I Built A CREEPER CITY in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#54)

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Today I built a giant creeper city in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore! This city includes a giant glass dome with green building inside of it! This project required me to mine thousands of terracotta, concrete, and wool, as well as make an AFK Cactus farm for green dye! I also tried to fight the Warden and the Wither at the same time!

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2 Eyl 2022




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Farzy 3 aylar önce
Hope you all enjoyed the fancy new edits! All hail the creeper city! 😎 Next episode should be out next Saturday! I wanna get back in the habit of posting every Saturday :)
Maddy Gün önce
Do a endermen city next ❤
Jennifer bombase
Jennifer bombase 3 gün önce
SweetieShortcake 14 gün önce
MBO. NO. NOT TO you mot.
Goldie Wags
Goldie Wags 24 gün önce
You should build a desert castle
Tzmah09 28 gün önce
Put mending on the shears in the sheep farm and also unbreaking so then you dont need to fix it
Claire Nguyen
Claire Nguyen 3 aylar önce
Hi Farzy your builds just get better and better.Keep on being one of the best TRvidrs!
Rat Man gaming
Rat Man gaming 3 aylar önce
Yes he is THE BEST TRvidR
Sandmaster900 3 aylar önce
He just hit 9000 subs by the end of the year he should have 1mill go Farzy.
Kristin DeSario
Kristin DeSario 3 aylar önce
Go farzy
Ivy Del Valle Morales
Do you know when you said you like to build a desert you know those bunnies in the desert build a city for them
Damian Harris
Damian Harris 2 aylar önce
I’ve never heard of you before but you’re a stand up guy for wishing that kid a happy birthday! Need more TRvidrs like you Fr
Emma Pedrera Lucido
Emma Pedrera Lucido 2 aylar önce
Anita Nandori
Anita Nandori 2 aylar önce
Milascon Luca
Milascon Luca Aylar önce
You always know its gonna be a good day when Farzy uploads. This videos are awesome keep the good work👍👍👍
a red box nation
a red box nation 2 aylar önce
Great job! I would have a really hard time building this in hardcore, and you make it seem so easy!
Ishan 3 aylar önce
An idea for a desert build- An upgraded desert temple with a dungeon with traps and puzzles
Ishan 2 aylar önce
@Angel Bowman ???
Angel Bowman
Angel Bowman 2 aylar önce
No u
Angel Bowman
Angel Bowman 2 aylar önce
^ I NO
Super Animation
Super Animation 2 aylar önce
Ishan 2 aylar önce
@Super Animation hey I saw your animations those were great
Kelsey Games
Kelsey Games 3 aylar önce
I really like the new edits it always makes me smile 😃
Anthony Trombetta
Anthony Trombetta 2 aylar önce
I don’t care if you lose the challenge all I care about is your beautiful hardcore world
Kelsey Games
Kelsey Games 3 aylar önce
I really like the new edits it always makes me smile 😃
Alyssa Pugh
Alyssa Pugh 3 aylar önce
I just realized that you’ve built so much in hard-core without dying
Jboy714 3 aylar önce
Just a tip: you can add red candles around the place to look like little sticks of dynamite. Still tho, the build looks great as always! Keep up the good work!
Pricey memes
Pricey memes 2 aylar önce
You should build a pyramid well specifically for pyramids one in the desert one in your town one in the sky and one in the sea
Swanstar 28 gün önce
The editing is on point for this ep!
SG Trucks And Buses spotter
Desert themed idea: Abandoned city covered in sand. You can like make a lot of husks go to the city. 1 More question. Were you in a rush while editing this video? You have like a couple of spelling mistakes. Also when you said dont drink water I was drinking coke 😅
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
An idea for a desert build- An upgraded desert temple with a dungeon with traps and puzzles
Gethin Tyrer-Davies
Gethin Tyrer-Davies 3 aylar önce
Love how Farzy is celebrating and representing the end of many hard-core worlds
Lucas Giacomini Germer
Farzy you are getting way better at building you inspired me to learn how to get beter at building and love the new set up and video style
MylesWorldwide 3 aylar önce
Rat Man gaming
Rat Man gaming 3 aylar önce
Aranck N
Aranck N 3 aylar önce
Rip Beppos series
FireGamez 3 aylar önce
12:46 Farzy: "cant forget the arm rests..." (creepers dont even have arms lol)
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 aylar önce
Thank you for taking the time to make videos they always put a smile
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 aylar önce
Make a coustom desert pyramid
Nathaniel Estalilla
Nathaniel Estalilla 2 aylar önce
Hey farzy the best smelting item is the kelp blocks just 3 block can almost smelt a full stack of items and it's really cheap
Filoya Personal
Filoya Personal 3 aylar önce
I love your videos Farzy!!!! You are the best Hardcore TRvidr!!
magic ;\
magic ;\ 3 aylar önce
You should make like an upgraded desert temple or an egyptian tomb of sorts that could be really cool! You could also do a sphinx or a sandstone monument of yourself like you did with the ores. Also creeper city looks AMAZING!! ;)
Grayson Ashby
Grayson Ashby Aylar önce
@magic ;\ thanks for the info I have been on my mind last year but it has a different system and a different code 👨🏽‍💻 and you need it so I know how it goes for it thanks 😊 love 💕 I hope 🤞 don’t know how long I will take care you for this love 💕 thanks 😊 I appreciate your info bye ✌️ love
Isaac Jimenez
Isaac Jimenez Aylar önce
I think it’s stupid
magic ;\
magic ;\ 2 aylar önce
@Rocco Langevin Yeah that would be cool
Rocco Langevin
Rocco Langevin 2 aylar önce
Would a prismarine, snow, and ice planet including a ring around like saturn be a good build idea. Tell your thoughts about.
Valia Siranidou
Valia Siranidou 3 aylar önce
Yeah that would be cool
Omar Abouhoch
Omar Abouhoch 2 gün önce
Sandstone factory?
Vy Hang
Vy Hang Aylar önce
I love the creeper city I might try and build it sometime. Ps. I love all your builds and videos
Kevin Mcginley
Kevin Mcginley 2 aylar önce
I love the editing it is nice 👍
Kayla Macklin
Kayla Macklin Aylar önce
I love 😍 your new style of editing 👍🏾 Nice job
Stavroula Savelidis
Stavroula Savelidis 3 aylar önce
Desert theme idea: you should make a temple and maybe put a farm in it maybe a sand farm
Kids Laughing
Kids Laughing 17 gün önce
What's a sand farm
Kieran10 McGlinn
Kieran10 McGlinn 2 aylar önce
Harry Jude
Harry Jude 2 aylar önce
Good idea bro!
Sopi_ 3 aylar önce
@Xxxtentacion 💔 (Picrix acid) oh ok
Xxxtentacion 💔 (Picrix acid)
But you cant make a sand farm wherever you want it can only be made in end portal
Irene Estigoy
Irene Estigoy 3 aylar önce
farzy your series is doing great i love the series can you make a world download
I laugh so hard everytime farzy say oh no he despwaned when he sees a wandering trader 🤣🤣🤣😂
GoldenXroses 11 #stopthewar
I have an idea for a build in the desert or anywhere else! You can build a fire station with a TNT farm inside if you want :)
Ocean Foam
Ocean Foam Aylar önce
Farzy, your thing with fighting the wither and warden was SO AWESOME to watch!! I wish you had won, but I know it is almost impossible to. My heart was beating and I was shaking for every second of it, I was so scared!! It was so nerve-racking, you used like, ten totems of undying! It was like, totem, totem, totem! It was sooooooOO scary and nerve-racking. Also, just to say, your creeper city is amazing. I love this video.
Olessya Fedoseev
Olessya Fedoseev 2 aylar önce
Hey Farzy, Why don't you make a mob city with all kinds of mobs together fighting each other because it might seem like a cool experience!
BBQMoose Roblox
BBQMoose Roblox 2 aylar önce
Can you make like your own temple with lots of security or here's another idea you could maybe make a husk dome and the houses would be like desert villages houses hope you see this and have a good day:)
Cristian Brown
Cristian Brown 2 aylar önce
Farzy you should make a schelcor box farm so that way you have more storage for your sand and items;)
St.pid._.L0ver Aylar önce
you can make tree farm, use wood to smelt the tree log and you will have coal too
tarik sarica
tarik sarica 2 aylar önce
Farzy, maybe you can make a lava farm and maybe you can remove the creeper base’s floor to water. Because water will protect the explosion
BeckaNaasz 3 aylar önce
It’s OK farzy You need a break now and then Also I thought that would be a very very hard fight too I love your Vids bye
vlog whould
vlog whould 2 aylar önce
Can you make a husk city? Also love the videos.
TheTenshi11 2 aylar önce
Even if you fail farzy, you don’t fail us!
DMSAplayz 3 aylar önce
Idea: -Make a renewed desert temple -Build a giant dragon -Build a eco-dome -Build a underwater base -Build a overworld planet -Build a giant zombie statue -Build a axolotl (Or any mob) island Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
FishyFrog 3 aylar önce
bruh i got tricked lol
strawbxrry 3 aylar önce
Aw goddamnit
AEMA776 3 aylar önce
Good ideas!
Arcade Of Games
Arcade Of Games 3 aylar önce
great ideas and rickroll
Egor Baranow
Egor Baranow 3 aylar önce
Good rickroll bruh
jeff zhang
jeff zhang 2 aylar önce
I've watched video about five times and it's still amazing
Olivia Tolevski
Olivia Tolevski 2 aylar önce
You should make a dessert temple and then make sure to get it to be big on the outside and on the inside then make it a dead bush farm
Jessica Patrick
Jessica Patrick 2 aylar önce
The devs actually said this Creepers are friendly and trying to introduce themselves to you but they get so nervous they explode
* e l k a t r a *
* e l k a t r a * 2 aylar önce
For a desert theme you could make a city for iron golems or witchs
Oncimio 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: creepers are actually friendly , they want to be friends with you so they go in to give you a hug but then blow up from embarrassment and worriedness
Vicki Krnac
Vicki Krnac 3 aylar önce
Can you show us everything you made in the series of hard-core
kittynbug 2 aylar önce
SophiaRoblox_Pro2012 2 aylar önce
"Nobody can defete me i am the king of hardcore!"5 secends later"Ahhh" 😂🤣😂🤣
Person :D
Person :D 3 aylar önce
I think Farzy needs an entire building just for the leads from all the despawning wandering traders. 😂
Moo Meow
Moo Meow 2 aylar önce
Yessssssssssss 😂😂😂😂
Moo Meow
Moo Meow 2 aylar önce
emma jane cleary
emma jane cleary 3 aylar önce
Nathan Holmes
Nathan Holmes 3 aylar önce
True 😂
Sharmin Israt Khan
Sharmin Israt Khan 3 aylar önce
Farzy, you should make a planet with Ores or Terracotta and Different kinds of Basalt in the overworld
Candace Aylar önce
Farzy: I'm so poor Farzy one video later: today we're building a Sky Dimension
Josh mings
Josh mings 3 aylar önce
Enderman themed city next. Please, I wanna see how you would do it.
Stella’s art hub
Stella’s art hub 2 aylar önce
Adam I think it would go perfectly if you kept doing your little disco breaks
Pasias Embroc
Pasias Embroc 3 aylar önce
The city turned out amazing 🤩
Pasias Embroc
Pasias Embroc 2 aylar önce
★ Haii :D ★
★ Haii :D ★ 3 aylar önce
I would run 99999999,9999999 miles away bc I am terrified of mobs- :')
Kristin DeSario
Kristin DeSario 3 aylar önce
SMH shakeel
SMH shakeel 3 aylar önce
insignificant 3 aylar önce
Desert Themed Village with a twist, an oasis or an abndoned village with overgrown vegetation as an experiment went horribly wrong.
Ash 2 aylar önce
FARZY! I watched you sent to your first vid and I have a question can you try building up in the clouds or underwater it actually will be really cool I did a fish tank inspired by you but I was in creative mode cause I’m lazy lol but can you please try
Donovan Jackson
Donovan Jackson 17 gün önce
another thing for the city, use red candles for sticks of dynamite
Ash 2 aylar önce
FARZY! you should get a badge with all those creepers that you see I mean I bet you see more than half the people that play and I really hope you build underwater or in the clouds cause it actually will probably be really cool!!!
Scott Carbone
Scott Carbone 3 aylar önce
you put so much effort into the vids thank you keep it up please
Abigayle Grant
Abigayle Grant 2 aylar önce
On the desert make a lama home please and I love 💗 how u put weird stuff in Minecraft 😂
Linda 2 aylar önce
Try to make a creeper farm with some sand in it so you can make glass and put it in the desert understands get it
Emmalyn Werner
Emmalyn Werner 2 aylar önce
I have an idea what to build next, a Sand Castle. The residentscan be villagers.
Lily C Bromm
Lily C Bromm 3 aylar önce
you should make a house only made up of blue, light blue and cyan wool.:)
Foam_Head 3 aylar önce
As a desert theme you should make a desert temple and fill it with all your valuables (Examples:Gold, diamonds, iron, and ect)
bobloblaw125 3 aylar önce
Dream be like 😢
로지 3 aylar önce
IN THE NEXT VIDEO, BUILD A SAND FARM! And also, try build an overworld-themed planet.
Alexandria Tondon
Alexandria Tondon 2 aylar önce
Farzy you're an excellent survival world builder i am really inspired so could u pls create a wandering_trader city
♥Leah_wolfy♡ 2 aylar önce
Everytime when he says “oh no he despawned” we know he’s lying and that he has his sword out
couu alis
couu alis 2 aylar önce
Another cool creeper build! I love it!
couu alis
couu alis 2 aylar önce
You still destroyed it
BearClawPlays 3 aylar önce
Oh MY GOSH Farzy! The editing is purely AMAZING 🤩
Electric Pika
Electric Pika 3 aylar önce
Build a giant sandcastle with a crown on top also you could make a secret room with treasure in it
saleema sadruddin
saleema sadruddin 3 aylar önce
Farzy its ok you don’t need to fight both of them at the same time
DumJelly 3 aylar önce
You should have put trapdoors around the items in the shop so it looks like barrels
My Pixie Child
My Pixie Child 3 aylar önce
I love your video’s!
May ross
May ross 3 aylar önce
I love how farzy is talking about the road and then we hear action music and the wandering trader it made me laugh :D
sephora's 19 gün önce
Farzy at the beginning of every video:all in minecraft hard-core Farzy in between :so i switched to creative to brainstorm ideas
Alex 2 aylar önce
Idea for a desert build:custom pyramid.
ProTips 2 aylar önce
Use dried kelp blocks (more efficient)
minecraft with griff
minecraft with griff 2 aylar önce
Farsi I think you should make a sand mansion made out of the Sandstone and sand and maybe even gold
Liv the cool kid
Liv the cool kid 3 aylar önce
I'm so proud of you farzy you make the coolest stuff on Minecraft!!!!
Krišjānis ZIrnītis
Krišjānis ZIrnītis 3 aylar önce
Your Hardcore world is amazing
RM Farhad
RM Farhad 3 aylar önce
How about a better desert pyramid. And also use that sea green plant that stick out of the ground it’s a better fuel.
Lainey Fruge
Lainey Fruge 2 aylar önce
You should make an old ranch farm in the dessert or a old looking dpwntown village
Hala Alrojmah
Hala Alrojmah 2 aylar önce
Keep going your channel is the best. Your so good at building I have watched you from 2 yrs ago. And you are the best builder. ♥️♥️
Prisym 3 aylar önce
Farzy, can you make an automatic carpet farm so you don't have to mine for coal anymore
Sopi_ 3 aylar önce
10:48 Over time, those leaves evolved into the spiky spines we see on cactuses today because they help the plants survive in hot, dry environments. "They can be a defense mechanism to discourage herbivores - animals that eat plants - from eating the cactus. But, also, spines create shade!" Theres your answer 😎
Willikers Zilla
Willikers Zilla 2 aylar önce
You could build a husk city? BTW I love your vids keep it up.
Taim Turkmani
Taim Turkmani Aylar önce
Maybe you should make a sand dungeon covered in sand
insignificant 3 aylar önce
Make an Iron Golem themed factory as well as a cargo interstellar ship carrying iron golems and its materials.
Madeline Johnson
Madeline Johnson 3 aylar önce
Thank you for taking the time to make videos they always put a smile
Tiger Power 456
Tiger Power 456 2 aylar önce
I want you to build a GIANT pyramid so as the inside has mummies.
3D Shapez
3D Shapez Aylar önce
Build a house out of TNT and get creepers to live in it by making a tunnel connecting to the creeper city
Ollie 1787
Ollie 1787 2 aylar önce
Make a spider city where u have cobwebs and a cave with a custom mineshaft
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 29 gün önce
You chood build a sandcastle in the dethrt 😊
bbwan 3 aylar önce
Hey farzy ! I'm french and i watch your hardcore survival, she's very cool ! I have an idea for you, you can do a kelp farm for your furnace because dried kelp is a fuel Good continuation !
alan 3 aylar önce
i think you meant to say ‘its very cool’ well done anyway im learning french no way on your level though haha
Simone 2 aylar önce
Hi Farzy you are the best and you have expired many of youtubers. PS You should recreate every biome :)
Ubeluyu272 3 aylar önce
Make the best fuel farm so you don't have to grab coal again
Amanda Wyatt
Amanda Wyatt 2 aylar önce
Farzy thank you for making a creeper city because my favourite mob is a creeper
Roland 2 aylar önce
DarkLight MC
DarkLight MC 3 aylar önce
wow farzy how many builds you build in this hardcore world and farms you long time ago got my sub
Loren Underdahl
Loren Underdahl 3 aylar önce
michelle busse
michelle busse 13 gün önce
You should make A Desert house with A bunch of mobs from the desert in it.
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