I forgot how insane Twilight Eclipse is

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19 Şub 2022




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Totschlager 11 aylar önce
Personally I'm team Alice. That girl did everything to protect Bella AND she was so much less drama then Mr. "Ill kill myself if you dont love me" and Mr. "I watch you sleep"
Totschlager 6 gün önce
@L. Buds yes but I am gay and in love with alice soooo
L. Buds
L. Buds 7 gün önce
All 3 of them are awful characters..
Grace D.
Grace D. 22 gün önce
*than *THAN
Elizabeth Thornton
Elizabeth Thornton 2 aylar önce
autumn 2 aylar önce
@Ava Marie its hardly hers, us alice/bella fans have been stanning since we first read the books babygurl. i dunno who that person is LMFAO
Alex J
Alex J 11 aylar önce
“I enjoy the twilight movies, but my least favorite thing about the twilight movies is the twilight movies” is fucking poetry and you’re SO RIGHT jane solo movie when
rebeccanater 2 aylar önce
At least drop a jane visual album!!! Jane fan cam "pain - the remix"
Narcisse 11 aylar önce
As someone said in another comment, Jacob says in the books that he takes off the shorts and ties them to his ankle when he changes. NOT ONLY THAT, he says that they have shorts stached all over the woods for emergencies
KaylaNoelle1 2 aylar önce
Woo! Moldy rainforest shorts!
Tender n00dle
Tender n00dle 4 aylar önce
Lol imagine if he tied them around his neck and when he changed it looked like a little doggy bandana💀
nicole elizabeth
nicole elizabeth 7 aylar önce
I mean what kind of emergencies, doggy emergencies or….other things?
Binah 7 aylar önce
Y’all this comment thread randomly pops into my head at random moments and i always laugh to the point of tears
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti 7 aylar önce
NOOO omg 😂 imagine your out in the woods and it's like mega spooky and suddenly a giant add wolf runs past you with some fucking Jorts tied to its leg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Melle Elizabeth
Melle Elizabeth 7 aylar önce
I can't express my dissatisfaction when I found out Carlisle's whole power is just "he's compassionate"
pulped • 69d ago
pulped • 69d ago 17 gün önce
carlisles power is being the hottest male vampire i guess
KaylaNoelle1 2 aylar önce
He's LITERALLY The #1 Dad like on those cheesy mugs. He was created to nurture moody teenagers. I actually think he's supposed to represent the Mormon religion as a character though.
Stefan Milovic
Stefan Milovic 3 aylar önce
Go Carlisle bestie give us nothing
Tender n00dle
Tender n00dle 4 aylar önce
@Jackie Rosas so his superpower is basic self control💀 That’s even worse
Jackie Rosas
Jackie Rosas 6 aylar önce
He also has the most self control and can resist blood the best🤣🤣🤣
little seraphine
little seraphine 11 aylar önce
i'm team edward & jacob hooking up and bella backpacking through europe to find herself because damn
Leandro Moronta
Leandro Moronta 2 aylar önce
Holy shit
Kay V. D.
Kay V. D. 7 aylar önce
MS 11 aylar önce
This would’ve been the best possible outcome
rbcview 11 aylar önce
Mike’s movie review era coming back was truly what 2022 needed
Big Sissy Angie
Big Sissy Angie 11 aylar önce
A cultural reset if there ever was one.
Retro Pokemon Depot
Retro Pokemon Depot 11 aylar önce
I cannot agree more
olivia Greenburgh
olivia Greenburgh 11 aylar önce
At this point in the MMCU (mike's mic cinematic universe), in a post pll-breakdown world, you're basically screwed if you haven't seen the rest of his videos as the canon references are 50% of the viewing enjoyment.
pennelope97 9 aylar önce
I love this analysis
olivia Greenburgh
olivia Greenburgh 11 aylar önce
A.N maybe this is a marketing strategy to isolate non-pll breakdown watchers from new videos as they can't understand references thereby forcing them to watch previous content in order to enjoy the new. Man doesn't have a masters for nothing
H 11 aylar önce
The side characters and world-building in Twilight are great, but Bella and Edward are not it. Literally the most awkward, static, uninteresting characters. The entire time I read the series I was just like "woah, Alice and Jasper were in a cult" "woah, first female werewolf" "woah, Esme and Carlisle crazy doctor miscarriage un-aliving romance" and then no pay-off. Like, here's this interesting thing, now back to the cringe underage romance.
murraymanitos 4 aylar önce
Read Luminosity by Alicorn!!! Twilight crawled so it could fly~
Tender n00dle
Tender n00dle 4 aylar önce
I fr wish the story was about Bella and Alice (or at least Jasper and Alice) and the other Cullens. It could be actually good and Edward could just be weird side character who’s comically melodramatic.
jennshine 5 aylar önce
That’s what I tell people all the time!! Stephanie Meyer wrote so many interesting things but the main storyline with Edward and Bella is meh
deviltrigger 7 aylar önce
@nostradamus fucking ruinmyknee thats the best one ive heard so far thank you and have a nice day
Sky 7 aylar önce
This is why I was obsessed with twilight fan fiction in middle school but could never stand to read the actual books. I loved the world and all of the side characters but Bella and Edward are so fucking boring I could barely read through a page without my ADHD screaming at me to do literally anything else
Nicola Steelnack
Nicola Steelnack 11 aylar önce
I think a lot of people were Team Jacob just by process of elimination because they didn't want to be Team Edward but we're so conditioned to believe that characters need to be in a romantic relationship at the end of the story that no one thought of the Team No One option
ia 11 aylar önce
Personally I think they were Team Jacob because of the first two books and then just held on for dear life as smeyer ruined Jacob's character for the rest of the series
MS 11 aylar önce
It should’ve been Team Bella Goes to College And Meets Some Other People
Rachel Burns
Rachel Burns 10 aylar önce
The Cullen house is actually in an extremely wealthy part of my hometown (where all the twilight movies were filmed). It was listed in 2010 for 3 mill but is probably now actually worth about 10 million dollars due to crazy Vancouver property inflation. I was in high school when they were being filmed and remember trying to crash the filming locations with my friends during class because most of the forest scenes were filmed in the forests directly bordering my school/ hometown. Good times good times. (also i think the house may be for sale currently so s.n.a.t.c.h that shit up quick)
melanie colie
melanie colie 3 aylar önce
@Lf I was about to say, the Cullen house (for the first movie) is here in my neighborhood in Portland so I was really confused for a moment!
mmm watcha say
mmm watcha say 9 aylar önce
@MichelleLisa MUO omg the poor owners
MichelleLisa MUO
MichelleLisa MUO 9 aylar önce
@mmm watcha say I went to see the house recently and there are cameras and signs telling people to go away.. I felt bad and left very quickly 😂 it’s completely understandable though! Who would want strangers creeping around their house all day..
Lf 9 aylar önce
They actually built the house for eclipse, so it might not be the same as that of the previous films. They built it from scratch.
mmm watcha say
mmm watcha say 9 aylar önce
I wonder if it’s for sale because there’s too many twilight fans visiting the house?
gungun 11 aylar önce
Kate Ryan
Kate Ryan 7 aylar önce
Kate Ryan
Kate Ryan 7 aylar önce
Amelia Lennon
Amelia Lennon 11 aylar önce
Thank you for saying it in caps
wateen 11 aylar önce
The girls that get it, get it. The girls that don’t, don’t.
heiressananiah 11 aylar önce
Avatar the Last Airbender vibes.. If you know, you know
AniK 11 aylar önce
Listen, I stand by my point that Eclipse has story wise the most interesting parts and characters? Rosalie with her backstory? Pure genius. The love triangle between Emily, Leah and Sam (?)? Dramatic gold, just amazing. The whole army of the newborn vampires? Holy shit, amazing. But that love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob can go drown.
Sam Buys
Sam Buys 11 aylar önce
Okay but imagine the rabbit hole he’d fall into if he started reading the books! There is an absurd amount of lore and mundane moments that were cut out of the movies!! I’m here to remind you of Bella and Edward at lunch during school. Bella asked Edward if he can eat human food and he deadass tells her that he can eat it but it’s gross and he’s gonna have to throw up later!! Then he eats a bite of pizza like bitch what. Bella is entirely amused by the vampire oddities that they discuss while just hanging out it’s wild.
marcotisch 12 gün önce
@Keoels honestly it’s not that far fetched for Edward, a century old virgin from the 1910s, to almost combust at the sight of a knee length skirt. That mf probably drooling over a sight of ankle
Nįkė Mārajé
Nįkė Mārajé 9 aylar önce
@-_- hehe _purr_ 🤭💅🏻
-_- hehe
-_- hehe 9 aylar önce
@Nįkė Mārajé Bella was in her Mormon-core phase 🤪🥵
Julieta Vazquez
Julieta Vazquez 9 aylar önce
@Keoels GIRL ME TOO!!!! I could never get that fucking outfit out of my head. it's grotesque and a crime to humanity AND vampirity.
Keoels 9 aylar önce
@Nįkė Mārajé i honestly had to close the book after i read that and have a moment of silence for poor bella. A LONG KHAKI SKIRT?! absolutely unacceptable unhinged behaviour from miss Stephenie Meyer. there are insane shit in the books but nothing impacted me so greatly than that outfit. in no decade or universe is that outfit decent. i like to believe edward was making fun of her in that moment and being sarcastic when he said that to her.
Shaun Copeland
Shaun Copeland 11 aylar önce
Alright, take a trip down memory lane with me. I went to see the Twilight: Eclipse premier with my older sister. The most excited people in the theatre were 3 Spanish speaking men with salt and pepper hair in what seemed to be their work pants and matching Twilight - Team Jacob shirts. They also helped shush the audience as we got excited 😂😂.
EP 9 aylar önce
I went to see Eclipse alone at midday before a test lol
Oui Je Danse
Oui Je Danse 10 aylar önce
A lot more men would a lot happier if they'd just embrace loving melodrama and saw whatever actually interested them.
Amaeliss 11 aylar önce
I'm team Alice. Like excuse me but that scene from the book where she's like "I love Bella too"? Iconic. Magnificent. She deserves a girlfriend
Jenny Shelby
Jenny Shelby 11 aylar önce
"Miss Bella you're a killer not Ezra's wife." Had me on the floor. 😂😂
naye1 8 aylar önce
SAME😂😭😭and the euphoria lines i love himm
João Paulo
João Paulo 9 aylar önce
Ale Lux
Ale Lux 9 aylar önce
@Emry Joy añzZ9ZZ
Nįkė Mārajé
Nįkė Mārajé 10 aylar önce
Emry Joy
Emry Joy 11 aylar önce
@Uriel da Boamorte ahah its from pretty little liars! Go check out his 3 PLL breakdowns, they're iconic
pinkflorets 9 aylar önce
I need to say this. The pace at which you talk and the edits between sentences is perfect. It’s literally perfect. I think at the same pace as these videos
aleebee 9 aylar önce
Honestly Edward is an actual saint when it comes to Jacob… I wouldve thrown hands multiple times throughout this movie for the shit he says
Noel Bernabe
Noel Bernabe 7 aylar önce
Seriously ... between sexually assaulting Bella and emotionally blackmailing Bella with suicide, it's a miracle Edward didn't freaking kill him. No other guy would be patient enough to put up with that. Plus some of the stuff which happens with Jacob at the end of Breaking Dawn. How does Jacob survive the Twilight saga?
Lucy Price
Lucy Price 9 aylar önce
When I was first watching all the twilight movies, i straight up skipped Eclipse and did not notice. I had no prior knowledge of twilight, I thought it was just a weird time skip-- New Moon ends with a proposal and Breaking Dawn starts with a wedding, like all this drama and for what. Nothing happens.
Noel Bernabe
Noel Bernabe 7 aylar önce
Originally Twilight only was supposed to be Twilight and Breaking Dawn. New Moon and Eclipse are sort of filler.
トリ🧸 11 aylar önce
It’s absolutely insane to me that Stephanie Meyer just made jasper an ancient racist for no reason. He could have at least been in the Union army 😩😤
NG 11 aylar önce
First time I read the series I was 12 and was Team Edward (cause rob pat duh). Second time I read the book, I was 17 and was Team Jacob (cause book Edward was a first rate creepshow fr). Last time I read the book, I was 22 and became Team Alice. Such a character development journey for me lol
CrazyRatHottie 11 aylar önce
my heart is literally broken that you didn’t talk about seth, he’s my absolute favorite character from twilight
Lesley Kruijt
Lesley Kruijt 9 aylar önce
the whole "all three in the tent, I'm hotter than you, take your clothes off" scene was honestly just a writing prompt for the fan fiction writers
Sara Kilburn
Sara Kilburn 11 aylar önce
Understanding 90% of the pop culture references in Mike's video's is my superpower.
Alexis Mitchell
Alexis Mitchell 11 aylar önce
Mike is so enthralling. I’d listen to him recount this saga instead of watching/reading it any day.
EC Cas
EC Cas 11 aylar önce
I thought you meant Mike Newton for a second
Rachael Anne
Rachael Anne 11 aylar önce
He could literally describe his grocery store trip and I’d listen!
Danielle Bernard
Danielle Bernard 6 aylar önce
If I remember correctly, the jorts thing is that pre-empitivley, the wolves have stashed emergency jorts in the forest around La Push and Forks. And also before they transform and hide their pants in more jort holes. So imagine ur walking in the bush and u see a blue thing out of the corner of ur eye and upon further inspection, its jorts
sbp 421
sbp 421 Aylar önce
Bronny 10 aylar önce
Imagine mike becoming a professor and teaching exclusively through movie/tv references lol
lagritsalammas 11 aylar önce
You and Mina Le are becoming my two favourite channels on youtube. I feel that you both do pop culture commentary so well, albeit differently. Keep on rocking!
Esha 9 aylar önce
Wow they’re my fave to! I agree such diff creators but both so amazing!
m 11 aylar önce
“huffing a bella scented candle” TOOK ME OUT
Bean sprout 🌱💞
Bean sprout 🌱💞 11 aylar önce
Edward and Jacob in this movie give big divorced dad’s passively aggressively insulting each other while dropping their child off for the others custody week. They are NOT on good terms for some dumb reason, but they’re definitely still in love and only angry at each other because they’re too proud to express their feelings and instead act upon their own suppressed sexual attraction and romantic passion via passive aggressive anger. Rob would agree, i think.
Carissa Lewis
Carissa Lewis 10 aylar önce
bella literally compares getting dropped off by edward at the rez to see Jacob to her divorced parents in the books 😭😭
Iliana C.
Iliana C. 11 aylar önce
@BusinessBabe secret romeo and juliet vibes
JJ Love
JJ Love 11 aylar önce
Team Jakeward anyone? Lol
TENO 11 aylar önce
Rob would … literally agree.
BusinessBabe 11 aylar önce
😂😂 love this comment. Rob would agree.
azultante 11 aylar önce
In the books the werewolves have a band wrapped around their ankles where they put the shorts where they transform. In the book, Bella had that same question about the shirtlessness but its all talked about. Stephanie Meyer leaving no plotholes behind.
Johanna Viking
Johanna Viking 11 aylar önce
I hate that I know this but when Bella becomes a vampire she tries to wear contacts to hide from Charlie and the venom on her eyes (lol) keeps dissolving the contacts so she can't wear them for long. She also has to remind herself to blink a lot and move slowly which is fun vampire lore. Love to imagine the Cullens constantly forcing themselves to move in slow-mo.
Alicee Palermo
Alicee Palermo 11 aylar önce
I was always team Jacob (when I was a teenager) and my aunt would always say that when I get older I'd become team Edward. I was ADAMANT that this was not going to happen. I'm now 24 and can confirm that I have moved over to team Edward
Lisa Sowa
Lisa Sowa Aylar önce
Why tho? He is a creepy stalker
Personofinterest1909 11 aylar önce
I was 22 when the first movie came out. I felt like I was in on the joke, but now I'm worried about the children who were exposed to this franchise. I hope you're all ok.
Lucie C
Lucie C 10 gün önce
i read the books when i was 8
Rachel D
Rachel D 9 aylar önce
we’re not 🫶🏽
NEPTUNE 11 aylar önce
the sweater, the necklace, the hair, the nails, sis you popped off like you’re girlboss slaying
xtin4 11 aylar önce
@V S omg i know!!! i found the same one for about $800 USD i wanted to get it as a gift
chuussol 11 aylar önce
right that sweater is amazinggg
Rock Criedout
Rock Criedout 11 aylar önce
The yassification is endless, like the timelessness of Edward's heart.
NEPTUNE 11 aylar önce
@V S not expensive for our king 🤴
V S 11 aylar önce
@xtin4 it’s Casablanca, Very expensive,
jo 11 aylar önce
"why are you giving still when you should be giving sparkling" this is why i always watch your content
Neenaw 11 aylar önce
‘She’s immediately a queen- she’s also a werewolf’ giving big ‘she’s a mammoth, of course’ vibes
Bryn Richmond
Bryn Richmond Aylar önce
The ring part had me screaming
Mollie Mayer
Mollie Mayer 11 aylar önce
"who is providing all the cargo shorts for these werewolves" took me tf out
Jacob 11 aylar önce
Living in a post-PLL recap world and all of its references and sound bytes being part of the canon now is so amazing. We are lucky to live in these times.
Jenn 5 gün önce
Anna Pearce
Anna Pearce 5 aylar önce
At 9:52 mins, is that sound from PLL?
ez 5 aylar önce
that "miss bella youre a killer not ezra's wife" had meeee
maliciousm3gan 6 aylar önce
A D 6 aylar önce
ffi 11 aylar önce
whenever i watch mikes videos i feel like i’m in my besties room and they’re describing their favourite movie/show to me. love it
ThornheartCat 11 aylar önce
It really is amazing how the least interesting thing about Twilight is the actual story.
Supernaturlisch 9 aylar önce
My main takeaway from rewatching Eclipse is that Jacob is insufferable and I have no idea how I could’ve ever had doubts about what team I was on. I mean Bella made adult and irreversible choices with a horny teen brain and fell in love with a man with whom she shared no visible hobbies or interests apart from staring into each other’s eyes. But still. Jacob was SO-
Samm 11 aylar önce
I was always team Jacob. Mostly because I was a closeted lesbian and thought picking the muscly guy would make me look straighter. I am now team Alice.
conversations with kara
mike's mind is just the gift that keeps on giving
pigeont 11 aylar önce
Contributing to human evolution
pigeont 11 aylar önce
Making us more cultured, smarter... better as human beings in general.
conversations with kara
@Bleedinghoneysuckle youtube's power duo wbk 💅
Bleedinghoneysuckle 11 aylar önce
Mike‘s mind and mike‘s mic 😌
her. 9 aylar önce
i WILL NOT have runaways slander.. that movie is iconic and you will regret implying its flop energy after watching it
Chloe 11 aylar önce
The confidently wrong energy in "Ba-ba-BA VERONICA" is peak girl boss
Zsófi Prokk
Zsófi Prokk 11 aylar önce
I didn't know I needed this so much until I found it. Love your content, and this is the thing that keeps me sane while the slowest apocalipse drags on turning worse and worse as these last few years go by. You are a ray of sunshine!
keladry12 11 aylar önce
That "siren" from Hell's kitchen is actually a cymbal (or perhaps a different piece of suspended metal) played with a bow on the edge. Just because I think that makes it so much cooler.
Em63974 10 aylar önce
It is my deepest shame tht I once loved Jacob and Alice. Jacob is scary and Alice goes nothing but force Bella to do things she is uncomfortable with. Team Rosalie what an icon.
Amna Khawaja
Amna Khawaja 11 aylar önce
Mona would win against Maddie and Veronica. No doubt in my mind she is playing the long game
Iidaii 11 aylar önce
To be honest, I couldn't remember that all of this stuff happened in Eclipse alone. Thank you for refreshing my memory Mike!
Lucija Demo
Lucija Demo 11 aylar önce
"If you can wear pants you can wear a shirt" 🤣 Truer words have not been spoken 🤣
Alexa Sunshine83
Alexa Sunshine83 11 aylar önce
My husband made me watch all the twilight movies recently because I had only watched the first one when it came out and LITERALLY you have said all the thoughts I had while watching it 😂 Edward did not deserve the actual nonsense of Bella and Jacob
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti 7 aylar önce
As a kid I didn't get the whole team Edward or Jacob thing, my strat was literally 1) get turned into a vampire by pretending to love Edward 2) date Jacob to get close to wolf pack BC they're cool then break up 3) everyone's my friends and I'm immortal 4) turn my family into vampires so they don't die 5) ALICE (this was added once I realised I was bi at like 13) So basically, Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss, Live forever Y
meep 9 aylar önce
Camille 11 aylar önce
I was just here reading the comment having a good time and then BAM I find out ALEXASUNSHINEEIGHTYTHREE WROTE IT and everything just got betterrrrrr
vanber 11 aylar önce
@Yanira Salka it's not the vibe 🤚💅
Randolin Plop
Randolin Plop 11 aylar önce
Yeah. Why must I choose between these two weak musty men? Whatever I choose, I am not going to be in the winning position at the end. Twilight's love triangle is like presidential elections.
The Dornishman's Wife
The Dornishman's Wife 9 aylar önce
Bella cut her arm open to distract Vicki and Riley bc it parallels the tribe story Jacobs dad told about the third wife who like k worded herself to stop the cold one from killing the last spirit warrior to save the tribe, jeez
maggieelizabethh 11 aylar önce
I saw the midnight premiere of this film and I DISTINCTLY remember the entire cinema losing it when Jacob dropped the “I am hotter than you” line
Trish Goudreau
Trish Goudreau 11 aylar önce
I'm so late on this video but I love how much you focus on the non-bella parts of this. I need a full twilight recap that makes me forget bella swan exists and it's all just the vampire werewolf politics.
Dee Sid
Dee Sid 11 aylar önce
Thank you for bringing us all together to discuss twilight, I missed 2008
13nerdful 11 aylar önce
Bella sitting in the chair for months depressed is like a foreshadowing of the covid-19 pandemic 🤌🏻 is there anything Twilight can’t do?!
jdms65 11 aylar önce
Model non-disturbing age appropriate relationships
Myriam M
Myriam M 11 aylar önce
pick a lighting style apparently
will prob delete. prob offensive
buy nice wigs
Gooby Poo
Gooby Poo 11 aylar önce
I would love to watch you do these recap/review videos of euphoria episodes cos I'm obsessed with how you explain everything lmao
LivInThe60s 11 aylar önce
This was way too relatable and entertaining. Bless you Mike.
optimistichaos 2 aylar önce
This video is a masterpiece
Hloni Mangena
Hloni Mangena 11 aylar önce
I am LIVING for the Jacob slander 😭👏🏽 love this video and this series
relaxation station
relaxation station 11 aylar önce
here's a question. If Bella had chosen Jacob and they had a child.... would Jacob have imprinted on his own daughter??
Noel Bernabe
Noel Bernabe 7 aylar önce
It just illustrates why Jacob shouldn't even be an option for Bella. If a wolf doesn't imprint on you, leave him in the friendship zone. See what happens to Leah. It's just a bad idea, since he might end up imprinting on Bellas baby or someone else's baby. Who knows.
Madori 9 aylar önce
Heather Heath
Heather Heath 9 aylar önce
Jacob was NOT a good dog
Dree Dree
Dree Dree 10 aylar önce
@Juno Edward turned Bella while she was dying during childbirth not Renesmee
Elektra Last name
Elektra Last name 11 aylar önce
How dare u disrespect the Runaways movie everyone watch it
GayGhostPrince 11 aylar önce
I'm so excited that you're covering the rest of the twilight movies!! I've shown the first two to nearly all of my friends against their will
C A 11 aylar önce
I remember that ring offending a lot of Twilight fans back in the day. So hideous.
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 11 aylar önce
I don't know if this is good writing or just off the top of your head improv storytelling, but 10/10. So good. I was going to comment my fav quotes but there were too many lol.
Guadalupe Guzman
Guadalupe Guzman 11 aylar önce
i love this movie because it gives you no breaks. also my mum once tried to rent a house and she kept calling the real state agent sebastián although he made it very clear his name was santiago and it's forever recorded on whatsapp video. so this gave me the same energy 🖤😎
Serendestiny 11 aylar önce
the amount of pop culture/stan twitter references you must know in order to decypher mike's videos is honestly sending me x)
Iliana C.
Iliana C. 11 aylar önce
my brain creates new neural pathways every time i watch his videos
FrostySkeletons 11 aylar önce
He’s my connection to pop culture tbh
Serendestiny 11 aylar önce
@saturnine yes mike is making sure our brain cells are staying active x)
saturnine 11 aylar önce
that's what makes it so entertaining to me, like my brain is putting 2 & 2 together and discovering a joke (only it's 2&2&2&2...)
Ari Feaster
Ari Feaster 9 aylar önce
I love how every recap Mike does he’s always so upset about their time in school
Rebecca H
Rebecca H 10 aylar önce
I love that you mixed Veronica and Victoria because I think of Veronica Hastings and I imagine our PLL liars in the Twilight universe. Jane would make the Ultimate "A"
Sg997 G
Sg997 G Aylar önce
“Raise your hand if you watched Runaways” 👀👀
cynthia roznowski
cynthia roznowski 9 aylar önce
hearing the pretty little liars references in your other videos is giving me life and i love it. " miss Bella you're a killer not Ezras wife"
Katja Parr
Katja Parr 11 aylar önce
Mike calling Victoria Veronica for the entire video is such an important thing to me
Tiffany Quasnitschka
Tiffany Quasnitschka 11 aylar önce
I keep picturing Veronica Lodge… “Lodge lodge!”
Kelly Valiant
Kelly Valiant 11 aylar önce
The joy I feel when you upload is truly great. Also the hair is serving
Thea Södermark
Thea Södermark 5 aylar önce
I love watching recaps of movies I’ll never watch myself, ESPECIALLY when it’s mike doing it 🤩😌🙏
Мария Васильева
In Eastern European version of Twilight, Bella says she’s Poland
paleorchids 11 aylar önce
I’ve been team Jacob since New Moon came out and you literally made me team Edward within 28 minutes
R 11 aylar önce
Looking in retrospective, Bella was a straight-up Hormone Monster this entire series, the lengths she went just to get laid, can relate ngl
Personofinterest1909 11 aylar önce
Well she did a really bad job of it...she could have slept with every hot supernatural creature in that town instead of getting married at 18.
Pearl Ngozi
Pearl Ngozi 11 aylar önce
This is sending me. She's on Maury's level.😭😭😭
fc productions
fc productions 11 aylar önce
unfortunately same
kate 11 aylar önce
mike i just love your videos so much. they make me so happy! also the little housekeeping updates at the end of what kind of content is coming soon i really appreciate, i fee like most ppl on the platform don't do that but i like to be in the loop so thanks!!
Jimmy nuetron
Jimmy nuetron 10 aylar önce
Mike I don’t know if you realize(I’m sure you do) but the reason you’re blowing up is because you actually take time to make sure you put out quality content instead of just uploading.. also hurry tf up with the glee video or I’ll skin you alive ❤️🙏
Natalie Salati
Natalie Salati 9 aylar önce
I cannot for the life of me conceive why watching you tell me what happened in these movies and tv series is more enticing to me than actually watching them... BUT I'm here for it!
Hexley's Cauldron
Hexley's Cauldron 11 aylar önce
Honestly Twilight is like Harry Potter. Harry Potter is fun when we get to see the Hogwarts stuff but not really Harry and gang. Twilight is fun if you take out the dumb “love” triangle. Also the way Ms Meyers could’ve made Jasper a union soldier or a blue coat instead of a confederate.
Lia 9 aylar önce
I did NOT need a recap before watching Eclipse because I had just sat for a 7 hour marathon of the first two
Jasmine 11 aylar önce
I literally started binging the twilight movies for the first time last week. I now have the essential pop culture knowledge I need and this video timing couldn’t be more perfect
Frivolithé 11 aylar önce
When I was a teenager and I saw this movie in the theater, I couldn’t stop laughing when Jacob was hurt. They were all talking to him like he was literally dying. Meanwhile, if one of my siblings broke an arm and two ribs, my mom wouldn’t even call to tell me
mira 10 aylar önce
I've read a total of two twilight fanfics and somehow both were better than anything Stephanie Meyers has ever written?!?!
Elina 11 aylar önce
I saw this video in my recommended and preemptively started laughing because how can you talking about twilight not be hilarious
Oktavius von Reckendorf
At times I have the feeling Mike just has a seizure and I'm here for it
irem 5 aylar önce
When i feel down i just watch your movie videos over and over again, love that for me
mothmangotango 11 aylar önce
I bet the ring had no stone bc the filmmakers realized that having a traditional wedding ring made it clear how uncomfortable the plot was.
Iwanna Talkalot
Iwanna Talkalot 11 aylar önce
Miss Steph *HAD* to make Jacob totally unlikable because people in her mind HAD to prefer Edward. She knew she made Jake too kind, sweet and good for Bella in New Moon 😂 she needed people to side again with Mr Eddy
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti 7 aylar önce
No fr I used to be team Jacob, pre becoming enlightened and being Team nobody except maybe Alice. Like he was so nice... It's like Stephen in Vampire Diaries, or Elijah in the Originals, literally WHY would anyone in their right mind choose Damon or Klaus .???!?!? Like if that's your vibe, slay, but fr they are so crusty.
Iwanna Talkalot
Iwanna Talkalot 7 aylar önce
@Noel Bernabe it’s true it’s true!
Noel Bernabe
Noel Bernabe 7 aylar önce
@Iwanna Talkalot It's probably both. We're told in the story young wolves have trouble controlling their emotions. Jacob became a very angry person, and that in large part likely explained some of the toxic behavior we got from him in New Moon and Twilight.
Iwanna Talkalot
Iwanna Talkalot 7 aylar önce
@Noel Bernabe Those were the symptoms of the incoming transformation, I don’t think it’s a personality trait
Noel Bernabe
Noel Bernabe 7 aylar önce
Jacob wasn't that kind or sweet in New Moon. Those descriptions stopped applying to him once he threatened to put Mike in the hospital.
Matty Mahar
Matty Mahar 11 aylar önce
Weird! I just finished reading this book yesterday! It was so insane, the movie is just the tip of the tip of the insanity.
Cornelia 11 aylar önce
Mike continuously misnaming Victoria as Veronica is a mood!
Megan 4 aylar önce
this could have all been solved if someone explained to jacob, bella, and edward what a throuple was
Becky McDonald
Becky McDonald 4 aylar önce
That would have involved Stephanie Meyer knowing about throuples 🤭😂
Chelsea 4 aylar önce
Finally…. Someone who has the same level of distaste for Jacob as me 😭
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 11 aylar önce
I will never get enough of your humor lol
g00chi 11 aylar önce
The way I was completely team Jacob when I read the books at 15 and now as a mature adult I'm team Edward
Shannen H
Shannen H 11 aylar önce
I enjoy your videos so much. Living for your personality!
Elizabeth Heyn
Elizabeth Heyn 11 aylar önce
Mike's reviews are honestly the best thing ever
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