Busting 19 Roblox Bedwars Myths In 8 Minutes

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Busting 19 Roblox Bedwars Myths In 8 Minutes
Roblox Bedwars is one of the largest games on roblox, however with all its features comes lots of questions. In this video, I will be busting 19 of the craziest roblox bedwars myths in only 8 minutes - basically solving the GREATEST mysteries of the game such as facts, glitches and more! Some of these findings may be completely new to you and they can actually help you get better at the game, so I suggest you stick around. Anyways I hope you enjoy!!

This is a Roblox Bedwars analysis/myth busting video.

20,000 likes would be cool :)

DISCORD: discord.gg/wKVHRWKygT
ROBLOX GROUP: www.roblox.com/groups/1266408...
ROBLOX PROFILE: www.roblox.com/users/17575593...

Credits to Skip the Tutorial and Stokes Twins for the idea, pog!



20 May 2022




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BW Bunting
BW Bunting 13 gün önce
Taylor Rushing
Taylor Rushing 22 gün önce
Pls yuzi 8 watch u everyday
TBZ 26 gün önce
I really need kit
Spyroq 27 gün önce
ReddCinema Aylar önce
You put so much time & effort into your videos, such a goat keep it up!❤
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sureee dude
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@Kitha ‘ you got the wrong person the guy that said he was gifting kits im pretty sure it wasnt ReddCinema
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beeswax Aylar önce
Mohamad Alaou
Mohamad Alaou Aylar önce
Jammin 11 gün önce
I like how he always has his videos recored live
ItsABenn 4 saatler önce
Doing more damage with traps is a feature, why is it a myth
Iaminv 25 gün önce
There’s is another myth which I found which basically makes you able to kill people who glitched into the spectator box on (only works on mobile) if you fire a guided missile and aim it towards the spectator box you can kill them also for the give away user: losing_0 kit: miner
Aaron's World
Aaron's World Gün önce
The five block jump works in some other games I’ve seen it in the video
ST_RBLX Aylar önce
These tricks will help me for sure.
FoxesAreKewl 4 gün önce
@Finowqy2 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
NPC_1 12 gün önce
gamingfloppaYT 12 gün önce
@Finowqy2 Yall spelled it the same way lol
zachgamer 22 gün önce
Yeah me too
Bloody Clark
Bloody Clark 25 gün önce
Oof you don't play Toh anymore lol
燕辉谢 16 gün önce
Thank you so much for the tricks, this is awesome! ^_^
{Mario_Roblox} 13 gün önce
And also when I tried the cannon and the gum dropped method it worked
Split_Void 7 gün önce
you can bypass by using the void spawn
Bogdan Vozian
Bogdan Vozian 17 gün önce
Btw on myth 1 you dont run faster its just you tilt your character and its hitbox makes ot easoer to make long jumps for example 11 studs
Lync Kyle Rodriguez
You can definitely make it back up to the map with 2 balloons with Yuzi IF it wasn’t nerfed with all the cool downs. User:Kyle1st03 Kit:Miner
c r e a t u r e
c r e a t u r e 25 gün önce
The small and giant potion can make your ava glitched Myth : will it extend you hitbox?
Jayden Baker
Jayden Baker 18 gün önce
I love your videos keep up the good work :)
林爸。森 21 gün önce
Wow cybe Inc u really have grown a lot I started watching u when u only had like 50K subs. Keep up the great work dude!
PenguinWarrior Gün önce
7:55 u could use coral blocks or obsidian :)
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Great videos as always. Keep up the good work!
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Harrsion Chaffer
Harrsion Chaffer 17 gün önce
Attic fox gaming Minecraft
Thank you so much for showing the duplicate glitch with jack, me and my friend manage to dupe so much ems in ranked that we manage to get our whole team the emerald armour and sword along with enchants and balloons and we won easily
Bedwars Pro
Bedwars Pro 17 gün önce
I won alot of matches with it! Thanks! I would love the Cyber kit!
Jorge Charre
Jorge Charre 24 gün önce
On the minicopter glitch u can put your hp to an high number so u get far far far and with emerald armor at full protection
soul_bringer 24 gün önce
keep up all the good work ♥️ ❤️
Tips In 30s
Tips In 30s Aylar önce
Fun fact: the yuzi one worked before the nerf it was very op it also worked with one balloon if u kept spamming it really fast
zachgamer 22 gün önce
Bryan Timothy
Bryan Timothy Aylar önce
it still works when you have the grappling hook
It’s Ryan
It’s Ryan 11 gün önce
Fun fact : if u already have fire enchant and if u place down the fire banner after u leave the banner ur fire enchant disappear
Walters royal guard
Walters royal guard 23 gün önce
if you use yuiz and the cannon launch yourself in the Canon and use the Ability at the same time it will send you far and I think that you don't take fall damage it's an easy way to rush to Middle
cookieboy 10 gün önce
I love your videos keep it up
Pixel Not Smiley
Pixel Not Smiley 24 gün önce
Myth: ember can hit through blocks above with his special attack
SpyPlayz Roblox
SpyPlayz Roblox 22 gün önce
True I have done it
Derpie Aylar önce
Always makes good content :) Keep it up
Debanik Chaudhuri
Debanik Chaudhuri 23 gün önce
Glitch: with the wizard staff aim with the lightning bolt, switch to the electro ball, then shoot, the electro ball goes like the flash!
Chilie 18 gün önce
Myth: do players fall faster or telepearls? Eg: throw telepearl from height limit and jump off same time see which hit ground first. (If u use this in vid pls shout me out thx)
Protector 11 gün önce
You are doing a great job in making these videos btw my username is Protector1216
Noob 19 gün önce
Myth put : put a block next to zipping and spam it it will anti cheat you and sometime give you massive jump boost
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
You can make a 6 block jump by switching from sword to pickaxe to shears while in shift lock with the climbing animation on bed.
Richy97 11 gün önce
Fun fact: He was too annoyed to use /spawn vending_machine
AmazingBaffour 25 gün önce
On the dome squads map, Yellow teams bridge to mid is actually shorts than any other teams. All the the other teams have a little gap in the land for ther bridge to mid, whilst yellows is a flat piece e of land
JT49entertainment 4 gün önce
justan499 love the vids keep it up
Mohammed Zaman
Mohammed Zaman 4 gün önce
Plot twist: CubeINC bought damage tier 2 for the trap myth
Raj Playz
Raj Playz Aylar önce
2:00 for some reason, it can sometimes do 70 damage because the person goes higher in the air
DsRx_Noah 5 gün önce
The clingy dupe glitch was patched
ליד10פרו משולם
keep up the good vids
Void Bacon
Void Bacon 11 saatler önce
Best video I’ve ever seen from you before
sleep1fy 20 gün önce
keep up the good work your vids are so good such a goat
Kangaroo Aylar önce
This is amazing cube! Keep up the amazing videos
Rip_Flame 23 gün önce
Myth: you can do inf dmg with static with ember
SpoodBoi 17 gün önce
I got a myth : That you can get back on map if u started and have 1 balloons and ur using jade+void axe+yuzi
EARTH 24 gün önce
What about to execute enchant vs inf heal? Try it!
Lays Rick
Lays Rick 5 gün önce
Its a simple trick but quite incredible
Ali Haji
Ali Haji Aylar önce
Your Roblox tips are very helpful, CubeINC Note: I never got this much Likes
Ali Haji
Ali Haji Aylar önce
@Justa_mobileplayerXD sorry
Jessica Vicencio
Jessica Vicencio 22 gün önce
All of you're video helps me in bedwars ty for teaching me
Tot Plays Roblox
Tot Plays Roblox 24 gün önce
i got one you can do 6 block jump by using grim and do the same thing
Mosammat Toru
Mosammat Toru 17 gün önce
I found a way to go to spec map by building to max height and using a cannon and throw a telepearl if u time it perfect u can land on spec map
ImTotallyNoob 10 gün önce
btw im suprised ppl dont know crit hits with trapper cus it says in the desc
Fabee Gaming
Fabee Gaming Aylar önce
You're videos are so helpful and its clear we can see your efforts keep it up 🐐 ❤ I would also like a free kit😁
Norawit Singholaka
Norawit Singholaka Aylar önce
I like how Myth busters are just the same on the last one is advertising subscription lol
TheHumanYT Aylar önce
i want free kit
_enriqueswildquest 19 gün önce
Fun fact: if you gain so much momentum you can jump a 7 jump I did it :username: Angelslayer67 Kit: jade or void
sus 8 gün önce
5 block jump is possible with speed glitch also
Zyrus John Josue
Zyrus John Josue 25 gün önce
the 1st one is like dream solving a 5 block jump (any minecrafters)
rusotepega ez
rusotepega ez 16 gün önce
Skip the tutorial but in roblox, and i LOVE IT!
Skidz_YT Aylar önce
just so u know,u can get any critical enchant and then hope u get static then u can get the damage banner so u have crit,static and fire
ĐỨC Anh Aylar önce
You can have 5 enchant
Anna Venturelli
Anna Venturelli 4 gün önce
Thanks for the tips and trying this myths,BTW my username is Slat_Bugged and I want the Trinity kit
Bartholamew jackson
Bartholamew jackson 15 gün önce
He had to of not done this in 8 minutes because a vending machine airdrop takes 9:00 minutes
Confused Dave
Confused Dave 21 gün önce
yo here is a myth: you can dash 14 blocks with using when flicking your cursor going up and dashing with yuzi
glemer & the j
glemer & the j 22 gün önce
Myth:when you use crocowolf and use speed potion,dodo bird,speed pie and speed boots you have inf speed
100million 29 gün önce
Myth: You can get 12 balloons by doing this glitch First you’ll need to have the clingy enchant Then drop 3 balloons at the exact spot you spawn in once you die Reset then your clingy enchant will give you the 8 balloons you died with. Then you’ll pick up the 3 you dropped and reach 12 balloons
beekeeper 28 gün önce
why not just fish?
Mutshutshu Tsanwani
Mutshutshu Tsanwani 28 gün önce
11 balloons sir its ez math
antz 28 gün önce
If I’m right, you did basic math wrong.
Jeremiah Bermudez
Jeremiah Bermudez 25 gün önce
Great video like always and also thank you these will help me in games Username: MilkyCoffee_Games Kit: Grim reaper Goodluck to everyone that joins
GrimDragon 17 gün önce
Lol dupe glitch was op and i found out about it my self
HiddenUranium 24 gün önce
Myth : electric orb makes farmer crops grow better ( kits needed : farmer and wizard )
Moustafa Hassan
Moustafa Hassan 14 gün önce
Fun fact: he said he show hes face reval at 100k and he hit 170k he lie to us
DaSheepPlayz Aylar önce
I love ur content! Always Looking forward to watch your vids!
Shaik Ullah
Shaik Ullah 21 gün önce
Im ready for part 3:D
Jack 6 gün önce
Use Yuzi and first person will go longer than second person
Ghost TMS
Ghost TMS 2 gün önce
i subbed and your vids are so cool
yicong FANG
yicong FANG 13 gün önce
When he said ‘20 kits’ I had the subtitles on and he said ‘20 kids’ XD
Mike Onoffrey
Mike Onoffrey Aylar önce
You can make a 6 block jump by switching from sword to pickaxe to shears while in shift lock with the climbing animation on bed.
Angelika Mansell
Angelika Mansell Aylar önce
Wow didn’t know :0
FatAxolotlPie Aylar önce
How is that found out lol
Middle child
Middle child 20 gün önce
Hello I love your vid keep em up
DKI GAMER 17 gün önce
The portal gun only has 20 block range
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 17 gün önce
They patched the ghost block
Adrian Shine
Adrian Shine 16 gün önce
He repeats what he did on previous videos.😂
MiniBloxia 26 gün önce
upload another vid keed
Jap man
Jap man 8 saatler önce
Sup mini
Was Not Potato
Was Not Potato 3 gün önce
4 likes for mini loll but I can’t believe mini watches cube
sceym 24 gün önce
Dzurrun Ainani
Dzurrun Ainani 24 gün önce
CubeINC 26 gün önce
next week 👀
ImNervous 25 gün önce
Did you know if you keep press f on the zipline you can actually fly but can risk dying? If you don't believe me, try it out!
ying racek
ying racek 25 gün önce
Snix Trix: thanks man for the glitches
Mikestroller Sun
Mikestroller Sun 14 gün önce
Actually I did the two balloon one with the nerf
Noob 19 gün önce
Random myth : nyx stacks with jade night mare mode must be on just a guess
Cricket Aylar önce
I have another myth. Myth: You can lasso grim when he's consuming a soul
Rozmiq 23 gün önce
i love your videos and so does my cousin
H Sh
H Sh 23 gün önce
Bro 1m/10 to that editor
Marcus Kaeden
Marcus Kaeden 21 gün önce
Your videos are so good
Theexsposer 11 gün önce
bro you are such a great youtuber that makes hundreds of thousands of people happy keep up the good work and also for kit giveaway :username: annoyedgamer_11 and kit of my choice would be yuzi if not probally grimreaper anyway thx for the amazing content cant wait for more :)
ツDarkツ Aylar önce
CubeINC: * loads in game. * CubeINC : okay I just need to wipe out yellow….. *10 mins in* CubeINC: they are jack….. *CubeINC sees emerald armor* CubeINC: oh hail nah
ermiamz Aylar önce
Why you have to spam CubeINC too many time?lol
SILLY ROM 11 gün önce
Hi can i have yuzi plz my username is sillyrom1 and ur vids are great! They helped me learn to win every time!! And u put ur effort into ur vids so much, such good job, Keep it up!❤️❤️❤️
Txect Gün önce
your minicopter can be distroy with fireballs shooting the tail i think or the propeller (also i want a kit username is jasonisveryss and i want elder tree).
Maki Delgado
Maki Delgado 19 gün önce
Myth: is it possible to one shot a player with emerald armor only using rage blade and tier 3 dmg? name:max_mmon
olivia8301ify Aylar önce
Myth: when you use the grappling hook you take no fall damage
Sledger Aylar önce
That not a glitch,its a feature (obviously so ppl dont die by fall damage lol)
SD Lato
SD Lato Aylar önce
Thats probably true lol
Mehkaiblue 13 gün önce
day 2 of asking: What editor do you use
Ana cecilia Mestanza villegas
never surrender of making good videos
Chinlian Uk
Chinlian Uk 2 gün önce
Username: chinuklian Kit:grim peaper How you know a lot of glitches
{Mario_Roblox} 13 gün önce
It actually worked
Aboozar Mosleh
Aboozar Mosleh Aylar önce
CubeINC keep up the hard work man :)
amusalman Aylar önce
Hossein Feyz
Hossein Feyz Aylar önce
Zuzi Miir
Zuzi Miir Aylar önce
@Kangaroo yea
Angel Aylar önce
Wat the- E My brain is fried
Hayden Stickman Animator
@Kangaroo Exactly
The Future
The Future 25 gün önce
I did everything username: zanemarcus25: displayname_Yeaterheater
Besstplayer1013 2 gün önce
myth if you put 10 tnt on your bed you will do a triple damage
Zulema Esparza
Zulema Esparza 10 gün önce
fun fact: aery kit was secretly buffed I noticed it when I was using aery cause I swear that aery only gives you 1 damage per kill but now it gives you 4 at the start
Seal with a rifle
Seal with a rifle 16 gün önce
This is just for the devs to patch right?
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