I Busted KLOMBO Myths You Didn't Know Exist

Tomato - Fortnite
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The new Klombo boss is probably the scariest, but cutest new addition to Fortnite. So today I decided to bust some myths and find out some secrets about it that you probably didn't know existed!

Use code tomato, because there's a myth that it's the best code (epic partner)

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19 Oca 2022




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Tomato - Fortnite
Klombos are officially my favorite thing in Fortnite so today I busted a bunch of myths about it
Lauren Ocenas
Fun fact: if you feed a klombo a klomberry while he’s mad he gets calm
Asep Mardian
to make the kolmbo move, you need to lead them with items
The foundation isn't scared of the klombos he was being blocked by builds and plus he trys to stick by his location
Lawson Hodge
The reason Klombo did not walk in the tornado is he can only go so far from spawn
Fortnite Music
i think klombo wasn't changing because the longer hes angry the longer he'll stay angry
shani yan
Klombos can only be in one zone at a time, and they are unable to leave it.
scorpion los
Im glad to see tomato doing myths
Sherrie Penny
Let’s all appreciate how he makes us smile every day
Imagine you got into a game and a hacker became a Klombo 💀
eat water
Be serious. Klombos is the cutest thing you've seen
Aiden Berwald
Klombos have a certain zone that they can be in, so they can not leave that area.
tomato tunitto 🍅
i absolutely love ur content. i use the code "tomato" AND i bought the tomatohead skin because of how much i like ur videos and ur channel. ur doing great, keep up the awesome work
Chicken army
Tomato Makes me laugh SO HARD 😂 love your content
The Credible Hulk
Klombo has a certain range of how far he can walk so there’s some more information
Alex Bethke
I really love these myth-busting videos
I got the tomato skin and finished the quests for tomato for you! Thank you for these videos!
The first myth when Klombo Got mad a player acutally shot him
Riot Alexander
"Now a shark is eating a house." Is a sentence I didn't know I needed in life.
Welcome Back, Klombo
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