I Built a Theme Park of Total Dinosaur Mayhem in Parkasaurus

Let's Game It Out
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I Built a Theme Park of Total Dinosaur Mayhem in Parkasaurus - Let's Game It Out


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More about Parkasaurus (from Steam):

Parkasaurus is a dinosaur tycoon management simulation where you take care of your dinosaurs by constructing well-designed exhibits, researching specialized technologies, and maximizing profits to expand into the ultimate dinosaur theme park. Do you favor development that favors your dinosaurs or the guests?

Design success - each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere, which means the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all play a key role in the success of your Dinos.Unique privacy and biome systems that promote creative design.

Spend resources wisely to build the ultimate Dino Park with over 80 buildable items and 4 employee types.

Nurture and raise Dinos from a small egg all the way to their full adult size, with over 24 dinosaurs to discover in the base game and many more yet to be added.

Travel the globe encountering missions that challenge you to be the best dinosaur tycoon while helping your dinosaurs friends fulfill their destiny.

A dynamic review system where each guest leaves a starred review based on their experience.

Level up rookie employees, or bring on established veterans, to help run your park smoothly and efficiently.

Keep a careful eye on your exhibits as Dinos try to make destructive escapes and attack your guests.



13 Ağu 2021




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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 2 aylar önce
Start playing Genshin Impact 2.0 HERE: mhy.link/557kFEA6
Norazman Abdul Hamid
Norazman Abdul Hamid 12 saatler önce
Btw now it’s no 2.1
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Imagine if Josh tried to break Genshin Impact like all the games he played and broke
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Let's Game It Out would be a perfect game tester
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Norazman Abdul Hamid 12 saatler önce
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how do you download PARKASAURUS
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To skip ad: 3:33
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Fizy Cloud 2 gün önce
The people complainting their life in the black void are also cleaning the black void and then eating it, nom nom
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Campfire under water, saw this on spongebob befor.. :D
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The eyes lokes like spore the game
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David Chan 3 gün önce
soo great to see my favourate youtuber sponsored by my favourate game!
The Lets Player
The Lets Player 3 gün önce
Pov: You just realised he made campfires underwater, as well as raised dinosaurs
H B 3 gün önce
😄😄😄😄😄 your channel is my favourite. You crack me up
Zel 4 gün önce
He's a madlad
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I didn’t know there was a dinosaur named after my home town Gastonia
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i love your city its biuteful
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Remidy224 Unknown 5 gün önce
You should play ARK Survival Evolved
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I think they let you play so they can see the bugs you find so they can fix it
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So no ones gonna talk about how there's campfires that are burning under the water?😫😫 good, me nether.
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You are able to ruin a game , and make it even more better and fun to see. GOOD JOB!
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Your theme park is to bad but dinosaurs
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Friday Night Funkin Addict
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I already have it
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Make sure to remember that all of this was still submerged under the water.
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Play minecraft
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Shoot grace, and stop her suffering...
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Samantha orriss
Samantha orriss 14 gün önce
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Really like your vid’s
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BS net work studio 2 14 gün önce
My brother’s crocodile plush’s relatives plays every dinosaur in Jurassic parks as in all of the movies
blamblamboomboom 14 gün önce
1:40 Jim: Hey can you make that a few centimeter jump? James: Nah Jim I think I might lose a leg
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Ranae Goffredo 14 gün önce
The superb lettuce definitely pinch because scanner phytogeographically earn apud a confused citizenship. deafening, dizzy monday
Jax 14 gün önce
Btw grace means peace .that’s why you torment grace.your tormenting peace
Toki 14 gün önce
If you ever play genshin impact one day I think that will be glorious Ive just started but due to my internet and processing speed I have gained the power of clipping through floors and broken radio sounding cutscenes😄
eugenio daroy
eugenio daroy 14 gün önce
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Abigayle Cane
Abigayle Cane 14 gün önce
I'm playing genshin and watching this video 💀
Dianne Coleman
Dianne Coleman 14 gün önce
PH4N70MRenegade Gaming
I agree! Aioli is the best fry condiment! 🖤
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Nima B 15 gün önce
you are the best
Rick Astley - Challenge 1M subscribers
Imagine him in fs17 or 19
Hedgehog of Dojima
Hedgehog of Dojima 15 gün önce
3:29 shame it’s not on Steam
Valyrie anson
Valyrie anson 15 gün önce
What is a man...
Luke Summers
Luke Summers 15 gün önce
i cant think how long its been since we have heard any part of the passing time song other than the beginning in your videos....
ObjectShowPerson 3
ObjectShowPerson 3 16 gün önce
1:58 aww man I thought it was gonna be raid shadow legends 😔
Ondrej Stanek
Ondrej Stanek 16 gün önce
I wanted to click dislike for the ad on *that game* but clicked like for the video
Jackson Hersom
Jackson Hersom 16 gün önce
“No warlocks in my park” Josh 2021
Dani Tho
Dani Tho 16 gün önce
I like ranch with my fries
grunt 17 gün önce
yayay genshin
kirby sonic
kirby sonic 17 gün önce
This is so funny XD
Dawson Reum
Dawson Reum 17 gün önce
I never laugh more than these videos
Frank K
Frank K 17 gün önce
Oh many thank you so much....I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!!
Sebastian del Prado
Sebastian del Prado 17 gün önce
Petition to get him to play Kerbal Space Program and cause mayhe,
Angie Blayney
Angie Blayney 17 gün önce
The first 7 minutes is him flooding it and making a giant wall
Blinxis 17 gün önce
Why pay a play tester to break your game when you can just give this guy a key and call it a day.
WØLF 17 gün önce
i love your videos, never stop
150 Sham Chander.r.r 7e
Lemme say somethin mayo is good with fires.
F.B.I 18 gün önce
7:57 finally I got a new job-wait.... It can't be it can't be IT CAN'T BE ITS OK ITS JUST ALL IN MY HEAD ITS JUST ALL IN MY HEAD JOSH ISN'T HERE JOSH ISN'T HERE *gets impaled* finally... I am free from life josh:not today grace your immortal Grace:NO PLEAS JUST LET ME DIE ALREADY THE TORTURE IS UNBARABLE
Nicholas Rolo
Nicholas Rolo 18 gün önce
"The current owner of something called the Naganohara Fireworks" Also 9:37
professional retard
professional retard 18 gün önce
I like how he's a gray still plays that focuses on breaking the game fully and will spend as much time as possible to do it
WyattElliot I love your videos
You get bad ideas that are good
J. M.B.
J. M.B. 18 gün önce
Why didn't you tranq grace?!
JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen
The Burj Khalifa 4:32
That one weirdo Angel
That one weirdo Angel 19 gün önce
I couldn't download it):
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baby midoriya 19 gün önce
god i would love to watch josh play universe sandbox you can ruin the lives of like, 200 thousand different people named grace by just throwing the earth into the sun
K u
K u 19 gün önce
The facts that Josh build his theme park under the water is hilarious!
Rook 19 gün önce
Sometimes I'll forget I have a video from you playing in the background realize something is happening in the background and think I'm having a fever dream before I realize it's just the chaos that is lets game it out and/or graystillplays
Chloe-Maddison Heroux
Chloe-Maddison Heroux 19 gün önce
By the time 14:00 came around I forgot it was all under water.
Justin 19 gün önce
Just wanna say that, working as a cashier myself, that situation you created with the traffic is actually only a little bit exaggerated compared to what we see naturally happening at our station irl.
Eli Hernandez
Eli Hernandez 20 gün önce
shinexo #roadto100
shinexo #roadto100 20 gün önce
Bznc)39 your call is at my office on my way to your place to text me to
Remy Gallardo
Remy Gallardo 20 gün önce
I had to keep reminding myself that throughout the entire insanity that was this video it was all under 50 feet of water.
The Galaxy of games
The Galaxy of games 20 gün önce
I like mayonnaise on chips
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Laquanda Laurena 20 gün önce
The innocent dugout overwhelmingly applaud because windshield primarily guess worth a probable wind. neighborly, bored mass
Alex Abelson
Alex Abelson 20 gün önce
lets game it out: its a park game me: ah i forsee pain and death
Алексей Прасол
seriously? you didn't try shooting Grace?
Unit731 20 gün önce
The editing, cutting out 90% of normal pauses when a normal person talk, makes this difficult to listen to. Stressing.
Kidz Gehlhoff
Kidz Gehlhoff 20 gün önce
Jacques Hugo
Jacques Hugo 20 gün önce
Did they use Wii to make the characters?
Yuki Yagami
Yuki Yagami 21 gün önce
you're like graystillplays but more chill and more cruel gray is like a demon
Homeless Ketchup
Homeless Ketchup 21 gün önce
Are the best josh
Homeless Ketchup
Homeless Ketchup 21 gün önce
Dino nuggies
NNN SSS 21 gün önce
gray still play
Elora And Khan
Elora And Khan 21 gün önce
Its weird hearing you plug for Genshin Impact lol
IanpecanGaming 21 gün önce
Parks Dinosaurs and human torcher
SiennaMEvilGurl 21 gün önce
Who lives in an underwater dinosaur park in a whole heap of torture chambers?! GRACE FROM SOMEWHERE!!!! Did a five year old make this park?! Lol
TheD1fficult 21 gün önce
I like mayo on everything too
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