I Found a SECRET base under My MINECRAFT House!

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I Found a SECRET base under My MINECRAFT House! with PrestonPlayz 👊

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23 Eyl 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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PrestonPlayz 2 yıl önce
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melanie clark
melanie clark 19 gün önce
melanie clark
melanie clark 19 gün önce
Umar Akiemdien
Umar Akiemdien Aylar önce
@Jackson Messick me to I watch Preston on the right time every day
Jackson Messick
Jackson Messick Aylar önce
I’m a big fan
Umar Akiemdien
Umar Akiemdien Aylar önce
You are the best
Ziyaad Mallum
Ziyaad Mallum 2 yıl önce
Ur the best Preston keep up the amazing work
Anjali Soni
Anjali Soni Yıl önce
yeah keep it up
Fun Lab
Fun Lab Yıl önce
I I just saw the video you got praying so bye-bye newborn 234
Fun Lab
Fun Lab Yıl önce
I love you you are the best yotober I no I am very picky
Cassidy Yıl önce
Nonjabulo Nene
Nonjabulo Nene Yıl önce
Yah keep it up❣️❤️❤️💞💞
GamercreatzYT Yıl önce
i think u should add a place to collect the stuff they lose
Benjamine Amparo Amurao
preston im watching your videos. can you teach me how to do parkour?
XxJennie GamingxX
That’s john and Keith secret base haha lol
Maria and Rafa Dela Cruz
Hi Preston, watch Barney's video. He made a secret underground basement
Nightwolf99 2 yıl önce
Preston nice video ever dude keep making videos for your fans
A Wang
A Wang Yıl önce
If there are Villagers near by Iron golems will spawn Sometimes
Cage Cross
Cage Cross Yıl önce
Dude I love your videos I subscribed and I hit that notification Bell to ringing and I hit the like button on every single video
mattyorsomthing Yıl önce
can you upload more smp vids thank you
Blurrywvrk Yıl önce
Me getting bored of pokemon hyped content after 2 months : "Ugh, Pokemon is already getting boring!" Also me, remembering Preston playz and Tbnrfrags is a thing: "Yessiiirr minecraft always been at the top aha!"
Bethany Mango!
Bethany Mango! 2 yıl önce
You should do more sky wars, bed wars and parkour maps!😀🙂🥰😋🥳🤩
Lydia Kramer
Lydia Kramer 4 aylar önce
Bed wars
Joe Rawlings
Joe Rawlings Yıl önce
I love secret bases.
Opminecraftgod Androblox
18:28 look in the ravin or look at bari’s channal that is his house in the wooden bridge
Mathijs Toen
Mathijs Toen Yıl önce
14:11 there is a hole in the stairs
Mia💕Dubai Yıl önce
Preston the base you found is Keith’s and John’s
Kou Minamoto
Kou Minamoto Yıl önce
@Carol Brown maybe she didn’t know is there a problem with you
JJNEW2010 Yıl önce
Ppl have life’s to
JJNEW2010 Yıl önce
Don’t be mean
JJNEW2010 Yıl önce
Is ther something wrong with you Carol Brown
Carol Brown
Carol Brown Yıl önce
Is something wrong with you how do u not know
Zac Georgopoulos
Zac Georgopoulos 2 yıl önce
Keith took them with Barney. Their base goes over a cavern and connects to that random base made of diorite
Jr Costibolo
Jr Costibolo Yıl önce
Hello Preston I love your videos I am a huge fan
Michael White
Michael White Yıl önce
Preston's but TNT in the wall, so if they step on the pressure plate it'll go boom boom
olivia_e_sirkes Yıl önce
I made a pretty drt house I think that was my first survival house.
Nerdy Nutrition
Nerdy Nutrition 7 aylar önce
Your the best TRvid ever!!!!!
Subhash Joshi
Subhash Joshi Yıl önce
Preston I am such a huge fan of you and which edition of Minecraft do you play on??
Addie Riddle
Addie Riddle Yıl önce
He plays on all but most common he plays pc Java edition
Addie Riddle
Addie Riddle Yıl önce
It depend
Addie Riddle
Addie Riddle Yıl önce
Manoj .Kumar
Manoj .Kumar Yıl önce
He's java edition
Avxiia Yıl önce
no preston you get them by killing drowns they can hold it sometimes
Emily Carnes
Emily Carnes Yıl önce
irena suka what does that have to do with anything?
Erald Cela
Erald Cela Yıl önce
EveyGamer obviously I have 4 stacks
Vivien Wohlfeil
Vivien Wohlfeil Yıl önce
Emily Carnes
Emily Carnes Yıl önce
That’s what I do. I do that and I fish as well.
Owen Harrod
Owen Harrod Yıl önce
Hello Preston I think u should do a 100 day Minecraft challenge.
Donna Pagliero
Donna Pagliero Yıl önce
i really liked that
Angela Watkins
Angela Watkins Yıl önce
I saw a cross whenever Preston was in the desert coming back
Radhika Poudel
Radhika Poudel Yıl önce
I wish I can see you Preston
Carly Lightstone
Carly Lightstone Yıl önce
The staircase that you find they they make a secret hole in it and they cover it up and then that leads to the base
Sea editing
Sea editing Yıl önce
Yesss part 2!!!
Ruby Mackie
Ruby Mackie 2 yıl önce
hi preston! I'm such a big fan x
Wisaberry Yıl önce
Keith and john are in the new house in the mine!
ezabelle Yıl önce
Why did you say that they were supposed to find it
Asma Alami
Asma Alami Yıl önce
When I tried to make a tnt prank but I keep pranking myself I keep igniting it
Evan Roe
Evan Roe Yıl önce
you make the best Troll videos ever
Nicola James
Nicola James Yıl önce
I love you Preston and Brianna and I SUBSCRIBED for Sophia to join you 🦄
] Waterdemonz [
] Waterdemonz [ 2 yıl önce
14:11 I feel like under the dirt staircase is another secret base
Salycia Omzigtig
Salycia Omzigtig 2 yıl önce
Me too
_ Scruppii _
_ Scruppii _ 2 yıl önce
Jasper Kim I agree
THEgurlwhoisabanana 2 yıl önce
ya actually I think the same
eljyns chanle
eljyns chanle 2 yıl önce
Flames 2 yıl önce
ME TOO 14:11
henry kyie
henry kyie Yıl önce
this is amazing
Shijo Varghese
Shijo Varghese Yıl önce
I think that’s Jelly’s house
Corey Crump
Corey Crump Yıl önce
That is so freaking cool😎😎😎
Yamilett Ausua
Yamilett Ausua Yıl önce
That cobblestone & dorit house is Bri's house
-Shadøws Cat-
-Shadøws Cat- 2 yıl önce
Preston:’’all there’s left is chickens’’ Me:’’Brianna,IT WAS BRIAANA!!’’
Amani and Carrera
Amani and Carrera 2 yıl önce
Brianna would take the chickens she loves them
Ally Mcroberts
Ally Mcroberts Yıl önce
Preston your videos are so cool I really want to see you on among us
LegendaryMrPlayz 8 aylar önce
this is keith and barney's house
Anne Day
Anne Day Yıl önce
Preston you’re the best TRvid or
Luna dark
Luna dark Yıl önce
Ummm do you mean TRvidr if not then what is TRvid or?
Gurj Yıl önce
kieth and barney's house is UNDERGROUND
mrs louise
mrs louise Yıl önce
It will blow over the house with the villages in
Emma Silvestre
Emma Silvestre Yıl önce
That's barney's and bahri's house!!!
eidaa0_ok Yıl önce
Hi nice to meet you Preston
Alpha Of Everything
I'm pretty sure the culprit is Bahri videos are 11 to 10 months I believe
master zander
master zander 2 yıl önce
do you know theres a secret house in side the secret hideout between to torches and they used stone
David Brookes
David Brookes 2 yıl önce
master zander um how do you know this
Babie Dahilig
Babie Dahilig Aylar önce
It's been 2 years and it's still funny
Cocomillie_2012i Aylar önce
Kou Minamoto
Kou Minamoto Yıl önce
Tip for anyone who plays Minecraft: always keep a shulker box for more inventory space
Kou Minamoto
Kou Minamoto Yıl önce
@Connor Scates is for people who have gone to the end and have a shulker
Connor Scates
Connor Scates Yıl önce
What if u hav not find a shulker
brawler gamer
brawler gamer 11 aylar önce
Preston in the white house when you go down go to the left and mine it and then you will find bahris and barnnys secret hide out
LapisShadow Aylar önce
14:11 secret room I think
Coal Block
Coal Block 2 yıl önce
preston i went to the last minecon and asked jerome if u guys would do some more vids together but u did vid with kenny u guys rock hope you and everyone fan has an amazing day
Bommba:3 Yıl önce
i love all your vids you are the baest🌵🌵🌵
Joanna Vidovic
Joanna Vidovic Yıl önce
I tried and breed them instead of finding.
Luckstar11 Yıl önce
Tried to breed what
Jake Schultz
Jake Schultz Yıl önce
12:27 it’s funny I think
Attila Deczki
Attila Deczki Yıl önce
This is so cool
Mrs. K
Mrs. K 2 yıl önce
it is bahri's and barney's secret hide out
Jacobe Cunningham
No way you are very very close to hiting 10MILLON SUBSCRIBES
Please do more smp please!!
The Ultimate S
The Ultimate S Yıl önce
2:28 it sounds like the sound effect
L1nk Yıl önce
Alison jones-shaw
Look at the top of the door on the inside
Mackenzie Lombardi
Mackenzie Lombardi 2 yıl önce
I wish I could play Minecraft with Preston
Mackenzie Lombardi
Mackenzie Lombardi 2 yıl önce
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller Yıl önce
Preston you are my fave youtuber
Graynet plays
Graynet plays Yıl önce
Jelly did it I seen that house before
Nuke Luke
Nuke Luke Yıl önce
This is my dream to see you live
Giselle Austin
Giselle Austin Yıl önce
I wish I can see you🇹🇹
Allie Dusek
Allie Dusek 2 yıl önce
In the first chest they looked at there was a paper and I think it was a note
Luckstar11 Yıl önce
They Shuda red it
InfiniteLee YT
InfiniteLee YT Yıl önce
Turtle the tutorial
Turtle the tutorial 11 aylar önce
Secrert house underneath there might be Kieth and John
Valerie Hennon
Valerie Hennon Yıl önce
You know that hole in the diary house that home their house is in there
SarcasticSigh Yıl önce
You the best I’m kid and your kid Channel and I love horses I also love chickens but I’m sad you have no pigs
Anna deSagun
Anna deSagun Aylar önce
Preston “Touch them toes” Me “But I am touching my toes”
QUINNtheWIN Yıl önce
Those stairs are where they’re House is no prom queen
Roblox Jaye
Roblox Jaye Yıl önce
Cool Video!
StarX_cloudy✨ Yıl önce
It was amazing
Jake Mccourt
Jake Mccourt 2 yıl önce
How do you do all the Parkour you Did So Perfectly
Sunny Araya
Sunny Araya 2 yıl önce
They have to be pro's to have the chanel or it would take forever
psalm17 games and friends
Tagalog is a pro ok tbnrfrags bro ok
youngruf1 2 yıl önce
he a pro
Rosalie Dela Cruz
Hi Preston your so cool
morganville boucher
I love your videos
Shannon Downes
Shannon Downes Yıl önce
Hi my name is Jack I love your videos of Minecraft
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear Yıl önce
make a secret nether base and a bunker just in case if you're in trouble even a portal to go back can you build it please!
Krzys Matula
Krzys Matula 2 yıl önce
Who thinks Preston is the best Minecraft TRvidr? Cuz I do!
Jonathan Lowe
Jonathan Lowe 2 yıl önce
@Anna Banana pewdiepie is even better watch his series from ep1 to ep46
Tony 2 yıl önce
I do
Patrick Nkunga
Patrick Nkunga 2 yıl önce
I doo
Shark Pressure washing
I do
khaled khalifa
khaled khalifa 2 yıl önce
Cyrose Janikka Brugada
I clearly know that bri was the one who destroyed everything cause the chickens are still there sus and bri like's chicken
Line Slethei
Line Slethei Yıl önce
This is the best video ever
Kawaii Maria Gamez
It's Barney and Keith that did it!
Apheng Konyak
Apheng Konyak Yıl önce
U should keep diamond block so that theywill mine it n fall down
Heidi Titus
Heidi Titus Yıl önce
I love ya presten :3
Maia Roberts
Maia Roberts 10 aylar önce
My Minecraft house is right next to a pool af drowned so now I have 7 tridents XD
Jessica Mccoy
Jessica Mccoy Yıl önce
Two other players or right beneath your feet may have made a secret base and they stole all of your diamonds
IV S Yıl önce
Preston when you went in Keith’s home I saw a person run bye the door
Helios 2 yıl önce
me: gets to cows and breed them me: getting 20 cows from breeding
Lucas Degrave
Lucas Degrave Yıl önce
It’s Brianna
Tasawar Bano
Tasawar Bano Yıl önce
15:35 there is a sand cross bruh
Camberrycookie Yıl önce
Preston you are the best youtber in the wold
John Kaempfer
John Kaempfer Yıl önce
Make a secrecy base in the ground
_crack_head._0 Yıl önce
If I saw tnt I would take it and find out who did it then prank them cuz It might be someone you love soooooo
_crack_head._0 Yıl önce
@Yourgurl_Evieishere oh I remember
_crack_head._0 Yıl önce
@Yourgurl_Evieishere idk even know what I said ;-; or what I was talking about lok
Fñâf ;3 awwww you saying a cute words
WhoosBella? Yıl önce
its keith and barney's house!!
Alena Matos
Alena Matos Yıl önce
the house was bri's mincraft house
ggminecrafter Yıl önce
cheaf has his render distance set to 50 or something XD
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