I Built Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! 

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3 Haz 2022




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@MrBeast Yıl önce
Try our new Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt bars, you could win a tesla and be in a video! - feastables.com/
@volshebnik8976 Yıl önce
@bedo2524 Yıl önce
Thanks Jimmy for these Insanely amazing videos
@evansmine8 Yıl önce
bet dawg
@volshebnik8976 Yıl önce
@Jakerton Yıl önce
I genuinely can’t even wrap my head around how amazing this is. Jimmy you’re amazing, thanks for everything you do.
Hi jake love your vid's
@Elixic1 Yıl önce
@TheMelonMonarch Yıl önce
Hey jakerton!
@gigachad3826 Yıl önce
Bro u amazing 👏
@solicoli Yıl önce
@SmartDoctor1 Aylar önce
Jimmy's videos have transformed into high-octane action-packed blockbusters by now 😂
@PabloDaniel-nq9cu Aylar önce
@user-sl3mv6gu2g Aylar önce
well donу
@PENGUNPLAYS 13 gün önce
@qar1maru 9 gün önce
@HarmonyofNature25 5 aylar önce
The amount of effort Jimmy puts in his videos are crazy much respect
@MiFtY3 5 aylar önce
Bro was also doing a no eating challenge while filming this
@Pixibe 4 aylar önce
@Always_Meh 4 aylar önce
@Always_Meh 4 aylar önce
@MahBloxxYT Aylar önce
Yes ❤❤
@user-cu3ok8ij5b Aylar önce
This is incredible. This shows you what you can do with a lot of money and a wholesome soul. You can have fun and change people’s lives.
@Maayan_uni 4 aylar önce
The fact he was filming this while he was doing a fast challenge and hasn’t ate for 12 days, this man is legend.
@NarynbekGilman 4 aylar önce
Maybe "eaten"?
@BillyMunford4 3 aylar önce
@SeraphOC 3 aylar önce
@@BillyMunford4 It's just grammer. "Hasn't ate" is technically correct (the best kind of correct), though most people would say "Hasn't eaten"
@Pozitifx 3 aylar önce
@NarynbekGilman 3 aylar önce
@@SeraphOC How is that technically correct?
Jimmy you’re amazing, thanks for everything you do.
@IsaiahGarza Yıl önce
This is straight up ridiculously awesome. Jimmy is a inspiration and goes above & beyond with his craft!!!!!
@Alex-ox8pl Yıl önce
@j-3210 Yıl önce
@G666. Yıl önce
ТоммуIппit Shоrts 🅥 cap
@G666. Yıl önce
@idk-ew9tl 6 aylar önce
Я даже не представляю сколько денег и сил ушло на эту шоколадную фабрику выглядит невероятно Как всегда всё на высоте
@user-zn8od7im6g 6 aylar önce
Да наконец-то Я нашла какого-то русского человека
@Yu_uma 6 aylar önce
хочу поучаствовать в его видео 😁
@Myavhehe 6 aylar önce
​@@user-zn8od7im6g нас много, на самом деле😊
@user-dm8yv3hq2z 6 aylar önce
@austin5019 7 gün önce
Jimmy's videos never disappoint and are always entertaining!!!
@user-nn9ws8ff9q Aylar önce
We are running out of words to tell you guys how awesome you are. Mr. Beast is just out of this world.
This is absolutely INSANE. This man is a legend.
@AnonBirb Yıl önce
@capcakeyt5399 Yıl önce
@swordeyeman2884 Yıl önce
Kavetion go kid
@icyx2197 Yıl önce
@The_void4004 5 aylar önce
You somehow managed to get the world’s best chef, and you were complemented by him, *astonishing*
@user-gz2kl3tg9u 4 aylar önce
@snorkz455 4 aylar önce
This dude was destined to win the challenge.
@evajohns73 Aylar önce
Who the blonde guy
@patrickkabuga4945 Aylar önce
No, the brunette
@Vanek_465 Aylar önce
Well done Jimi, the chocolate turned out very tasty
@mitch-lawless 6 aylar önce
Gordon Ramsay judging the food had me in stiches.
@rosanamondaca2294 5 aylar önce
esta my buenas tus videos mr beast
@diegocarvalho3480 Saatler önce
Eu acho o conteúdo do Mr. Beast, surreal demais! Esse canal é incrível.. Brasil te ama cara!
The world is a better place with MrBeast in it. That was amazing!!!
@39deo8 Yıl önce
d riding tio the max
the world is a worse place with your comments
@mick3199 3 aylar önce
I'd love to see more of the behind-the-scenes elements that go into these videos.
@stephaniemun-zn3ic 2 aylar önce
The fact that Dallas is also a youtuber and has his own channel and that he even won is absolutely amazing
@metalverse5739 2 gün önce
It’s actually Dallin and his channel is awesome
@elenioliveira8027 Aylar önce
Parabéns menino Mr beast pela sua simplicidade,humildade , inteligência.... Sou brasileira e vivo em Portugal,meu filho é seu admirador e passei a te seguir tbm!!! Que Deus continue te abençoando
@user-mu6ph5sf3v Aylar önce
Мистор бист сможешь приехать в Ингушетию пожалуйста пожалуйста пожалуйста пожалуйста
@user-wq8xo6ls4t 2 aylar önce
Siempre que anuncia los chocolates quisiera probar uno . That dude deserved the win. He literally crushed every event..
@ilhampaujan-kp7ey 6 gün önce
@rugalxit007 29 gün önce
imagina participar desses vídeos. seria incrível ❤
@nannanguo186 10 gün önce
😂 16:10
@iamdevilking Yıl önce
That man, right there is gonna make history for sure.
@jdbshxj5141 Yıl önce
@Liam-uq7rb Yıl önce
@rmg63 Yıl önce
@rogerpaz8895 Yıl önce
Ohh hi
@Zaiku0 2 aylar önce
Meu sonho é que o Mr Beast venha pro brasil, na moral você é incrivel :)
@tlank7933 2 aylar önce
o problema memo é a linguagem, ele não fala portugues infelizmente
@canbeen_Official 5 aylar önce
I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!❤
@robertanchor 5 aylar önce
Gordon Ramsay makes things 10x more nerve racking 😂.
@LguoCklf 2 gün önce
Поразительно как этот человек достиг этого....невероятный труд...колоссальная выдержка....
@mrastronomer1 3 aylar önce
It is an incredible labor of love! Recreating Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory with such precision and whimsy is a testament to your passion and skill. A sweet escape into childhood fantasies. You've brought a beloved tale to life in the most deliciously imaginative way. Truly awe-inspiring craftsmanship! 🍭🏭🌈
@user-me1hz7yp9h Aylar önce
Imagine being with Gordon Ramsay and you made him happy and he had $500,000 with you 😂
@MrSpherical Yıl önce
Makes you think what really happened after Charlie won the factory. IRL it would be kinda messy.
@marscryeditz Yıl önce
He just got 500k
@ns7733 Yıl önce
Hi Mrspherical
@thelazybot231 Yıl önce
lol mr beast is going to reuse the chocolate factory to make more of his Mrbeast chocolates
@widmarkramirez9992 2 aylar önce
"¡Hola! Me encantan tus videos, pero después de ver la fábrica de chocolate de Willy Wonka, no puedo dejar de pensar en tus barras de chocolate feastable, y que sabor debe de tener. Me preguntaba si hay alguna posibilidad de que lleguen a VENEZUELA para poder probarlos."
@bcchiriac4512 2 aylar önce
When Gordan Ramsey enters the show, you know is going to be a good one! Props to him and Mr.Beast is awesome!!!
Imagine being one of the contestants and Gordon is putting on pressure, "THINK ABOUT THAT FACTORY, YOU ARE COOKING IT"
@flqpscl Aylar önce
초콜릿 공장을 진짜 차렸네 ㅋㅋ 가끔 미스터 비스트가 내 버킷리스트랑 비슷한거 전부 대신하는듯 해서 넘좋음 ㅎ
@skymarubell Aylar önce
Keep up the fantastic work and always keep me updated on your latest videos that are the best and will always be the best in the world.
@clemensw.1671 Yıl önce
You're still logged in with your work account bro
@yukluvskaz Yıl önce
Ur here-
@Bigboijc793 Yıl önce
I can’t tell if he accidentally used his work account or just was told to
@iaz00 Yıl önce
@OmniGoDs 5 aylar önce
This is first time seeing Gordon being well mannered 🤣
@Always_Meh 4 aylar önce
@elevate4368 Aylar önce
He knows the guy’s aren’t trained for this 😂 Hence their blunders were pardoned
@RandomFacts909 4 aylar önce
Thanks Mr Beast and team for everything you are doing to better the world!
@808drumz9 4 gün önce
More collabs with Gordon! That was really entertaining
@tmol Yıl önce
This guy sets the bar too high lmao
Read my name
@ariac4080 Yıl önce
hi tmol
@grunt8836 Yıl önce
Mrbeast doesnt set a bar, the bar sets mrbeast.
I love your vids as well :)
@groguyeet4894 Yıl önce
The chocolate bar
@user-vf7dx2zk1z 6 aylar önce
Os cara atuam dms kk por isso esse sucesso todo!
@seke_ytb4446 2 aylar önce
Merci à la chaîne mr beast pour tout ce que vous faites 🤩 c’est très bien
@kristofferohrn Aylar önce
You are so great at this. Better than commercial TV!! Thank you
@jamesgrillage8086 2 aylar önce
letting gordon do his thing was the best decision ever
@NikolNeNikola955 19 gün önce
Очень интересными были испытания, а также самое интересное последние, да и сама фабрика сделана очень хорошо.
@JordanWelch Yıl önce
the gordon segment was so funny
@Yellowify63 Yıl önce
Jordan Ramsay 🐩
@SeanFerree Yıl önce
Love it 😂😂😂
@JDnexus Yıl önce
True though
@sub4cookie- Yıl önce
read my name
@saadsylas9824 Yıl önce
Time frame?
@SirNeewa 4 aylar önce
you can HEAR how out of breath jimmy is because he’s doing his no eating challenge, this man works HARD
@BigFamilyOfPets 4 aylar önce
Jimmy is always LEVELING UP! This is insane.
@ujjawal02soni Aylar önce
Love EVERYTHING you do ❤
@nicolascarrasco6250 3 aylar önce
el q ganó se lo mereció desde el inicio, fue el que primero escaló la pared, el que más rápido comió el chocolate, el que metió la menta en la coca gigante y el que mejor cocinó, totalemente merecido
Even this looks better than the upcoming Wonka prequel movie tbh.
@IanBoggs Yıl önce
mans this is insane, incredible
@gamerdrache6076 Yıl önce
Wait Youre here , i love youre shorts
@iyaubutcool Yıl önce
sup ian
@vulnerable__ Yıl önce
I love your shorts dude
@ash-gs3qj Yıl önce
Idk who tf this ian guy is but...someone tell me who he is
@lumityland Yıl önce
@nelida2929 4 aylar önce
Este hombre es increíble ! Lo mejor fue que la cascada nunca se abrió 🤣
@MyTopLifeYT 2 aylar önce
Mr Beast videos just keeps getting more epic!!
@karlywilliams1415 Aylar önce
This is absolutely amazing! Literally this is crazy!
Joder tio, tus videos son obras de arte literalmente
@OrangiWalaVlogs 12 gün önce
Where does this guy get such brilliant ideas?
@DrBeauHightower Yıl önce
Why did Willy Wonka close his chocolate factory? He was short staffed
@cwilfrid5121 Yıl önce
@vrakshith009 Yıl önce
Please do chiropractic adjustment to Mr. Beast
@vrakshith009 Yıl önce
I love your content ❤️
@kunal8759 Yıl önce
Kavetion Still searching who asked
@jeidnfj Yıl önce
This comment gonna blow up
@JolanaScheepers 5 aylar önce
Two of my favorite people together. Love it😀
@rolliewoodward3410 2 aylar önce
Jimmy keep slaying you’re so kind to the public 🫶🏻
@rogerschannel8663 3 aylar önce
Jimmy never disappoints
@elizabethvidal264 16 gün önce
Fabuloso me divertí solo de verlos jajaja 🤣🤣 me encanta el chocolate es delicioso 😋 gracias
@quirkoexplain Yıl önce
Huge props to the background designers, who actually set up this factory. It incredible that they are capable of doing this, with their creativity.
@Alex_3o3 Yıl önce
agree lmao
@ShockstarYash 4 aylar önce
impressing gordon is one of the hardest tasks ever 😂
@Anonymous-mx9dh 5 aylar önce
This Gordon Ramsay guy on here actually with the legend himself. He really is going places
Yo quiero ganarme un chocolatito aunque sea amigo, jajaja... saludos y muy buenos sus videos.
@omoasis0 5 aylar önce
Mr. Beast is the biggest legend to ever exist on this platform.
Quiero probar todas! Quiero que sean mejores que godiva 😊❤❤❤
@ThatWasEpic11 Yıl önce
Absolutely insane Jimmy!
@j-3210 Yıl önce
@shopify7131 Yıl önce
@Muscleman8562 Yıl önce
I just ate a candle in a vid 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥
@Agus-tf4to Yıl önce
Love ya Juan! 🥳🥳🥳 Greetings from Chicago 🫡
@rmg63 Yıl önce
@mashtarali1934 5 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure we all singled out the guy who won right from the get-go, it was inevitable to lose from him
@emileehaskins3954 6 aylar önce
Why are you chocolates so small and pricey? They look really good though🤤
@TiestoCalvinHarris 6 aylar önce
Better than Hershey, and several people proved it
J’ai beaucoup apprécié l’animation de Gordon tu devrais l’invite plus souvent
@LuisPerez-os9uw 5 aylar önce
Y cuando llegan los chocolates a Puerto Rico me encantaría probarlos
@FLAYZERA 12 gün önce
esse cara e sensacional tem que viver 400 anos
He genuinely isn't kidding when he goes on podcast's and talks about having a ton of idea's for viral videos. Hats off to Jimmy for this one, and here's to many more
@Muscleman8562 Yıl önce
I just ate a candle in a vid 💪👊💥🔥🔥
@MyovMemes Yıl önce
A.I chat
@Swinester Aylar önce
This is great! Thank you for your amazing videos, it gives my channel hope to become as cool over time! We love you
@user-nw4co8iu3n 5 aylar önce
原作よりもめちゃくちゃ平和で好き (原作はメッセージ性や結末が好き)
@autismisawesome4987 4 aylar önce
That chocolate factory looks amazing
@user-yi6yg5sb2g Aylar önce
Imagine losing a whole chocolate factory from sitting on a toilet made of cake 😂😂
@chrystiangabriel1505 4 aylar önce
Sou brasileiro assistido já faz muito tempo amo o canal do Mr besta valeu jimmy
@vincias538 25 gün önce
Soy ese porcentaje mínimo que pensó meterse al río de chocolate jajaja 😂
@Someertyu Yıl önce
This dude got a 7/10 by Gordan Ramsay, arguably more of an accomplishment than the chocolate factory itself.
@lervisgym7494 Yıl önce
@@astrostudioyt3891 I agree lol
@Isa-005 Yıl önce
For real tho
Agreed. Also the only one who actually baked a cake. Lol
@artbywasif- Yıl önce
Yes but he’s also Gordon ramsays nephew so he’s probably a decent cook
@elmaskaras 6 aylar önce
This man literally did this while being food free for 20 days or so lmfao
@user-pd9jr3qx5x 6 aylar önce
@samannarang0001 Aylar önce
He did ate the feastable at the end
@ozayoshi2003 6 aylar önce
アメリカンドリームってすげえなぁ これくらいでっかい遊びをやってくれる企業が日本にもあればいいのに
@kamelab4670 6 aylar önce
You're completely right
@ooottt3813 6 aylar önce
@ozayoshi2003 6 aylar önce
@@ooottt3813 私も嬉しい🥰
Incroyable la créativité de Jimmy
@user-cc8nc5iu1s 5 aylar önce
Jimmy hadn't had any food for 10 days when he made this vid. Props to him. 😂
@melismar7968 9 gün önce
Hola Beast una pregunta tus chocolates pueden llegar a México aqui en Poza Rica Veracruz
Huge props to the background designers who set up this factory, it incredible that the capable of doing this
@11TOLU Yıl önce
@Muscleman8562 Yıl önce
I just ate a candle in a vid 💪🔥🔥🔥
@SadmanSamin Yıl önce
Read my name...
@minetopz Yıl önce
Am here before this blow up
@IronBeagle2003 3 aylar önce
Honestly being roasted by Gordon Ramsay is an honed within it’s self
@DaFuqBoom3r 2 aylar önce
mr beast never fails to make good content🙌🙌🙌
@Liv_gaming123 22 gün önce
Your amazing, I’ve been watching you since you had under 10 mil (or less) it’s amazing to see have far you’ve come
@bessiequin8107 3 aylar önce
Siempre que anuncia los chocolates quisiera probar uno 😢
@user-eo2dy5qn3d Aylar önce
Soy rasitan con los blancos pero este blanco se sacó un 10 de mil muy bueno y me gustó la fábrica si vieras echo una para los niños por un día y invitar a un niño con capacidad especias esto estaría en otro nivel salud tía María y a todos los que siguen a este blanco yo también lo sigo un beso y atangara carlitos
@Cantrona Yıl önce
I love how they just let Gordon do his thing. Best case for bringing in a guest feature haha
@Muscleman8562 Yıl önce
I just ate a candle in a vid 💪
@j-3210 Yıl önce
@UtopssAKAPJ Yıl önce
Gordon was straight in the zone
@wintersbabyy 2 aylar önce
This is the first time that the person who deserved to win actually won.
@ledgerodrik 6 aylar önce
Мужик как ты это все придумываешь?Респект
@sabivnoy_am_nyam 6 aylar önce
@hmsgameship6443 Aylar önce
Bro turned a fun competition into hardcore masterchef. 😂
@user-tq3rq1ld8k 2 aylar önce
I'm officially declaring this my happy place on the internet!
@marianmcrey3332 Aylar önce
Que maravilla ver tanto dinero 😵😵😵 me encantó 😍
I honestly think the fact he made Gordon Ramsay a cake from scratch that he didn’t say a single bad thing about is worth way more than $500k.
@davidparker5325 Yıl önce
personally id rather the 500k.
@Sp3ctor_ Yıl önce
i mean, MrBeast aint made out of money.
@frosty856 Yıl önce
@frosty856 Yıl önce