i bought a tank

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Best way to ever spend $6.9M. I bought a freaking tank on marketplace but had no idea it was in the UK so we flew there to drive it before it comes to the US. I've wanted this since I was 3.



8 Eki 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Forrest Spradlin
Forrest Spradlin 5 aylar önce
You gotta respect the tank guy and his passion for what he does.
_marlene 14 gün önce
im just gonna say as a female viewer, i respect the tank guy for being a BABE
Victor Aceves
Victor Aceves 16 gün önce
yes and the fact he has a FUCKING TANK
G 28 gün önce
@Jason Simpkins For real man. Say "wrong think" or play a note of copyrighted music and you're done. But spammers NO PROBLEM.
gus Aylar önce
mr hewes. and fitter matt. on youtube great guys
citizen23606 3 aylar önce
You could theoretically import it as fully functional to the USA Unfortunately you have to go through registering it as a destructive device, and go through the lengthy paperwork witch could take at least a year and change, and submit a fingerprints and tax stamp and paperwork It's well worth it because the value goes up tremendously
Helium 11 gün önce
@꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ oH YOU MEAN KYLE?
Ambivalent Onion
Ambivalent Onion 12 gün önce
normally it's imported as deactivated like from the uk and then reactivated and registered in the usa as its easier than importing
Rsl Tgc
Rsl Tgc 12 gün önce
Can earn from it too making people drive it
Odin's Clone
Odin's Clone Aylar önce
This guy is a true legend. Imagine staying so layed back about whilst Cody comes to your house runs your trees over makes days of work for you gets the chieftain track ripped off drives over an old German war relic. What a legend the fact that this is even possible is amazing.
Chastity Belt
Chastity Belt 9 gün önce
That was not german war relic, but actually GAZ-69 - a soviet army 4x4 truck, just like Jeep in US army. It's rather common vehicle and doesn't worth much.
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ʟᴇᴛ's ᴛᴀʟᴋ. ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ
Shawn Wolf
Shawn Wolf 2 aylar önce
The tank guy does amazing work and you can see his passion in them
clikzip 3 aylar önce
It has always bothered me seeing these i bought a tank videos and it was an APC or a handmade bullshit vehicle. You actually got a tank, props homie. FpsRussia had it right back in the day considering he did this 12 years ago but hey. It would be interesting to see where his channel would have gone if he didn't get raided by the ATF
Doggo Willink
Doggo Willink Aylar önce
@Ευγένιος Μεϊμάρης i don’t doubt it. If you watch him on the PKA podcast he’s seriously nuts.
Casemate Cardinal
Casemate Cardinal Aylar önce
An ajaxs is a tank. A light tank but a tank nonetheless
Ricky Rascon
Ricky Rascon Aylar önce
@O5_command oh yeah agree...have you seen Eddie halls video were he goes n gets McDonald's with his tank
O5_command Aylar önce
@Ricky Rascon what I was saying is that a tank is simply defined as an armoured fighting vehicle. The tank bought is a stereotypical tank with a fully traversable turret and a typical layout. A mark 1 is still a tank despite sharing very little with modern MBTs. My point being, 'tank' is a loose term to describe combat vehicles therefore an APC can be considered a tank.
Darth Gorthaur
Darth Gorthaur 2 aylar önce
Massive props the those guys recovering the tank that looks like some hard ass work and they look so 👌 cool about it and sorting it out for you.
Ry_dawg 5 aylar önce
The tank mechanic seems like a really cool guy. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to anything tank related.
ManKid Rides
ManKid Rides Aylar önce
@Artur Lome ouch! Got me right in the... DILLIGAF!
Artur Lome
Artur Lome Aylar önce
@ManKid Rides The driver used the IR light in Conjunction with Image Iintensifying nightsight, the II was ok but better with IR though IR was not always used as it could be detected. best way to check if the IR was working. put the palm of your hand over it, if it sizzled and smellt of pork it was fine, it used the same halogen bulb with an IR lends as the headlight.
Artur Lome
Artur Lome Aylar önce
Now do it in the dark with full NBC kit on
They call me Orby
They call me Orby 5 aylar önce
Finally a creator who says they bought a tank in a video and actually bought a real tank and not an IFV or APC...respect that.
Andrea Schober
Andrea Schober 10 gün önce
And Eddie hall
Albert Aylar önce
This guy and Mastermilo
Simon Says...
Simon Says... 4 aylar önce
I just love how seamlessly interchangeable American and British conversation is, 4 guys talking in the end about the world and its happenings having never met eachother and living on the other side of the world, yet we get along as if we are neighbors. Really shows just how interconnected we have become as a species. Too bad that some countries want to live in the ignorance of the past and hold back our global evolution..
dave h
dave h 3 gün önce
👍 British,americans,Canadians, Irish, n Zealand and aussies do just get along. Generally,You speak the same,you think the same.
Jose Zabkar
Jose Zabkar Aylar önce
verybritish 3 aylar önce
This is the happiest I've seen you Cody, you bring joy to all of us too. What an awesome tank.
Bobby Dirtamiyer
Bobby Dirtamiyer 4 aylar önce
The kid you bought the tank from turned out to be a pretty cool chap. I really enjoyed that conversation at the end. I wasn't expecting someone that young to have that much knowledge about tanks.
Vermillion 15 gün önce
@spooky no hes a tank mechanic
nathan whiteman
nathan whiteman 23 gün önce
Thats was a good part
spooky 27 gün önce
bro probably plays wt 20 hours a day
Its_Me_Romano Aylar önce
average wt player
Michael Sieber
Michael Sieber 4 aylar önce
Yes, but one thing he got wrong. The Beer test was done on a Leopard 2
Guss's Hangar.
Guss's Hangar. 2 aylar önce
Hi Folks, Yes its a Chieftain and the Fitter is bang on in details pretty much all the way, I was on the Chieftains in the 70,s and can even confirm the one about the engine running away, this is something I have witnessed on an excersize when doing a run, as one of the lead tanks started to emit really thick smoke as it stopped without reason. Then the hatches opened and the crew bailed and ran as the smoke began to pour out of the engine decks faster and thicker, We could hear the engine bustin a gut and then all hell broke loose though we couldnt see the damage happeneing due to the Thick smoke it basically Effed the tank. in fact we had a saying. Chieftain tank, oil on the floor since 1964... BTW the big box on left of turret is a pretty powerful search light, and also has an infra red filter behind the door, so you could have white or infra red light. of course you would need the infra red sights to see the reflected infra red light come back in the sight. the convoy light was a very small normal red light under the rear of every vehicle that a following vehicle would have to follow for night driving in battle conditions. hell of a job trying to watch one tiny red light over any distance. point to note though, the lead vehicle would have the advantage of just pure natural light, although by night this is very limiting you should try it, sit a while the you will be suprised how much more you can see once you become used to the limited light. Just to add. it wasnt common practise to use a tank to take out trees, one to limit damage to the very expensive gun and second not to damage tracks or leave a feking gaping big ass track showing position to over head danger lol. I wouldnt want to be a tankie now though with modern A/T weapons around. sleep tight Ladies.
Dpaplayz 7 gün önce
Can't believe they called it an abrams
Kyle Fowler
Kyle Fowler 13 gün önce
Awesome story, thanks for sharing!
Austin Gamble
Austin Gamble 5 aylar önce
That mechanic was so chill about everything and so knowledgeable. Definitely want to see him in more videos !
Fred Holmwood
Fred Holmwood 3 aylar önce
@melatonin mrhewes
Redbone Unincorporated
@Keith Mikell he literally has his own land and entire operation doing exactly what he wants to do, and he's not just the "mechanic", Cody bought the tank from him. 🤦‍♂️
Dickmelson Lupot
Dickmelson Lupot 5 aylar önce
with how dumbazz some tank crews especially tank drivers are (let's face it, we're all human and vets are also human as well and are no exception when it comes to human stupidity or bad luck) especially the new ones or the "Maverick" types, what happened to Cody is just a walk in the park. These types of things are known to get bogged down in knee deep mud or even have to be recovered after one fool of a driver thought it was a good idea to "swim" the tank in a deep river.
Gunnar 5 aylar önce
Agreed. Great personality. Possibly have him come to the US next time?
albert bord
albert bord 5 aylar önce
@Dakota sure sounds like you both of you know a thing or two about tanks
Intrepid GameDev
Intrepid GameDev 4 aylar önce
The tank in this video is a Chieftain MK. 11, you actually have one of the last production Chieftain MBT (Main Battle Tank). Not bad.
biohazardlnf 16 gün önce
​@prandomable Porbably had more than 1500 HP Abrahms seeing how it's has a turbine engine
Guss's Hangar.
Guss's Hangar. Aylar önce
@RogueRover yes thats right, because folded it was easy stowage inside tank taking up less room.
Artur Lome
Artur Lome Aylar önce
Many Cheiftains were upgraded at Vetter no matter what the year built ( except early marrks with split capola and used for drivder training mainly at catterick), I would say this was originaly a 2/3 as there is no extra armour around the infantry tank telephone that was on a MK5s when built when He is playing with it.
FireWarrior2013 Aylar önce
@Teddy Bear For your curiosity as to where the turret mounted MG's are, it's coaxially mounted onto the turret. On earlier models there was also a .50 cal ranging MG mounted beside the gun, not as necessary on a Mk.11 due to the FCS which replaces the spotlight of earlier variants.
RogueRover Aylar önce
@Guss's Hangar. You mean like a Sterling SMG?
Fellowcrusader 3 aylar önce
I know he is going to get a 5 star wanted level with that
Ryan Sadler
Ryan Sadler 18 gün önce
More like 10 stars with the way he is👍🤩🤩👍
2kids&acamra Aylar önce
6 star
Bear Robbins
Bear Robbins 2 aylar önce
For real
Michael McDougall
Michael McDougall 3 aylar önce
I /LOVE/ how quickly that tank recovery transitions from day to night... these things have a pace unto their own, and to see the work that went in to removing the track, recovering the tank and setting it back up... owning something this scale is /not/ for the feint of heart.
FarmerKen355 3 aylar önce
as an ex tanker......ha ha ha the lessons you learn... the hard way. A good driver would feel the track walking off and be able to walk it back on
Artur Lome
Artur Lome Aylar önce
@Francis Jenkins UMM, one of are best defences was to stay in the woods and use the fire breaks and dead ground, not sure where the planning came into tactics in BAOR ( get out to your forward position and shoot as many as you can), Slopes are fine ( dont skyline yourself Bloody REME) tricky in snow but you can walk them on a gradient in a higher gear than normal engine labouring but not enough to burn out the centrifugal clutch , knackered on compacted ice/snow though but if on hard standing great fun putting it sideways at top speed coming of a metal road..
Artur Lome
Artur Lome Aylar önce
A good driver would no have put themselves in that position, even if a daft CMDR had told Him to go there.
Francis Jenkins
Francis Jenkins Aylar önce
When your planning to use tanks the route is usually planned and you would normally avoid woods, certain grounds and obstacles so that your tank doesn’t lose a track or get stuck. Tanks tend to avoid slopes. Slopes show the underside of the tank which is the weakest point. Good luck with your purchase. My Dad used to repair the giro systems on tanks so the barrel remains on target as the tank travelled over uneven ground
Han Aylar önce
@whomegalul typically rich people buy them and let vets drive them so they can write it off as a charitable contribution/asset. I don't think most tankers do own one unless they come from money.
Dooright312 Aylar önce
Love that you made it for yourself Cody. Nothing short of an inspiration to live your life and do what makes you happy. I hope I’m right when I say this but you seem like a genuine down to earth person who doesn’t let the money get to their head. You worked for this shit, enjoy it how you want to enjoy it. You got a new sub for life!
Skerries Rock Art Ireland
You're condonig the highest level of destructive idiocy.
Daniel E
Daniel E 5 aylar önce
And just like that Cody went from being a threat to squated trucks to being a threat to national security 😂
Jose Zabkar
Jose Zabkar Aylar önce
IGotAux Aylar önce
I play games
I play games 3 aylar önce
@Maxim Hens next he finna destroy a tank with a submarine
The Platypus of Consciousness
I think cody could break down national borders. With force🤣🤣🤣
Sleepyfy 3 aylar önce
A C 5 aylar önce
Joe is awesome people! I hope he is going to be seen again on the channel! the best part of the vid is the end where yall just chatted with him. What a legend.
Names_Are_Boring_ 4 aylar önce
Jesus Christ these bots have resorted to scams now
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Congratulations 🎉🎉 you have been selected among my shortlisted winners text me I have a prize 📦 for you.
Jon Boyd
Jon Boyd 3 aylar önce
I didn't hear anything about it being a 6-cylinder, 12-piston engine. That's right. 12 pistons but 6 cylinders. So 2 opposed pistons per cylinder. Really a strange design for an engine, but I guess it made it fairly compact for the amount of power at the time. It is also a 2-stroke, with two cranks.
Ryan Sadler
Ryan Sadler 3 gün önce
@John Smith did not know that.
John Smith
John Smith 3 gün önce
@Ryan Sadler cummins has a 4 cylinder opposed piston for the military
Darth Obscurity
Darth Obscurity 7 gün önce
@Rondo Cat The most fuel efficient engines are ones that don't use fuel. Generators that run electric motors are 5-10% more efficient then engines which is huge when you're talking about fuel.
Ryan Sadler
Ryan Sadler 18 gün önce
Imagine a Cummins with a similar engine!!!!!!
Phil coxon
Phil coxon 3 aylar önce
The Leyland engine fitted to the Chieftain was a multi fuel vertically opposed 16 cylinder weighing 3 ton, an engine pack with radiators and bits was 3 1/2 ton, they were crap, but sounded great, the aux. motor used to start the main engine was a 4 cylinder. If your into engines look up the English Deltic locomotive 2 stroke engine, amazing engineering.
Slickninjadude 3 aylar önce
The reason tanks are going smooth bore is because of the ammunition they shoot. APFSDS is round that has an outer Shell that breaks off as it exit's the barrel. They found that their rifled barrels on the first challengers was actually negatively affecting the accuracy. Therefore they have found smooth bore barrels are better because they ware less, and are more accurate with modern day ammunition. Hope this helps.
Dabbix 3 aylar önce
I have so much respect for people of England like we are so much alike it’s crazy I enjoyed y’all conversations amazing people
Bill Hornewer
Bill Hornewer 2 aylar önce
Cody AKA Whistlin D . You Sir are genius I have been following you for a long time , You are the pioneer on this content for TRvid the rest try to follow and mimic your success but you are 4 steps ahead of them . Keep up the good work Cody . A 73 year old fan of yours from Illinois
Dongatello 5 aylar önce
20+ minute videos are always a treat from you Cody
B 5 aylar önce
@K Den 1 😂
K Den 1
K Den 1 5 aylar önce
@B hahaha i see what you did...... and i like it
B 5 aylar önce
Thought something under 16 would be more your thing
Showroom Solutions Plus LLC
@Dakota Dad was a bad dude
Dakota Dad
Dakota Dad 5 aylar önce
Corn pop
Train115 4 aylar önce
You generally dont drive through trees in war, it can cause lots of damage to a tank. And as you experienced, you can get high centered and lose a track.
Souldrinker36 4 aylar önce
As an M1A1 tank crewman remember the following. Tanks don't go where the yellow flowers grow.
Jose Zabkar
Jose Zabkar Aylar önce
Top ♾️🕊️
Souldrinker36 Aylar önce
@Manayz in Germany where the yellow flowers grow is usually a swampy MOG area. Tanks will just spin their tanks and sink.
Manayz Aylar önce
Whats this mean, google didnt pop up with anything :(
Deutsche Auto Services UG
I have watched every episode you have but this is one of my favorite. I like the fact that you are big hearted, I mean u gave that guy yo pickup, that is golden. I wish I could meet you bro and just give you a hug... Yo grate and ignore criticism, it shows that yo far ahead. I always say if you run a business and no one negatively criticizes it, just know yo not good and yo nothing at all. It's called too much competition for the critics. Keep it up
Zachj747 4 aylar önce
That guy joe is one of a kind love the passion for what he does
MG 3 aylar önce
FYI When all the hatches are closed ie battened down the Tank has a blind zone of 20-30 metres around the tank, so it can't see anyone in that zone, and won't know if it ran over you!
RNG Bannanman
RNG Bannanman 5 aylar önce
Now that you have a tank, do you remember when they said you can’t fly your plane
CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth
@griffy ye TY LATER Full Circle
CaturLifeLive 3 aylar önce
@Grayson Guthrie lol wkwk 😂👍
Nash Johnson
Nash Johnson 3 aylar önce
bennie kambona
bennie kambona 3 aylar önce
@Grayson Guthrie lol
Ry Cop
Ry Cop 3 aylar önce
@RandomContentGang tank in plane drop tank out of plane mid air FLYING TANK😊
urMate 3 aylar önce
As a fan of the chieftain, when he called it a Abrams and then later on said it was painted to look like one it broke my heart
Spoof-foopS 15 gün önce
this is an ironic comment right?
urMate 19 gün önce
@MM it's a chieftain?
MM 19 gün önce
Then what tank is it?
urMate Aylar önce
@Uncle James exactly 😥
Uncle James
Uncle James Aylar önce
This whole video broke my heart, this tank isn't going to a good home.
Trenchify 4 aylar önce
As the Chieftain once said: "If you can drive a car, you can drive a tank."
Monkey Man
Monkey Man 13 gün önce
I love how you built yourself up man congrats your like Mr beast from 2017-2019 with his budget today I love when you act like a psychopath keep up the good vids
Cacklea 4 aylar önce
I forget the tank engineer's name but man he seems like such a wealth of knowledge would love to see more with him
𝑻𝒆𝒙𝒕 𝒎𝒆 𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒈𝒓𝒂𝒎 @gentry0
Congratulations 🎉🎉 you have been selected among my shortlisted winners text me I have a prize 📦 for you.
A youtuber that actually bought a tank, awesome tank dude, I absolutely love your videos
Chris 5 aylar önce
The guy you bought it from was so cool and knowledgeable. To think there's a young tank wiz out there with a whole farm of military vehicles is badass, and you pretty much solidified his passion as he's helped you with your childhood dream.
shoots2001 2 aylar önce
shrimpandsilver 5 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure the guy with a farm full of tanks had his passion already solidified
4doorsmoreguns 5 aylar önce
@Rustyemu93 there's a TRvidr called taxtherich who drifts an F40 around his farm😂
Benjai 5 aylar önce
He's got a YT channel. I think Cody did a minor disservice by not hyping it for the guy. He's trying to make tank resto his FT income.
Fitter Mat
Fitter Mat 5 aylar önce
The first video of this tank being rescued can be found here Farmer Phils Tank - Episode 1 - We Bought The Only Road Legal Chieftain Battle Tank In The Country trvid.com/video/video-HbpgCKRiKig.html Plenty of other tank shenanigans as well!
avnmech 3 aylar önce
If it was up to me, I would’ve had you guys retrack that tank yourself after recovering it because you’re gonna have to learn how to do it because those tracks don’t last forever and someone we’re gonna change them out.
Anthony Cochran
Anthony Cochran 3 aylar önce
3:07 The primary reason the U.S. has above ground electrical is because of the size of the country. It costs a great deal to cut trenches across such a large area, so underground utilities are usually upgraded when roads and cities are being rebuilt...something which the UK had to do after WW2. Progress takes time and money.
Tuju's Projects
Tuju's Projects 3 aylar önce
Naah, in Europe it’s common that part of the network is above and in some places buried.
As someone who lives in a Country where basically everything is underground now: Its not that good of an idea tbh. Do above ground whenever possible and underground when necessary.
mothball boxes
mothball boxes 3 aylar önce
"Today there are more than 90,000 electricity pylons across Britain, covering 4,300 route miles"
mike baird
mike baird 3 aylar önce
Anything is pre-existing above ground they keep maintaining it but any new additions of housing they generally put in underground
squidwardo 3 aylar önce
yup. easier to maintain too. in most cities we have underground though
K1YO 2 aylar önce
Chieftain mk 5 or 10 was a very promising tank for the British being able to role a atgm or ricochet them but the thing was if u shot the hull from the front, ur ammo is there so you would explode
TheGunmaster15 3 aylar önce
Red diesel is another type of diesel in the uk . It’s less tax on it and dyed red to indicate , it’s illegal to use in normal road cars but it’s mainly for agricultural vehicles and whatever else
Robert 3 aylar önce
Not tax free anymore
Vypr Phyco
Vypr Phyco 3 aylar önce
We have it in the US as well
squidwardo 3 aylar önce
we have that in the US too... only for farm use, plus you don't want to use it in regular cars anyway because it fucks up the filters
Mr.M 2 aylar önce
I aspire to be like you, enjoying life and doing what you want! Sucks that you can get the tank ready to fire, but go to prison after firing😢
OperatorDrewski 5 aylar önce
"YOU BOUGHT AN M1 ABRAMS?" Me: *winces*
Jack Hines
Jack Hines 5 aylar önce
Honestly looks like the new one
Fabian Müller
Fabian Müller 5 aylar önce
But what is it then?
Mattias Hinsby
Mattias Hinsby 5 aylar önce
my exact words
TommyTooTone 5 aylar önce
I think it's a centurion
Reid Levering
Reid Levering 5 aylar önce
Holy shit. Fuckin Drewski is even watching this 😂 nice to see you here brother 🤙🏽
Stephanie Oplinger
Stephanie Oplinger 3 aylar önce
"People are like, 'Are you going to London?'" Was honestly waiting for him to pull up on London in a tank... 😅🤣
DJ Y 2 aylar önce
Don't think it would even fit on our roads😂 Most of them are quite narrow. Would have been cool though.
Robert 2 aylar önce
@Liam Kennedy You're allowed tanks on the roads in the UK. They have to have rubber pads and are limited to 20 or 30mph. Just from looks, that looks too wide to be allowed, I could be wrong.
Liam Kennedy
Liam Kennedy 2 aylar önce
@Robert you wouldn't be allowed lol, it would destroy the roads
друг 3 aylar önce
Guy with a Sherman around Brixton, takes it out here and there.
Greer 3 aylar önce
5 star wanted level
John Matthews
John Matthews 5 aylar önce
The engine sounds AMAZING on that Chieftain!
ImagineGoldXD 3 aylar önce
@John Matthews Best looking for sure
Dan Batesy
Dan Batesy 4 aylar önce
@John Matthews definitely 👍🏻
John Matthews
John Matthews 4 aylar önce
@Dan Batesy and probably the best tank of it's era!
Dan Batesy
Dan Batesy 4 aylar önce
Best noise ever and the best looking main battle tank.
DONALD ROBBINS 22 gün önce
Man I would love to spend the day with you and the gang doing crazy stuff.
DONALD ROBBINS 16 gün önce
I would but with all the scams going on how do I know this is Cody
marksapollo 3 aylar önce
Not easy to drive a tank, especially one that size! You did an excellent job.
Dan Vaught
Dan Vaught 3 aylar önce
@marksapollo Not really. I've driven our gun with no certification. Same thing during the Gulf War. Just use some common sense.
Dan Vaught
Dan Vaught 3 aylar önce
@Ken Smith I was a 13B (Crewmember) and the M-109 is easy as hell to drive as well. It's got a gas pedal, steering wheel, and a kind of automatic transmission. You still have to move the shifter, but no clutch.
marksapollo 3 aylar önce
@Ken Smith You still need training though right? I still think it’s tough to drive one, I mean you must have had extensive military training before they let you lose on millions of pounds / dollars worth of military hardware. These days they even have full on tank simulators.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 3 aylar önce
@Stephen Stowe This isn't a ww2 Era tank.. It's a Chieftain.
Stephen Stowe
Stephen Stowe 3 aylar önce
@Ken Smith no offense but an ww2 era tank and an modern tank, have completely different shit especially an garbage Soviet t-34 85, that was known for getting it’s armor blown off or shattering when hit with any tank or anti-tank around
damianimex 17 gün önce
by far the best car youtube channel, man! I found you first video just a week ago and all I do is learn new things and smile :) thanks man.
swefilms 5 aylar önce
The last 10 minutes of chatting with Joe was a treat! It's fun listening to people that know what they are talking about.
Tonyman 4 aylar önce
@The Daytona Plane nah its could probably be used succesfully in ukraine
The Daytona Plane
The Daytona Plane 4 aylar önce
​@Tonyman I mean the Chieftain is a bit of a hunk of junk nowadays.
Fitter Mat
Fitter Mat 5 aylar önce
The first video of this tank being rescued can be found here Farmer Phils Tank - Episode 1 - We Bought The Only Road Legal Chieftain Battle Tank In The Country trvid.com/video/video-HbpgCKRiKig.html Plenty of other tank shenanigans as well!
TacticalGamer 5 aylar önce
Yeah Joe is a lad
DJ scaryred
DJ scaryred 5 aylar önce
Right! He needs a podcast
Uye 3 aylar önce
Now I just want to listen to a podcast about this guy talking tanks. The last 10 mins was great conversation!
Jaganath 2 aylar önce
@mothball boxes awesome, thx!
mothball boxes
mothball boxes 3 aylar önce
No podcast but he has a channel called "Mr Hewes"
kboot658 4 aylar önce
The reason why they switch to smooth bore is they can fire different types of projectiles out of the tank main cannon, A lot of which are now fin stabilized. Kind of like with shotguns. if you have a rifled shotgun barrel you're not gonna want a shoot birdshot or buckshot through it. You're kind of limited only to sabots and slugs, unless it's smooth bore which obviously can take almost anything.
c me
c me 2 aylar önce
Very informative bud, you just earned my attention. Keep doing what you’re doing!!
miles fargo
miles fargo 4 aylar önce
The tank guy is an absolute legend 🤣
AR-Sith F.Austin
AR-Sith F.Austin 15 gün önce
Cody's flexin' 🥜'z about his tank while casting shade. I love it. I would too about my tank 🤣
François Grimard
François Grimard 5 aylar önce
Now THIS is a proper TRvid channel!! Man doesn’t flex his wealth, he spends it on our dreams and entertains us all!!! 👏🏼
John Argumaniz
John Argumaniz 5 aylar önce
@Benjai yea his videos don’t interest me much but the amount of stuff he donates to community’s and random people is astronomical. He gives away 18 wheeler loads of turkeys to families that can’t afford them during the holidays. He puts all his money into doing good and making his videos.
Benjai 5 aylar önce
@John Argumaniz mrs least is meh
Nicki Lindason Løvstad
@Murray Madness Thanks for dropping by and flexing your lack of insight.
Taylor Kelly
Taylor Kelly 5 aylar önce
I mean, he's definitely flexing. Just in a more entertaining way.
Hette Kloosterman
Hette Kloosterman 5 aylar önce
@Murray Madness Then you havent seen his older video's.
Linus Nyberg
Linus Nyberg 3 aylar önce
Mad respect for when a fan came up to them at the airport and he just flipped the camera in an instant to focus on the person that came up to them!
Raging Scorpio
Raging Scorpio 3 aylar önce
TopGear truck he mentioned is the Resvani. Everything about those are wicked as hell! Including the price tag 😬
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David Fredman
David Fredman 13 gün önce
"Why would I go to London if I could drive a tank right now?" Is the most American thing he could have said. 🗽
spitfireflyer 4 aylar önce
the main reason for the 120mm rifled gun was because we were a good fan of HESH high explosive squash head which is very good for taking out bunkers
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Karl Marx worked for the bank you dumdums
Hope your boy’s ok after that head-on. I just lost my 4runner to a head on collision in March. Drunk driver, he got me real good 😢. I’m lucky I’m alive. And so is your boy Tyler! Tyler, if you’re reading this…make sure to count them blessings amigo ✌️
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Cars Garage
Cars Garage 5 aylar önce
Hey, I know one country in Europe where you can test drive your tank and make a ton of cool videos, bonus points for returning washing machines to their owners.
the_gaming_rabbit 5 aylar önce
@Benjai how about I prove it to you when I head over there next spring when my National Guard contract expires?
Benjai 5 aylar önce
@the_gaming_rabbit don't trust all the propaganda vids ya see man
303pools 5 aylar önce
@the_gaming_rabbit they only show one side of it and blocked the other side make you believe in what they want you to believe in.
Love the more serious convo on tanks one of the best moments on the channel
Love To Travel
Love To Travel Aylar önce
My god it still has the Stillbrew armour fitted, that is so rare, the studs holding the panels and rubber sheets usually snap off after so many years.
Spartan 59
Spartan 59 Aylar önce
If you investigate the history of the Abrams, it is the same as the Challenger. They removed all damaged hulks and they were returned to General Dynamics to be refurbished as were earlier variants to be upgraded to the newer and latest versions. The German Leopard 2 A4 was the first production line model put into service, also a rifled barrel, and now it is up to the A7 variant, yet they are only A4s' that have gone through the process of being upgraded. The three tanks all came into service from 1979 (Leopard 2) 1980 (M1 Abrams) and 1983 (Challenger), these are definitely not new technology tanks. Only the Sth Korean K2 Black Panther and the Russian T90 are the newest tanks in service at 2014 and 2019 respectively. The T90 has a 125mm smooth bore main gun and also the capability to be a Tank Sniper using special rounds.
Artur Lome
Artur Lome Aylar önce
Leopard 2 Rhine Metal 120 smootbore. Leo1 had the 105 rifled, M1 had the British Rifled 105 to start.
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FirendlyNeighbour 26 gün önce
The test with a glass of beer was actually done on a Leopard 2 because it set a milestone with how good the stabilization was.
J The Huge Nuts
J The Huge Nuts 3 aylar önce
can the gunner still turn the turret or use any aiming system? that would be cool~
Daenolo3 5 aylar önce
This guy is the only guy that makes 45 minute videos I actually watch.
Radhamani Rk
Radhamani Rk 4 aylar önce
@A Person And it has the Classic red 45's ball cap in it as well!
Sgt. Rock
Sgt. Rock 5 aylar önce
You should check out @m539_resterations😅
ImaCyclePath 5 aylar önce
Check out Andrew Camarata…. Dude can make a 2 hour video about clearing a road and it’s just sick. He bought a mountain too. And built a castle. Not the same type of shit as Whistlin Diesel but dude can film some shit.
FlyinRaptorJesus 5 aylar önce
I didn't even know this was 45 min long till u pointed it out lol
A Person
A Person 5 aylar önce
I hadn't realized this was 45 minutes until you pointed that out. I just finished watching it.
Auden Maddocks
Auden Maddocks 4 aylar önce
You are probably the most entertaining youtubers ever!!! Love your videos.
cryptic 16 gün önce
i enjoyed the tank lore at the end Joe seems to know everything
KergylKraft 3 aylar önce
Fun fact, that's an FV4201 Chieftain tank.
zfrider3000 Aylar önce
@Jasper Thomas the tank he showed before the chieftain is a T-34-85 .-.
Darth Gorthaur
Darth Gorthaur 2 aylar önce
@Jasper Thomas ain't it annoying when people jump down your throat so quickly but then you'd hear more noise from the intergalactic area when it comes to them actually answering your questions or getting the right info out 🤔
Jasper Thomas
Jasper Thomas 2 aylar önce
@The Supreme sorry made this comment before he showed the chieftan, but why don't you tell me what tank it is since you sound quite clued on about it
The Supreme
The Supreme 2 aylar önce
@Jasper Thomas absolutely not, havr you ever seen either of those 2?
Jasper Thomas
Jasper Thomas 2 aylar önce
Looks more like a IS 2 or IS 1
papi_chu69 4 aylar önce
i was like, “man they are really abusing this thing while knowing it isn’t theirs for another month.” Then the dude asked him to run over a car with it😂
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Mock Weston
Mock Weston Aylar önce
I love how that young bloke strikes me as thre exact guy who would have been driving and maintaining the tanks during the wars back in the day, its like he was born in the wrong generation, so cool
Neil Paris
Neil Paris 5 aylar önce
Get that mechanic dude to come experience the fun you can have in America 😂
LIL 4 aylar önce
Man, that's cool! I always dreamed owning a tank like that. Can I ask you where you bought it? I've been looking to buy a little tank like the ones shown next to your tank in the video. I would really appreciate if you could give me the contact info of the dealer. THANKS!
the life of cat
the life of cat 11 gün önce
Something I've always wanted to do was go to the UK!
All the tanks sound sick especially the one you bought , love the sound of tanks
Randomnerd12 2 aylar önce
I love how he sees the ebrake and only thinks of making the tank drift😂
RadicalOne1912 5 aylar önce
I loved the last few minutes. A few grubby dudes shooting it in the shop, talking about tanks. I was smiling the whole time like I was there with y'all!
DroneMee 5 aylar önce
Definitely the best part.
Bernhard Klassen
Bernhard Klassen 5 aylar önce
Same here man
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Rich Pepe
Rich Pepe 3 aylar önce
I dunno why the markers lines off the charts was so funny but I was dying laughing
ReseTTim 4 aylar önce
If you really like Tanks, not far of England there is Master Milo from the Netherlands.. He has a couple tanks and a nice restoration series of his Type 69-II.
Landie Man
Landie Man 4 aylar önce
There is also another one In England; Tanks a Lot 😊
Robbie Binyamin
Robbie Binyamin 10 gün önce
Tank is a beast 😎 I was a tank commender and a driver of Merkava mark III gen 2 and it was amazing experience
louis fisk
louis fisk 3 aylar önce
I had a 71 Chrysler new Yorker. That car was a tank in of itself, I went through a brick wall with it. Backed out and drove it home, only damage was to the splash pan behind the bumper.
dave h
dave h Aylar önce
My dad had one in england..huge car.
Tonya 21 gün önce
It's your money you worked for it, so hey if you have it like that and it makes you happy who cares what other's say. I would take a guess at saying the naysayers are simply jealous. I would tell those who are jealous to get creative follow there own dreams and possibly look at you for motivation. Jealousy or envy gets you nowhere and we all have to find our own way and path to happiness. You seem like really great person and I can only imagine how proud your parents and family are of you.
Urban 5 aylar önce
Cody is THE living embodiment of “never let them know your next move”
Paweł 3 aylar önce
Funniest thing is that you can own a tank in a UK but you can`t use Pepper spray because pepper spray is illegal xD
Robert 2 aylar önce
@spodula I suggest you have a Google about antique handguns and the law.
spodula 2 aylar önce
​@Robert in the UK, live handguns have been banned for since 1997. You can get certain types of single-shot rifles or shotguns, after a lot of background checks, and have to submit to random inspections, but everything else has to be disabled, and certified so.
Robert 3 aylar önce
Your allowed handguns if they're old enough. People go to America and buy them. You don't need to do any customs forms for them.
Adi 2 aylar önce
26:00 tanks are generally pretty robust and can do a lot of things but because of their weight and because they only have two tracks they have some limits. If you have seen war movies you sometimes can see concrete x shaped cubes. Those are to stop tanks. They stop them because they will high center the tank and when you only have one track on the ground the tank will just spin on the spot or if it can't like in your case it will throw the track. One of the biggest problems tank drivers had in ww2 were basements and trees. So tanks mostly avoided citys and if they couldn't avoid going through it usually an infantry troop would go ahead and look for a stable enough route. Most modern tanks can drive under water with some extra equipment but tankdrivers avoid going through rivers because the riverbed is so soft that a tank can sink in to the mud and high center on there. Tanks also have pretty good climbing ability if you know how to drive it propperly and go straight over it. Modern tanks also don't use levers to steer anymore. They just drive like a car but bigger (exept they have some extra things that sometimes need switches to turn on like turning on the spot with the leopard2. Normally you turn over one track (sharpest turn one track stands still and the other track drives) but if you need to turn even tighter you can flip a switch and the tank starts driveing one track forward and one track backward.
nathan whiteman
nathan whiteman 23 gün önce
I love the conversation you guys had at the end looked like good times
Арктическое Лисицё
Man as someone who's dealt with tanks for like, 4/5 of my life, I'm a little jealous reaching the end of this o-o
TE-BO Aylar önce
35:24 the uk's tanks have stuck with rifled cannons because the challenger was designed with a focus on the infantry support role, the tanks could fire a hesh round (great for demolishing buildings) which wasn't possible with a smooth bore. Now you got smart ammunition types and programmable high explosive rounds that can be fired from smooth bore cannons.
bigroosterman12 5 aylar önce
Seth's reaction is the highlight of this video. Dude is so pure and happy.
Fast Eddie
Fast Eddie 5 aylar önce
Facts 🤙🏾
Tᥱxt mᥱ on tᥱᥣᥱgrᥲm 👉ANNAZ8👈
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Matthew Wain
Matthew Wain 3 aylar önce
Pretty much every kids dream right here. Amazing. (Mech reminds me of a few guys I used to work with back in the UK).
Thomas S
Thomas S 4 aylar önce
Seeing this machine getting retracked has something magic. Like a machine spirit which is healed.
Adi 2 aylar önce
One of the reasons why the challenger gets a smoothbore gun is so that they can shoot nato rounds. With the old rifeled barrel they had to use special ammo that was/is only made in the uk but with the standadisation in the nato the uk decided to finally change to the nato standard. I don't remember if they got the 120mm gun that is in the leopard2 or if they decided to go with the new 130mm gun.
Namesvale 3 aylar önce
that rev sounds much better then any car or bike out there XD
J HEFF 2 aylar önce
And a bit louder....... Okay you can hear them well over a mile away! You never forget that sound.
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2fast2nick Aylar önce
Cody might actually be a genius in disguise
Robert Fullstop
Robert Fullstop 5 aylar önce
War -> tank survives unscathed. Cody -> tank breaks down in less than 24h.
86pp 2 aylar önce
@whomegalul No, variants of the T-80 have been manufactured in Ukraine, ironically outdoing Russian versions in export sales. Ukrainian versions have a few differences, such as a cheaper diesel engine powerplant. Although production has likely ceased for now due to the factory responsible for producing them being located in Kharkiv. A lot of former Warsaw Pact nations still produce and field their own variants of old Soviet armoured vehicles, there's a rabbit hole of all the fascinating changes and modifications that they've made to the designs. It's well worth reading about if that's your sort of thing
whomegalul 2 aylar önce
@Coajdka Ukraine has no tanks, they are all Russian made.
Yurei 2 aylar önce
@Closing Conch yah, that makes sense. That happens to me a lot 💀
Closing Conch
Closing Conch 2 aylar önce
@Yurei well I guess it's my fault for not checking my phrase before sending it (no sarcasm tho)
Yurei 2 aylar önce
@Closing Conch How would I know that you were talking about the mobility? This is what you said "it's a heavy tank that looks like an is7? Or maybe a leopard 1?" I don't see anything that includes speed there
A39 Tortoise
A39 Tortoise 4 aylar önce
Makes me sad that this tank isn't in the UK where it belongs anymore, but oh well, that's the military history enthusiast in me 🤷
Amenti 4 aylar önce
You know what's funny......I was looking at tank prices the other day (no joke), and I GUARANTEE I've seen the listing for the tank he bought, lol.
purplemonkey dishwasher
I love the sound of that supercharger. Just a beast!! Looks like a shit ton of fun!
J R 3 aylar önce
The smooth bore barrels use fin stabilised ammunition which is more accurate at higher speeds. The barrels also wear slower than rifled barrels.
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