I Busted 25 Brawl Stars Myths In 4 Minutes! 

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I Busted 25 Myths About New Stuff In Season 13!
Use Code WSM forrrrr Brawl Pass!
Thanks to @Nubbz3YT for helping with the myths!
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28 Haz 2022




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Waseem Yıl önce
This is my first attempt at a “sneak peak” XD Use Code WSM for brawl pass!
Azeem7 Editx
Azeem7 Editx Yıl önce
#9LQY2RRRR please bro
Azeem7 Editx
Azeem7 Editx Yıl önce
Yes l will buy the brawl pass also keep up the great work🔥
Anuja KrishnaPillai
Otis super is kinda too op and I do use code waseem 😉 my id 82QGV22J2
BlazeBoi Yıl önce
Nubbz3 Yıl önce
Waseem is the best.. Myth confirmed 😳
letsgonow Yıl önce
«$Pingos$» Yıl önce
Ayyyyy sup nubbz
Maxi Baumgart
Maxi Baumgart Yıl önce
matthew coulvin
matthew coulvin Yıl önce
Interesting Yıl önce
4:24 you should've used her first star power to increase the splash damage even more, dealing more damage
Enderpig 365
Enderpig 365 Yıl önce
Maxomas Prime
Maxomas Prime Yıl önce
I love Waseems vids. Every video=a great day no matter what has happened. Appreciate the work put into these vids
c c
c c Yıl önce
Whenever you change with Meg the game sorta counts Meg as a different character than her mech, so any effects on either of them will be gone when they switch to the other form. Same thing happens when Bonnie transforms.
Lava Arrow
Lava Arrow Yıl önce
I feel like Meg is invincible to everything when she hops out of her super.
Wild Content-BS
Wild Content-BS Yıl önce
Holy ur bad
garment1848 Yıl önce
Bonnie too
The Done
The Done Yıl önce
Jumping in every way makes complete invincibility,only sd gas can kill you. Mike main here 😐
Wacky Yıl önce
Loves this sneak peak/myth busting type of video, Legendary 🔥
Rizumu Yıl önce
1:50 the collab we didnt expected, but we loved.
damn thats crazy
damn thats crazy Yıl önce
english 100
Rizumu Yıl önce
@damn thats crazy enGLiSH iS nOt MY FiRsT lAnGUagE
Hussain Almoamen
Hussain Almoamen Yıl önce
@damn thats crazy Like everyone is supposed to have perfect english
@damn thats crazy first go learn english then correct other people grammar
Alien4103X Yıl önce
@damn thats crazy bro wtf instead of making fun of him you should correct him
Eduard Chelaru
Eduard Chelaru Yıl önce
Man i can just tell how broken Otis is gonna be in showdown
MasterBaiter Yıl önce
1:54 Never ask a man his salary,never ask a woman her weight AND NEVER ask OJ if he uses any other code
Travis Ramesar
Travis Ramesar Yıl önce
You mean never ask a woman her age?
cooldude73 Yıl önce
@Travis Ramesar weight not age asking someones age when dating is very common
mojochay Yıl önce
Ah yes the 3 genders... man, woman and OJ
Kyumi2580fun Yıl önce
@cooldude73 but the original meme has age. It's about women's beauty complex (the older the uglier)
FusionPlayz Yıl önce
waseem! my habibi!
BPSHoopz Yıl önce
I have been watching you from a long time ago, love your videos, it’s great to see that you have achieved your goal and gotten onto tribe!
nAmE Playz
nAmE Playz Yıl önce
I really love your vids 💕 you put so much work into them
Son Kullanıcı
Son Kullanıcı Yıl önce
Another myth (that I didn't see in the video) : If Otis shoots his super into Pam's turret, does it stop healing?
no Yıl önce
Well, you probably already know but, if you don't, it doesn't stop healing. I'm assuming you just wanted to see it though.
Temaj Moody
Temaj Moody Yıl önce
I want to see if Otis’s super stops Bruce from using Nita’s gadgets for example: will it stun you still if Bruce is silenced and Nita uses bear paws.
William Gibson
William Gibson Yıl önce
I have a question. Do you think if you use the super on 8-Bits super it will not give the effect? Or the same with Bo’s gadget or Pam’s super
MSM27 Yıl önce
Myth: If you use Otis’ super on Lola and Lola uses her clone switch gadget, now the ego will have the super attached onto it.
Chunky Monkey
Chunky Monkey Yıl önce
Hi waseem I love your videos especially the myth busting ones. It puts a smile on my face and I enjoy watching all your videos. I especially liked the part where you went to ojs house. So funny 🤣🤣🤣
NoName Yıl önce
I never knew Waseem was OJ’s habibi 😳
Bruh Yıl önce
Also I never knew that OJ can talk in Arabic.
Mohammed Gamal
Mohammed Gamal Yıl önce
@Bruh Yeah that op cuz he is na but knows Arabic and he isn't not in Asia or Africa... I am amazed cuz Iam arabician
DbrssXX Yıl önce
Keep up the good work waseem 🤟
emi Yıl önce
am loving this series keep going waseem 👍👍👍
Matt U ඞ
Matt U ඞ Yıl önce
3:43 Otis can't mute you from BM'ing 😂😂😂
Neelam Singh
Neelam Singh Yıl önce
It'll be funny if waseem hires an editor lol
Somewhat 100
Somewhat 100 Yıl önce
Muting the IKE turret is gonna be so op. But Siege is no longer in rotation so it won’t be that bad
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming Yıl önce
Nah Otis’s super is so goated it’s gonna get nerfed, also just love how waseem puts his time into doing these amazing vids for us
Blob Girl
Blob Girl Yıl önce
The power cubes glowing is going to make them even more irresistible 🤩
Swag Yıl önce
I'm lovin the content! you never disappoint
idkmyname-bs Yıl önce
Also in season 13 they changed the smoke in showdown they added skulls
:3 cat
:3 cat Yıl önce
Keep up the great work
El Toilet
El Toilet Yıl önce
4:29: myth confirmed penny is more deadly than bull on heist i try and it took 13 second to destroy the safe, if done perfect 1 ammo from penny can do 7060 damage
Knxght Yıl önce
Honestly man, don’t know how to say it another way: ur content is FIRE
Bob Seeway
Bob Seeway Yıl önce
Does using Otis super on Pam's turret prevent the turret from healing Pam's allies
SPITFIRE. Yıl önce
Myth 27: Can Protective Tunes remove Cil from you?
Quadrinellê 9 aylar önce
I like how you asked oj do you use code wsm and he closed the door instantly XD
hamoz hamodaldin
hamoz hamodaldin Yıl önce
I love how oj says “ Waseem, my habibi. Since when did he learn arabic 😂
HeadphoneFalcon 10 aylar önce
For the Leon trick it helps leon stay invisible because he can't attack but the star does damage so maybe you can see him
hr Yıl önce
"wassem my habibi" Oj Arabic confirmed
Knxght Yıl önce
Otis is insane ngl
Ismell Cap
Ismell Cap Yıl önce
2:00 Ah yes Panny the best version of Penny
WilliamsTECH BS
WilliamsTECH BS Yıl önce
I always liked your vids 😉 keep it up 🙂🙂🙂
Rishik Nair
Rishik Nair Yıl önce
Ngl but Waseem has made progress in his career like DAMN BOY
Arsh Air
Arsh Air Yıl önce
Penny 2nd gadget locks on the minecart In gem grab too😂
Lachy_Gamer Yıl önce
1:52 I didn't know oj can speak Arabic he said حبيبي
BodzioGW Yıl önce
@Buff Edgar he added subtitles to video dummy
Ace - I like lighters
@Buff Edgar if you're asking for the meaning, it basically means "my love" or "my darling"
bop 3
bop 3 Yıl önce
@Ace - I like lighters it's my love not darling idoit I am arabic ;-;
surgeata⚡🎮 Yıl önce
​@bop 3 حتي انى تفاجأت قال حبيبي I was shocked when he said حبيبي
D4SALAD Yıl önce
@bop 3 I'm arabic it means darling too
Ahmed Roby
Ahmed Roby Yıl önce
Oj saying habibi really got me off guard
Mistopisto  0
Mistopisto 0 Yıl önce
Im so hyped for Otis
Jack Liuzzo
Jack Liuzzo Yıl önce
If you get the skin, do you also get Otis? 👀
ChinneyGaming Yıl önce
this isn't in season 13, but if you swap brawlers in friendly battle power league, you will get their pins and skins
Chippys 10 aylar önce
This is a very good video it’s nice to know about brawl stars so if you can keep up the good work that would be amazing
Pratik Mushahary
Pratik Mushahary Yıl önce
I guess Otis will get heavily nerfed
Mohammed Njwan
Mohammed Njwan Yıl önce
Yup he's super is too good also his damage
Kãmâl Yıl önce
First Bonnie
Paul Gabriel Lagorra
I love waseem content it makes my day
Katerina Tenta
Katerina Tenta Yıl önce
2:05 *panny can place barils inside walls*
Lety Medina
Lety Medina Yıl önce
I love your videos,we can always trust on you every time a update relases to prove myths that can actually help us But i have 1 myth here to prove Myth:poco's second gadget remove otis mute super?
Melissa Tunney
Melissa Tunney 11 aylar önce
On myth 11 it made me laugh seeing Panny not penny
WoWoW Yıl önce
Otis looks a bit broken lol
Nate | Brawl Stars
Panny, my favorite brawler 2:06 lol
永不放弃 Yıl önce
the star player is based on heal too
kimlindstrm Yıl önce
Been playing BS just for some months butnim hoooked!! And just found your videos and love them! #octofang
Yigit Durgun
Yigit Durgun Yıl önce
0:58 Wait a minute! Your ammo is infinite
Fadi Souri
Fadi Souri Yıl önce
my first time hearing oj speak arabic 😂
Cedric Chan陳思捷
How did he have otis so fast
Mewtwo Mewthree
Mewtwo Mewthree Yıl önce
1:48 ''Waseem my habibi'' hahahah nice one Waseem!
Çásínø Sírøl 333
Habibi means baby right?
Mewtwo Mewthree
Mewtwo Mewthree Yıl önce
@Çásínø Sírøl 333 no it means, “my loved one”
Çásínø Sírøl 333
@Mewtwo Mewthree finally a better brawl stars ship
Hamster94 Yıl önce
otis is really op with his super
Stepfather Pucci
Stepfather Pucci Yıl önce
What about Otis's super on Tick's head?
ᴳᵒᵈ✿fox࿐99 Gamerツ
If u use otis super on pams turrent it won't heal
DoggoFran Yıl önce
can otis mute the pam's second star power?
akram namane
akram namane Yıl önce
Best collab in all the time😊
skippitybippity Yıl önce
Lola's ego cannot attack because lola can't attack 💀💀💀💀
Msm The Great-Brawl Stars
I love your myth busting videos:-)..pls make our club active waseem
Svg Renagade
Svg Renagade Yıl önce
Penny with her barrel 8 bits super and ruffs super and protein shake and damage gear can destroy the safe in 3 shots
DriftyTheNinja Yıl önce
Waseem joining the Brawlbusters...
Ayaan Raut
Ayaan Raut Yıl önce
This is something I would watch while eating my favorite meal and use code wsm
Sai Yıl önce
Bro his super to stun doesn’t allow gadgets super or attacks at all you can’t attack normally so it goes with ball too you can’t attack period once stunned and can’t activate anything when stunned
JF Yıl önce
Can Otis super stop Carl from shooting the ball?
As an arabic dude when oj said habibi i died from laughing
Alien4103X Yıl önce
Yes ,كان وضعو بفرط ضحك
Mahendran Ramasamy
MYTH : U Cannot Mute Tick Super With OTTIS 🦑🎨
S3N6S 41T
S3N6S 41T Yıl önce
Myth: If sandy stuns an already stunned enemy and the enemy takes damage, the enemy will instantly become unstunned
UZB gamer
UZB gamer Yıl önce
My myth is Otis can mute 8-bits super and ruff's gadget
MATisFatrpg Yıl önce
Keep up the good vids waseem
Bro I got sooo hyped when he said he was given away a a octo fang I was so happy that I had a 0.1% chance to win it
Lubbi777 Yıl önce
I didn't know you could mute turrets and people can't shoot in brawl ball if you mute them
SnapyDragon Yıl önce
Jacky with starpower counter boer deals more damage if it has more powercubes
Davide Montalbano
Davide Montalbano 11 aylar önce
Mith: in last stand the Eve's baby are trying to hurt the bot 8-bit instead of the robot
FM-BS Yıl önce
Myth: Poco gadget cancels Otis super effect
Ziko Parker
Ziko Parker Yıl önce
Waseem is like the coolest TRvidr because his content is awesome and plus his code WSM which u guys should use is also dope as it gave me colonel ruffs and gene. PLS PUT CODE WSM IN THE SHOP.
K_Wthawer Yıl önce
Otis is definitely op
AYSNikSpeedruns Yıl önce
Gotta love ur videos
Good luck to anyone that gets octo Fang he is such a cool skin
LordSilver Yıl önce
U actually forget the ultimate test can otis mute each other?
Potato Crisp
Potato Crisp Yıl önce
Waseem is my favourite brawl creator he is just so unique
lazy hop bs
lazy hop bs Yıl önce
He's good but not unique
Potato Crisp
Potato Crisp Yıl önce
@lazy hop bs fair enough
Leothin BS
Leothin BS Yıl önce
nice video. Keep it up
Masterioannis Yıl önce
Like the game geometry dash, supercell must add moderators so they can rate others levels.
Alerend Plays
Alerend Plays Yıl önce
If you get octo fang and you don’t have fang do you also get fang?
Jaylen BS
Jaylen BS Yıl önce
Otis is broken by muting the siege bot and the bot
stick Yıl önce
Myth: The smoke in Showdown also looks different, it has some poison skulls (or whatever that is) :/
hall brawl stars
hall brawl stars Yıl önce
crk plays
crk plays Yıl önce
Your videos never disspoint me sorry if i spell it wrong note :i subscribe
AyaanVG Yıl önce
Hey thanks alot WSM for letting me join your club..I'm a very big fan 😁😁 And I also use Code WSM..😁😁😁❤❤
Elisha Brawls
Elisha Brawls Yıl önce
I mean good video but you should probably bust 25 myths instead of confirming half and busting half
Weird Yıl önce
Hi Waseem I love these kind of videos
natwithaheart Yıl önce
Waseem Yıl önce
Brock Biden
Brock Biden Yıl önce
@Waseem so not halal mode(/s)
Sir Envy - Brawl Stars
love ur videos waseem :)
Angela Inman
Angela Inman Yıl önce
I love these videos
The Brawl Stars BINGO Mode!
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