The real money is in business machines, they’re like 2-3x the price of standard high-end consumer laptops for tiny differences like “pro cpus” and these guys will never break that market.
@@jay-5061 typically the business grade machines will have higher quality parts as well as quadro gpus which in general are more expensive. You are paying for the reliability mainly though.
@judoisoww Yıl önce
The fact that they've engaged with Louis Rossman in good faith discussions about schematics is a very good sign to me. There are only a handful of companies that are this open with system 76 being the only other that comes to mind.
@relsre 7 aylar önce
Speaking of System76, I hope there will be some collaborative effort between them and Framework someday -- imagine the Framework laptop, but with officially supported and pre-installed Coreboot and Pop!_OS. Imagine the Framework mainboard inside a desktop case, with the transparency and quality of design of a System76 Thelio!
I've been trying to be better about e-waste (and $-waste) so I'm planning ride my current laptop as long as I can, but whenever it does finally die I'm absolutely going for one of these. This kind of modularity and real hardware ownership of a laptop is something the world has needed for so long.
@lateral1385 11 aylar önce
What’s your current laptop?
@kingdozlex9909 10 aylar önce
@@lateral1385 Lenovo E5440
@computerfan1079 Yıl önce
Like Linus says: as a Linux user an AMD option would make this one of the best Linux laptops, so I hope the option will be there once my current laptop breaks/gets too old
..I really need to stop being lazy and learn to use Linux it's a deep shame (then again idk how easy it'll be getting games working)
@user2C47 Yıl önce
@Zephyrius Can concur. Do it on old hardware or a server first, so you can ease into it. For example, I still run Windows on my main machine and will likely continue to do so until it's EOL, but I run Linux on my old laptop.
@ja2356 Yıl önce
@@pandemicneetbux2110 lol DW, I started as a web dev, now niche programmer mastering weird languages, never used Linux once in my life. From my understanding Linux is a net code/server based OS. Understanding windows is just as important as language learning.
@electricant55 Yıl önce
@@ja2356 Linux is a great OS for programmers who are tired of writing code and would rather troubleshoot their workstation for most of the day
@demounit 8 aylar önce
are you happy now ;)
@LastWordSword Yıl önce
Watching Linus struggle more with his own confusion than any real problem with the process... makes me feel so much better about my own experiences with IT. I felt WAY too much joy along with him when the update screen popped up!
@psychoclips6817 Yıl önce
If / When they finally have a ryzen and discrete GPU option i will get one. Love the idea and principals behind it.
@FilSerge Yıl önce
Vote for ryzen!
The motherboard won't fit the case.
@FilSerge Yıl önce
@@lesliesavage9229 why so?
@@FilSerge There is no way to make a totally different designed board fit, when the board going in without the GPU on it barely fits as it is. Probably why they haven't done it already.
@FilSerge Yıl önce
@@lesliesavage9229 it doesn't sound like a problem at all. Chips have comparable sizes.
@juicegoose6401 Yıl önce
“You can make it repairable but you can’t make it idiot proof” Such a good line
@TheGizwop Yıl önce
Yep that needs putting on the t-shirt
@dakoderii4221 Yıl önce
I have a shirt that says "You can make it idiot proof but someone will just make a better idiot." 😂
@asadava Yıl önce
Hermann[best channel] what the actual heII
@ChrisMDSmith79 Yıl önce
you cant mike Linus proof more like
@robbiebay8868 Yıl önce
I think Framework’s next mission is to build a modular tablet computer, except one where users can build it.
@spaceman124 9 aylar önce
This is a great idea. @Linus.. please pitch this to Framework.
having access to schematic and 1st party replacement parts is awesome. As a a marketing and growth strategy, I believe offering easy upgrades of motherboards will flood the used market with "older" but still extremely worthy hardware that will let newcomers join the framework boat at a lower price point. I think it would be optimal if they offered this "in-house" with the option for trade-ins when upgrading and the possibility of buying laptops with used hardware on their own website (even if delivered in a to-be-assembled format and no warranty whatsoever)
@austinedeclan10 Yıl önce
This is brilliant. I hope linus see your comment
@transatlant1c Yıl önce
As someone that runs a small homelab, I LOVE the reusable motherboard into mini pc theme. I know you can do that already with any laptop but the motherboards are generally weird shapes etc. That makes it an accessible gateway into hobbyist homelab projects which is cool.
@lateral1385 11 aylar önce
What is a homelab?
@sagir4512 11 aylar önce
Linus. As an investor, could you recommend that they “buy back” old parts? This would be more ecological than users destroying / throwing away their old parts. This would also help with the economical costs.
@0xbenedikt 11 aylar önce
Just ebay them instead
@idk12147 11 aylar önce
@@0xbenedikt op's suggestion is better tho
@meleter8107 11 aylar önce
@@0xbenedikt well, having an official outlet to sell the parts back would allow Framework to easier sell refurbished equipment. It would also be useful for a lot of customers who don't like dealing with used items.
@0xbenedikt 11 aylar önce
@@idk12147 I don’t think this burden should be placed on them
@howthereyou9227 11 aylar önce
too much logistics work for a part you dont even know works, its very hard to keep tabs and have an entire branch dedicated to sorting and refurbishing them, so direct user to user selling would be better
This is revolutionary given how much anti-repair sentiment is there among the manufacturers. Teething problems are expected of a start-up but it has immense possibilities of growth.
@lateral1385 11 aylar önce
I’m fascinated by you. And I want more
@Banks2Legit Yıl önce
The mini desktop option is neat, it really highlights the utility of the swappable modules
@KyurekiHana Yıl önce
This could be a great future for thin clients. Killed the battery in my last laptop because it was mostly sitting connected to power during the pandemic due to having no place to go.
@guspaz Yıl önce
Arguably the swappable modules make much less sense for the desktop, because they're ultimately just USB-C devices, and while the module slotting into a laptop chassis has value in terms of form factor, there's not really any advantage to a module slotting into a desktop instead of just plugging in a dongle version.
@IDv8I Yıl önce
I know, I want to get their laptop now so I can make a mini PC in the future. All kinds of great uses for one. Need to see if they sell in Canada though?
@maxip.1935 Yıl önce
@@IDv8I ltt is canadian so i would be suprised if they didnt
@gb76231 Yıl önce
​@@KyurekiHana newer laptops shouldn't keep eletric current flowing through the battery when the battery is full and you're plugged in. older ones who couldn't achieve this usually would let you remove the battery
@bass0129 Yıl önce
As a suggestion: Providing that case schematic makes the motherboard itself a competitor to devboards like the rasp pi and jetson nano - definitely market that more!
@gruntes11isttt Yıl önce
I really hope this company will make a two in one design with active pen support. I really depend on those kinds of laptops designs. I personally like the designs that have a single hinge that swivels so you don't even need to pick up the laptop to make it into a tablet or to show the screen to some else
@mindlessmrawesome 8 aylar önce
Man I can imagine people upgrading their framework laptops and then turning the old motherboard into a PC for their friend or younger sibling to use. This is just such a good idea.
@RyouConcord Yıl önce
Very very cool to see the old mobo literally turn into a mini PC. That is such a cool use that is endorsed by the company. Honestly if this were more matured I would have been able to convince my org to replace our fleet of machines with these. Being able to swap components is awesome and old hardware could get recycled. It's so great
This is a really nice concept. Love it. Especially that you are still able to use the older motherboard as a secondary mini Desktop. And the 3D printing aspect gives users the power to design their own case, if they want. So they even can level up the new life cycle of older hardware with their design wishes.
We all love Linus’s style of doing stuff on his own but a part of these videos really should be analyzing the documentation that these companies provide for these repairs and mods that you do. Bad documentation vs good documentation can make a really big difference between a friendly user experience and a frustrating user experience. Hope you guys consider this for future videos
@realfangplays Yıl önce
Yes, I was annoyed about that in this video when usually I don't care about it
@ForeverHobbit Yıl önce
i'd agree if it wasn't just "built it the way you disassembled it backwards"
@Quamsi Yıl önce
I feel like in the last year or so Linus has gotten a bit bad about going more in depth with these kinds of things, probably because he is waiting for LMG Labs so that he can have more confidence in what he says.
@ShiniDragon Yıl önce
That's a really good point.
@notkittenaround 10 aylar önce
it'd be cool to see board replacements with alternate architectures like arm or risc-v in the future.
@ryremusic Yıl önce
I'm really interested in framework, honestly the only thing that's stopped me so far is simply screen size.
@mission2858 4 aylar önce
Beautiful. I love it when a new company shows up In competition, with the main goal of environmental protection AND user experience, unlike every other tech company.
@Rikorage Yıl önce
Honestly, I think I might make a desktop build using the board and getting an eGPU as my next build. That smaller footprint with potentially upgradable modules is actually really awesome, and that gives you so much more flexibility than being locked down to one motherboard and one set up for x amount of years.
@MrCommodorebob Yıl önce
The fact that they made a hinge upgrade to fix design flaws is nuts. It really reassures you that they will support the machine years into the future.
@SuperSucc69 Yıl önce
It's good, but having replaceable parts is pointless if they shouldn't need to be replaced in the first place. You might as well have just bought a laptop from an established brand that has better quality assurance. If the replacement parts are covered by a warranty though, then ignore me.
@@SuperSucc69 even established brand like HP have issue with the hinge and crazy thing is they don’t have any support to fix it.
@@SuperSucc69 the soldered cpu gets me
like in a bad way
@EtherealNTA Yıl önce
@@lilsquidgaming39 thanks for clearing that up, we didnt understand what you meant before you specifically told us it was in a bad way.
This really is what I EXPECTED from laptops when they first became consumer-grade. I LOVE the second PC using the old motherboard. So much. When I buy my next laptop, if they do a high end touch panel for drawing I'll buy one.
@NoobixCube Yıl önce
I'm currently a Mac user, I tend to hop back and forth between Macs and Linux PCs, so it's not like I'll never look at another PC, but for Framework to even make my shortlist for my next laptop (probably a couple of years from now, so plenty of time), they're going to need an AMD option, and probably an ARM or RISC-V option too. ARM's greatly reduced power consumption, and RISC-V's openness are both big drawers for me.
@nalaka3488 9 aylar önce
It would be really interesting if they introduced a secondary market where you could sell or trade your old parts
@synarchy8377 8 aylar önce
I think while it has flaws, Framwork could easily start to disrupt the market with some time. The ability to save both money when upgrading but also getting to repurpose it and all these other small things just make it so neat
@slowlanegamer 8 aylar önce
Honestly they should start offering the chassis like the top and bottom in different colors like black and red or blue etc… white. I’m really excited about this brand and I will be needing a window/Linux work laptop soon. But I’m going back and forth between getting a 13” and at some point adding an eGPU or waiting till later this year and getting the 16” but idk how long that wait will be if it will be like preorders at the end of the year or actual availability! I’m needed a laptop just at the wrong time cuz they are about to have the AMD drop but it will be late Q4 before the laptops are available 🥺 idk if I can wait that long with my current set up lol. But I love seeing the modularity and the community growing around these devices already. It’s really amazing that Linus got involved because I think that pushes more people to test out the framework which should ultimately mean they will succeed! This is amazing for consumers, businesses, tinkerers, Linux users! So many people benefit from this style and the mods and upgrade paths I love it lol
@atemoc Yıl önce
I love how most of the pain in upgrading his laptop comes from him not reading the manual and not being organized, lol That's the Linus we love
@TheJtorres182 Yıl önce
The cringe was insane with this one with how much he was messing up
I don't mind him being a goofball but do have an issue with him criticizing Framework on the complexity when he's not following the provided guide.
@atemoc Yıl önce
@@darindelegal1102 Yeah it's pretty bad there lmao
@atemoc Yıl önce
@@TheJtorres182 Can only agree
@azriel5 Yıl önce
if I ever need a new laptop, this is pretty insane, I'm probably gonna go with framework! they have the potential to revolutionize the laptop industry and I am excited!
@underbedmonstersmusic 11 aylar önce
I have a sincere question. Are this upgraded parts covered by the warranty? If yes, that’s really sick. But if you have to buy the upgrades, I think that would be better to buy some “community tested” laptops.
Id love to see a little more customization. The upgradability is amazing but the choices are super limited for now
I love this concept so much that I want to buy a mainboard and epu setup simply to restore my full desktop. I don't need a new laptop anytime soon since I barely use one outside of work.
@Jukkade Yıl önce
This video really made me realize how frustrating it must be to plan videos only to have Linus make it complete chaos 😂
@Alcoholic_Nerd Yıl önce
I've been building and repairing PCs since the 80s, had a store for over two decades repairing anything electronic, this is just how we do it.... I've sat on carpet, on a bed, in the back of a car, etc and did repair work on PCs and other electronics. No "screw holder" or "guides".... It's called remembering what you did and just reversing it. If that doesn't work count holes. If one part has 5 holes and another has 3 holes and you have 5 screws of the same size and 3 screws of the same size guess what??? It's mostly just basic common sense tbh. Something that doesn't seem to exist anymore... I don't do it for a living anymore, mostly just my own stuff or if I get something cheap to fix up and sell. But you are right if you're doing it multiple times a day everyday it might be worth it. I never cared enough but I guess some people do that's why magnetic mats exist. But let's be serious here, Linus doesn't really do repairs multiple times a day. He just shows up to have fun with his money from time to time while all his paid friends do any actual work. ;)
@bluephreakr Yıl önce
Pomeranian energy man, it's something else.
@inc0der Yıl önce
@@Alcoholic_Nerd Really? Pretty sure common sense would tell me that learning from your mistakes is a better thing to do than constantly fighting to fix something, especially if it's your job. If I got paid by the job for me it makes sense to make each repair as effortless as possible by removing the mistakes that happen often, like misplacing screws or trying to figure out where one of them goes, why waste time on counting when you can have a solid plan and know exactly what needs to be done, saving you a ton of time. Obviously your first few repairs will have some bumpy roads but after that you should have ironed out all your problems.
@Alcoholic_Nerd Yıl önce
@@inc0der If I wanted to read a novel I'd buy a book, which is just silly. Nothing you typed will be read by me but good job wasting your time anyway. What I said was reality and truth, really don't care what you pretend to think. Good day.
@anon_y_mousse Yıl önce
@@Alcoholic_Nerd I pull out multiple sheets of paper and stick some tape on there in lines vaguely correlating to the screws on the device and stick each one on relatively close to where they came from. The multiple sheets are of course for layers and sides, because some laptops require you to flip things over to unscrew yet more. Take a pen and scrawl a quick note if I need more to organize them. Super easy, barely an inconvenience.
@neuronoc.7343 9 aylar önce
Framework seems to be a very promising enterprise. I wanna see them tackle rugged laptops.
@tysonkoch468 Yıl önce
I just received my 12th gen framework. Aside from slight battery concerns - the pros outweigh the cons. Absolutely great product and company.
@dtreezy 10 aylar önce
Glad these teething phase issues are being noticed and solved! Looks like a promising piece of future tech
@craighutchinson1087 8 aylar önce
Actually it's great you invested as a reviewer. I am super excited for the 2023 updated options. AMD a 16. Inch laptop for gamers (coming in 6 months) enclosures that turn old upgraded parts into products useful ..like egpu battery enclosure for charging and motherboard enclosure for making an upgraded motherboard a computer. Very amazed with the new choices. Hope they give AMD and nvidia options for GPUs and AMD and Intel CPU options for gaming 16inch. I want ryzen 7840hx framework laptop
@ACEGAMER120 Yıl önce
Glad I came across this video! Was just thinking about researching good laptops that are still repairable after my HP has started to show signs of reaching the end of its life and being far less DIY friendly than they were in the past.
@TheMakoMakoMan Yıl önce
With miniaturized components and a recycling mindset, I'd love a crossover with DIY perks even though he's across the ocean. Would be glorious if it could happen, I mean the guy made a PS5 slim and the best invisible PC/integrated desk PC I've ever seen.
@jakobbouchard Yıl önce
A crossover between LTT and DIY Perks is something I've been wanting for years now. It would be awesome!
honsetly, I like DIY perks, but if you actually pause and look closely at the things he makes, they are usually pretty atrocious.
@@isaackvasager9957 it surely is a very specific sort of jank.
@ChaoticDucc Yıl önce
@@isaackvasager9957 some oz his stuff is of questionable design, but I liked the design of his PS5 slim and his dual Bluetooth speakers.
@JO-ih7uc Yıl önce
@@isaackvasager9957 explain
I look forward to buying a framework as soon as an alternate touchpad module with physical buttons exists (although I'd like a chassis option supporting six ports and a larger battery)
@chandrizzle Yıl önce
If a 180° hinge is in the works along with high sensitivity pens for graphics work, I'd definitely consider this for a next laptop. Most current convertibles are generally underpowered for this use case. Also curious if ARM motherboard upgrades will be in consideration for the future?
@timothychang34 Yıl önce
Ok, that idea diary that Linus kind of teased framework for giving him looks like an MD paper notebook made by Midori. It's a super high quality personal notebook, and I love that framework is supporting another amazing high quality brand. Even if that brand is just paper notebooks
@paulcarmi8130 9 aylar önce
Midori and Moleskine, never heard of them until I worked at staples. Lots of old guys swear by those lmao
@MartinGutsch Yıl önce
I bought one half a year ago as my private laptop and I am somewhat happy with it: Most of the hardware issues (trackpad, fingerprint reader) went away with the newer Kernel that comes Ubuntu 22.04 . The only remaining issue is the low battery life and that the battery drains within a day on suspend. Not a big issue for me as for traveling I use my company-issued Mac but if this was my only daily driver that would suck a lot. Other than that it is fantastic. I pitched this to the IT department of my employer because we can easily switch keyboards to the liking of new employees and adjust specs and label ourselves a bit greener doing so. But sadly, we as a company only support (very) cheap Windows boxes for everyone not in engineering and Macs for the rest.
@pollorojo Yıl önce
This is really really cool. I'm not in need of a laptop right now, but I will absolutely consider Framework next time I am.
@musik847.1 Yıl önce
Framework: "Thanks for backing us! We are making sure to create detailed document---" Linus: "WHY IS IT BLINKING?!" Framework: 😭
@korone609 Yıl önce
absolutely love the concept behind this company! Hope to see an EGPU module that fits the modular system. My thought is that you could make it take up all the slots on a side to give more bandwidth than the average EGPU then have it stick out a few inches past the laptop to give you the real-estate for a good, maybe even desktop grade card, admittedly this would require one heck of a cooling solution...
@user2C47 Yıl önce
Probably not enough power for a desktop GPU.
This design is awesome, I’d love to see modularity come to the camera/microphone and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chipsets for users/companies that want to disable these features for security vulnerabilities.
@Thomas-VA 10 aylar önce
the important thing with this modular design and right to repair, you don't have to suffer through like Linus yourself and just get the local shop or friend to do this for you.
@joshlewis5065 Yıl önce
I like this approach to a laptop. They basically all look the same and have wildly different issues. So modularity would be awesome as well as ease of repair. The investment protection by keeping it contractural is genius, that's how you get a good product that isn't an overhyped flop.
@hotrodhunk7389 8 aylar önce
That desktop mode is pretty amazing. I just got done turning two laptops into a router and a media center. It would be pretty cool to make a case for the mother board and build a tiny custom PC.
@LonelySandwich Yıl önce
At the end that spare motherboard could even become a DIY Steam Deck. Yes, it could be very expensive, but it could be a funny project, too
@mod8537 Yıl önce
@mod8537 Yıl önce
@skulleven5161 Yıl önce
@boblablaw4857 Yıl önce
Too big. But if they ever get into the smartphone game, then you could upgrade your smartphone and throw the old board into a steam deck style device or tablet. That would be dope.
@AlmightyBeing Yıl önce
I was thinking the exact same thing
@user-fd7tl4xg6y Yıl önce
Really happy with this company. VERY cool concept, and glad to see they're continuing to support their user base. GOOD JOB, Framework!
@afsarhp Yıl önce
A humble suggestion. Truly Framework is unique and changes the laptop game to whole new level. As a well wisher I would suggest to give customers a very good reason to maintain the same laptop for years to come. Maybe like really built really really well so that people want to keep maintaining the same laptop or provide upgrades with different built materials rather than colors.
@TheOceanLoader Yıl önce
This is an amazing product. To think of reducing waste components is what we've been waiting for - for years now.
@wilberstarz8736 10 aylar önce
Looking forward to seeing if they start doing graphics cards as well!
@anthonygillette Yıl önce
This laptop looks like so much fun. It’s like a fender strat, it’s a classic style with endless customizability. Going forward, I truly hope we see third party mods to change the game
@OmniFrost Yıl önce
It would be amazing if Framework could eventually figure out a good way of recycling old components. That way, when people eventually have parts that they don't want to use for anything, they could send them back and maybe Framework could reuse some of the materials.
@derekheld1427 Yıl önce
Can’t wait for them to eventually have an AMD option. Hopefully with Zen 4!
@GSBarlev Yıl önce
IIRC because all of the modular connectors are USB-C, they *have* to wait for Zen4 in order to be able to supply ~~video out~~ (edit: sorry--eGPU support) as Zen3 doesn't support Thunderbolt 3 (Zen4 will support USB4). I'll tell you what I would love but is almost certainly not technologically feasible--nom-embedded CPUs like on the ASRock DeskMini line.
@namAehT Yıl önce
My next laptop is going to be an AMD Framework and I can't wait.
@gosera-1108 Yıl önce
@@GSBarlev Zen3 does support Thunderbolt3, but its up to the boardmakers to make it happen.. if it didnt we wouldnt have boards like. Gigabyte TRX40 Designare X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 Also dont forget Asus ProArt B550-CREATOR which has Thunderbolt 4
@jasonz8635 Yıl önce
@@GSBarlev There are laptop out with desktop CPUs (Namely Clevo's) but main issue is obviously their much higher power draw. It's more practical w/ 12th gen intel b/c of p and e cores but still not great. Framework would probably have to redesign their chassis for greater airflow and size due to that as well. End of the day, it's probably more work for what it's worth.
@raised8471 Yıl önce
@DimitriMoreira Yıl önce
The repurpose of the old motherboard to a mini pc instantly made me happy as hell. This with a nice iGPU (meaning Ryzen 6000 or Ryzen 7000 notebook APUs) would really shine so bright. Amazing!
@SY4Artz Yıl önce
This will be my next laptop. Even if its a bit more expensive, it will be cheaper in the long run and i really wanna support the concept!
@charlesw7397 Yıl önce
This is really awesome. I'm not in the market for a laptop but I think I've gotta go with Framework in the future
@InFAMOUSPS4_19 Yıl önce
I like the idea that you can just buy an upgrade and a small chassis. Nucs cost a lot and I like how you can just power it off the eGPU.
@R3TR0ACTIV Yıl önce
i understand the upgrade with the mobo and how you can get a 2nd pc out of it but to me the more impressive thing is lets say you drop the laptop and it breaks or your working outside and then it starts to rain and the mobo gets friend you could replace the internals and it is working again. and as someone who has a wife who LOVES to sticker bomb stuff this is just amazing to me cuz some of her stickers have a LOT of sentimental value.
@L33TBEANS Yıl önce
That mini-PC print-out thingy is actually the coolest thing I've ever seen for these kind of parts. Would be very easy to resell them later down the line as office PCs.
@anon_y_mousse Yıl önce
Yes, so very much that. Could have that as an HTPC attached to the back of a TV so easily. Would kick the snot out of a RPi as well.
@dr3v1l1993 Yıl önce
Also you could integrate these things in desks and other stuff for offices, schools and similar institutions.
@Gobbbbb Yıl önce
Seriously!! I want one of those. It just looks like a router and I absolutely LOVE it. Would also love to see it run off battery power too just because why not.
@gholland5840 Yıl önce
Yep, I currently have 4 laptops that dont have software problems but the keyboard/screen/hinges are broken
I'm interested in that, but also with the laptop battery to use as a car-pc to retrofit modern electronics and features into my old Lincoln....I'm also hoping the prices will come down eventually.
I sure wish a company would step up to the plate to do this for digital cameras.
@championxxlNL Yıl önce
I wish they gave us an amd version. If they eventually do I hope they keep the board design so you can swap between Intel and amd. Maybe in the future they can even add a dedicated gpu tho I think this will come with some cooling problems so it'll be interesting to see how they figure that out
@kore996 Yıl önce
Maybe on the internal parts they should have colour coded screw holes so that you can easily identify what sized screw goes where. For example red would be the “small screw” (whatever screw spec it is) and blue would be the “medium screw” and so on. They could provided a legend of all the colours and screw specifications for reference to save from colour coding the screws themselves which would be expensive I would assume. Another thing could be that each part could specify how many screws total it requires so you can keep things way dummy proof…so it would be something like Red 4 indicating that this parts requires 4 x red sized screws. This could help with not having extra screws remaining afterwards 😂
@megatronusv2215 Yıl önce
That imo requires way more effort than just reading and following the guide that was provided, which Linus omitted
@bosco1603 Yıl önce
framework will definitely be my next laptop. i would have got one this last go around, but i was in dire need of an upgrade and couldn't wait for framework to get the 12th gen boards.
@MrSanemon Yıl önce
OFfering custom black plates with your company logo on it would be really cool. Don't know how viable it'd be but I could see a software company buying a fleet of these for their entire company and then setting up laptops with specs and modules for the individuals while also allowing the IT dept to upgrade PCs periodically while keeping old hardware rather than having to sell or trash old/broken machines. All the better if you could get a laptop that was actually branded.
@ForboJack Yıl önce
I really hope they'll make a future version with a dedicated GPU that is gaming capable. Upgrading your GPU down the line is far more interesting to me than upgrading your CPU.
That'll come down to manufacturers offering suitably sized GPUs (maybe a line specifically for modular laptops?). I really hope it happens, since I do game on laptop about 1/3rd of the time.
@@MindForgedManacle They used to make them back in the day. Alienware even had them.
@jearlblah5169 Yıl önce
I read on their website that they plan to do that eventually
@Kenttheclark Yıl önce
fortunately eGPUs are widely available and relatively cheap
@tv321123 Yıl önce
Nvidia used to make MXM or something, format graphics 'cards' that where physical cards that could be changed on the mother board. But that format has long since died, a GPU upgrade would involve changing out the entire motherboard including the CPU since intel dose not make socketed mobile processors anymore.
@KnowArt Yıl önce
freaking love it. Maybe with an external GPU it might actually be a viable option as an animator? Would have to look into it once I'm ready for a new laptop
@JLMtime Yıl önce
Im really excited & impressed LTT invested even if they fail its good idea to get this format out that laptops need to be upgradable customizable & repairable into the future I go threw 3 laptops in the time of 1 desktop & its BS... AS for the modules Id like to see full size RCA inputs for sound engineering & VGA or component inputs for retro game & PC streaming
@jasonyoung3070 Yıl önce
i love it i wish all companys went that far to think about not only the customer upgrading but making it easyier on the world thats just great !!!!
@drewwilson8756 Yıl önce
I'm sure their money would be better spent elsewhere but it would be nice if they could develop or more likely partner with a company to help develop some sweet security protocols at the hardware level.
@PlanBForOpenOffice 10 aylar önce
I wonder if that chassis can handle the new 14 core CPU? Did you test it against throttling and battery life?
@DesTr069 Yıl önce
This will be the only laptop where you can start with an Intel CPU one gen, then decide to swap out for an AMD one after, potentially. Imagine how crazy that is!
@DuxGalt Yıl önce
That is the reason I bought one when Linus first talked about them. I knew I was not forcing myself down a path I often swap between intel and AMD. I will probably upgrade it when a AMD option comes out, and use the old intel one as a media pc in the 3d printed enclosure like this, what will be cool about that is with all the modules I can make that work even better. I cant wait for the ethernet module. I may have spent 1600 for my first laptop, which for what I got was pricey. But next time ill probably spend 1000, and bring whole new life into my laptop, and be able to repurpose it.
@@DuxGalt how is the screen like? Just works or above average?
@nullvoid3545 Yıl önce
I worry that putting better and better CPUs into the same chassis will eventually leave not enough room to fit A properly sized heat sink in. Would have been nice to see the thermal curves for them compared.
@wnxdafriz Yıl önce
@@nullvoid3545 well, technically speaking... going from intel 11th to a current gen AMD yea.... and its an ultra portable with no big emphasis on crazy graphics so pretty sure if just using integrated graphics potentially you will just get cooler laptops overall, with that 14 core one they put in??? hmmm
@kektaro Yıl önce
@@nullvoid3545 as long as cpu tdps stay the same as manufacturers go for power efficiency on mobile devices, thermals shouldn't be too different among different cpus. heatsinks have a max tdp rating and so as long as cpus stay under that it shouldn't overheat.
I bought one in round 4, ordered the self build kit, but only assembly required was ram and expansion modules. Noticed windows got very slow for no known reason, required hard reboot to restore performance. Otherwise it's been fine, no more issues. Nice build quality, screen aspect ratio not as useful as I hoped.
@jdadon2000 Yıl önce
This got me excited for Frameworks and the idea the company is going.
@winterpage1480 Yıl önce
Despite Linus's best (worst? Least?) efforts when upgrading the back panel, I am completely sold on Framework. I've never seen a laptop this customizable. Would definitely be the #1 choice whenever I get my own laptop.
@janingvar 11 aylar önce
Being able to reuse your old mainboard as a desktop PC or server is indeed pretty cool!
@mebibyte9347 Yıl önce
It's not about how well it works on a good day, it's about how bad could things possibly go wrong on your worst day. I'm finally sold, thank you for stepping on all of these rakes for us Linus 🤣
@Darklight171 Yıl önce
just one question, the increase in cores would indicate higher tdp right? will the slim framework chasis, keep the higher power 12th gen system cool enough? because I would love to see a video of you thermal testing both the laptop and the 3d printed pc...
@Alina14212 Yıl önce
I'm all for this framework laptop. However for the average user once they replace a part (say what Linus did there to replace a motherboard) they wouldn't know what to do with it. Why not have an option on their website that says if u want to send the old part back to us and knock off some price of the new purchased board. They'd be able to repurpose the old part and sell it again no?
Yeah I’d love that as well. Likely needs new procedures and employees though to take back motherboard, verify no damage, verify all ports still work so they can give it a grade and slap on a warranty.
@tjeulink Yıl önce
what should they do with the board? sell it again? fairphone just has a marketplace where people sell their parts to eachother, its kinda works and i think its a more realistic solution to that problem. i think framework is a bit too tech heavy for the average user. fairphone really has that part down, but they lack in other regards where framework does much better. but then again, maintaining android over a wide range of configurations is nearly impossible, not so much with linux or windows which come from a legacy mentality.
@Ham24brand Yıl önce
I agree. That’s what auto repair shops do, they give you some money back when you bring in the part you’re replacing.
@rapiddu6482 Yıl önce
@@tjeulink actually that super cool. Selling parts to each other is such a good thing especially who doesn't want latest and greatest every year. For eg I will be happy to buy 11th gen motherboard for ~60-65% of the original price from someone who doesn't need it anymore
@GRAYgoose124 Yıl önce
@@rapiddu6482 You know what buying used means right? We been doing this since the start. I'm personally a 4-5 gen behind kinda guy. Lol, sorry, was just funny how you were so focused on the context you didn't realize it was just a contrivance of something completely normal.
@James-jh6wq Yıl önce
Now "all" we need is socketed laptop CPUs, standard motherboard sizes, and socketed GPUs, and we'll be able to customize and modify our laptops even more. It'll be like a desktop in terms of customization and upgrade-ability, but in a mobile form factor, which, while it could reduce the need for desktops in a few cases, would still be very much welcome. There are smaller ATX form factors such as nano-ATX that unfortunately never became mainstream, but here's hoping we can get there
@PassengerMX Yıl önce
I'm tempted to get one but I'd like to have a localized keyboard. It will be great if I can purchase the specific keycaps for my language and/or keyboard layout. It should be somewhat simple to do and cheap too since not all keys need a replacement cap, only the specific ones. Heck, you could offer individual keycaps and let people choose.
@amon-noir Yıl önce
Modular designs is a quite good way to go. I would definitely buy one when my laptop dies
@Alovon Yıl önce
I want them to add support for a 6800U just so I can make myself a true switch-like custom tablet/laptop config (Especially with USB4 support hopefully, so I can encorporate a eGPU as part of docked mode)
@lovypeas9108 Yıl önce
I like the concept of modular and the right to repair. This will reduce the cost and other unnecessary things. With further innovation it may be a much more practical and efficient system. I agree with this product.
This modular repairable design idea is really up my alley. I really hope this becomes a more competitive market in the future for all types of electronics, not just laptops.
@curt8806 Yıl önce
There's a reason Linus never "got around" to doing the "spilled coke" video. Because it's actually not that easy or cost-effective. lmao
The mass consumer would not pay extra for that. Most people do not want to mess up with their laptops
@InfernosReaper Yıl önce
it is my hope they'll eventually work out swappable GPUs and a CPUs. Admittedly CPUs is easy, since that is "put middleman PCB on and put a socket on the board" while GPUs are a bit more difficult because that will require some kind of daughter board and a good data and power link
@ajhauter5049 Yıl önce
@@InfernosReaper They don't even need to do a seperate PCB and socket for the CPU. I have a Dell Latitude from 2011 which is completely user serviceable. The CPU is an i5-2540m on socket G2, and is incredibly easy to remove. It's definitely possible to design laptop CPUs to be user-removable (LGA/PGA instead if BGA). The GPU would still be difficult.
@InfernosReaper Yıl önce
@@ajhauter5049 at some point AMD & Intel decided to not do their laptop CPUs to where they could be in a socket and swappable. Most manufacturers just build within that limitation. Thus, unless you want to try to run desktop CPUs in a laptop, you're gonna have to do some kind of addon(s) to the CPU to make it work right in a socket... or design a special socket and heatsink setup to accommodate laptop CPUs. *Maybe* if enough orders are made AMD and/or Intel would comply, but that's a huge maybe.
@kcmullins6179 Yıl önce
This is a good idea man. Congrats on the company honestly as a investor you own part of it ;) so yeah they need to do what's right and truly think about the customer and gamer that don't wanna have to go n buy a new gaming laptop every 2 or 3 yrs that run around 1200 bucks U.S on Average... I'd much rather be able to just swap out boards and cpu and gpus much cheaper to do. And plus it's fun and gives ppl more freedom to truly customize their own laptop performance to their needs n wants.. it would be cool to see a clear case laptop and be able to see the gpu and the cpu coolers and have neon color wires and liquid cooled laptops ect like we can with the big brother desktops which still remain king of the gaming machines then a close 2nd is the console and 3rd is the laptop followed by Nintendo and their weirdness and cell phones which honestly have gotten really fast and powerful compared to what we had in the S5 and S6 era. Thank about it the galaxy S20 plus was probably the last true great phone from Samsung... yeah the s20 ultra and s21 ultra and s22 ultra are all amazing and powerful cell phones... but the standard s21 n s22 and the plus 21 n plus 22 isn't as good as the s20 line up.... why?? Well because the S20 , s20 plus and ultra all have 1440p oled panels...... the 21 n 22 don't unless you pay a premium for the ultra series which isn't worth the price tag... the s20 plus was and is a amazing phone and will remain so until Samsung brings back high resolution back to the plus and standard family of high end phones.... you pay a grand just for the bottom end flag ship anymore the S10 series was the same and so was s20.. but with those you got 1440p.. and when s20 came we got 120hz and now we can bump it to 90hz as well.. so the s20 has 3 fps modes 60hz , 90hz , 120hz... and I run mine at 1440p and I do hit the 90hz option and it turns it on but I personally don't know if it's actually running 90hz at 1440p... it absolutely has the capability to do so... it's just Samsung and their goofy bios locking these displays at certain fps / hz... but I do know 1080p 90hz works 720p 90hz works but I'm not sure the 2k @ 90hz does... I know 120hz is locked out for some reason prob batt life... but eventually a dev at xda will be able to force the phones into 2k 120hz which would be amazing ;) ... anyway Linus that company seems like a good one.. with amazing ideas and bringing something new and amazing to the gaming and pc world. Which we all want n need it'll save us cash too ;).. and bring pc building to more homes and more fathers and sons n daughters and mothers and sons n daughters and brothers n sisters together and enjoy the hobby and the kids can learn about how computers works ect.. which is good considering pc and laptop and cell phones and consoles are legitimately taking over every day life now lol
@johndeerekid167 Yıl önce
While I love the modular and easy serviceability design of Framework laptops, I keep having this sinking feeling they will end up like laptop GPU docks. Really great innovation, but they were just too late to the party.
@nikkoa.3639 Yıl önce
A comment I read in another video about the framework laptop feels very fitting for this video, "we're gonna need to train the anti-consumer habits of companies out of our system." In devices such as laptops, when we usually hear that a hinge is broken we either begrudgingly send it in to a repair shop (wherever that could be) for a long stretch of time or we just bite our tongue and live with the issue. However with this machine, you yourself can change out the components in record time without fumbling too hard on the replacement. It's absurd how much companies trained us to be complicit in their greedy practices and move us to just buy the new thing whenever your current thing will die. Not this time. This company would surely help regain a new bar for excellence in terms of support, service and excellence.
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