I became the GUARD & DOLL in Squid Game Story! | Roblox

Tad the Merchant
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In this video, I am going to be playing Squid Game Story on Roblox with Janet and Kate. I am going to be buying all of the gamepasses in Squid Game Story, including "Be a Crew Member" and "Be the Doll" for robux.

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12 Kas 2021




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UnicornLayo 14 gün önce
Tad I have an important message, so I haven't watched Janet and Kate in a while like 8 months, and I see they've stopped doing the woo woo Ra Ra and the watching who screen and I really miss that and really want that back. All I ask is for Janet and Kate to so that again please. Hope it having a great day!🧖☺️
Zi Yi
You make me happy by watching your video loved you Janet,tad and kate
I always look forward to watching tad videos on Saturday, and Janet and Kate videos everyday, also, Fay lu videos on Friday!
Hasna Ismail
Hi Tad! I am a Huge subscriber and A Big!Fan
Victor George
Love your videos so much Tad you guys are a happy family🤗
Princess Lilly
Princess Lilly 21 gün önce
janet! kate! tad! its me gamer_lilly! im a big fan and its my dream to be in atleast one of your videos :)
Hey tad! I just want you to know im a big fan of you guys i almost watched janet and kate's all videos and you guys always make me happy or laugh and i just want you to know that can i be notice? Well thank you^^
Emma Cooke
Emma Cooke 14 gün önce
I love your videos, they are so cool. I hope you make more cool videos.
Le Hoa
hey Tad! I just wanna say I love you guys vids very much! Oh and this: From Nero to question of the day: Guess where I am from! It starts with a V and ends with a M. My idea: How about you try making a longest to survive challenge in Flee The Facilty? The loser needs to follow the winner's comands for the rest of the day!!! :)))
Happy children’s day 😌😊
Dawn Brand
I always after a long day I watch ur videos cause they make me smile
Renee Iwasko
Renee Iwasko 14 gün önce
Everyone lets get him to 1m subs.
Hi howisyour you’re the best TRvidrs ever I subscribe and like because you are make me smile
U always make my day Janet Jate and tad keep going on 🥰🤩😊
Ace S
I came in the first hour! Yay. Can we get Tad to a million subscribers before 2022? Can we get Janet and Kate to two million before the new year? YES WE CAN! Punishment milkshake with onions, mayo, ketchup, mustard, the worst flavour of ice cream and hot sauce
Pauleen Camata
Roblox game suggestion: Roleplay in Brookhaven with you,Janet and Kate,and Me. My usernamea in roblox is Pauleen_SC04.
Ashley Soh
Hi tad can you play chapter 3 for Rickey rat and Janet and Kate I will love it’s thanks❤️
Salwa Al Mahrouqi
Keep it up tad ❤️😉👍
Jenna Wasz
Hi Tad, Janet, and Kate! You guys are awesome!
Callysta Yapp
Hey Tad Janet & Kate!!
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