I had My New Shop Sprayed with Hot Foam!! (Dream Shop Build) 

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29 Mar 2023




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TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
Love the series on the shop build
magudeeswari chandhirasekar
I like this
AVINASH KUMAR 2 aylar önce
Nice 👌
Tamim X21
Tamim X21 2 aylar önce
Dany Kuroki
Dany Kuroki 2 aylar önce
Khaula Tahir
Khaula Tahir 2 aylar önce
Wiz Toxic Yt
Wiz Toxic Yt 2 aylar önce
The shop looks amazing ! Can’t wait to see everything once you get it furnished with tools and start wrenching!
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 2 aylar önce
You and me both!
Flat Thunder
Flat Thunder 2 aylar önce
Nice foam! Don't worry about the acoustics. I think once you start stacking stuff inside it will cut down the echo. A wireless mic also helps. Fun video Matt 👍😁
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
I have certainly enjoyed the shop construction series, Matt !! Great job and looking forward to seeing the next phase of construction - overhead crane, etc. You've come a L.O.N.G. way, Matt since I first found your channel !! 😂
TippyHippy 2 aylar önce
I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.
Vintage madness🥶
Vintage madness🥶 2 aylar önce
deernutOO 2 aylar önce
Great to watch the shop come together, and very interesting to watch the insulation and painting crew working to get it done. Nice job.
bob white
bob white 2 aylar önce
So nice to see you so close to your dream Matt! You're enthusiasm to be at this point shows!
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies 2 aylar önce
This has been a great series on the shop, you should be really proud of what you've accomplished. Well done Matt!
sallyanne Francis
sallyanne Francis 2 aylar önce
I agree 100%😀
Stuart Batcheldor
Stuart Batcheldor 2 aylar önce
A superb achievement Matt. Bravo!
Evan Streittmatter
Evan Streittmatter 2 aylar önce
@Think Casting man no one care about that crap
Andy Jaffray
Andy Jaffray 2 aylar önce
I agree with Andrew it’s fabulous. Andy from Australia
Mark King
Mark King 2 aylar önce
I have been in the spray foam business for 17 years. They did a awesome job! Good to see people representing our industry so well!
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier Aylar önce
I think the gray paint made it look really good. At first I thought it was gonna be kind of frivolous, but it looks way better.
rixtrix11 2 aylar önce
Fantastic addition to the channel! It's really going to make all the renovation work so much nicer to do!
Kedo 2 aylar önce
The shop series has ruled! It makes me happy to see people make their dreams a reality! I always say "Dimming some one else's light doesn't make your light brighter" so when someone is letting the light shine, I am all into it !
thi tran
thi tran Aylar önce
Terry Cantrell
Terry Cantrell 2 aylar önce
Congrats Matt!! One more big step to completion. It will be very nice to get to work inside that awesome shop!! Being out in the cold the rain and heat isn't very fun and it isn't conducive to creative thanking. You're killing it man I dig it!!
James Rooney
James Rooney 2 aylar önce
“I know it doesn’t look like a big job, but yeah, that sucked” is something I think every man here can relate to! Loving this series Matt, probably one of my favs. Keep up the good work from the other side of the pond 👍
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 2 aylar önce
Oh yes, that sucked.
MediocreMan 2 aylar önce
Take your time and price estimate and double or triple it. Lol
aidenk77 2 aylar önce
This is such a great series, I have loved seeing the Dream Shop come together.
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 2 aylar önce
Glad you enjoy it!
James Axelrad
James Axelrad 2 aylar önce
i have found the shop series interesting. looking forward to seeing what you get up to next, both now that you have an indoor option and now that its getting warmer.
Duke Snyder
Duke Snyder 2 aylar önce
Personally I LOVE the shop stuff and WANT MORE PLEASE!!!! I know you need to please the guys wanting more diesel engine work as I like as well, so maybe a segment every few weeks or even just 5 minute segment per episode of progress? Love to see the electrical and the heating parts as those get completed. Also how you decide to organize your tools and work bench(s) inside as well. THANKS SO MUCH MATT!!!
Eddie Morton Tap Man
Eddie Morton Tap Man 2 aylar önce
Great progress , happy for you ! It’s a long time coming and getting all you stuff together in one location and to be able to pull your array of apparatus in and work on them in all the seasons is really great , Good Luck Man .
L S 2 aylar önce
Great job Matt, as always! So pleased to see the shop finally coming together. Keep up the great work.
alleydog 2 aylar önce
Really enjoyed the “dream shop” videos. They have served as the inspiration I need to tackle my own dream shop in my back lot/yard a 10/12 tool / lawn mower storage shed. Keep up the good work Matt.
fipz AV
fipz AV 2 aylar önce
It's been a really interesting and eye-opening journey with your dream shop - Kinda sad it's done. I remember being fascinated with the quality of workmanship from the concrete guys, and just now the with the insulation guys too. I thought the 'platform truck racing' was excellent, and I immediately knew there was no way you could crawl one of them home at 3mph when you have a skid-steer available - You would of gone crazy driving that platform thing! - My only question is why the roof that high? You could put a mezzanine floor in there and still have plenty of headroom.
Runriste Nn
Runriste Nn 2 aylar önce
Matt, you have great content to watch - no matter what it is. Thamk you. You are informative and always full of skills and knowledge to share. You have also become skilled in shooting and editing great footage with drone, time-lapse andd what not. I appreciate all the hard labour you put in all the way from clearing and prepairing the plot of dismal land into an utility center for your future endeavors. Live long and prosper, I'm happy when you are happy.
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop 2 aylar önce
Looks like it will do well keeping the shop cool or hot depending on the season.
Reg Sparkes
Reg Sparkes 2 aylar önce
Good job with the outside lighting AND the insulation looks to be 'top notch'!
DugatDizzyLizzys 2 aylar önce
Hi Matt. I really like how it's all coming together. I built a lot smaller workshop to stay in the dry and warm and it was worth it. My only niggle is the unpainted roofing beams, but that's just me. I know it's not needed yet so other projects and jobs will come ahead of it, but when will you be sorting out the underfloor heating?
Wendy Griffin
Wendy Griffin 2 aylar önce
Love that shop and I've really enjoyed the seeing all the stages of it! I look forward to your projects in it. I'm sure getting your stuff inside will take care of a lot of the echo. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on its "near" completion!
Thanks for producing this series, some found it boring others, myself included looked forward to the video. I have enjoyed the Shop Build videos, in-fact I am eagerly awaiting the "I'm building ANOTHER shop" series of videos. My guess is you will need a paint shop soon.
Anthony Blacker
Anthony Blacker 2 aylar önce
Having that crane in the shop is going to be like actually LIFE changing! I've worked in shops with and without a gantry, and man a gantry crane in the shop is SO amazing to have!
Robert Walker
Robert Walker 2 aylar önce
The smile on your face Matt says it all! I bet a lot of viewers are green with envy as I am at how your shop has come together. Acoustics aren't too bad Matt. I can't wait to see you working in that heated shop in the winter instead of seeing you freezing your ass off working on projects outside. Your shop is a beauty Matt, good planning and attention to details.
TgWags 2 aylar önce
You may want to fill in the vertical gaps where the outside tin meets the j channel on your overhang. If they are left open you'll end up with one big giant bee hive.
klaatu barada
klaatu barada 2 aylar önce
I've seen bees build a hive though a hole no bigger than a hosepipe. Lucky to get every gap. Still a good idea to fill the gaps for multiple reasons.
xoxo2008oxox 2 aylar önce
two years from now, let's have contest counting the mud dawber nests! 🤣
Michael Gower
Michael Gower 2 aylar önce
So you're saying that would BEE a good idea?
murphymb 2 aylar önce
@klaatu barada Yep, a friend of mine sided his house , gambrel roof (barn style), with the delta-rib metal. He has invested in the contoured foam sealing strips at all the edges after experiencing yellow-jacket wasps nesting in the walls and ceiling. They eventually chewed through the drywall and started coming through the small holes they created. Behind the ingress holes were huge colonies of those wasps. Nasty lesson learned.
sallyanne Francis
sallyanne Francis 2 aylar önce
@xoxo2008oxox Arhhh!!!
Greg Gulbrandsen
Greg Gulbrandsen 2 aylar önce
I really enjoyed the shop build series. I like all your videos...but to see the raw land turn into a wonderful working shop is a my amazing. I remember you putting in the two conex boxes and how happy and proud you were putting up the used roof between them. And now look! Sweet!
Eirik Halvorsen @Bonnet Auto
Very very nice! Too bad about the acoustics though, but it sounds like you've already figured that out 😉 This is still one of my absolute favorite channels, so YES, shop videos is just as much appreciated content as the mechanical ones🤩
Cory Driver
Cory Driver 2 aylar önce
I think you over complicated the sheet metal installation under the porch, but like you said you’re not a steel hanger and in the end you got it done. This is turning out to be one awesome shop.
Mike R
Mike R 2 aylar önce
Great job Matt, those outdoor lights look great!! Awesome job with the spray foam too. Thank you for sharing 😀
Richard Phelan
Richard Phelan 2 aylar önce
This has been a very enjoyable ride watching the progress on the shop we've hung in here with you for years watching your progress and I'm as excited about it as you are what a evolution change .Congratulations Matt you deserve it ,now you need to have a Garage party in the new shop
sallyanne Francis
sallyanne Francis 2 aylar önce
Oh Yes !!!
Marvin Cultee
Marvin Cultee 2 aylar önce
Every days a party now.warm and drie
David Hardy
David Hardy 2 aylar önce
I have thoroughly enjoyed the shop series and looking forward to the wood boiler project too and then yes, the bevy of projects you have stacked up and arouind and in the trees there would be nice to get back to as well. hahahaha, congrats Matt, your shop is nothing short of a dream.
Travis Marett
Travis Marett 2 aylar önce
Thanks for always keeping it real and showing the real struggles. Too many channels want to make it look like they never hit a snag. That's what ruined commercial TV.
Charlie Hill
Charlie Hill 2 aylar önce
Hey Matt it's so thoughtful of you to build that nice space above the ceiling for the bats, birds and bugs to inhabit. LOL I know you did a good job of sealing it up but those buggers can always find a way in.
Frikkie D
Frikkie D 2 aylar önce
If you’re worried about the echo for the videos, don’t worry it’s really not that bad at all 👍
Travis Rulason
Travis Rulason 2 aylar önce
I love the shop build... like everyone else, I'm looking forward to the crane install as well as the parts containers going in.
Paul Fellows
Paul Fellows 2 aylar önce
I'm sure the shop is only echoey because it's so empty at the moment. Get some tools and machines inside, start using the shop as you intended, and I doubt you'll notice much of an echo then. Great work from the spray foam guys - it looks awesome!
Jeffrey Yeater
Jeffrey Yeater 2 aylar önce
Alexander Kupke
Alexander Kupke 2 aylar önce
And if that doesnt help, hang some heavy cloth (ideally fire retarding) between the rafters, that will do a lot as well. Even just a few might already do a lot.
dogpotter 2 aylar önce
your dream shop is looking good Matt. that overhead work is always a bear. especially when the beams aren't staright or when they're bowed really tuff not having them predrilled.. glad you were able to get it up and it looks great.
Ivan Olsen
Ivan Olsen 2 aylar önce
The shop series has been great, Matt, adds to the variety of your videos. Looking forward to the next!!!
Jeffrey Scaduto
Jeffrey Scaduto 2 aylar önce
Great job Matt. The shop looks great. Learned some new things along the way.
Roger Moore
Roger Moore 2 aylar önce
Matt, the echo will significantly decrease when you start moving stuff back in. Won't take much. Looking forward to the overhead crane - just hope you don't move so much in you need a couple weeks work to clear it all out to do that! But as I said earlier (on my other account) - Love the building videos! Having just built my own garage/shop, I enjoy anything the few guys I choose to watch do to improve their life. Wish I wasn't an unpaid retiree (hope to resolve that this year) or I'd buy some merch, but I hit like and reply to you a couple times when I can. I do what I can...
Robert Webster
Robert Webster 2 aylar önce
Incredible series giving us Brits a glimpse of US large Barn construction - very interesting and enlightening. Keep up the good, entertaining videos. Just Brilliant Matt.
Rust, Rivets & Regrets
It must feel good to have it all come together. Keep up the good work!
InTheMiddleWithYou 2 aylar önce
Nice to see everything finally coming together. Btw, try to match the paint of the little door with that of the large roller gates; the current white door makes it stand out in an unfavorable way.
GodOfBiscuits66 2 aylar önce
Very cool series of videos. Glad to see this coming together. You probably want to wait until the crane is up, but have you thought about ceiling fans? You could save a lot on heating with some driving the hot air down.
David Gunneby
David Gunneby 2 aylar önce
Awesome series! The final result looks great. Do you have any plans on installing a extraction fan for when you start up those old diesel engines? Keep up the good work
orleansautomotive 2 aylar önce
Man you are very inspiring. I bought some land and I see your strength it gives me hope. I'm in the clearing phase. I wish I had a neighbor like you
Martin Rothwell
Martin Rothwell 2 aylar önce
Hi Matt loved watching the shop come together. Have you had any thought on compressed air around the building ?
David Dettmar
David Dettmar 2 aylar önce
can not wait to see the overhead crane installed. insulation and lighting top notch.
Bost 2 aylar önce
A crane would be lovely
Habibee 2 aylar önce
Really what I’ve been waiting for on this shop.
John Norton
John Norton 2 aylar önce
I was wondering about this, that truss system looks really minimal. Would there not be issues supporting not only the load of the crane but the load on the crane. Not to mention the inertia generated by the crane going back and forth on the structure.
Brooks Moses
Brooks Moses 2 aylar önce
@John Norton : Exactly -- that's why the crane is going to have its own supports rather than being tied into the building. Matt mentioned that when he was building the foundation -- there are separate footers in the foundation for the pillars that hold up the crane.
Habibee 2 aylar önce
@John Norton in another video he poured huge footers inside the wall under the floor. They are to support steel beams I imagine to hold up the heavy crane.
GD Channel
GD Channel 2 aylar önce
Good job on the insulation, I can't wait to see you move all of your stuff in there now!
gary bulwinkle
gary bulwinkle 2 aylar önce
I've heard horror stories where the insulation kept off-gassing after application and people were forced to abandon their houses ,or do some major cleaning of the spray foam insulation!
Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson 2 aylar önce
I love all the video's you put out for us!!! I know you're a busy person, but I'd love to see you put out more video's because they are that good! Thank you Matt!!! Hello from Wisconsin
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 2 aylar önce
Hope this shop enables me to do that!
Monkeybar Monkeyman
Monkeybar Monkeyman 2 aylar önce
So bright outside your shop one could probably see it clearly a few miles up 🙂 Looking just super. Also am impressed you pulled Ohio folks in on this job. There's nothing better than watching nearly spanking new equipment doing its work, unless it's and old machine brought back to life. 🙂
Stephen Saasen
Stephen Saasen 2 aylar önce
All I can think about is the incredible progress made out there! The first video I ever saw of yours was when you were dragging the old green Autocar single axle truck through the pure mud trail in the cold, leafless forest in the middle of nowhere under this covered area sandwiched by 2 containers! (Best run-on sentence I think I've made thus far.) I thought, surely he's not going to restore that old thing under these conditions! There was a sea of mud under the roof too! But now, what an incredible change! Really glad to have tagged along to see your progress! You'll have an easier time getting that old Autocar restored right with this new shop.
Robert Hocking
Robert Hocking 2 aylar önce
Great job, I didn’t realise they painted the foam, that foam rig was a real beauty. Great watching professionals doing something, they make it look so easy.
Mitala Aleka
Mitala Aleka 2 aylar önce
I have liked the shop build series, u've got variety for us, from auctions to shop builds and in between stuff which is life, thank u for taking us along, keep them coming when u can.
lothar schiese
lothar schiese 2 aylar önce
Yah, i'll second that!
Hunter M.
Hunter M. 2 aylar önce
You ain’t lying… try doing an alternator on a 2016 Nissan Pathfinder I thought oh yeah I have it done in 30 minutes took me eight hours..
LT Morris
LT Morris 2 aylar önce
Matt you prove hard work and determination bring you your dreams, can't wait to see projects being done in the shop.
jim hewett jr
jim hewett jr 2 aylar önce
I love the shop series. I'm living vicariously through things like this because I don't have the land or money to ever build an awesome shop like yours.
Hogshooter Hotrods
Hogshooter Hotrods 2 aylar önce
Awesome Video Matt, I love how tight the foam goes on makes a really nice seal and insulates to boot. Can't wait to see you Move in!!
Sargent Slaughter
Sargent Slaughter 2 aylar önce
It's great to see your shop come along, I'm sure you will get alot of use out of it.
Louis Munoz
Louis Munoz 2 aylar önce
Matt, congrats on your shop! Look forward to your videos on projects done in the shop.
e020443 2 aylar önce
The shop site prep and build videos are great -- every bit as interesting to me as the mechanical stuff. Looking forward to the boiler and heating system install.
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 2 aylar önce
Thank you very much!
Ray h
Ray h 2 aylar önce
Nice job Matt... don't forget to add commercial celling fans for the winter time to push the heat down... Nice wall pack lights for the outside... Liked the shop build btw...! cool to see how it's done...!
William J
William J 2 aylar önce
There are plenty of hanging acoustic baffles you could consider. There were some outside shots which also showed your container shed which is where I first saw the channel. What a difference. Enjoy!
TSant 2 aylar önce
Most enjoyable series I've watched on TRvid ever. Can't wait to see you get work on some projects in that shop!
scottaboshia 2 aylar önce
Looks great! Closed cell spray foam isn't exactly known to be great for acoustics. You would want open cell foam for that; however, for a shop like this, closed cell is the right choice!
John Burns
John Burns 2 aylar önce
Great video, love the shop build series! Looking forward to seeing the overhead crane install, well done! 👍
Sunseeker75 2 aylar önce
I loved the content around the shop, but I'm also looking forward to watching you reviving and fixing old heavy metal again 😄
cam quoc
cam quoc 2 aylar önce
TheFirst 2 aylar önce
I can't wait to see what you will do with this shop in the future :)
mp fla
mp fla 2 aylar önce
Great project Matt, been following along with keen interest. Just a quick question, how fire resistant is the spray foam insulation. I’m totally in favour of using spay foam. My concern is the majority of your project are centred on internal combustion engines, which leads to my concern inside your dream shop. Anyway you probably have is issue covered. Thanks. Mike
David Mexicotte
David Mexicotte 2 aylar önce
I've loved the shop series. Living vicariously thru it. Looking forward to what is next.
Randy Newton Sr
Randy Newton Sr 2 aylar önce
Looks Awesome Matt 👍👍😊 I know you would lose a bit of ceiling height , but I bet one or 2 of those big overhead fans might be something to think about as it would be beneficial in both the summer and winter months , the only drawback is the price as I’ve heard the ones from “ Big Ass Fans “ are around 15,000$ or something sheesh 😬
James Duffy
James Duffy 2 aylar önce
Great series. As a note for those who don't know, the painting of the insulation is more than just aesthetics....it's a fire resistant paint required by code (here at least) due to the high combustibility/flammability of the insulation.
Herbybandit 2 aylar önce
I know the outside ceiling was a pain in the ass but you'll be so glad you did it! No roosting birds crapping on your stuff overnight! The spray foam is awesome and your echo will go away once you you move stuff in and get some sponsor banners up on the wall, remember the empty can rattles the most.
Slick muck
Slick muck 2 aylar önce
So keep you beef can full. Haaa
Gary Soykin
Gary Soykin 2 aylar önce
Everything’s coming out great matt you’re using quality people and doing things right it’s gonna be a nice shop for many years to come
David Wright
David Wright 2 aylar önce
The echo will get minimized when you got equipment, tool benches and cabinets installed. Also to help with the environment install directional / reversible ceiling fans to move the hot air down in the winter, and cool air up in the summer.
John Bellas
John Bellas 2 aylar önce
Hello Matt! The shop is coming along GREAT! Just wondering about the heating system, Is that going to be oil fired or gas fired? Very Happy for you Matt good luck!!
Jeff 2 aylar önce
The day ain't complete without a visit to Diesel Creek.... Everyone give Matt the big Thumbs up, he's at least earned that from all of us
Tom Dolan
Tom Dolan 2 aylar önce
I hope Eva got a brand new dining room table. Looks like the shop acquired the old one…lol….Congratulations Matt…it’s been a long haul for you but you’re about to cross the finish line and that has to be gratifying.
Military Museum
Military Museum 2 aylar önce
There are allot of good times and memories to be made with this shop. Matt let’s go!
Heather Lane
Heather Lane 2 aylar önce
Outside ceiling was a pain and yet it is done and looks neat. The foam application process is interesting and hopefully will meet your requirements. Echo will go with 'stuff' even the boom.
Michael Creel
Michael Creel 2 aylar önce
Awesome! Congrats! I have really enjoyed watching the shop build series. Looking forward to the completion and the overhead crane installation.
harry potter
harry potter 2 aylar önce
I have enjoyed the shop series. Looking forward to getting the wood fired system built to supply the underfloor heating system with hot water. In the meantime, lots of other crazy projects. How do you cope with bringing large tracked vehicles, 'dozers etc inside?? or do they have to stay off the nice concrete??
Goat's Garage
Goat's Garage 2 aylar önce
Looking great. Have you thought of geothermal cooling using your radiant floor?
George Williams
George Williams 2 aylar önce
Seeing the progress of the build has been awesome. The shop is starting to look amazing. Can't qait to see you kit it out with all your workshop gear and start swinging off wrenches in it
AndTheCorrectAnswerIs 2 aylar önce
Having an enclosed heated shop is going to raise your productivity exponentially. Can't wait to see the projects rolling thru that new building.👍🇺🇲
Graeme Woodruff
Graeme Woodruff 2 aylar önce
You’ve done a great job Matt. You now have the perfect work space!
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 2 aylar önce
I hope so!
Matthew Utter
Matthew Utter 2 aylar önce
Awesome video, glad your shop is getting closer to completion. Can't wait to see crane installed and operational, and the floor heating running.
Michael Stoliker
Michael Stoliker 2 aylar önce
Looks good Matt. I'm looking at getting a Metal Garage built on my property and spray foam may be the way to keep from freezing in the winter and cooking in the summer.
sharkey086 2 aylar önce
The shop looks great Matt!! Can't wait to see the end result!
maxleopoldmun 2 aylar önce
I'd consider painting the beams the same grey, would look very neat!
David Sutton
David Sutton 2 aylar önce
An amazing job well done there Matt, hope to see the final and finished building really soon, thank you for sharing this will all of us.
Wayne Campbell
Wayne Campbell 2 aylar önce
The shop is looking great. But I have two questions. 1. What are those conduits sticking out the side of the building for? 2. How long do you think it'll be before you start installing the overhead crane?
Rusty Wrangles Arizona
Hey Matt Glad to your almost ready to move in fully to the dream shop. As you complete your, I lost one of my smaller shops to a fire this week, burned to the ground. Almost took the house to, but aside from window and paint damage the house is ok. Anyway guess I'm building something new also now. Enjoying your vids as always. Thanks
Wout Vandenberghe
Wout Vandenberghe 2 aylar önce
Nice workshop you have there! I was wondering if you guys in the US don't use pre-insulated roofing sheets like we do in Europe. They are slightly more expensive to purchase, but you save on labor and immediately have a neat finish. Thanks for the series, I enjoy it. greetings from Belgium.
Keith Moore
Keith Moore 2 aylar önce
Iv used them in the uk so much quiker i do not under stand faranght us to celses easer like metric us will one day join the rest of the world
J clark
J clark 2 aylar önce
did foam for a lot of years, those guys have way nicer equipment then i ever had. looks like they did a good job. no one has ever been happy with the price of the foam but when you talk to them a while later they never regret it.
Craig Jacks
Craig Jacks 2 aylar önce
You have done and continue to do a fantastic job on these videos. Thanks so much wand look forward to many more.😊
Alan Stepney
Alan Stepney 2 aylar önce
Fantastic job Mat, things are really coming together now, cant wait to see that overhead crane unit installation. Those outside lights are really the business too. Well done Mat, you should be very proud of your achievement.
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