I Built a MANSION out of MELONS in Minecraft Hardcore (#41)

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In this video I Built a Mansion Out of Melons in Minecraft Hardcore. This is episode 41 of my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play, and yet another episode of pointless building in Minecraft. For this build I built a giant mansion in Minecraft made mostly out of melons and it turned out amazing!

Watch the series from episode 1:

"I Transformed the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore (#40)"

"I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)"
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4 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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sensei streams
sensei streams 54 dakika önce
The name of the axe should have been melon molester lol
Dr.shailaja Veeresh
Dr.shailaja Veeresh 19 saatler önce
Can you make a melon city
Shashwat 19 saatler önce
can someone give me thant mansion on rent
Janah Del Gatto
Janah Del Gatto 22 saatler önce
Ç hi
pomsmom4 Gün önce
Hi wadzee I’ve watched you for like a year and I like your Chanel
Chacko N V
Chacko N V Gün önce
Were is the water checkpoint
Joppe Gün önce
u shoud make an indoor melon farm in it so it has a function and it shoud be nice
Elise Laasonen
Elise Laasonen Gün önce
creeping up to 3,5 mil!!!
•JustARandomPerson •
Day 1 of asking wadzee if he can make a zoo with most hostile mobs
Hero Mine
Hero Mine 2 gün önce
At least this guy actually finishes the back of his mansions. Grian....
Partha Das
Partha Das 3 gün önce
melonland mansion :)
I Love Melons and Minecraft and i Play Minecraft
Martess Hance
Martess Hance 3 gün önce
hi i like your vids keep uploading for the fans its been 5 days please upload
Crusader72 3 gün önce
Live in the mansion it’s a big house
blaze boi
blaze boi 4 gün önce
Gus Berlinghof
Gus Berlinghof 4 gün önce
Minecraft should make melon slabs and stairs to honor Wadzee
popcorn omg
popcorn omg 4 gün önce
MOM i want a watermelon
Heather Wojtowicz
Heather Wojtowicz 4 gün önce
He works so hard but shouldn't be play minecraft for that long
Nicholas Riccio
Nicholas Riccio 4 gün önce
Make a chandelier.
Luna Rodriguez
Luna Rodriguez 4 gün önce
What if the world corrupted and he didnt have a backup btw WHERE IS WATER BREAK
Lotte Asveld
Lotte Asveld 5 gün önce
Make it your house like if you to wanna wadzee make this hes house
the running man
the running man 6 gün önce
Next you should build a mansion out of sponges
Kevin Hoy
Kevin Hoy 6 gün önce
Gday guys my name is wadzee and welcome to episode 19384729183847746283 of making pointless buildings
Kevin Hoy
Kevin Hoy 6 gün önce
He has a bigger house of melons then his minecraft house
Anna Caton
Anna Caton 6 gün önce
This guy is just fantastic I would subscribe if my parents would let me
Nicko Felbs
Nicko Felbs 6 gün önce
POV you vibed to the skyrim battle music
L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern
i can finally see how boring can a hardcore mc gets whenever you are rich enough XD
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson 6 gün önce
Your house should’ve just been a giant melon
Thezett Gaming
Thezett Gaming 6 gün önce
you should extend the melon farm like a garden behind the mansion
Waffles 6 gün önce
JERRY GAO 6 gün önce
yay you put silk touch on your axe
JERRY GAO 6 gün önce
Put silk touch on your axe to gather melons
King Bear
King Bear 7 gün önce
He's too op he made it look like he's playing in creative
AJUIN 7 gün önce
I think it's a pointless building. Because he calls it 'pointless building'. haha
MADSTER I OK 7 gün önce
It is funny how he used golden carrots for food and I use rotten flesh 😂
dani6780 dani6780
dani6780 dani6780 7 gün önce
can we just take a moment to recognize that wadzee can make a mansion out of MELONS look insane?
ianc9110 ianc9110
ianc9110 ianc9110 7 gün önce
How does he have such a small house, with many huge buildings?
Archivo B. Arial
Archivo B. Arial 7 gün önce
He should build a tower with a big point at the top, why you may ask? That way it’s not pointless building
Bonnie Cen
Bonnie Cen 7 gün önce
ok I stop
Bonnie Cen
Bonnie Cen 7 gün önce
How many comments am I making
Bonnie Cen
Bonnie Cen 7 gün önce
The netherite beacon got his patience well he did finish it but he said I need a break
Bonnie Cen
Bonnie Cen 7 gün önce
I can’t even make a even roof
Bonnie Cen
Bonnie Cen 7 gün önce
Dream vs wadzee building competition.WADZEE WOULD DEFINITELY WIN
RemGremlin Gaming
RemGremlin Gaming 7 gün önce
His building skill rival that of Grian HimSelf
Bears and Tigers
Bears and Tigers 7 gün önce
This guy is so good at editing and building keep it up👍🏻
Henry Remington
Henry Remington 7 gün önce
Imagen what he could do in creative
DeepFriedOrphans 7 gün önce
Grian despises u
BlackWolf 22
BlackWolf 22 8 gün önce
The outside build: cool melon mansion The inside: hello darkness my old friend…
Heather Gordon
Heather Gordon 8 gün önce
Oh no the pillagers are eating your mansion
ttv_eamattmark 8 gün önce
You should have used a fortune lll axe instead of a silk touch one since you can get like 12 melon slices with fortune lll
Zayaan Khan
Zayaan Khan 8 gün önce
Don't press the blue part of the comment
Zayaan Khan
Zayaan Khan 8 gün önce
Plz make another TRvid channel for building.It must be called "Wadzee building"
YASHWANTH S 8 gün önce
Imagine wadzee building a mansion irl subscribe and make him rich
Antonio correa
Antonio correa 8 gün önce
lazerbeam whould be proud
WasayPlayz Yt
WasayPlayz Yt 9 gün önce
Make the melon banner
Amisandhu Amisandhu
Amisandhu Amisandhu 9 gün önce
Damn bro that's good "SHEEEEEEEEEEESH"
Myint Htetwai
Myint Htetwai 9 gün önce
I never thought that he is gonna use melons in a MANSION of MELONS
Vetramass 9 gün önce
Basils house Bottom text
Terra Glade
Terra Glade 9 gün önce
*looks at my 2 by 15 melon farm/field* ...the urge to increase production is filling me with drive.
Bruh Moment #2
Bruh Moment #2 10 gün önce
my dude called it the melon killer.... why not the melon murderer
Zack Holt
Zack Holt 10 gün önce
attack of the pillagers they want to eat your house
Gavin bray
Gavin bray 10 gün önce
I was thinking the same as wadzee (build it near the melon farm
ッNightLight 10 gün önce
wadzee here never gets old
Lemon demon
Lemon demon 10 gün önce
I used to have a melon farm in real life but my chickens ate it and I'm not a farmer
Raad Asif
Raad Asif 10 gün önce
looks beautiful mate, looking forward to the interior designing
Aronkyle Aguirre
Aronkyle Aguirre 10 gün önce
Water check point
Lukasz Borski
Lukasz Borski 11 gün önce
finally using the mellons eh?
Rodrigo Elgueta
Rodrigo Elgueta 11 gün önce
most interesting minecraft LP since years! Greetings from Hamburg - Germany!
CosmicRuler14 11 gün önce
I think it’s safe to say WadZee is now the melon king. Sorry Lazarbeam
Faith Casper
Faith Casper 12 gün önce
Plue Toe
Plue Toe 12 gün önce
I haven't drank water since the last water checkpoint
Sushank giri
Sushank giri 12 gün önce
The cake factory :)
Logan Lossing
Logan Lossing 12 gün önce
And also I think Wadzee should make a custom biome
Logan Lossing
Logan Lossing 12 gün önce
For a second their while he was working on the roof there was like a million mobs downstairs and then the next scene there was torches
Black Jack
Black Jack 12 gün önce
I fill you need help
Black Jack
Black Jack 12 gün önce
Wasee the melon king
The Camo Gungnir Productions
Anyone know the name of the songs he uses
puvana Veerappan
puvana Veerappan 12 gün önce
bruh hes says he is not really good at building houses but i could never ever build that even in creative
MrMarker381 13 gün önce
It would be so depressing if he ever dies…
Mason 13 gün önce
song at 6:10 ?
Jayce 13 gün önce
can you put the world seed in
Chewy’s Adventures
Chewy’s Adventures 13 gün önce
You should build a grand villager trading hall
Different!tale Alex
Different!tale Alex 14 gün önce
Daniel Blanco
Daniel Blanco 14 gün önce
8:57 Cow: Wait who are you? Also Cow: *Did he just take milk from me and fly away!?*
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
He says he isn’t that good at building but fuck I am still building dirt 10x10 houses
Xeronicalam 14 gün önce
Make a video where you fix your melon farm and they are all in neat rows because that would be pleasing to see, since sometimes they grow out of place and there are holes D:
DANIBINGS 14 gün önce
Instead of “ pointless building “ it should be “ beautiful building “
Its Craze
Its Craze 14 gün önce
How can you not have villagers
light ninja
light ninja 14 gün önce
Upgrade your house
light ninja
light ninja 14 gün önce
I subscribed to wadzee
Christian Stoykov
Christian Stoykov 14 gün önce
14:56 Problems with the back of the mansion...sounds familiar...
R Harris
R Harris 14 gün önce
what if your game crashed we would let out a big hahahah
Erica Eggers
Erica Eggers 14 gün önce
if you end up losing this world, I will just cry /hj
Cyber Dawgs
Cyber Dawgs 15 gün önce
COOLMAN 828 15 gün önce
Says he sucks at building. Me: mine is worse
pqcd 15 gün önce
day 1 asking for share your map
Lion's Feather
Lion's Feather 15 gün önce
Building this in survival, A person with true quality
ISwerItsnotMe 15 gün önce
Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah
The Emerald Men Official
7:18 Music?
M.USMAN 16 gün önce
This guy's is a building master dude
Bodhi Ruskin
Bodhi Ruskin 16 gün önce
21:38 looks like a guy with a mustache. You can't unsee it
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