I Finally Played Roblox Doors Hotel Update.. (FULL GAME)

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In this DanTDM gaming video, I play the brand new Roblox Doors Hotel update. New jumpscares, monsters and secrets! What’s behind Door 100?!

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3 Şub 2023




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YouTube Aylar önce
wake up honey , new DanTDM vid just dropped 🔥
@Bilinmeyen ♂️☂️🥽👓
Lux Mesor
Lux Mesor 12 gün önce
CosmicX 20 gün önce
@TRvid, give dan his 20 million subscriber award.
Inklingboy Aylar önce
Soviet Doggo
Soviet Doggo Aylar önce
As a Dantdm veteran. (2013) I grew up and forgot his existence 3 years ago. I still love his videos. They just aren't my go-to anymore. I'll still pop in every month or so. I just wish I enjoyed his content as much as I used to. I'm super happy he succeeds still. Keep staying awesome Dan. Until next month! -Person
GeoCritic 23 saatler önce
Been watching him since 2014 ❤
a ★
a ★ Gün önce
this comment is so cute
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal Gün önce
archie bou
archie bou Gün önce
SussyBaka123 2 gün önce
Me too
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Aylar önce
I love how this guys fan base is so chill and non-toxic. They’re all so supportive.
hamza craftory 💀
hamza craftory 💀 19 saatler önce
I love the way that no one noticed about the entity "glitch"
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal Gün önce
​@da fuq so that is violence too
Don 8 gün önce
@HuobaoGaming cap it depends on the game
mushtaq2373 8 gün önce
@Don Doors doesn't have a good community. They started using scripts and exploits to make their own "updates" because devs didn't update the game for a while. It doesn't really depend on the game you play in, roblox is one of the most toxic communities ever, even in simulator games. In big genres, most cases there will be toxicity. But no offense here, I just meant that roblox has a more toxic community than Dan's fanbase but I do get where you're coming from.
Kira Aylar önce
quick tip, use the candle in door 90-99. the candle provides light and the flame will go out when rush comes. Also, if you go downstairs on door 100 theres a rift. You can put any remaining items into the rift and they will be given to you on the next run.
Deejayjax Aylar önce
Dan has but also hasn’t changed. He’s changed in content, but never in personality. We love his content and his channel. Hope your family is ok!
monkey :-)
monkey :-) 17 gün önce
I love his videos so much, I’ve been watching them since 2016 💗
Kausani Ray
Kausani Ray 21 gün önce
KingTrexDoesStuff 15 gün önce
I loved how Dan called Halt "Glitch" 😂 Jokes aside, this was an extremely entertaining video.
Katherine Hays
Katherine Hays 2 gün önce
Thinknoodles Aylar önce
LolStinkyLol 5 gün önce
*insert villager noise here*
23 Alister john Serrao
Cameron Cruz
Cameron Cruz 14 gün önce
Dan's about half a month late... When he just posted the video~ 2023
SvdPro 20 gün önce
akram laff
akram laff 20 gün önce
hi think
Steve Collins
Steve Collins Aylar önce
Thank you for taking over a few hours of my parenting per day Dan for the last 10 years. My 2 sons have followed all the way and you have given me some much needed peace and quiet when I need it.
2210yash 20 gün önce
Your supposed to hold the cross at any monster but for doo50 monster and black eye monster it only stuns them
TheOpinionGuy 23 gün önce
@Visk Is Watching. nice arg
JensenPlayz Aylar önce
31:11 can we just appreciate how much time and effort he puts into his videos its impressive
spoof Aylar önce
@WoahItRyzen same
WoahItRyzen Aylar önce
@Steve Collins stampy long nose was my to go.
• faiyurr •
• faiyurr • Aylar önce
23:22 hey dan, the guy you saw there was glitch, hes basically a failsafe whenever a room glitches or doesnt load properly, glitch teleports you to a new room so the other rooms can unload and fix the problem! Also congrats on miles :)
Yo 7 gün önce
@MM Boys! Bro thought Jeff was screech
MM Boys!
MM Boys! 13 gün önce
@Spectra Bro thought rush was guiding light
Yellco Aylar önce
@• faiyurr • yes but it was his original job
• faiyurr •
• faiyurr • Aylar önce
@Yellco correct me if im wrong but wasnt that job replaced with void?
Yellco Aylar önce
Glitch also teloports you to your teammates on multiplayer if your to far away from them.
● Kïțtý Mållery¿ ●
Hint for the music around 11:46 - 12:36 The music came from a previous room in door 60, so when you push the lever on the next 1 or 2 doors then you go back through a hole behind one of the many closets and escape a maze to a room with a picture with no name and green light in a left path that gets you to The Rooms Door. Now, If you have two lockpicks and 1 skeleton key (DONT USE THE HERB USED WITH THE SKELETON KEY, IT DOESN'T WORK IN THE ROOMS!). If you open the doors, then you revive everyone in the server, but the problem is that there are exactly 1000 doors in the rooms, along with 3 REALLY difficult and bugged entities.
Jadeeee ^^
Jadeeee ^^ Aylar önce
I usually watch commentary videos and stuff, but watching these for nostalgia every once in a while definitely brings me back to a simpler time :)
Jadeeee ^^
Jadeeee ^^ Aylar önce
@WeAreDevs #UTTP not the bots 😭😭😭
WeAreDevs #UTTP
WeAreDevs #UTTP Aylar önce
*I am better than DanTDM, my content is better!*
GdayToYaMates Aylar önce
forgot this guy existed, I’m happy he’s still around. loved your videos when i was little
cynthiia Aylar önce
you know its a good day whenever DanTDM uploads a video coming back from his break
Lets Have Fun Jeremiah
DanTDM Uploading = Amazing Uploads
Kar tr
Kar tr 21 gün önce
Its a bot
Elmo Gaming
Elmo Gaming Aylar önce
Femboy cap
Niels Bijman
Niels Bijman Aylar önce
Based Soul ⸜⁄ fake checkmark💀
Metal Fox
Metal Fox Aylar önce
You ratio’d youtube …
Moved channel
Moved channel Aylar önce
Tip: You should always look around you when exiting the dark rooms, especially when Screech can spawn right when you get out of the dark room, and if you don’t hear it.
The_Fallen_One Aylar önce
Hey Dan, Wanted to say this now before I forget. Thank you so much for the years of content from the Lab to all of your other content. Im not a lot older and still enjoy watching all of your videos over and over. Its good to see your still on going. Take care man.
mineblox1209 Aylar önce
You never disappoint us man! Keep up the phenomenal work!
TheSethFactor Aylar önce
Let’s just appreciate how amazing the new monster animations are
Hearteater🫶 21 gün önce
Love it when Dan uploads always brings a smile to my face =)
monkey :-)
monkey :-) 12 gün önce
Me too ^\/^
Adrian Lara
Adrian Lara Aylar önce
Glad to see Dadtdm back for another run, everyone needs their break to be with their family, glad to see Dan back in action
Sussy gecko
Sussy gecko Aylar önce
@Muhammud Abdi agreed x2
Muhammud Abdi
Muhammud Abdi Aylar önce
@Sussy gecko I don't know why I said "sus" but the thing you said is true
Sussy gecko
Sussy gecko Aylar önce
@Muhammud Abdi agreed
Muhammud Abdi
Muhammud Abdi Aylar önce
@Sussy gecko I'm not gonna lie but that is true and pretty sus
COWOMAN Aylar önce
as a kid, your videos were elite to me. seeing that you have a family now trips me out and that your still making videos. congrats to you dan for making it this far👏👏
XxEcl8ps3xX Aylar önce
Tip: the figures walk cycle changes every time.stay in crouch mode to avoid its exceptional senses detecting and killing you.the figure is blind and will walk around aimlessly in order to catch you. Hope it helps
SnakesBakeCookies 18 gün önce
@EnzoBR player nah it can be the same for a few runs in a row, there’s about 3 or 4 different versions of it
EnzoBR player
EnzoBR player 18 gün önce
@SnakesBakeCookiesit does
SnakesBakeCookies 22 gün önce
no, his cycle doesn’t change every time
Idk 7 gün önce
Damn it’s been years since I’ve watch Dan and he is still the same old person I used to remember I’m glad he didn’t change at all
Jack Brown
Jack Brown Aylar önce
Great to see you back, Dan!😀
𝙰𝚍𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚗 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓼 𝙳𝙾𝙶𝙶𝙾𝚂
For everyone who doesent get dupe, whenever you find a stage with 2 different number doors, it scrambled the door you came from, so you have to go to the one before that if you dont remember, then you count up twice from that number, the number you get is the number door you go to, for example: if you came from door 67, count up one time, its 68, thats the door your one, you have to go through door 69 so you dint get duped and you have the right number, if you go to the other door, you will get duped,never go in the other door,
Thedraftingax Aylar önce
Let’s go! You’re back after 2 months of uploading and being a dad, Dan! This is the best day ever for all 26.3 million of us!
Basher playz
Basher playz Aylar önce
@Thedraftingaxoh, sorry!
Thedraftingax Aylar önce
@Basher playz yeah I am, I tend to do it sometimes. Also, not trying to be rude or anything, but I’m not a “he”, I’m an “it” or “it/its”. I’m actually a nonbinary genderfluid person in case you didn’t know.
Thedraftingax Aylar önce
@jimmie thorne yeah I know I saw
WovenPlayz Aylar önce
someone has probably mentioned this but here it goes. Little tip for Dan, the "Mystery boxes" don't need a lockpick every time, its a random chance if they need one so just try it with nothing in you're hands before you use the lockpick. EDIT: i have been informed that if it needs a lockpick it will have a lock model on it. idk how i never noticed that lol
WovenPlayz Aylar önce
@Дима Мин oh cool i guess i never noticed that
Дима Мин
Дима Мин Aylar önce
it has a lock model on it if its locked
Chubby Chihuahua Gaming
I’m glad he came back from his break I used to watch him everyday after school when he still had blue hair.I’m glad to see you’re still making content
Classy 25 gün önce
I love watching Dan’s Vids. Idk Why. If I’m just being honest his voice is just soothing. And His content is nice. His personality will never change
StuffGuyThisKind Aylar önce
dan must’ve played this for hours, and died near the end so many times but he still kept on going. respect
I am teddy
I am teddy Aylar önce
My big brother introduced Dan to me when he was around 8 Now i am rediscovering his channel 7 years later Nostalgia is hitting hard :)
WhoIsYou Aylar önce
As a vet of doors, dan did remarkably well as a newer player
Yo 7 gün önce
@ScuttleBug No you shut up, I have 500 million power in Rise of Kingdoms!!
Kenny Vega
Kenny Vega 14 gün önce
@WeAreDevs #UTTP imaging thinking yo are better than Dan and you have 43 subs lol
anna 19 gün önce
Liam Kerby
Liam Kerby 27 gün önce
I hate the greenhouse levels bro, its always the snare and rush
Zach! 27 gün önce
@Bean Duoz he's not new
Itz Toca Gracie 🌴 🥥
YAYYYY DAN YOUR BACK We all hope everything goes well for you and your family!!! ♡ 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Deadshot889 Aylar önce
I remember watching him about 4 - 5 years ago and im happy he grew to be a big content creator
Alexander Griffiths
Alexander Griffiths 25 gün önce
He was arguably a bigger content creator 5 years ago then he is now lol
ILove BrussleSprouts
I love the little animations throughout the vid, nice to see you playing around with animations more, Dan!
ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ@Hardware_canucs
👆👆 big fan, you are among the shortlisted winners, use the name above to acknowledge your prize..
Y7 Aylar önce
Yes Dan! Happy to see you playing roblox after a while! :)
Nathan-Baker 6 gün önce
Dan just does things that we all enjoy 🎉
Trollege Aylar önce
Glad to have you back, Dan. Hope your family is doing well and you're staying safe. Much love and keep being a great dad and an absolute legend.
Lebrun James
Lebrun James 26 gün önce
Calvin Lee Vail u only have 2k views L
Zephyr Moody
Zephyr Moody Aylar önce
​@Shermanos Sad no Dad
Vicky Wickpond
Vicky Wickpond Aylar önce
Zar4508 Aylar önce
courtney taylor
courtney taylor Aylar önce
what he said
Christopher Sun
Christopher Sun Aylar önce
i’m glad youtube brought this to my recommendations, I hope you’ve been doing well in the past few years dan!
ItzWacker Aylar önce
I love how much Dan’s community is so loyal it’s so wholesome
AboveAverage 8 gün önce
In the dark part at the end (90-100) it is advised u bring a candle found on any surface in the hotel. They go out and emit a blueish light when an entity is near. In this part they are rather useful as it is harder to see rush coming
William Armstrong
William Armstrong Aylar önce
Welcome back, Dan! So happy to see you are uploading again! 😁👏👍🤘✌
Taylor_TDM _101
Taylor_TDM _101 Aylar önce
Lmao damn this update certainly was interesting, it was nice seeing you play Doors again Dan!
Flexic3D Aylar önce
Yes dan! I am very glad and so happy for you to be back after the break and finally you are playing roblox after a long time! Cheers!! :)
Niels Bijman
Niels Bijman Aylar önce
Muhammad Amir cant even spell
@Tracy Spence ⬆ ʜɪᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴜᴘ....💬❤❤
Tracy Spence
Tracy Spence Aylar önce
@WeAreDevs #UTTP but here is the thing, no one cares
Zag Aylar önce
Midsplugs lmao not even on the right channel
LH44 fan
LH44 fan Aylar önce
I personally believe everyone will cry when Dan makes his final video and we have to say goodbye to him 😢
isana Aylar önce
hi dan. i just wanted to say thank you for making me so happy as a child (2013) and for still making me happy now. you are one of my go to youtubers STILL and when i saw the notification i actually screamed please never change i love u
Adelynn Proffitt
Adelynn Proffitt 16 gün önce
I’m so glad you’re finally playing the now update!
Titanical Aylar önce
Hey Dan! Great to see you play this update. I’ve enjoyed your videos since I’ve been a kid :) I was wondering if you’ve considered going back to Piggy? Even if it’s just one last video, there’s a lot that’s changed since you last played it. There’s so many new chapters, game modes, etc. If you don’t wanna play it though, that’s chill. Have a great day!
mrs bombastic -
mrs bombastic - 9 gün önce
Note to Dan: The Crucifix doesn't help you from dying, it makes Mobs/Monsters disappear. You can use them on any monster, I think you can't use it on screech and Timothy. But I don't know. Sometimes the Crucifix does help you to not die but it is mostly used for “Trapping” Mobs/Monsters. Your welcome
🌸Mushrøøm Aylar önce
I think it's amazing that Dan got this in just 4 attempts with the new update.
LemonBoy Aylar önce
And he got expert technician
Sasimy Aylar önce
@Zander Kuhlmann LMAOOOO you're mad for getting spoiled how much try before he success???? Take a break from the internet and stop guilt tripping
🌸Mushrøøm Aylar önce
@JasonDoesStuff Fr💀
JasonDoesStuff Aylar önce
@Zander Kuhlmann no duh he was going to beat it, it says “FULL GAME” right there in the title.
WhiteRabbit Aylar önce
We all have beautiful hearts. Please don't misunderstand each other. please Trust each other.
real frederick II
real frederick II Aylar önce
watching dan playing roblox reminds me of being a kid back in 2016 watching him play obbies and tycoons
IGLOO GAMEZ Aylar önce
Good to see you back, I hope you and Jemma are well. Love your videos I can’t wait to see more.
UrCake 16 gün önce
Not sure if you know this dan, but the candle is super usefull for the greenhouse , since rush appears more often there, and the candle goes out when a entity spawns, using this u can easily tell if rush is coming
ImCool Aylar önce
Nice to see you back Dan, love your videos and always have.
-AceJosieCharlie- Aylar önce
We all know how hard it hit seeing Dan use the crucifix on Dupe 😂😭
Random Kind
Random Kind Aylar önce
Fun fact: In the Doors+Hotel update, A-60 is now not that rare. There is an secret room in door 55-64 only sometimes, and there will be a openin behind one of the cabinets or something, then finish the maze, then you will find a secret room with a locked gate. Go back to door 60 then proceed to door 61 and then use the lever on the basement. Then go back to the door 60 secret room, you will see the gate is now open. There will be a door therw that needs ( 2 lockpicks and one skeleton key[you can get from jeff) and then enter the door then press continue run. Then you will be teleported to a secret game called rooms. The entities that habitats the rooms is. ( A-60, A-90 and A-120) You can reach to A-200 then you can find an exit, or you can proceed to A-1000 so you can get a secret item named Tracker, it helps you find keys or somewhat other stuff. Thank you for being here!
Manju Shanmugam
Manju Shanmugam Aylar önce
​@Faustice oh no D:
Faustice Aylar önce
please edit your comment to hide the prize from finishing door 1000, it’s very much a spoiler
Sixty2 Aylar önce
I didnt knew that
StayOnce Aylar önce
I have been watching dan for more than 4 years i grew up watching him he is my childhood i still love his videos so much ❤️
Game Slayer456
Game Slayer456 Aylar önce
I am so glad he is finally back and he is a good doors player.
the gaming wolf sqaud
the gaming wolf sqaud 16 gün önce
Congrats for beating the new update!
ImKG Aylar önce
This man made my child hood I will forever be grateful and respectful. You were one of many methods my parents used to calm me down as a child. You are amazing.
Tadgh Fitzgerald-higgins
Dan calling Halt glitch really triggers me considering how much of a doors pro I have become
PopdotObject 27 gün önce
Konstan Aylar önce
Sup Dan, I think we can all agree that we're glad to see you back. I've played this update a lot! I know a secret that isn't so much of a secret anymore. If you get to door 60 with 2 lock picks and a skeleton key, you can find a hidden door leading to 1000 rooms, just look for more info and you'll see how. Feel free to ask around!
Arclight Aylar önce
@Emrir its not but sure
Konstan Aylar önce
@Emrir yeah, it ain't cap
Natethegamer Aylar önce
@2 4 [ANTI-LGBTQ] 卐 bro I don’t even know who u are but ur content prob not better at all
hi my man
hi my man Aylar önce
what is there in these 1000 doors
just another teenagerz
welcome back! not only are you playing my favorite game, but youre back!! awesome to see you, dude!! missed you!!
Manvir sandhu
Manvir sandhu Aylar önce
welcome back dan and i hope you have a great life and continue to make content
Catdog 29 gün önce
I have been here since November 5th 2012 the year he started, it's great to see how far he has gone!
message @DanTDM04
message @DanTDM04 25 gün önce
☝️A big thank you for watching and commenting. An congratulation you are part of our shortlisted winners.send a Dm on telegram to acknowledge you prize 🎁🎁🎁
itsyourboi_7201 Aylar önce
Glad to see you back Dan, been a lifetime fan
Triple 7 Gaming
Triple 7 Gaming 14 gün önce
I’d love to see Dan go through the rooms. Prolly wont happen but still
Sonic Aylar önce
good to see you back dantdm you have walked a long path in yt and has been there almost the whole time i hope your family is doing well
Rush 25 gün önce
@WeAreDevs #UTTP idc
jimpojojo Aylar önce
w pfp
WeAreDevs #UTTP
WeAreDevs #UTTP Aylar önce
*I am better than DanTDM, my content is better!*
xtwistedgodx Aylar önce
so glad your back dan, ive been watching since i was a toddler and im now 14, thank you so much ❤❤
Truemudkip Aylar önce
Fun fact: around the greenhouse, rush takes extra before the flash during his jumpscare, basically enjoying the fact that he just killed us
LoveThePets 💗🍍
Dans videos are just entertaining. He beat the game last time so fast and he’s gonna beat it again, and again!
Crisis Variety Hour
We missed you Dan ❤ glad ur back 😊
Shadow 18 gün önce
I haven't watched a DanTDM video since he lost his hardcore world. Dear lord I'm getting flashbacks. Keep up the awesome work man ❤
Panel Aylar önce
You know it’s a good day when we appreciate how much effort he puts into his videos
Pobeehpo Aylar önce
@Panel do you have short term memory loss
NoThisIsPatrick Aylar önce
@Panel what is blud waffling about
CarmenPuddinPop Aylar önce
@TheWonderingApe NAHH
Cat King
Cat King Aylar önce
@TheWonderingApe You're messed up
VaporwaveVODS Aylar önce
@TheWonderingApe nah bro💀☠️
dooska Aylar önce
Hope you and your family are doing well! Great to see you again!
abby rellosa
abby rellosa Aylar önce
Welcome back Dan!!!! I was waiting for months, glad to see you play Roblox again!
Don 11 gün önce
Yeah I remember his old roblox series 😢
Jack Woody
Jack Woody 14 gün önce
I think it's funny that the candle spawned on Door 52 and Dan completely ignored it
MstrSpartan 0601
MstrSpartan 0601 Aylar önce
As some one who has been watch Dan for almost 8 years now I'm glad that DanTDM is still hilarious to watch
Yugraj Singh
Yugraj Singh 7 gün önce
Imagine, after he said "wasnt even scared" the door just doesn't end up closing
KELH Aylar önce
Hey Dan! I’m so glad your back!!! I love your videos, and I hope you had an amazing break! Good to see you playing the new doors update :)
KELH Aylar önce
@Josy350 Yeah! I’m glad he did. But those were Pre-recorded, so I’m glad he didn’t record during his break because he deserved the break :)
Master_Shifu Aylar önce
Based Soul ⸜⁄ The guy that makes fun of dead people makes better content than G.O.A.T. Don't make me laugh.
CherryFizz Animations
I agree! I’m glad he’s back :)
Josy350 Aylar önce
He uploads in his live channel!
GigaChad Aylar önce
pxxlss Aylar önce
Welcome back Dan, I hope you had a wonderful break.
Sidney Adji
Sidney Adji Aylar önce
Honestly, they should make a Doors movie. Yes, the game is that good 😊❤ Edit: Also the soundtrack is Absolutely SUPERIOR love Doors ❤
envixity Aylar önce
doors tip: if you see a candle anywhere, take it and dont use it until door 90-100. its a light source but it goes out when something is gonna come by.
Fxlanker Aylar önce
Enjoyed this so much make a part 2 for doors when you can Dan you can take your time!
I havent watch Dan since 2014- damnn bro the nostalgia-
SepticBadger Aylar önce
Loving the new art style for thumbnails and even the animation too! Well done Dan, nice to see you go back to your roots/trying out new stuff in videos.
📥Stoneyridgefarmer ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ
👆 Hit_Me_Up_ Something_for_you_
ThePurpleFurret Aylar önce
@2 4 [ANTI-LGBTQ] 卐 I wish that flopped harder than morbius
LanceGZ Aylar önce
ad1t ( *-*) /
ad1t ( *-*) / Aylar önce
@2 4 [ANTI-LGBTQ] 卐 you only have 66 subs and 3 videos lol, also DanTDM channel is older than your channel
ZP_TRUANT4123 Aylar önce
Just a tip for dupe, always say the number of the door out loud. Always helps a lot.
Claire-Bear Aylar önce
When the world needed him the most, he returned
Catrland&bella 5 gün önce
I just watched this video to bring my childhood back since basically u made my childhood good! :D
Flaminho Aylar önce
Welcome back Dan!!! Congrats with your new child!!! Love the vid, the new doors update is sick
Shark_Fighter 26 gün önce
only true fans will know he changed the thumbnail of this video
Cadbury 26 gün önce
StarBurst Bliss
StarBurst Bliss Aylar önce
Welcome back, Dan! Glad to see an upload, but I hope you're doing well too! Hope Asher, Miles, and Jemma are doing alright also!
📥Stoneyridgefarmer ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ
👆 Hit_Me_Up_ Something_for_you
StarBurst Bliss
StarBurst Bliss Aylar önce
@Matt The Media Guy Ah, of course! The pugs too!
Matt The Media Guy
Matt The Media Guy Aylar önce
And the pugs!
Wooduck Aylar önce
Dan You deserved that break congrats on being a father...again! I love your content!!!
am Aylar önce
woah its been so long since ive watched dantdm. So good to see you in my recommendations again! Hope your family has been well !
Daniel Sonderegger
Daniel Sonderegger Aylar önce
Why is nobody talking about how he perfectly mimiced the among us kill sound at 3:47
ItzFlibat Aylar önce
It's been a while since I've watched a Dan video the last video I watched from you other than this one was from 4 years ago I remember watching you everyday. Also as a Roblox Doors veteran you did a pretty good job for you being a sorta newer player.
bootymctooty121 11 gün önce
Tip for whenever you reach door 100. ALWAYS CROUCH, cause if your straight up walking your gonna get killed straight away. Same thing for door 50! I haven't gotten to door 100 but I watch a lot of tip videos lol.
_averyxx_ Aylar önce
Back from ur break *and* #10 on Trending for gaming? Still good as new well done Dan. Hope ur family is well
Cobra_king's Aylar önce
CreeperCart 2.0 🇮🇪
#29 😔
snegluf Aylar önce
Ooh #7 now on normal trending
Owen Robbins
Owen Robbins Aylar önce
#5 on normal Trending
person. Aylar önce
#5 rn
allyv2 Aylar önce
I suggest to check the door number before going into it, just in case dupe comes by to almost kill you. I almost died from dupe twice. Edit: That person who teleported you was glitch. When your far behind your friends who 'left' you, he teleports you to the room they're in.
@Дима Мин yes
Дима Мин
Дима Мин Aylar önce
actually glitch was replaced with void now, glitch now only appears if the next room doesnt load in properly
I'm honestly impressed by the amount of time that you put into these videos, Keep it up!💖
ily42days 27 gün önce
Almost 20 and ive been watching ur videos for so long, came back for a revisit and ur still so entertainment as you've always been
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message @DanTDM04 25 gün önce
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