I Brought CoryxKenshin Back To YouTube. Mission Complete.

Siah The Clown
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7 Ağu 2022




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Siah The Clown
I did it for y’all. My work here is finished. Back to your regularly scheduled Siah.
People called him evil. They called him inhumane for locking them up in his basement. But we just had to trust the plan...trust the vision. It came true. Thank you, Siah.
Siah is a legend. I loved this series man and the mission has been complete. Well done, Siah.
This shit actually made me tear up. Good job sir. Now, let’s wait another month for Cory to leave again.
This will go down as one of the greatest series ever on TRvid. Huge fucking W well done sir. He did it. The son of bitch actually did it.
The Conquering
This is the best series I've seen on TRvid yet this man will go out in history for bringing back coryxkenshin keep up the good work can't wait till 1 million subscribes
The villian we didn't want, he's the one we didn't deserve.
This so bittersweet because I kinda wanted more😂 but I’m happy Cory is back, thank you for your service 👏🏾
Abasnail Playz
We did it Lads.
JayK Reacts
Ngl it would've been fire if Cory sent Siah just a small clip of him sayin, "Alright I'll make a video just let them go, I'll upload tomorrow is that what you want!?" sorta announcing his comeback video on this channel first. Aye dope series regardless I'm amazed at the amount of content creators he collected lol
Tasha Hall
This was by far the best TRvid collaboration I've ever seen in the history of me watching videos on TRvid. I loved this so much and I'm so glad Cory is back!
He had a plan and it’s completed. Thank you siah. You were a great help to the TRvid community 🐐👏🏽💕
GoldSwaggamer 400
Thank you, Siah, for releasing Cory from your basement. We all appreciate your efforts to bring him back.
"My actions are no longer needed. Mission Complete." idk why, but this made me tear up.
ryan Byrd
This man saved TRvid and will probably be forgotten by many 😪
random person
At first I wanted Cory to come back so bad but then I found you, appreciate your comedy work ethic and heart thank you for your content.
“That one guy”
Siah you made this hilarious thing possible you made Cory’s comeback so much funnier and better and more exciting thank you man.
xrrxy vvoi
Good things must always come to an end, but your actions and dedication will never be forgotten… thank you Siah, you’re forever legendary
Dabi (Touya Todoroki)
Mission Complete indeed, Siah. Proud of you, good sir.
Modern Day Entertainer.
Thanks, man. We NEEDED him back, and couldn't have done it without you.
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