I Busted 29 Myths in Garten of BanBan!

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Today we are busting 29 myths in GARTEN of BANBAN! Who's excited for Garten of BanBan 2? DROP A LIKE!

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26 Mar 2023




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🐻Palmler Bear🐻
🐻Palmler Bear🐻 24 gün önce
Fun fact: the opila bird you see while you’re at the elevator is actually for testing but the devs didn’t remove it for some reason.
Eñhjiň0426 6 gün önce
​@Lynn Martin 😮😮
April Gloria
April Gloria 9 gün önce
I already knew that
Bacon_playsyt 10 gün önce
I totally didn't know that
jonny estes Roblox videos
Huh cool 😎
jonny estes Roblox videos
pradeep Jadhav
pradeep Jadhav Aylar önce
The foot prints in ball pit can show you the bottom of the pit maybe if you kill opila bird or there would be a update for that
Larva Tuba Show
Larva Tuba Show Aylar önce
I like how every single game he plays he always does busty myths
What? 14 gün önce
@Sorinel Gherbe are you just clicking the middle bar of your keyboard or something
Sorinel Gherbe
Sorinel Gherbe 14 gün önce
​@What? The hotel I have a new experience and the experience of December is the screen I have to pay
What? 21 gün önce
@achiemauren you got a problem?
What? 21 gün önce
@KimberlyOfficial bro what did they say that made you so mad? 😂
KimberlyOfficial 28 gün önce
Uh huh he does “bUsTy MyThs” bro got a problem your making me 😠 mad 😠
Burlesque [GD]
Burlesque [GD] Aylar önce
the "L" is an I,and after a bit of research and decoding,there is one of every letter,and it spells "It Hurt Us :(" and on your last video,there was a qr code that brings you to a song with google searched "It really hurts"
Trollge.Productions 6 gün önce
did you know that you said 1 of each letter and there are 2 LETTER T AND U
whatever 7 gün önce
That's sad
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 10 gün önce
Wow ty i really didn't understand what was the code
Zaynah Malek
Zaynah Malek 10 gün önce
DorkMaster27 11 gün önce
Ashley Counts
Ashley Counts Aylar önce
I found these myth busting videos so fascinating whether they are in GTA or Garten in banban and i do look forward to seeing what part 2 has in store
Brittany Powell
Brittany Powell 3 gün önce
Paulonious 12 gün önce
Anakin Bane
Anakin Bane 15 gün önce
Wait what
Anakin Bane
Anakin Bane 15 gün önce
Wait what
Kerry Mccarthy
Kerry Mccarthy 16 gün önce
Btw he has done 5 vids on banyan 2. ITS EPIC
Froxytheawsomefox and friends
"...put the egg in opila- OPILIA" - Clayus 2020 - 2023
Richard Mace
Richard Mace 18 gün önce
Fun fact: after u kill opila bird, banban's message changes, instead of 'your pancreas is mine' it changes to 'what's yours is mine'
snake animations
snake animations 8 gün önce
Using the physical objects you can glitch them into your drone which makes it able to stand on it
dkm90 28 gün önce
To see dead Opiela, you have to kill Opiela first, and then jump at the claw Markss.
Bruce Plankton
Bruce Plankton 4 gün önce
*Opila Bird
Kendall Robertson
Kendall Robertson 5 gün önce
Ooooo nice btw your spelling that wrong
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole Aylar önce
To get the first secret ending, defeat the bird,highlight it really hurts then jump into the pit by the feet
Wednesday and Enid's world
Mith 12 is actually confirmed you have to make papillio Bird fall down into the pit first and then you can see her on the ground just dead and also if you go through a door in the room you actually get a secret ending no one was supposed to find out
Jesus Cazares
Jesus Cazares 2 gün önce
Jesus Cazares
Jesus Cazares 2 gün önce
Jesus Cazares
Jesus Cazares 2 gün önce
Jesus Cazares
Jesus Cazares 2 gün önce
frost penguinssss
frost penguinssss 7 gün önce
papillio💀💀💀 mith💀💀💀
Jennifer Quinn
Jennifer Quinn Aylar önce
Caylus, you DO get jumpscared by Opeila, but you need to be in the right spot! I've done it 2ithout knowing...
Dustyn Barrett
Dustyn Barrett Aylar önce
Caylus the thing about the pit that you can see the bottom of it is that you need to use a keycard to bring the elevator and it will bring you down to another part and you need some more keycards
Cube, but no Cube
Cube, but no Cube 4 gün önce
There's another QR code that shows you the Jumbo Josh Lounge ticket or something
Marius Topila
Marius Topila Aylar önce
Can we just appriciate what hard work he does for us like the videos are so good
sabina asenova
sabina asenova Aylar önce
Nope. The dialogue for Banban changes from 'Your pancreas is mine!' to 'Whats yours is mine!'
Mani 14 gün önce
Bro when?
Arman Cool Vids
Arman Cool Vids 16 gün önce
Ashley Tan
Ashley Tan 20 gün önce
Jane Krause
Jane Krause Aylar önce
When he did the one with that PB that if you jump down you get together Pella but he's about to beat it and have if he needed it and she felt it would work
Tom and Friends Funny Clips
Marvelous Live Voice Commentary and Gameplay Caylus of "I Busted 29 Myths in Garten of Ban-Ban" Enjoyed your I Busted 29 Myths Garten of Ban-Ban Gameplay Caylus & your Sense of Humor ! Big Thumbs Up # 8.2K Plus 👍Enjoy your Tuesday and Week, Cheers 😺
paciente 0
paciente 0 16 gün önce
​@Cookie dough cow officially TRvid canol what hou mean
Cookie dough cow officially YouTube canol
Bro utthts is used for websites which means those tlr is a website
Froxytheawsomefox and friends
"Okaaayyy...another T---Why is the T yellow?" - Clayus 2022
ItsBeanieBooMeadow 4 gün önce
Phixl2 Aylar önce
nice, the one myth where you thought you can't jump onto the other moving platform in the ball pit though, you just have to go on the rail and catch it
Super Snappy
Super Snappy 11 gün önce
These myths were so cool and then I tried it in Garten of Banban and then it worked thanks for showing myths :)
Jk_llMinto Aylar önce
Man caylus I remember you having 1M subscribers for the first time, nostalgia is coming to me rn.
Zak Gardner
Zak Gardner Aylar önce
The banban message change's when the elevator gos down well it comes up and then it goes down 😂 then!😪😪😪 GO TO the BANBAN MESSAGE It will say...read more and scrol down Sharing is caring what's yours is mine normal banban message sharing is caring your patience is mine
Zak Gardner
Zak Gardner Aylar önce
Hu oh yeah garden of banban but first play doors in garden of banban the banban message change's and!!! If you new ending if you save opela bird idk how to save him or her tho
Ukrainian 27 gün önce
Caylus has incredible sight
You favrite brother fan
I am really happy I never knew that myth that blue was there😮. Even though josh kills you already imma watch a other video to get you there.😂 I hope the developers make chapter 2😢. So I will give them a message🤫.
Mermaid Roblox Gaming
Congratulations you’re about to hit 10 million🎉
XLEGEND866 Aylar önce
I think the letters spell it really hurts. Plus, maybe try jumping down where the footprints are after you kill Opila Bird, because that's how I saw him do it he jumped after Opila was dead.
Katia Stankevic
Katia Stankevic 9 gün önce
@Mani it spells it hurts
Mani 14 gün önce
No it spells "It hurt us:("
GameTheWay Aylar önce
Tried it it is busted
Ariah Jensen
Ariah Jensen Aylar önce
I hope caylus sees this and does it because I wanna see if it works😊
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez Aylar önce
That is a good theory🤔 but how would we possibly prove that?
Christopher Ruiz
Christopher Ruiz 21 gün önce
Caylas:what do you want?a treat? Da bird:YYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHH
Sara hot babe
Sara hot babe Aylar önce
bro deserves 10m he lucky games all day
Aiden Fox
Aiden Fox Aylar önce
“ATTAAACCKKKKKK!!!!!” That caught me by surprise but satisfying! Caylus King!
Himakshi Talukdar
Himakshi Talukdar Aylar önce
Tracy Reese
Tracy Reese Aylar önce
Another myth is that if you make the elevator go down and look at the saying that Ban Ban says it will be different and before you jump down the ball pit where the bird tracks are you need to make him fall first then you can go down and see it
Andrea Richardson
Andrea Richardson 8 gün önce
Hey caylus. My boy loves watching you. I do too actually. You make us laugh. The letters spell out it really hurts!! We watch you every day!! ❤
The wild nature
The wild nature Aylar önce
Keep the good work up Caylus
r lumbera
r lumbera 8 gün önce
Also when she finally gets at the end of the hallway she says she was promised something painless
InfinityScarf1234 Aylar önce
Part two? Yes please!
Nina Symone
Nina Symone Aylar önce
Caylus always hits a W on his vids and there always funni and nice.
KimberlyOfficial 28 gün önce
No offence *funny
Ma bros in there
Ma bros in there Aylar önce
Caylus pits all his efforts into surprising us.We love you Caylus
Samantha Arvizu
Samantha Arvizu Aylar önce
bird had a turtle friend.
Samantha Arvizu
Samantha Arvizu Aylar önce
Did bird haved a friend turtle
Nancy Corbett
Nancy Corbett 22 gün önce
I love how the cursor is the target sign😂
Prathith Aylar önce
Caylus deserves to have 10 million subscribers
Rachel Hambleton
Rachel Hambleton 27 gün önce
If you are doing the bird chase and you hit the button too late will opila bird still be alive?
tkeyah puryear
tkeyah puryear Aylar önce
When opening a bird falls, take a picture, and then you can see her on the ground
Matz Van Bael
Matz Van Bael 4 gün önce
congrats on 10 mil caylus!
Hector Moberg
Hector Moberg 12 gün önce
You are so good to play backrooms, Caylus😃
MehSkii 23 gün önce
so yes, I tried unscrambling The words so far all I can get is hurts but I think that QR code already explains the whole sentence just the only thing is, it’s missing a sad face XD
// Tara•タラ //
I’m thinking, the qr sends you to a thing that says ‘it really hurts’ right? I think the letters you see when you die might spell ‘it really hurts :(‘
royal 14 gün önce
Mani 14 gün önce
No it spells "it hurt us :("
royal 28 gün önce
@Just Leah theres no i
Just Leah
Just Leah 28 gün önce
@royal i think the L isn’t meant to be an L, i think it’s an i
royal 28 gün önce
@Just Leah no, theres no i
GamingPurpleRose 18 gün önce
when opila falls, go to the footprints area and fall off, you did it wrong the first time because opila never chased you.
Kenny_Menny 9 gün önce
They should pin this rn
WesleyenAngela Zegers-Marcus
When opila the death stare😂
MaTaHuGu 15 gün önce
i like how he said he would make a myth vid when he played the actual game
CinabunGaming Aylar önce
You need to make a video about breaking the game and being able to fly and go through walls and see opila bird in the elevator 😃
Patotes 11 gün önce
if you shift the letters you find after you die it actually says "it hurt us :("
Julia Aguilar
Julia Aguilar Aylar önce
Im pretty sure You actually can save opilea but first give him the egg then let him die then you go down to where the feet are.
Gamingwithkimiya 25 gün önce
Those foot prints you must make sure that that opila fell in first then you jump down there
Jago Fentem
Jago Fentem Aylar önce
An ad came on when he was doing the glitchy chairs myth, but bcz my WiFi was slow it didn't immediately load, so I thought that it had crashed the game 😂😂
Froxytheawsomefox and friends
Mani 14 gün önce
Blood_drop13 16 gün önce
For myth number 18 out of every body part in the human body the creators of the game picked the pancreas
John Joe Cuevas
John Joe Cuevas 14 gün önce
The it really hurts is a secret voice line from slow saline when she's near the end of the hallway
Nintendo Games
Nintendo Games Aylar önce
Caylus has to start garten of banban series Also I realized that you can actually spell something With the letters you can spell shut hut hurt You can probably spell other words
jonny estes Roblox videos
Wait theres a hut in the void
Noah Chandor
Noah Chandor Aylar önce
It hurts us:(
haler family
haler family Aylar önce
you can spell huts
Gaming dino 🦖 josh
Hurt shut hut :( someone is hurt and they need to get into a hut but it is locked so they are sad
junkfoodisgood4u 12 gün önce
The Opila bird thing was freaky
Jing Kaberks
Jing Kaberks Aylar önce
I think the uttuhrs:(tlrthingy is something we need to decode i did some research and i found out that that thing spells out "it really hurts:(". Go to the banballeena room and scan the pass port you will find out soon enough :)
Maybe its spell out It hurts:( because there no r,e,a,l,l and y.but I know the actual word is it really hurt:( maybe they not putting that letters or something 🤔
The friendship team creator
The "it really hurts" is a language of Philippinos know as Tagalog
John Andre
John Andre 21 gün önce
No E is Not the G
Mattman 21 gün önce
I played the mobile port and found the secret. I also found the Jumbo Josh lounge, so that’s an accomplishment on my part.
shiyamala ravindran
shiyamala ravindran 21 gün önce
Buy there is no A
ToyMaster Elite
ToyMaster Elite 10 gün önce
Fun fact: the glowing orange thing is going to be a door to chapter 2 if u never knew.
Joey Bales
Joey Bales Aylar önce
I want you to see if if banban's message changes when you drop opela
MXO Aylar önce
I think there's something down the ball pit 😏
Come over. Now. Nobody is here
Love the fact that he uploads everyday Best youtuber
Jonathan Laxton
Jonathan Laxton 8 gün önce
Did you know that when you feed the opila bird the seven eggs and then she comes out when you “defeat” her and go back where the statue was it’s gone
lil baylee
lil baylee Aylar önce
I love your videos bro I really Love them keep up the good work
Denner Playz
Denner Playz Aylar önce
Apparently you get a different ending if you get the secret egg in the ball pit
Taylor McDowell
Taylor McDowell Aylar önce
Some of these myths are not actually busted he just didnt do all right
Taylor McDowell
Taylor McDowell Aylar önce
@Kimberly Jimenez yea the one where he jumps down to the ball pit he doesn’t go anywhere because thebird wasnt dead yet
Kimberly Jimenez
Kimberly Jimenez Aylar önce
Do you know witch ones
Jeffrey Bourget
Jeffrey Bourget Aylar önce
I know every single letter in garden is banned and spills out It really hurts Please save me
Roblox Life!
Roblox Life! 17 gün önce
i love how it shows a filipino song, "it really hurts"
Preludium Fury
Preludium Fury 18 gün önce
did you know that there's so much more out of bounds in this game
Mrs Hope
Mrs Hope Aylar önce
Love your videos ❤ 🔥
Akamo 13 gün önce
The OPAILA! Got me choke in the air
Ice-cream_playzz Aylar önce
I can not stop laughing bc callus said “josh kinds thick” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pamela Babb
Pamela Babb 9 gün önce
Chapter two
Almira Nursofea
Almira Nursofea Aylar önce
what time
Thomas Haley
Thomas Haley Aylar önce
Jahzara Baxter
Jahzara Baxter 21 saatler önce
“Josh kinda ThIcC”
Sakshi Gupta
Sakshi Gupta Aylar önce
I wish Garten of banban 2 would come out tommorow for caylus to play
Screech 25 gün önce
But the ball pit fall one worked on me I swear to god
LegacyGamer Aylar önce
13:05 how to mess with a NPC 😂
Mohamad Amary
Mohamad Amary Aylar önce
Mohamad Amary
Mohamad Amary Aylar önce
So you can show me how to do it
Biano_Piano Aylar önce
I think the letters caylus found whenever he died in the game spelled “It really hurts :(”. There was a I t r e a l l y h u r t and a :(
Julius Dionisio
Julius Dionisio 13 gün önce
I think u could be right maybe
Norma Flores
Norma Flores 13 gün önce
That’s a little sad but creative
luigi man
luigi man 13 gün önce
I never thought of that
Biano_Piano 15 gün önce
The letters if you die in garten of banban 2 whenever you die could spell there is no such thing as a perfect kindergarten.
Samantha Carling
Samantha Carling Gün önce
I love videos so much ❤
daxx_pogi Aylar önce
I didn't know opila bird was the elevator conductor
Sharkface755 Aylar önce
How do you find 29 myths in such a small game like this?!?!
Bacon_playsyt 10 gün önce
Like fr tho
Bacon_playsyt 10 gün önce
Get braincells that how
Yello The Acorn
Yello The Acorn 23 gün önce
Guys, I see the handprints in opila... Is it okay?
km animates🤖
km animates🤖 Aylar önce
Fun fact: if you do not turn on the lights banban will say "what's yours is mine" instead of "you're pancreas is mine"
Ricky Sanchez
Ricky Sanchez Aylar önce
Szymon's Adventure Time
Brave Aylar önce
If Caylus upload a new video my Day is saved! And i always got a smile on my face of Caylus's videos!❤😊
seek Aylar önce
Bc I have a knife
Introduced_gamer Aylar önce
For the jumping off the ledge where opelas footprints were you have to do the part where opela chases you and complete it and then it works
meme therians
meme therians 19 gün önce
If you look closely when opila bird is hoping in the ride you can see two of him one on the ride one falling from the foot prints on the wall
Yuvraj Aylar önce
Opela can jump scare you you didn’t just get it from him😂
Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones Aylar önce
Mike Soopramanien
Mike Soopramanien 21 gün önce
you can get in the naughty corner without the keycard but with the drone
Ohio and
Ohio and Aylar önce
The first myth. Opila bird is in the electricity room which is definitely gonna be in chapter 2. *I THINK IM WRONG*
Charlotte Olliffe
Charlotte Olliffe 18 gün önce
U probably are
clsofthemonth Aylar önce
watched your videos for 2 years every new upload never missed a video.
Tsz Hin Law
Tsz Hin Law Aylar önce
Yes it do,you need luck to get alpila bird to Jumpscare.
Tashana Purkis
Tashana Purkis 21 gün önce
I used it in the Japanese thing it said "help me get out of here im stuck!"
lisagee11 Aylar önce
You are killin it Caylas
Weekend with the KIDS
What if when you go on the can jump off the platform back to the ground what will happen ?
Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
What a legend, the guy cares about charity more then himself, I can’t, someone protect this man at all costs.
Dani_vr Aylar önce
Hey I love the work keep it up
Asher Malik
Asher Malik 17 gün önce
You should also bust myths in Garden Of Banban II! It came out not long ago, like 4 days ago or something.
Dragon Boy
Dragon Boy 16 gün önce
He already did
Mono 29 gün önce
If you feed that Secret egg to The bird and finish the game there will be a cut scene
Alexis house 2
Alexis house 2 27 gün önce
You were opposed to activate jumbo Josh first and then jumps down
King Jace
King Jace Aylar önce
By the way on myth 10 when the chairs launch you they can launch you way more higher and they are more ragdoll and glitchy then in the video
Art Samuraii
Art Samuraii 19 gün önce
If you call the elevator and go back to the room banban says something different
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