I Built World's Safest Mini House 

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31 Mar 2023




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Toasted Aylar önce
Unspeakble was my childhood. Came back after 3 years to see that things have definitely changed but I am so appreciated of Nathan. He is still making videos for the next generation. ❤
QKSB Aylar önce
True and same
Lara Omar
Lara Omar Aylar önce
Same I used to wait everyday for a new video to come out
Kadeplays Aylar önce
Kadeplays Aylar önce
I miss old unspeakable
Ryguy Aylar önce
Unspeakable got his name from telling children what he did to them is unspeakable.
Squirrels Aylar önce
To think that four years ago he was securing a Lego house in the old vlog house, now he’s got actual security. You have officially succeeded in life
Dawid Konitzer
Dawid Konitzer Aylar önce
Your ritht
Kingdog Aylar önce
2 year
Zachary Jeffries
Zachary Jeffries Aylar önce
It’s been 5 years about since I watched you. You taught me more than my childhood so it’s great to see you the same :)
I’m been watching this channel for 4 years now and he’s still good at making videos ❤
Malik Rais
Malik Rais Aylar önce
Me too
Nazim Ali
Nazim Ali Aylar önce
[UMD]NASCAR Aylar önce
This man will do anything to make a seemingly impossible mission, possible!
Ikr fr because he used his diamond play button just to entertain us,all his fans.❤ So entertaining
eduardo arriaga
eduardo arriaga 14 gün önce
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
I still remember when his new house was a secret. and when I saw it I taught: That's the biggest house I've ever seen!
Laim_plays Aylar önce
He never fails to make me laugh,😂🤣
Younghinrik Aylar önce
I watched unspeakable for my whole childhood and he still makes videos that are hilarious 5 years later
I literally started to laugh like hell when gabe kept throwing literal potatos 😂😂😂
The Cute Cat Club
The Cute Cat Club Aylar önce
PotatOS or potatoes? PotatOS is a game character in Portal 2.
albania🇦🇱 28 gün önce
I love how gabe is happy😂😂
Dante Bringner
Dante Bringner Aylar önce
Your videos just keep getting better! Never stop! ❤😅😊
DogeSupreme Aylar önce
Looks like someone just drew on grass with crayons, and then threw on a square house
Snakeboy8969 Aylar önce
Alba Emlak
Alba Emlak Aylar önce
Hy are u so negative
Caroline Varley
Caroline Varley Aylar önce
I love you
_xo3ah1_ Aylar önce
Avian Aylar önce
Nathan is the kind of person to say "Who's going to break into that?" and not wait for an answer
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice Aylar önce
I love your vids, keep up the good work!
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
Fun fact: we miss the good old days 😔
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I've been here since 4 mil and it's crazy to see all of his changes over the years. I remember when he was still with shark and moose
funky furry
funky furry Aylar önce
so true man
Cool Kid 2
Cool Kid 2 Aylar önce
corn Aylar önce
Alina Berkey
Alina Berkey Aylar önce
I’m such a big fan please I wish I could do a challenge with you but I’m in America
Mollie the bagel
Mollie the bagel Aylar önce
@Alina Berkey this is a bot-
Mia Sophie
Mia Sophie Aylar önce
I’ve been here since145K it’s crazy to see all of his challenges over the years
Bear fact
Bear fact Aylar önce
I love your videos! Keep up the good work!😃😃
fire girl
fire girl Aylar önce
I agree
Mally Dix
Mally Dix Aylar önce
Gabe really said "open the door" as a reference to the open the noor guy 😂
The birthday creeper
Don’t we have to say Nathan’s spear throwing skill has improved🎉
Clover Aylar önce
Congrats on Trending!
⭕️Free Robux On My Profile
Your content is awesome I’ve been watching you for 5 years now
Cool Kid 2
Cool Kid 2 Aylar önce
bro ur a bot
DeafBones Aylar önce
rex the iguana
rex the iguana Aylar önce
Bot confirmed!?!?!?
Meital Ashkenazi
Meital Ashkenazi Aylar önce
i don't care
Susan M
Susan M Aylar önce
What are you doing
Amanda Chipchase
Amanda Chipchase Aylar önce
I’ve always wanted to meet you in real life. I always wanted to go to your life show, but my parents don’t want to go. It’s been my dream to meet you in real life.
Grizzley Bear
Grizzley Bear Aylar önce
I'm not sure if Elon has this type of security. If Elon was watching this video he would probably copy that footage and thank you so much for that
Jaime Olivarez
Jaime Olivarez Aylar önce
Great job with your work 🥰
The Obaminator
The Obaminator Aylar önce
I am literally laughing uncontrollably😂 you have a new subscriber because of this idiocy
Kiera Williams
Kiera Williams Aylar önce
My house has a million cameras from my dad being so safe. 😂 Now whoever tries to break in will be very surprised. Your always being watched..... 😀
DELVA BOYS Aylar önce
This is one of the coolest videos yet 🎉
I've been here since 6mil and came back after 3 years,now you have 15mil congrats
The Super Game channel
Man i remember watching this channel in 2020 2019, it changed alot😢
ItsEternal Aylar önce
I love the hunger games reference
Stella Stenning
Stella Stenning Aylar önce
love it + it is so safe and very very funny
Love the hunger games piece when he says “call me katniss”
Lara Ivanič
Lara Ivanič Aylar önce
I loveeeeeeeeeee ur videos! Keep up the goooooooood work ❤
Amy Binion
Amy Binion 25 gün önce
The funny part was when he threw the entire drum in to the window I went laughing so hard)’:
ShadowWolfYT Aylar önce
The moment when Gabe threw a flash bang or what ever that was just got me hooked
spacebunny Aylar önce
i love your videos keep up the great work
Billy Games
Billy Games Aylar önce
This was sick and the most secure house in this country
Thailand Travel
Thailand Travel Aylar önce
Hello from Thailand! So amazing video! Best wishes to everyone!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
DramaGirl59 Aylar önce
i cant belive he does all this stuff for us he breaks so many precious items and eats and does gross and random stuff i have watch him since he started and i love how much he loves us all Thank you Nathan for doing so much stuff for us
2nDxbro Aylar önce
3:59 "the window is still um windowing" got me dead 💀 😂
Tyler Davie
Tyler Davie Aylar önce
i swear to god 6 years ago you and Preston on minecraft with them challenges was all i watched and now im in awe how big you are holy crap man
SkilledMonke Aylar önce
Nathan’s my childhood I came back after maybe 3 4 years and his vids are still good
BrokenHeart💔 Aylar önce
Amazing I've been watching u since I was 7 and you've always made me happy when I'm sad/Depressed
Existence Aylar önce
I cant believe ive been watching you guys for 7 years my god
Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen Aylar önce
I love your vids they always make me laugh 😂
☆Gremlins_Editz☆ 21 gün önce
I watched you since i was like 9. Now im almost an adult and i still love it
Parker Boi
Parker Boi Aylar önce
My favorite part by far is the Hunger games part with Katniss
The Apostles Foundation
This is what happens when a bunch of young men have lots of money and they get bored. ❤
Vmal Tnuio
Vmal Tnuio Aylar önce
Fun fact: we miss the good old days
Stacey King
Stacey King 28 gün önce
Stacey King
Stacey King 28 gün önce
Most people: cry when they get Fingerprints all over their diamond play button. Speaks: Throws his diamond play button at a metal wall and laughs.
Starbuk10 Aylar önce
These videos are great I love them so keep them up
Ellieanna Olson
Ellieanna Olson Aylar önce
You should rent out an Ikea for an overnight and hide and seek.
Zoey F
Zoey F Aylar önce
Watching Unspeakable for about 3-4 years now, even as i grow older, never gets old
Syed Hassan
Syed Hassan Aylar önce
I remember when he did Minecraft videos I miss them
MadMann2212 Aylar önce
Love the vids keep it up the way you have been posting they are really amazing
Spring Johnson
Spring Johnson Aylar önce
I love your videos I want to see you so badly in person😊🎉
TaylorPlayz_RBLX Aylar önce
We need James back in his videos! ❤❤❤❤❤
Ammara Ilyas
Ammara Ilyas Aylar önce
why is he not there anyway?
TaylorPlayz_RBLX Aylar önce
The Devster
The Devster Aylar önce
I've watched u since 2017 glad to see u continuing youtube!
Taco Bell Noodle Boy
he doesn't need to change he is perfect the way he is I never get bored of his videos
Leon Edwards
Leon Edwards Aylar önce
I luv ur vids Thanks for the content :D
Snowz Aylar önce
Great video ❤
Afro Man
Afro Man Aylar önce
i have been here for years im so glad nathan is progressing
Chiamxiii 24 gün önce
“The window is still windowing” wise words from unspeakable
Mystery commenter
Mystery commenter Aylar önce
I think in the start of the video he was having PTSD from the safest lego house lol
Katelyn Connolly
Katelyn Connolly Aylar önce
How do you come up with these ideas?!!?! They are amazing!!!!
Lunae Aylar önce
He gets most of them from comments
Katelyn Connolly
Katelyn Connolly Aylar önce
@Lunae I guess i didn't think of that, thanks
Juan Video for later
Last time I saw this man was when he got his new house and look at him now with his theme park!
Joseph Gaming God
Joseph Gaming God Aylar önce
Lesson learned: Always break stuff with a drum.
omori Aylar önce
Got it
QKSB Aylar önce
His videos are so entertaining
Pro I guess
Pro I guess Aylar önce
Who remembers when he tried to build the worlds safest Lego house And then got destroyed by a broken paddle this video brings me back to that time
nerd🤓 Aylar önce
The richest man alive but has a tiny home 😎🤌
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez 29 gün önce
The ending was hella funny
Mr.Turtle (ON BREAK)
Mr.Turtle (ON BREAK) 20 gün önce
Who remembers the mini house videos with legos
nevan stock
nevan stock Aylar önce
Who ever is reading this i hope you have a fantastical day.
Content Creations
Content Creations Aylar önce
You are literally a god of creations
Electro… Aylar önce
Thank god there’s no rickroll at the end ☺️ Unspeakable is so generous even when is April 1st
Peyton Roy
Peyton Roy Aylar önce
I love your videos and your personality
Emile and Amira
Emile and Amira Aylar önce
I just watched this video and you give me so much inspiration. But there is one thing,where is JAMES??😢
🍄FrogLover 28 gün önce
The fact that if you rob a house like this at the owners going to wake up probably or get splattered with mayonnaise
Evelette Kosik
Evelette Kosik Aylar önce
Hey Nathan! Your awesome and I wanna do some things like you when I’m older! You inspire me so much!
Catgod Gold
Catgod Gold Aylar önce
I love ur channel Nathan it's very entertaining
OnTheDayWeDie Aylar önce
“Everyone knows you go top down when u wash your car top down, when u clean the house top down, when u fly a plain, you go up and then u go down, top down” gabe-2023 ( 7:45 )
JAB_1979 20 gün önce
a full series on this house, like the legendary Lego house. PLZ
The crazy robo gamer
Can we all agree that this was the worlds strongest wood
CatclubYT Aylar önce
The time I watched Nathan last was four years ago OG days I miss the old Nathan
The Damm gang!!!
The Damm gang!!! Aylar önce
Only ogs remember the old house he lived in❤
Super Pineapple3
Super Pineapple3 Aylar önce
REEYAN2727 28 gün önce
The fact that Nathan called the screws nails is painful 😭
The Collector
The Collector Aylar önce
Another amazing video!!!!
goofy Aylar önce
great video❤️
Bro 7:44 Go top down brother
Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
unspeakable never fails to make me laugh🤣🤣
Braylon Crawford
Braylon Crawford Aylar önce
ShadowWolfYT Aylar önce
Princess BK
Princess BK Aylar önce
Levi  Birch
Levi Birch Aylar önce
You are just a great girl friend
KingJulian Aylar önce
Where he said “Elon are you in there “ he was right behind them
Dylan LaFontaine
Dylan LaFontaine Aylar önce
Hello Unspeakable! Love Your Videos!
Eka channel
Eka channel Aylar önce
ZA- EDITS Aylar önce
Hehepot Aylar önce
Jaypee Building Work
He's like a god he was my childhood
Ultra legend
Ultra legend Aylar önce
Keep up the good work James Gabe and Nathan
Edward Larsen
Edward Larsen Aylar önce
gabe: try this. nathan: ok!
ren torn destruction
Are people seriously ignoring the fact that Nathan's nose look like it was stiched?
Lori Mach
Lori Mach 13 gün önce
That's basically a cyber truck but a house.
Frosted Aylar önce
This man Literally built my childhood the nostalgia is real😢
Jonathan Aylar önce
Poor James & Gabe having to putting up with Nathan
Jose nakano
Jose nakano Aylar önce
I love watching your videos