I Built an Unstoppable Tourist Hell That Broke All Pilots in Tropico 6 - AD 

Let's Game It Out
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This video is sponsored by Kalypso.
Get Tropico 6 on PC and consoles here:
PS4 - bit.ly/TropicoPS4_LGIO
Xbox - bit.ly/TropicoXbox_LGIO
PC - bit.ly/TropicoPC_LGIO
My favorite things about Tropico 6? The parts where the pilots and boat captains are the boldest people on the planet and the tourists are the most committed people to ever exist, EVER.
Thanks again to Kalypso for the support, and I'm honored to be able to support them in return.
I Built an Unstoppable Tourist Hell That Broke All Pilots in Tropico 6 - Let's Game It Out
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3 Haz 2023




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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 3 yıl önce
Big thanks to Kalypso for sponsoring this video, and for Tropico 6 having no upper limit (that I could find) to the number of objects you can force on screen at once. Links to check out the game: PS4 - bit.ly/TropicoPS4_LGIO Xbox - bit.ly/TropicoXbox_LGIO PC - bit.ly/TropicoPC_LGIO
Ckinsman 3 yıl önce
if you're having fun, you aren't playing the game wrong. -me 2009
Jacob Hinger
Jacob Hinger 3 yıl önce
If you couldn't find it it doesn't exist
Renni 3 yıl önce
Woah i dont think youve had a sponsered video yet. Congratz dude
Johnny Wednesday
Johnny Wednesday 3 yıl önce
My favorite game! and yuss, the engine is absolutely solid! I highly recommend Jurassic World Evolution too if you like these kinds of games.
Deeweiss7 3 yıl önce
Hey nice gameplay Josh, u need to game it out the game named mudrunner spintires. So much fun on the mud with trucks. Cya on the next video!
Sayano Astoria
Sayano Astoria 3 yıl önce
When you set the beach Villa in a reasonable place, I was surprised. Then you mentioned the nuclear power plant and I let out a sigh of relief
Animate It
Animate It 2 yıl önce
William Clarke when you set the beach villa in a reasonable placr, iwas surprised. Theb you mentiomed the nocelar power plant and i let out a sigj fo reliead
Nick 2 yıl önce
@Animate It when you set the beach in a reasonable placr, iwas surprised. Theb you mentiomed the nocelar power plant and i let out a sigj fo reliead.
NateXetaN 2 yıl önce
@Nick wen yu st the beah in a reasoable plac, iwas surpised. Thb you mentomed th nocela power lant d i let out sigj fo rliea
Jcdied 2 yıl önce
Win’ u set bech in resanbl pric iwas suprisd ten u mentiod th noclr werplan ad i le tasig of reli
John A.
John A. Yıl önce
"How many embassies have a circus behind it?"... Well to be fair the circus is usually inside the embassy.
lee damien
lee damien Yıl önce
Ohhh roast!
El Duque Caradura
Loved it
Dwarf baby
Dwarf baby Yıl önce
Lucas Gleason
Lucas Gleason 9 aylar önce
What Jake
What Jake 8 aylar önce
DeathsHood 3 yıl önce
I literally have a brother named Alejandro Sanchez, and I almost spat out my drink when you sent him to the dungeon, lol.
just.an.ravenclaw 3 yıl önce
ah i see your related to rick sanchez
Sincere Critic
Sincere Critic 3 yıl önce
I can’t believe we might have another Grace
A Passionate Nerd.
A Passionate Nerd. 2 yıl önce
Your brother has the most generic name I've ever heard lol
just.an.ravenclaw 2 yıl önce
so you are a family memer of RICK SANCHEZ
P S 2 yıl önce
@Sincere Critic disaster has come
James Sylvestre
James Sylvestre Yıl önce
Tropico perfectly compliments Josh’s play style. You can’t badly play this game. It’s what the game wants
Mike Morrow
Mike Morrow 3 yıl önce
"Set phasers to friendship" - Josh 2019
OutcastN3cr0 3 yıl önce
"shiver me timbers" - Josh 2019
Nathan Hewitt
Nathan Hewitt 3 yıl önce
@OutcastN3cr0 "Oh god why does it allow me to do this?" - Josh 2019, 2018, 2017...
Nathan Hewitt
Nathan Hewitt 3 yıl önce
10:58 Me when I see a child fortnite dancing in public
Beregorn88 3 yıl önce
Will it clear? Let's go with "kinda"
WarlordSquerk 3 yıl önce
Friendship Phaser is Best Phaser.
Hercules Balls
Hercules Balls 2 yıl önce
According to legend, the daughter of the permanent political prisoner was named... GRACE.
Ram23 Ong
Ram23 Ong 2 yıl önce
That Grace woman sounds so familiar that it made me want to own a hospital
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson Yıl önce
that's who is screaming in the asylum at the end
Sue Thompson
Sue Thompson Yıl önce
Johnathan Egbert
Johnathan Egbert 7 aylar önce
How about _Mars?_
stylo 3 yıl önce
Volcano didn’t erupt. Waiting for part 2.
Kona 3 yıl önce
Was waiting for that.... I guess I'll skip part 1 then
PTa 3 yıl önce
@Kona aww but then you'll miss all the good bits in this video
Erin 3 yıl önce
Ryan Hogan
Ryan Hogan 3 yıl önce
me to
Jon 3 yıl önce
@Kona The way he broke the game was way funnier than the volcano going off!
Tom Spiegel
Tom Spiegel 2 yıl önce
"I think these people are more committed to their vacation than I've been committed to anything in my life," says the guy who would one day attempt to open an in-game combination lock by punching in over 4,000 combinations.
Marianne Contrino
Oh no, I don't remember seeing that one!?!? And your comment makes it pretty clear that that's a problem that needs to be rectified, asap. Do you remember which video that was?!?! If not, no worries, guess I'll just have to do what any sane person in my situation would......start from the beginning, and watch them all over again. Adult responsibilities be damned!!!!!!
Tom Spiegel
Tom Spiegel Yıl önce
@Marianne Contrino It was one of the videos in which he built a raft. That should narrow it down! Now back to work!
BiFur Yıl önce
@Tom Spiegel that narrows it down surprisingly little lol
SmcvAnic Yıl önce
@BiFur its the second raft video where he makes Zipline Tropolis
PrinceMBat Yıl önce
part of me wants to believe he didnt actually do that, but seeing everything else hes done, i would not be surprised (i have seen the video youre referring to, for clarification)
Thirsty Sailor
Thirsty Sailor 3 yıl önce
16:54 As a pilot myself I can confirm that this is indeed a safe and practical maneuver.
Ded Leck
Ded Leck 3 yıl önce
I like how i can confirm youre probably a pilot just by your name lol
SalhB737tm 2 yıl önce
Last time my uncle tried this maneuver America lost two towers
E 2 yıl önce
@SalhB737tm Rip. He was a good guy. Almost 20 years now.
Dhruv Narayan Raina
Dhruv Narayan Raina 2 yıl önce
@SalhB737tm the.....WHAT?
Aiden Linch
Aiden Linch 2 yıl önce
@Ded Leck I can confirm that he is in fact a pilot.
asha 3 yıl önce
Me: *actually plays the game, but loses* Josh: *screws everything up, but gets to the highest point in the game* Me: 😶
the illegal uwu
the illegal uwu 3 yıl önce
he just has that power.
asha 3 yıl önce
GermanSoup12 Ik it’s crazy lol
Ser Templeton
Ser Templeton 3 yıl önce
He is playing sandbox mode with infinite money
Bayu Kresna
Bayu Kresna 3 yıl önce
@Ser Templeton exactly what I'm seeing
Vysair 3 yıl önce
RTGame be like:
MrTrainee 2 yıl önce
holy crap he killed me at 13:14 with the nuclear power plant XDDDDDDDDD and for the last minutes i basically couldn't breath anymore from all the laughing. i wish i could give the video more than one like XDDD
V1 3 yıl önce
*The president has lived for over 100 years and he still looks young*
MhB 3 yıl önce
That's the blessed magic of communism
joe nuts
joe nuts 3 yıl önce
he is Fidel Castro
Shiroi Kage 13
Shiroi Kage 13 3 yıl önce
that pacifier must've been filled with water from the fountain of youth
Cacti Macti
Cacti Macti 3 yıl önce
@Shiroi Kage 13 he *is* the fountain if youth
szlacha4 3 yıl önce
This is bcs of all the ganja he smoked
Origami Nosferatu
Origami Nosferatu 2 yıl önce
This game's loose grip on history is only mitigated by how accurately Josh imitates the management style of a dictator. 10/10 would sub again.
Jules es
Jules es 3 yıl önce
You can legitimately make any game enjoyable to watch. I’m glad I stumbled upon this beautiful channel.
Inservio 11 aylar önce
Ooooooh that would be a cool video. Josh Tries To Make Lowest Rated Games Watchable. Awesome idea dude!
Basta Christian
Basta Christian Yıl önce
I like how the Hotel at 14:10 overlooks not just the ocean but also the aircraft carrier which is active 24/7.
ohmygoshcheese 3 yıl önce
"Pop Secret" made me irrationally angry, so naturally I loved the video 10/10
Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 3 yıl önce
This is one of those things I said, immediately cringed, and was like ... okay, you stay in the video.
ohmygoshcheese 3 yıl önce
@Let's Game It Out I could tell in the way you laughed after you said it that whatever's left of your soul died a little
Aditya Sriram
Aditya Sriram 3 yıl önce
@Let's Game It Out i had to pause the video to laugh a whole 10 seconds later 🤣🤣🤣
Mr Choo Choo Guy
Mr Choo Choo Guy 2 yıl önce
Omg it happened as I read this
Inservio 11 aylar önce
@Let's Game It Out Well I thought it was funny.
Springy Slinky
Springy Slinky 2 yıl önce
lol i love how irritated he sounds when he says "fine, you can have your corn!" 3:44
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 3 yıl önce
People like to rag on the TRvid algorithm, but when I see great channels like this in the spotlight where they belong, I know it's doing something right
SirFrostByte 3 yıl önce
I've found just a few channels like this, and it was worth finding em
Necmettin Armutcu
Necmettin Armutcu 3 yıl önce
@SirFrostByte can you give me some recommendations?
SirFrostByte 3 yıl önce
@Necmettin Armutcu Sure, what games are you interested in/types? Also, do you know subnautica?
Necmettin Armutcu
Necmettin Armutcu 3 yıl önce
@SirFrostByte ah yes I watched a whole walkthrough of subnautica from jacksepticeye. I want to see some fun simulator games like the ones josh trolls
SirFrostByte 3 yıl önce
@Necmettin Armutcu Ok awesome! Simulator games get a little tricky as I actually dont see much from funny creators do these types.. I cant unfortunately give you much but if you like minecraft and random games with alot of friends I can only recommend jshlatt and his friends (CallMeCarson, slimsiicle etc) I'll reach out if I find anyone else that I might of forgotten similar to Josh 😁
Casper 3 yıl önce
Ive heard Hell is looking for an interior desginer I think you would be perfect for that job josh
Shreyan Sharma
Shreyan Sharma 2 yıl önce
When did the Oval office start hiring?
The Caboose Variety Channel
The Red Press bruh
Messyalien 51
Messyalien 51 2 yıl önce
You know why Hell needs an interior designer? Because Doom Guy found his way right back into it...
Neri Shérimane Bdn
Neri Shérimane Bdn 2 yıl önce
Oh Lord no ! Satan would be less cruel !
Jake Degroot
Jake Degroot 2 yıl önce
yes he would
Mantis Man
Mantis Man 6 aylar önce
ironically, this is excatly how they plan most tourist cities
thomas brown
thomas brown 5 aylar önce
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 4 aylar önce
Straightorade 4 aylar önce
Nina 3 yıl önce
"Let's go with the Allied because we have some sort of future information that they win" XD
Fernando Abiti
Fernando Abiti 2 yıl önce
in the game the naziz have better contracts but the allies you get the trade routes in the Cold War
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 2 yıl önce
"Set phasers to friendship" - Josh 2019
IGoByLotsOfPronouns 2 yıl önce
I am really mad cuz he didn't choose who is gonna lose
Explosive Mode Sonic Maurice the Hedgehog
"Yes,Interests Secured!"
Jocoder2 2 yıl önce
unless we help the nazis
Madison C
Madison C 2 yıl önce
“Oh colonial era, you were so quaint. All the dudes bearded and walking around with their shirts off. Are we sure this isn’t modern times?”
Hemayhave Agun
Hemayhave Agun Yıl önce
Chad mcchaddington
El Duque Caradura
@Hemayhave Agun Chadad Al-Based
MashyPotat 3 yıl önce
Grace: Y'know living right beside the circus isn't too bad, at least I can eat the peanuts that are left behind
Guro-Blue -kun
Guro-Blue -kun 3 aylar önce
Can never get enough of you, Josh! You put a lot of work & time in every video, which is probably part of why you upload so little. So, watching older videos again always fill my heart with joy, while waiting for new content! Don't think you'll see this comment, but keep up the good work, and thank you so much for all you've done! 🤗💙
Simon Isenberg
Simon Isenberg 3 yıl önce
I'm quite impressed how well the game handles the overabundance of ships and planes.
Belal Abu Sultan
Belal Abu Sultan Yıl önce
if the game can survive the Josh test, it is not going to crash on you.
Robby Genschel
Robby Genschel 3 yıl önce
"And it's gonna take you to not 1 souvenir shop, but 26 of them." I laughed so hard god dang it xD
Reese train44
Reese train44 2 yıl önce
knew i'd find this
Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye Yıl önce
I feel like Josh and GrayStillPlays are the embodiment of chaos: devising new and hilarious ways to nonchalantly make the absolute worst of virtual people’s lives.
Emile van der Merwe
Emile van der Merwe 3 yıl önce
wow, he's playing a real game with an existing development budget
Rayven Hitt
Rayven Hitt 3 yıl önce
If Dunkey's videos on Assassin's Creed have taught me anything, AA and AAA games are also buggy and exploitable. No game stands a chance against Josh. xD
Marcus Meira
Marcus Meira 3 yıl önce
He also had a lot of fun with Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster and Satisfactory. If you go with the right mindset, any game can be made hilarious.
ZoeyBleu 2 yıl önce
Builds a theme park right next to the pirate cove. It's just like the Pirates of the Caribbean except with real pirates this time.
YeppyNope 3 yıl önce
New videogames: **gives Josh a key** Josh: **Immediately thinks of ways to break the game**
Screaming Horse
Screaming Horse 3 yıl önce
sponsoring is different from giving keys. he gonna be less harsh or less critical or they tell him what to say
AfterMidnight 3 yıl önce
@Screaming Horse Yea but I think they know he'll break the game. It's actually a really good way to see what stuff they need to fix.
YeppyNope 3 yıl önce
@Screaming Horse Oh, sorry for that. 😅
killam 3 yıl önce
@AfterMidnight that's true
Ondra Chwalek
Ondra Chwalek 3 yıl önce
well, he is the best game tester out here :D
Rigatona Cercigani
Rigatona Cercigani 3 yıl önce
Haven't laughed so much in a while. The bus part broke me for some reason
MorteX 3 yıl önce
TRvidrs: do literal gameplays of actually playing this game Josh: No i don't think i will
Slayer •
Slayer • 2 yıl önce
I feel like josh is unable to do these videos without being high, because this is just suffering
Hannah Isabela Briones
"Can we just be allies and not contribute??" My groupmates in a project be like...xD
NeVaeh 2 yıl önce
So relatable, I would do all the PowerPoint for them and they would be absent 😭😭 😂😂 I hate them sometimes
Cap 2 yıl önce
Because some leader's doesn't explain what to do
Cap 2 yıl önce
I myself as a leader i just do the stuff and doesn't tell them what they should do because it's obviously easy help me doing powerpoints good presentation designs
Samuel Haggren
Samuel Haggren 2 yıl önce
Josh is the funniest QA tester of all time.
Kathy2378 3 yıl önce
Ah, yes, March 1937, after the world wars, in the middle of the cold war. Don't you just love history, guys?
野龍 3 yıl önce
I think technically, during WWII the cold war has already begun, just that most people are focused on the "hot war"? Like, every country just silently build up forces for the long run, rather than only to supply the ongoing war.
Kurt MacPhail
Kurt MacPhail 3 yıl önce
@野龍 But 1937 tho...
Dov 3 yıl önce
野龍 The cold war wasn’t a “traditional” war it was just a struggle of different ideas between the two countries. Countries did build up their armies but building a stockpile for the next war would be pointless as losing the one in front of you would mean there isn’t going to be a “next one”. Hence equipment deficits.
Fiend 3 yıl önce
@Dov the ' war ' started in 1947-48 after they dealt with the common ennemy so no ,you cant explain this .
Dov 3 yıl önce
@Fiend I can't explain what, exactly? I know the war started in 1947, and yes after the allies defeated the Germans they turned on each other. The Soviets determined to spread communism as well as the Americans and Brits trying to stop the spread. So no, the war didn't start in WWII. The Cold War may have been influenced by the allies winning, but it was ultimately not started in WWII.
Mark T.
Mark T. 3 yıl önce
I love how chaotic his creativity is. Hahaha
Adam Boh
Adam Boh 3 yıl önce
I don’t know why but despite you completely breaking the game, you’ve made me really want to play it more than any other TRvidd who played it properly. Good job.
Tulipia5 Yıl önce
they say that if you give power to someone, they will show their true nature... We should never gave Josh that much power
Funworks 163
Funworks 163 3 yıl önce
You make these games sound more fun than the company can ever do.
Henrik Høyrup
Henrik Høyrup Yıl önce
Only 50 seconds in and I'm already holding my stomach in laughter - I thought you would choose the straight pipe, but the pacifier is fkn HILARIOUS!!
Cyborg Spaceman
Cyborg Spaceman 3 yıl önce
"Can't we just be part of the Allies and not contribute anything?" If the real world's history of the World Wars were any indication, yes. Yes you can.
Erick Barbos
Erick Barbos Yıl önce
Do you perhaps mean, Italy?
Danny Yıl önce
@Erick Barbos Italy was part of the axis, not the allies
Erick Barbos
Erick Barbos Yıl önce
@Danny Changed sides mid war
Danny Yıl önce
@Erick Barbos I know, but its best known for not helping a lot when they where with the axis
Hisham Jalal
Hisham Jalal Yıl önce
Data is an android btw. Not a cyborg.
Vince R
Vince R 3 yıl önce
One of the few channels that consistently makes me laugh out loud. Great work Josh!
William Kramer
William Kramer 3 yıl önce
Honestly there are just some things you can barely find in TRvid, and I found it here. Josh has the dedication and more time than anyone while making these video's I mean seriously how much time do you think it took him to make this. There was one game where he took the time and spent 2000+ in-game days, just for comedic effects. I love that and reading though the comments I can't really find anyone who doesn't. Like seriously. Thank you josh and if josh isn't the editor thank you editor and any other people on the team of Lets game it out. I love this channel, well no, We love this channel and keep up the good work.
Tim vdv
Tim vdv Yıl önce
Never heard of this game, i bought it and now been playing non stop. Keep up the great content!
Shut Down Heart
Shut Down Heart 3 yıl önce
I feel like they just use you to find bugs to patch lol
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Free QA testing
Robin 2 yıl önce
"I need that volcano" *1000 npcs collectively hiding under the Rug*
Para0234 3 yıl önce
"Not one tourist shop But 26 of them" For fck's sake, I was drinking!
KaiserTom 3 yıl önce
I expected 2, or 3. But no, he placed 26 of them The absolute madlad.
leena malewar
leena malewar 3 yıl önce
I was drinking too and choked and threw a lot out of my mouth.
Sparky 3 yıl önce
the part after got me, "kick back and relax at your beautiful resort by the beach. Right next to the power plant"
57thorns 3 yıl önce
But that is literally every single tourist island in the world.
57thorns 3 yıl önce
@Sparky At least it was not a coal plant (until it caught fire).
Vladimir Hammer
Vladimir Hammer 3 yıl önce
God, this is the best let's play channel ever. There is so much mindbraking things happaning only a genious can afford that coming from his mind. Bravo!
StarWarsDude222 2 yıl önce
"Ah, myn very own ruins." Really felt like he was talking about his future city
Rival Of Ares
Rival Of Ares Yıl önce
I like how at the starts where he tells us who’s sponsoring him he’s just so chill,then he just does a personality swap into the possible maniac with a dark sense of humor
Condruz George
Condruz George 3 yıl önce
I swear to god i have no idea how you always manage to break the game in every video,but please never stop cause i love it
Anonymous Yıl önce
When I heard “I don’t feel safe, but it’s okay though” I laughed so hard and played it over and over
Ďęvīł ツ
Ďęvīł ツ 3 yıl önce
Josh always turn a "game gameplay" into a "actual game gameplay"
Oscar Rages
Oscar Rages 2 yıl önce
Dude every since I discovered this guys videos i cant stop watching. His narration on these videos make them 2000x better and funnier! Keep it up man, love your humor!
Tim Windhorn
Tim Windhorn Yıl önce
When it comes to gaming, this is one of the best channels of all time! Keep on going, Josh! You make may day, everytime i watch! 🖖🙏
ElephantGreen 2 yıl önce
I like how game devs give josh the key to the game to help find bugs or glitches
rAWcketmann 2 yıl önce
That last part almost looked like an invasion with the straight pathfinding and coordinated-ish movement.
TheLateBloomer 3 yıl önce
“He’s basically a colonial era semi truck.” 😂😂😂
Ashley Holland
Ashley Holland 2 yıl önce
Well he's right
Incredipaull 3 yıl önce
I don't usually laugh anymore, i normally just breath slightly harder out of my nose when I'm entertained, this i legit laughed and slapped my knee, idk what your doing but keep causing hell for the inhabitants for video game worlds, i love it!
Quadeemon 2 yıl önce
OMG I just found out about you last week and im now binge watching all of your videos your monotone voice and ability to break anything you touch is amazing lol (btw you should play untitled goose game)
Marian Furdui
Marian Furdui 4 aylar önce
Josh i've been bingewatching all your videos and cannot stop laughing. Good job!
Crowlett 3 yıl önce
Been watching quite a lot of your stuff after discovering the channel like a few weeks ago. Keep up the good work, never fails to make my day a lot better
Travis Williams
Travis Williams Yıl önce
You’re sense of humor is awesome dude. Thanks for the content! We all need a good laugh and I personally can’t get enough! 😂🙏
khamika 3 yıl önce
Petition for Josh to play Rimworld, the ultimate Let’s Game It Out game. (Attempt 3) I should preface this third attempt by saying I love Josh and every video be makes- absolute genius not only comedically, but game-breakingly and people-torturingly too. I have no wish to be an annoying person who spams stuff until they get what they want, but I’m just pretty sure nobody has seen either of my other attempts to say this simply because I did them either way too long after the video was posted, or because sending twitter replies to very old tweets is not an effective way to contact people. Regardless, what I wanted to do is ask Josh to take a glance at Rimworld, a game I think could really fit with the channel here. It’s a colony simulator where you can: Torment colonists in pretty much any way imaginable, including but absolutely not limited to assigning them 24 hour work days, forcing them to only wear things that make them sad (or nothing at all), command them to take drugs 24/7, give them only dead human corpses for food, and amputating entire (or all) limbs for literally no reason; Name (and make, if you want) custom colonists so you can do that all to Grace; Make colonies that are logistical nightmares but actually somehow work anyways, despite everyone being completely miserable and constantly in a broken mental state, as will probably happen in any colony made by Josh; Commit countless war crimes, such as downing raiders and stealing their organs, eating human meat and harvesting their skin to make hats (as per the running gag on r/SpaceCannibalism), or like 17 other clothing items or furniture; Raid other colonies so you can kidnap them and sell their organs (or just nuke them or something for fun, I suppose); Enough game freedom, control, and complexity to do basically whatever Josh wants, and also to not just lose the game because colonists wouldn’t do things using cool stuff like the work tab, which (if you select manual priorities), you can specifically set the priority of different types of work for individual colonists. You can also specifically tell someone to do something by selecting them and right-clicking on the task you want. No more random starvation or dying of thirst! (Unless you specifically will it, of course). Overall, it’s just a pretty good game. Perhaps a little more complicated than you’d usually see on this channel, but Josh has proven time and time again that despite intentionally playing the game wrong and making people miserable, he is actually one of the few youtubers out there that understand game mechanics and intuitively grasps how to do things- which leads to his ability to find bugs to exploit and to play the game just ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY (wrong, but somehow also to a great degree of success, both in the game and for making a hilarious youtube video). The time and dedication this man gives to his videos is absurd (I mean, have you seen those Satisfactory videos?) and I feel like this is actually just a perfect game for him. tl;dr, Rimworld is a game I think is perfect for this channel because it’s a colony sim that lets you commit countless war crimes and torment colonists in like a thousand different ways.
T. P.
T. P. 3 yıl önce
Hell yeah Rimworld is a masterpiece! don't mind the name though
Rocksfir e
Rocksfir e 3 yıl önce
it's weird that he hasn't already played Rimworld considering it's nearly perfect for his play style. i suppose you can't really play Rimworld wrong though, so maybe that's why.
toni sotto
toni sotto 3 yıl önce
Rimworld where the limit is beyhond insanity..good choice indeed.
Winged Tigress
Winged Tigress 3 yıl önce
Sup Onionsan
Dleonardprodz 3 yıl önce
Jesus Chrysler Pacifica that was long lol
Meiska Vedrine
Meiska Vedrine 3 yıl önce
Wow the amount of stuff going on (planes, boats, people) seemed to not cause any stutter at all. I'm honestly impressed.
Audax 3 yıl önce
The paint job and boarded-up windows really complete your palace's "East Berlin nightclub" aesthetic.
Glen Morrison
Glen Morrison Yıl önce
As a proud native Tropicana, I can say I stand behind each and every wacky decision our leader has made. Long love Tropicos!
DuskDaUmbreon Yıl önce
Glad to see more native Tropicans who are loyal supporters of our fabulous leader El Presidente on this site!
ungeschaut 3 yıl önce
Yes! Another video from Josh! I inhale every video from you. You are so entertaining! Thanks alot!
Andy James
Andy James 2 yıl önce
New videogames: *gives Josh a key* Josh: *Immediately thinks of ways to break the game*
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 3 yıl önce
Josh : Breaking the game for funny montage Spif : Breaking the game for exploits and tea
Hidden 3 yıl önce
I've never seen tourists this determined, and it's 2020. That REALLY says something.
vaughn smith
vaughn smith 3 yıl önce
i laughed uncontrollably for about the last 10 minutes
John Beauvais
John Beauvais 2 yıl önce
6:39 the palm tree helmet marking was actually a real thing, the 552 Parachute Infantry Battalion used it during their training in Panama for a raid on Martinique. They were experts in tropical jungle warfare, so the army in their endless wisdom sent them as reinforcements to the battle of the bulge in the coldest winter in Dutch history.
alflurin 3 yıl önce
I would normally hate this type of video but this just makes me laugh. Great job, mate. You just made a grumpy middle-aged gamer laugh.
philip joseph banaag
if i were a game creator, ill let this man play my game first as a bug finder.
SirFranticLight 3 yıl önce
I love your videos! Always make me laugh, if your buddy is maybe at any time at a visit please play something together again, that were amazing times. :)
Timothy Holdorff
Timothy Holdorff Yıl önce
Me to
EV 3 yıl önce
I respect the fact that he finds a way to break any game
CephalonCas 2 yıl önce
Josh would honestly be the best beta tester ever
EL3CTR0 2 yıl önce
17:02 Why does this actually look amazing??
PacsOfMayo 3 yıl önce
Finally another Lets game it out video! I found this channel on my recommended about a week ago and and have watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO since then... I'd been craving some more
25cents 2 yıl önce
Has anyone ever thought that josh would be a hell of a game tester because he tries to break games? Maybe that's why developers give him keys...
Mason Sickler
Mason Sickler 3 yıl önce
I literally had to stop every few minutes to stop crying I was laughing so hard
Conrad Ginty
Conrad Ginty 3 yıl önce
i literally could not stop laughing though out the entire tour
rAndomgirl32 3 yıl önce
I mean for real, I've bought like six games from watching you play them, I wouldn't have even known they existed except for this awesome channel
OHM-968692 Yıl önce
Man that bus going in circle had me loosing it 😂
zz Mew
zz Mew 2 yıl önce
I just found this channel and am a huge fan so far. Awesome to find new communities
Nina 3 yıl önce
I love how he just willingly walked over to the dungeon. That's a good boy XD
• HajiMi •
• HajiMi • 3 yıl önce
After watching his gameplay on Planet Zoo,I became interested in his other gameplays.And honestly I want to watch proper game gameplays but watching his videos is just more entertaining. So many laughs..
Steven Lindell
Steven Lindell 2 yıl önce
You had me in tears with the tourism stuff. Not sure if this was posted before or after the roller coaster mayhem, but in my world, somehow you topped that one here. I needed this laugh so much.
No Thanks
No Thanks 2 yıl önce
Tropico is legit one of my favourite game series of all time, it's just everything.
Ginger the Pastel Disaster
Josh as an omnipotent dictator is the definition of malicious compliance
fsh 9 aylar önce
I know this is a long time later and this like the 8th time I've watched this wouldn't it be great if Josh stole ALL of the world's famous landmarks :)
Vintage 2 yıl önce
10:58 "Ah, my eyes! My retinas no likey!" LOL
RenderThatShit 2 yıl önce
My eyes feel hurt seeing this for no reason
Matthew Boire
Matthew Boire Aylar önce
The best line
Rose 3 yıl önce
Love your stuff, keep doing what you do!
Joshua Hunter
Joshua Hunter 2 yıl önce
Have you ever worked as a game tester? If not, FYI, you have great potential in this department. Thank you for the hours of entertainment! 👍😃🤣🤣🤣🌮
Steve 83
Steve 83 Yıl önce
every game you play makes it look like so much fun lol
George Parkes
George Parkes 3 yıl önce
I laughed so hard I thought I’d puke! Top class work once again 😂😂
Doozy518 5 aylar önce
I thought it was weird when he said it was the 1910s during World War 2, but after noticing that it was "modern times" in 1955 it started to make sense
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