I Fed a Wasp Nest to Capybaras (Big Ounce Dies) 

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12 Ağu 2022




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Katya Lupochev
Katya Lupochev Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce, not many people know this but the man was actually a 6-time kidney donor. He truly was something special.
Nasty Yıl önce
He also was a 3-time lung donor. I was a recipient. RIP
XxWhite_Devil200 Yıl önce
wait hold up
Whippetha creem
Whippetha creem Yıl önce
I remember he donated 5 bodies to my Med School. He's the reason I got my degree in Surgery, I'll never forget what he did for us.
Oliver Danks
Oliver Danks Yıl önce
he stopped the Cold War from being ww3
Adam Lynn
Adam Lynn Yıl önce
He also donated 19 livers to an orphanage, granted none of them were actually his but still....
Xavier Yıl önce
RIP big ounce. I'll never forget how he saved the lives of hundreds when he landed that 747 jet airliner when those pilots passed out. He saved generations.
pacer Yıl önce
Alaa Mohamed your dad isnt
Helllooooooo Yıl önce
@pacer 💀💀
Ofir Yıl önce
@pacer bro 💀😂
Cheese Yıl önce
@pacer bruh💀💀💀💀💀
HelpfulGirl Yıl önce
@pacer this is the funniest reply ive seen to a bot thank u for the laugh
James Lasseigne
James Lasseigne Yıl önce
I’ll never forget when Big Ounce saved my cat from a house fire, he was truly built different. RIP king, gone but never forgotten ✊
He’s alive
•MayaBee• Yıl önce
@Surviorsfan-not.ur.normel-gurl that’s the joke
Stephanie Martinez
@Surviorsfan-not.ur.normel-gurl you missed the joke
adastra Yıl önce
i was that cat. truly an unforgettable man 😿
YumiXXXX 11 aylar önce
I was the camera man 😫
Dóra Laura Kiss
Dóra Laura Kiss 7 aylar önce
Still can't get over the fact that Uncle Ben has the most vibrant green eyes I've ever seen
Pan!c Yıl önce
I remember the time Big Ounce saved me from a swarm of chicken-sized beetles when I was -3 years old. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale right now. Rest easy, Big Ounce, you were like a father to me.
Chain         Χριστός Ανέστη
I’d prefer zombie sized chickens
tam thuong
tam thuong Yıl önce
doan tran van
doan tran van Yıl önce
Zai _The human / Dewey
Huh is this a joke?
thi kim
thi kim Yıl önce
Maggot Says Bork
Maggot Says Bork Yıl önce
Rest in peece Big Ounce. I remember when he was a firefighter in Chernobyl. Truly an icon.
alium hoomens
alium hoomens Yıl önce
I can’t confirm I wasn’t there
Who Dat Ninja
Who Dat Ninja Yıl önce
Big ounce keeps dying lol and coming back
AlphaNoobYT2 Yıl önce
@Who Dat Ninja He is Immortal
Mustick Yıl önce
rip 😔
Memero Yıl önce
I was at battlefield durning WW2, i Got shot in leg, and Big ounce COME to save me
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce, we shall never forget him, especially not after he stopped a train going 100 mph with his bare hands
PsychO_bikelife Yıl önce
I think I’m missing somthing💀
assistedpack Yıl önce
It's his fault
Blaaah Yıl önce
toijg avnnr He’S YOUR UNCLE NOW LOL.
Andrew Documented
Andrew Documented 11 aylar önce
big O is the man he made me smell like B O
Flyingkite 10 aylar önce
End of the line reference?
Avery the Cuban-American
Yup, one of the substances wasps use to build their nests is paper pulp. They create this by using raw wood and their own saliva. Some nests can reach the size of a basketball or even bigger! I can confirm they are Dolichovespula maculata or bald-faced hornets. Their colonies can reach up to 700 workers which is quite impressive. And despite their hornet name, they're technically a kind of yellowjacket. They are not hornets as actual hornets are in the Vespa genus
r bu
r bu Yıl önce
The Wasp Rebel Alliance has taken notice of this outrage! We shall be avenged!!!
ItzMetous Yıl önce
They made genus names so similar lmao hornets are vespa and yellow jackets are vespula, but they come together as vespinae under vespidae, too many vespids
Noah Suess
Noah Suess Yıl önce
Bald-faced hornets are terrifying. I’ve been stung by standard yellowjackets a few times, and that was bad enough.
Superhit Holly Bolly Cuts
Lost in sexual fantasies || Acharya Prashant
Katya Lupochev
Katya Lupochev Yıl önce
As much as I dislike wasps(I have fear) the paper on their nests can be beautiful. Years ago my neighbours had a wasp nest in his garage that was marbled beige, blue, and green since the wasps chewed on bare planks, my dark green fence, and his dark blue fence when sourcing their nest materials.
SmrtVillager 9 aylar önce
Hornet King: has a whole bunch of equipment to take care of wasps Urban Rescue Ranch: “I’m just gonna run up there and grab it”
and I mean, it worked!
Rozebunny14 9 aylar önce
Crazy, just crazy..My adrenaline races if I see one now lol They are the most aggressive and painful I've ever encountered. Crazy I tell ya lol
Manny Mata
Manny Mata 4 aylar önce
Hornet king takes nest down and has the same hornet the (bald face hornet) as a pet
Sands Yıl önce
I am certain that this man feels neither pain nor fear
Alpha Gametauri
Alpha Gametauri Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce..... i'll never forget when he landed US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson river and saved all 155 people onboard. Truly a world class hero
SunnySaurus Rex
SunnySaurus Rex 4 aylar önce
I don’t think Big Ounce was Chesley Sullenberger-
Alpha Gametauri
Alpha Gametauri 4 aylar önce
@SunnySaurus Rex R/whooosh
SunnySaurus Rex
SunnySaurus Rex 4 aylar önce
@Alpha Gametauri i know it was a joke btw just gotta say I don’t think he was-
To date, Big Ounce has: - Died 4 times - Been eaten by Ben 4 times - Been fed to bees 1 time - Eaten bees 1 time - Been fed to fish 1 time - Laid 2 eggs - Had 1 funeral - Failed to lose weight 1 time - Been fed 1 wasp nest - Been fed 1 live coyote -Been fed 3 bags of cement - 6-time kidney donor -Saved 2 family from a house fire copied mainly from 0_0 2 I think this deserves a pin and heart uncle ben
Victor dos Santos
Second Funeral confirmed for the next episode....
A S Yıl önce
Big Ounce a true action hero
sigma male
sigma male Yıl önce
The Big Ounce death encyclopedia
Nicholas Brosseau
Our man's really out there living the adventure.
Otto Patchen
Otto Patchen Yıl önce
this makes me remember when my bf and i had 'pet' wasps on our porch at our old place. they got used to us always being around our plants and they ate off any other pests. seemed to leave the bees alone too, which was really lucky imo. i could touch their nest without them freaking out. didn't have to worry about anything eating our spinach and stuff
phyllotaxis Yıl önce
Got plenty of them at the plant nursery where I work. Sometimes there's paper wasps that can get pretty nasty, but the rest only go after the pests on the plants and just hang out with us, they're basically our coworkers (same with the wolf spiders)
Otto Patchen
Otto Patchen Yıl önce
@phyllotaxis that's really cool! I know they help pollinate too, so hopefully they'll be a boon for the nursery. Wolf spoders are also adorable af imo. Love em. Helps keep the mosquitos out of my hair too x^D
Mr. Latrei
Mr. Latrei Yıl önce
@Otto Patchen why are wolf spiders on your head
Otto Patchen
Otto Patchen Yıl önce
@Mr. Latrei nono, not wolf spiders. Wasps
Mr. Latrei
Mr. Latrei Yıl önce
@Otto Patchen Thank God I thought you were some australian spider freak lol
PegLegFromSpace Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce. I know everyone remembers him for all the incredible things he did, but I will always remember him as my only pen pal during a very hard time.
CrashForce Yıl önce
Big Ounce has gone through more lives than a cat at this point 😅😅
Sci Dark 👕
Sci Dark 👕 Yıl önce
ahmed mohamed1 Big Ounce is also here
AJ_koolguy01 Yıl önce
Cats dont have 9 lives
ArtisChronicles Yıl önce
@AJ_koolguy01 you're right, they have 20
Thaee Yıl önce
@ArtisChronicles exactly
The Robloxian Gang
Dammit ounce, 3rd time this week!
Sky Beanie
Sky Beanie 11 aylar önce
RIP Big Ounce. I remember that one time when he saved hundreds of lives when he saved a whole airplane from crashing when the 80 year old pilots passed away. He saved families.
Josh Art Vandelay
Rest In Peace Big Ounce, You'll always be remembered for your tough but fair teaching approach to troubled inner city kids.
Firepaw Cooper 🚺
Yes, Professor Big Ounce taught us to respect ourselves in this crazy world 💯 RIP, Pog, F.
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Yıl önce
Rest in Ounce, Big Peace
yoko renaud
yoko renaud Yıl önce
Big Ounce was like a father to me, I guess he left the best lesson for last, none of us live forever R.I.P Big Ounce we will remember you.
Super Yıl önce
Rest n peace
TheCat 3
TheCat 3 Yıl önce
Rest In Peace, he saved the big dance and stopped the art program from being canceled by the evil vice principal
Juiceman Juice
Juiceman Juice Yıl önce
I’m so happy to see your channel succeeding. I’ve watched your channel for about two years and I got to say I’m glad to see this work out for you.🧡
Merica Freedomland
Dude deserves all the success he gets, love his energy
sтагㅇㅅㅇ Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce. I remember when my dad came back with the milk and i got so excited i had a seizure.Big Ounce came and he saved me. Truly an amazing father figure. Gone but never forgotten.
Joel Rojas Campos
RIP Big Ounce, it's imperative that you know that he reformed a whole bunch of murderous convicts and made them start working in their lives and now they all are safe and genuinely good people like him. I love you Big Ounce
98 Based
98 Based Yıl önce
This not one of the, this is literally the best channel on youtube. I am ashamed that in many places of our Earth, people dont even give or get half of this love what you give to this guys.
Niels Feijen
Niels Feijen Yıl önce
Really going to miss Big Ounce, he saved me and my family from a house fire before.... Rip
Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan Yıl önce
He donated my gran one of his kidneys.
mustafa qassem
mustafa qassem Yıl önce
And he paid rent for our family and gave us 500 dollars Edit:thanks so much for the likes.
3dbee Yıl önce
He donated 1 morbillion dollars to the orphanage where I was raised
Me too that man was imposter Sussy and he healed my depression I love him. He also stopped my heart attack and pulled me from a car crash
Antimony Yıl önce
he broke both my kneecaps when he learned i played league of legends… i havent played it since thanks big ounce
Heisenburger Yıl önce
God I’m gonna miss big ounce. What a legend. He inspired millions of clappy blappies to stop war crimes. He will truly be remembered.
finewitdat Yıl önce
he truly will
FishyWishy 4 aylar önce
RIP big ounce I will never forget when you saved the cast of jaws on set❤You will be missed
TimeBucks Yıl önce
Rest in peace Big Ounce
Anakha prasad
Anakha prasad Yıl önce
kishun_gaming_07 Yıl önce
kishun_gaming_07 Yıl önce
Aaraiz Khan
Aaraiz Khan Yıl önce
assistedpack Yıl önce
@Anakha prasad wtf
Big Ounce once counseled my nephew and helped him overcome stage fright. After that, he helped my neighbor correct a debilitating stammer. Thank you, Big Ounce. One love.
🎗 ordinary extraordinary 🎗
i love how capybara don’t change as they get older like most other animals, they just steadily increase in size
Kaitlin Yıl önce
It's like you wouldn't be able to tell how old they were if they were just in a blank room with no objects for reference
Fulnaz Yıl önce
@Kaitlin place mini furnitures around them and theyll look like full-fledged adult lol
Hexagon Yıl önce
False, they’re legs get a liiiiiiittle shorter in comparison to their bodies
REWIND Yıl önce
@Hexagon “False.” 🤓
Lex Yıl önce
@REWIND ""False."🤓"🤓
Haley Pirio
Haley Pirio Yıl önce
Big Ounce will never be forgotten for his brave acts of heroism. All the cement he ate? It was to save my family from drowning in it. Truly a selfless man.
God Yıl önce
As a capybara I can confirm that wasps are cabybaras favorite food and should be fed them regularly (RIP Big Ounce)
★•Blitzdo Sister•★
RIP Big Ounce, will be remembered all my heart:(
Maya Bishop
Maya Bishop 11 aylar önce
i went into labor on the bus-i’ll never forget this!!! Everyone panicked. My partner asked, “Is anyone here a doctor?! pls!!” and big ounce pulled out a little lab coat and stethoscope and got straight to work and helped me successfully deliver TRIPLETS. sorry he had to go this way. you will be sorely missed.
jose gonzalez
jose gonzalez Yıl önce
Rip Big Ounce, will always be in debt to you for saving my father during desert storm.
AxolotlFan 9 aylar önce
this man is FUCKING INSANE. he shot his capybara, ate one of his capybaras, AND FUCKING FED A WASP NEST TO ONE OF HIS CAPYBARAS. no one realizes how fucking insane this man is.
Edward Aspin
Edward Aspin 9 aylar önce
Shygamertag Aylar önce
It was a joke! Except this video
TeaCupToast Yıl önce
To date, Big Ounce has: - Died 4 times - Been eaten by Ben 4 times - Been fed to bees 1 time - Eaten bees 1 time - Been fed to fish 1 time - Laid 2 eggs - Had 1 funeral - Failed to lose weight 1 time
Itz_a_bella Yıl önce
Its so sad
Its_Me_Romano Yıl önce
DBenji Yıl önce
Well... NEW BOSS DISCOVERED: "Kevin The Rhea" +50% damage resistance +74% damage to hooman Most effective defense: "RIOT shield" +84% defense Weakest: "steve head" +37% defense Strongest offense: "trash lid" +64% damage weakest: "hand" +23% damage Kevin health: full (150, 000, 000) Your health: full (25, 000, 000)
Failure Yıl önce
Don’t forget eating a coyote
Toxicthewolf9 Videos
He is the master of having the most death counts
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
When my uncle died from mysterious circumstances, Big Ounce was there to comfort my grieving aunt and make her feel special again. I'll never forget that, RIP king
napster Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce, ignoring the various war crimes and human rights violations he was found guilty of, he was truly a nice fellow.
summer 2 aylar önce
Rip big ounce he will be truly missed❤let's keep him in memory forever👌💖
Nikko's Life
Nikko's Life 2 aylar önce
The way you saying this makes me think that youre convinced that Big Ounce accually died
BloxVR 9 aylar önce
RIP Big ounce. He donated so many kidneys... :( RIP . Mad respect bro!
Blusurii Yıl önce
RIP big ounce. - ✨💗🪴 You will be truly missed, not only was he a man that saved a cat from a house fire, But he also was a kidney donor to somone !! You were a great man. 💗
SKZ Yıl önce
10 minutes is not long enough for this, 10 minutes feels like 2 minutes with uncle Ben😳
Mounir BASSOU Yıl önce
Soo true
Astrø Kidd
Astrø Kidd Yıl önce
Osg MaxDaMod
Osg MaxDaMod Yıl önce
@Astrø Kidd 🤣🤣
Random canker sore
Ives Yıl önce
GreenGoon3 Yıl önce
i love this guy, i had a surgery on my brain tumor and i’ve been waiting to watch him after i woke up, he really cheers me up too even though i’m really tired after only about 4 hours of sleep and nausea from anesthesia
Ham Yıl önce
how did it go?
GreenGoon3 Yıl önce
@Ham good, im leaving the hospital in like 2 days
What Went Wrong?
What Went Wrong? Yıl önce
Best wishes to you mate
Emilio Ambriz
Emilio Ambriz Yıl önce
@GreenGoon3 Congratulations man, I hope you have a speedy recovery!
GreenGoon3 Yıl önce
@Emilio Ambriz thanks, i appreciate it
Nicole Fields
Nicole Fields Yıl önce
I'll never forget how Big Ounce saved my grandmother from the grip of death. He performed CPR on her for an entire hour and saved her life while other doctors would have given up on her! He saved our beloved family member and we always saved a spot at our holiday table for him. May he rest in peace. RIP Big Ounce.
detectOplasm Yıl önce
I knew this day would come, but now that it's here it's still a system shock. Big ounce was a loving father, diligent worker, and good friend. It's heartbreaking to know I can't make any more memories with him, but I will cherish all of the ones I already have. Big Ounce lived the life of 30 people, and even more will miss him.
Aarij Imam
Aarij Imam Yıl önce
RIP, Big Ounce Ill never forget when he stopped an earthquake by holding the ground with his bare hand. What a legend
Sylar Plemmons
Sylar Plemmons Yıl önce
R.I.P big ounce. He saved every country, and saved people and the verge of death, as he was a famous king, and helped animals on the street get food.
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson Yıl önce
I don’t know how he does it, takes care of an entire rescue facility ranch mostly single handedly, and still has a better upload schedule than most TRvidrs that I watch. Uncle Ben, you are incredible
Melon Lord
Melon Lord Yıl önce
Owen Wilson omg you're my favorite actor :)
Pumpkin Yıl önce
All while mourning the loss of Big Ounce. He is so emotionally strong
Rocco Berak
Rocco Berak Yıl önce
Bet Owen
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson Yıl önce
@Pumpkin 🫡 a true soldier
Alien Tourist
Alien Tourist Yıl önce
You can't skip taking care of living animals and the thing he's constantly doing is also what's creating moments to film, so the better upload schedule is pretty directly connected to the fact that he's taking care of an entire rescue facility ranch! A lot of content creators are filming things unrelated to their daily chores, so it's a Choose One Or The Other situation. This is multitasking. Doesn't make it less impressive, just seems like it'd streamline your process to be so fully focused on one project.
Xobralvl70 Yıl önce
These videos are great. Your animals are simply too adoreable.
GrassPossum Yıl önce
Surely Big Ounce's sterling efforts on the beach at Normandy deserves more recognition? I always thought his knighthood for that is long overdue.
sunny thesunflower
Rip big ounce, he fought in all the wars and made serval sacrifices and even saved my life. He was a hero
ItzBunnylover._. Yıl önce
Rip Big Ounce. I remember when he climbed up a sky scraper so he could save a cat. The man did it with his barehands, we will never forget him
Olla Phobos
Olla Phobos Yıl önce
I'm saddened by the death of Big Ounce I used to sit with him at the lunch table in highschool he was always the centre of attention but was always one of the kindest and genuine people I had met, I'm happy that Big Ounce was able to achieve his dream of becoming a 25x lightweight champion of the world I'm glad I had the pleasure of meeting someone like Big Ounce.
Extant Fellow
Extant Fellow Yıl önce
Kid named finger:
Prankingaysion Yıl önce
Aliza🎧 Yıl önce
@Kid Kro no one cares and don’t you dare talk bout big ounce, may he Rest In Peace
ZPotCat Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce, I remember learning about him in History classes when they spoke about the Great Beasts of the First Age
assistedpack Yıl önce
It's his fault
I'll never forget how Big Ounce trained me in competitive eating by showing me how to consume 3 full bags of cement.
ZestyKitty Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce, you will never be forgotten for your heroic deed of donating 63 human hearts to the hospital near my house... ❤️🕊
adam 2.0
adam 2.0 Yıl önce
I'll never forget when big ounce saved the world from a meteorite twice the size of the planet, he truly was a hero
hit rapper and artist dababy
Rest in peace Big Ounce, you will forever be remembered for all of the peace crimes you blessed the world with. Gone, but not forgotten.
_E_ Yıl önce
Woah! Is that the hit rapper and artist Dababy?!
Hayden Shaffner
Hayden Shaffner Yıl önce
Are you going to make an album in remembrance?
hit rapper and artist dababy
@Hayden Shaffner i will in fact make an album remembering Big Ounce, it drops on October 23rd.
Bacon Lendario
Bacon Lendario Yıl önce
wow that is so nice of you!
Mr Egg a Big Fan of Eggs
@hit rapper and artist dababy I will be there to give the records of it to the homeless
Nite Pika
Nite Pika Yıl önce
Rest in peace Big Ounce we will miss you
VEX Yıl önce
I am so glad my friend sent me your videos omg XD I wish I could have visited when I was driving through Texas a few weeks ago! So cool, good to know there are still cool people out there doing this kind of rescue setup!
Liv Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce.. I'll never forget when your dad made this video and I could've sworn it was satire and it turned out to be true. I then subscribed and never looked back. Thank you Big Ounce, your memory is forever in my heart ❤️
S4BELL . Yıl önce
Rest in bees big ounce, you will be mist, I will never forget the day I almost died falling into Jupiter and then Big ounce saved me, without him I wouldn't be here
Alex Yıl önce
Rest in spaghetti never forgetti Big Ounce! I’ll never forget that time he rescued 30 snowboarders from an avalanche All by his lonesome. Mans was just built different.
Aki!Was.Her3 Yıl önce
Rest in peace Big Ounce, I'll never forget how you raised me when my parents didn't want to...
bkyle30 Yıl önce
Big ounce is like my father i never had , i love him like my son
Ryann Yıl önce
i always love your creature features as someone who loves going outdoors and doesn’t do it enough, but as well as someone with a huge fear of bugs this was awesome to see. i love what you do for animals and especially educating people on stuff like this its all so cool :)
BeNiceDarnIt Yıl önce
God bless you Ben, what a wonderful purpose you’re living out every day. ❤️
Kanał Polska
Kanał Polska 3 aylar önce
its almost like big ounce is still with us
Babyhands Yıl önce
im so sorry to hear about big ounce. he will forever be in our hearts
Miss VeggieVixen
Miss VeggieVixen Yıl önce
Love your fur family so much! 🤗
3dbee Yıl önce
The big ounce death arc is one of the best arcs of this series
Kristina Waugh
Kristina Waugh Yıl önce
Storming Yıl önce
ArtlessDreamz Entertainment
man, they better stop playin wit my emotions .
Floppa Yıl önce
And eating arc.
Car Cruncher
Car Cruncher Yıl önce
@Storming ok i pull up
Chuck Granado
Chuck Granado Yıl önce
UB ur hilarious! A young man w an original personality and attitude. Plus, much respect for what u do. Keep doing U, brother 🤙🏼
IplayD.V.A Yıl önce
Big ounce always had a special place in our hearts he was the best at the ranch I have the memories of him soloing every animal there and he saved my life in WW2 but it’s time big ounce comes to an end 😖 (pog)
ABOO&ALA TV 8 aylar önce
RIP Big Ounce He saved many people from dying and that may not happen again
Alyssa Scranton
Alyssa Scranton Yıl önce
I am deeply saddened by the death of the beloved Big Ounce. My grandfather told me war stories of how big ounce saved his life in both of the World Wars. Thank you Big Ounce I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you.
TenaciousTurkey Yıl önce
RIP big ounce he saved my life from a car crash he also donated 1 million dollars to charity and he left in order to save a crashing plane and to save many lives. REST IN PEACE to a true hero.
wsadas200 Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce, I remember when he saved so many people in the incident of 9/11. He also donated 1 morbillion dollars to a child safety charity. Will miss you legend
hii 10 aylar önce
RIP big ounce. He cured cancer and saved hundreds of lives. You will be missed D:
Andrei Alexandru
Andrei Alexandru Yıl önce
RIP Big Ounce,he is a legend.
Tristan Causa
Tristan Causa Yıl önce
UNCLE BEN!!! I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I just found out my little brother watches you. Truly he is learning
Butcher Woman
Butcher Woman Yıl önce
If I ever make it to Texas I’ll be coming to volunteer at your ranch for sure. You’re the best and don’t let anybody tell you different or I’ll take them out back and roll them in the mud puddle for ya!😁
Boombeast46 Yıl önce
A few days before Christmas day 2007 Big Ounce saved my grandfather when he fell off the ladder hanging up his Christmas lights and he swooped him up right in time. RIP Big Ounce
Kaitlin Yıl önce
@Kid Kro this is not how you market yourself successfully
Golden Glow Dust
Golden Glow Dust Yıl önce
@Kid Kro he said successfully, it would obviously work but not successfully
McRizzle Yıl önce
@Kid Kro your songs sound like my sinks trash compacter
Rizzasaurus Yıl önce
you can see how much Gort and Quandale have grown, i remember when uncle ben first got them
dog Yıl önce
RIP Big ounce we will never forget how many childen he saved in the burning Orphanage he also was a real one
Zazu Zazz
Zazu Zazz Yıl önce
Big Ounce was an amazing, skillful and devoted elementary education paraprofessional. I’ll always treasure the memories of our school outing to see the tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC during the holidays. We took all of our second and fifth graders in droves of yellow school busses on a wonderful class trip during the busiest, craziest and crowded, most joyful time of year. RIP, Big Ounce, faithful colleague - from your forever friend. ❄️ 🚌 ❄️ 🚌 ❄️ 🚌 ❄️
frans fermont
frans fermont Yıl önce
Ben, i can watch your video's all day long, they are just wonderful. God bless you for the great work you put into the ranch to give these beautiful animals the best life possible. You have such a great diversity of animals and they all are cute in their own way. Great video Ben, like always. Take care and keep doing what you are doing. Good luck.
The Fortshaker
The Fortshaker Yıl önce
This is like the 4th time big ounce has died, give the man a break 😭
Sushi90 Yıl önce
It’s a necessity evil if big ounce doesn’t die the world ends
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Yıl önce
Nah he lives
Coreybug 2010
Coreybug 2010 Yıl önce
He is a god we are his pesents
Khaled Al-Mulfi
Khaled Al-Mulfi Yıl önce
Big ounce actually lives in this Urban Rescue Ranch Episode Edit:he changed the title,big ounce actually dies
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee Yıl önce
Big ounce is the messenger between ben and the dead interns
Colby Powell
Colby Powell Yıl önce
I swear, all his animals have personalities and rational thoughts. Like look at those birds.
Allistair Neil
Allistair Neil Yıl önce
The most wholesome interaction on TRvid! Uncle Ben's repartee is a modern classic. I love this programme!
Mary Frizzell
Mary Frizzell Yıl önce
Bald face hornets 😁 they are a very strange wasp species but so pretty. Thank you for your wholesome content
Rosaline Yıl önce
Right before this video was posted, a feeling of dread came over me. I was like, “Big Ounce must have died!” So I looked at my notifications but I only saw the first half of the title so I was like, “thank goodness, Big Ounce is still alive!” Until I found this video in my “for you” page, and I was crestfallen. As I watched the video I cried, but Big Ounce will forever be in our hearts. I will miss you, Big Ounce. You shall be missed by all. 🥺
just a random person with no vids
Rip Big Ounce. He saved my life when I jumped off a plane and my parachute wouldn't deploy. He swooped in and saved me just before I hit the ground. We will miss you.
XD Hey Hey
XD Hey Hey Yıl önce
Rip Big Ounce, I can still remember when he built my orphanage with his bare hands 🙌 he will always be missed
Aidenflies27 Yıl önce
Truly the best of us 🙏☝️
Albert Holbech
Albert Holbech Yıl önce
@Kid Kro bots be like
da.m_n Yıl önce
@Albert Holbech fr
ram_the_socket Yıl önce
My Prayers are with big ounce. He was there when I found out what the dog was doing.
Stasia Spade
Stasia Spade Yıl önce
Rest in peace Big Ounce. I will always remember how he saved me from a snake stampede out in the Panhandle.
RealHunterVR Yıl önce
RIP big ounce, it's a little known fact that he stormed Normandy beach, defended stalingrad, and jumped at operation market garden. he is the reason why they were successful-he's a true war hero
king eggs vr
king eggs vr Yıl önce
I can't help to think of a prairie running around with a tiny m1-garand
Jack S Hagan
Jack S Hagan Yıl önce
Met you on crispy concords and after about a week of watching you I am now subscribed. Very funny and inspiring how you keep it running. Keep it up uncle ben!
KAI DA KING Yıl önce
R.I.P Big Ounce,I will always love him for the rest of my life
3 Candy Monsters
3 Candy Monsters Yıl önce
I got literal goosebumps watching him look around in the wasp’s nest
You2ver Yıl önce
ImRango Yıl önce
SGC Yıl önce
Leandro Van horrik
My prayers go out to our favourite prairie dog ❤️
Klutzy Mutt
Klutzy Mutt Yıl önce
Your videos certainly make my day! HUUUUGE POG and BLESSINGS!
puffukit !
puffukit ! Yıl önce
RIP Big ounce, I will always remember the time he saved me from an 80 ft tall hedgehog.