I Turned a Can am Ryker into a Off-Road Monster 

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31 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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TheStabbyCyclist Aylar önce
The lack of rear fender is what really made this project shine.
Sailx Aylar önce
Yeah it made it shine with dirt
joe blow
joe blow Aylar önce
Wow I was laughing real hard at that point! (Good sport to keep on doing it after that!)
yeahitskimmel Aylar önce
​@joe blow Once you're fully saturated with the first load of "pudding", I figure what's a few more
Ron Sabbie
Ron Sabbie Aylar önce
Going to be cleaning that crack for weeks. LOL>
Shannon Kopka
Shannon Kopka Aylar önce
I dunno, covering it with mud sort of covered the shine.
ZipKickGo Aylar önce
The skid plate and figuring a way to raise the suspension for ground clearance would make this thing badass
Tony Rome
Tony Rome Aylar önce
And better off road tires.
MostlyDangerous Aylar önce
Making the front two drive would be good
Tripz Included
Tripz Included 29 gün önce
and, off road tires .. (::)
DJ The Snak3
DJ The Snak3 28 gün önce
And the snorkel or else he would be cruising like a quad
Todd Leach
Todd Leach Aylar önce
I laughed so hard when you hit the bogs and got stuck, dumping all that water and mud on top of you. It's an epic scene. You need to make that part a short video.
MiniKyle Aylar önce
Hey man, just wanted to say that every video you put out is an absolute banger every time. There’s a lot of channels that push just senseless quantity low substance content, but every single video you put out always has lots of effort and entertainment in them and I really enjoy them. Keep up the good work!
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell Aylar önce
Such a cool video guys!!!. Your always doing fun stuff...be awesome to be a part of that....Craig's a lucky dude. Absolutely love the channel guys!!!
1990 Aylar önce
As a motorcyclist with over 250,000 miles under my belt, I also have a Can-Am Spyder F3-S. It's fantastic fun, and my favourite of my fleet - F3 plus four motorbikes and a scooter. Good video.
Cris Aylar önce
Creg is the cleanest dirt biker I’ve ever seen, see him avoid the water like it’s covid
KaosBC Aylar önce
I also hate mud when riding, I'll turn back if theres no other way lol... nothing worse than coming home exhausted from a long day of riding to have to scrub and poke and pull all the mud out of all of crevices on the bike wash it down yada yada so I say screw mud all of it
ERP Aylar önce
@KaosBC That's crazy. The mud is a big part of what makes it so fun.
KaosBC Aylar önce
@ERP mud was fun from ages 13-23...it is no longer fun in my 40's
ATVtv Aylar önce
Hahaha, I'm the same
Bangarang! Aylar önce
The mud runs were the best😂 This makes me wonder if, with front wheel drive or all 3, with tougher suspension and better tires, if this would be a winner.
Charles Blair
Charles Blair Aylar önce
FRO is a great testing ground for you guys! Also I noticed Craig has a event sticker on the front of the YZ. Does he race D6?
jbw5485 Aylar önce
Haha that’s awesome. Probably should’ve tried a smaller diameter rim on the rear with a more aggressive tire. Obviously would’ve had to figure out some adapters to make a different rim work but it would’ve been worth it. A maxxis carnivore or bighorn would’ve done wonders. Haha
Paincakes Aylar önce
Surprised it did a little better than expected. Put a lift, a tougher front skid plate/ brush guard and a more aggressive/ larger rear wheel I think you will have something. Side note: get the front tires a little wider or offset to the inside to add natural brake caliper and line protection.
Vinny G
Vinny G Aylar önce
You guys need to make it front/2-wheel drive!! It would dominate the trails like that!
JMK Garage
JMK Garage Aylar önce
As a father with 3 young kids who all enjoy wrenching with me in the garage, it’s very cool to see yours join you on camera.
TheUnluckyCharm Aylar önce
I remember my dad doing that I was the flashlight man he would get PISSED OFF while fixing the vans but he made Mr and my brother laugh through his anger he never turned that anger on us
Johannes Nielsen
Johannes Nielsen Aylar önce
Me as well, he looks like he was having fun
Leonardo Colon
Leonardo Colon Aylar önce
I couldn’t agree more, I now have 3 grown women that can change oil, tires, bulbs and do brake jobs. On top of that THEY LOVE TOOLS.
Leonardo Colon
Leonardo Colon Aylar önce
@TheUnluckyCharm God bless you and know your Dad is very special. Tons of hugs to your Dad.
codecircle Aylar önce
Man, This project was still pretty fun to watch. I hope you guys later on try to build more steam punk style reverse trikes. I love these things when people just make them from scratch.
trutrek Aylar önce
Since most of the weight was in the front, if it was front wheel drive, it might actually work really well.
Atticus nicol
Atticus nicol Aylar önce
Watching Sean get covered in muck and mud was just absolutely hilarious 🤣 and time well spent 😂
Douglas Chitwood
Douglas Chitwood Aylar önce
I love you guys and think the world needs more gentlemen exactly like you Ya's. Thank you for all you do. SemperFi
3WheeledMUA Aylar önce
This was hilarious! But also I own a Ryker Rally. It has a skid plate stock and it a super fun machine!
Reptar5.0 Aylar önce
Love how it sounds like an outboard boat engine
JC Martinez
JC Martinez Aylar önce
It’s the same engine Sea Doo uses on the Spark PWC lol
Henk Oosterhof
Henk Oosterhof Aylar önce
Reptar5.0. Rotax engines. Used widespread. Snowmobiles/light(ultra)airplanes, farm and offroad utv s or whatyoucallthem. Sibe by sides. And whatever i cant point out because i am just a human being😉.
Kenneth Ketchum
Kenneth Ketchum Aylar önce
Sounded like it was choked(intake) when u really needed to keep the rpm's high,,,,
Eduardo Espinoza
Eduardo Espinoza Aylar önce
Is it a boxer engine? This is the perfect application for it. 😊
Dylan Craig
Dylan Craig 23 gün önce
The aesthetics of the front end are absolutely incredible. The whole tactical duck is an absolute win 👍
Matt’s take on the ancients
You two are what kids dream they could do when they’re adults. Have the imagination to do wild things while having the money to accomplish it. It’s a joy to see how much fun you guys have. Being stuck in that mud bog looked so fun. No fender needed. Also didn’t know can-am were only 1 wheel drive. Imagine if all 3 pulled it be a ton easier to take off-road but it only having 1 seems to be most of the fun.
Gunnar Scott
Gunnar Scott Aylar önce
“You should see all the aluminum I inhaled” Craig kills me 😂
Zack M
Zack M Aylar önce
I love how doing drifts makes you remember your favorite Bible verses! Love you guys.
Latrinecleaner Aylar önce
LMFAO Sean saying, "I think I fixed it" and then him displaying it more broken than it was before was the most Sean thing I've ever seen
Blubberboy18 Aylar önce
Should figure out if you can mount an ATV tire to it. I’d love to see more of this awful beautiful beast
Keith Cross
Keith Cross Aylar önce
That's what I was thinking - seems like this thing could be a lot more functional!
Anderson84 Aylar önce
Two sport quad front tires in the front and maybe a front utility quad tire in the rear and that thing would have been WAY more capable. Shame they went through all that effort and basically put suv tires on it.
Ashley Evans
Ashley Evans Aylar önce
A lot of people have been putting crawler treds on vehicles lately.
SLO Ride
SLO Ride Aylar önce
Suspension would have to be reworked. The ATV tires would be shorter, and the Can-Am already sits pretty low. Designing a long suspension for the front would be basic, but changing the rear geometry to a much steeper angle and longer travel, could put undue strain on, or just break, the driveshaft and transmission.
Ronnie Gillaspy
Ronnie Gillaspy Aylar önce
needed to be three wheel drive 😂 Great concept- needs several tweaks. Def back fender, skid plate, AWD, dirt bike tires, and some additional ground clearance for starters
Michael Eden
Michael Eden Aylar önce
That was the funniest thing Sean has done in a long time! Do it again!
Kaizer Mordecai
Kaizer Mordecai Aylar önce
2 mins in and I love that you decide to give this reverse trike a chance! Respect!
JF777 Aylar önce
Easily one of the best channels on TRvid. Love the words of wisdom.
Roy Smith
Roy Smith Aylar önce
This is going to be beastly and looks like a whole lot of fun
I love abomination builds!! That's why I built a dirtbike back in the 80's out of a '73 CB350 😎👍
Darren D
Darren D Aylar önce
As always cool video. You guys always look like you have fun.
First Name Last Name
He probably should have tried to install a rear tire for sand dunes, special tires with rubber paddles, that might have an a different effect? 🤔 Maybe not because of all the different size stones and rocks and debris, etc.
Alan Harman
Alan Harman Aylar önce
i only just found your channel i have to say awesome job guys im all the way over in Australia and we cant do an 1/8 of the stuff you can do over there and drive it on the road Craig and Sean you guys are awesome Thankyou so much
Alan Harman
Alan Harman Aylar önce
Wow you guys replied I feel special thanks once again
Alan Harman
Alan Harman Aylar önce
The triple turbo did it for me I hope you can work it out in the future
Fabulous Mike
Fabulous Mike Aylar önce
You sean gave me a hard time laughing when the mud starting to go over his head xDDDD i bet you guys had too a lot of fun!
dustcommander100 Aylar önce
Wait for the Can-Am with all-wheel drive to come out, and redo this one. It prolly won't be long, considering the number of sports cars, sedans, and minivans that now have AWD. Great video!!
JMK Garage
JMK Garage Aylar önce
Hahaha, you guys are awesome. I’m much more impressed than what your teaser photo had me thinking. Keep these shenanigans coming guys 👍
Warren Floyd
Warren Floyd Aylar önce
Y'all had too much fun with this one wish I had been there!!!!🤣👍
Jared Natlo
Jared Natlo Aylar önce
I couldn't stop laughing at the mud waterfall all over your back. I would say best off road machine off all time 👍👍
Tim Nossem
Tim Nossem Aylar önce
I love that it still has the classic 1980s senior citizen snowmobile stance of the can-am
Helidude350 Aylar önce
That looked like lots of fun 😁 When you get ready to sell it, I’ll pass. Great video 👍😎
juSTIn Turner
juSTIn Turner Aylar önce
When you about to ride it and said “there’s one thing I need to do first and we all know what it is” I thought you were gonna bust out the detail spray 😂
Mopar_ Dude
Mopar_ Dude Aylar önce
Pretty impressive considering that you did it in only two days or so. I thought about doing something like this myself when I came across a savage title CanAm. My idea was to combine the front end of a 4x4 four wheeler so you could have three wheel drive. More time spent on this and you could work out some of the flaws and make a pretty fun off road vehicle.
Josh Rugg
Josh Rugg Aylar önce
I have dreamed of this for YEARS. Always wanted to see a spyder as an off-roader
Scottimus Garrett
Scottimus Garrett Aylar önce
Hilarious, you guys! I think it needs more travel, no? Thanks, gentlemen, and have a good one!✌️❤️🙂🇨🇦
Gideon Bell
Gideon Bell Aylar önce
Craig looks so elegant on that hill just moseyed on up it😂
Frank Dragotta's Frank TV
You Guys never cease to amaze me lmao! Keep up the good work! ....Frank Dragotta
JER1334 Aylar önce
Really enjoyed the video man. I try to watch any new one's you have while on my lunch break. Always something interesting and funny. I hope you continue to do stupid sounding stuff that ends up being cool. Your living the dream my man!!
Creepimations Aylar önce
Can't wait to turn this into an animated story
M Aylar önce
yes please do
Nightly Spookiness
Nightly Spookiness Aylar önce
looking forward to it
Flash Aylar önce
Chainsaw FPV
Chainsaw FPV Aylar önce
Like Dumb Ways to Die? Lamo
Wes DS
Wes DS Aylar önce
guy your channel is just so fun to watch. Keep up the good work. I'm glad you made the Can Am Dark Wing Duck-Mobile Extrordinare. Epic video editing skills. Props to you all....that includes Dan because we know he did all the hard work anyway!
Vincent's helpful hints
Those trikes are crazy expensive, Happy to see you made some good use out of yours
Rainrawt 355
Rainrawt 355 Aylar önce
From the front it looks like a snowmobile backwards on a trailer rolling down the hill towards the camera 😂. You guys are awesome 👍
Je Saist
Je Saist Aylar önce
I can already see it now. Chad's Fab and Merlin's Old School Garage team up with Bikes and Beards for World's Smallest Off-Road Wrecker / Trike.
Sean Fram
Sean Fram Aylar önce
im so happy your making videos again i love these guys
Jacob Burke
Jacob Burke Aylar önce
You fellas are literally living the dream. Also, just got my first bit of gear in from you guys. Comfortable af!
russell zauner
russell zauner Aylar önce
Thanks for the inspiration - I've been slowly building up my tadpole (I'm disabled, can't ride regular no mo) to be stronger and stronger - the goal is to have it be able to finish KoTH at some point, but I think I'll need some suspension tweaks before then.
rusty nail
rusty nail Aylar önce
Wow that diesel dirtbike sure changes alot. Glad it runs...little skinny wheels up front would be better think like a tractor
fernando zegada
fernando zegada Aylar önce
The look on his wife's face when he got home must've been hysterical
JoeHamRadioGuy Aylar önce
Haha that looked like fun, now is you and Craig found a way to add a drive shaft to the front wheels I bet you would make it up them hills and through water lmao
HFV_Junkyardin Aylar önce
This makes me miss having a dual sport. Even though it wasn't a proper dirt bike it was still awesome just how well it could go anywhere.
Ty Tessier
Ty Tessier Aylar önce
Would really like to see many more videos like this! This is a great one, fellas.
specialse Aylar önce
best use for one of those trikes ive seen in years,,,,,good job guys 😄
Wrecked Revival
Wrecked Revival Aylar önce
@18:57 my abs hurt from laughing so hard at the muddy water being slung right onto you, that was hilarious 😂
Reel Gangsta
Reel Gangsta Aylar önce
If only they created the original 3 wheelers design to be more like this, they could have made having a 3 wheeler cool. That thing I'd badass. Keep Slaying!
RIPbiker13 Aylar önce
A couple of years ago, I found your channel, and you started with words of wisdom. I loved that you incorporated the scripture into your videos. Here we are years later, you still do, and you provide wholesome and humorous entertainment. You guys are a beacon of hope in a dark world, and I love what you represent and what you do. I've been recovering from a bad motorcycle crash, and I'm living vicariously through your videos right now. I just wanted to say thank you for everything.
RED BONE Aylar önce
Super fun video. Thanks for the laughs. You guys rock!
Danny Williams
Danny Williams Aylar önce
I think you guys hit on something that's pretty darn cool. With a few modifications I could see that going into production in certain parts of the country.
Gino Genari
Gino Genari Aylar önce
I think you would have been better off taking a hacksaw to the back tire to create knobs. We used to square off the knobs on the motocross bikes when the edges started to round. Fun build congrats.
MR. Mechanic
MR. Mechanic Aylar önce
“Hey Craig I got an idea” “Is it a bad idea?” “Yeah” “Sweet”
John King
John King 23 gün önce
Really good fun guys, obviously with a bash plate and proper knarly tyres it could work! Keep up the science stuff! 😅
Derf 13
Derf 13 Aylar önce
It great to see family time, chuckles & all! One would think you should rent that out for parties, as a "Pudding Fountain"!! Lol! Might have to grind those tires, a least some siping, to gain some grip. Excellent funnies, & stamina to hang in there! Thanx !
Coffee's Hangar & Work Shop
That thing looked cool AF... Regrettably it reminded of one of my favorite non Bible quotes; "pretty is as pretty does"... so it definitely needs an upgrade with a couple of front-mounted anti-balloon Cannon. You have the makings of the new cavalry right there... 👍
Teemow Tee
Teemow Tee Aylar önce
the back fender removal was the best idea here!! hahaha GREAT STUFF, GUYS!
volvo09 Aylar önce
That was truly hilarious! My face hurts from laughing at all that mud!
TwoDogsYYC Aylar önce
Next 3x3 electric assisted front drives so you can drive it anywhere!!! You guys are awesome..
Georg Andexler Andexler
You know you two fellows are fantastic. You know that .
no knee down ian
no knee down ian Aylar önce
I was wondering when ghe lack of rear mud guard would be an issue 😂
Chase Brunner
Chase Brunner Aylar önce
That Looked Fun To Try Out I Bet It Would Be Better If It Was Like A 3 Wheeler And Had The 2 Front Tires In The Back More Traction
Matthias Schulz
Matthias Schulz Aylar önce
Awesome Idea 😂. Have you guys ever Heard of the East German manufacturer Simson? They had some pretty awesome mopeds in their range of models such aus the Duo which was/is a three-wheeler. Or the Schwalbe/Swallow, a moped which has gained cult status nowadays in parts of Germany. Check it out.
Kcav53 Aylar önce
I like the idea of this and I personally would like the see possibly a tube chassis made to accept the entire driveline and front suspension of this bike with the ability to fit all the modifications you planned to do. Bigger, taller, more aggressive off road tires, snorkels for intake and exhaust, but you'd have to stretch the wheelbase in the rear for tire AND fender fitment! Not to mention a radiator w/ a fan going the right way.... 😚
Old Man Gamer
Old Man Gamer Aylar önce
But if they were going to build the frame, they might as well start with the engine and trans from a front wheel drive car and try to rig it to also drive the rear wheel.
Alek Aylar önce
Man.... if only you had those front wheels on drive too.. would be amazing I think... Possible to convert it to 3wd? You have a new challenge.. :)
Tobin S
Tobin S Aylar önce
The lack of rear fender is a healthy reminder to not drink and hit up taco bell at the end of it. Also, this thing as it sits is the gravel bike of the motorcycle world. Can go a lot of places you won't take a road bike, but not as far as mtb/off-road dedicated. Would like to see it after it gets a lift and shaft extension.
Crispy Crisp
Crispy Crisp Aylar önce
From UK Ya great keep it upp Been watching for a while now Love the show Wish I was there sum days The things you get up to brilliant And the crete builds you do get me every time All great bike buys building...dropping Lol My new word lol Its like a Ferrari gonna stick I'll say again your all great keep it coming Crispy duck
Quackz Kustumz
Quackz Kustumz Aylar önce
Pro tip. You can put jb welded parts in the oven or bbq grille for 15-20 minutes and it will fully cure in under 30 min. I have had to customize the coolant crossover in my mustang and it heat works well
Timothy Price
Timothy Price Aylar önce
Amazing that three-wheeler did what it did. The mud-slinging off the rear tire was hilarious.
 Just Memes
Just Memes Aylar önce
I put a xr 70 engine in ssr 125 and I thought that was crazy this build takes it to a whole new level of crazy!!😎😎
Brent Richardson
Brent Richardson Aylar önce
i watched and couldn't stop laughing, thanks guys, Good clean fun !
Mel’s Projects
Mel’s Projects Aylar önce
haha darkwing duck! i can totally see an aggressive push bull bar that has a built in skid plate and a wench. you should also put some knobbies on that rear! that thing looks like fun!
Miles Wilkins
Miles Wilkins Aylar önce
Not laughed so much in ages - thanks guys! God Bless.
Far Fletch adventures
Do y'all throw away the old parts or do you sell them on eBay? Love watching all your awesome ideas!
LocalVet Aylar önce
probably feels a lot like a snow mobile, maybe make the back half a track
RVDM Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 as soon as I saw it I was waiting for 2 things overheating because of radiator fan and mud all over Sean 😅
Elmer Meek
Elmer Meek Aylar önce
That's funny, I think it needs one of those snowmobile elongated rear-ends but a tank track.
magpie66 Aylar önce
Good stuff, that looks like great craic😊 surely there must be better off road tyres for more grip? Hey ho, fair play lads... very entertaining😉
Susan Smith-Franks
Susan Smith-Franks Aylar önce
Best part of this was seeing the typically mellow street rider Craig become a carefree Dirt Devil. 😅
R Mendoza
R Mendoza Aylar önce
Great idea you have there. You can raise the front end like they do to cars and trucks because it has the same kind of suspension and you can raise the back like a dirt bike. The back needs a wider tire that bites the ground.
rich leviness
rich leviness Aylar önce
Love that when it comes to the real wrenching he steps back lol must be the beards part of the show
Michael Lothamer
Michael Lothamer Aylar önce
My recipe for a off road reverse trike was my 1992 banshee frame, full swing arm swap from a 1984* Suzuki gl 400. like 4r and 3L washers for centering swing arm. Cut rear sprocket at 45 degree angle in center and weld it back on the outside for a 1/4" offset, and this should get chain alignment darn close (may need to bend engine mounts slightly) and this worked, and functioned for my banshee. Definitely the MOST dangerous trike I slammed together, but driven like a sled, it was the best bestest. A 3" stretch was needed but not done. If you guys want the frame, it's in my backyard in IN come get it, no engine tho, it went back in its original home for everyone's safety:(
Absolutely need an off-road tire for the rear end.
OutlawToys Aylar önce
Good one. With further mod I think you could make it work.
Blackphoenix Entertainment
As a Can Am Motovlogger this is awesome. I love seeing people take these machines and just do fun stuff with them like this.
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