I Built a Tiny Ecosystem 

Ryan Trahan
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not to be dramatic but i would die for bobby




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Melt 4 aylar önce
We’re going to need frequent updates on this eco system 😂🔥
ScrubFF 4 aylar önce
Rawr 4 aylar önce
A_Leef 4 aylar önce
MirrorWave 4 aylar önce
Cool 4 aylar önce
The Foolish Scholar
The Foolish Scholar 3 aylar önce
Ryan Trahan has broke the code for audience retention. At this point he can literally do anything and still have people watch it
Whittall 3 aylar önce
@Xigital I mean the average person has the ability to retain the information they saw the first time. I've never needed to replay a video unless it has a specific joke or specific part that was mentioned in the title.
Gina Grieco
Gina Grieco Aylar önce
The amount of likes your comment has
JustThat 3 aylar önce
I can't state how happy I am he took perfect care of his animals, they had proper lighting live plants, and he successfully cohabitated two different species, something even experienced keepers can struggle to do. Thank you Ryan for showing how to properly take care of these wonderful animals
mg55 3 aylar önce
he didn’t rlly take good care of the isopods
JustThat 3 aylar önce
@mg55 I kinda skipped to the frogs and geckos lol
mg55 3 aylar önce
@JustThat Yeah he took pretty good care of those, for the isopods he should’ve put leaf litter for them to eat as they love it
🐢Turtles Are Cool🐢
I don’t think you understand the pure joy I get from this video, I want this in my house immediately I love this so much!
chopsticks 3 aylar önce
This has slowly become my comfort video. Just watching Ryan conscientiously creating a terrarium is so cosy
Giselle 3 aylar önce
Same ! I keep rewatching when I feel sad
chop64sicks 3 aylar önce
You have the TRvid name I wanted :(
💙Bubblyblue💙 22 gün önce
I loved when bobby started drinking the water off the log😂😂 so cute!❤
Dangie Bros
Dangie Bros 4 aylar önce
The simplicity of this video is so inspiring!
Airz 4 aylar önce
First like
Arkham Raven
Arkham Raven 4 aylar önce
BloxRox 4 aylar önce
No way
Luis Andrae Pascua
Luis Andrae Pascua 4 aylar önce
i love your content and the raft
Zachary Leszcynski
Zachary Leszcynski 3 aylar önce
Holy shit I know that store, Shaun is great. I bought my second lizard from him, a Frilled lizard. Raising those two help solidify what I wanted to do with my life. I moved away recently to Virginia to get a degree in wildlife biology. Shaun is a great guy and they deserve all the business they get!
Yuvan 3 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure if I'm not wrong, it's Sean.
Mine Turtle VR
Mine Turtle VR 3 aylar önce
@Yuvan yep your right
Sergio 3 aylar önce
calm down Zachary
Son of Liberty
Son of Liberty 3 aylar önce
@Sergio why
Mynorw2 3 aylar önce
@Yuvan bruh same thing
Reptile Zimbabwe
Reptile Zimbabwe 3 aylar önce
As somebody who keeps reptiles (you can see my leopard gecko in my profile picture) I was kind of worried when I saw the thumbnail but Ryan has done amazing job, and I want a frequent stream of up dates on this ecosystem!
Mahalalel 3 aylar önce
Jesus Christ is the love of your life. And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. John 20:28 ✝🌅 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. John 1:14 ✝🌅 “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24 ✝🌅 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high. Hebrews 1:3 ✝🌅
Sara :D
Sara :D 3 aylar önce
Thank Sean
Sanjib Mishra
Sanjib Mishra 2 aylar önce
@Mahalalel who
Lily Aylar önce
@Mahalalel Amen!
🍄Jenny🍄 16 gün önce
Can you make this into a series, Love the ecosystem ❤💚
Quinn Lee
Quinn Lee 3 aylar önce
I’ve wanted to make an Ecosystem like this for a good while now, I’m definitely going to see this through. It would be such a good learning experience for to see how an ecosystem (even though it was human made) thrives without being interacted with
Arie Fales
Arie Fales 15 gün önce
I know this probably would not be possible. But I would love to see a terrarium in the shape of a water pipe or a lantern. The lantern one would be really cool and it could have generations of fireflies.
The Bentist
The Bentist 4 aylar önce
gah dang that storytelling was amazing.. loved this!
FUJII 4 aylar önce
i like ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tal Hugburger
Tal Hugburger 4 aylar önce
Ariel Plays.
Ariel Plays. 4 aylar önce
i can never get you saying "PUUH" at the start of every video out of my head
Littlesquirt 4 aylar önce
MrTots 4 aylar önce
backyard exploration
backyard exploration 14 gün önce
I love the idea! if you have the time, updates are well appreciated! I hope you're enjoying doing this as much as we are watching!😊
Olyvia Molerat
Olyvia Molerat 3 aylar önce
As an environment captain I am very pleased to see you doing this. Keep up this great initiative Ryan! 👏🏼
Olyvia Molerat
Olyvia Molerat 3 aylar önce
Oh Thanks
Practically Nature
Practically Nature 3 aylar önce
I made one for a little toad I found as a tadpole. It's crazy to see how much these things change as they grow!
2D_Emerald Aylar önce
this is incredible, seeing such a tiny little ecosystem thrive is so interesting!
egg with 5000 subs
egg with 5000 subs 4 aylar önce
It's crazy how Ryan can have this super awkward shot but then 5 seconds later he makes the most cinematic shot you’ve seen in years
MinecraftMase 4 aylar önce
Ryan commented on my last video I’m so happy 😂
Cars bro
Cars bro 4 aylar önce
@MinecraftMase ok
Senmetwo 4 aylar önce
Super awkward, amazingly cinematic. Sounds like classic Ryan to me
Skello 4 aylar önce
@MinecraftMase doubt
lana 4 aylar önce
@MinecraftMase he didnt lol
HannNix 3 aylar önce
This is really enjoyable to see because I have a passion for things like this. I just finished making a self-sustaining ecosystem for my personal project, which is cool :) The fundamentals of your ecosystem are almost parallel to mine except my terrarium is a little less.. impressive 😅. If I had the resources, space, and time I would have loved to make one just like yours. I do recommend doing thorough research beforehand, though
A Cow
A Cow 14 gün önce
Im thinking of making one as a summer project, where are good sites for tips on how to make one?
Jessica Hawkins
Jessica Hawkins 2 aylar önce
If you still have the terrarium up, you should start a live stream with multiple cameras from multiple angles that are just inside of your terrarium
Doyle The Chocolate Lab
To help maintain moisture, a good substrate is clay balls. You put them down first before any soil or moss and the clay balls basically provide drainage whilst stail maintaining moisture
Ian Byrd
Ian Byrd 2 aylar önce
Those barks Joe, Nick, and Kevin let out right before they were released were very impressive.
Coop Aylar önce
that ending… “i just wish he knew how important he is” hits a lot deeper and goes a lot farther than just talking about that little ecosystem
Random guy
Random guy 4 aylar önce
Ryan is such a chad he went from surviving on $0.01 for 30 days to building a tiny ecosystem.
Uprsod 4 aylar önce
Don't Read My Profile Picture bot
Uprsod 4 aylar önce
RedStar 123 also bot 🤖
Uprsod 4 aylar önce
Richard Malcolm
Richard Malcolm 4 aylar önce
What u think he is gonna have live with 0.01 pennies
Eliza Gamer
Eliza Gamer 4 aylar önce
Don't Read My Profile Picture shut up
Dis is zid
Dis is zid 15 gün önce
This was really cool and realistic. Maybe next time as well as improvements to this ecosystem you can build an aquarium
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 3 gün önce
i’ve always wanted to see a self sufficient aquarium
Mr.Man_ Aylar önce
It's so cool to see all the time-lapses and growing of the plants and ecosystem. Another great video thanks ryan❤ Also Sean
t1r-3n Aylar önce
I actually made a mini ecosystem about 5 months ago and it’s crazy all I did was got some soil,seeds, and water and left it there. About 5-7 weeks in all the plants died, moss and fungus grown on the walls but some tiny bacteria ( for bacteria they were huge) call protists and there is an entire self sustained ecosystem
Violet Plata
Violet Plata Aylar önce
This was possibly one of the cutest things ever! I LOVED BOBBY SO MUCH!!!!! Thanks for another great video!
GorillaGrodd124 4 aylar önce
Bobby’s great. He’s kind, he’s caring, he’s gentle, and most importantly, he’s shaped like a friend
Figure productions
Figure productions 4 aylar önce
We all forgot about rae
Mr John Official
Mr John Official 4 aylar önce
Read my name 🎉🎉
Mukilan Dhinesh
Mukilan Dhinesh 4 aylar önce
The scientific term is friend shaped
MinecraftMase 4 aylar önce
Ryan commented on my last video I’m so happy 😂
Cooper Ford
Cooper Ford 4 aylar önce
Does anyone know what species they are? (Bobby and Ray)
Car Edits #101
Car Edits #101 3 aylar önce
If I can ask how much did this end up costing as i want to make one to study the organisms and what happens in a working ecosystem. you have also inspired me from the very beginning thank you very much.
Jobee 3 aylar önce
If you are looking for another video similar to this with some other animals in it! Dr. Plant made a really good one too. Loved both videos!
Grace Smith
Grace Smith 4 gün önce
Wow, as a reptile keeper you did a great job! Just make sure to supplement the fruit flies for your darts.
🐸DeadshotFPS🐸 3 aylar önce
no one understands how much i love frogs, im so glad you added frogs into the eco system! keep us updated and maybe turn it into a series.
Sheryl Peterson
Sheryl Peterson 13 gün önce
The time laps are for some reason really calming for me...😌
Amazingly27 4 aylar önce
As a reptile keeper I was worried when I saw the thumb nail but I must say I was impressed, you have taken care of them so well they are very lukey animals keep up the good work 😊👍
1k subs with no videos challenge
Sorry but what type of lizard do you recommend that is easy to care for and climbs and stuff and could live in a 20-40 gallon tank?
Reflex Wraith
Reflex Wraith 4 aylar önce
@1k subs with no videos challenge You should research a Leachianus Gecko or a Crested Gecko.
The gamer 360
The gamer 360 4 aylar önce
@1k subs with no videos challenge I recommend new cal geckos like crested gecko, gargoyles gecko, Choua gecko and more
El Barto
El Barto 4 aylar önce
What species are the geckos
Locrian§Phantom 4 aylar önce
Yeah, I was extremely concerned with the thumbnail.
Animals Aylar önce
Would absolutely love for this to be done but a fish tank!
PredatorYT 2 aylar önce
I just love how you give these small animals the best life ever
Eggnog 19 gün önce
you make the most interesting and yet so incredible videos of all time and i like ur vids and i am always waiting for another one.
Jenna Lyons
Jenna Lyons 3 aylar önce
Please make more like this! It was the best ecosystem video I've ever seen on TRvid!
Diamond Speckled Nature
5th time watching this video, keeps getting better. Every time I watch it I notice something different about the ways the animals interact with each other
_astn.o Cardistry
_astn.o Cardistry 3 aylar önce
we want this to be a series, also we want to see THE ECOSYSTEM expand
Emma POLLOCK 3 aylar önce
@ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇ👉ɢʀᴀᴍ RyanTrahan02 Bot
SkullKid 3 aylar önce
Yes we need mor
Ксения Петухова
is this a scam? No? 😅
SeniorSpace 3 aylar önce
Peter 3 aylar önce
I love this kinda stuff. Every few months I watch people make terrariums and I especially like frogs. They're so colorful.
Yedeline Monroe
Yedeline Monroe 3 aylar önce
Wow!!! This honestly so amazing. Thank you for this content ryan!! 💛
limeade 21 gün önce
Ryan is just such an incredible person
Rory Delaney
Rory Delaney 3 aylar önce
Ryan, this is literally the most inspirational thing i have ever watched in my ENTIRE life you have inspired I as a human to construct a tank just like this for my b-day
Sa Bo
Sa Bo 18 gün önce
This is great content I wish I had my own eco system in a glass box (I forgot the name if it even had one)
Drake Compton
Drake Compton 4 aylar önce
He never disappoints with giving us interesting unique content. This man is batting 100 all the time
Bucketts 4 aylar önce
Batting 500
Grubetticz 4 aylar önce
Victor Krastev
Victor Krastev 4 aylar önce
saw a video with the exact title not a while ago
YowLow 4 aylar önce
OMG Ryan just left a banger comment on my latest video!!! I didn't even think he did this sort of stuff! I'm literally crying, this made my day!
Having a SHOCKER
Having a SHOCKER 4 aylar önce
I make videos like ryan trahan , super toxic & fun vids weekly ❤
TheWestOwl 3 aylar önce
When I first watched the video, I instantly fell in love with geckos and ecosystems. It inspired me to get my own even. Thanks Ryan!
HopeGamerzxx 3 aylar önce
We need this as a series!
Mary Diaz
Mary Diaz 2 aylar önce
You have inspired me !!!...I believe I will be making one of my one.. if I can't be in nature in bringing it to me ..Thank you so much!!!!! You have no idea what this inspiration will do for my mental health!!! Thank you Thank you!!!! Please continue to inspire!!!!! WE ALL NEED THIS !!! And YES BOBBY IS VERY IMPORTANT !!!😊😊😊
Gavin 3 aylar önce
For some reason this was really interesting to watch and I kind of wanna make my own now and wish I was actually one of those in like an ecosystem I feel like that would be really cool
CpSoccer12 2 aylar önce
Can you please do part two this is great and now I want to build my own ecosystem.
Droopy 3 aylar önce
I love this video so much! It also made me think.... What if the observable universe was a tiny ecosystem made by something to experiment then they look at us and be like "OOH THIS ONE PLANET IS THE FIRST THING ALIVE!"
Shinro Takada
Shinro Takada 3 aylar önce
we need a lifestream 24/7 0f this ecosystem! It's incredibly welldone !!! Can't wait for more !
Lady Love
Lady Love Aylar önce
So glad your content is kid friendly and you’re just a down to earth dude. Made my kid unfollow beastly content because they’re working too hard to corrupt their innocent minds. Thank you so much for being above that.
BluMist 3 aylar önce
Hey, I’m not sure if you still have the pale green plant but that’s a dieffenbachia! They like partial or full shade, so you might want some to cover it slightly. The other plant is a pothos, which love almost any kind of light or water Also I’m not sure if you did, but make sure to dim or turn off the light daily, constant direct light can burn plants
J¡nny 2 aylar önce
My teacher has a small ecosystme in a little jar. She has it for 10 years now and never opend it, there are even insects she never put in there that randomly popped in. So cool
Tricksters 4 aylar önce
What an inspiration Bobby is… 2023 resolution be more like Bobby
lol 😂😂 D̶O̶N̶T̶ ̶R̶E̶A̶D̶ ̶M̶Y̶ ̶N̶A̶M̶E̶
Spongy Mc
Spongy Mc 3 aylar önce
Spongy Mc
Spongy Mc 3 aylar önce
MrTopRatt 3 aylar önce
“ an entire story is being told and I’m barely apart of it” Ryan, you built the earth to those little critters
JediKnight5768 3 aylar önce
I like the concept of a whole universe being the size of an atom. it really brings the vast expanse of space for us to understand
mansi 2 aylar önce
Dude your editing never fails to impress me :)
frida🫶🏻 3 aylar önce
as a person that absoloutly loves nature, im really fascinated by this stuff !! already watced this a hell of a lot of times, keep it up ryan !!
Judah Vanderwal
Judah Vanderwal 3 aylar önce
This is a great video Ryan! I recently started a terrarium a few months ago, and I am having MAJOR mold problems. you ecosystem is really cool and was wondering what you do for mold prevention.
CrispyMcChicken 3 aylar önce
Im not to educated on this subject but for humid enclosures like his I believe you need proper ventilation. To be sure you should see someone who has more knowledge about the topic
*you’re 3 aylar önce
Take what I say with a grain of salt but I’ve heard somewhere that the isopods eat the mold
Judah Vanderwal
Judah Vanderwal 3 aylar önce
thanks. I have loads of isopods and have done ventilation and am still trying to fix the issue. thank you
Sinquinix 2 aylar önce
Ryan casually putting his hands in a tank with some of the most deadliest frogs 😂
Salama K
Salama K 4 aylar önce
I adore the editing style of this men. The plain text is amazing in its own way.
Grubhub Dad 2.0
Grubhub Dad 2.0 4 aylar önce
Clorox Gaming
Clorox Gaming 4 aylar önce
Oh god 2 bots in one comment
Gg 4 aylar önce
Jesus loves you all and is coming back soon! Believe in His death and resurrection and repent of your sins and be saved! Remember that He died and rose up again for you to be in heaven with Him! Have an amazing day ❤😊❤
This guy Dannyyy
This guy Dannyyy 4 aylar önce
@Clorox Gaming there’s always bots. Like TRvid is so lazy to get rid of these people. After posting this comment, there’s another one above me, insulting Jesus
Chloe Misaki Wisan
Chloe Misaki Wisan 4 aylar önce
Ryan did his research!
OLDiiK 3 aylar önce
Wow, Ryan is just like me I always loved the idea of having an ecosystem like that. I hope you do more stuff like this
swaggiest_moss 3 aylar önce
I love how he actually took care of them instead of just doing brief research and going head in
Lisa Haas Eckle
Lisa Haas Eckle 2 aylar önce
That was so cool to watch! Makes me want to make one of my own.
Jonathan Two Wolfz
Jonathan Two Wolfz 3 aylar önce
Thank you! I have been wanting to make a dart frog enclosure but was ify about the space not being used but if I can put a couple of day geckos in too that would be a awesome enclosure just like you have made 👍🏻
The Jester
The Jester Aylar önce
Imagine the world is an ecosystem and we are still awaiting to discover it
Fard Gaming
Fard Gaming 22 gün önce
The world IS an ecosystem. He build one in the terrarium
Christie Tang
Christie Tang 16 gün önce
...are u ok lol
esjonasfresh 16 gün önce
Syko Boi YT
Syko Boi YT 4 aylar önce
We want a Part 2. Hoping this series continues ❣️❣️❣️🥺
ermie 4 aylar önce
omg Ryan commented on my vid, thanks so much! 😭
Jack Wrath
Jack Wrath 4 aylar önce
My content is actually better than Ryan Trahan 😂😎
EranGYT 4 aylar önce
@Jack Wrath for the Ryan fans out there (he is a bot) 😅
CodedCat 4 aylar önce
i agree this has to be one of my favorite videos
Teunos the Editor
Teunos the Editor 4 aylar önce
Yes we do
• starei
• starei 3 aylar önce
a few weeks ago i had to make a biosphere in a jar for school, and i can confirm, it was not as fun as this.
Nikita Silakovs
Nikita Silakovs 3 aylar önce
Hey, Ryan! The problem with your ecosystem is the entrance of oxygen. This whole construction must be fully isolated! You need to plant some seeds, which will grow and play food role for isopods. Initially, put there some forest land, sprinkle water and hermetically close it forever! The ecosystem will start forming from the first seconds by condensation on the walls. Enjoy!
Rose 2 aylar önce
I love watching his content, he never fails
F3lix_p 3 aylar önce
You inspired me to make a ecosystem with my dad , Thank you Ryan
Griffin Anderson
Griffin Anderson 2 aylar önce
Me too😅
Mya Welch
Mya Welch 2 aylar önce
You should either improve upon this ecosystem or just turn this into a series where you keep building these. Like one with an axolotl
Byter 4 aylar önce
I like how he said he wishes Bobby knew how important he was to the ecosystem even though the world is much bigger and that it transitioned to picture of the whole universe. Might be meaning that we are like Bobby so small yet so important to our own ecosystem. I love his sense for detail
Ruby Kilpatrick
Ruby Kilpatrick 4 aylar önce
bro i think you delved to metaphorical into his intent 💀
Jack Wrath
Jack Wrath 4 aylar önce
My content is actually better than Ryan Trahan 😂😎
Elena Evans
Elena Evans 4 aylar önce
@Jack Wrath stop it get some help
ImRainPlays 4 aylar önce
@DontReadMyProfilePicture.3 stop, just stop.
ImRainPlays 4 aylar önce
@Jack Wrath why does he have a PFP of someone who scammed a kid out of like 40,000 dollars in roblox items 💀💀💀
Robbie 3 aylar önce
Really cool stuff, I’m curious how much money all of the animals and supplies costed?
Natvgly 3 aylar önce
When I finish my career (biology), I'm gonna make projects like this one, but kind of big because I want to start enjoying and loving my knowledge. So thanks dude, love it, see yaa
Ng Kai ning alyssa (Junyuanss)
I love isopods. I used to keep and rear these little guys for my garden, i love how they critter and how they curl into a ball when touched. Its like an armadillo.
Cameron Silva
Cameron Silva 3 aylar önce
The shots at 4:58 and 10:36 are amazing. Keep up the good work.
James Stacy
James Stacy 2 aylar önce
I have been watching you since like when you started your amazing it’s it’s amazing what you did. Do you have those animals and help the people during the 30 days of traveling the world I’m pretty sure everybody thinks you for that.
Croaki 4 aylar önce
The ending to this video is actually so good. Talking about how Bobby is living in a super tiny environment on a ginormous planet; no matter the case he's still important. And then it pans to the observable universe, and it hits that he was talking about you the entire time. You guys are important even if we live on a speck of dust. We have a purpose, you just have to create it yourself. Love you Ryan.
diggy's games
diggy's games 4 aylar önce
yea definetely
christian lofi
christian lofi 4 aylar önce
Yeah, that was a phenomenal punch line. Poetic even.
Croaki 4 aylar önce
Francisco Vasquez Bro woke up and chose violence LMFAO
Abdullah cool gamer
Abdullah cool gamer 4 aylar önce
Brett Barbour
Brett Barbour 4 aylar önce
It's actually not that tiny
Arthur 3 aylar önce
Can we see more like a 60 days? I just love Bobby and want to see the progress of this ecosystem
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 3 aylar önce
Ryan you should do an ecosystem for marine animals it would be really great!
floof Aylar önce
Ryan: The problem is, it doesnt seem to fit. Ryan two seconds later: It seems to fit now.
Daniela Rogers
Daniela Rogers 3 aylar önce
Looks like he got himself a whole jungle in there! I bet he will enjoy his mini jungle. Bobby is so cute! I want a mini jungle now :( Lol
Adam Fart
Adam Fart 2 aylar önce
Ryan is so godly like whenever he forgets what he was going to say and when he his rlly awkward he just goes with it and also he is very funny
TimeBucks 4 aylar önce
This is actually a really good build
Manuel Da Silva
Manuel Da Silva 4 aylar önce
very good
Shanur Mulani
Shanur Mulani 4 aylar önce
Great survey
Laxman yadav
Laxman yadav 4 aylar önce
Tehbvx Xhv
Tehbvx Xhv 4 aylar önce
Lovely this
Partner reaction
Partner reaction 4 aylar önce
Super useful 😍🥰👍👍👍
Horchata 3 aylar önce
It’s crazy how small a ecosystem could be but how full it is of organisms
Sophie Lively
Sophie Lively 3 aylar önce
I absolutely loved this Ryan we need so much more
JonathanIYT 2 aylar önce
Ryan's tiny voices are taking the words right out of my mind 🤯🤣
The Slader
The Slader 3 aylar önce
This is like the best ecosystem I’ve ever seen and you inspired me that means I’m subscribing (:
The Slader
The Slader 3 aylar önce
Pls keep us updated on the ecosystem
Alex Aylar önce
The end of the video is the best. He finds the most inspirering things to say and what music to put or sum but it’s always the best outros❤ Much love Ryan Trahan
Rocky Ember
Rocky Ember 4 aylar önce
as a reptile owner, i love seeing other people build homes for and interact with these wonderful creatures. this video was so pleasant and shined a light on the beauty of nature :)
VLGR 4 aylar önce
im just so glad he didnt do anything insanely stupid like other big youtubers when it comes to buying animals
Cream Saver Hot Dog Party
Hi i have been wanting to get a whites tree frog. If u have knowledge about them can u tell me because i don't always trust all the websites.
toilet smash
toilet smash 4 aylar önce
@Cream Saver Hot Dog Party don't go to big charin pet store like Petco or PetSmart go to your local reptile shop
TangerineFruit 4 aylar önce
@Cream Saver Hot Dog Party I recommend watching TRvidrs like Clint’s Reptiles and Wickens Wicked Reptiles, great guys who know their stuff (Clint is a zoologist). Even though they focus on reptiles they’ve talked about whites tree frogs as well. Hope this helps. ^^
TangerineFruit 4 aylar önce
@Cream Saver Hot Dog Party Oh and also Reptilian Garden, she is well respected in the reptile/amphibian community as well. She has an entire video on how to make a whites tree frogs enclosure.
ANYA MANIA 3 aylar önce
holy shit im extremely impressed by the level of research you did for this video, i almost couldnt believe this was from you and not another bioactive enclosure youtuber
Zaneroara9 3 aylar önce
I love this video so much! Plz make a part two! It’s so calming I love this video
penguin pepper
penguin pepper Aylar önce
I think u shud water the top moss separately as the humidifier can’t really reach it. And Bobby eating his skin is actually common among many reptiles as the shedded skin contains lots of calcium which is a necessary but pretty scarce resource In This environment. Now I kinda wanna make a small terrarium, Ryan… I’m mad! I think
Stephie 3 aylar önce
There are so many cool isopods! You should get some bigger, colorful ones. They also don't breed as fast as the small ones.
rdner 2 aylar önce
this was absurdly entertaining and interesting not gonna lie
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Simulating a Desert
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I Survived Sensory Deprivation