I Bought the WEIRDEST Lucky Bags off the Streets of Japan

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I Spent $500 on Mystery Anime Lucky Bags: trvid.com/video/video-QDqsTftEUQY.html
Super Mystery Anime Lucky Bags: trvid.com/video/video-MXKowCGv2eo.html
Depression Anime Lucky Bags: trvid.com/video/video-BGMNpq6x-QU.html

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22 Kas 2021




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ShadyDragon1013 8 aylar önce
Honestly, the Super Nintendo Bag was the best one ever. Getting a bunch of classic and iconic games and the system itself is insane.
hyesu 6 aylar önce
bruh like fr, i want one too myself 😫
Alexa R.H.
Alexa R.H. 7 aylar önce
Here in the USA you're lucky to find the console let alone a couple games for $200 nowadays
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions 8 aylar önce
something i wish i could get tbh
GameOnLock 8 aylar önce
@DOTcomm You can almost taste the cigarettes
DOTcomm 8 aylar önce
@muffin zetta lmao, I spit my drink out.....I was laughing so hard when he said it was gold
danasaur rexx
danasaur rexx 8 aylar önce
Joey: oh no why would I spend that much money on a bag?!? gets a lot of good stuff for $180 Connor: I spent 1000 dollars on crane games and won nothing
Cai Chi Cat
Cai Chi Cat 6 aylar önce
conner: "I spent 1 mil on jojo merch and i regret nothing!"
TheAngryDanishViking 7 aylar önce
1500 dollars on YAOI!
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 8 aylar önce
Joey at the beginning: *“This is gonna be shit”* Joey at the end: *“HOLY SHIT! THIS IS GOLD! THE BEST LUCKY BAG EVER! I HAVE IT!”*
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 8 aylar önce
@Skylight _HD *Shhhh… take those leeches*
Skylight _HD
Skylight _HD 8 aylar önce
Since when is a plague doctor watching the anime man?-
CloudScape 8 aylar önce
Before: This is shit After: This is THE shit
muz29 8 aylar önce
On the Nogizaka member Yoshida Ayano Christie, she's actually full Japanese with both parents Japanese as well. She has a western name because her family was supposed to move to Hawaii and her parents wanted to name her so people could easily pronounce it.
A D 5 aylar önce
@six2make4 interesting to learn that a name can have two spellings which I’m assuming has the same pronunciation
Nero 7 aylar önce
Cursed like number, but I want to say raw photo means minimal/no touch ups
Happy Beeps
Happy Beeps 8 aylar önce
There are quite a few idols with these names, Ise Layla is a member of Angerme and she was named after the Eric Clapton song.
six2make4 8 aylar önce
Relatable, my name has two spellings and my parents went with the more international one because there was a chance I might move abroad in the future. So every foreigner I've met have had no issue but every local person I talk to it's like 50/50 if I need to correct them, unless they ask how it's spelled.
L C 8 aylar önce
Joey is so wholesome, I’ve never seen someone so excited over the discoloration of a Super Famicom
PurpleRupees 8 aylar önce
He had me doubting myself. “But it’s just aged right? that console was known to yellow over time. But maybe Japan actually had a special edition? But it looks aged.”
puppeys_machete 8 aylar önce
You could see Joey was already satisfied with getting all the games for $180. The super Nintendo is truly the cherry on top.
Dyslexian 8 aylar önce
@Ayush Arora its a buffet xD
Ayush Arora
Ayush Arora 8 aylar önce
Its the whole cake, actually.
Inkling05 8 aylar önce
His excitement over the "gold" super nintendo was precious (even though its just oxidised)
random3263827 8 aylar önce
Lol, who's gonna tell Joey that it's not the "Gold Edition" Super Famicom, but the "Aged-Yellow Edition?" 😅
Mica Bryant
Mica Bryant 3 aylar önce
Same reason I came to the comments lol
AutomaticGats 4 aylar önce
"off white cream colored" lol
bilditup1 6 aylar önce
@Nick Miller same abs plastic uv deterioration I guess
PleaseDontWatchThese 7 aylar önce
lol i was looking for that too. That plastic needs retro bright
DuPz0r 7 aylar önce
Lets just keep it to ourselves, he seems happy. 😅
Oceana Yilmaz
Oceana Yilmaz 8 aylar önce
Joey, I really hope nothing bad happens to this channel. Such good memories I have watching your stuff. And I'm sure you yourself do, of course. Good luck, my guy.
Pliskin Ishmael
Pliskin Ishmael 8 aylar önce
That Japanese owner who sold him the Nintendo lucky bag was just probably happy to make your day. Everything on that is probably worth a kidney lol
Eirandir 8 aylar önce
Yo Joey hit the SSR of lucky bags with that Gaming bag, absolutely insane!
Battery System🔋V-ITCHES
Nah this shit is UR.
JM CG85 8 aylar önce
More like a LR.
T.J. Johnson
T.J. Johnson 8 aylar önce
No not SSR UR
Kano 8 aylar önce
19:50 "We got Super Ultra Based Ball"
Finn the Human
Finn the Human 8 aylar önce
Such a good deal
NekoShogun 8 aylar önce
As a retro collector I've found it's so much easier to find SFC games in box. I can only figure that Japanese children/parents actually stored the games in the boxes as opposed to tossing them like most American families did. As a random aside, Breath of Fire is fantastic. You should look up the SNES Boxart, it's just as wild.
Smallbull 8 aylar önce
I am not very versed in the retro gaming collecting universe but I'm sure that was worth A LOT more than 180. Just titles like Breath of Fire, FF V, Mario Kart in box could easily pay it off if they are in good condition.
꧁George Wan꧂
꧁George Wan꧂ 8 aylar önce
Joey sorry to hear about your channel potentially being shut down hope you can get that ridiculous strike off because you had no control over it best of luck
FedoraDwarf 8 aylar önce
It's just really nice to see a grown man so excited like a kid on Christmas, it's sweet to watch :')) have fun gaming!
Segafishy 8 aylar önce
That Lucky bag was good going even without the console, here in the UK they'd probably charge twice that. The one your Uncles gave you is the US market shell design although I think they did sell it in Japan also as a later revision, the Lucky bag ones the Original JDM shell. Oxidisation I've have good results with black head cleansers (paste kind not the mildly viscous liquid) and Toothpaste as they are very mildly abrasive so take care on lettering, Magic erasers are supposed to be good too and between you and Connor saying age related stuff I now feel incredibly ancient.
kal222 8 aylar önce
its not cream/gold its just oxidized haha, either way that last bag was nuts. really cool purchase
AidanB 8 aylar önce
1: The amount of times I ran into listings for Thoroughbred Breeder while looking on eBay for the FDS game Breeder made me very familiar with the shitty boxart. 2: Langrisser is a badass strategy RPG 3: Nobunaga's Ambition is a classic Toei strategy series tracing back to the Famicom and maybe some PC's as well, don't remember. 4: There was never a gold Super Famicom lol. Basically certain formulations of the ABS plastic that makes up the console are susceptible to yellowing due to UV light (or just general age) causing the molecular bonds in the plastic to break down and turn the console yellow. This doesn't happen with most of the Super Famicom's later revisions, called the "1-CHIP" due to an apparent change in formula, but this isn't a consistent fact. Anyway, that last mystery bag was awesome! Boxed Super Famicom games aren't particularly rare, especially in Japan, but they're great collectibles nonetheless, and their ubiquity is definitely a bonus in my eyes.
JuriAmari 8 aylar önce
The SNES and YGO ones are hands down the most valuable ones. You definitely got more than your money’s worth. I would love to see those on stream one day. In terms of the Raw photos, I think it’s more so the quality than well… you know… because there are RAW settings on DSLR. That being said, Perfect Blue and the AKB48 scandal destroyed idol culture for me. It’s really toxic to the performers and the fan base.
Bhamey 8 aylar önce
Joey Casually goes into an alleyway: *Chill* Joey Enters the idol shop: *starts sweating*
Sora Granda
Sora Granda 8 aylar önce
He is quite "progressive" individual so he can't like attractive people for some reason XD.
Smelly 8 aylar önce
the op mc's are always more scared of cute women than scary men ;3
DY Lives
DY Lives 8 aylar önce
Kenny Loggin's Danger Zone starts playing.
MaxusFox23 8 aylar önce
@sarmatiko Yep
sarmatiko 8 aylar önce
@XidJav "The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened To Me In Japan" video
青竜 8 aylar önce
"I am so glad Aki isn't there right now" got me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Beware the Lily of the Valley
Okay, that last one was indeed amazing! The fact that they added the console and TWO controllers absolutely makes it worth it.
Seiku 8 aylar önce
When opening lucky bags you could add the prices of the different loots ! Could be cool. Loved the video ! I think the Super Famicom bag was the lucky 1/100 bags.
Emerald Sage Cipherus
Emerald Sage Cipherus 8 aylar önce
NGL when I saw Der langrisser come out of that box two things happened: One, I leapt out of my chair for some reason like a pop off, even though I never do that Two, my drive to go to Akihabara just increased tenfold. Fire emblem's always been more my jam but langrisser is very kickass as well Have fun with that Joey.
Arsel Crusader
Arsel Crusader 8 aylar önce
Gotta love the Breath of Fire series. Played BoF 1 on an emulator in the vacation between 5th and 6th grade, and it was awesome. Just hate the design flaw where if you're in an area near a mountainside, you might accidentally fight the enemies in the area on the other side of the mountain and get killed in one shot.
Extreme V. Gamer
Extreme V. Gamer 8 aylar önce
Just 180$ for all of that!!! I need to buy this lucky bag!
DestructSean 8 aylar önce
That game grab bag was insane. I'm even more excited to one day visit japan.
Amateur.Nail.Art.1 8 aylar önce
If Joey doesn’t upload for a while, we know why, lol. That last lucky bag was S tier!
Hemtai 8 aylar önce
Lucky Bags are pretty much a leveled up version of those goody bags you’d get at childhood birthday parties
ハビブ habibi_xd
ハビブ habibi_xd 8 aylar önce
Aaaand yes my mind just went Se No~ just by looking at your pfp
Ziziwai 8 aylar önce
Idk what those are, did people give those as gifts or somethin
アイミ 8 aylar önce
Yo I almost forgot that goody bags from birthday parties is a thing.
D A 8 aylar önce
Your comment (if this one is original) is being copy pasted by verified bots
P3x310 8 aylar önce
You basically gift them to yourself.
Tiana Stirewalt
Tiana Stirewalt 5 aylar önce
That last bag had me jealous! Final Fantasy 6 is also my favorite of the older ones as well 😃. Man, a lot of those games I'd love to pop back in to play again.
Fadhil Baladraf
Fadhil Baladraf 8 aylar önce
Dude, Breath of Fire is FIRE!! (literally). Easily one of the most iconic JRPG series back then by Capcom, especially Breath of Fire 4 which i still consider is the best looking classic JRPG, the pixel art and the motion is just too damn good.
Dustin Nuttall
Dustin Nuttall 8 aylar önce
I'm fucking jealous right now, you pulled amazing games and for $180 you got at least a $500 value worth.
Lillith 8 aylar önce
Ya know the market in Japan isn't even close to dry when Joey can easily find games that individually over here would be worth hundreds Let alone the gold SNES
Nekotaku TV
Nekotaku TV 7 aylar önce
You're joking about the "gold" right?
Sheridan Wolf
Sheridan Wolf 8 aylar önce
A single game like those could be sold for $100 each or even more. Idk retro videogame market but all those and the console for only $180 that’s insane
Skywarior1 8 aylar önce
Just a quick overview on what yugioh cards Joey got: Cyber Style (or Cyber Strike for the TCG) is a structure deck combining the Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark archetypes used by Zane Trusdale in GX. The OCG version of this deck contains Lightning Storm, a super expensive card. Animation Chronicle 2021 brings a whole bunch of originally anime-only cards to real life. Selection 10 is a just a booster with a whole bunch of archetypes in it. Any cards that he got that are valuable? Well I almost got a heart attack when I saw that Nobleman of Crossout, thinking it was Crossout Designator.
Steven Witarsa
Steven Witarsa 8 aylar önce
@TadoXIII not in tcg but they still got it in ocg
Sage 8 aylar önce
Glad to see a fellow Yu-Gi-Oh player here.
Yu Amane
Yu Amane 8 aylar önce
The cyber archetype also got alot more support this year
Cosmos 8 aylar önce
A bru that fucking cyber dragon deck fucked me when they reprinted infinity inperminunts
Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong 8 aylar önce
Nobleman of Crossout is my jam. Goat Gang aka YuGiBoomers rise up!
Dallas Cubby
Dallas Cubby 8 aylar önce
Getting the Breath Of Fire original game is a super good find. That is one of my favorites rpg's that isn't Final Fantasy. When I played SNES back in the day it was like one of my favorites good story its actually a series I think there are like 6 games the last one was released on the ps2 I believe. I am not sure if they stopped making games or what, but I love it.
Hilario 8 aylar önce
That videogame bag was great value and really fun to watch grt unboxed. Maybe there's more out there for other retro consoles? I'd love to watch that
demondj02 7 aylar önce
I would never thought that they'd include a Super Famicom in a lucky bag like that. Guess I'll add Akihabara lucky bags to my bucket list
Shotaro Kaneda
Shotaro Kaneda 8 aylar önce
The retro mystery bag DEFINITELY reached up to double the amount of money he paid
aprilfrenzy 8 aylar önce
Breath of Fire alone, if it's "complete in box", goes for $100+ on ebay. That bag might be seriously the best deal ever.
Kevin Rouse
Kevin Rouse 8 aylar önce
I'm shocked he doesn't know Breath of Fire. Dead series now but so fucking good
Jay B
Jay B 8 aylar önce
Yea, Super Famicom games are far cheaper than SNES games.
scorpionhazo55 8 aylar önce
The NTSC one at least. The JPN version is around 30 bucks complete
Trollsaft 8 aylar önce
The 180$ Super Nintendo luckybag is insane!!! That's a gamers dream come true.
KRanime 8 aylar önce
That super famicom lucky bag is amazing! Quite a few of the games you didn't know are actual classics of the super famicom era too~~ AMAZING!
Lettically 8 aylar önce
Still surprised that minion mini fridge is still at the back and in good condition i thought joey was just gonna abuse it in every video that it's in
prince apoopoo
prince apoopoo 8 aylar önce
I gotta say, it's always nice to see Joey dip his toes into gaming. I should be more useful this by now but I guess I'm not haha
Tabitha Tachibana
Tabitha Tachibana 8 aylar önce
Holy shit my man paid not even 200 dollars for a retro game lucky bag and got at least 500$ worth of stuff!
Eric Ng
Eric Ng 8 aylar önce
It's actually a huge ripoff if you know the prices for super famicom games/systems in Japan.
Grace Law
Grace Law 8 aylar önce
I think he can resell it online hahahaha
Ostrichlord 8 aylar önce
Theres quite a fee ways to access the games Joey got. Theres tons of tiny game shops that have old af games you can buy. And if you dont want to buy them, video game companies usually have massive libraries of retro games that employees can borrow for free.
The EverGloom Finding Light
@muffin zetta well true, but for retro games there is always a collector avaiable that would buy it if its in box (completely sealed of course is better), like i know 2 seperate people that have the full english collection of N64 games
muffin zetta
muffin zetta 8 aylar önce
@The EverGloom Finding Light well also you gotta remember that all lucky bags are kinda suppose to me scams. so no game store would actually put something super rare or expensive in them.
katina martin
katina martin 7 aylar önce
OMG Joey just made me feel old as hell when he said he was born in 94. I finished high school in 93 so i'm old enough to be his mom... lol Thanks Joey.....
conanbdetective 8 aylar önce
The condition of those boxes from the gaming bag is INSANE
Chris L
Chris L 8 aylar önce
Dude, I remember the original F-Zero back in the 90s. I love the old retro games, they bring back so many fond memories and MANY angry ones too. Ive been having a ball with how theyve been re-releasing a lot of old retro RPGs remastered and remade with modern graphics like Trials Of Mana and FF7.
T W 8 aylar önce
It's cute how you called the discoloured (from UV dmg/age) SNES, a golden SNES.
gabriel watson
gabriel watson 8 aylar önce
A "RAW" photo is basically a high quality photo file that is good for editing, not usually used on the internet though because the file sizes are so large
HeyHeyHey 5 aylar önce
I thought it meant that the idols photos were not retouched or edited.
gabriel watson
gabriel watson 6 aylar önce
@Haydunk my mistake, I mean that raw file format is good for editing, because it retains a lot of the information the camera captured
Brass Tax
Brass Tax 8 aylar önce
Which is meaningless when it’s a printed photo. It’s only relevant pertaining to files
Brass Tax
Brass Tax 8 aylar önce
Which is meaningless when it’s a printed photo. It’s only relevant with files
Sheridan Wolf
Sheridan Wolf 8 aylar önce
@Yoshie they probably just attached it to sound cool. I took a little bit of photography and never heard “RAW” to mean anything different, it means straight from the roll and not edited. All my assignments had to be printed from the raw file. Edit: They might have thought it just meant like the models naturally in a shoot, though the white background of some of them are def done in professional studios and not outside in natural light if they meant that. The original comment is correct about the file being large though.
Sol Mae
Sol Mae 8 aylar önce
The last Lucky Box is amazing. Also I didn't expect the Venti pull 😂
WaruiTanuki 8 aylar önce
You beat the Lucky Bag game with that Super Famicom bag. Also, "You guys better buckle your chinstraps. This is where the fun starts..."
xRAINxOFxBLOODx 8 aylar önce
That last one... has broken my sense of reality. My assumption of what those items would be worth must be way off. Someone help me understand how the sellers can afford to sell those at $180.
Brandon Hart
Brandon Hart 8 aylar önce
That was a legit mystery bag! Also The Breath of Fire series is really good. The 2nd one was my introduction to jrpgs.
Mhar-sama 8 aylar önce
That last lucky bag is hilarious! I played some of the retro games (in game boy) but that Super Nintendo is always been my dream.
Felix Fern
Felix Fern 8 aylar önce
Pop'N Twinbee games are SO fun, that retro gaming bag is amazing Damn, the Breath of Fire shit talk though? Haha. It was another very successful but shorter-lived RPG franchise, the second one is the best imo.
Janine 8 aylar önce
If Joey plays some of the weirder games on twitch I’ll definitely watch
Zai Shimshim
Zai Shimshim 8 aylar önce
Very interesting 150$ mystery box! Would love to watch another one!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
13:00 “this is the most amount of money I spent on a Lucky Bag” For now at least, maybe until you make a part 2 of this.
bigmaxcc 7 aylar önce
Mr Molestache no life stop get sum help
Zion Xavier
Zion Xavier 8 aylar önce
🔶Vika Tempest🔶
🔶Vika Tempest🔶 8 aylar önce
@SomeTime Yt fist time?
ichigo 8 aylar önce
this dude has no life it seems, sadge
fulvus_ursa 8 aylar önce
Now Joey will want to buy more from the place he got that last lucky bag.
Wario DS
Wario DS 3 aylar önce
16:13 Also known as Super Mario Allstars (western release). Interestingly enough, there exists a variant of this bundle that has Super Mario world in it as well. Not sure how rare it is vs the normal version, just that such a version exists.
Witch Bitch
Witch Bitch 8 aylar önce
I am super jealous of that last lucky bag. I miss playing on the super Nintendo. Have fun.
ArlanKels 7 aylar önce
That super nintendo bag is like a great starter thing for any kid you might have who you want to introduce games to. So many great and good games.
13Hyrule 8 aylar önce
Man, seeing Joey not know games like Langrisser, Breath of Fire, and The Ambition of Oda Nobunaga makes me sad as a game collector.
prince apoopoo
prince apoopoo 8 aylar önce
Makes me sad as an RPG fan. Like honestly I have only played Breath of Fire, but I'm well aware of the other two.
MikuMiku5 8 aylar önce
Joey: "I had the standard cream colored SNES from my uncle, but now I got the gold colored one!" Me: "...Whos gonna tell him that's just oxidation?" (Never the less that's still a super cool lucky bag!!)
Toby_The_Nigiri 8 aylar önce
It does make the shell more brittle so that might be important
Diesel Marcus
Diesel Marcus 8 aylar önce
Yeah . . . . XD
Demanufactur3r 8 aylar önce
Was looking for this comment. But yeah, let's just let him enjoy his, eh, golden SNES.
This Nerd's Workshop
This Nerd's Workshop 8 aylar önce
I literally was about to comment this myself haha. I can't say how many people I have seen that actually think this is a "rare" variant and try to get more from it.
The EverGloom Finding Light
to be fair, thats actually looks like a pretty smooth and pleasant oxidization
BulletWilliam 8 aylar önce
I love seeing retro games! That's quite a nice hual. I remember playing an emu version of the dbz game it was pretty fun. Also breath of fire is a great game! The characters were done by Keiji Inafune.
jen steele
jen steele 8 aylar önce
That game bag was awesome! Thanks for the childhood flashback 🥰
Kevin Denis
Kevin Denis 8 aylar önce
I swear that Super Nintendo was the epic drop in that bag, he really got lucky with that one. Plus it’s a gold one too, I’d keep and cherish that if I were him.
Shepic01 8 aylar önce
Damn, I wish it was always that easy to build a classic game collection.
Wario dies in a car accident
If I remember correctly, the Japanese structure deck Joey got was “Cyber strike”, which holds lightning storm, a popular and expensive card in the meta so Joey can actually make his money back if he sold that in the US.
The EverGloom Finding Light
@Ms666slayer the 5magician girls (excluding dark magician girl) were created in 2005 in the (Magician's Force booster pack) thats close enough to be considered classic, and is a straight full link summon deck with a ritual summon for "quintet magician" which is a 2019 card, but its a normal fusion which is a instant win turn 2 deck so long as you draw 2 cards of the 12 needed magician girls you win and i never said it wasnt meta, im just saying they arent actually that powerful honestly, and those decks rely way to hard on them drawing 1 or 2 cards at the start
Ms666slayer 8 aylar önce
@The EverGloom Finding Light Duel Links is the worst representation of how the game works, also the Magician Girls are notm clssic, only the original is the classic and the newer ones are modern, also pretty much the meta in Duel Links right now is XYZ, Syncrho spam decks, and in paper Yugioh, the best decks right now is a Synchro, XYZ spam deck like Sword Soul and Virtual World, the biggest outlier is Drytron that is a Ritual summon deck, and Tri-Brigade that is more of a Link summon deck, but still uses a good amount of XYZ.
The EverGloom Finding Light
@Red Ace sad part is the synchro summons, xyz summons and what ever that weird gem teir thing arent even that good, i been playing the yugiyo duel links game and im rank 478 using the classic magician girls i dont even understand synchros, xyz, or the weird thing they added last, but hey if the classics can beat them then its not even good
Red Ace
Red Ace 8 aylar önce
Probably you could only have it as collection since I doubt the rule allowed mix English and Japanese cards together But what do I know, I quit Yu Gi Oh since Synchro came out.
The EverGloom Finding Light
@eleonar crimson you can't use OCG in TCG in any offical santioned tournaments, translations or not, but there are people that would collect them anyways, but it would be easier to sell to someone in asia
Hannah 8 aylar önce
As an idol fan, yeah, this was painful. But idol fans should be able to deal with pain lol
BirdyIsPro73 7 aylar önce
Its insane that ll the games came with boxes, good buy for sure haha oldschool
Alicia Walicki
Alicia Walicki 8 aylar önce
Wow you killed it on the Japanese games there! What a find
Fourkz 5 aylar önce
So a bit of advice about the Super Nintendos: they’re actually supposed to be gray. They look gold or yellow because of UV damage to the plastic. There are solutions that can be applied to revert the yellowing, but if you like the yellow version it doesn’t have any impact on the longevity of the system.
Cheyenne Turner
Cheyenne Turner 8 aylar önce
YOOOOOOOO!! You just brought me so much Nostalgia with Goemon!! I still have a copy on N64! My gran and i would spend around an hour to complete the game when I was 6 hahaha
kharnifex 8 aylar önce
Otaku Marnie
Otaku Marnie 7 aylar önce
The game bag was definitely a gamble, but it turned out to be awesome!
oscar_anime_king 8 aylar önce
Please do get more! Its so fun seeing your reaction especially when it comes to the retro games! ^-^
Jason Talerico
Jason Talerico 8 aylar önce
That Suoer Famicom suprise bag is a total jackpot my man! Here in the States I could have gotten like maybe 4 of those games for 180 bucks! That haul is nuts!
Alexandre Géhin
Alexandre Géhin 8 aylar önce
Damn those game boxes are so much more interesting and personalized that the ones for the recent systems
Christian Lay-Geng
Christian Lay-Geng 8 aylar önce
We need to open the Yugioh packs to confirm, but strictly on retail he's made money: 1. Cyber Structure deck is $15 and has two meta cards that make its value: Lightning Storm and Infinite Impermanence. Their price isn't as high as the TCG but still heavily sought for - should cover the price of the deck. 2. Animation Box is about $30 and Selection 10 Box is about $20 sealed. Both are side sets from this year and I don't particularly see any meta cards in them. However OCG works with multiple rarities, so if he pulls an Ultra Rare or a Normal Parallel they'll maybe be $2-$6 cards. 3. Blue pack were mostly leftovers the store had from the BODE/DAMA/BACH sets. The only card of interesting value was the Millennium Shield if he sold it in TCG areas, while the rest are pack filler that have almost no value in Japan. 4. Sealed deck(?) has a prismatic secret rare Mysterion the Dragon Crown. In Japan it's holding about $20, so the rest of the deck doesn't even matter. He made his money back.
Justin W
Justin W 7 aylar önce
I just recently got back into playing Yugioh and that Cyber Strike Structure Deck has Infinite Impermanence which is a $15~ approx. card and a card that is played pretty competitively as far as I know. So definitely getting some value out of the Surugaya card lucky bag.
Lefty 8 aylar önce
Amazing video! The Retro gaming bag blew my mind each pull!!
Quint 8 aylar önce
Was thinking, while you were picking one SNES game after the other out of the bag, that if it was simply labeled as a "retro" bag without mentioning SNES anywhere, someone who didn't have a SNES might've been disappointed with the selection but they solved that in the best possible way. :)
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 8 aylar önce
Truly something special, I was so happy for him! I feel like if you got something like that off eBay or the like, it would cost at least triple the amount he spent
newbie 8 aylar önce
That's one amazing solution they had
MarioSratss 8 aylar önce
Great video. You are a really cool guy. The lucky bag with the games is amazing. The Idol lucky bag is really strange, but for fans great I think.
James Lewis
James Lewis 8 aylar önce
Seems like the bags were pretty good value this time (ok with the exception of the creepy idol bag). Just think how much streaming content you now have backlogged!
Gray 🎲
Gray 🎲 8 aylar önce
That last lucky bag is the best value I've seen from a blind box. Holy shit.
VPGTube 7 aylar önce
Damn... I had a good laugh when you pulled out Pop'n Twinbee. I played through this with a friend in the mid/late 90s on the Super Nintendo (I'm German btw...). Took us some time back then, because it was translated to english, but not german and being around 8 or 9 years old back then, you may guess how much english we could understand... xD But we managed one day to beat the game.
Emenalus 8 aylar önce
Joey: "I'm so glad that Aki's not home." Just hope that she won't see the video... xD
VFX 22
VFX 22 8 aylar önce
Yes Joey, congrats on the “gold” sfc! 😁 so pure
decusq 8 aylar önce
Man Breath of Fire was such a COOL series from Capcom! I just wish they'd invested more into it even after it's creator left the company. It was a pretty cool JRPG series. You had a repeating main hero who could turn into a dragon trying to defeat some force of evil and the games were pretty damn creative in settings and battle system.
Dominic Saavedra
Dominic Saavedra 8 aylar önce
I think i might have to pick up one of those retro game lucky bags when i go to japan.
Koosey Black
Koosey Black 8 aylar önce
That's not an alternate color for a SNES. The plastic used by nintendo at the time would yellow super easily when exposed to sunlight. There are a few ways to remedy the yellowing. But it doesn't necessarily weaken the plastic or anything.
diego viloz
diego viloz 8 aylar önce
I didn't had the heart to tell this happy man that, he was so happy with his golden super Nintendo lmao hahahaha but I was looking for this comment
Reggie Abang
Reggie Abang 8 aylar önce
I think the Super Famicom needs to be applied with Retrobright. All it needs is the correct procedure and the right timing.
MegaPonyTron93 8 aylar önce
Yoooooooooo, that Super Nintendo bag was one of the greatest things I've seen you open. No pun intended, but, you are indeed lucky
VixenNinetails 8 aylar önce
Now that is a lucky bag! Can't get over the fact they included the game system!!!
Kastanza 4
Kastanza 4 8 aylar önce
LMAO this is so funny, bless your heart for doing this for entertainment
Flandre Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet 8 aylar önce
Crazy to think that many of these 90s games creator are now in their 50 or 60s. I wonder how they feel when they look back at those games
Grim 8 aylar önce
Breath of Fire was actually pretty good, i wouldn't categorize it in the rip off/clone category. It stood on its own really well.
Toni Clover
Toni Clover 8 aylar önce
Yeah Breath of Fire was amazing. I played 1-3 and they are all super good!
Jeannina Carranza
Jeannina Carranza 8 aylar önce
BoF 4 is an absolute gem of PS era
Mahan Vaz Silva
Mahan Vaz Silva 8 aylar önce
An absolute classic. I love the series
anthony ramos
anthony ramos 8 aylar önce
he said all the rpgs were final fantasy rip offs.
David Yodo
David Yodo 8 aylar önce
I only play BOF 4 on PS one, the story and the characters is really good.
Kyle B
Kyle B 8 aylar önce
The gamer bag was actually pretty cool. That was a well-done bag.
alien archives
alien archives 8 aylar önce
ok when i saw joey pull up a retro Nintendo lucky bag i was super excited but when my man pulled out the Drakkhen box! lost my shit, out of all the SNES games i own i still cant figure out how to play that one. im glad other people think its Jank too, loved the video!!
pableitor2009 8 aylar önce
The supernintendo bag was amazing holy shit. and the yugioh one was actually decent too, it was way cheaper than what it contained too
Sakurarose 157
Sakurarose 157 8 aylar önce
That is completely insane you are so lucky good job Joey
TheNogster 8 aylar önce
I can't believe Joey found a lucky bag that isn't totally worthless. Awesome haul actually.
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