I Built an Unethical Zoo That's an Actual City - Planet Zoo 

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It was inevitable that animals would one day wear the human pants.
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I Built an Unethical Zoo That's an Actual City - Planet Zoo - Let's Game It Out
Build a world for wildlife in Planet Zoo. From the developers of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon comes the ultimate zoo sim, featuring authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them. Experience a globe-trotting campaign or let your imagination run wild in the freedom of Sandbox mode. Create unique habitats and vast landscapes, make big decisions and meaningful choices, and nurture your animals as you construct and manage the world’s wildest zoos.
Meet a world of incredible animals. From playful lion cubs to mighty elephants, every animal in Planet Zoo is a thinking, feeling individual with a distinctive look and personality of their own. Craft detailed habitats to bring your animals’ natural environments home, research and manage each species to allow them to thrive, and help your animals raise families to pass their genes onto future generations.
Manage an amazing living world that responds to every decision you make. Focus on the big picture or go hands-on and control the smallest details. Thrill visitors with iconic exhibits, develop your zoo with new research, and release new generations of your animals back into the wild. Your choices come alive in a world where animal welfare and conservation comes first.
Planet Zoo’s powerful piece-by-piece construction tools let you effortlessly make your zoo unique. Every creative decision you make impacts the lives of your animals and the experience of your visitors. Let your imagination run wild as you dig lakes and rivers, raise hills and mountains, carve paths and caves, and build stunning zoos with a choice of unique themes and hundreds of building components.
Join a connected community and share the world’s most creative habitats, scenery and even whole zoos on the Steam Workshop. See your own designs appear in zoos around the world, or discover fresh new content from the Planet Zoo community every day.




4 Oca 2020




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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 3 yıl önce
I think I am finally one with Planet Zoo.
Gleb Alikhver
Gleb Alikhver 3 yıl önce
Please some more Satisfactory
Michael Blue
Michael Blue 3 yıl önce
Let's Game It Out I think so too
sci_pain3 3 yıl önce
more planet zoo please, this is incredible. also have you tried out boneworks?
cool person
cool person 3 yıl önce
Yes my queen XD
Iris Candy
Iris Candy 3 yıl önce
throw the maracas
throw the maracas 3 yıl önce
josh your dedication to create complete and utter chaos is admirable
Miami Sideways
Miami Sideways 3 yıl önce
@Happy Cloud: *Y e s* I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt
throw the maracas
throw the maracas 3 yıl önce
Miami Sideways haha yeah josh’s videos are literally comedy gold
Miami Sideways
Miami Sideways 3 yıl önce
@Nate Harris: I watch both of them.
Nightweaver20xx 3 yıl önce
*41 hours later* When I saw that, my respect for Josh went even higher. That's some work he puts in, just for our amusement.
lmao 6 aylar önce
These are incredibly high-effort jokes.... The city is actually....a really amazing piece of work.....
WeTube 65
WeTube 65 4 aylar önce
I wish I could live there.....
Salted_and_sweet 4 aylar önce
And get mauled by a bear? Of Course!
Moji 4 aylar önce
marinus18 3 aylar önce
He even managed to seamlessly work in the criticisms of American suburbs such as the monotone housing, super low density and NIMBY's.
SirSandman 2 yıl önce
"the movie theater is playing Cats" *screams instantly erupt from the theater*
Pathfinder7007 Yıl önce
a cookie
a cookie Yıl önce
A+ editing indeed. love this guys videos
Angel is stupid
Angel is stupid Yıl önce
@Pathfinder7007 yea me to
@Pathfinder7007 me too
artchic528 Yıl önce
Sounds about right.
Luke The Legend
Luke The Legend 11 aylar önce
I can’t overstate how much I love the recurring “giraffe licks nose” joke in this series
s 11 aylar önce
Rosealie Lycan
Rosealie Lycan 2 yıl önce
I love how when he was moving the "ghosts" he made them follow the path. No one is safe from torture... Not even the dead
MDLuffy1234 Yıl önce
3:14 Pinky after one meth
Frosty the Snowman
@MDLuffy1234 the little beady, darty eyes lol
Tacos Smiley
Tacos Smiley Yıl önce
@MDLuffy1234 drug dealer I would like one meth plz
the man the legend the cab driver
@Tacos Smiley what do you think those pellets are made of?
ליד10פרו משולם
even the dead ghosts get tortured alaways
Giganotosaurus 4 aylar önce
All jokes aside he’s really good at designing things when he wants to, like that whole pac-man theme and the town looks amazinh
Dean2409 2 yıl önce
This guy spends days and maybe weeks just to give us 10-20 minutes of pure entertainment
Mr. XIV 2 yıl önce
Absolutely mad man
CherryTanker 2 yıl önce
That’s some dedication to create absolute chaos right there
Brendan Castellaneta
@CherryTanker fr
Bibidy 2 yıl önce
A chad
Are Dub
Are Dub 2 yıl önce
no girls in his life.
Seven Aries
Seven Aries 2 yıl önce
"Hostile takeover" "Wolves of Wall Street" This guy is a genius
TSmith Yıl önce
Better believe it
Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am Yıl önce
let's not forget bear-tenders haha
Mr. X
Mr. X Yıl önce
YM Games
YM Games 10 aylar önce
Owen Yıl önce
I love how he was trying to make a nice decoration but it ended with a ice bear tornado
Hyperfairy777 9 aylar önce
That always happens....
WeTube 65
WeTube 65 5 aylar önce
Liquid_trashcan Yıl önce
We know, whenever Josh says "is there a limit" the framerate is going to get a "Glorious" Improvement
ratxen 4 aylar önce
Instead of fps it’s gonna go to spf
Not Soviet Russia
I laughed alot throughout the video but I absolutely lost it at” i heard theres a place the animals go to hang out….ah the suburbs” last thing I expected and it was so stupidly well crafted
🌈Rainbow Mnkey🌈
🌈Rainbow Mnkey🌈 3 aylar önce
Judge Manama Carsanar
Judge Manama Carsanar 5 aylar önce
I met this channel 2 days ago and now I’m addicted
Steve Elvins
Steve Elvins 4 aylar önce
KingQuackers 4 aylar önce
bro same
the man the legend the cab driver
Wait until you discover the dear apothecary video and are filled with questions
Lawrenz 2 aylar önce
TooMuchAidan 3 yıl önce
Jokes aside, this is honestly so impressive, I wouldn’t have the patience or creativity to build this
abandoned channel
abandoned channel 3 yıl önce
I would only build for 15 minutes and then give up.
Trainboy1EJR 3 yıl önce
I have the patience, but not the creativity.
Azria 3 yıl önce
It sounds fun tho-
Hectic Hive
Hectic Hive 3 yıl önce
Trainboy1EJR, I have the creativity, but not the patience
jeffs_kitten 3 yıl önce
I think i seen you on tik tok and i heard trash panda so yeah
celestefan139 2 yıl önce
9:00 "So thats what cats is, a bunch of felines running around with no plot whatsoever" This guy just roasted cats
808natee Yıl önce
As a fan of the musical/movie I absolutely died there
More Andy Brooking
@808natee I’m one of the fans like love the musical but HATED the film. Lost all its charm
I drink and I know things
You should see what the hot dogs are made of....
The Great Pie
The Great Pie Yıl önce
@I drink and I know things they're made of HOT DOGS
John R
John R Yıl önce
It really doesn't have a plot though. They're all just choosing which cat to ritually sacrifice.
The Hunt
The Hunt 2 yıl önce
The lengths that josh goes through to play games every way except the way it was intended is impressive and hilarious
Leafyy Yıl önce
Everyone: Makes a normal Zoo. Josh: *makes an intire continet*
Kas Office
Kas Office 9 aylar önce
7shingle 6 aylar önce
@Kas Office no correction was needed, don’t be that one guy
stUpId kaiju Crazy
stUpId kaiju Crazy 14 gün önce
@7shingle*No* 🤓
PB 🍬
PB 🍬 Yıl önce
"Devour my Pac-Flesh, Absorb my Pac-Power" Is still hands down, the funniest thing I've ever heard. I don't know why, but it gets me literally every time.
Lily Somerset
Lily Somerset Yıl önce
I lowkey wanna get it tattooed once im old enough, but also, i'd probably regret it later in life
Lucas Gleason
Lucas Gleason Yıl önce
@Lily Somerset definetly
Jannah Pascoe
Jannah Pascoe 10 aylar önce
Lol same
The one, the only pack of milk
And good thing its gluten free
Tsukiko 9 aylar önce
I was dieing for like 5mins straight 🤣
FriendlyKat 11 aylar önce
5:17 Unironically, this is super cool looking. I love how Josh initially has a plan and tries to go in one direction, then completely gets distracted and goes another INSANE way. LOL The builds are SUPER impressive too! I can't believe you spent over 41+ hours doing all this for a 15 minute video. That's amazing patience and dedication.
Avocado401 3 yıl önce
“Zootopia but the director is a psychopath”
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith 3 yıl önce
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
You are right
dorkuus 3 yıl önce
Avocado401 3 yıl önce
song-of-echo Yeah I watch his channel, it’s funny :)
Moved Mender
Moved Mender 3 yıl önce
Mel5094 2 yıl önce
Dude literary out did himself in this video he went above and beyond
Baller Yıl önce
what an impressive lag factory he built
IrelandBall Edits [🇺🇸]
12:05 Josh: hey let’s see how Cats is doing? The cats: *Ded* Josh: seems like an improvement
The longest comment
The longest comment 6 aylar önce
He’s right😊
ChaoticTwinkle 10 aylar önce
2 years ago this was my favorite episode And it still is. PLEASE DO MORE
Realm Of Unknown
Realm Of Unknown Yıl önce
I am genuinely amazed by how detailed you can get things in this game
matheus pessotti
matheus pessotti 5 aylar önce
I like how the thumbnail and title seem like clickbait but it never is And how when you Think about these vídeos everything is kinda creepy
OsoGP 3 yıl önce
Josh: "Wait, can I just..." Whatever game he's playing: *sweats nervously*
Haeloft 3 yıl önce
Lmao beautiful
Esme Lord
Esme Lord 3 yıl önce
“Well I’ve just figured out” “That’s much better” “This looks exciting”
Jen DuBay
Jen DuBay 3 yıl önce
We’re not monsters here...
YaRo 3 yıl önce
And PC is like: "Here we go again..."
Father Dezz
Father Dezz 3 yıl önce
the curtains
the curtains Yıl önce
"Well this is definitely the most serial killer thing I've ever done" - Josh, 2020
the curtains
the curtains Yıl önce
Sam Baker
Sam Baker 8 aylar önce
yesss Yıl önce
he is actually SUPER creative - the developers of the game should pay this man for finding the bugs
Jessica Bellandy
Jessica Bellandy 9 aylar önce
Weren't really any bugs though just pushing his computer to the limits. Even bearnado is probably functioning as intended to give you the freedom to do whatever you like.
yesss 9 aylar önce
@Jessica Bellandy nah dont agrèe. Game could be designed better 😄
Lin Aylar önce
@yesss what are the bugs you found? bc stuff like bearnado is not a bug its a feature that allows full creativity
KimiiiRaikkonen 6 aylar önce
I'm stunned how good Josh can make things when he want to make something. Pacman, the city. underground part. Look how neat it's made. This video must have taken atleast a week to be made too. All clipped down and commented on in 15min.. Great job Josh, and Thank you for the entertainment
WarpRulez Yıl önce
Seriously, that pacman theme could actually work in real life, in a real theme park.
Baller Yıl önce
hey papa bezos, i have a new idea for a theme park, and i totally didnt steal from WarpRulez: a pacman-themed theme park to attract more buyers!
Robert Darlami Rockliffe
I love how much imagination you have when you create things, no matter what game it is you always find ways to make something beautiful, despite how many creatures or people die or suffer 😅😅😂😂
Stonk 3 yıl önce
Josh: I’m gonna build a pac-man themed park Later: Hey, so I just built an entire metropolis and a suburban area for animals.
Happy things vlogs
Happy things vlogs 2 yıl önce
Why is there 1000 likes but no replies
Master Swordsman
Master Swordsman 2 yıl önce
Why is there 2k likes and only 3 replies ?
Liz Green
Liz Green Yıl önce
Why is there 2200 likes but 4 replies?
UUU Yıl önce
Why are there 2.2K likes but the reply section is a group-effort shitpost?
Mily Santiago
Mily Santiago Yıl önce
Let’s get some real replies in here sorry not sorry chain also you’re right
Ňøçťìş ëț Łųñæ
The amount of customisation this game has is amazing
RedPanda 2 yıl önce
Imagine how beautiful of a park he could make when he ends up doing large scale stuff like this
Bane Briggs
Bane Briggs 10 aylar önce
Yes… Beautiful… let’s go with that
The Dark Gamer
The Dark Gamer Yıl önce
I know that he does this for chaos but can we all take a minute to just admire his building skills?
SWISS1337 Yıl önce
It actually looked awesome with the Pacman theme. I'd enjoy it IRL. The whole city and housing estate is insane. Was this all in game assets or mods? I am thinking it's got to be mods. It's really impressive!
Baller Yıl önce
its probably in game base assets + josh's creativity + (a bit of fiddling around + trial-and-error) = that awesome city
Lin Aylar önce
i dont think any of the things he uses are mods, the planet games are all for full creative liberty and you can make some insane stuff even with just the base game
Bush w/no Leaves
Bush w/no Leaves Yıl önce
I like how you put the animals in miserable situations because they’re just computer generated creatures but at least make sure they have food and stuff that will make them happy
Kristina Chin
Kristina Chin 3 yıl önce
Josh: “That’s the most serial killer thing I’ve ever done” Also Josh: *Proceeds to drown an entire subway of people in sewage*
Saritace 3 yıl önce
Kristina Chin Jesus Christ xD
C 3 yıl önce
They were just humans tho
j Thompson
j Thompson 3 yıl önce
The Rains of Castamere 🤘
Ali Winters
Ali Winters 3 yıl önce
Ya, but putting goggle eyes on dead bodies....that's another level
MemeZilla 2 yıl önce
My favorite part of this entire channel is this series solely because he’s certainly an enemy to PETA, plus it’s just insanity
Winter Wintsion
Winter Wintsion Yıl önce
The dedication that this guy puts in these games is insane!
Annie drawzz
Annie drawzz 5 aylar önce
Guys,....is it just me.....or.....if Josh got a real zoo the animals would just run away
I love how he spends hours and hours a day just to give us 15-30 minutes of entertainment
Baller Yıl önce
actually, two full days and then some
WolfStriker 11 aylar önce
The fact that he built an entire city is complementary
SourSquid_78 3 yıl önce
All jokes aside, that was actually a really well-built city.
MCHL° 3 yıl önce
Zoological Planet yeah!
Ian Boyle
Ian Boyle 3 yıl önce
I know right?
z.altintas 3 yıl önce
The station too, man, he's so creative. Where does he even get all of that patience?
Rammstein Forever
Rammstein Forever 3 yıl önce
I love how it's a Zoo game and instead he builts a freaking city😂
schmindy 3 yıl önce
With 1:1 render of real-life Salesforce HQ in San Francisco.
Егор Крупенькин
I not gonna lie, but at first the idea with a tornado, a pac man and a city looked very unusual and mesmerizing! I really love it so much, you are very creative person! :D
a Yıl önce
The amount of time and dedication Josh spends into the game he plays is insane
EBKits10 9 aylar önce
Okay but the Pac-Man maze was actually amazingly designed and really cool looking, even the sleep paralysis-inspired ghosts. I would totally make it an actual zoo if I had the game.
Amal A.
Amal A. 2 yıl önce
I wonder what the thought process or planning Josh does when creating his videos. Like was that tornado ice bear thing really something he discovered he could do and tried to test the limits of or was it planned? Is he just an evil accidental genius? I mean my jaw literally dropped when he revealed the suburbs.
ManicMama🖤 Yıl önce
That Pac-Man maze 😱 I will forever be amazed by Josh's creativity and how far he will go in these games
BrookeRyde 3 yıl önce
I love when Josh gets distracted and makes a monstrosity before actually starting anything
GàcháBlöx Girl
GàcháBlöx Girl 3 yıl önce
indeed, the calm before the storm but the "calm" i actually mean tornado of bear ice sculptures
Alex Ang
Alex Ang 2 yıl önce
Josh is like a person who loves to torture things
pacific island salad
this guy’s creativity and imagination is unbelievable
Tony Malone Gaming
Tony Malone Gaming 4 aylar önce
this guy is absolutely hilarious lmaooo havent laughed that hard in a long time.
tickle master
tickle master Yıl önce
josh is the perfect example of "art isnt forever"
NikkiM93 4 aylar önce
I have not seen anybody put as much work into their work and videos as you do, its amazing.
Virgil Wright
Virgil Wright 3 yıl önce
I can’t even comprehend the amount of patience you must have to create this massive hell-hole.
Some guy on the internet
it's not patience. it's organised chaos. Also it's fun.
-o- 3 yıl önce
I like josh the most out of all the other gaming clickbait channels. At least he is the only one who makes an inhumane amount of efforts in his video
Some guy on the internet
@-o- And he has an inhumane amount of fun in the games. Brings back the Game to gaming. Imagine Josh playing some triple-A linear buy-to-win DLC-infested crapshoot. The ultimate juxtaposition of how low gaming's fallen. Joshy boi here is the living spirit of mischievousness and having fun in games. Create what was not possible in reality. Gamu warudo, isekai, etc. etc. bla you didn't even read this deep go to bed.
Deus Vult
Deus Vult 3 yıl önce
I love the way he plays games
Redpops0105 3 yıl önce
Iesu Christi super omnes yea
Controlled By
Controlled By 2 yıl önce
This guy's patience is beyond patience.
Young Jung
Young Jung 2 yıl önce
I always find your skill and humour so entertaining. Please make more zoo content!
Flamin_ 4 aylar önce
I watched this video years ago and randomly clicked on it again just recently. So much nostalgia and still hilarious.
Pasta productions 🐈🍝
My favourite thing about this is that you're actually really good at building in this game... You just choose to use your powers for evil. Please continue.
Lechonkthe Legod
Lechonkthe Legod 8 aylar önce
Josh actually does a solid job at designing these zoos
Hailey East
Hailey East 3 yıl önce
Me: I wonder where Josh has been, he hasn't uploaded in awhile Josh: *spent 41 hours building a city and suburbs to match*
MashyPotat 3 yıl önce
he may not upload super frequently, but when he does.....
Chihiros bestie
Chihiros bestie 3 yıl önce
Jocelyn C. When he does it’s hell for grace
Omg I am so triggered but
Jocelyn C. Quality over quantity, just how it should be.
Monique Gerken
Monique Gerken Yıl önce
*probably dozens of people screaming for their lives* Josh: “there’s gotta be some accidental high fives in there.”
AniGa Yıl önce
It's very impressive that underground landscaping and object placement work so well in this game. Big kudos to the developers; many games can't handle that well or entirely forego it, but they went the extra mile and made it work really well.
Leslie Ngo
Leslie Ngo 5 aylar önce
I'm amazed by how a game supposed to be a zoo can be turned into a city with some creativity.
Martdogg3000 Yıl önce
I can barely believe how powerful Planet Zoo's building tools are.
PERLA ENT. 9 aylar önce
This definitely should have more likes I can’t even start to think about the amount of time building that would’ve taken you just for a video. This is literally amazing-
Colono Scopy
Colono Scopy 3 yıl önce
"is this just a bunch of cats running around aimlessly with no plot" That's..... scarily accurate
blubbness 3 yıl önce
yeah and there even was an upgrade to the finale, everyone went to the heaviside layer together 😂
Danijel Radisic
Danijel Radisic 2 yıl önce
Felines not cats
Coyotix 8 gün önce
@blubbness FHJSJSK
Mr:Myth Man
Mr:Myth Man Yıl önce
Jokes aside his building is *really* impressive!
squiddy Yıl önce
I truly admire your dedication to build such chaotic things
shape816 Yıl önce
This is just utterly impressive. I don't know if I'm more amazed at the level of customization you can do in these games, or the dedication and creativity you have. Unbelievable dude. Nice job.
Brooks Gaming
Brooks Gaming Yıl önce
I love his absolute dedication to create the most amount of chaos and plays it off as normal, it's amazing
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk 4 aylar önce
I love how patient Josh is to make monstrosities
Legend_crafts 2 yıl önce
Can we just acknowledge the fact he sacrificed nearly 2 days building a impressive city
Sonar 2 yıl önce
U realize he's making bank off it
Triple O
Triple O 2 yıl önce
@Sonar what do you think, that he knew exactly how much he'd make for 2 days gameplay beforehand? What if after 2 days the video sucks? Alot of his vids aren't nearly as entertaining so how is he certain the algorithm will pick them up? Making a living off TRvid isn't guaranteed pay like a normal job
Sonar 2 yıl önce
@Triple O lol that wouldn't happen man makes aloy
Kingston 2 yıl önce
@Sonar exactly what he sais tough lets game it out spends a ton of time to make his vids and then you have you that think its just all so easy have some respect
Vengeful Raven
Vengeful Raven 2 yıl önce
More, you still need to do stuff related to life like, you know, sleeping. May have spent like 3-5 days building all this, if he actually can allow himself to spend at least 8 hours a day making ridiculous things. This man is insane, I love this channel
NeverPlay 9 aylar önce
Josh deserves some sort of Nobel Award or something for gaming, The time and effort he puts in is *Chefs Kiss*
PaceBreaker Productions
That's an awesome Pac-Man theme! I appreciate the dedication to the bit by having the ghosts follow the path as you move them. The level of creativity you show in these is ridiculous!
K.Killer z x Yes
K.Killer z x Yes Aylar önce
This needs to become a horror game it’s absolutely perfect for that
jaynsrock 2 yıl önce
4:27 ...I was drinking coffee when I heard "it feels more like a corner to cry in" , I laughed so hard now I have to paint my wall XD
Player9900 6 aylar önce
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how actually impressive all of this is?
Tux1 3 yıl önce
Jesus, this guy is really good at making high quality zoos.
El -Not Eleven-
El -Not Eleven- 3 yıl önce
You spelt "hell hole" wrong
Emily N
Emily N 3 yıl önce
Which is a shame because he only builds unethical ones
Tiny Raindrop ღ
Tiny Raindrop ღ 3 yıl önce
@El -Not Eleven- well he is really good at making high quality hell holes
Emily N
Emily N 3 yıl önce
MajorMlgNoob I disagree, I would love to see a properly zoo from this guy, I bet it would look awesome
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor Yıl önce
I'm amazed he's able to make absolute eldritch horrors while also making them look good.
Kath arina
Kath arina 2 yıl önce
It's funny how josh is trying to make a mess but ends up with amazing modern art!
Shamrock 14
Shamrock 14 10 aylar önce
I know its an old video but I come back time and time again just for the pure detection that the city and suburbs had to of taken to make.... a true master pice
All Around Gaming
I feel like every video your zoos get more and more ethical
Person Yıl önce
josh’s patience is unmatched by any man
commala77 3 yıl önce
Viewers: Will you give us more zoo content? Josh: Well, yes, but also, no.
Michael Gammell
Michael Gammell 3 yıl önce
Lol'd so hard lol
MistressDistress 3 yıl önce
But also, yes
Connor vincent
Connor vincent Yıl önce
Josh's number 1 question:"is there like a limit to this?"
Enzo33190 2 yıl önce
I have binged watched all of these Zoo episodes and I have to say, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
ValerieYT 5 aylar önce
this man is the equivalent of “Peace was never an option”
ARYAN SHARMA 2 yıl önce
Does anyone else realise how much effort he puts into it nice work
mudkipmyman 9 aylar önce
This actually seems like a zoo I would go to if the animals were actually encaged and cared for at the city part
Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am Yıl önce
Bearnado, beartenders and referring to the polar bear as the Coca-cola bear lol I'm set for life, this just gets better and better haha you're so funny Josh! :)
🍉Watermelon Girl🍉
I love how talented and dedicated he is yet he uses it for the funniest and most dangerous thing he can think of 🤣🤣🤣
Chenkari Yıl önce
I’m amazed by the amount of work you put into these things. I feel like I’d get bored halfway through and do something else, haha.
Cwiggy Yıl önce
Can we talk about how he can actullay build good looking stuff, but decides to bring us enjoyment through chaos
Thor isme
Thor isme 5 aylar önce
I'm convinced that Josh has a timeturner! That's the only way he can do the massive amount of work!
Charlotte Copson
Charlotte Copson 3 yıl önce
I love how he is like... 41 hours later and then he gives you a tour like it’s completely normal and he doesn’t laugh 🤭
Gatreh 3 yıl önce
Oh he probably laughed a lot during cuts and while building it
Lunatic 0verlord
Lunatic 0verlord 2 yıl önce
I gotta admire his dedication. I can barely muster half that patience on urgent homework. Yet he can dedicate all this time to make everyone's life miserable (Grace's especially).
M D 2 yıl önce
I just had to imagine that Grace was in line, at the end, this time.
Ahmad Binhumoooda
Ahmad Binhumoooda 2 yıl önce
Is it on play store or app store or ps 4 or apple store
M D 2 yıl önce
@Ahmad Binhumoooda ??
He’s actually an incredible designer
Madison 6 aylar önce
You're really good at making mazes, Josh.
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