I drag raced a fighter jet in a McLaren 765LT!

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16 Eyl 2021




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ßaron 10 gün önce
1:17 SSC 🤣
Bruce Broussard
Bruce Broussard 19 gün önce
Ed! I was there to watch this! I live in Lake Charles!
sunsetlights100 21 gün önce
Channels good eg of co-operation
Espirtu 26 gün önce
CarTrek 6 "the search for stock"
paul cooper
paul cooper 27 gün önce
Why doesn't car trek have its own channel?
Marc Hector
Marc Hector Aylar önce
Just like top gear uk did
Michael Kane
Michael Kane Aylar önce
Can we see an American muscle old and new car trek ….. Tyler has the mustang
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Aylar önce
GlassVial Aylar önce
Totally reminds me of a Forza Horizon Showcase Event, loved this whole series, already looking forward to this year's Christmas Special (Series 6)!
Renzong Calvin Lepcha
The 765lt is a rocket on the strip with its 855hp stock and now it beat a MiG.
E36titan Aylar önce
Hell of a way to join the 200 Club
Ike Hennessy
Ike Hennessy Aylar önce
I really wanna know who the bad boy manufacturer is that broke the rules
Hernando Pizarro
Hernando Pizarro Aylar önce
That was a great episode!
Lbnewell 23
Lbnewell 23 Aylar önce
Anyone know what manufacturer was the rule breaking one
rpavlik1 Aylar önce
Wait, Auto Tempest doesn't just come up with these ideas and springs them on you via text? And the race vs jet was choreographed, not a real race? 😱 Ed has bent the truth?! Lol. It was a really cool finale to watch.
Adam Gibbons
Adam Gibbons Aylar önce
Car trek - everything the Grand Tour couldn't get right! Excited for season 6!
Aser Aylar önce
calinikka4life Aylar önce
Loved loved the car trek 5!!! I really hope you guys bring more episodes.
MrSumoSpeaks Aylar önce
Ed I would love to see your wife tell a story about any cool stories she has or even how she feels about you flying down a runway going 200+.
TheGhostCamaro Aylar önce
I wish I would have known it was you there 😑, I work for Chennault so you were right next to me... I looked at your lambo walked around it, im pretty sure I saw you, gave you a look like why are you so familiar.... watched the race, everything, Randy's jet is beautiful, and he's a super nice guy, and im glad you enjoyed our long runway, the guys that maintain it are proud of it... lol if only I wasn't so busy and looking to the clouds I could have gotten a picture.... haha 😅
BoeingJetJockey Aylar önce
The MiG-17 was making such a low pass…any pilot induced oscillation or a sudden gust of down draft and his belly will certainly scrape the runway. By the way, the MiG airbrake was fully deployed even while he’s overtaking the 765LT. So he trying really hard not to pass the McLaren. BTW, MiG-17 flap up stall speed is 186MPH (161knots) so he had only 16knots to play around before he stalls. What a great pilot! Awesome footage Ed!
photone Aylar önce
Only 16 knots to play around with, and absolutely NO room to recover if he did stall. Not only is he an awesome pilot, his balls apparently barely fit in the cockpit! Best Cartrek yet!!!
Douglas Re
Douglas Re Aylar önce
Why are you talking so fast 🤷
crazyman8472 Aylar önce
"The car was really hitting an aerodynamic wall at about 196 miles per hour..." That's when you go to afterburner. 😎
ZackTheMuffinMan Aylar önce
Brett Dering
Brett Dering Aylar önce
This was in my hometown and I had no clue. So upset
Carlos Torrez
Carlos Torrez Aylar önce
too easy
Greg DeSena
Greg DeSena Aylar önce
Congratulations on 200+, Ed!
Let’s Cook Sumn
Let’s Cook Sumn Aylar önce
Never in a million years would I have guessed you would be filming anything in lake Charles. I would have went had i known
A.J. Green
A.J. Green Aylar önce
I have to admit that this series has driven me to check AutoTempest every day for cars I might want to add to the stable. Found one I'm going to look at next week. My thanks to AutoTempest!
Autolist Canada
Autolist Canada Aylar önce
Let me guess, the dishonest auto manufacturer was SSC and the venue was Johnny Bohmer’s proving grounds!
DAT GUY Aylar önce
Lake Charles??? That’s just under 2 hours from me!!! Hitting close to home for me
DAT GUY Aylar önce
I actually had to pass on the opportunity to go to that particular air show but now I completely regret it
Kirill Mitchell
Kirill Mitchell Aylar önce
I don't think freight trains build speed all that well.
Jimmynumnuts Aylar önce
I could listen to Ed talk for hours.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach Aylar önce
I'm sorry, who would give out his "only a couple hundred miles old", so not yet properly ran-in fast car for a _dragrace_ ...? That's the leasing-mentality which ruined the reputation of the entire used car market over all segments I'm afraid. Edit: Anyway, congratulations Mr Bolian to achieving Your personal 200 miles-plus goal. I reckon that's a real triumph for someone living in such a pitily speed-shy country ..... But never mind, the slow people seriously tryna implement general limits even in Germany these days (not recognizing how that would ruin our last real world-dominating resort of highly engineered fast average cars, daily used for commuting at 130 mph and more in their natural habitat, the Autobahn ....).
Samsonian Aylar önce
Yeah, interesting to see where McLaren are now…almost 30 years post-F1 and they’re currently struggling to reach 35mph under what the legendary former model was capable of. What a legend, and that Gordon Murray-designed beauty still looks JUST as beautiful today!!!
Terry Pickette
Terry Pickette Aylar önce
- 👍 👍 🔧 -
Pearson ward
Pearson ward Aylar önce
Was the owner of the Mclaren a pilot as well?
James Barisitz
James Barisitz Aylar önce
Thanks for all the great content! 👍
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores Aylar önce
$150 for that sign? Jesus
Jonathan Staso
Jonathan Staso Aylar önce
Mclaren 765 is so wild. If I don’t drive mine for a few weeks and then get in and floor it the car scares me pretty good.
Bill Angell
Bill Angell Aylar önce
Was it the space shuttle run way?
Wholly Mindless
Wholly Mindless Aylar önce
Thank you for confirming Season 6! Looking forward to it!
H33ls_Up Aylar önce
Do you think Mr. Nelson could come on here and tell a story?
Marco Casario
Marco Casario Aylar önce
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Louis Mark
Louis Mark Aylar önce
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Elizabeth Harrington
She's not like other brokers that will start telling you stories and excuses why they trade didn't go well after collecting your money
CoinClubCrypto Aylar önce
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Miller Salvage
Miller Salvage Aylar önce
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Miller Salvage
Miller Salvage Aylar önce
Her availability is on WhatsApp👇
Yugo Time
Yugo Time Aylar önce
Does anyone have the history of the Mig?
Henry Atkinson
Henry Atkinson Aylar önce
That jet was hitting an aerodynamic wall too, he had his airbrakes out. EDIT: Made this comment before I saw 6:35, my bad. It is mentioned.
Keith _
Keith _ Aylar önce
1:20 Certainly Not, Ed. That is just ineffable! Going fast in automobile is just testing Relativity, poorly... ; as you do sometimes.
Prime Pap
Prime Pap Aylar önce
I actually live in lake Charles
Aidan Johnson
Aidan Johnson Aylar önce
What rules did SSC break at Kennedy? This is the first I've heard of it
BerriesMcGOO Aylar önce
This is what i want to know
Mr.Nobody Aylar önce
dvandentop Aylar önce
was it hennescrewed ? who ruined the runway experience?
Chrisacola Aylar önce
I moved to Pensacola in 2018, the home of the Blue Angels. They fly over my house all the time. Really amazing to see
levendi Kritikos
levendi Kritikos Aylar önce
Car Trek vs Soviet Mig 15
Hoodoo Texas
Hoodoo Texas Aylar önce
My WW I tank is not that fast.... 4 mph top speed. trvid.com/video/video-W_qY1V9va_8.html
936 Corgi
936 Corgi Aylar önce
Looks like all the signs are sold out 😫
VINwiki Aylar önce
There are some left: Link updated.
Hoodoo Texas
Hoodoo Texas Aylar önce
Ed invented a new word. EntertainEDly.
Epic story Ed!
shayajp Aylar önce
I love these behind the scenes / commentaries on what really happened. While I enjoy the "story", I love the commentary/behind the scenes information even more. I'd say do it for every episode of car trek
James Anderson
James Anderson Aylar önce
The F22 is another design classic!
radfoo72 Aylar önce
Don't even show the feature that you spend 10 minutes talking about. That's some dumb 💩!
jamrock Aylar önce
211 turned into 205 lol
Johannes Martin
Johannes Martin Aylar önce
I feel like you guys have the most appreciation for the fans I've ever seen!
e4e e4e
e4e e4e Aylar önce
Anyone know which airport/manufacturer he’s discussing? Curious about that story too
720sobsessed Aylar önce
@The Acorn omg lmao
The Acorn
The Acorn Aylar önce
It was SSC thats all I know
720sobsessed Aylar önce
Sounds like ferrari but no shot because they won't take cars to the runway. Only them and vw have really bad reps
Rick Mason
Rick Mason Aylar önce
Ed, You might want to look into the old City airport in Detroit (Coleman A. Young airport) as a future venue. There are no longer any commercial flights and it's only lightly used by private jets. It's been used by cars in the past for 'speed tests'. Longest runway is 5092 feet but they're planning on lengthening it soon. Last time I was there for a meeting someone was giving rides in a Ford GT.
Gordy Kilcollins
Gordy Kilcollins Aylar önce
AirShows are awesome. I went before the big crash back in the day. Before the pussy safety regs they got now
Ryousuke Takahashi
Ryousuke Takahashi Aylar önce
Paul Brosnan
Paul Brosnan Aylar önce
Hey Ed, looks like the 205 sign shop link is broken. Any idea how I could possibly pick one up while they're still in stock?
VINwiki Aylar önce
Fixed the link
elcentinela 343
elcentinela 343 Aylar önce
DC5 Productions
DC5 Productions Aylar önce
By far the best automotive series! Love Ed's style lol
Yakov Endelman
Yakov Endelman Aylar önce
Wouldn't it be faster with more closed hubcaps/rims for aero?
Smokescreen Skaters
Where does car trek go from here Honestly. Call Stradman and race the bug or something crazier
Nick Twaddell
Nick Twaddell Aylar önce
765LT is a beast
Infinite Reality
Infinite Reality Aylar önce
Man, I wished I'd known you were in my city for the air show. I'd given you the keys to the SLC or ZL1 as a back up. Neither is a comparison to the 675LT, but they're fast at least.
Friendly Junco
Friendly Junco Aylar önce
That is absolutely totally freaking awesome!
SmOgER Aylar önce
Wow, I honestly thought it was sponsored by McL haha
August Sawzak
August Sawzak Aylar önce
Honestly this was shot better than any of the top gear races. The shots you got were so cool with how low the mig was able to fly.
W H Aylar önce
I've always heard that "wall" described by top speed enthusiasts as "God's hand". Just the hand of God stopping you.
Blair Williams
Blair Williams Aylar önce
Phenomenal content as usual Ed , happy you finally got your 200mph Merritt badge as well.
Piet Van Vliet
Piet Van Vliet Aylar önce
Nice to see Ed this pleased. Speedsign obviously has to stay with the car. It has been signed, so basically it's certified to go 205.
carbolic_smokeball Aylar önce
I'm really tempted to write a treatment for Car Trek 10. I do think the theming could be a little tighter, it's mostly all there but just needs that little bit of care to cross the line to network television standard.
Aylar önce
* Everyone in the comments wondering who you even are *
gaurav joshi
gaurav joshi Aylar önce
one fantastic memory of cartrek 5, apart from that iconic McLaren F1, is Ed performing Apollo Approach. Gotta hand it to you, for quick thinking and ingenious way to win the challenge
Burning Rubber
Burning Rubber Aylar önce
Car Trek 5 was a blast 💥 hands down the best one so far 🤩 can’t wait for Car Trek 6. Plus that McLaren F1 part was just simply awesome and racing the jet was even more bonkers 😂💕 That’s some high quality content you guys produce and I would like to say that keep it up guys 💕❤️‍🔥
Paul Derrick
Paul Derrick Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-9-PQXN3n-xs.html what really happened on 911
brad felts
brad felts Aylar önce
Ed. please tell me you have found an LM002 for the next car trek, I can't wait to see this one Freddy, what will you have??
VerstappenLion22B Aylar önce
Was the automanufactor Ssc?
Paul Shaffer
Paul Shaffer Aylar önce
Ed. You're my mf hero. Thanks to Ed. Tyler. And Freddy for car trek. The best content on youtube
Carl Constant de Flon
Ugh... I'd really want to be able to watch CarTrek, but "Tavarish", who is anything but (Tavarish being Russian for friendly/gentleman/comrade), ruins the whole viewing experience for me. He is just all around insufferable, and on top of that he comes across as generally smug and knowledge-less. Such as shame as there are so many likeable car TRvidrs out there.
Family Cruisin
Family Cruisin Aylar önce
What manufacturer filmed a video they weren't supposed to? Telsa?
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Aylar önce
Have fun racing a MiG-17? And yes, I knew what the plane was before he said it. Also I would recommend seeing some of the ACC (Air Combat Command) Demo teams. I love cars, military hardware, and computers of you touched on two of my big interests in this video.
Mandaranan Aylar önce
Anyone know what auto manufacturer he was talking about ?
Liam Tidwell
Liam Tidwell Aylar önce
That MiG was at Wheels Up Texas airshow. An incredible plane. Randy is a hell of a pilot
NAVY guy
NAVY guy Aylar önce
*this a stupid clickbait drag. WHEN A CAR starts coughing & screeching at 200mph a Gen 4 Fighter Jet is just warming up at 280mph before the pilot pulls the lever down!* 💙❤
George Knight
George Knight Aylar önce
Sorry Ed top gear did it first
Miles Smith
Miles Smith Aylar önce
A 765 will do at least 209mph
Miles Smith
Miles Smith Aylar önce
@Bragadeesh Balakrishnan no I’ve owned mine since new and hit 200+ day 1. They just didn’t have a long straight away. They went 200+, it just slows down a lot around 197.
Bragadeesh Balakrishnan
@Miles Smith I don't know there must have been some kind of limitation on top speed I suppose. Maybe because it was brand new?
Miles Smith
Miles Smith Aylar önce
@Bragadeesh Balakrishnan I own a 765LT, I’ve been to 209 in it.
Bragadeesh Balakrishnan
Maybe the one he drove, the Lt has more downforce which reduces the top speed.
D Adair-Simpson
D Adair-Simpson Aylar önce
What are the odds of lining up murcielagos for a car trek? Ed, Tyler and Freddy all have one each
Jude Pierre
Jude Pierre Aylar önce
He has his airframe out so no unfortunately
Hell On Wheels
Hell On Wheels Aylar önce
Was an epic ending! Thanks for sharing! 🤘TEXAS!!!
Jeffrey Oldham
Jeffrey Oldham Aylar önce
Ed wins!
Russell Jacob
Russell Jacob Aylar önce
Guessing the 205 signs instantly sold out. "File not Found" XD
Henry Collins
Henry Collins Aylar önce
When you drove against the jet, all I could think about was when top gear raced a speedtail vs a fighter jet
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