I have to vent.

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23 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Lily Mizzi
Cody is genuinely one of the most likeable people on TRvid I don’t understand how anyone could possibly hate this guy. He literally walked in at the beginning, he’s off his rocker
the walk in was sick, I was like "where is he?" 🤨 and then you walked in
Anna Joy
Kelsey’s friend wheeling around on his chair aggressively while he vents is cute. Let it out little king
It's actually a huge relief that I'm not the only person who let's a stranger yelling at me cut me deep.
Sad Smiley
can't believe he did a walk in. that was amazing. good job cody
how emotionally Cody gets when talking about cooking rice
Thales Pessoa
I love how personal and weird these get.
I feel like Cody's therapist in this one. Poor thing, it really did ruined his day.
knowing this was straight after his birthday video, i believe cody is genuinely sad he's 30 now.
Michael M
Cody: I invested in Liquid Death
Taylor Ross
codys getting so comfortable with us he fr just farted on camera and kept it in
Jared Kodiak
I like how emotionally Cody gets when talking about cooking rice. It is literally the passion of a man who just discovered rice for the first time
why did i actually think this would be a serious video
Chloe Johnson
I literally can’t wrap my head around the fact that Liquid Death is literally water. I seriously thought it was some kind of caffeine drink or brewed coffee or something like
Arianne Sharifi
sometimes i get distracted from cody’s vids and then look back at my phone and he’s having a full conversation with himself so i need to scroll back until he started or else i feel like a friend on facetime who forgot to listen to their sad friend’s rant but i need to comfort them and don’t want admit i wasn’t listening
Amanda Yuen
as an asian woman, listening to cody talk about the rice cooker makes me very happy
Makenna Campbell
If Cody came to my college I’m pretty sure A LOT of the students would go absolutely crazy lmfao
Delilah Montgomery
i love how cody was comfortable enough to fart in front of us. it's a real friendship <3
The best thing I’ve bought is a rice cooker is the most 31 year old thing Cody has said
Daniel Sewell
Cody sounding like every Canadian who makes it big in the US now lol.
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