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31 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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YouTube Aylar önce
from sunlight and a microscope to a laser chainsaw 🤯
church hunter, logarius
Even youtube is concerned
Laura Peters
Laura Peters 5 gün önce
Omg it's youtube
Pai Suk
Pai Suk 7 gün önce
Hello TRvid
Asim Hussain
Asim Hussain 8 gün önce
Cringe. Fire your PR department in charge of making meaningless comments and reallocate those funds to actually fixing the site...
Joel Cathey
Joel Cathey 9 gün önce
*magnifying glass
Tyraniccus Aylar önce
There isn’t a single three letter organization that doesn’t have this man on a watchlist
Ogorix 2 gün önce
DEA Edit: nvm, I saw the Nilered collab
Eli Eliii
Eli Eliii 4 gün önce
@hawkings22 WHO what do they have
Archise 5 gün önce
The damn glowies
Ero-Sennin Sama
Ero-Sennin Sama 6 gün önce
​@Ryan Robertsdoesnt each bill have its own UV light signature? Like you cant just turn a 1 dollar bill into a 100 bill, you will eventually get found out
John Schmitt
John Schmitt 9 gün önce
Hell there was one for sure that paid him a visit! (fyi it was the fbi)
Borivoje Aylar önce
I love practical lasers. That's insane! Also the Bad Apple at the end was lovely.
Gojiro7 15 gün önce
part of me wants the Bad Apple oscilloscope thing to be its own video XD
Tomi Zhou
Tomi Zhou 19 gün önce
sudden Touhou vibe
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 27 gün önce
He should recreate bad apple using the laser. :D
سيف الله السوري
Practical lasers 🤣
Yuuri & Chito
Yuuri & Chito 29 gün önce
Ineed Bad apple was a nice touch
GunsReblued Aylar önce
This man is on so many watchlists it’s like he’s collecting them like medals
DBlockJumper 22 gün önce
RailsBlaze121 Aylar önce
Never thought we would go from simple sunlight to Super Advanced Laser Chainsaws. Wow!
Fight Me
Fight Me Aylar önce
Thank you for actually addressing the safety concerns in this video! It really goes a long way to show that you care!
neisjo 27 gün önce
Safety is always first
UJustGotGamed 29 gün önce
a lot of people don't pay attention to the fact that looking at the spot on a wall can blind you a billion gazillion times faster than you can blink
Arcturus Light
Arcturus Light 29 gün önce
Ye, some people don't realize that risking a chance of setting your eyeballs on fire can be a bigger deal than chance of setting your house on fire (atleast when it's just your house). I don't know how well can this type of laser reflect off regular metals that it is supposed to be used on, but I suspect some shiny or glass object can send a stray ray into yer face and ruin the retina in microseconds.
Asher Lehman
Asher Lehman 28 gün önce
You should double the laser wavelength with a nonlinear crystal, like green laser pointers do, a 2000w green laser would be amazing
Alfiro 8 saatler önce
and give it to the next person
BlazetheGame Aylar önce
“Florida Man accidentally cuts an entire forest down with a doomsday laser” is my new favorite news headline
Jacob Furnish
Jacob Furnish 11 gün önce
Change the word "cuts" with "burns" and that's not a far cry from reality.
Rad Dad
Rad Dad 24 gün önce
Florida man erases debt.
Alexander Black (Anonymous friendly.)
@Amira Lozse before I use be live Florida.
Alexander Black (Anonymous friendly.)
@Чайный Чаёк hope not real cancer 😂🤔😁
Чайный Чаёк
Чайный Чаёк 26 gün önce
And discovers tree cancer
NinjaSquid Aylar önce
The taking the safety glasses off to just reveal more safety glasses was a great touch
SCINTILLAM DEI 23 gün önce
It's a cliché.
Joseph Jester
Joseph Jester 25 gün önce
The glasses underneath glasses is a joke from the movie "Airplane!"
NinjaSquid 28 gün önce
@Ray L that's a good question
Ray L
Ray L 28 gün önce
How many layers of safety goggles would it take to give the same 1/100th of a second protection of a brick?
Just A Guy Here.
Just A Guy Here. 29 gün önce
I'm your 100th liker here & bye.
UniversalFox Aylar önce
I'm an arborist, and one day, I hope there will be a light saber invented. That would be my favorite tool to use in a tree company. From tree to slabs in minutes ❤ Meanwhile, planting some trees along the way.
Jacob Furnish
Jacob Furnish 11 gün önce
I'm also an arborist. I was thinking the same thing. Computerized lazers that make face cuts with no Dutchmen, then use AI to predict with 95% accuracy the exact location where the tree will fall! Or, better yet, no more needing to climb trees to cut off dead limbs. Just stand on the ground and cut them off with the lazer!
micro wave
micro wave 12 gün önce
@darugdawg I'll bet your right. The farther away it gets way more inefficient the laser is and the energy involved is quite a lot. Energy is energy and it depends on if you want to use yours and eat more food to compensate which uses energy on the whole processing of food infrastructure or use the energy of the laser which uses the energy the power plants consume.
darugdawg 24 gün önce
its not very efficient. from price to epectricity bills
I so want to try to trim branches with one of these and be able to just stand on the ground and not have to mess around with a ladder.
Liam Murray
Liam Murray Aylar önce
did you make the tree depreinter just for the pun? Or did you forget there is literally a line mode that does the same thing faster with the mirrors?
Radagast Aylar önce
My main takeaway from this is that blasters from Star Wars can be real. And that Stormtrooper helmets probably had welding goggle lenses installed haha. How many of these would you need to combine to make a Death Star?
Munch517 22 gün önce
@darugdawg Think more like the energy of 10k-20k of the most powerful nukes ever built
darugdawg 24 gün önce
you need to invent a new power source comparable to a mini nuke in order for that to work
twerking bollocks
twerking bollocks 27 gün önce
@Radagast Nope, it would need to be quite larger than jupiter, and only slightly smaller than the sun.
Ham549 28 gün önce
The blaster bolts only went around 40 mph Becky magnitudes below c.
Radagast 29 gün önce
@Julia Vixen Dang, so it would need to be the size of a moon. George Lucas really did his homework lol
Jesus is Alive!
Jesus is Alive! 27 gün önce
Man I wish I could afford one of those! I can see these being priceless in a body repair shop!
Jack Mears
Jack Mears Aylar önce
Kevin has gone from basic chemistry to making actual weapons. Quite the legend
Alex 5432
Alex 5432 27 gün önce
@GummySatan2 It took me longer than I can describe to notice the s...
GummySatan2 27 gün önce
​@Alex 5432wtf is chesmistry?
Korben The Dog
Korben The Dog Aylar önce
Weapons? Buddy, with what he just did with that dollar bill, I mean this with all seriousness, he's legitimately a threat to national security now. I seriously am worried the FBI is going to call him for this.
A Nother
A Nother Aylar önce
@Kol Vann Yes, a sniper hauling a giant box on wheels won't attract any attention, especially when he asks if there's anywhere he can plug it in. 😁
Old Testament Texan
This is how we get remote controlled lasertanks.
Redemption Aylar önce
I nearly spit out my cereal when I heard that really quiet "shake hands with danger" riff. What a legend lmao
ToastytheG 26 gün önce
Hilarious 😂 😃
Bthsr71 Aylar önce
@Miksterias "Well there's your problem" also uses it with their viewer story segment about workplace mishaps.
JimmyBoy3000 Aylar önce
what cereal where you eating?
Miksterias Aylar önce
I’m surprised there’s anyone commenting on that! It’s SO old lol
Plasma Channel
Plasma Channel Aylar önce
This was epic Kevin. I'd love to see a tear down of the laser. What type of juicy HV we talking about here? Also - that plasma speaker at the end is just delicious.
Purplesanta 17 gün önce
I like how he carries on smiling, when one mistake could kill him.
Angels Joker
Angels Joker Aylar önce
You should do a test to see how much protection safety glasses actually bring. I guess, they are not there to make you stare into a laser but just to prevent the worst if there is some split second reflection from an object you use the laser on.
Cewla 24 gün önce
Styropyro did it, unprotected lenses die instantly but protected lenses can have the laser pointed at em
Perhaps a fragment beam mirror? Could do tests based on duration, %reflected, and more
Blalack77 Aylar önce
Damn.. I want one of those super lasers. Can you teach us how to make a small, cheap version of it?
NightHawkInLight Aylar önce
I've been waiting way too long for someone to screw around on camera with one of these things. I just wanted to see stuff burn up, and you delivered.
AIgoBrRr Aylar önce
@TheDuckMan2523 sure @styropyro does spectacular things with lasers etc. but ladder he has none of these things yet.
TheDuckMan2523 Aylar önce
There’s a TRvid channel called styropyro, I think you’d like them,
Victor Fox
Victor Fox Aylar önce
AIgoBrRr Aylar önce
I've been waiting a while too, couldn't afford one. But now I have more questions. Laser dishwasher, laser toast/steaks and most importantly, can you laser clean a toilet? Is it legal to erase the faces of money and print your own on it? and more importantly, could you still legally pay with it? Basically it is real money?! Damn, I need one of those.
KarmaDotEXE Aylar önce
Amazing content! I've been watching your stuff for years and I've gotta say, you've always been a source of inspiration for me to continue my STEM-related passions. Thank you so much for all you do 😁👏
Clancy TheSnail
Clancy TheSnail Aylar önce
In all honesty, honey is actually pretty good. Glad to see them sponsoring awesome youtubers
Nejoa Aylar önce
Is it perhaps possible to make it thicker, shorter and more compact
Alden Aylar önce
Make many, many, many more videos with this device. This whole project is a braingasm! Holy sh*t, am I excited to see what you do with this!
NineSun Aylar önce
I trinken after the money thing he wont't be posting any videos any time soon. That was a really bad idea. Using that laser in open space is also a bad idea. To be honest he was an absolute asshole for doing it.
Alden Aylar önce
@TheBackyardScientist011 Eff off, Rusbot.
Probably Not my name
Probably Not my name 19 gün önce
It’s very reassuring to see you using the full face mask. People don’t respect these tools enough, basic eye googles wont stop 2kw.
TehFriedwaffles Aylar önce
You can't just put that bad apple in the end and not tell us more! Excellent video as always!
Ferrum Blade
Ferrum Blade 5 gün önce
Rule 86 of the internet: If it exists, Bad Apple!! can be played on it. No exceptions.
Bootaro TC0
Bootaro TC0 Aylar önce
Pandamax Aylar önce
As always, if a medium to play music and video exists, Bad Apple will be played on it.... somehow...
Ja Son2
Ja Son2 Aylar önce
Leave it in Styro Pyro's Hands, What could possible go wrong
Scarlet495 Aylar önce
the best laser ever...
Andrew Salinas
Andrew Salinas Aylar önce
Been waiting soooo long for someone to get a high powered fiber laser and screw around. Please do this more.
Leatherman Aylar önce
We use fiber optics lasers to cut thing gauge sheet metals at work. A laser can give a tremendously clean cut, if you flood the cutting area with a a gas like Nitrogen. Most industrial laser cutters will flood the cut with either oxygen to increase cut speed, or Nitrogen to increase cut quality. Would be interesting to see just how much of a difference the gas really makes, just a suggestion for a future idea.
happyerin1997 Aylar önce
okay honestly i did not see it comming that it would cut down that tree so fast, like i was like okay here comes the 4 hour time-lapse at least.
Adam Aylar önce
Dude, your videos are always top-notch. The science and the way you present it are always entertaining and informative.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 10 gün önce
I'm impressed that this guy is still alive. I like the "probably shouldn't do this but doing it anyway" attitude 👍
MarshmallowFluf1 Aylar önce
Man this is perfect! I was starting to think my chainsaw was becoming too harmless. Now I can burn, cut, and clean with the same tool while still looking like a chainsaw!
WheresWally Aylar önce
and loose one or both retinas .
Jim Fancy-pants
Jim Fancy-pants Aylar önce
@Jons LG you should definitely re-watch old videos this guy is hilarious
Why Wyi
Why Wyi Aylar önce
Eye see what you did there.
Blair Young
Blair Young Aylar önce
Blind people? Don’t be cornea. I’m sure he’ll set up rods and cones when he works. Iris I had one of those.
Matt Cook
Matt Cook Aylar önce
And you can blind people!!!
a. Aylar önce
Loved the video. Thought, I was nervous that someone would wonder out from the house, and get hit by a stray reflection (melted aluminum is very reflective). Note that most laser eye damage is undetectable by the person. Your brain fixes the "holes" in the iimage, so blind spots are difficult to detect.... that is, unless you want to see each decimal place on your spreadsheet.
Philipe jeucéoututkache
Actually a fun and cool fact when it comes to laser welding with these machines: you can have as attachment under the pistol a wire coil of filler metal of any type of metals following what you're welding, that act like a hybrid Mig and Tig welder. For thin metal welding, like, under 10mm, it's so clean with stainless steel that I see to reasons anymore to use a TIG welder, except in case of really large gap when you have to tack for initial assembly ^^
BadSeed 808
BadSeed 808 Aylar önce
First experience with this channel...I like the vibe👊😎, subscribed 🤙
Mr. Glitch
Mr. Glitch Aylar önce
I love the hesitation before you just turn it on it’s exactly what I would do in your situation situation because lasers are too awesome for any warnings to contain it
Mr. Glitch
Mr. Glitch Aylar önce
Seriously thought lasers fricking rock
noimagination99 Aylar önce
I think your 2000W (Solar) square area is about 2X larger than it should be. 2 square meters (or yards) would be close to or over 2000W Solar, depending on time of the year, time of day, latitude, and clouds.
Chance Morine
Chance Morine Aylar önce
Hey good on you for emphasizing the importance of proper PPE. I remember in Physics 2 a professor told us a story about a Yag laser blinding a technician. He had moved his safety glasses up for a better look at what he was working on, dropped a wrench into the beam, and it instantly blinded him in one eye. All within a second. Lasers are legitimately terrifying.
SpydersByte Aylar önce
@Chance Morine arc flash is terrible. I used to be a welder and have dealt with minor flash a few times but major flash a single time and it was INCREDIBLY painful. It literally feels like someone is pouring burning sand into your eyes and theres nothing you can do about it other than flushing and waiting it out.
Fabi Voltair
Fabi Voltair Aylar önce
@TheBackyardScientist lol
BADCad Aylar önce
@TheBackyardScientist u understand why we have the "prime directive " right?
twistedyogert Aylar önce
@nobody nowhere I'm not sure that boiling the vitreous humor in the eye won't cause blindness. Your eye might even explode as things inside it expand. So I'd certainly use safety glasses specially when you can't see the beam. I already have an astigmatism but I can still see.
twistedyogert Aylar önce
@Some guy on the internet A guess that since there's no recoil a lot of people don't seem to understand how dangerous it is. A powerful enough laser can shoot down a missile. It can certainly burn a hole through your retina. I'd argue that safety training should be required to use laser equipment that is rated above class 2.
Ricky B
Ricky B Aylar önce
"Haters will say Laser welding isn't as good as normal welding." That is single-handedly the coolest thing I've ever heard in any TRvid video 😆 👍
Neko Ninja
Neko Ninja Aylar önce
Thank you for advertising the safety third podcast, I was never quite sure what it was and didn't have enough time or curiosity to check it out. Now I think I might try to make some time to do that!
Smiley P
Smiley P Aylar önce
Honestly with a tool like this, that will surely be weponized soon (if not already) safety is EXTREMELY important here, this thing has some SERIOUS harm capabilities and I really think an EXPLICIT warning before the video "do NOT try this at home" always goes without saying, but should NEVER go unsaid regardless, especially when you (temporarily) removed the emergency stop button cap Keep up the good work! But remember safety 3rd is only acceptable as a joke! Haha nothing other than 1st, unless as a joke (which we know because safety first is also said when handling dangerous equipment)
Rei geDo
Rei geDo Aylar önce
Still kinda hard to believe just how powerful this machine is, but that Bad Apple at the end made me chuckle
Bandit Griggs
Bandit Griggs Aylar önce
I forgot it even said chainsaw in the title. It's just a laser video. Haha. Keep up the great content
Acidjr Aylar önce
Um, for someone who has worked in places like the federal reserve, one of the biggest counterfeits we see in the industry is people "washing" ink off smaller bills and printing the larger bills on them. They are usually really bad because its not easy to get the ink off, and they scrub so the texture is off. You just showed them how to do it better lol. One of the biggest challenges in counterfeiting is the paper
Jaster Mareel
Jaster Mareel 11 gün önce
​@G.A.Krueger there is still a lot of counterfeit. It's just usually the cheap, copy paper kind.
G_P_Gon 13 gün önce
@William Kyle Different sized bills also helps the visually impaired use money
Heri Eystberg
Heri Eystberg 19 gün önce
​@Nikoraasu and if the counterfeiting doesn't work out, you can still make money by switching to a legal laser removal business. Win/win!
Axe 20 gün önce
I think they already figure it out long ago, even before he bought the laser.
Dõuble-Penetratiõ 21 gün önce
"Um" 🤓
Ya boi BluddFang
Ya boi BluddFang Aylar önce
I'd just assumed you were gonna vaporize the sawdust from the chainsaw as it cut but I guess that works
Johnathan Flesher
Johnathan Flesher Aylar önce
Love this channel so much. That subtle SpongeBob joke at the end was the cherry on top of a pure gold video😂🙌🏻
Jackson Lundquist
Jackson Lundquist 27 gün önce
what does Bad Apple have to do with SpongeBob?
David Swanson
David Swanson 24 gün önce
It takes a lot for me to get horrified, and the zapping of the currency made all my alarms go off. I hope all is well for him, legally speaking.
Thomas Gires
Thomas Gires Aylar önce
When the plane passes overhead and he looks up, you can *almost* feel his thoughts... "I wonder if i can remove the livery off the side of that plane with the laser" :D
Ian._002 Aylar önce
7:55 He was probably one of the first people ever to kill a spider with a lazer gun
MrGreen Aylar önce
You are now #1 on my list of people I'm actually scared of now. Congrats!
Jacob Aylar önce
@TAC oh
Jacob Aylar önce
@DwergMeneer what about it
Moosetastic Bombastic
Great video! Would love to see Bad Apple in its entirety on the setup you have at the end!
P0tat07 Aylar önce
I need more videos on this. This is awesome.
Rizqi E
Rizqi E Aylar önce
Which is more fun for you on tree trimming? There are chainsaw, laser, flamethrower, vibrating blade, explosive, gun, jackhammer
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker Aylar önce
I’m interested to see if this works with bulletproof or archival ink!
90AMason Aylar önce
would love to have one of these for automotive restoration!
RunanGun90 Aylar önce
The actual "paper" that money is printed on is almost impossible to recreate and unprinted it's extremely valuable, there's been cases in the past of people taking lower denomination bills, stripping them, and then reprinting them as higher value bills so I wouldn't be surprised if Secret Service came knocking lol.
Eclipse538 Aylar önce
@Canaan Hagemeister are you gullible enough to believe any of the "counterfeit tactics" that commenters are saying here? LMAO
Skip ads
Skip ads Aylar önce
@Aaron: Where did you get that bizarre internet idea that the phone book & U.S. currency are the same paper?
NightRogue Aylar önce
@Conor Stewart well best believe the counterfeiters knew about this before this dude did, I almost guarantee it lol. I was more or less making a joke - I don’t really think they would come knocking, but then again I would not be shocked if they did
Jason Alen
Jason Alen Aylar önce
@A Nother *no, not on. :P
mattymerr701 Aylar önce
@GetTheFOutOfMyWay laser* it's an acronym, futsy US spelling doesn't change that
fuba44 Aylar önce
Omfg, that was epic. One hell of a good video. You made my weekend for sure!
Tom Wolf
Tom Wolf Aylar önce
even though if you cannot see the beam is it still good for your eyes?... and what is the long term test on eyes at this light range?
Vasyl Sky
Vasyl Sky Aylar önce
It's surprising you can buy something like this. I'm wondering if dangerous things over a certain price aren't regulated much just because there aren't many people, who can and will spend lots of money on them for no particular purpose
Blind Sighted
Blind Sighted Aylar önce
Wow! that is impresive! Thank you for the great work in putting this video!
David J. Gallardo
David J. Gallardo Aylar önce
Kevin, can the laser be used to remove paint from wood? I have to strip 60 kitchen type cabinets with lots of detailed trim, so I'm looking for a fast and easy way to do it.... sandblasting is the leader for now.
From The Backseat
From The Backseat Aylar önce
It would burn the cabinets like crazy.
brunky89890 Aylar önce
Oh boy, I've never been so glad to be awake at midnight! Kevin: these laser heads cost a thousand dollars to replace so you have to be careful with them. Also Kevin: *attaches laser to chainsaw* Now that's the backdoor scientist we all know and love!
Quzga Aylar önce
also burns dollar
brunky89890 Aylar önce
@Sherwin If you think that's funny I would highly recommend that you check out the safety third podcast, that's where I got it from!
Chance Goodling
Chance Goodling Aylar önce
Scrapman: you dare oppose me mortal
Jons LG
Jons LG Aylar önce
The spec of dust thing is actually true too lol, that spec will heat up in a microsecond and burn the lense
Sherwin Aylar önce
lmao backdoor scientist
ByronTheUsurper Aylar önce
I watched some safety third when it just started but you guys are going crazy!
tunnsie Aylar önce
If I had one of these, I hope I would have a lot of fun before going blind. Growing up on a farm, I always wished for a magical way to clean up rusty equipment. This is pretty much it.
Jamie Collins
Jamie Collins 26 gün önce
I think I would really like to use one of these. It's like power washing but with metal.
Bthsr71 Aylar önce
I never considered how fiber optic could one day become weapons grade.
WatchMeDo 28 gün önce
That fact that this can be bought by anyone is absolutely astounding.
Jay Michael
Jay Michael Aylar önce
I am so glad the secret service still lets you make videos. I sure do enjoy them!
Jordan Aylar önce
you know what? the thing that he does with the bill is kind of classified...
Cory Carlson
Cory Carlson Aylar önce
@Jons LG secret service goes after anything money related.... I think that's what he was referring to. He does have a dog though I think, so he should worry about the ATF as well.
Jons LG
Jons LG Aylar önce
The ATF just hasn't figured out how to classify this as a firearm yet. Once they do.. it'll be limited to the point that it's worthless lol
T P Aylar önce
In the event of a world War, Kevin is their greatest asset. That's why they are cool with him
Casey Dalager
Casey Dalager Aylar önce
I dunno if its a recurring joke on this channel but I love that the "Shake Hands With Danger" song exists outside of niche safety videos from the 70s now. It slaps too hard to be kept in the past!
DGneoseeker1 Aylar önce
I just realised that with fibre-optic cables, having a laser turret on your house to shoot burglars is actually viable...
Dale Clay
Dale Clay 26 gün önce
I wonder, what is the maximum distance this laser can penetrate one of the aluminum cans he pierced holes in? It might give some interesting perspective on the lasers the military carries on ships to take out missiles.
X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii Aylar önce
If only someone could fit the whole laser into the handle…. Then we could potentially have an actual effective laser pistol of sorts…
Z Aylar önce
When the lasers takes 3 sec to cut down a tree, and becomes lighter, you can use them in forestry
Ad Am
Ad Am Aylar önce
Video should have been longer! Your stuff is the best!
I love these videos, never stop bro
MapleSyrupGuy Aylar önce
I’m amazed that a laser that powerful is permitted to just be wielded freehand instead of being part of a machine like a traditional laser cutter or something like that
caiobex Aylar önce
I mean... When Will asked for ideas to trim his trees I didn't think you'd have the answer that quickly
Jesus Christ is God
Jesus Christ is God 28 gün önce
There's an iron pole in India that never rusts and I read that part of the composition was chlorine. Was wondering what properties a steel mixed with powdered chlorine would be, and steel and borax, and steel and chlorine and borax would be in blade form.
theX24968B Aylar önce
I want styropyro's thoughts on this thing now. or for him to come down there and overclock it / beef it up.
Habibee Aylar önce
You should actually try to cut down a 4ft tree
lol lol
lol lol Aylar önce
we need the pyro quickly!
Mike Morzinski
Mike Morzinski Aylar önce
no, just no
The Keeper
The Keeper Aylar önce
@Tslim At least it would cauterize the wound as it goes...
Tslim Aylar önce
@Darryl Pioch at 2000watts that thing has enough power to cut right through steel plate like butter. The only saving grace is the focusing lens makes them beam divergent. all 2000watts focused at even a point the size of a dime would cut right through you.
torginus Aylar önce
Another thing to add to my "Things I thought were super-secret military tech, but you can actually order it from Aliexpress" list.
BarsMonster Aylar önce
Awesome video! Which laser power you've got? There are 3 options...
hans hubert
hans hubert Aylar önce
good thing about laser slomo is, you dont need to provide a powerful lightsource to compensate the short exposure time. a perfect match
linglin92 Aylar önce
I think it's a great tool to clean his own workspace too
Amira Lozse
Amira Lozse 26 gün önce
thats by far the craziest, most epic and simply the best laser video i came across ever!! well done mate, well done!
Chris Aylar önce
This man using lasers for destructive purposes makes me truly believe that we're living in the goddamn future. Also, playing Bad Apple at the end caught me so off guard.
Marvin Gómez
Marvin Gómez Aylar önce
same here but it was cool, I like his style hahaha
Random Channel
Random Channel Aylar önce
Chum Chad
Chum Chad Aylar önce
Now time to make it into a lasgun like those in WH 40k
Calibaba Aylar önce
Hi very interesting. Thank you . I think a laser is the best way to shoot down a high altitude spy balloon. Will it burn a hole on the balloon’s plastic skin from the ground? Or from 50000 ft?
Akevanandhispipe 27 gün önce
Lazer welding is the strongest most penetrating welding process, I've never worked with it but I'm a welder and I know when a process is superior. It's the the penetration of a plasma cutter with unparalleled precision arc characteristic modulation. It's crazy stuff. Basically a mix of lazer 3d printing and welding.
SneakyRocket742 Aylar önce
I aspire to be this man when I grow up
Harry F
Harry F 19 gün önce
If you are curious to how this thing can harm you when you can’t see the beam, it’s because it will burn your retina the same way it burns rust.
Snek Aylar önce
I need a full video of Bad Apple vintage oscilloscope version
Copyright Aylar önce
It's been done before, but I do want a Backyard Scientist version
Tony Berryman
Tony Berryman Aylar önce
Question for you: I've heard that lasers have a very limited range - they diffuse in atmosphere. How far can you shoot that thing and still have it cut something? (I'm a sci fi author, so this would be quite useful to know). Thanks!
ren belmont
ren belmont Aylar önce
nice safety third plug, you got the only parts of the show where you're not talking over eachother (I love safety third)
Jero Toro
Jero Toro 11 gün önce
You can make a sort-of lightsaber with this, just get a laser dump that can handle that beam and attach it to the emitter on a long rod. Would make it much safer too.
Golden Knight
Golden Knight Aylar önce
I love that William ozman is a super fan of this man and now is on a podcast with him
xdopesausex 13 gün önce
I would love to see him try to make a brightly lit room dark with light
Shane Steward
Shane Steward Aylar önce
I love how you’re steadily becoming a supervillain. Truly an icon.
Grumps Aylar önce
Honestly I think he's there, just needs the funding.. *Dr Evil inpression* "$1billion dollars!"
Commander Noob
Commander Noob Aylar önce
"I'm not exaggerating when I say my first welds with a Mig welder were an actual cognito-hazard." Boy, that takes me back to my first days of Mig welding lol
Earl Duke
Earl Duke Aylar önce
Laser is awesome. Make more of the rocket harpoon videos!!
Whetshu Aylar önce
the fact that you hit us with the oscilloscope bad apple at the end...
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