I Fooled My Friend as BLOOD VILLAGER in Minecraft

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Trolling Ethan with a Scary Blood Villager and Blood Golem Prank! Can you believe what he did at the end?

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27 Haz 2022




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Minecarftplayer420 Aylar önce
2:03 to 2:12 that is the funniest part 🤣
lei1avib3sx 9 saatler önce
Good mood music
Mercy Espino
Mercy Espino 14 saatler önce
Safi Alli
Safi Alli Gün önce
How r you
Jennie N
Jennie N 2 gün önce
@Ayaan_playz with all my friends -
Lucatheskywarskid 11 gün önce
Honestly it doesn’t matter if it’s scripted I love him he makes me laugh all the time
beargreen1 8 gün önce
Back again after 4 weeks and this is still a great troll
Remi Corneliussen
Remi Corneliussen Aylar önce
I love how he legit zoomed up on Jordan and didn't even noticed that it was there😅
Steven Niblo
Steven Niblo 4 gün önce
Yea, that was funny🙊
DoubleN Reviews
DoubleN Reviews Aylar önce
Hey Jordan. I just wanted to say that your always make my day so thank you for making me smile
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Aylar önce
eyestreem so creative when it comes to content
Larry Joseph Ellison 1413040
This is the best prank that i have ever seen in my life! 😂😂😂😂
Shannon Lewis
Shannon Lewis 5 gün önce
Alternative title trolling my friend as a non existent “thing”
sonic gaming
sonic gaming 18 gün önce
I can’t imagine how mad Ethan is after watching the videos
Pro_Gamer775 Aylar önce
Eyestreem is honestly the best pranker of all time! 🤣
Raquel Chavez
Raquel Chavez Aylar önce
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
Eystreem is a Good Pranker cuz he really thinks of things every time ethan finds out its him
Shanaya Nuwal
Shanaya Nuwal Aylar önce
I know it's something when Jordan makes a video with Ethan. They are so funny to watch!!!
mxdecationッ Aylar önce
" i don't think shields were added in 1.9" the combat update: am i a joke to you?
kemas zakki
kemas zakki Aylar önce
Cuz he send back to 1.9
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 23 saatler önce
His reaction to the glitched items is hilarious! XD
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Aylar önce
eyestreem so creative when it comes to content
dj gaming x meme
dj gaming x meme Aylar önce
Great I always like eystrem content I hope eystrem is always healthy bang it makes it go viral again
Tantan gamer
Tantan gamer Aylar önce
Eystreem: my friend loves torturing villagers and I love torturing him so that's why he's terrified of me
Jacob Cheek
Jacob Cheek Aylar önce
The funniest part ever when Firelight goes”AAAAH
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
This video got 284K views in 6 hours, You're the my fav TRvidr.
Cameron Yanga
Cameron Yanga Aylar önce
I love how Ethan doesn't notice Jordan is on the boat
fred pelletier
fred pelletier Aylar önce
All of Ethan's viewers see what he's doing AKA getting trolled and killed. Ethan just tries to make videos and then EYESTREAM just.. ruins it. L O L
Williams on Wildlife
You are an absolutely amazing troller bruh.I’ve taken loads of inspiration from your trolls to prank my best friend.
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia 19 gün önce
I meant hi
Athena Embang
Athena Embang Aylar önce
2:58 Jordan: We need to save these Villagers! The Villagers: *Dances Because Ethan Was Punched back*
Ashlee Ransdell
Ashlee Ransdell 19 gün önce
@adrijano furlan yeah
adrijano furlan
adrijano furlan Aylar önce
I want Jordan to make magic of Kuma ep14 and 15
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
He does a great job on his videos I really like his videos
Miguel O Rod
Miguel O Rod 22 gün önce
I like how you prank your friends especially Ethan
rosa ramirez
rosa ramirez 16 gün önce
When Ethan said look at my Godly body I laughed he looks like a goddess but he's not a goddess
GamingWithZian RBX
GamingWithZian RBX Aylar önce
I love this kinds of pranks. Keep up the good work!
PixeltheSheep Aylar önce
It was scary when I saw the blood villager in a boat, amazing videos!
Śńøwý_føx 8 gün önce
You are the true pranking king, all bow down to the king!
BBIpadGaming Aylar önce
I Love Your Pranks On Your Freind Keep Making More Please!
Axy Aylar önce
He’s a really nice person because he saved the villagers
Mikołaj Wójcik
Mikołaj Wójcik 10 gün önce
5:34 to 5:57 is like the most disturbing voice I have ever heard from Ethan
audrey Miller
audrey Miller Aylar önce
He does a great job on his videos I really like his videos
christy siu
christy siu 7 gün önce
Well Eystreem always does something funny so yeah I like him
DARKNESS 26 gün önce
Do you know entreaems friends are pranking him when he makes the horror stuff right?
Sunny Vlogs
Sunny Vlogs 18 gün önce
Ethan walks in: "oh I should act normal." "MEH MEH-"
Stranger things😶
Stranger things😶 3 gün önce
I laughed at when you spit the cake made of wheat egg and thingy with ethan lol
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Aylar önce
Eystreem is a Good Pranker cuz he really thinks of things every time ethan finds out its him
Mabel Chue
Mabel Chue 16 gün önce
Noah boblox 123
Noah boblox 123 13 gün önce
You never failed to make us laugh
Itz_moonlight Emerald
Itz_moonlight Emerald 14 gün önce
"YO BRO I WAS HAVING A MOMENT WITH HIM!" "do we need to make out or something?" -eystreem 2022
Elmerito Baltazar
Elmerito Baltazar Aylar önce
Hey Jordan,fact:Turtle shells can work as a hat on a armor stand
Brad Wallace
Brad Wallace 2 gün önce
I like when the part when eystreem said he's an idiot that was hilarious
Ronald Nidera
Ronald Nidera Aylar önce
This video got 284K views in 6 hours, You're the my fav TRvidr.
D Kimbel
D Kimbel Aylar önce
I kind of imagine Ethan as a stick like a stick with no muscles at all like he can’t even pick up a toothpick
MetaKirby Aylar önce
Ethan revealing Jordan with tab was so funny
Fire SteveYT
Fire SteveYT Aylar önce
I respect mine villagers, i have made 2 towns for them in my minecraft server with a house and work shop and i also named them like bob, kevin, benson and herb.
Drewcorgiderp102 28 gün önce
“What did I do” literally enslaves village
10k Subs Challenge with 0 video!!!
We all appreciate your work and the efforts you put in your videos keep up the hard work
Covid-19 Aylar önce
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan Aylar önce
Smily boi
Smily boi Aylar önce
I love the old villages they are beautiful
Glenn Avison
Glenn Avison Aylar önce
i like how eathan cant even see the villager just riding aroung in a boat at 0:33
Rehynee Bolisay
Rehynee Bolisay Aylar önce
Love your vid,I love the part where you said Meh Meh😂
Veshremy army
Veshremy army 5 gün önce
0:34 is nobody going to talk about how nick didn’t see Eystreem :\
Ren_Blox Aylar önce
lmao this was awesome you always know how to prank your friends XD
Maree Lyons
Maree Lyons Aylar önce
Eystreem your videos are amazing you make me laugh and make my day I love you eystreem and I love your videos 🥰
Sus Playtime
Sus Playtime Aylar önce
next prank idea: prank ethan with the lunar moon
Anthony Hidalgo
Anthony Hidalgo Aylar önce
When eystreem said “wait let’s act normal”and said “meep meep”😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣
KING CUEVA Aylar önce
Damn I miss the Corrupted Steve series
Karl Michael Lopez
Karl Michael Lopez Aylar önce
Wahhahaha, I love it when you troll Ethan, his reactions, everything made me laugh.. keep it up bro
Jon Ta
Jon Ta 21 gün önce
Cyril Boquiren
Cyril Boquiren Aylar önce
Brenna Wade
Brenna Wade Aylar önce
I still don’t know why he still calls him self family friendly, But he still has great content
“Mia Dao”
“Mia Dao” Aylar önce
The person who got pranked must be addicted to Minecraft I would have lifted at the start
Sean L. G.
Sean L. G. Aylar önce
Wow! I Like How Eystreem is Smart and The best of Commands
Shawn Zhyion Forneste
eystreem is the prank god it made me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CYBORGBOY20 Aylar önce
0:34 Ethan did no see the villager is using the boat🤣
Mama Caz
Mama Caz Aylar önce
Blood Villager 8000 ATK 30000 DEF Driven mad by his son's death, took 6 player's souls, which is how he got his name. Never shows his true power for some reason.
Paul Keller
Paul Keller Gün önce
The funniest part about this video is that he said I was trying to have a moment with him what the flip I know that made me laugh😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣
Gianni Oh
Gianni Oh Aylar önce
You did a good job on this video
Kathy Martinez
Kathy Martinez Aylar önce
Best prak on him yet lol!
Aadesh Aylar önce
89.9% of the comments here be like: he never fails to make me laugh, his content never disappoint us💗💗💗
Santhanakrishnan Srinivasan
@Dream ain’t cpdream
William Gareipy
William Gareipy Aylar önce
ʕ•̫͡•ʔ Aylar önce
Dream Aylar önce
Shut up bot delelted ur comment bot
Fletcher-Playz Aylar önce
i feel bad for eathen he is the one who is already getting trolled but it is funny LOL
Xxx_MikaPlayz_xxX 28 gün önce
I think eystreem is a god of prank I mean Ethan Got scared I was laughing so hard to Ethan bc he got so scared lol
Magdolin Botros
Magdolin Botros Aylar önce
Idea: troll your best friend and troll him as Herobrine if you already did it do it again and see if he has a different reaction
Christopher Oliver
Christopher Oliver Aylar önce
So we not gonna talk about the villager/Eystreem on a boat in the background
BBIpadGaming 29 gün önce
I Love Ur Pranks More Please!
Isaiah Ogang
Isaiah Ogang 10 gün önce
The next video: I pranked my friend by dressing as herobrine to scare him
Felicia Ultra Gaming
Is no one gonna talk abt Ethan and Jordan didn't realize the chat say "whilst" Instead "While"
Jennifer Santiago Colón
rest in peace technoblade:(
Yasmin Almonte
Yasmin Almonte Aylar önce
Eystream puts so much work into these videos eystream put up the good work and have a nice day 😀😀
-_ LigitDab44 _-
-_ LigitDab44 _- Aylar önce
XDDDDDD What a Begining start to the video 😂😂🤣
John John Gamboa
John John Gamboa Aylar önce
this is the best prank 🤣🤣🤣
market share
market share Aylar önce
Great video bro, keep it up, but I have to ask when MAGIC OF KUMA SEASON 2 will be released
GamePlay 26 Sheraz Gaming
2:03-2:12 Is My Favourite Part
Uhan Surban
Uhan Surban 17 gün önce
eysteem what about you make more trolling videos because it make as fun😂
Jackie Meyer
Jackie Meyer Aylar önce
I feel a bit bad for eystreem because his opponent left
ShadowAssassin Aylar önce
2:17 to 2:18 and 2:19 and 2:20 was the funniest part.eystreem he said "mwa" and "hey I'm trying to have a moment here what the flip" 😂🤣
Ethan Kong
Ethan Kong Aylar önce
im not sure if villagers would like being stranded on a random island
MarplaysYT Aylar önce
eystreem is always making our day better!♡
Cyril Boquiren
Cyril Boquiren Aylar önce
Vivan Ingole
Vivan Ingole 12 saatler önce
hahahahaha ethan doesn't even know how to respect villagers
Lil ducky
Lil ducky Aylar önce
Poor Ethan he gets pranked all the time
Frost 16 gün önce
“Free the slaves” Me : breaks dirt
Gaster da cara fofa
Gaster da cara fofa 26 gün önce
Hey eystreem can you tell me what did you use to get that knockback?this only work for pc?,get by a command or a mod?
Jazz Malyx Jalocon
Jazz Malyx Jalocon Aylar önce
I like it when you prank your friends and make them confuse 😂😂😂
Cavalry Aylar önce
Jordens demonic “heh heh ha!” At 8:30 chill
CharissaDaenerys Aylar önce
That's just sad and funny at the same time
Tik Tok
Tik Tok Gün önce
Eystreem: the highest knock back is 30 bedrock: knock back 250 is the real max
Rundsted Musa
Rundsted Musa Aylar önce
Bro congrats for 4M subs😍😍😍
PVPGodYT Aylar önce
Great video Jordan, as always!😃 plot twist "He is torturing villagers for a ritual to the devil"
KL Leung
KL Leung Aylar önce
You are a good pranked eystream 😂😂
jelly 18 gün önce
This is soo so halerious 🤣🤣🤣😂 he didn't know it was him
75gldy Aylar önce
Eystreem I have been watching for a long time and I forgot to subscribe so I just subscribed😁😊
JazrellTM(can i reach 10 subs no vids?)
This guy is so funny he always make us laugh my only dream is to get hearth😟
10k Subs Challenge with 0 video!!!
Eystreem has no boundaries on how crazy his content gets everyday and he always makes our day or night even better
Jose Mota
Jose Mota 9 gün önce
Didn’t you know if he called Debs on the Village first so you can take it over or else you will be a bad friend
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Akın Ayaz İlkbahar 12 gün önce
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Parmil Sm 13 gün önce
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