I Became A Getaway Driver In A Submarine Car on GTA 5 RP 

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I used a submarine car to become a getaway driver and help customers escape from the cops after they did a robbery!
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17 Eyl 2023




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@uhagi6720 5 aylar önce
Casey is an example of what all getaway drivers strive to become. His drifts are always perfect.
@user-go3mq7kc5z 3 aylar önce
Yes Sir!!!!
@1.60z5 Aylar önce
not always but yes most of
@PelleNielsen Aylar önce
@iv689 Aylar önce
I know right? As a getaway driver seeing the things he does really inspires me! although I don't play video games.
@SilverMara Aylar önce
@@1.60z5 there's always one doubter, i'm getting sick of yall lol
@joeysmulders4022 5 aylar önce
I love how rod always needs his help😂
@needu4975 5 aylar önce
It's almost like it's scripted...
yeah he is🤣😂
@verytuffcat 5 aylar önce
​@@needu4975still better than other rp yts tho. smh
@kinnexion Aylar önce
@@needu4975it’s almost like you don’t get what “Role-play” means
@confuseddog6746 Aylar önce
RP isnt meant to be scripted... they planned the vid togheter@@kinnexion
@michaelshelton6070 5 aylar önce
IDEA: I became a getaway driver who robs his clients
Back door 😅
@Dance_Boi710 5 aylar önce
Good idea
@Mr69420meme 5 aylar önce
Such a good idea
@denisdriver7617 5 aylar önce
That is genius,harsh and cold as ice I love it
@steelkey 5 aylar önce
Great idea!
@komaru4690 5 aylar önce
never fails to entertain me, good job casey!
@jurnistephen6885 5 aylar önce
@user-go5mc8zr6q 4 aylar önce
Yes it is true
@user-go5mc8zr6q 4 aylar önce
Yes it is true
@user-go5mc8zr6q 4 aylar önce
Yes it is true
@retrozap2471 5 aylar önce
IDEA : Get a bad car (Sleeper build car) and tune it to be really fast to troll the cops !
@idkaguy214 5 aylar önce
@Duolingo223 5 aylar önce
Just imagine a small ass sleeper Car . That goes as fast as a Lambo 😂😂 I would just quit at the spot
@MarishTheKnight 4 aylar önce
@yadnadhim2189 5 aylar önce
lets goo the legend is back with another awesome vid❤❤
@JosephMcTavish900 5 aylar önce
Amazing vids dude keep doing what you’re doing man! 😍
@KnowledgeDriven 5 aylar önce
10 cops and Air 1 respond to casual liquor store robbery -- they know Casey is ONLINE! lol
@ljblakejr 5 aylar önce
He’s become a folk legend
@Lans32485 4 aylar önce
Liquor store right next to the station. They could get a good response time even if they'd walked.
@Joyboy24T 5 aylar önce
I’m so excited cause we’re closing in on 100k subs baby whoo
@DZag6149 5 aylar önce
I gave this idea 3 videos back now Glad to see it become a video
@trent5888 5 aylar önce
I was just about to search something in TRvid and I see a new CrazyCasey vid, not just any vid, one with a submarine. I am so invested in the Hawaii 5-0 lore but also Uncle Bash's outfit of the day.
@jamescopeland6802 2 aylar önce
i gotta say those cops are good drivers.
@govriccususan 5 aylar önce
20:35 brooooooooo no waaaaaay 🔥🔥🔥
@rzy4k 5 aylar önce
Idea: rob a bank and drive to a location where there are multiple people waiting in the same car and same clothes as you. Then drive with them and split up and see if you can confuse the cops
@juiteko8375 Aylar önce
Client tried so hard to pretend he never saw the submarine car.
@ethancornelio2985 3 aylar önce
He's right. Good job Casey. You always entertain me. Thank you for your entertainment and all the money you spend for us
@drex5160 5 aylar önce
You gotta do the parachute car next. Its gonna really compliment well with all your crazy jumps.
@Austrian-Ape 5 aylar önce
@robertbejlovec2863 20 gün önce
10:55 "You called the best get away driver and you're nervous, are you serious right now?" .. SMACK "OOOOooFFHhh" LOL
@ChudDin 5 aylar önce
Casey, you're my favorite GTA TRvidr! You're the best driver i've seen so far, and it makes you it more fun! Love the jumps and cool cars !
@NOT_SAID7_EDITZ 5 aylar önce
Casey i thought i gave an idea after rejecting the giveaway but its Ok Im watching it and its rly good Edit: those 2 shots that took down the helicopters were So clean !
@adambarry4677 5 aylar önce
EARLYYYY,let’s goooo Crazy keep up the banger vids Casey🤝👍✅💯
@peeptbgod7047 5 aylar önce
This was insane LOL. the air missiles at 20:30 was gnarly
@Inverted123 5 aylar önce
This is by far one of my favorite video's that you made man😀
@chenchenlino 5 aylar önce
IDEA: I became a getaway driver with an arena war car
@user-qk9pi5em2j 5 aylar önce
Casey, you crack me up… “ Screw you…sir” so polite 😂
@chasef3443 5 aylar önce
Holy early, well good video as always Casey! Lovley video.
@Mr.potatohead1 5 aylar önce
He’s so close to 100K he deserves it so much. What a video👍
@Bosnian_italian 5 aylar önce
Your skills are next level ngl
@RYZEN2077 5 aylar önce
Awesome work as always but an idea I have is using the batmobile
@jmoneycool9571 5 aylar önce
Now this video shows us who casey really is, 100% lives up to the name.
@D00mer69 5 aylar önce
Good video, keep it up man❤
@adamjames8598 5 aylar önce
keep it up love the content idea get a time travel component from the cartel and use it to make a teleporting car like back to the future
@ogunremijanet4219 5 aylar önce
Love your content casey just remember when you hit 1m i am here since day 1❤
@shadimahmoud5449 5 aylar önce
Idea: I became a getaway driver in a invisible car
@jd_baird_guitar 5 aylar önce
IDEA: a jumpless endurance getaway scene or 2. Don’t get me wrong the jumps are dope
@IckTv 5 aylar önce
Getaway driver that drops off his clients in front of the police station 😂
@jasonkerekesch5012 5 aylar önce
He just did that a month ago.
@IckTv 5 aylar önce
@@jasonkerekesch5012 than a part 2 would be nice
@eliflores-pf7mz Aylar önce
@govriccususan 5 aylar önce
@Stormz642 5 aylar önce
You should be a getaway driver in a scramjet or the parachute car that would be awesome!
heeeeeeeell yeah boiiiiiiiiiiii awesome vid yet again!!!
@msgame-in6317 5 aylar önce
The only channel that deserves my time💯
@jonahware5396 5 aylar önce
you da goat bro! RUDE when you ask for yo money but goated for sure!
@Nahom 5 aylar önce
Submarine car is insane 👀🔥
@ljblakejr 5 aylar önce
Congrats on 100k Casey, I can say I was here before 50k :)
@jonathanhamelin1145 3 aylar önce
3:24 Yo Wtf !? Amazing action with the Backflip and the missile 😮
@RIDDICK845 5 aylar önce
Should try one using the GB200, thing can do the crazy 360’s for sharp turns
@liambaele 5 aylar önce
Good work keep it up
@footsoldier8304 5 aylar önce
Another banger 🔥🔥🔥
@DethNade Aylar önce
DUDE! this is the most epic thing i ever saw on any RP. Be funny if you replace your rockets with Food like Burgers boxes or burgers itself and your guns can shoot out Mustard and kept up lol
@user-kw8hp8ps1w Aylar önce
5:47 is the most craziest part of the vid
@davidpackham 5 aylar önce
love your stuff mate keep posting!
@user-fz6hm5hg6l 3 aylar önce
@quack89 5 aylar önce
The rocket at 20:59 scored you a like my guy
@connect2Valerie 5 aylar önce
casey best driver i seen keep it up bro 🤗❤👌
@truckermarc 5 aylar önce
Nice vid man😊
@Piquete9999 5 aylar önce
love this man's every video !!
@JamesPlayz_RBLX 5 aylar önce
Thank you for using my idea, and keep up the good work.
@user-xh3ft4bi9h 4 aylar önce
This video brightened my day! 🌞
@user-xh3ft4bi9h 4 aylar önce
Incredible content as always! 🚀
@novayoutube509 5 aylar önce
Best video and craziest video bro. Amazing work
@rell2lavish943 5 aylar önce
getaway service level is on 1000 🔥🔥🔥
@Xenremzy 5 aylar önce
My favorite gta rp TRvidr
@user-ki1si5ze3y 4 aylar önce
I'm always looking forward to your next video! 🎥
@brianalang2011 4 aylar önce
This was such a good video you should do more
@ekeneobasi5216 5 aylar önce
The 🐐 of GTA RP
@BasicallyCrazy 5 aylar önce
You should do a video. But you have the buffiest car. Like with miniguns, missiles, lasers, saws, boosts, armor, yk all that good stuff.
@simbacarter7896 5 aylar önce
i never seen some driving skills like that
@iamkeano4902 5 aylar önce
hey casey i rlly loved this video!!i honestly love all your videos they always make my day especially the getaway driver ones the always make me laugh and always look so cool ur such an amazing person!!stay strong and keep psting these awsome videos love ya
@ashpro1279 5 aylar önce
The first one with rod was defintely set up😂😂😩 No way homie did all that for a store robbery of 2k haha
@craftergreat4326 5 aylar önce
20:45 that was crazy. 🤯
@The_Voidness 3 aylar önce
never fails to make us bored i was bored today till i say caseys video their amazing good job casey
@davidisgoated 5 aylar önce
1 hour ticket 🎟
@BreadiHateYouJK 5 aylar önce
The only good person who uploads daily and never fails to entertain full checks ✅
@Axman2016 2 aylar önce
I watch your videos over and over again because you are so awesome
@UDAYDEVU 5 aylar önce
100K subscribers are almost here man! Can't wait for face reveal
@giltucker2007 5 aylar önce
I loved this one it was the best getaway I have ever seen that car is also the best getaway car
@sheevakameeni400 Aylar önce
Hey bro fellow Casey here your content is the best man!
@CrazyCaseyy Aylar önce
Hey, thanks!
@user-sd1jb6zi6x 3 aylar önce
It must be so funny if the physics was real and they would be floating in 0 gravity while in free fall😂😂
@Humerak480 5 aylar önce
My favorite part of the video is when you had the last client and you shot the Missile and it hit the Helicopter R THAT WAS CRAZY
@Soldyourbag 5 aylar önce
before 1k, new sub biut love vids thanks for making
@tadenadams626 5 aylar önce
Always a W🎉
@newsallypurpleyt8609 2 aylar önce
Interesting, funny, and cool vid.
@PsychoYankee 5 aylar önce
Idea: Getting revenge on IcyDeluxe for leaving you stranded in a terrible vehicle.
@johnmumford1135 2 aylar önce
I won that car from the casino. I love that car so much, launching over hills, escaping people underwater, high speeds on roads, yeah its a great car. 9/10 cuz it's easily destroyed.
@xhoxhajari380 4 aylar önce
This is such a cool. Video I liked 😊 your the best
@GageTheRageGamer Aylar önce
Those helicopter noscopes were badass.
@AnthonyFerrell-jj2vw 3 aylar önce
At 13:00 a cop days "cabt swin tho" 😆
@pigfrompiggies19 5 aylar önce
bro when he hits the helicopters in mid-air, that $h!t was col🥶
@tadijamilosevic1799 5 aylar önce
please 1 more episode i love it
@BigPapaaaaaa 5 aylar önce
bro is the future gta gamer
@pk19582 5 aylar önce
i always struggle to believe that this is an actual RP server
@KartikeyaVashisht 3 aylar önce
Lol me too, theres only two things happening, cop chases and bank robberies😂 I think he knows the people in the server and stuff and it could be a custom server 😅
@KartikeyaVashisht 3 aylar önce
I recommend watching papa peli hes got great content 👌still love the getaway driver content of casey
@youzboy 5 aylar önce
this guy blew up so fast
@user-yk7jp9lz8v 4 aylar önce
I'm addicted to your videos! 😄
@shakam3 5 aylar önce
This is a lit concept
@kuflang8438 4 aylar önce
this guy is a type of man of when i search how to get gta 6 which just does a whole game differet, but thats not what hes doing now but hes cool
@LG__23 5 aylar önce
Always fire brodie
@danniehailunabia1797 5 aylar önce
Casey keegzen also made a video about this but the color is orange so yeah and also the thumbnail looks like keegzens thumbnail on his submarine car video so yeah keep up the good work my man 👍
@Ihira0Ihira0 5 aylar önce
One thing I want you to be a getaway driver but with a tank or a jet. It will be chaos.
@Extramrdo 3 aylar önce
Wondering what Casey does with all the cars he uses for like, 1 day.
@albertoscaria4965 5 aylar önce
Idea:I became a getaway driver but in a F1 car
@Franklinfromgta 5 aylar önce
Love these videos
@1v1lolplay 5 aylar önce
Good work Casey crazy
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