I Built a Giant LEGO Train in a Snowy Forest!

Half-Asleep Chris
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- This video was made in paid partnership with The LEGO Group

I Built a Giant LEGO Train in a Snowy Forest! I built the ultimate winter adventure for my LEGO Cargo Train, including a REAL forest inside a giant snowglobe, a LEGO winter village, a storybook tunnel, an ice cave, a gingerbread village, and even the northern lights!



26 Kas 2021




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Tiago Catarino
Tiago Catarino Aylar önce
You have 7 LEGO Gingerbread houses?! That's amazing, I actually designed it while working for LEGO so that makes me really happy to know! Lovely video as well :)
Trdsasizz 123
Trdsasizz 123 12 saatler önce
@Half-Asleep Chris can you tell me where you buy your cardboard bricks at, I really want some for my cat, they also look like a lot of fun
Liz Velez
Liz Velez 3 gün önce
The bond between Chris and Lego is amazing
Ethen Keth
Ethen Keth 3 gün önce
It’s him!
Chirp FPV
Chirp FPV 4 gün önce
@Sean Chin its not a weird flex its an awesome flex
Speedypatt 5 gün önce
lol 20 gün önce
I really love all the work Chris puts into making us all this awesome videos, so he really deserves that sponsorship
Kollepii 3 gün önce
@WARNINGCubdles And ChaserChase lmao shut up you have sonic and the patrol dog pfp your opinions are automatically invalid
WarCrimeCommiter69 7 gün önce
@WARNINGCubdles And ChaserChase no lmao the comment is copied
NOT a                    bot
NOT a bot 11 gün önce
@WARNINGCubdles And ChaserChase i think other people will know who the 5 year old is
NOT a                    bot
NOT a bot 11 gün önce
@WARNINGCubdles And ChaserChase you cant even spell attention
Depression me
Depression me Aylar önce
The amount of effort Chris does is incredible even though he’s always half asleep
Golden Railways
Golden Railways 2 gün önce
I don't know how to feel about that pun
happy mercury
happy mercury 4 gün önce
YA1050G Æ
YA1050G Æ 22 gün önce
Just image Chris fully awake when hes already half asleep and he is so good
Depression me
Depression me Aylar önce
@Anthony Quayle why does it sound true though XD
Depression me
Depression me Aylar önce
@jay Vern thanks lol
The Bourne Network
The Bourne Network Aylar önce
This man really went and built the Christmas I’ve always dreamed of living. Hats off to you sir.
Karen Hunter
Karen Hunter Aylar önce
Finally! Chris got the Lego sponsorship he deserves!!
Tim Shred
Tim Shred Gün önce
Sadly, lego sucks.
GD Brave web browser
@Jamez {I’m a bird} {I’m a gamer} lego stole this video
Sam Tait
Sam Tait Gün önce
Year Yeah
Bilby channel
Bilby channel 2 gün önce
JELLY The only gunner
Oh hi and yesssssss
Eric Epperson
Eric Epperson Aylar önce
As stunning as the different LEGO scenes and the work involved in putting this together, I'm most amazed at ... the number of straight LEGO train track pieces you have lol
Shrky Aylar önce
Okay so let me start off by saying, I love everything about this video. I just today found your channel and have been slowly working my way through your videos. You are doing an outstanding amount of work. I absolutely love the way you make every step of the construction process feel so effortless and enjoyable, even though you must spend countless hours/days struggling with the minor details and slip ups. Your creative direction and playful vibes are so fun to watch come to life with every train stop. I caught myself thinking “the forest looks so lush and beautiful” thinking that was the finale only to be left in awe by how realistic the ice caves looked and felt. Your creativity and dedication is so inspiring and although I have only seen a few videos of yours thus far, I can promise that I will be a long term subscriber. You seriously need to be considered for a position on the Lego team as they would be extremely lucky to have your playful perspective for the next generation of Lego kits and years to come. 10/10 video, please keep up the good work.
God of beans
God of beans 2 gün önce
I agree with this comment.
Frankie Rzucek Jr
Frankie Rzucek Jr Aylar önce
Very cool seeing everything from the trains point of view. I really liked the translucent Lego bricks. I'd love to build something like this. Great work and how cool is it that Lego noticed you and helped send you supplies. Merry Christmas 🎄 Ps. Love the doughnut cat and her name Bella. That's my nieces name.
Bentley Mullet
Bentley Mullet Aylar önce
Wow! I can't imagine how long this took to build. My favorite part was either the forest/village or the yeti cave!
Joel Creates
Joel Creates Aylar önce
Very cool, projects on rails are the best!
ikatz876 ``                     down event is here
Agret 17 gün önce
They certainly have a touch of magic about them and make for very fun videos to watch.
Pi Cubing Official
Pi Cubing Official 29 gün önce
Reminds me of a certain youtuber who made an irl Minecart
Seaweed And Seafood
I found the Lost video yesterday. From him that says Ralph plush gone :(
Felix Aylar önce
I really love all the work Chris puts into making us all this awesome videos, so he really deserves that sponsorship
NOT a                    bot
NOT a bot 11 gün önce
now lol
NOT a                    bot
NOT a bot 15 gün önce
you got comment botted by light
devo1afi Aylar önce
The coolest thing I've seen in many years. Wow this is dedication. I smiled the whole time & even teared up at the end with how beautiful & awesome it is! Thanks dude!!
Jenny Richardson
Jenny Richardson Gün önce
Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the time and effort he put into this project I love it and he definitely deserves a pat on the back!
CC-5869 Aylar önce
I've had Lego since I was very young, and seeing this is remarkable, just the way you made the trees and the caves, using remote control wheels to power the cylinder, everything is like a dream and I can't believe Lego sponsored you!
Fledhyris Proudhon
Fledhyris Proudhon 3 gün önce
@Agret Lol exactly! Chris beats the entire Lego marketing team hands-down. Really they should save money and just hire him permanently, give him everything they make and say 'go do you, Chris!' :D
Agret 17 gün önce
I believe it, how could they not when he creates such amazing builds? This video makes me want to go out and buy more Lego!
Sarah Aylar önce
This is incredible! I love how much work you put into it. The outside dome journey was magical. Makes me want to crack open some festive Lego.
Fledhyris Proudhon
Fledhyris Proudhon 3 gün önce
Never was a company more satisfied than with this promotion! You put the imagination back into Lego, which is so cool to see. Once again, I love the geodesic dome scene best, the forest tunnel was so realistic and I would love to live in that little village by the waterfall! The ice tunnel was super cool (ha ha) too. Silly Chris, of course the cats were grumpy, they expected treats! I thought little frosted Dreamies might come spilling out of the train ;)
Mark Sands-Foy
Mark Sands-Foy Aylar önce
Hi Chris, great videos and loved your winter wonderland you built! Quick question if you don’t mind….what camera do you attach to the front of your train to video the journey ?
Fledhyris Proudhon
Fledhyris Proudhon 3 gün önce
I could be wrong, but I'm assuming he uses the same camera he used to film life from his cats' pov, which is in another video - because I remember him bringing them back out for the roller coaster! So if it is those, he details them a lot in the cat vid, it's another promo :)
P F Aylar önce
what a wondrous, magical, touching tribute to the spirit of this season. Thank you so much for your imagination, skills, patience, and fortitude in putting this beautiful trip together for all of us!
hannahcheng Aylar önce
Getting Lego to sponsor a lego-fanatic is literally a dream come true! So happy for you Chris, this is one of the most awesome videos I have seen on your channel :) Wish you, Danielle, Ralph (and Rolph) and Bella an early Merry Christmas, and to everyone who celebrates it too!
LachieDooda Aylar önce
@Ishaan Menon And Tom (R.I.P)
Pro Medic #2
Pro Medic #2 Aylar önce
Wow this dude literally did everything by himself. What a determined man, we respect
Looks incredible! Though I wonder how many times the train derailed while making this? Looks like it starts to at a few points, but cleaver cut aways hide the truth!
Furiousgaming20 26 gün önce
This has to be one of the coolest creations I’ve ever seen! You have literally brought my childhood dream into real life by creating this!! All kids wanted to make something fun and realistic but we had no idea what we were doing 😂, but you, you made this with such excellence and I’m impressed in every manor of it!! Well done!!
Farhan Nahi
Farhan Nahi Aylar önce
Imagine being on a train and actually having a journey like this, it would've been the best journey of my life in earth.
Igor Gheorghiţă
Igor Gheorghiţă Aylar önce
The amount of work put on these videos is insane. Keep it up Chris!
MrJub Aylar önce
BlanQ• Aylar önce
Amount* you made a mistake
wut✨ Aylar önce
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the lengths Chris will go just to entertain us?
World Traveling Foody
World Traveling Foody 29 gün önce
Wow, what an incredible video. My favorite part was the snow forest. That looked sooooo damn cool when the train was passing it. Well done sir. What's next?
Shirley Aylar önce
Absolutely epic! Imagination and skill working together. Just beautiful. Merry Christmas! You made mine brighter! 🎄
Wojtek Dobrowolski
Wojtek Dobrowolski Aylar önce
I was a little sceptical at the beginning of the video as to what will come out of it but it turned out absolutely stunning!
Cody Ols
Cody Ols Aylar önce
The crazy amount of time and energy you must have put into this totally paid off! This is incredible. The village and forest were my favorite part of the build. But as always, your unique humor commentary is what brings me back to watch again and again.
Captainjimmy 230
Captainjimmy 230 Aylar önce
That And his cats
Alisha Joseph
Alisha Joseph Aylar önce
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Veston Velcruze
Veston Velcruze Aylar önce
Holy crap, this is awesome. My mouth was gaping the whole time. I love Legos, and this makes me warm inside (despite the cold). Literally awesome. Amazing job!
Daniel Linton
Daniel Linton Gün önce
hey chris! if you ever want to make a video like this again, you could use clear resin for the lego ice cube tray, it’ll be clear like ice when it dries. sick video, dude!
Sunday Special
Sunday Special Aylar önce
I can't understand how one person can be this insanely creative. His imagination is unlimited
Jon Henderson
Jon Henderson Aylar önce
I really appreciate all of the work you put into this, it truly brought me joy.
bangtan's unicorn
bangtan's unicorn Aylar önce
The snowy forest is unbelievably beautiful, I felt as if I was actually there. This was amazing, I really appreciate the effort you put into this! Wish I could go on a real train ride like this
FaidoPlays Aylar önce
Yeah same with the music
Abby Kartzinel
Abby Kartzinel Aylar önce
This brought back memories of building the Lego Monorail with my brothers every Christmas in the 80’s! Thanks for all your effort here! It was amazing! Makes me want to by a train and some track for my kids!
Norbert Horváth
Norbert Horváth Aylar önce
It is so incredible, I almost forget how insanely expensive would be if I wanted to buy even a fraction of those... :)
Noriaki Freecss
Noriaki Freecss Aylar önce
Props to this guy, who had 40 years to build this masterpiece
Gamer_Pro1600 Aviation
The amount of time this guy puts in to Lego is impressive, I mean I do my own Lego runs but not so much.
Joseph Taberner
Joseph Taberner Aylar önce
The amount of effort Chris puts into his videos is unbelievable!
RedKnight Aylar önce
That’s why he’s half asleep lmao
Danielle Reins
Danielle Reins Aylar önce
yah I think the same thing!!!!,good job Chris!!!!
Ingrid Indirasari
Ingrid Indirasari Aylar önce
It's really unbelievable
Ansarplayz_32 Aylar önce
Click_theElf! Aylar önce
Yeah, it is unbelievable!
Wild crew
Wild crew Aylar önce
Just appreciate how much work he put into this.
Ralphy Animations
Ralphy Animations Aylar önce
the amount of effort you put into this is so outstanding i cannot express my feelings in words, i cannot believe how you did this even though you're half asleep.
Minty 22 gün önce
I love that Chris has been sponsored by Lego and that he has made such a gorgeous custom build
C Y Jimny Lo
C Y Jimny Lo 22 gün önce
What’s beautiful Lego Christmas wonderland!! Chris, happy new year and all best wishes to you and your family 😍
OskarRacing101 Aylar önce
Another one of Chris' amazing videos. This was such a good idea, especially when it's near winter. This guy never clickbaits, and when what he strives to do will just do fine for the audience, he adds even more on top of it to perfection. This is one of the reasons why Half-Asleep Chris is one of my favourite TRvidrs, and I hope his channel can keep growing like it is right now.
Jodie Bartholomew Oates
You deserve way more likes. Like you deserve like 10k likes.
Falken-NT Aylar önce
The amount of wholesome that resonates in every moment of this video is almost overwhelming.
Kasey Lamer
Kasey Lamer 7 gün önce
Absolutely incredible!! You really outdid yourself this time Chris!!
RedBigGamer1 Aylar önce
It's amazing what you can accomplish and how much creativity one individual can do! But the realization hit me.. it's going to be a pain to clean all this up afterwards.
Miki Avidan
Miki Avidan Aylar önce
Stunning work Chris. It’s like a virtual visit to a model village at Christmas. 🎄🛤🚂
Xiax C
Xiax C Aylar önce
The amount of effort Chris puts into his videos is crazy! I can't imagine how long it for him to build and think of this project.
Nil Akash
Nil Akash Aylar önce
This video is so underated. Can we take a moment to just appreciate what he has done?!
Jonny Oborn
Jonny Oborn 20 gün önce
Amazing so cool, especially since that whole winter village cost probably near 2,000, we have all of them and have been collecting them and I know right after they go out for sale they become so expensive! I love all the effort thank you
Lela E
Lela E Aylar önce
This is awesome. I've never been interested in Legos but this entire video had me captivated. What a masterpiece. TYFS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤❤❤❤
Itching balls
Itching balls Aylar önce
Crhis you don't know how happy I feel every time you posts, It's always so cozy and warm, thank you.
p_tricky Gaming!
p_tricky Gaming! Aylar önce
I’m glad I asked about the train under the tree in the background in the previous video and I’m glad you are back with lego trains again! I have the lego cargo (I got it a few weeks ago) and passenger train as well as both boxes of extra track! I built the track going around my bedroom but is was nowhere as cool as yours! I also bought the Bella plush toy and colouring book! Great work Chris from Australia!
Giulio Seregni
Giulio Seregni Aylar önce
I can’t wait for the Bella and Ralph plush’s to arrive!!!😍😍😍
Axisianovy klipy
Axisianovy klipy Aylar önce
you guys have lego? :D
@Half-Asleep Chris great video.but are there supposed to.be holes.they kinda ruin the.vibe a.bit
Catindahood Aylar önce
Your awesome Chris I’m asking for your plushies for chriu
koby soup
koby soup Aylar önce
Jay 6 saatler önce
Chris is the wholesome youtuber everyone needs. Love your videos!
Goosebumps Aylar önce
Wow- this is incredible, Chris deserves that lego sponsorship and he also deserves more subscribers!!
Riffska 2k
Riffska 2k 8 gün önce
When I watch your lego themed videos I immediately go "god, turn me into a minifigure right NOW" because they are amazing and I would absolutely love to just dive right into your tiny little lego wonderland.
Lightxx 12 gün önce
Great video! I love all three of these large-scale Lego projects! Maybe you could make another?
Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf Aylar önce
I can't explain this enough; Chris is one of the most cheeriest and sweetest youtubers i know. I have built a few lego sets in my life but just can't even start to imagine how long it took him to build every single one of those sets block by block,and just... i am bad at explaining my thoughts but i want to say that every time i am sad,this channel cheers me up and actually got me into collecting coins! Glad to say i have a very big collection now :)
Galaxy Quest Studios
I love collecting coins. About a month ago I got a very cool 270 AD Roman Coin. 😃
Harry O'Neill
Harry O'Neill Aylar önce
ConsumeSock 23 gün önce
They’re so stinking adorable!!!! Quite the lucky man to have two gorgeous cats like Ralph and Bella! I love both of them, and I’m happy you spoil them as much as you do, with faces like that, the deserve all of the toys and treats in the world!
kumudini bavineni
kumudini bavineni 22 gün önce
I just love watching how he plans it out and the amazing views
Cynthia Hellsten
Cynthia Hellsten Aylar önce
WOW! So much creativity, imagination and attention to detail! Incredible! Cute kitties too!
Casper Fourie
Casper Fourie Aylar önce
Now I'm incredibly jealous of two things: all that Lego and the two cats who should get all the scritches
Axolotl From Mars
Axolotl From Mars Aylar önce
I can't imagine how Chris cleans this stuff up. But I have to say that train ride made me feel Christmas 😌
Caroline Jordan
Caroline Jordan Aylar önce
You know Christmas is a pager holiday right
Joeyma01 23 gün önce
The amount of effort you put into this is insane!
Definitely Random Stuff XD
Well Chris, this is quite something! I have loved railways since I was a 1 year old!
S r
S r Aylar önce
So good! Love the creative ideas for those crafts👍
grace Crosby
grace Crosby Aylar önce
Such creativity; and I loved that you included your cats. What could you create if you had unlimited funds at your disposal?
CrankyPants Aylar önce
Excellent job, Chris. I can’t even imagine how much work that was, but it was all worth it. The designs, the actual building, and the filming/editing involved in this video are all incredible. You definitely did Lego and yourself proud. I hope you, the lovely Danielle, and your families have been doing well. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Mercury Beats
Mercury Beats Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-C5wpEQIoBfo.html. . . . .
Magic Starland
Magic Starland Aylar önce
I love art, and the work ,effort, and patience is amazing.
Angelin Paul
Angelin Paul Aylar önce
Thanks dear Chris Even though what you built was actually a bit small it felt like I was traveling through
General Gamer
General Gamer Aylar önce
This man achieved what I could never . He modified LEGO sets made a giant dome and amazing decorations. He must have a lot of imagination.
this is incredible, and so damn well done too.
Fynn Aylar önce
The editing The stop motion The ideas Its just- 👌
BEETLE 28 gün önce
Never had the lego train. Your creativity and lego sponsorship, congratulations, made it an epic trip!!!
Nzredwolf 3 gün önce
This is INCREDIBLE, and would make for an awesome 360 VR experience, just attach a small 360 camera onto the train!
Stephen Moncrieff
Stephen Moncrieff Aylar önce
The forest was amazing!! I loved the whole train ride!!
Xilef gamer
Xilef gamer 29 gün önce
Hi Chris, me and my little brother love your videos. Especially this one. Today was obviously Christmas and my brother got a half asleep colouring book as one of his presents. When he unwrapped it he bounced around the living room in delight. I was as happy as he was. It would make our year if you could reply. As I'm writing this comment he is saying he is your biggest fan. P.S we have a very fluffy cat named anenome and it would also please her very much if you replied. Merry Christmas, Felix and Milo (your biggest fans. :)
Half-Asleep Chris
Half-Asleep Chris 28 gün önce
Hey Felix & Milo! i hope you like the colouring book and have a wonderful Christmas!
The Commenter
The Commenter Aylar önce
Intro: 0:04 Winter Village (also start of construction): 1:09 "Storybook Vortex": 3:19 Northern lights chamber: 4:23 Gingerbread Village: 4:52 Ice Cave: 5:55 Project completion and train ride: 6:54 Revelation of the cats' presents and outro: 9:37 I hope the timestamps help! :)
Alisha Joseph
Alisha Joseph Aylar önce
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Michael Carter
Michael Carter Aylar önce
@Miley Cyrush 💦🍎 😐🪓
sergiob614 Aylar önce
Thank you for your hard work
Judah Sagawa
Judah Sagawa Aylar önce
It would be helpful, but these videos are so entertaining that I like to watch the whole thing.
Flummiification Aylar önce
This build is lovely and great but are there loop versions of it and in a higher frame rate?
Badrone Aylar önce
This is absolutely heart warming.. your video's are the best, keep it up! (this is probably the best video I've seen this December) 👍
Funky Fried Alien
Funky Fried Alien Aylar önce
This guy is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD at this stuff! It's amazing!
Nuno Meneses
Nuno Meneses 20 gün önce
So beautiful
Fat Hippo
Fat Hippo Aylar önce
Chris your Lego creations are amazing your creativity is incredible your humour is perfect and your determination is admirable. you sir are an incredible person and content creator
Tommy Aylar önce
I agree too
Levi cool
Levi cool Aylar önce
I agree
stone Philpott
stone Philpott Aylar önce
This is amazing and it would be cool to see this in a vr version were u can look around as it's moving it would really make if seam like ur riding the tran. amazing job and I hope to see more
Remlap's House
Remlap's House Aylar önce
This guy deserves way more than just 1.3 million subscribers! Great Channel keep up the good work
superpreston8 Aylar önce
Chris every time I watch one of your videos it makes me feel really good please don’t stop being original and making videos
Z A N I U M  Project
Well done hope you the best in your future lego adventures, I would never have the patience to do half of this project.
BloxyCoaster1442 Aylar önce
We all have to accept that this guy is just amazing at building with Lego, he just has a talent. Hats off!!
Pɾσƚҽɠҽ Aylar önce
True!! trvid.com/video/video-Va9EBfcVyKA.html . . ..
Kovi Aylar önce
Where are his builds? This is not building with lego. This is building something then placing lego sets into the build. Still looks great but not the same.
BoxxrCereal Aylar önce
@doggo yes he is, yes he is
doggo Aylar önce
He's a master builder
Finn is a fish
Finn is a fish 17 gün önce
Chris is so underrated when he is posting stuff like this he deserves a lot more subscribers.
Janet Robinson
Janet Robinson Aylar önce
Wow, you built the most amazing train set ever even if the kitties were not impressed. Cats do not impress easily. I didn't realize that Lego had so many different products. It was a fun video to watch.
Let's appreciate how much effort and money this guy used to make this
septic sludge productions
Happy new years Chris! I hope this year would be better then the last one. Just stopped bye to say hi and I hope you have a nice weekend with Ralph and Bella.
miRza Aylar önce
"It's been forty years" Of course thats a joke, but the lego saw is just a proof of how far Chris could've gone for his viewers. He deserves more subscribers and likes.
grayflicks 25 gün önce
if this is your first video by Chris, please, go watch some of his other ones too. the amount of detail are amazing.
Evo Aylar önce
The fact that you were able to complete this with two cat just baffles me, my cats especially woozi would never let me get halfway through this!
live well with EDS
it looks so much better to have real tiny trees than Lego trees!!! I love it omg
We have to give props to this guy for the BIG effort
Ruwani Thanuja
Ruwani Thanuja Aylar önce
Chris' creativity just makes the holiday spirit feel even more magical!
Alisha Joseph
Alisha Joseph Aylar önce
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FoxGamerBoy Aylar önce
WHY? Aylar önce
Dude,I love your’e builds!You’ve been inspiring me for months, keep going;)
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