I Bought the Worst Pokemon Products 

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We bought the most CURSED Pokémon products on the internet...
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6 Haz 2022




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@Purplecliffe Yıl önce
@sharalakid Yıl önce
COWARD! or should i say... PLURPLECLIFFE
@Pokerenza25 Yıl önce
Hi plurplecliffe 🤣
Hey plurplecliffe
@mooshie3273 Yıl önce
@aaryanvyas3738 Yıl önce
ok plurplecliffe
@PM7 Yıl önce
That was the hardest I've laughed in a long time, I need Plurplecliffe dressed up as a caterpie power ranger for Halloween
Same, I was laughing so hard
@PM7 wait you want him to look like my grandma on cinco de myo?
That would be my favorite thing ever
Haha, I like how he added the "Plurplecliffe"
Instead of a caterpie power ranger it should be a buneary cosplay
@saturnfairy3180 Yıl önce
Petition to make Plurplecliffe do a birthday stream wearing everything he was bought, the birthday shirt, the Gardevoir skirt, the Caterpie mask, the Bidoof hat, and the Leafeon headband
Technically the squirt gun is also wearable, as a backpack.
@@gluttonousgoddess5554 you mean the failed flamethrower
@saturnfairy3180 Yıl önce
Yes, I forgot about that
@nickybecker8285 Yıl önce
Oh fuck yeah
@TmacPlushVideos Yıl önce
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@SakshamJain0201 Yıl önce
The amount and quality of editing is actually insane on this video. Huge props to the production team.
@gdubs7023 Yıl önce
@SakshamJain0201 Yıl önce
@esclance 2 aylar önce
The Gardevoir dress actually suits PlurpleCliffe really well 😂
@SunnyBlue-kp5ym 28 gün önce
@sept2018 Yıl önce
Cliffe, I really enjoy watching your videos, and the Bidoof beanie you got was made by my mom. She makes them all the time, and I had no idea she made one for my favorite content creator, and it made me feel all warm that you said the website out loud. Thanks for that, and, seriously, thank you 😊! Edit: This made my day
so the boy in the image was u
@khaloodi3783 Yıl önce
Oo true true
@markkevinvicente3006 4 aylar önce
I laughed so hard when Plurplecliffe wore the dress i rolled of my bed 😂😂😂😂😂
@reinvd3000 Yıl önce
This man’s content got me back into Pokémon and kept me for a whole year
@sungod6969 Yıl önce
What kept me interested in pokemon are jack Mikey and John cuz they make these vids so funny and entertaining
@mebreevee1997 Yıl önce
Here is to many more
@linkle5 Yıl önce
His name is plurplecliff :)
@CamKoudo Yıl önce
Didn't know Jack had so many editors, but these guys are legendary xD
@DraoGamer46 Yıl önce
Happy 4th birthday PlurpleCliffe!!!!
@ionh7039 Yıl önce
Who is Jack, you mean PlurpleCliffe
@samsaur Yıl önce
"How did you know? Its name is Groundchuck," is so wholesome. It doesn't matter what bidoof's real name is, and she wouldn't care anyway, but he made her feel a little extra special by pretending to be impressed.
@pageclayton6850 Yıl önce
Every time I play platinum I'm gonna have a bidoof named Groundchuck that evolves into bibarel named Mudchuck
@bigfloppyxx6756 Yıl önce
Ibblyboof and Jibbysploof
Ground chuck actually sounds like a cool pokemon name
@sadie_smith 10 aylar önce
Why Purple cliff why
@nekonoob4011 3 aylar önce
Man, i love coming back to older videos to just see how long ago his quality was bad, yet it’s still somehow amazing, Good thing I still really love plurplecliffe
@riptidesart2346 Yıl önce
This was hilarious, especially John's reaction to the Caterpie hat thing.
@datdankdj8264 Yıl önce
Mask I think
@kinagrill 6 aylar önce
One of the best Plurplecliffe episodes so far.
@jaylawson4293 Yıl önce
Being dead honest, I think this is one of the best videos you’ve made in a hot minute. Great concept, good pacing, and very funny as always. Definitely deserves a spot on trending
@GoodStriker Yıl önce
Jack’s grandma just seems like such a fun and nice lady
@caitlinwojt5290 3 aylar önce
Yeah 😅
@natedawg19 Yıl önce
Not going to lie: the Bidoof Beanie actually looks good on you Plurplecliffe!
@sept2018 Yıl önce
This beanie was actually made by my mom, not joking
@jennychenjen2151 4 aylar önce
6:56 literally makes my day better 😂
@jordanmcgee9654 Yıl önce
Cliffe, I just had a really crappy weekend and haven't been able to be my usual laughable self for days. This made my entire day, thank you so much, keep doing what you do! (And may everyone not call you Plurplecliffe)
@Sameer-zd5ju Yıl önce
Same man my crush is leaving school
@jordanmcgee9654 Yıl önce
@@Sameer-zd5ju I'm so sorry to hear that, king😭 Keep going, you'll find your gal someday!
@Sameer-zd5ju Yıl önce
@@jordanmcgee9654 8 years wasted man and she also started to make some move
@jordanmcgee9654 Yıl önce
@@Sameer-zd5ju get her number, bro! If she's starting to show interest, she's probably waiting for you to confirm what she believes! Something this weekend has taught me: if a person really wants another, they'll make it happen. Not to be pushy, just passing along some wisdom. But keep in touch! Keep up-to-date on how she's doing, and try to meet with her as much as you can! Also, I hate it when people tell me this, but if she doesn't know, tell her how you feel! Maybe that'll inspire her to keep up the relationship! :)
@Zac_V Yıl önce
@seanwood5605 18 gün önce
Honestly, plurplecliffe is amazing at trying to doxx himself
Mani have not laughed this hard in a while. Plurplecliffe my man you are a master content creator
@jacoblunn1123 10 aylar önce
Plurplecliffe never fails to make us laugh
You Know What He Said On 5:10?
@WrenTwoThreeGo 4 aylar önce
@@lorenzorazzethespookyspookerthats… the joke
God help me, seeing John laugh at PlurpleCliffe is so funny.
@bendily3623 5 aylar önce
If you want to make a flamethrower you gotta use gas based fuel for it.if you use liquid based fuel it would light up and most likely burn up the stream of fuel into the tank and blowing up. you use liquid fuel to cover something so that its easier to burn it or make a trail of fire
Plurplecliffe: Gets squirt gun Also Plurplecliffe: Fills it with alchohol Also Plurplecliffe again: Time to set some stuff on fire.
A Caterpie after my own heart
@suchlag5891 Yıl önce
@max2.0troll73 Yıl önce
@relentless7144 Yıl önce
@@altariamotives16 Plurplecliffe
@jefffettydesigns 4 aylar önce
After all the stuff he has received from his friends, his name is now legally plurplecliffe
I love the absolute chaos that had to go through the editors minds to purchase some of this 🤣🤣🤣
@slysylveon Yıl önce
This was the funniest thing all week. Great job cliffe and thanks to the editors who made it all possible
@mooshie3273 Yıl önce
This vid was absolutely worth the wait. Happy early birthday Plurplecliffe!!
🎉happy early birthday 🎂🎉
@mr.nightmarionne1366 4 aylar önce
I never laughed so hard at a Plurplecliffe video.
This made me laugh so much, as I do enjoy seeing all the weird Pokémon products.
@masterdestroy2512 5 aylar önce
Fun time to go back to watch some old plurplecliffe videos
@BruceCooper Yıl önce
Thanks for mentioning our shop at 4:40! I hope you love your PurpleCliffe Nameplate!!
@BruceCooper Yıl önce
@danganstar Yıl önce
@@BruceCooper plurplecliffe
@tberlin9070 Yıl önce
Plurplecliffe chain
@ejnagatoshi8551 9 aylar önce
That Pikachu gameboy SP though is SICK! I tried to get one recently but all the one's that weren't high priced were sold out(those were the $150 to $200 ones) and the rest were all asking $300+ lol
@thurion5042 Yıl önce
If I could steal one box from Jack it would be the box containing Ibblyboof and Jibblysploof.
@legiwpan9568 Yıl önce
well theres a chance its one of them smaller its both higher on pokemon cards
@hansfrisk5841 Yıl önce
For me its the caterpie mask I just can't stop laughing when I imagine the possibilities😂
@elggato 5 aylar önce
Keep up the good work Plurplecliffe
@duycrazy3372 Yıl önce
Jonh: my sadness is immeasurable and my day is ruined Jack: im about to end this man wHOLE sadness
@javiermedina3920 4 aylar önce
Plurplecliffe knows how to get his card stolen
@lechonkthelegod4945 9 aylar önce
Good vid. Plurplecliffe really knows how to get his credit card stolen
@jeannatapia1167 11 aylar önce
I love the fact Jack’s grandma roast’s him so much
@cliswp Yıl önce
It's pretty mean to call a handmade hat the "worst", I thought it was really well done!
@octo1129 Yıl önce
So did cliffe! :)
Who called it the "worst?" It seemed to me that he loved it
@cliswp Yıl önce
@@madethistocomment727 it's the title of the video
@@cliswp Ah, so it is 🤦‍♀️😅
@HazardousLaugh-dm4nr 7 aylar önce
Plurplecliff: “Why’d it come in like a lingerie wrapper? That’s what makes it weird.” Me: “No. What makes it weird is that you know what a lingerie wrapper is…”
@loink3969 Yıl önce
The way that the editors just gave Plurplecliffe a doodle is amazing
@user-dc6bq2yn1s 6 aylar önce
I think Ibblyboof and Jibblysploof are what they are expected to be. FUNNY
@Staticblox Yıl önce
Jack: *gets a squirt gun* Jack: I can turn this into a flamethrower
He’s trying to release his inner Charizard.
@jonasmller2088 Yıl önce
@@darklightning2730 yes
@Blazerr__ Yıl önce
1:35 I like how he just walked out of the room with the crocs like a greedy little gremlin
@Zac_V Yıl önce
Real talk, the bit with his grandma and the Bidoof hat was precious.
@kylegreenough4531 2 aylar önce
That was the funniest burn I’ve ever heard from a grandma😂
@benlindsley8799 Yıl önce
I think we need Plurplecliffe’s editors in more videos. Keep up the great content!
@nataliehutchings1785 3 aylar önce
You make the best videos try to keep on making more of catching pokemon and buying them from Amazon
@bren4409 Yıl önce
I know this video was supposed to be about cursed Pokemon products, but can we talk about how Purplecliffe's grandma was surprisingly savage in the Bidoof hat clip? Edit: Stop telling me I didn't spell it "Plurplecliffe". No one will convince me to change it.
@veenix0911 Yıl önce
@Zac_V Yıl önce
well she kinda cant do that afterall bidoof is god so bad things might happen to her
@potato4439 Yıl önce
@InverPrincess Yıl önce
@@Zac_V Didn’t you know that Bidoof’s power only extends to the Sinnoh games and Reddit? Anyone else is fine to call Bidoof a lame Route 1 rodent.
@mard5038 Yıl önce
Plurplecliffe, never stop making such quality content for us mortals
@AlphaStoutland 11 aylar önce
After seeing that awesome Pokémon styled font PlurpleCliffe sign, I IMMEDIATELY went to Etsy and ordered one for me. That thing is AWESOME 🤩
@TheREALDumbOne 4 aylar önce
Plurple cliff’s editors are amazing
@bx2160 Yıl önce
Great video, I really do love your videos, thanks for supplying me with amazing content for years, plurplecliffe
@emmahoang8760 5 aylar önce
PlurpleCliffe is my favorite poketuber and I can’t stop laughing at these videos
@pao_eragon8763 Yıl önce
It was hilarious when you backed away from the camera laughing maniacally. Great work on this video editors!
@Jayfeather232 Yıl önce
I was laughing as hard as Jack with the Plurplecliff sign, I can't 🤣 I needed a good laugh
@garrett2435 7 aylar önce
Everything is perfect for Plurplecliffe
@monacatowa4924 7 aylar önce
this is where the plurplecliffe joke started
@jameslove3031 Yıl önce
Plurplecliffe, your videos are awesome! I love the videos you make, Plurplecliffe, and I hope the Plurplecliffe fanbase expands.
I never laughed so hard ever. Love the videos Jack, keep it up
This was the funniest video I’ve ever seen on Plurplecliffe’s channel ever, keep up the good work Plurplecliffe!!
@antonintomek5822 3 aylar önce
Good video as always Plurplecliffe
@Hachurui41 Yıl önce
Im not gonna lie, the bidoff hat actually looks really cute xD It has... Its flaws, but it does seem like someone worked hard to make it work
@jettunleashed1358 5 aylar önce
You should make a video of you Jack steeling your employees credit cards and buying cursed Pokémon products and sending it to then
@LITTLE1994 Yıl önce
I definitely had a laugh looking at this. At least he had one GOOD one, the GBA SP Japan-exclusive Pikachu model.
@GTylker Yıl önce
I laughed so hard at this video, thank you editor allowing the creation of this masterpiece
@gdubs7023 Yıl önce
@Shadow_Zoroark_ Yıl önce
Petition to make Plurplecliffe make a video wearing the Caterpie mask, Bidoof hat and Gardevoir dress (Possibly the birthday shirt) all at once
@skikori3975 5 aylar önce
I always feel bad for plurplecliffe credit card ngl like 💀
@Ranma_Leopard Yıl önce
I have to say I'm constantly rolling on the floor laughing my ass off on most of your videos
His editors just know what the viewers wanna see!
@zelda_dragon Aylar önce
I love plurplecliffs brand new birthday shirt 😂
@Overload456 Yıl önce
OMG Cliffe I haven't laughed that hard in a long time😂😂 my chest was hurting the whole video, thanks for making my day awesome😁😁 also tell you're editors to do this again sometime😂😂
Plurplecliffe's videos are so funny, that biddof hat, the sign and the caterpie mask had me dead🤣
@MantaGalaxy Yıl önce
This was a great video! Maybe invite Wolfy, PM7 and Mikey to do it next time? Definitely some good good content here.
Bro your Grandma is an absolute beast! That quickness with the where do you think you got it from?
@ArobeeTV Yıl önce
I thought these were supposed to be curse Pokemon products, but man, Plurplecliffe's editors killed it! Those were all sick products!
@pikanuggetgaming6959 2 aylar önce
Petition to change Bidoof's name to groundchuck
@colebernabe4585 Yıl önce
"Plurplrcliffe": we bought the worst pokemon products Also pruplecliffe: buys a flamethrower
@Zac_V Yıl önce
@leckie30 Yıl önce
@joncollette338 Yıl önce
@aigocharisma Yıl önce
Thanks, plurplecliffe and editors! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
@clawzk3939 Yıl önce
That caterpie face make me nonstop laughing 😂
@Zac_V Yıl önce
stupidest thing to ever be seen in my vision
@samzzworld9810 3 aylar önce
Bros grandma roasted him harder than his friends
@rocketchickenYT Yıl önce
3:14 Being nice to his Grandma is so wholesome, how sweet of him to lie to make his gma feel good!
@GenesectAndPummel 6 aylar önce
Hey Plurplecliff, Do more of this
@Panroles 11 aylar önce
The small store thank you notes will never stop being adorable.
Thanks purplecliff for sacrificing your money and thanks editors for the good purchases :)
@devdalal102 Yıl önce
Jack never disappoints.♥️♥️
@PeanutDestroyU Aylar önce
6:27 the woodchuck God decends
@necroblaze6506 Yıl önce
Plurplecliffe, I'm so glad I subscribed. Your content is amazing. Keep up the amazing work.
Technically we got the entire morbius movie without audio 😂
@gaborczine8164 Yıl önce
Ibllyboof and Jibblysloof are funny and amazing at the same time Nothing beats them
@Gaming2DMX Yıl önce
Jack is the only person who would wonder if they can turn a pikachu water gun into a flamethrower
@kylemansur6853 Yıl önce
This video made me cry of laughter. It almost made me pee myself. It was that funny, I want more of this funny content involving the editors.
@user-bj4wg3ec4b Aylar önce
7:01 me fr when I laugh. But I laugh to the point I cant even breathe 😂😭
@candyghost1009 Yıl önce
You are definitely one of my fav youtubers, Plurplecliffe! And the dress looks great on you!
@JuEule123 6 aylar önce
Plurplecliffe is looking like Mommy Gardevoir :3
@sunnebolt7088 Yıl önce
@mhogan16 Yıl önce
Sorry, I already signed the petition to have Cliffe do a nuzlocke stream with his grandma
@sunnebolt7088 Yıl önce
@@mhogan16 you can sign both for 2 different events :3
@bx2160 Yıl önce
@phayroent9742 Yıl önce
Can we just give Jack's Grandmother all of the things? She just wins!
@j4y196 Yıl önce
Man Plurplecliffes videos never fail to make me laugh
@Teardropthequeen 5 aylar önce
Another great purplecliffe video
@ninjapay9914 Yıl önce
Plurplecliffe, your videos always make me laugh, keep it up 👍.
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