I Bought a Broken Hellcat for a 4x4 Off-Road Build

Westen Champlin
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I Bought a Broken Hellcat for a 4x4 Off-Road Build.

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9 Mar 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Liam Cziske
Liam Cziske Gün önce
Poor kitty goin' throutgh the snow🤒
CFN Yvng
CFN Yvng 2 gün önce
That man ballin if he bought that ho in cash
Roblox X
Roblox X 8 gün önce
Hellcats are the best
Sawyer Brayshaw
Sawyer Brayshaw 10 gün önce
franki3d 13 gün önce
"aaa, Your bumper is right on the wood" 😏😜 😂😂
G- Lupe
G- Lupe 16 gün önce
How much did you pay for that hellcat?
Willy Vasquez
Willy Vasquez 16 gün önce
Did you say honda prius? 😊
Wendigo 16 gün önce
It's a cool build but I think that htese cars should stay the way they are
1:25 did this man just said Honda perius 😂
Luca A-Z Antoniewicz
Luca A-Z Antoniewicz 17 gün önce
Ok Wtf is a honda prius!!??! 1:23
Void 18 gün önce
6:39 whistlin diesel where are youuuu
Kaspar Lautenbach
Kaspar Lautenbach 18 gün önce
@1:22 Honda Prius????
Cigars & Piss
Cigars & Piss 19 gün önce
What happened with this
Bear Man
Bear Man 21 gün önce
What was the mileage and price?
Mr.Random 22 gün önce
never stick your fingers in the wheel hub maybe try grabbing top of tire
Biffed 22 gün önce
You drove 11hours to get a hellcat
GamingDemon300 24 gün önce
Fred was still going in the end
Country_ Life_302
Country_ Life_302 Aylar önce
Lmao a ford pulling a Chevy like usual 🥱
Tommy Haugen
Tommy Haugen Aylar önce
If it moves a little bit then it's in limp mode that happened to my dad's audi
The Acez
The Acez Aylar önce
When are you gonna finish this ?
TexanErection Aylar önce
Please don’t destroy it. I might cry
Fernando Man
Fernando Man Aylar önce
Whistlin diesel’s brother💪😂
Supremisses_yt Aylar önce
Honda prius lmao new car
tim t
tim t Aylar önce
Anyone know the song at around 9:30
CatGaming Aylar önce
honda prius? what the?
Telangana Biker
Telangana Biker 2 aylar önce
Send me one 4/4 car 🙏
CosmicPeach 2 aylar önce
I used to work at home depot... slamming the contractor grade stuff on the cart is on point 😂
Dae Roberts
Dae Roberts 2 aylar önce
Another Great One 👍entertaining as hell !
Papa Mauryc
Papa Mauryc 2 aylar önce
I love this man for cool ideas he have, things you wouldn’t think about but are actually very cool
show time
show time 2 aylar önce
You can't fit inside
Pigeon Milk
Pigeon Milk 2 aylar önce
yo wait where in ks :O i live in ks :) can i come visit >:)
Peter A.
Peter A. 2 aylar önce
Left left left left! Me : 0.0
Coid Thunder
Coid Thunder 2 aylar önce
Help me buy a car man, missing 4k 😭
tony woodall
tony woodall 2 aylar önce
Please give us an update on this build ❤️ boa i always wanted ta see a 4x4 challenger maybe on a hummer chassis id love to see it
_ 2 aylar önce
I think the most impressive transformation or "build" at this point would be to take your health more seriously and "build" that body....
Rayshad Jacobs
Rayshad Jacobs 2 aylar önce
l AydenR l
l AydenR l 2 aylar önce
What could you do to a v6 challenger?
Jonah Travis
Jonah Travis 2 aylar önce
8:13 lol
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 2 aylar önce
Insane, that monster of a car is cheaper than a car with 1/3th its power here in the EU.
Francis Phillipeck
Francis Phillipeck 2 aylar önce
What we have here is whats left of his military sign on bonus check lol
Patrick Medina
Patrick Medina 2 aylar önce
What is a Honda Prius tho?
Spacecow 1103
Spacecow 1103 2 aylar önce
Honda Prius
Krazy 2 aylar önce
Might as well gift me one
hezi alex
hezi alex 2 aylar önce
let me get this for free
Blase 2 aylar önce
That was really worth it. A new gearbox ain't even that expensive in comparison to what you have paid for this brilliant machine.
Keith Mikell
Keith Mikell 2 aylar önce
The baller who pays cash for the hellcat cant fix the tranny - with cash?
arly cachin
arly cachin 2 aylar önce
I felt bad for the person who sell it
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 3 aylar önce
Dude either a drug dealer or has a very nice reputable side business going for him, maybe car flippin?
Nawf Side
Nawf Side 3 aylar önce
That’s a v6 dude 🤢🤮
Dime a Dozen Games
Dime a Dozen Games 3 aylar önce
*“Unhappy Hellcat Purs”* *”Happy Westen Noises”*
Micky Steez 10
Micky Steez 10 3 aylar önce
happy westen noises im laughing soooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!! if you are looking to hire a mechanic please let me know i would love to move out there and build anything u want with u ur ideas are so insanely awesome!! my dream job lol totally seriously and honestly if you need a mechanic ill send a resume and we could have years of fun!!!
Auxbeam LED Lighting
Auxbeam LED Lighting 3 aylar önce
Hi Do you need some great lighting upgrade for this built to help you better driving, off-road and adventure.We're the pro auto lighting manufacturer for nearly 20 yrs and w're looking for sponsorship!
ItzMrkrabs •
ItzMrkrabs • 3 aylar önce
6:41 *whistlindiesel has entered the chat*
Tourrqrzz 4 aylar önce
What happened to this Siries
XXXFLAMING0 4 aylar önce
Jrengineer4 4 aylar önce
Who else saw this on fb then came to TRvid to watch it
rafael rodriguez
rafael rodriguez 4 aylar önce
woww nice!!!
Ap 4 aylar önce
Did that dude.... put his HANDS .. IN the wheel?! Omg
oni 4 aylar önce
Giant CRT TV hanging over you while you drive the RV, stuffed the nicer, newer, HD TV in the luggage/tools compartment. Seems about right.
Felix Tono
Felix Tono 5 aylar önce
Is it me or did he say “ Honda Prius “ .
Michael Montalvo
Michael Montalvo 6 aylar önce
You all should have made the video longer. Cut too much information out of it.
marmexican 6 aylar önce
How much do you pay for
hound music & gaming
hound music & gaming 6 aylar önce
The fact that he did this cause he could
The Tuckers
The Tuckers 6 aylar önce
That wood probably cost as much as that car!
802 Garage
802 Garage 6 aylar önce
This thing has definitely been to a takeover hahaha. Gears have to be fried except 4th. Loved it when you said "I never thought I'd ever own anything that had Brembo brakes on it." I feel that man, but you worked hard for it! Enjoy. :D
T-man 7 aylar önce
subscribed. You're really GOOD as well as entertaining
Mik a
Mik a 7 aylar önce
ATLHooligan 7 aylar önce
Good God you are fucking obese
Weston Green
Weston Green 7 aylar önce
just realized r names r prenounced the same
Matt L
Matt L 7 aylar önce
Man I just discovered your channel today... love it!!!!
Yeep 7 aylar önce
HtxTito 713
HtxTito 713 7 aylar önce
Major trump vibes
kaiju Uchiha
kaiju Uchiha 7 aylar önce
To dope
Puerto Rico ball
Puerto Rico ball 7 aylar önce
This guy just said Honda Prius
EagleT Vlogs
EagleT Vlogs 7 aylar önce
Mkvhoqnunc Dotfwqumbm
Mkvhoqnunc Dotfwqumbm 7 aylar önce
Enrique Vargas
Enrique Vargas 7 aylar önce
Sound sick
Mr Chrysler
Mr Chrysler 7 aylar önce
You need a 1968 Chev Biscayne wagon, but with the El Camino box on a 4 wheel drive frame. An El Camino crew cab. But you can't just cut the roof off, it needs the El Camino box.
Luka Montana
Luka Montana 7 aylar önce
All wheel hellcat ? Fkn makes it the best car
Hugo Charles
Hugo Charles 7 aylar önce
Great sense of humor
squid game guard
squid game guard 7 aylar önce
R33playz 7 aylar önce
Did anyone notice the fact he said “Honda Prius” 1:25
R33playz 7 aylar önce
@Citex22 oh my bad
FETTIXVII 7 aylar önce
I've always wanted to do this
Hal Armstrong
Hal Armstrong 7 aylar önce
send me a push bar ill put it on my 2020
Brandon Neely
Brandon Neely 7 aylar önce
Dodge put that flimsy trans in a vehicle that has more torque and power than the trans was designed for. Maybe they will figure that out if they keep making Hellcats.
J Smith
J Smith 7 aylar önce
@Citex22 thats crazy, all that money wasted. I would never buy a street racing technology car unless im rich.
J Smith
J Smith 7 aylar önce
It has an 8 speed automatic transmission which is just what this cat needs. I dont see what difference it would make because either way they get abused from burnouts and donuts and end up like this lol..I doubt a hellcat can even last 200k miles.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 7 aylar önce
Bro I can't lie I love that rv
Bryan Shaughnessy
Bryan Shaughnessy 7 aylar önce
To each there own..wtf would u do something like this to a work of art..almost as asinine as putting amish buggy wheels on cat..wtf is wrong with people..that drawing a fuckin. Mustache on the mona lisa
Cantaloupe Guy
Cantaloupe Guy 7 aylar önce
He said Honda Prius
jesse contreras
jesse contreras 7 aylar önce
Fucken litty
Sunborn Arizonan
Sunborn Arizonan 8 aylar önce
Dude you are hilarious.
Russo Simon
Russo Simon 8 aylar önce
Beaux Guidry
Beaux Guidry 8 aylar önce
He probably knows that Dodge was asked and thought about actually doing it. And then thought, "Why the hell not?", Because why not? And then on Fast 7, The Demon-Love-Child of a Charger and a Hummer. And again, Why not? It started out as an idea and a what if. Then there was a proto-type. And then someone actually built one. Was it the first? No. Is it the last? Why should it be? I can name another similar build. I forgot the Ep., but the General Lee was a 4x4 for a small time. The Ram TR-X has a Hellcat in it.(?) The Durango will have a limited edition with it. Why not a 4x4 Challenger? A Charger? I kept asking about a Dart 2 Rally that never happened. What about that?
Stacy Webb
Stacy Webb 8 aylar önce
How much did you pay for the broken Hellcat?
Cookie gamer
Cookie gamer 8 aylar önce
The chalenger is a drag monster sooo it could beat a supra
Luke barnhart
Luke barnhart 8 aylar önce
6:30 whistlin diesel has
Rocco Palladino
Rocco Palladino 8 aylar önce
“ we bought a hellcat ... it don’t move”
Wouldyouglowme 8 aylar önce
Yk what they say about big trucks right?
Vegas CVPI (Aaron)
Vegas CVPI (Aaron) 8 aylar önce
i love that i said happy Weston noises at the same time loll
Artee Murguia J
Artee Murguia J 8 aylar önce
1:21 new generations will never know what its like to sit In that same spot and talk to your pops or your mama for hours during long road trips. Now everyone on there phones with ear tampons on and with fake gucci glasseson
FrostyQuality 8 aylar önce
What part of Kansas are you from ? I’m from Topeka
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