I Built a Secret Room in Public

Jake Carlini
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Here's What I Got.
I've always wanted a secret hideout all to myself...so I built one.

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Thats All I Got!




26 Haz 2022




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Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Aylar önce
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Bilal Bobat
Bilal Bobat Gün önce
Connor Rock YT
Connor Rock YT 3 gün önce
U shouldn’t have done a trash can cuz garbage truck
RedKnight 11 gün önce
How much can I pay for one XD
James Roman
James Roman 16 gün önce
so i guess i own your merch now
James Roman
James Roman 16 gün önce
it say buy your merch as in me
The guy throwing his trash away😂Mission accomplished
FatDuckingIdiot Gün önce
I just saw that 😂
Cocooa vu
Cocooa vu 3 gün önce
lmfao fr
♫︎ north tamilland ♫︎
@ItzKenziePlayz Task fail + worse than death achieved
Little ladybug
Little ladybug 5 gün önce
@Jake Carlini omg hai!
Lynda Jarvie
Lynda Jarvie 7 gün önce
BeastyBoyVr Aylar önce
the end had me in tears, literally an amazing video, it had..comedy, youtube worthy ideas, inspiration, story, editing, music, and much more. this was amazing keep up the great work
Corrine Moseley
Corrine Moseley 3 gün önce
Why tears
Sajorda Julius Clarence A.
In short "wholesome"
Blixed Aylar önce
I came into this video expecting it to just be a random video about a room. I came out of it learning a lesson. Amazing editing and storytelling.
Ultra 9 gün önce
Felicia 10 gün önce
I came into this video expecting it to be just a random video about a room. I came out of it learning a lesson. Stop watching some much yt im going to keep getting rickrolled
Benjo Wells
Benjo Wells 15 gün önce
I've never been more impressed with the first video I've watched from a new channel. Instantly subscribed. The concept was so cool, and I was a little disappointed when you just made the bush, but then I saw I was less than half way through the video. And jeez was that final design sick. The cherry on top for me was your little life lesson. Very rare to see that type of storytelling and message spreading on TRvid.
hi Gün önce
i could never stay in that, too claustrophobic and how tf does he come out
Manuel Boza
Manuel Boza Aylar önce
Jake, you've improved so much lately. Really enjoying these videos. Keep killing it!
Julian Colon
Julian Colon Aylar önce
HOW......does Jake only have less then a qt mil subs?! HOW?! The level of editing alone deserves an applause. But not only are his edits clean, it’s the story telling, the dialogue, the creativity. Most people can’t even come up with a half decent idea, let alone a good one. But then to execute it with such finesse, its truly remarkable. And then on top of that he actually makes something cool, while documenting himself, and then editing it to perfection while telling us the viewers a story. I don’t think anyone here really appreciates the level of dedication this dude puts into his videos. Hats off Jake, Happy 29th Birthday.
Orion Songhand
Orion Songhand Gün önce
ikr that cloak
Gi 4 gün önce
I mean the editing is basically the best thing in this video... He coulda sit in a garbage bag and the results of people not seeing him would be the same... The idea of the secret coffin room was cool ..making it and seeing how it got finalised was cool.. but other than that there was not much interaction with any reactions to it..
Carrie Hooper
Carrie Hooper 13 gün önce
Yes! This is my first video of his and I just scrolled down wondering how many million subscribers this guy has. He must get there, this video was amazing!
Clukonit 15 gün önce
@Incompetent Writers true
Incompetent Writers
Incompetent Writers 16 gün önce
Missleading thumbnails, video is lackluster. Like he could get people's reaction to getting in or out. That would provide more entertaining content.
Paige Smith
Paige Smith 10 gün önce
Let’s all appreciate how inspiring this guy actually is!💫
Dave 20 gün önce
This man deserves way more subs! The level of editing is insane!
Sadie Stocks
Sadie Stocks Aylar önce
I have never seen your videos before, I am only 1:06 seconds in, and I am absolutely amazed with the editing skills put into this. Bravo Jake (Or the editor if you have one) this deserves a follow lol
Cyburai 25 gün önce
This reminds me of one of my friends growing up who had a bush in his yard against his fence that his dad had cut a secret entrance into and we would sometimes go in there and play our DS or just talk We felt so cool and secretive lol
Awesome video idea and love the editing my man🔥
Adam Osipov
Adam Osipov 19 gün önce
And he actually read the comments
StarLafer Aylar önce
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Aylar önce
Another fantastic video, Jake! As always, an inspiration. 😄🤘🏻
Drew Dirksen
Drew Dirksen 17 gün önce
Amazing video!
Nocture 11 gün önce
Never seen this channel before, but I love what I see, Subbed! Now, I'm gonna go and build a ton of secret rooms all over town so I don't need to interact with anyone :D
BenskiBowtie Aylar önce
this is REALLY well edited and entertaining, and I love all the references like "me myself and I", and "swift like a coursing river and with the fourse of a raging typhoon"
BlockMasterT 14 gün önce
@AmusedApple yeah, that’s the only one that I noticed lol
AmusedApple 21 gün önce
Also I tried so hard and got so far reference
Cre8iveCat 7 gün önce
This is the first one of your videos I’ve seen. I loved every second of it! It was so entertaining, creative, funny and the editing was great. I think it’s safe to say you earned a sub 😀
Seth Polevoi
Seth Polevoi Aylar önce
As someone who recently graduated with an engineering degree, I am humbled by your creativity and building abilities
Neil Adrian Monterde
Neil Adrian Monterde 18 gün önce
Congratulations brah 😎
Daniel haskins
Daniel haskins Aylar önce
Congrats man
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Aylar önce
The Cheespeelines
The Cheespeelines Aylar önce
This guy is so inspiring I cried at the end
Adam Osipov
Adam Osipov 19 gün önce
hdjksa52 26 gün önce
If you're into secret rooms, come to the New York City subway. We have homeless people that has mastered what you're attempting. I have seen secret places with bootlegged electricity and was setup like an apartment. Workers walked past the entrance thinking that it was a part of the floor. The person lived there for years until someone noticed him leaving.
James Carter
James Carter Aylar önce
An engineer with stellar editing and production, sense of humor AND you quoted a Disney movie. You have yourself a subscriber sir. P.S. I won’t hold it against you that quotes the movie RP1 and not the vastly superior Ready Player 1 book
SarInSpace 19 gün önce
Only 300k subs? No way man this is absolutely amazing, you deserve at least a million! It was comedic yet inspirational. And the editing was awesome. I give this a 11/10, this is truly outstanding. Probably the most underrated channel I've ever encountered.
Gemma Humphrey
Gemma Humphrey 2 gün önce
Yes and you 😘😉
UnDefeatableTaco 19 gün önce
This man has an invisibility cloak,an engineering degree and an endless amount of immortal clones....Also he rickrolled like 2,020,756 which is the equivalent of about 2510.25590062 Vatican cities i think Damn he is cool😎
MrAce198 27 gün önce
The lesson in this video is so good I almost came out in tears :’)
Robman92 21 gün önce
Love the editing, jokes, and “clones” 🙌
jake 18 gün önce
The amount of work in this editing is phenomenal man
Joey Hollander
Joey Hollander Aylar önce
This man puts so much effort in his videos why dosent he have more subs?
SHADOWKING 19 gün önce
Joey Hollander
Joey Hollander 28 gün önce
Oh ok
Ho Justin
Ho Justin 29 gün önce
Because he is kinda just starting out on TRvid but I bet he can easily get a million subs soon
Gospel of Transformation Ministries - Bryan Saroza
i just found your channel. your story telling, jokes, editing and just plain vibe was on point. I'm a new sub
Mabe 28 gün önce
*i remember stumbling upon your channel some months back and the quality of your videos improved drastically, said it before and imma say it again you deserve more subsss!* *edit- also happy belated birthday!*
Ammar Isam
Ammar Isam 27 gün önce
Really enjoying these videos. Keep killing it!
PurpulPancakes 22 gün önce
absolutely love the energy here! you did great on this video!
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
D R Aylar önce
jake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
Mosiah Faatoia
Mosiah Faatoia Aylar önce
Bro the editing is awesome! and for someone who doesn't work as an electrician or builder, you got some pretty darn good skills for it.
Dog Hub
Dog Hub 6 gün önce
@dilik mli wrong person to reply to
dilik mli
dilik mli Aylar önce
SO EPIC BRO A SECRET HIDEOUT! Good job on the video 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Jacob Erickson
Jacob Erickson 19 gün önce
Great, now i have to be suspicious of every single trash pile in the city cause i have no idea which one is hiding a random person, thanks a lot Jake!
Power Floof
Power Floof 22 gün önce
I just found your channel and God I'm impressed. Editing is on par. You deserve my sub
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash Aylar önce
I love this. Also you unintentionally made a really good home for a homeless person btw, not that you'll use it like that but it would be!
sans is DD
sans is DD 8 gün önce
how did you edited so many of you so smoothly and perfectly, it was god tier editing wow
WyMow Aylar önce
One of the best Jake Carlini videos ever. Loved every single part of the video and love you even more as a creator. Keep making great videos man, you got me hooked at least.
HystericX 3 gün önce
Just saw this video, the first time I ever saw your channel. From the quality I thought you would have like 10 million subs, but no! YOU are so so so underated keep up the incredible work, this video was rly enjoyable :)
ARNOLD FALCON 9 gün önce
Feels like a movie, good job on the editing 👍👍👍
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 gün önce
Thank you
LVGamesDev Aylar önce
Crazy talent to pull that off. You had yourself a mini game room outdoors in public!
Anbu Editz
Anbu Editz Aylar önce
Your so underrated, quality content and family friendly definitely a new sub and like, keep up your great work!
SAMEER SHAIKH 16 gün önce
This guy deserves 100 and millions of subscribers. Love your content
BluZer 19 gün önce
This channel is the living form of "worth the wait".
Carson felt
Carson felt 26 gün önce
This was surprising inspiring. Thank you
DogsWithPurpose 14 gün önce
This guy’s energy can power a city
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 14 gün önce
JustJulyo Aylar önce
Jake out here inspiring us to live our best lives!
S.E. E
S.E. E 20 gün önce
Jake: “Yeah! This is great! It even feels like I’m in the game!” Outside: Garbage truck picks up his trash heap
VivedXD 17 gün önce
Your gonna be an ✨AMAZING ✨ TRvidr In no time. Keep up the amazing work!
yes the III
yes the III 27 gün önce
Yo how does this guy have sub million subs. Everything about this vid Is top notch, the scene cuts, the music, the editing, the story, the random characters, the jokes.
Lea Michelle
Lea Michelle 9 gün önce
Imagine being ready with everything - and it would not fit through the door or window.
Louis Weisz
Louis Weisz Aylar önce
So sick dude, amazing work -- I 100% would have walked right past it.
Sonic&minecraft Aylar önce
Maiyuran Sabanathan
7th lol
DatGayDangerNoodle Aylar önce
bLoB Aylar önce
bLoB Aylar önce
Scapes 18 gün önce
Let’s just take a moment and realise how talented he is
lux Aylar önce
this video and the arc here is absolutely AMAZING
The lighthouse Adventures
Just watched this video....first time ever coming across you and wow what a video lol on everything I love I was literally tearing at the end lol for so many reasons....I'm 31...I've wanted to make youtube videos for many years now but I feel like my life is so boring and just never end up filming anything and think the premise of the video every time....I'm 31 I'm too old to be doing this shit....but I wana stream and be a gamer and all that lol but I'm too old.....atleast what I think or it's too much for my old brain to do like what even is "streamlabs obs" lmao your editing skills are top notch man I can really appreciate the hard work that goes into it and aspire to do content like this but slavery...I mean work and life hits everyone hard depression keeps me in a rutt so it's hard to be inspired hence the bringing me to tears with this video lol just thanks man you got a new fan
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 3 gün önce
Never give up. 31 is sooooo young. Life is long!
Guitar Samurai
Guitar Samurai 5 gün önce
I love this video but it's kinda funny to have such an inspiring ending while you hide in a trash box playing Mario lmao
dreamer Aylar önce
I just imagine that when you tried to get out you couldn't because the trashcan was completely filled with other people's waste. Also would've loved to have seen the reaction of the trash collectors when they tried to pick this pile of junk up ..
D R Aylar önce
vjake keep doing what your doing. your videos inspire me to get up everyday
Wood swordOP
Wood swordOP Aylar önce
The editing is awesome This guy deserves 1m subs
Lil Vibes
Lil Vibes 29 gün önce
Keep up these videos bro you'll hit more than 1 mil by the end of the year. Not only that, you also might become one of the most smartest inventor in the world
leeuwen games
leeuwen games Aylar önce
love how people actually used the secret hide out as a trashcan
Billybob recovered
Billybob recovered Aylar önce
I always love how when you build you have duplicates of yourself🔥🔥🔥
Adam Osipov
Adam Osipov 19 gün önce
Nolanplayz Aylar önce
Seth Polevoi
Seth Polevoi Aylar önce
Let’s him build twice as fast
Spectaste 7 gün önce
Where is this when I needed inspiration and motivation? Glad I found you. I am now a subscriber. Looking forward to your other vids.
Camobeasto Aylar önce
This dude makes working alone look like a full team
Frix X
Frix X Aylar önce
Brooo the editing the content the everything like im sorryyy but this is fireee 🔥🔥
AxolotlLol 16 gün önce
Bro… ur storytelling, like you gotta teach me how tf it’s so good like holy moly
Pip & Puddle
Pip & Puddle Aylar önce
I bet you could become part of Mr. Beast’s building team for how good/creative you are!
DevinTheDivine Aylar önce
I'm going to be 28 this year, I definitely feel the story behind this video. Keep it up bro! 🤙💯
MIA Works
MIA Works 14 gün önce
Yoo this is gold! I saw this video and was expecting click bait…. And then it wasn’t! You should honestly be one of the most subbed TRvidrs! Keep it up!!
Max Serrano
Max Serrano Aylar önce
Bro I literally shed a tear. This should be a movie. Keep up the good work!! 👍
GameFox 11 gün önce
The linkin park thing had me laughing for a good minute, my humor is broken 😂
DG9 Aylar önce
Thank you so much for the commitment you put in the world🤗
Narvee Studios
Narvee Studios 14 gün önce
wow what great video, very entertaining and inspiring! this got my automatic liked n subscribed.
Lydia Elswick
Lydia Elswick 9 gün önce
Everyone that watches your videos will know about the secret room and you just think that only you will know about the secret room Jake
Mark Gabriel Aguinaldo
I wanna do things like this I'm gonna remember this thanks man this is so awesome
sledge city
sledge city 19 gün önce
Wow bro I've been watching for like 2 months and you've grew so much I love your editing style you deserve the most!
Landen Conner
Landen Conner Aylar önce
To watch you grow from facing Harry the Tarantula to THIS is insane!!! You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s…secret hideaway 😉
Ozzy121218 12 gün önce
15 years of hvac and has no idea how an A.C system works -.- For anyone wondering an a/c system does not pull in air from the outside to cool down your space. the fan for the outside unit is to keep your compressor cool, you have an air handler on the inside of the home that helps cycle air from inside the home. I love the video though.
ZNL ZNL 16 gün önce
love the content and your editing skill, +1 subscriber
Ridiculous Memes
Ridiculous Memes 27 gün önce
Him: has no time to see Also him: chills in a local park
COLORKID17 Aylar önce
That is the best thing I’ve watched in the whole day and that is very inspiring
bobaandcats Aylar önce
This guy needs more subs. I’m new to this channel, but it’s amazing! Excited to see what project you do next!
ladyme16aug 16 gün önce
The part where the rickroll appeared was like so hilarious it got me laughing and dying
John Masterson
John Masterson 17 gün önce
Wow!!! I know that people will call me a bot but thus video was truly amazing. I really hope you make more vids like this and im going to use that advice.lets get you to 1 mil!!!
Batbot2006 Aylar önce
“Growing old is inevitable but Growing up? You never have to grow up!” Now that should be on a t-shirt
Tuna 21 gün önce
9:20 Really appreciate it thanks everyone for being respectful to us fish.
A Mere Creator
A Mere Creator Aylar önce
"Growing old is inevitable, but growing up? You don't ever have to grow up" -Jake Carlini - The Art of War
Mary Lizak
Mary Lizak Aylar önce
claps- What he said is beauty to my ears and 597k others.
Isaac Aylar önce
@Jake Carlini lol
Gladiator Riot
Gladiator Riot Aylar önce
kayle miles
kayle miles 15 gün önce
dude ur editing is SO good! PLEASE answer my question HOW do you have MULTIPLE people
kayle miles
kayle miles 14 gün önce
@Jake Carlini OMG u replied to me!!!! Thanks so much for answering my question!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 15 gün önce
I use the masking tool in Vegas Pro! Check the description 🙂
juuno 27 gün önce
the way u edit and recorded this video is so entertaining n i get distracted and bored so easily
Yo.Swap, Aylar önce
Props to jeff for the motivational speech 😂
YOUTUBE GAMER 7 gün önce
I just subscribed your now my favorite TRvidr!
The Garagenous Zone
Another fantastic video, Jake! As always, an inspiration. 😄🤘🏻
Angel Izaguirre
Angel Izaguirre 19 gün önce
This video is better than the videos people with millions of dollars makes 👍🏽
Tech gamer
Tech gamer Aylar önce
now i will always check for a secret entrance in tran can :)
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