I Built a Survival Shelter

Ryan Trahan
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i am survival
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24 Eyl 2022




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How did Ryan survive this long with out mc Donald’s ice coffee 😮
Ryan is the walking image of nice, awkward and confident guy
Is nobody noticing how nice Rob is? He seems like an amazing guy
@user-yk8pc5yv4s 4 saatler önce
No high end cameras, just the story. Love it
I love that he's actually honest about not sleeping there and eating he's actually so brave to do that and actually shows he's a truthful person
Ryan making a shelter knowing the bare minimum and the shelter looking absolutely amazing makes me want to do something crazy like this. At this time of the year, I wouldn't make a shelter, also I hate bugs but it's still very inspiring and motivating to see him accomplish such a thing. Thanks Ryan, hope to meet you one day :) !
For someone who's lived off mcdonalds for 30 days, I think Ryan's got this survival thing in the bag.
Ryan is really out here trying to complete all side quests.
The fact that Ryan didn’t make friends with a squirrel or something is lowkey surprising
The way Ryan gets vulnerable and tells his stories man, these are so good ❤️
Building a small secret fortress was everyone’s childhood dream, and Ryan made It come true
@thereal_tacoreal_13 3 saatler önce
Achievement Unlocked! Learned the word insane!
Ryan, you don't miss 🔥
Ryan can be so funny when he’s not even trying too which makes
Ryan is the only person who is honest about chickening out, that makes It okay 👍
@thereal_tacoreal_13 3 saatler önce
"I'm going to start building this wall, THiS is GoInG to be InSAne"
@kjskorner6211 Gün önce
This is something I would not be able to do, lol. But seriously! This man is incredibly brave! Though you can see him start to get a little sad when he goes to sleep in... THE GIGA HUT! But this man is very brave. Love this vids man!
Ryan: "waterproofs" roof with moss and leaves
Most of my best memories are playing in the forest when I was 10.
I'm not much of an outdoorsy person, but Ryan can make anything look fun, and now I want to do this too
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