I Forced People to Work for 19,577 Years on My Nightmare Kingdom - Settlement Survival 

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I Forced People to Work for 19,577 Years on My Nightmare Kingdom - Settlement Survival - Let's Game It Out
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More about Settlement Survival (from Steam):
Lead your people to their new settlement in this survival city-builder. You will need to provide their shelter, guarantee the food supply, protect against threats of nature, and pay attention to well-being, happiness, education, and employment. Do all of this well, and you might even attract residents from foreign cities!
Choose where to build your settlement based on nearby resources, before determining your perfect layout. How will you build your settlement?
Carve out the land, join rivers, form lakes and use your tools to shape your settlement exactly how you want it.
Build housing, recruit Mayors to determine the morality of your settlement, control crime and ensure your baby-booms don’t negatively impact your resources.
Experience all seasons and heed the early warning signs of disasters. Bunker down and protect your citizens from the elements as well as environmental disasters, or risk losing all that you’ve built.
Offering powerful effects, unique themes and styles, rare blueprints are an opportunity to customize your settlement even further when you’ve mastered the art of trading.
Determine which development routes you will choose, with options that range from trading, education, mining, construction, agriculture, processing, logistics, and liveability. Each route unlocks new buildings and abilities to boost development. and there is no set pattern to the route selection, so you can choose freely and play to your strengths.
With each map randomly generated, right down to its resources and landmarks, every experience is unique and brings with it its own challenges.
Whether exchanging artistic items of high value, unprocessed products or unlocking the mint to create a common currency, trade is key to your populations survival.
Experience a unique game mode designed to challenge even the most experienced player. From the bubonic plague in Europe, to the Easter Island disaster, are you able to overcome its challenges?




22 Eki 2021




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Let's Game It Out
Thanks to Mythic Heroes for sponsoring this video! Download [Mythic Heroes]: mh.igg.com/gift/LetsGameitOut $200 special game packs with one SSR Hero for everyone to start your journey!
E Yıl önce
Snowman Yıl önce
al Yıl önce
jasijoojoo Yıl önce
ultrasplash Yıl önce
Real Civil Engineer
This probably won't come as a surprise, but I approve of the amount of bridges in this video! 😅
Kristian S
Kristian S Yıl önce
Something something, architects, something
Tim Truckses
Tim Truckses Yıl önce
So who is now the Engineer 😂
JDawg Yıl önce
Ay, hi Matt I love your videos.
mitch edgar
mitch edgar Yıl önce
The knob count is just to low
Will Yıl önce
I came to the comment section for the sole reason that I knew you were going to say something about the bridges lol
Brian CP
Brian CP Yıl önce
This settlement is 100% an SCP. It has a strange effect on nearby displaced people, forcing them to immigrate and dedicate themselves entirely to the construction of a castle, to the point where they fail to meet their basic needs.
Local Yıl önce
No the settlement isn't the SCP. Josh is the SCP!
Ryomaanime Yıl önce
@Local They are both SCPs working together for some time, Josh is more of a wandering one
Local Yıl önce
@Ryomaanime yeah josh might have a cognitohazardous affect on people or some other thing
Rena Kunisaki
Rena Kunisaki Yıl önce
They ignore basic needs, laws of physics, time...
SephirothRyu Yıl önce
I like how SCPs have just blown up in popularity to the point that they are now a thing that are common to talk about on the internet. Perhaps the very concept of an SCP is itself a memetic vector that is an SCP.
TimeBucks Yıl önce
Impressed by the names he comes up with for his towns
mrbellek Yıl önce
I like when the names are impossibly long, but I understand when there's a fairly short limit, Josh just doesn't show him trying anymore.
Neetly Yıl önce
Wrong acc bud
ScarredFire6354 Yıl önce
So *original*
this is a comment by a person
@Neetly ?????
BilGitz Yıl önce
Yeah like fr it kinda triggers me when there is a limit and he tries to exceed it but can’t and he just stops it right there and doesn’t make a name that is just as absurd but less long
Steve Desamos
Steve Desamos Yıl önce
“Crowded apartments will reduce the desire to procreate” As an apartment dweller, either my neighbors aren’t nearly crowded enough or something else is wrong.
Vít Budina
Vít Budina Yıl önce
I feel like in this game, AI doesn't stand for "artificial intelligence", but for "artificial idiocy"
betty hankins
betty hankins Yıl önce
Lucas Gleason
Lucas Gleason Yıl önce
Very very true.
Inari Yıl önce
Very very very true
Coconut Tree
Coconut Tree Yıl önce
Very very very very true
Imperial Stormtrooper
Very very very very very true
Bryan Turnbow
Bryan Turnbow Yıl önce
I’m terrified that one day I’ll die and the first thing I’ll hear will be “Hey there it’s Josh. Welcome back to Let’s Game it Out.”
jason woodward
jason woodward 9 aylar önce
Oh god
GrimAssassin 8 aylar önce
@jason woodwardtruly
🥔 PotatoSaladFace 🥔
I'd swoon.
ImperfectNailArt 7 aylar önce
Oh god, that’s terrifying
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Yıl önce
I like that, from their perspective, the new settlers approach a horror movie ghost town full of unburied corpses and think "We should probably keep building this castle."
E Yıl önce
vormiam Yıl önce
Is that a movie? I feel like that would be a great movie.
redholm Yıl önce
I mean. What is a Ghost town without a Haunted Castle?
Dizzz127 Yıl önce
Worked in ancient Egypt
M J Yıl önce
"Ya know... I cant help but think I'm gonna need to make a new cemetery." Pretty much sums up the fate of all Josh's colonists.
Jonathan Formlyrics
I like how Josh doesn't criticise the game from being buggy but made fun of it.
Kliersheed Yıl önce
well he is lifing from buggy and broken games so why would he :D all the more fun / easy to commentate and serve us
J.R. Huffnstuff
J.R. Huffnstuff Yıl önce
@Kliersheed to be fair, he breaks polished games all the time.
Richard B
Richard B Yıl önce
For Josh the bugs are the game.
Norman Neal
Norman Neal Yıl önce
Same I keep up my peeps from laughing so dam hard 😅
Ghafar Yıl önce
The fact that he uses “Fiddlesticks!” and “Shiver me timbers!” is magical to me.
RMJ Yıl önce
I love the group of settlers coming in like they're walking away from an explosion in a big budget summer blockbuster action flick.
Trey Davis
Trey Davis Yıl önce
Jesus Christ died for your sins please turn to Christ for the kingdom of heaven is at hand
MaceFaceAnimates Yıl önce
Josh is hilarious. I’m pretty sure it takes ages to make one of his videos, not just the editing but the fact that he builds giant buildings for no reason at all. I respect that.
J. Stronsky
J. Stronsky Yıl önce
I like to imagine Josh has a room full of PC's running games at all times for upcoming videos, just leaving each one to run for absurdly long times for a single comedic bit.
Craig Nemett
Craig Nemett Yıl önce
I like to think the opposite, he just has one and watches it the entire time
ZUltra3166 Yıl önce
@Craig Nemett Ya know, that is much more accurate, he has one and only one computer, and mainly either sits there or sometimes does other things in the background. I learned all of this by watching his streams.
Craig Nemett
Craig Nemett Yıl önce
@ZUltra3166 I know he only has one pc that likely has good specs, I forgot to mention potato pc, but yeah ik he leaves it on idle for hours at a time
English at Heart
English at Heart Yıl önce
PCs* Apostrophes aren't used to make plurals.
ITS-treboR Yıl önce
@ZUltra3166 does he stream often cuz I watch him a lot on youtube but he posts so weird like it has been 1 month since the last one
Code Machine
Code Machine Yıl önce
Alternate title: Josh tests his patience on a Banished rip-off
not avaliable
not avaliable Yıl önce
honestly it looks like they took banished's code and made a few asset changes and random changes to the systems
Jennifer Burmesch
Im glad im not the only one to notice this. I had to recheck the title of the game because i just thought banished got a terrible graphics updates
Zewiq Yıl önce
@not avaliable but its so much worse lol, if they had access to the code they messed it up somehow
not avaliable
not avaliable Yıl önce
@Zewiq i agree its weird, but the thing is its different in weird ways, like they were trying to replace systems, realized why they were the way they were and tried to bring them back. hell, the cemetery uses the exact same assets as far as i can tell. that and there are to many ui similarities and basic animation similarities. maybe this was built off one of the early access builds that someone ripped, its just to painstakingly similar in some really basic areas not to have had access to some of the base code
radmwaffles Yıl önce
a banished ripoff with worse graphics and a far worse user interface with a whole bunch of improvements that didn't actually add anything of value to the game, and most likely less stability this is almost as bad as that mobile game that straight up ripped off in-game footage from banished to use in it's trailer
幸宏 Yıl önce
A shoutout to simulation game devs: Thank you for keeping my favorite psychopath Josh entertained and occupied... for now. I have to say though, the physics of the future is incredible! Nothing makes sense anymore to a caveman like me.
Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton 9 aylar önce
Have you ever seen filthy frank?
Rytonic 9 aylar önce
Pharaoh Josh demands his worker build him a glorious castle that will only benefit him!
Amaryllis Yıl önce
I feel like Dwarf Fortress would be a perfect fit for LGIO's style of content, you can really do crazy stuff with it The classic DF story is the drunken cats bug. A bunch of players found that cats were randomly dying, and it was figured out that the cause was dwarves spilling beer onto the tavern floor, then cats walking in, treading it all over their paws, ingesting it when they lick themselves clean, and promptly getting terminal alcohol poisoning. The game is really intricate, it's super cool
Snazzy Productions LTD
this seems good, will the steam version be the same game as the original? or will it be shallower due to graphics?
Amaryllis Yıl önce
@Snazzy Productions LTD Why would graphics make it shallower? It should be exactly the same, maybe some small QOL changes
Terrapin Yıl önce
yeah but i doubt most of his viewers wanna see ASCII gameplay. Even with a tileset it'd probably be pretty unappealing to most people.
Skorpy Nekomimi
Skorpy Nekomimi Yıl önce
I'm sure it will, when the Steam version is finally released.
jmfindorff 3 aylar önce
I wouldn't even call that a bug since that sounds like a logical outcome if a cat licked beer off their paws
DarthFennec Yıl önce
with how often and how long you just cut away and leave the game running for what I can only assume is literal days or weeks, I'm surprised you're able to get these videos out so frequently. Most people would just be like "eh that's a waste of my time I'm not gonna bother", but you charge boldly in every single time. That's devotion to the craft.
Tjaerke Bakkum
Tjaerke Bakkum 11 aylar önce
Gab Yıl önce
This man's patience never fails to amaze me. He's either testing the limits of the game, or testing his own limits.
_aragornyesyes_ Yıl önce
There’s a reason why every vid is a month apart
Gab Yıl önce
@_aragornyesyes_ indeed
Ass Boi
Ass Boi Yıl önce
From the last week's video, you can see he just has multiple games running in the background at all times, slowly grinding some sadistical task over multiple in-game years
E Yıl önce
Kiv Yıl önce
He may be using Cheat Engine to speed up the game. At least I would try that. Even though it has its limits too, you can't go too fast because the game can break. But it would definitely speed up the wait.
Zarastro Yıl önce
Just noting that Josh waiting nearly DOUBLE the length of *the entirety of human history* to just naturally gain basic human building techniques. Truly Hammurabi reborn.
Doge Yıl önce
josh's gaming schedule never fails to amaze me
ana Yıl önce
The people slowly, casually marching above the water made me laugh more than I should have
Blue Raven
Blue Raven Yıl önce
As a blacksmith I can confirm this is 100 percent how you do the job :) 18:00
Rob00tCE 10 aylar önce
I can’t imagine how hard it is for him to hold in his laughter sometimes, because… Well… These are some of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen! I don’t know why I find Josh destroying games and playing them literally the exact opposite of how they’re supposed to be played, but I think it’s incredible and he should keep up the good work!
Jack Duranceau
Jack Duranceau Yıl önce
I feel like Josh could get really into crocheting. God knows he has the patience and ability to do repetitive tasks for a long time
Wikan Saktianto
Wikan Saktianto Yıl önce
He might even went into Tapestry and create an intricate Persian Rug.
Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu Yıl önce
Same with knitting!
Rat Chit
Rat Chit Yıl önce
Or Destiny 2.
HoaxPositive Yıl önce
yes but he can’t torment other people and only himself (knowing him he’d be able to find a way to torture others)
Bored internet user
@HoaxPositive working crochet tank
gr¡m reaper
gr¡m reaper Yıl önce
I love how he takes a normal game and turns it to pure chaos
Nightcore Wolf Jay
It’s almost like he’s the incarnation of r/AbruptChaos
Nightcore Wolf Jay
Cause it always goes from. Starts a new game and it seems like it could be normal for once. Seconds later. Nah he’s already building a tower of bodies to the moon.
Exonix Yıl önce
I can just imagine him laughing off camera every time he records because the game has so many glitches right off the bat
Snowyuu1 Yıl önce
10:40 was the best part of the entire video seeing them all walk over water like Jesus and he just stays speechless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
subsandwich100 Yıl önce
Seeing the success of this channel makes me so happy. RIP Anthony. Hopefully he will return for a a video or two some day
Colton Sweitzer
Colton Sweitzer Yıl önce
Who is Anthony I am new to the channel
Alex Turner
Alex Turner Yıl önce
@Colton Sweitzer Anthony used to play games with Josh in the beginning of the channel, but he left to pursue other endeavors.
Taumpy Tears
Taumpy Tears Yıl önce
@Colton Sweitzer visit the GameItOut channel and leisurly go through the videos , theyre very entertaining
josie Yıl önce
your soothing voice combined with 100% flammable intent is...magnificent
Allergic2Bulletz Yıl önce
Josh: "You see that river?" Villager: "...Yes?" Josh: "I don't want to."
Noam Mendelsohn
Noam Mendelsohn Yıl önce
Except he’s just a giant booming godlike voice yelling down from the clouds.
Titan-You-Know Yıl önce
John Kirby
John Kirby Yıl önce
Just like my dad said! Then after it was gone we all died!
Jdlukex Yıl önce
I was your exact 1000th like on this comment
Daniel Yıl önce
these videos are always so good and entertaining, no wonder they keep hitting trending
Spooky Yıl önce
This man I respect so much because he never finds a limit, and he calls a cemetery “the good stuff” edit: i mean,” I have so much respect for this man because”
ChasingAlex Yıl önce
For some absolute reason, he is the most friendly and attractive person for a psycho (In video games)
Evan Hopper
Evan Hopper Yıl önce
Josh you are the OG even if certain spiffing individuals post similar content we all know who the real psycho is 🖤
SharkNoobTGS Yıl önce
I love it when josh does the "many painful hours later" As happy music plays
Eight Yıl önce
This video is so inspirational! It may have taken 19,000 years, but Josh didn't give up!
Exiled Yıl önce
TXE1ND Yıl önce
Honk #RipTechnoblade
@a Player agreed
MaxSpam Yıl önce
@a Player do you think yours is better 🤣
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide Yıl önce
Best part is if you see Josh doesn't make a video for a while you know he's cooking something good
DillyBar69 Yıl önce
Honestly, as I watch Josh go nuts on this channel, I cant help but want to play the games he plays
ArchCraftGaming Yıl önce
I love how they floated over the quarry into the resources as he called them quirky future humans 😂😂
marssu Yıl önce
Josh really needs to try The Bonfire 2 just because of the chaos he's very capable of making
SwiftBlade4 Yıl önce
I really hope that he has a tubo speed-up feature in the games he plays. I refuse to believe that he left his game running all the way up to the year 19,000.
PhoenixTH Yıl önce
When Josh listed the workers who died of starvation and then was like "looks like our city name got changed to Miserytopi, did one of the letters die of starvation too?" I was laughing so hard it was definitely the best line of the entire video
kristen0009 Yıl önce
whaT a shame u spoiled that for me
Promise Yıl önce
@kristen0009 why would you read the comments first???
minty frost
minty frost Yıl önce
Yep same here I laughed for a couple minutes
matt81093 Yıl önce
@kristen0009 haven't even got there yet and I already got my first laugh, what gives? Edit: Rewatching. Why read comments full of spoilers if you no want them
Michael Etzkorn
Michael Etzkorn 7 aylar önce
It was "Don't worry, [the castle] is designed to keep you guys safe. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, someone's been murdered, and the killer is still at large." that did it for me. Just the idea that Josh trapped a bunch of citizens in a castle with a murderer is the perfect chaotic finish to this video.
Felix Yıl önce
Videos like this one make me wonder how many games he has running in the background while working on a game or editing
FungTimes Yıl önce
Watching you play these games the way you do just confirms that we all live in a simulation. A version of you is just out there doing the same to us for entertainment.
Cheese Yıl önce
Its always a good day when josh uploads
person person
person person Yıl önce
Josh knows like 1 million synonyms for suffering.
Brennan Perry
Brennan Perry Yıl önce
Josh feels like an immortal being who's been alive since 1500BC, and has done literally everything there is to to in every era and is now working his way through every video game.
I now accept that as his cannon back story
Vbgvbg113 Yıl önce
He isn’t?
Darkachu Yıl önce
A vindictive god who due to lack of worship is now almost powerless so he tortures virtual people instead. But the channel is an attempt to regain his former splendour and power. I'm on to you buddy
not zombie
not zombie Yıl önce
@Vbgvbg113 he is, don't let anyone tell you otherwise
William Baker
William Baker Yıl önce
He’s also a ware wolf as you can see from his hands
Matrix Yıl önce
Your ability to play every game as wrong as possible never ceases to amaze me XD
AlienBeny Yıl önce
The amount of effort put into these videos always makes me smile, keep up the good work!
Chat N X
Chat N X Yıl önce
Josh man I must say, the time you spend to make such awesome videos, just awesome man. Your content is brilliant and unbeatable!⚡⚡
Question Everywhere
Me: wondering why it takes so long to get more Let’s Game It Out 12:40 Me: that’s why. He lets his game sit and run for a week or 2 lmao
Arno Memes
Arno Memes Yıl önce
They there new subscribers Fun fact:- *Before, At end of December 2018, there used to be a partner of Josh called Anthony. Anthony was the only thing holding Josh's psychopathic tendencies in check. Once he was gone, the beast was unleashed and rapidly evolved into the town torturing, soul-crushing monstrosity he is today*
End The limes
End The limes Yıl önce
I hope one day he bring Anthony back for a little cameo
Skully Yıl önce
You stole most of this comment from TheDrexxus, you sly fox
Jesús Ramírez Carbajal
Sometimes I think that he ate Anthony
Вячеслав Кузьмин
I think Anthony become Grace
staxstonecutter Yıl önce
I love how it ends with Josh casually addressing that there is a killer on the loose in his world.
Disgruntled Ferret
I mean, other than him.
potential accident
Smaze hey look at that! No one cares 👍
Carli Vasquez
Carli Vasquez Yıl önce
Smaze no
Claire Holdt
Claire Holdt Yıl önce
And the killer's name was Grace
Rar Rar
Rar Rar Yıl önce
I love these kinds of games so much! You should play more! I hope you had fun!
gat lol
gat lol Yıl önce
I want more videos from you but I know it probably takes REALLY long to make these videos so I respect that and your videos are great
The fact that I just found you today and im already addicted to you
Hybralisk Yıl önce
So I found this video to be absolutely hilarious. I was crying laughing with tears streaming, really good stuff. :)
TREKKS 300 Yıl önce
8:33 I laughed way to hard
J A Yıl önce
Game: The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the... "Hey there it's Josh, welcome to Let's Game It Out"
Propanesucka Yıl önce
Narrator: "the mood was set for John Freemans quest to help his brother where he was."
QB Likes To Lift
QB Likes To Lift Yıl önce
Game: oh hey, glad you came Game fifteen days of destruction later: PLEASE JUST SPARE ME
A Random Person
A Random Person Yıl önce
once the game hears those words it gets ready to throw all of its might in a desperate act to save itself... but it never works
nothisistoni Yıl önce
The NPCs: "OH NO"
fight the rhythm.
the computer's ram: "here we go again, hold on tight"
Andrecio64 Yıl önce
I wanna se more physics games that can be glitched out and break the reality itself, you should try Kerbal Space Program too.
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Yıl önce
"They're clearing out the area?!" - devs read your mind, clearly.
Diddy Gaming
Diddy Gaming Yıl önce
A idle RPG where it’s actually able to be idled unlike most idle games
Bibble_Is_Life Yıl önce
He’s so funny and never fails to make me smile and I love how he always makes them worse it’s so funny😆😆
budgiegd3 Yıl önce
I love how he just is being specific. Not saying 19,000. saying the specific number. Amazing.
Tom Levier
Tom Levier Yıl önce
"We're gonna do something dumb instead." Josh, you are the best.
Hexaras Yıl önce
I love this man . Josh. He has the biggest patience
Astræus Yıl önce
I like to think the AI had started to figure out what kind of player Josh actually is, so that's why they all immediately ran into a burning tent when the option presented itself.
Maxton Levine
Maxton Levine Yıl önce
I think Josh deserves his success more than anyone else on youtube
Yurei Raida
Yurei Raida Yıl önce
Josh you never fail to crack me up..keep it up
Abyss Yıl önce
Gray the guy who is given the ability to build a place and messes it beyond being a hell, a twisted paradise for him 😂
Rowan Yıl önce
josh: “we’re checking out settlement survival” me: “survival? it’s definitely settlement suffering”
scout tf2
scout tf2 Yıl önce
I love how he’s practically a bug tester.
Ibex_Gundyr Yıl önce
I’ve wondered before how many of the dev teams from the games he’s played have watched his videos and fixed bugs he found
freddy fazbear
freddy fazbear Yıl önce
omg is that scout tf2
scout tf2
scout tf2 Yıl önce
@freddy fazbear no
Matt Rivera
Matt Rivera Yıl önce
@Ibex_Gundyr a lot of the games give him keys so he can play them for free or in beta, so yeah, they basically use him as a tester and do watch the videos.
Howard vA
Howard vA Yıl önce
13:29 I seriously choked on my food and died out of laughter 💀💀
undead Otter
undead Otter 5 aylar önce
Just found your channel today, been binge watching. Have not stopped laughing yet
Richmond Yıl önce
Great video as usual! Any chance you can get Anthony to come back for an episode???
OHM-968692 Yıl önce
This guy has MAD patience to just sit around and wait for the game to progress. It's actually incredibly hard achieving the bare minimum without doing the bare minimum.
•Ophie• Yıl önce
“Oh and Ophelia has died-“ *welp, that’s my cue to leave. thanks for the amazing life and honorable death. thanks for letting people mourn over my nonexistent tomb.*
DogChickenCat Boi
Oh, Ophelia…
Oh, Ophelia Ophelia Ofeelia Ofeelya Oh, feel ya
Chiellus11 Yıl önce
@You'reHATEDorLIKED B0T OP : hell ya
@Chiellus11 Ophelia Oh hell ya
joerz Yıl önce
ew gacha
B-Dawg 8
B-Dawg 8 Yıl önce
Josh manages a day job a TRvid and a Twitch and still makes great videos
Guts 9 aylar önce
As a fellow Josh, I am beginning to see that our name signifies a chaotic personality that invokes a little bit of trolling within our souls
zheush_ 4 aylar önce
I love how it took 20 minutes for Jush to finally start a business.
just a guy who likes dogs
as soon as the internet hears josh say "hello its josh and lets game it out" you know that disaster will strike the gaming community
Daddy Dragon Gaming
🤣😂 another hilarious vid Josh. Great job!
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann Yıl önce
Josh: "We're playing Settlement Survival today" Me: "Aw there ain't no way this Settlement is surviving anything."
Igot 'Keanu Reeves' McDemShoulders
My exact thought 😂
E Yıl önce
omgpeachsnapple Yıl önce
basically every josh video (except for his old ones)
Mr Gayming MT
Mr Gayming MT Yıl önce
@E E
Paul Coleman
Paul Coleman Yıl önce
@E F
Rexxie Yıl önce
you know it's gonna be a good day when Let's Game It Out uploads
aivi avi
aivi avi Yıl önce
Yaay, another upload by Josh!! His videos never fail to make me chuckle hard at atleast one point of time 🤣🔥❤️
salman al yami
salman al yami Yıl önce
josh is just the perfect youtuber i was looking for
Xplicit Eclyp3s
Xplicit Eclyp3s Yıl önce
You are my favorite youtuber hands down. Different and creative stuff every video. My Wife and I watch these and wish we could game with you, your sense of humor is great! 🤣
bonkers! 2 aylar önce
this channel really helps me keep going, one of the few things that makes me happy again
Dragon Yıl önce
"Ah yes, nothing more refreshing than having a graveyard right outside my tent" - No one ever
Xenozfan2 Yıl önce
Necros would like to disagree.
Qtr Snipe
Qtr Snipe Yıl önce
I love your videos and i hope you could upload more frequently, Im going throw some issues in my life and when i watch your videos i just get filled with joy even if I’m 25 yrs old , keep it up josh !
Matsu Milk
Matsu Milk Yıl önce
awesome. Now while i binge all of “Lets game it out” videos, i can sit steadily, knowing my game is running by itself. thanks josh for the $200 pack!
Little Legs Goldsworthy
I feel like josh is a glitch dev in his spare time, finding glitches in games
Trystan Novak
Trystan Novak Yıl önce
I like how for Josh the bare necessities such as clothes and tools are considered “quality of life” things
Chipotle Yıl önce
lets appreciate that how funny this dude is man, my man makes me laugh at hard times too,
(Insert Name)
(Insert Name) Yıl önce
Josh, you have so much patience it’s insane
Autotainment Yıl önce
patience don't matter he just have a very good gaming chair
Owyn Grandma
Owyn Grandma Yıl önce
i think its not patience it is just having no life at all
Loopy Gamer
Loopy Gamer Yıl önce
A. Anderson
A. Anderson Yıl önce
I always picture a basement full of computers that he sets something in motion and goes on to another game and does the same thing. Like in Hydroneer and that space terraforming game, all those things set to build or store up supplies take days sometimes. There's no way he just sits and watches them the whole time. Maybe he's in jail and has LITERALLY nothing else to do. Maybe that's why Anthony is no longer on the show, he got released... Thoughts?? (LOL)
Exonix Yıl önce
Josh is like the best beta tester ever
Byrd Yıl önce
When Josh was first building the village, he was just playing a farm building Sim. You can see him realize that and snap back into torture mode 🤣 "and the big well, that will go... on tHE Other side of the river" 💀
Dakota Beasley
Dakota Beasley Yıl önce
Josh your channel is definitely the best game based youtube channel available
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