I Got A Tattoo of My Ex - Doing the OPPOSITE of What Matt Says For 24 Hours

Rebecca Zamolo
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I, Rebecca Zamolo, created I Shaved My Head, Which Best Friend Will Be My Twin in 24 hours? Matt and Rebecca then made Matt fell down the stairs and the emergency room trip gets emotional. Finally the Game Master network posted Game Master Network lose and shave your head in among us. Now that Matt pranked Rebecca she decides to do the opposite of what Matt says for 24 hours. This might get extreme because she got a tattoo on her face of her ex boyfriend. It started when Rebecca and cousin Maddie woke Matt up with a giant water balloon on his head in bed. Next was a pie in the face. Maddie goes on a first date with her new crush for the first time in the backyard. Rebecca hosts a tea party but it goes wrong. Matt knows and he wants a football party with his favorite team. Finally the girls hide Matts favorite Tesla which could be the best prank. Do you think Rebecca will get away with it? Will this turn into a giant battle Royale especially with the tattoo of her ex boyfriend. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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26 Şub 2021




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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo 10 aylar önce
What prank made Matt the angriest? SUBSCRIBE if you like my tattoo!
aya alostad
aya alostad 5 gün önce
Rebecca I think I heard a sound from the attic and I think it said come here Rebecca but it was really strange🤨
Dolores Collins
Dolores Collins 26 gün önce
Makeah Gobin
Makeah Gobin Aylar önce
Nala Payne
Nala Payne Aylar önce
Fiza Haroon
Fiza Haroon 2 aylar önce
Toni Leslie
Toni Leslie 16 gün önce
I think the most of all the pranks I think Matt got mad at when you got a tattoo of your ex boyfriend
James ECKLEY 15 gün önce
He Forgot out that you will Figure out That you were doing the Opposite of what he wanted
Krystin Jones
Krystin Jones 11 gün önce
Mat is saying the exact opposite of where he wants so you can do it for him😠
Curtis Silly Sicilian
Curtis Silly Sicilian 12 gün önce
Omg I love you all so much rebecca I named my pet after you wish I could see you I live in Australia
𝐶ℎ𝑖𝑎𝑟𝑎 𝑉𝑙𝑜𝑔𝑠❤︎
The sound came from the vent and it said “ Come here Rebecca”
Olena 10 aylar önce
Yeah ikr
Alison Rosche
Alison Rosche 12 gün önce
omg Maddie should defintly go on a date with Ben
larry swan
larry swan 19 gün önce
I wonder if Maddie has a crush on Rick Noah
Hassan Saleban
Hassan Saleban 15 gün önce
The tattoo I would pick is John
Lvl_lashes_islington LVL
Omg maddie how didn’t you know John took the Tesla
Claire Johnston
Claire Johnston 10 aylar önce
Omg maddie ur hair looks so pretty and Rebecca urs too!
Indie Vanderveen
Indie Vanderveen 10 aylar önce
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson 10 aylar önce
Splashing the water on matt
Sahara Mohamad
Sahara Mohamad 10 aylar önce
I love Rebecca and maddie
Adam baker
Adam baker 10 aylar önce
Saimon Riklon
Saimon Riklon 10 aylar önce
Alves fam Alves
Alves fam Alves 19 gün önce
this is so funny the most funniest part is when matt wakes up to an explosion
Ambreah Little
Ambreah Little 21 gün önce
I love your " tattoo " rebecca
Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw 12 gün önce
For my tattoo I would have butterflies🦋
Mika Mabry
Mika Mabry 15 gün önce
Freaking out going to rip out his hair
mxl4k 10 aylar önce
I clicked faster then rebbeca could say “hey zamfam “
Jennifer McCormack
Jennifer McCormack 10 aylar önce
@shu super kurenai I did
Xx_Sara_xX 10 aylar önce
Lol same 😎👊🏻
Harry potter Fan
Harry potter Fan 10 aylar önce
Stolen comment
k.o nation
k.o nation 10 aylar önce
Kokila Nm
Kokila Nm 10 aylar önce
Me too
Layla Green
Layla Green 18 gün önce
I have the game master network app and it’s so much fun
Yvette Christian
Yvette Christian 17 gün önce
So funny 😂
Anthony Byrd
Anthony Byrd 24 gün önce
Rebecca seems kind of weird but I scoob who's your ex-boyfriend
Greg Brown
Greg Brown 15 gün önce
My tattoo designs would definitely be the name game master spys
Alyssa Prince
Alyssa Prince 10 aylar önce
You should do this challenge more often 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alyssa Prince
Alyssa Prince 10 aylar önce
Thank you so much for liking my comment Rebecca!!!! 😁😁😁
Journei Walker
Journei Walker 29 gün önce
Matt you must apologize to Rebecca for making Rebecca look like the worst players in among us
xXbear_squadXx 7 gün önce
Matt:❌ John:✅
Lacee Mundin
Lacee Mundin 21 gün önce
I love the tattoo 🤣🤣
m and m Lau
m and m Lau 21 gün önce
Can u pls give me a shoutout? Btw, love u guys
Kym xo
Kym xo 10 aylar önce
Rebecca I love your pranks there WAY better than Matt’s!!🤣
Oana Seulean
Oana Seulean 10 aylar önce
Yes true
Ostrich gacha
Ostrich gacha 10 aylar önce
Jennifer McCormack
Jennifer McCormack 10 aylar önce
And that is why she liked this...😂😁
Kym xo
Kym xo 10 aylar önce
Sukhvinder Kaur
Sukhvinder Kaur 10 aylar önce
Matt's prank -10 Rabbecas prank 10
Katherine Suarez
Katherine Suarez 14 gün önce
I Love you guys you’re my favorite TRvid er
Yalitza Se fue a la playa
You’re amazing
Lala Grant
Lala Grant 14 gün önce
Favourite TRvidr and I watch you every day so please come to my house it’s my birthday
Crystal Rogers
Crystal Rogers 9 gün önce
I like how mats just like oh hi call me John
Aashna Palakkal
Aashna Palakkal 10 aylar önce
This was so funny, great video!
Piper Egan
Piper Egan 3 saatler önce
Maddie+Rick Noah=❤️
Anna Tremblay
Anna Tremblay 25 gün önce
Hey Rebecca Zamolo I love your dress because my favorite color is pink it's so pretty
💖Nezuko chan💖
💖Nezuko chan💖 5 gün önce
Justin Blanchard
Justin Blanchard 4 gün önce
I love this it is so funny
Ariana Mendez
Ariana Mendez 2 aylar önce
I love this video because it’s opposite 😂
Jayme Whittle
Jayme Whittle 6 gün önce
If I had a tattoo it would be a cheer theme
Ashley Leavitt
Ashley Leavitt 18 gün önce
I love your video when you prank to me for 24 hours and did you do the visit
Elaine Little
Elaine Little 25 gün önce
I'd write zam fam if I got a tattoo
Dahlia Page
Dahlia Page 6 gün önce
hi rebecca i am subscribed with notifications on
Sylvia Lupez
Sylvia Lupez 10 aylar önce
When you where in the closet it said “come up here Rebecca”
Laura Bojorquez
Laura Bojorquez 3 gün önce
I think the maddest you made up was whenever you woke up and also you should act like you got a tattoo like a big tattoo of your ex-boyfriend
Adilyn Morgan
Adilyn Morgan 3 gün önce
I want to meet you Rebecca 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I want to see you so bad
Josh Cole
Josh Cole 16 saatler önce
Maddie’s 23
Lluvia Vaz
Lluvia Vaz 11 gün önce
I kinda feel like Rick Noah has a crush on maddie...
maddie myler
maddie myler 10 aylar önce
Not me dying laughing when maddie pranked matt lol
Nicole Weddle Dehner
Nicole Weddle Dehner 3 aylar önce
lol 😂🤣😂
Hazel Daming
Hazel Daming 9 aylar önce
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Jasleen Brar
Jasleen Brar 9 aylar önce
@Jag Kalaimani yeah
lilly-may sherlock
lilly-may sherlock 10 aylar önce
Chef I-z
Chef I-z 26 gün önce
Love all your videos and the video were watching now
Emily ryu
Emily ryu 18 gün önce
Maddie wen rick noah pied you in the face you should have pushed in him in the pool
Radjen Rahoman
Radjen Rahoman 16 gün önce
This video should be on Rebecca Maddie challenges I love your videos so much
Benny kasa
Benny kasa 22 gün önce
Rick Noah is in Love 😍 with Maddie
Emmalee Heckathorn
Emmalee Heckathorn 10 aylar önce
Matt: "She's not even doing what I tell her to do" Me: "You can't control Maddie" lol
Lorenza gaspar
Lorenza gaspar 2 aylar önce
Rick Noah. Put. The Tesla. In. The garage. Maddie. Thing. The. Tesla is. Missing
Edwin Jennifer
Edwin Jennifer 5 aylar önce
JC fidgets
JC fidgets 5 aylar önce
@nicola richards on
JC fidgets
JC fidgets 5 aylar önce
Michelle Fogerty
Michelle Fogerty 7 aylar önce
@nicola richards y
Erik Rasmussen
Erik Rasmussen 18 gün önce
Love the pranks
Danielle Connelly
Danielle Connelly 21 gün önce
I love your pranks on mat
Emi Papafrita
Emi Papafrita Aylar önce
lol i loved this video
Chris Fristed
Chris Fristed 19 gün önce
I subscribed to the notifications
Sukhvinder Kaur
Sukhvinder Kaur 10 aylar önce
Imagine if rebecca's ex is watching this...
Ashley Purser
Ashley Purser Aylar önce
I thank that Matt divsers it for all the thinking he has done to Rebecca and Maddie sometimes he is so mean
luisa fernanda ruano
luisa fernanda ruano 12 gün önce
John and Matt Was angriest that Maddie dating someone it was so funny 😂
Pine taufeulungaki
It says form your attic it said come here rebecca
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez 18 gün önce
Rebecca you're my favorite TRvidr
Nigel Byrne
Nigel Byrne Saatler önce
So funny 🤣 😆
Joe M Maxville
Joe M Maxville 3 gün önce
Maddie stitches don't let me down and there's nothing holding me back
Joy Farrae
Joy Farrae 11 gün önce
Rick has a crush on maddie 😳 😍
Cristina Cabrera
Cristina Cabrera 22 gün önce
Hey that wasn’t nice to matt
Lashar Parrish
Lashar Parrish 8 aylar önce
I love all your videos you're so amazing
😡🙄🖤Fearless leader🖤🙄😡
I love there vids too
marshmallow x boba blade gaming!
marshmallow x boba blade gaming!
Are you a big fan
Sherry phillips
Sherry phillips 24 gün önce
You do the opposite what Matt says I don't know that Rebecca Maddie y'all do a challenge 24 hours
Romrom Leaeasterlow
Romrom Leaeasterlow 12 gün önce
Hi I love your videos
Romrom Leaeasterlow
Romrom Leaeasterlow 12 gün önce
Georgia Dyson
Georgia Dyson 25 gün önce
Tattoo ❤️💕
john ellis
john ellis 21 gün önce
fatima tariq
fatima tariq 10 aylar önce
you are the best The lights went on and off when maddie was in bathroom
Arely Perez
Arely Perez 10 aylar önce
I never was in a video of rebbecas
I like your videos and I just like nakiuawest
Klf Rebecca and I want your merch
Arlo's Soccer World
Arlo's Soccer World 13 gün önce
I would love it so much
Luz Torres
Luz Torres 22 gün önce
Give me a shout out My name is mia😍
Niece Pooh
Niece Pooh 2 gün önce
Can you give us a gender reveal again but if it's a boy Diamond your week if it's up if it's a girl you have to throw up on Matt
Latoya Rolle
Latoya Rolle 26 gün önce
Really no one stole the Tesla when you’re mad too was Noah to use the card on his app to find his tesla so we can all drive it and bring it back in the garage signed Maddie
xxGinaNina xx
xxGinaNina xx 10 aylar önce
I love how Maddie was like wait the opposite then Rebecca said “ yeah when he says stay,” the. Maddie said “ oh then we leave”.
Abbie Ferguson
Abbie Ferguson 10 aylar önce
N Huncho
N Huncho 10 aylar önce
Naomi Roper
Naomi Roper 10 aylar önce
Yeah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Desly Acevedo
Desly Acevedo 10 aylar önce
Yea 😂
Stella Behel
Stella Behel Gün önce
Rebecca somebody wants you to come up to the doll house up there
Carly Di folco
Carly Di folco Aylar önce
Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast 2 gün önce
inspiration for my next video!!
Vanessa Dupuis
Vanessa Dupuis 17 gün önce
I Love you so much Maude 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😚☄☄🌠🌠🌠😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💑💑💑💑💑💏💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💟💟💟💟💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤💘🎆🎆🎇✨✨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😻 I Love you I Love I Love Maude 😍♥️
Vanessa Dupuis
Vanessa Dupuis 17 gün önce
Abdalia Adderley
Abdalia Adderley 10 aylar önce
Not Matt covering Rick Noah's eyes 😂😂😂
Aaron Duff and Weston Kernan
Abdalia Adderley
Abdalia Adderley 10 aylar önce
@Aaliyah Villani Yeah I could
Aaliyah Villani
Aaliyah Villani 10 aylar önce
@Abdalia Adderley basically the person was saying u could see rick noahs hair
Abdalia Adderley
Abdalia Adderley 10 aylar önce
@Aaliyah Villani Do you know what that means?
Aaliyah Villani
Aaliyah Villani 10 aylar önce
@Roblox_addiction ♡ love yourself true
BEANS 16 gün önce
I ain’t saying John bc DAS MY DADS NAME 😂😂
Christi Beatty
Christi Beatty 18 gün önce
Matt Rick Noah they were doing the opposite for 24 hours
Joud Swaidan
Joud Swaidan 14 gün önce
With Maddie’s boyfriend
Joy Farrae
Joy Farrae 11 gün önce
Matt took the car 🚗 😂
Travel_Is_In_My_Blood 10 aylar önce
This is kinda getting to a prank wars 😂❤️
Fiza Haroon
Fiza Haroon 2 aylar önce
Stella 10 aylar önce
Because they are doing prank wars
Lynsi Douglas
Lynsi Douglas 23 gün önce
Oh I know let me take a guess Robbie Rob because I seen the yellow hood
Stephanie Naulty
Stephanie Naulty 19 gün önce
The tattto
Meredith Roseo
Meredith Roseo 19 gün önce
Oh I loved Matt's reaction of maddie dating i always love his reaction of something he doesn't like
luke duncan
luke duncan 24 gün önce
I wish that I was rebeca
El camino Feliz
El camino Feliz 23 gün önce
I LIKE THE TATTOO pranks y and im a big fan of you love matt
COTTINEAU Loise 12 gün önce
Poor rn he is single forever now🤣😢
Eve Garrett
Eve Garrett 15 gün önce
Really funny pranking
Yaretzi Ramirez
Yaretzi Ramirez 14 gün önce
Guys I saw the lights turn off and on in the downstairs bathroom
Jenna Muthanna
Jenna Muthanna 10 aylar önce
I love how they where the merch every video!
Jenna Muthanna
Jenna Muthanna 10 aylar önce
@Grant Benton its the pink drink
Grant Benton
Grant Benton 10 aylar önce
I want your coffee
angela shonblom
angela shonblom 10 aylar önce
Its wear not where just saying.
Lilyana Rose
Lilyana Rose 10 aylar önce
Really I don’t
Kay 14 gün önce
Ric Noah took it!!!
Harlen Greene
Harlen Greene Aylar önce
This video is so funny
Gamer123 20 gün önce
If I got a tattoo I’ll say BFF Rebecca
Ava Williams
Ava Williams 16 gün önce
If I would get a tattoo it would be a butterfly 🦋
Heather O'Briant
Heather O'Briant 10 aylar önce
Whenever I get a tattoo I'm going to get one on my back and my daughter or son's name on my wrist
Ella The sloth fan
Ella The sloth fan 27 gün önce
Rick Noah has a crush on Maddie 🤪
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